Hot for Teacher.

Written by: KW Jordan.


Story and Characters: All rights to this story belong to me. Except for the song Hot for Teacher, that belongs to and old rock band. Can't remember their name. Sammy & Dianne may look like my favorite Warrior and Bard, but they're not.

Adult content: Story contains sex between two women, violence, and a whole lot of cussing. It wouldn't be me if it didn't contain at least two of the three . Warning: The sex is between a teacher and her 18 yr old pupil. Also, most of the sexual content is BDSM.

The Bard's Comments: This was my very first work of fiction that I started working on, so please do be gentle when sending me feedback. Also, I'd like to say thank you to Pam, Dana, AJ, and all the members of jesse's Brood for your wonderful help and advise.

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Chapter One

Friday, August 7th, 2006:

"Hey, Sammy, wait up."

Turning around, Samantha Morgan spotted her best friend and a couple of other friends walking toward her.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Smiling brightly, Sammy propped against her locker to wait for them.

"Not much, just can't believe the summer's already over. I heard we have a new gym teacher. I can't wait to see what kind of idiot they have now," Amy grinned.

Sammy rolled her emerald green eyes. She gestured toward the lunchroom, "C'mon, let's go see if our table's empty."

Walking in, Sammy groaned when the tall scrawny guy with them tripped over his own shoes. Helping him back up, Sammy shoved him toward the table on the far end of the lunchroom.

"God, Davie can't you stay on your feet for a few seconds? Jesus, Sharon, did your parents forget to teach him how to walk?"

Grimacing, Sharon smacked Davie on the back of his head then sat down at the table beside her brother. "I don't know what the Hell they did to him."

"Where's Sam? I was hoping to show him my new game," Davie asked.

Dropping her book bag on the table, Sammy sat down. "He's got a dentist appointment. He was whinin' like a big baby about it."

Amy snorted, "That boy's always been afraid of any type of doctor. It's a good thing he's not female."

The last bell for the classes rang. Sammy groaned, "I've got gym class first period, who the Hell's idea was that?"

They rose and headed off to their classes. Amy joined Sammy, "Don't feel too bad. I've gym class with the new Coach too."

"So do I. I wonder who he is? He also teaches English Lit," Sammy added.

"Yeah I know. I've got him for fourth." Amy held open the gym door for Sammy.

"Hey, I've got him for fourth too." Sammy said, heading for the locker room.

"I guess this is what we get for avoiding gym like the plague for the past two years." Amy chuckled, dropping her gym bag on the bench beside the shower stalls.

Sammy pulled her shirt over her head, "I really shouldn't have spent all summer on your dad's boat. I've got sunburn in places it's not supposed to be."

"That's what you get for acting like you were at a nudist's colony." Amy waved at the other girls coming into the locker room.

When the girls finished changing, they headed out into the gym and sat on the bleachers, waiting for their Coaches to come out. Crossing her ankles and stretching her legs out in front of her, Sammy leaned back against the row of bleachers behind her. Tugging at the hem of her short green gym-shorts, Sammy glanced at the corner on the other side where the Coaches normally hung out. Seeing a tall dark-haired woman, Sammy nudged Amy. Leaning her head closer, she said in a low voice.

"I'm beginning to think that our new gym coach isn't a guy. See that woman over there?"

Amy looked over then back at Sammy. "Yeah I see her. I guess the school got her because of all the bullshit that they said Coach Martin did."

"Yeah, probably." Sammy agreed, rubbing at the chill bumps on her legs. She looked up hearing a Coach call for their attention. She smiled when she noticed it was her softball mentor, Danni Carsen.

"All right girls, calm down. We have a new Coach. I'm sure by now, you've all heard what happened with Coach Martin." While she waited for the girls to calm down, she waved the new Coach over.

Sammy's green eyes widened as she got a good look at their new Coach. The woman was gorgeous. Her legs went on forever. Her ice blue eyes were the bluest Sammy had ever seen. Pulling Amy's head closer, she growled low.

"My God, that woman is HOT."

Amy shoved her friend away. "Ah c'mon, you act like you've never seen a beautiful... oh my God, you're right. Shit, man, what I wouldn't give for her shorts to be a little shorter."

Sammy nodded. Her new favorite pastime was trying to will away the new Coach's clothes.

The whole school already knew about Sammy and Amy's sexuality, only a few had made a big deal out of it.

Sammy was so wrapped up in her new hobby that she missed her name being called.

Amy elbowed her in the side, her attention snapped back into the here and now.

"Huh? Wha...?"

Amy rolled her hazel eyes and snorted, "You're supposed to say 'here', ya dumb ass."

Shaking her head, Sammy looked up at the gym teachers. Both of them were looking at her in amusement. Blushing, she waved. She looked away quickly when she noticed the new Coach hitch a dark eyebrow in her direction.

In a low whisper, Amy asked. "Did you even hear a word she's said?"

Glancing at Amy, her blush deepened, Sammy shook her head.

Amy grinned, "Your eye-candy's Coach Dianne Rainer. She moved here from Gwinette. She's apparently Coach Carsen's cousin. The way you're acting, I sure as Hell hope that she doesn't teach sex-ed."

Sammy's eyes widened with panic. "My God, please no."

"All right girls, now I need you to separate, one class will stay for gym, and the other will start out in Health. I know quite a few of you haven't had gym yet, somehow you've managed to avoid it." Coach Carsen said, with a significant look at Sammy and Amy.

Amy grinned sheepishly and shrugged her shoulders. "What can I say, Coach, you're harsh enough on the softball field."

Grinning, the Coach called out names for the girls that would be in her class. When she got to the end, she looked at Sammy. "You won't have me to push you around this time Sammy, guess I'll have to wait for softball, huh?"

Coach Rainer straightened up and flipped through the papers on her clipboard. Coming to the page with her students' names on it, she looked at the list. At the end she read out the last two names. "Samantha and Amy, you two will also be in my class. We'll be starting out with Health. If you all would please follow me, we'll head up to the class room." Turning, she started up the stairs, the class followed her.

Groaning, Sammy stood up. "Oh God, I'm gonna have to deal with my whole name for an entire semester. What did I do to deserve this?"

Amy leaned over and put her arm around her shoulders. "You turned into a perv, that's what."

Sammy shrugged the arm off her shoulders; hanging her head, she followed the rest. In class, everyone took their seats. Sammy shuffled over to sit in the back of the class.

Amy followed taking a seat in front of her. "Why are we sitting all the way back here?"

Sammy leaned over her friend's shoulder whispering, "I don't want her to have any ideas about picking on me. Ya catch my drift?"

"Loud and clear, Chick," Amy whispered back.

The coach sat on the edge of her desk, crossing her right leg over her left thigh; she glanced at her clipboard again. "Can anyone tell me where Samuel Morgan is?"

Sammy took a deep breath and answered, "Sam should be here by fourth period."

"Thank you, Samantha." Coach Rainer gave her a warm smile. "All right, I'm going to pass out some forms that need to be turned in tomorrow." Picking up the papers, she passed them out at the beginning of each row of desks. "In order for you to participate in sex education you will need to make sure the form on the bottom is signed and turned in. That will be the section we begin with, so it needs to be turned in tomorrow."

Going back to her desk, she leaned against it and propped her hands on the edge. "So, does anyone have any questions?"

Tugging on a lock of Amy's hair, Sammy caught her attention. "Ask her what if we don't turn in the form."

Amy raised her hand.

Coach Rainer heard the whispered conversation. "Yes Amy?"

"Uhm... what if we don't turn in the form? What happens then?" Amy asked, shrugging Sammy's hand off of her back.

The coach decided to pick on the girls, "Now, why wouldn't you turn in your form, Samantha?"

Groaning, Sammy slouched down in her chair as the other girls snickered.

"Well, are you going to answer my question?" Coach Rainer asked in amusement.

Sammy blushed and stuttered. "Well... I... uh don't really wanna take this class, Ma'am."

"To answer your question, if you don't turn in your form, you fail this class because sex-ed is a necessary section of this Health class." Coach Rainer answered, cutting Sammy some slack.

Amy snickered, catching the coach's attention.

"For the record, in my class, don't ask someone else to ask a question for you. It's childish, and by now, you all should have that out of your system. I want you all to pull out a sheet of paper. Tell me a bit about yourselves, and what you did over the summer."

Sammy slouched further down in her desk. Pulling out her notebook and a pencil, she started the assignment. When she was finished, she put down her pencil and raised her hand.

Coach Rainer noticed the small hand. She made her way down the row and squatted down next to Sammy. "What can I do for you?"

Looking down into Coach Rainer's blue eyes, she smiled slightly. "Uhmm... what do we do with our paper when we're done?"

Smiling, Coach Rainer stood up. Placing a hand on Sammy's shoulder, she squeezed lightly and said in a low voice. "Just hold onto it, I'm gonna have you read it out loud when everyone's done."

"Okay. Thanks." Sammy leaned over slightly watching the coach's shapely ass as she made her way up to the front of the room. She straightened up quickly when Coach Rainer turned to lean against the front of her desk. Studying Coach Rainer's face while she glanced around the room at the other students, Sammy remembered that Amy had said the coach's name was Dianne. 'That name definitely suits her, I like it.' Sammy glanced away when the blue eyes turned in her direction.

Dianne noticed that all of the students had put down their pencils and she smiled. "Okay, has everyone finished?"

When everyone answered with a, "Yes ma'am," she went to her chair and sat down.

"All right can I get a volunteer to read first?" No one raise a hand. She picked people at random to read their paper. She finally called on Sammy. "All right Samantha, if you would, please?"

Sammy stood up and she read hers. "My name's Samantha Leanne Morgan, but I go by Sammy." She glanced up at the coach before continuing. "I was born and raised here in Gainesville, and I live with my mother and my twin brother Sam. I'm seventeen years old. I'm president of the student council here at North Hall, I'm a pitcher for our varsity softball team, and I'm a member of the student council. My best friend Amy has lived next door to us my whole life. Over the summer, I hung out with my friends Sharon, her twin brother Davie, Sam and Amy, and we spent most of the summer on Amy's dad's boat and going to softball practice. We had a lot of fun and on July 4th we took the boat out to the middle of Lake Lanier and shot off fire works. That's pretty much all we did." Sitting down, she smacked Amy in the back of the head when she snickered.

Raising her eyebrow, Dianne cleared her throat. "All right, Amy, would you care to add to that?"

Standing up, Amy snickered again then yelped when Sammy smacked her on the ass. "Yeah, sure. Here goes. My name's Amy Marilyn Grant. I'm seventeen years old. I live with my dad, and I was born here in Gainesville. I'm on the softball team, and I bat left handed. I'm also a member of the student council. Over the summer I hung out with my best friend on my dad's boat, we had cook-outs, we swam a lot, and whenever we laid out in the sun, Sammy spent the time working on her all-over tan." She snickered at her friend's moan of embarrassment.

Sammy groaned and dropped her head on the desk. She knew she was blushing bright red from the heat in her cheeks.

Dianne smirked. "Uh huh, I'm sure you two had fun. If you would all pass your papers up to the front of the rows, I'll pick them up. You can have the rest of the class to do whatever you want, as long as it's done quietly."


"Hey girl, what class are you coming from?" Amy asked as she caught up to her friend on their way to their fourth period class.

"Biology, God I hate that teacher." Sammy replied, ducking into the bathroom.

"I hated him too. It's a good thing I'm good at science." Amy followed her friend into the bathroom and propped against the counter.

"I know what you mean." Sammy replied, closing the stall door.

Amy heard a toilet flush and looked up to see the new coach exit a stall. "Hey Coach, how's it going?"

Washing her hands, Dianne replied. "Hey Amy, it's going okay, where's your shadow?"

When Sammy came out, her jaw nearly dropped open. Dianne may have looked hot in her gym clothes, but she looked stunning in the black slacks and light blue button-down collar shirt she now wore. Walking to the sink on slightly shaking legs, she washed her hands.

"Hey Coach Rainer."

"Hey Samantha." Dianne replied, drying her hands on a paper towel.

Rolling her eyes at the use of her full name, Sammy dried her hands. Tugging on Amy's shirtsleeve, she looked at the teacher. "We'll see ya in class, Coach."

Sammy practically dragged her friend out of the bathroom and down the hallway to their classroom, stopping right outside the classroom, Sammy said in a strained voice. "Goddamn, that woman is fucking HOT!"

Amy rolled her eyes and walked into the classroom. Dropping her bag beside a desk in the front row, she sat down. Sammy sat next to Amy and drifted off into her imagination, thinking of what she would like to do to the gorgeous coach.

Amy snickered at the dreamy look on Sammy's face. When Coach Rainer walked into the classroom, Amy decided it might be best to get her friend's attention back to earth. Pinching Sammy's side, she laughed out loud when Sammy almost fell out of her desk.

"What the fuck? Why'dja do that?" Sammy growled, glaring at her friend. She straightened up in the desk when she heard a throat clear.

Crossing her arms over her chest and leaning back against the doorframe, Dianne raised a dark, finely sculpted eyebrow at the young blonde. In a husky voice, she chastised the girl.

"I think you and I both know that kind of language isn't allowed at school, Samantha."

Looking sheepishly at the floor, Sammy muttered. "Sorry Coach, I'm just gettin' used to being back at school."

"I know; that's why I'm not going to write you up." Dianne stated with a grin.

Chapter two

When the bell rang, Dianne shut the door and walked to the front. Writing her name in bold strokes on the board with an Expo marker, she turned around. "All right class, I'm Coach Dianne Rainer, I'll be your English Literature teacher for the semester." Searching her desk, she found her clipboard and looked around the room. "When I call your name I want you to either say 'here', or raise your hands." She said this with a significant look at Sammy. She couldn't help but pick on her, she was glad that Sammy had chose to sit up front, rather than in the back. She didn't know why. All she could really make sense of was that she felt drawn to her.

Sammy groaned and slouched down in the seat. This time when her name was called, she managed to say 'here'.

The teacher was in the middle of explaining what they would be working on for the next week when the door opened and a short, muscular, strawberry-blond, green-eyed guy came in. When he dropped into the seat next to his sister and rubbed his slightly swollen jaw, Sammy snickered at him.

Dianne grabbed her clipboard and checked the list of names. "You must be Samuel Morgan."

Sam looked up at her and nodded. "Do you have an excuse for being late?" She asked raising an eyebrow when all he did was nod. "Can I have it?"

Sammy raised her hand. When Dianne looked at her, she said. "He had to have a tooth removed, he won't be able to talk right for a few hours." Grabbing the written excuse from her brother's hand, she stood and walked up to the teacher, handing the note to her, she went back to her desk and sat down.

Looking at the note, Dianne nodded and tossed it onto her desk. "All right class, I'm going to call your name and I want you to come up here and grab one of the books from the stack over here." She pointed to three piles beside her. "Remember, these have to be returned at the end of the semester so don't lose them."


Sammy was sitting on the bed of her truck in her front yard with Sam, Amy, Sharon, and Davie. They were talking about school and their classes.

"I seriously wish that Coach Rainer wasn't teaching health. The woman is hot as fuckin' Hell." Sammy stated, reaching behind her to turn up the CD player as loud as it would go, the song 'Hot For Teacher' came on. She groaned. "Whose idea was it to play this song? Someone should be smacked."

Sam snickered. "You're too funny. Whenever she wasn't looking you were staring at her like a bitch in heat."

A large black vehicle turned pulled into the driveway of the house beside them, Amy wondered, "Who is that? I didn't know someone had moved in."

Sammy shrugged, then she looked over at the vehicle and she noticed the model. "Holy shit, that's a Hummer. That is one fucking kick ass vehicle."

Sharon nodded, "Hell yeah it is."

When the driver stepped out, Sammy shouted. "Oh fuck!"

Her yell caught the tall woman's attention. Turning around, Dianne raised an eyebrow. Waving at the group of teenagers, she shook her head and walked into her house.

"Oh God, why did she move to this neighborhood? What did I do to deserve this?" Sammy groaned pitifully.

Everyone laughed.

"When did she move here?" Amy asked, looking completely confused.

Sam shrugged. "Movers have been coming and going from that place for the past two weeks. You two would've known if you'd have been home instead of on the boat all summer."

Sammy fell back in the bed of the truck. "I'm gonna die, I just know it. Someone that fine should NOT be a teacher."

Amy grinned, and tugged on a strand of her friend's long strawberry blonde hair. "C'mon chickie, you've got chores ta do."


Dianne walked into her house and muttered under her breath. "What the Hell was that all about?" Pressing the play button on her answering machine, she began undressing.

"Hey, Cuz', I'm gonna come over so I hope you're not naked; see ya in a bit." Danni's voice came over the machine.

Snickering quietly, Dianne dropped her pants and picked up her clothes from the floor. Walking back to her bedroom, she dropped them in a pile next to her dresser. When she finished pulling on a pair of faded, low-cut blue jeans and an old army t-shirt, she heard her cousin calling from the living room.

"Damn Kody, do you know who your neighbors are?"

Rolling her eyes at the use of her first name, Dianne walked into the living room. "Stop calling me that and it depends on which neighbors you mean." Flopping down onto her over-stuffed leather couch, she stretched out her legs and put her hands behind her head. "Do you mean the foul mouthed brats beside me or do you mean someone else?"

"Foul mouthed, what do you mean? Can't be any worse than us." Danni said, sitting down next to her taller cousin, ignoring what she'd said about her first name.

"Well, I guess you're right. Not too many people can be worse than us." Dianne snickered, tucking her legs under.

"So how did your first day go? I still can't believe that you actually left the army." The stocky brunette kicked her boots off and propped her feet on the coffee table.

"It was time; I was getting tired of Iraq, and I wanted to come home. I guess my first day went okay. No one gave me too much trouble. Three of my students live in this neighborhood." Dianne said.

"Oh yeah, I know. What I wouldn't give for Amy Grant to be over seventeen, or to be her age." Danni said, wiggling her eyebrows.

"Pervert," Dianne snorted, hitting Danni with a throw pillow.

"C'mon, you can't say that you didn't see a few students today that made you wish you were younger." Danni said.

"Nope, sorry, can't say that I did." Dianne said, trying to ignore her mind flashing to strawberry blonde hair and emerald green eyes. 'Yeah right, Kody Dianne; you know you saw one student in particular. That may be, but I'm not admitting it out loud.'

"I think there's something wrong with your libido then Captain. I can think of at least two of those hotties that make my blood boil and they're both on my softball team." Danni said, shaking her head at her cousin.


Two Weeks Later:

"Rise 'n shine, Short Stuff," A very cheerful Amy shouted, pulling up the window blinds.

"Go 'way; too early ta get up." Sammy groaned and rolled over, stuffing her pillow over her head.

"C'mon we've gotta get the truck washed, there's still sand on it from two weeks ago. If we don't get it off of there, there's gonna be some nice big rust spots on your beautiful blue truck." Amy said, putting the last part in a singsong voice.

Sammy sat up and threw the pillow at her friend. "Fine I'll rise, but I ain't shinin', buddy."

"Get dressed, I'll be outside waiting for ya." Amy said, walking out the door.

"Remind me again whose idea it was to go boggin' down at the beach when we were in Florida?" Sammy asked when she finally got outside, wearing cut-off shorts and a white t-shirt trimmed to just below her breasts, showing her smooth abdomen. Her tan showed golden in the bright sunlight.

"It was your idea, I didn't wanna do it." Amy snorting at the way her friend was dressed. She tugged on Sammy's long ponytail. "Go get the hose, I've already got soapy water."

The girls washed the truck. Amy squealed when Sammy sprayed her with the hose. Getting out of range, she shouted. "So that's how it's gonna be, huh? I'll get you back, just you wait."

Sammy laughed, turning the hose off and she finally calmed down. "Go ahead, it's hot as Hell out here." Tossing the hose to Amy, she squealed and ran through the yard trying to get away from the cold water. When the hose finally stretched too far, the two girls stopped running.

Holding her cold wet t-shirt away from her breasts, Sammy grimaced. "I shoulda remembered I wasn't wearing a bra." She looked up when she heard a slight chuckle. Her eyes grew wide seeing Dianne and Coach Carsen standing out on the front porch of Dianne's house.

Spinning around, she walked back over to her truck, shaking her finger at her laughing friend. "I'm so gonna get you for that, ya shoulda told me they were standing out there."

Dianne's eyes were riveted to Sammy and her wet see-through shirt. When Sammy spun around and walked off, she shook her head to clear it of the fog that had over come her. She muttered under her breath, "God, if a little girl's tits are making me horny, I need to find a girlfriend."

Danni snorted. "She's not exactly a little girl, Cuz'."

Shaking her head, Dianne sat on the steps of her house. Her eyes followed Sammy's well-toned legs and ass.


Two hours later, the two young women were sitting in Sammy's living room eating pizza and playing video games. Every time Amy would look at Sammy, she'd start chuckling again. She'd known the coaches were standing on Coach Rainer's porch. She just wanted to tease Sammy because of her crush on Coach Rainer.

When Sammy heard a knock on the door, she glanced up at Amy. "Who is that? I'm not expecting anyone."

Shrugging, Amy paused the game and stood. "I'll find out." She walked to the door and opened it. Seeing Dianne standing there she stuttered, "Coach Rainer, what's up?"

Dianne smiled sheepishly, "My phone's not working and I need to call the phone company. Can I use Samantha's phone?"

"Sure, c'mon in." Amy stepped away from the door and waved the coach in. She was chuckling inside. She knew Sammy was gonna flip out, she was sitting in the living room in just her briefs and a sports bra, and the phone was right next to her.

Amy gestured for Dianne to follow. "So what phone company do you use?" Amy asked over her shoulder.

"AT&T. Why?" Dianne asked.

"I was just wonderin' 'cause we had a lot of problems out of them too, we had to switch to BellSouth because we got tired of it." Amy said.

"Hey, dumb ass, did'ja get lost?" Sammy shouted from the living room.

Dianne chuckled. "Does she always talk like that?"

In the living room Amy shrugged, "No, Shrimp, I didn't get lost but you might wanna cover up."

Dianne stopped short. Sammy was sitting on the floor in front of the angled couch in nothing but briefs and a sports bra. Dianne forced herself not to stare. Clearing her throat, she asked in a low voice. "Can I use your phone?"

Sammy grabbed a throw-blanket off the back of the couch and covered up. She stuttered, "Yeah, sure go ahead." She held the cordless phone out with a bare arm.

Dianne walked over to where Sammy was sitting and took the phone from her. "Can I sit down?"

Sammy nodded, "Yeah."

Dianne sat down on the plush tan velvet couch. Stretching her long, blue-jean clad legs and crossing her ankles, she dialed the phone company.

Sammy shot daggers at her smirking friend, mentally promising to kick Amy's ass after Dianne left. Her attention was drawn from Amy to the long legs beside her. She had the strangest urge to lick them from the foot to Dianne's center. Wiggling slightly at the dampness forming in her briefs, she forced herself to turn her head back to the TV. Sammy muted the volume then picked up the remote to her PlayStation, she continued playing. Sammy couldn't believe the woman of her dreams was sitting on the couch in her living room.

Sam walked in. Seeing Coach Rainer, he snickered, knowing that his sister had probably been caught in her briefs. She had a bad habit of walking around half-naked. Glancing at Amy, he tilted his head towards his sister with an eyebrow raised. When she smirked, he almost laughed aloud. Crossing the room, he sat down on the other side of his sister and nodded at the coach in greeting. She nodded back.

Dianne talked the phone company into coming out to fix her line. She hung up and stretched. Placing her hand on Sammy's shoulder, she waited until Sammy looked at her. "Thank you for allowing me to use the phone."

Sammy shrugged. She could feel the hand on her bare skin as if it had set her on fire. "You're welcome."

Dianne squeezed the shoulder under her hand. She placed the phone back on the floor next to Sammy and stood up, "I'll see you three Monday, don't do anything I wouldn't do." She grinned, the last part was meant for Sammy. She had caught the dirty looks Sammy had given Amy for allowing her in without a warning.

As soon as Dianne was out the front door, Sammy jumped up and stomped over to her friend. "I should smack you into next Tuesday for that. What the Hell were you thinking, letting her in here while I was half-naked?"

Amy grinned at Sammy. She thought it was kind of funny. "Just look at it this way, we both know she thinks you're hot. Her eyes were riveted on you from her first step in here."

That comment stopped Sammy's tirade. She asked. "Was she really looking at me?" Amy nodded. Her angry flush turned into an embarrassed blush. Sammy had never really thought she looked all that great. She didn't think she was bad looking, she just thought she was cute, despite everyone telling her that she was beautiful.


Dianne had been trying to sleep for three hours without any luck. It was going on one A.M. and her mind kept going back to a certain half-naked green-eyed blonde. She fought the arousal thrumming through her body. If she gave into her desires now, she would not be able to think of Sammy as her student any more. That was the last thing she needed. Dianne rolled over shoving her pillow over her head. After another restless hour, Dianne drifted off, dreaming of Sammy.


Sammy dropped into a desk at the back of the room in the Health class. In any other class, she would sit up front, but she wasn't about to do that here. The last thing she wanted was for Dianne to ask her sex questions. She remembered that Amy was out today due to a doctor's appointment. She hated it when Amy wasn't there. While she loved her brother and her other friends, Amy always made her feel better. Without her she was depressed and this class wasn't helping. Her crush on Dianne wouldn't go anywhere. She had been upset Saturday night and Sunday. Here she was, sitting in class where she'd have to deal with her feelings while being near the object of her unrequited love. When the bell rang, she slouched down in her seat, hoping like crazy that the coach didn't question her red-rimmed puffy eyes. She knew she was pouting. Sam hadn't been able to make her feel better either.

Dianne stood up from her chair and closed the door. Glancing around the room, she noticed that Amy was absent. For once, she had a clear view of Sammy. She was concerned seeing the girl's red-rimmed eyes. "All right class, settle down. Friday your homework for the weekend was a report on safe sex. I'd like for you to take out your paper and keep it on your desk."

Leaning against her desk, she picked up her clipboard. Reading out the names, when she got to Amy, she looked up at Sammy. "Samantha, where's Amy?"

Clearing her throat Sammy answered with her head still down on her desk. "She had a doctor appointment, she won't be in today."

"Sit up straight Samantha, that doesn't go in my classroom." Dianne ordered.

Sammy sat up muttering, "Sorry, Ma'am."

"All right, let's get started. Samuel, what do you think is the best method of safe sex?" Dianne asked, smiling at the groan coming from the young man.

"Umm, condoms, ma'am?" Sam said, stating it more like a question.

Dianne shook her head, "The chances of catching a disease may be lessened, but they're still there, and pregnancy can still happen. Samantha, what do you think?"

Sammy replied in one word, "Abstinence."

"Good one, not having sex at all is really the best bet. If you have the urge, you're better off doing it yourself than trying to find a partner. It's nearly impossible to know for sure that your partner is completely safe. It's really impossible if you don't know him or her." Sitting on the edge of her desk, she decided to pick on Sammy some more. "How can you prevent rape, Samantha?"

Sammy glared at the Coach, "By not going anywhere alone with a guy, or a girl for that matter."

Dianne smirked inwardly at Sammy's sullen expression. She knew she hated being picked in class. Perversely, that was why Dianne did it. "Good answer Samantha, even guys have to remember that a woman can over power them, size doesn't matter in that case. When we start gym class, you'll see. I'll be teaching a small section on self-defense. That was one of the reasons I had you all get your parents to sign one of the forms." The Coach continued asking questions and having the students answer them until it was nearly time to go. As the class went on, Sammy grew more sullen. Dianne thought that it was because Amy wasn't there, now she wasn't so sure. Right before the bell rang, she decided that she would have a chat with Sammy.

"Samantha, would you please stay after class? I'd like to talk to you for a minute, I'll write an excuse for you so that you won't get into trouble with your next teacher."

Sammy groaned and rolled her eyes. "Yes, Ma'am." When the bell rang, Sammy shouldered her book bag and stood up. Making her way to the front, she stopped a few feet away from where Dianne was sitting on the edge of her desk.

"Samantha, is anything wrong? You seem down today. Is it because Amy isn't here?" Dianne asked, watching Sammy not meet her eyes.

Sammy shrugged, looking at the floor, "I dunno, it's just one of those days."

Dianne looked at Sammy a few seconds before making a suggestion. "Maybe you should go talk to one of the school counselors. It might help. I know you don't feel comfortable talking to me. Is it because I live next door to you?"

Shrugging again, Sammy replied, "Ma'am, it's not that. I just don't really feel comfortable talking about it with anyone."

Dianne nodded. "I guess we all have things that we don't want to talk about. You're certainly not exempt from that." She handed Sammy an excuse for being late, and rubbed Sammy's shoulder in a comforting gesture. Dianne added, "I hope you know that you can come talk to me about anything, even after school. You know where I live. I promise that whatever you say, I won't repeat anything to anyone. That is, unless you're thinking about hurting yourself or someone else."

Sammy nodded and left for her next class, looking even more despondent than she had before. Dianne shook her head and went to find Danni. She hoped that her cousin could get Sammy to talk. She knew that Danni was close to the girls on her softball team. If anyone could get Sammy to talk, she could. Finding her cousin in the office down in the gym, she sat down in a chair across from Danni.

"What's up, Cuz'? You look worried." Danni raised an eyebrow at her usually unflappable cousin.

"I'm not sure what's going on, but Samantha Morgan looked really down today. Would you be willing to talk to her, find out what's going on?" Dianne pleaded with her cousin.

Danni smiled. "Yeah, sure. When do you think I should see her?"

"Lunch might be a good time." Dianne said. She wanted to be able to help her with her problems.


Sammy dropped into a chair next to her brother and pulled out her lunch. She glared at the sandwich as she picked at chips from a little plastic bag.

Sam leaned over and snatched a few. "If you're not gonna eat them then I will."

Chapter Three

Shrugging, she pushed her food over to her brother and took the top off her Pepsi.

Through the glass door of the teacher's lounge next to the lunchroom, Danni frowned. 'Jesus, Kody wasn't joking when she said that Sammy was depressed. I wonder what that's all about. No time like the present to have that little talk.' Danni rose from her seat, went through the door and over to Sammy's table.

Stopping beside Sammy, Danni asked, "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

Sammy looked into concerned golden-caramel eyes and nodded. Standing up, she followed Coach Carsen over to the empty teachers' lounge. Her eyes widened when the coach held open the door and gestured for her to go in. Sitting down, she looked up at the Coach. "What's up Coach?"

Turning a chair around, Danni straddled it then looked at Sammy. "I was just about to ask you the same thing, you look like you've lost your best friend. Passing up food is not something I've ever seen you do before."

Shrugging, Sammy looked down at the tabletop. Propping her arms on the table, she put her chin down and muttered. "I've just got some stuff I've gotta deal with s'all."

Danni asked. "Why don't you talk to me, maybe I can help? I've known you for years, and kiddo, you've never seemed this upset before."

Sammy closed her eyes and said in a cracking voice, "I'm in love with someone and I know they'll never love me the same way I love them." Sammy's carefully constructed walls broke. Tears poured down her flushed cheeks as she sobbed quietly.

Danny watched concerned. "Who is it? You won't know for sure until you've talked to her."

Sniffling, Sammy stated brokenly. "It's a teacher, and I know she won't."

Smiling Danni placed her hand on Sammy's back and rubbed comfortingly. "Is it Dianne?" When Sammy nodded, Danni hid a smile. She knew how her cousin affected women. Sammy wasn't exempt from it.

When Sammy calmed down, Danni handed her tissues. "Things will get better, you'll see. I won't say a word to her. I promise."

Nodding, Sammy blew her nose and stood up. Tossing the tissues in the trash, she turned back to the Coach. "I hope it gets better. I don't think I can stand feeling like my heart's breaking in two all the time. Seeing her every day doesn't help either."

Danni nodded. "I'm sure it doesn't. Go on, eat something, I'm sure you'll feel better afterwards."


Late at night, Sammy sat on the tailgate of her truck with her arms wrapped around her legs, chin propped on her knees. She had wanted to be alone. When Amy had come over, Sammy told her that she didn't feel like hanging out. She knew it was rude, but she knew Amy would give her some slack. She had never acted this way before. Staring out across her yard to the house next door, she closed her eyes as a wave of sadness passed over her. It felt like her heart was ripping in half. She knew she should be in bed but she couldn't sleep. When she slept, images of Dianne flashed through her dreams. Feeling a hand on her shoulder, Sammy looked up to see her mother standing there.

"What's wrong, Samantha? Shouldn't you be in bed?" Anna asked, concerned.

Shrugging her shoulders, Sammy told her mother everything.

When she was done, Anna wrapped her arms around her, "I'm sorry, sweetie, I know how much it hurts."

Sammy leaned her head against her mother's chest, wrapping her arms around her waist. She always missed her mother when she went off on business trips. They were so close, she could tell her mother anything. She wanted to feel better and talking to her mom always had a calming affect on her.

Anna held her until she settled down. "C'mon, lil' bit, off to bed with you."

In the house, Sammy looked toward her room and then at her mom. Without a word, knowing what her daughter wanted, Anna followed her daughter.

Curling up on the bed, as Anna held Sammy, she thought. 'God, I had hoped she wouldn't have to go through something like this.' Anna hadn't been shocked when Sammy had come out to the family two years ago. Like all mothers, she didn't want her daughter to get her heart broken. Now she just hoped Sammy would get over this heartbreak soon.


Sammy hated Parent Visitation Day. It always made her feel like a child. Knowing that her mother wanted to meet Dianne didn't make it any better. She knew her mother wouldn't say anything about her crush, but that didn't help. Sammy looked up when Anna and Amy came over and sat down at the table.

"Hey Amy, where's your dad?" Sammy asked. She knew Alex Grant hadn't missed this event in the last two years.

"He's making a call, he'll be here soon. Remind me again, why do we do this all the time?" Amy asked. "I don't get it. There's absolutely nothing exciting about school, so why do our parents want to follow us around all day?"

Anna knew Amy hated having her dad come. He always found a way to mortify her. "We do this just to embarrass our kids. It's what we live for." Anna stated sarcastically.

Amy stood up when the bell rang. She saw her father stuck in the horde of students and parents heading to classes. "I'm gonna go rescue Dad from the horde, I'll see ya first period, Chickie."

Sammy smiled at a frazzled looking Mr. Grant. The same thing had happened the last time.

Sam caught up to Sammy and their mom. He had arrived late and knew that his mom would get on his case about it.

Anna raised an eyebrow at her son. "Where have you been, young man?"

"I got stuck in traffic, too many parents came today." Sam stated, shrugging his shoulders. He let his mom follow Sammy into their homeroom class before coming after them. They had this class with Coach Rainer and Sammy absolutely hated it. Seeing the woman first thing was a pain in her ass.

Sammy dropped into her normal seat.

Anna followed suit sitting behind her. "Why back here? You're usually up front."

Sammy shrugged.

Sam answered for her. "Sammy tries to draw less attention when it comes to sex-ed, that's what we have next. Coach Rainer teaches that too."

Sammy groaned when said woman walked into the classroom with an older man following her. She wondered who he was. He looked exactly like Dianne. Leaning back on her mother's desk she whispered. "Looks like Coach Rainer dragged her father along." She tilted her head toward the older man. "All teachers should have to bring a parent too, would even the odds."

Sam snickered and Anna looked at him. "What, I didn't do nothin'?!" He whined.

When the late bell rang, Dianne closed the door and sat on the corner of her desk. "All right ladies and gents. I'm Coach Dianne Rainer. I'd like to thank all of you parents for coming. We always enjoy it when the parents are involved in their children's activities. You may be wondering whom is this gentleman standing next to me. Dad, why don't you introduce yourself?"

The older man smiled at his daughter and looked at the class. "I'm Mat Rainer, I raised this six feet of trouble making brat." He grinned broadly as everyone laughed.

Dianne pouted slightly and muttered, "I'm not that much of a trouble maker." Hearing this made the students crack up again. Clearing her throat, Dianne raised an eyebrow. "Now that we've heard from the peanut gallery..." When the group laughed again, Dianne shook her head. "Okay, seriously, let me talk here. I know that some of you parents haven't done this before. You're wondering why we do Parent Visitation Day." Seeing nods of agreement, Dianne continued. "A few years ago parents were complaining about not having any idea of what their kids do during school. This was our answer to that complaint. The parents witness an active demonstration of what their children go through on an average day. Any questions?"

"What is the point in this time of the day? I know it's not part of the usual schedule. Both my son and daughter constantly complain about it." Anna said, smiling at Dianne. She could understand why her daughter was smitten with the tall beauty.

Dianne answered, "This is Home Room. We have it three times a week, and it's designed to inform the students what's going on each week. On Monday, the kids are notified ahead of time. Wednesday is for a reminder, and Friday is to inform the kids of the following week's activities. Any more questions?" Seeing heads shake, Dianne clapped her hands together. "I'd like the students to introduce their parent or parents." She began calling out names, when she got to Sammy, she grinned. "Samantha, why don't you introduce me to your mother? I'd like to meet my neighbor."

Sammy gestured to her mother to stand. "Coach Rainer this is my mother Anna Morgan, mom that's Coach Rainer." Sitting down, she grimaced at her mother's raised eyebrow.

Leaning over, Anna whispered. "Why didn't you tell me that she lives next door to us?"

Sammy shrugged, smiling sheepishly.


Dropping into the seat in front of Sammy, Amy turned around, whispering harshly under her breath. "I swear to God, if my dad asks one more question today, I'm gonna commit myself to a nut house."

Sammy chuckled, looking over at Mr. Grant she smiled. "Hey Mr. Grant, how are ya?"

"I'm good Sammy, how about you?" The curly red-haired man asked, smiling.

"I'm great, Mom hasn't embarrassed me yet." Sammy answered, winking at Alex.

Amy glanced to the front of the room, then back at Sammy. "Who's the old man up there?"

"That's Mat, Coach Rainer's dad. It was funny as Hell when he introduced himself. He said he raised six feet of trouble making brat. Everyone cracked up and then she defended herself by saying that she wasn't that bad." Sammy said grinning.

Amy turned back around in her seat as the coach called for attention.

"All right everyone, for those of you who don't already know, this is my dad, Mat." Dianne grinned at the snickers from the ones who had been in there earlier. "Those of you who haven't introduced your parents to me to go ahead and get that out of the way." She quickly went through the names and sat down on the top of her desk, legs folded under her. "If the students would please pull out their assignment from yesterday we'll get started. If any of the parents have any questions, just raise your hand; I might have an answer for you. The assignment was on AIDS. I wanted a report on the signs of infection and the medicines that affected people have to take. That kind of stuff."


Sammy showed her mom to her fourth period class and quickly walked to the restroom. When she came back, Sammy heard her mom talking to Dianne. Listening in, Sammy groaned inside at Dianne's question.

"Why does Samantha tries to avoid every question I ask in health class, and when I actually get her to answer she avoids the word 'sex' completely?" Dianne leaned back against her desk, arms crossed under her breasts.

Anna replied. "Sammy is easily embarrassed. Every time I've talked to her about sex, she blushed beet red and stuttered. She has never said the word 'sex', that I know of anyway."

Dianne grinned. "I figured that was it, for some reason I have an urge to pick on her about it."

Anna laughed. "Go right ahead Dianne, I certainly don't mind. God knows, I've tried everything I can to get that girl to tell me why it bothers her so much."

Sammy walked into the room glaring at her mother. "What have you two been talking about? I hope it wasn't me."

Anna grinned at Sammy. "Who, us? We'd never do something like that sweetie, maybe you're thinking of your brother."

Sammy saw a sneaky smile on her lips and shook her head. Sitting down, Sammy dropped her head on it. "Please, kill me now."

Sam walked in hearing his sister's comment. "I would Shrimp, but I don't think that the school would look nicely upon that, and I might miss ya just a little bit."

Glaring at her brother, Sammy covered her head with her arms, staying that way until she felt nails lightly scratching on her back. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Amy. Leaning back, Sammy whispered. "I'm afraid that I might die, Ma's being friendly with Coach Rainer."

Amy whispered in Sammy's ear. "That just might mean that you'll get more images in your mind of a certain six foot Goddess for your fantasies."

Sammy blushed and turned to look at the Coach. Dianne was sitting on her desk talking with a couple of the parents. Sammy couldn't help but stare at Dianne's legs again. They were awesome, long and smooth, with a dark golden tan. Sammy felt like she could stare at Dianne's legs all day long. She'd never been a leg girl before and couldn't help but wonder what the Hell was going on. Just looking she could feel her clit twitching and her juices begin to seep out. By the end of the day, she was going to have a wet spot soaking her underwear. She hoped against all hope that it didn't soak through to her jeans.

When the bell rang, Dianne excused herself from the parents. After they made their way to sit beside their kids, she cleared her throat to catch everyone's attention. "Usually I wouldn't do this but it's the end of the day and I'm sure the parents are tired of lectures so I won't make them sit through hearing about Antigone." Dianne grinned crookedly at the nods of agreements from the parents.

Sammy felt like her heart was going to pound out of her chest at that grin, it was just too endearing.

"So instead of all of that, I'm going to give you a free day. As long as you are speaking quietly, you can visit with your friends, or your parents. Do whatever you wish, as long as you stay in the classroom. I'll be sitting here if you want to talk to me."

Sammy groaned when her mother walked back over to the Coach's desk. She didn't know if she could handle her mom and Dianne being friends. If Dianne started coming over to the house she would end up dying of embarrassment. She would also have to start wearing real clothes.


The bell had just rung but Sammy had to stay late. Walking over where Anna and Dianne were, she smiled apologetically at her mom. "Hey, I won't be home for an hour, I've got a Student Council meeting. I'll see ya when I get home, okay?"

Anna grinned, "Yeah sure. Dianne's invited us over for dinner, what do you think about that?"

Sammy blushed and stuttered, looking at the floor. "Uhm... sure that's fine."

Dianne raised an eyebrow at Sammy. 'What's that about?' "I hope you do come over, my dad brought some fresh bass that he pulled in the other day on his boat. We were going to grill it. I could think of nothing better than to have you three come by. You can even invite Amy and Alex if you'd like." Dianne gestured with her head toward where the two were still waiting for Sammy.

"Uhm... That sounds fine. I'll see you guys later then. Bye." Sammy quickly said, then walked off toward Amy and Alex.

Outside the classroom, Sammy leaned against the wall and sighed.

"What's up?" Amy asked, concerned.

"Coach Rainer wants us to come over for a cook-out after the meeting. She said I could invite you and Alex too." Sammy groaned, she'd be completely miserable.

"Is she the teacher you've got a crush on?" Alex asked chuckling.

Sammy glared at him. She saw absolutely nothing funny about it. "Yes," she muttered sullenly.

Chuckling, Amy put a hand on Sammy's shoulder and pushed her toward the library where the meeting was to be held. "C'mon, you can worry about your Goddess after we're done kickin' ass."


Sammy walked into her house calling out. "Mom, Sam; are ya'll here?" Not hearing a reply, she groaned. The meeting had run a half an hour late and she'd have to trudge all the way over to Dianne's house. Dropping her bag on the table next to the door she jogged outside and up to Dianne's porch. Knocking at the door, she heard no reply. Hearing laughter come from around back, she followed the noise.

Sammy waved to Dianne's father standing by the grill. Walking around to the sun-porch Sammy's eyes bugged out. Dianne was wearing a light blue bikini top and a pair of cut-off blue jean shorts that barely covered her rear. Stumbling up the steps, Sammy blinked before she cleared her throat.

"Hey ya'll, sorry I'm late. Council ran a little late." She dropped into the beach chair that Dianne had slid over with her foot. Nodding her thanks, Sammy sat back and sighed. "The only thing that could make this day any better is a nice cold drink and a hot woman."

Sam snorted and dropped an icy Pepsi bottle in her lap. "I can help ya with the first but the other part you'll have to fix on your own, Shrimp."

Sammy shook her head, "Wait, I said that out loud?"

Danni nodded and sat down across the small round glass table from Sammy. "Yup, 'fraid so."

Dianne shook her head, "So where's Amy?"

"Ah, her dad dragged her with him and his date for the night at the movies." Sammy answered before chugging at her Pepsi. She gave a small burp and grinned sheepishly, "Sorry."

"I think this is the first time I've ever seen you without her." Dianne said.

Anna replied, "They're attached at the hip. I'm surprised that Sammy's not whining about being abandoned the way she did the last time Amy wasn't able to come over."

Sammy narrowed her eyes at her mother, "I wasn't whining, I was pouting, there's a difference."

Sam chuckled, "Hardly, Shrimp, it all sounds the same comin' from you."

Dianne tsked playfully, "Samantha, seventeen years old and you pout?" Shaking her head, she smiled at Sammy.

Sammy groaned and dropped her head back against the lounge chair.

Anna raised an eyebrow at her daughter. Looking over at the lounging Coach, she asked, "Why does she let you call her that? She pitched a fit until I stopped calling her 'Samantha'."

Dianne shrugged, "I wasn't aware that it bugged her. It would explain the death glares she sends my way."

Sammy looked at Dianne, "I wasn't aware that you saw those."

Dianne smirked. "I see and hear a lot of things people wish I didn't. It's why my CO loved it when I was a Captain in the army."

Sammy raised an eyebrow. An image of the drop-dead gorgeous woman in dress blues popped into her mind and she blushed. Rolling her sweating Pepsi bottle on her forehead, Sammy sighed contentedly. Dropping her hand back down, she put the bottle on the table.

When Mat called out that the fish was ready, everyone rose to get a plate. Sammy sat back down and scooted her chair up close to the table. Due to the small size of the table, her leg pressed tight against Dianne's thigh. She could barely concentrate on eating. Her center was on fire and her blood was boiling with the skin on skin contact. Sammy knew she was flushed, she hoped no one noticed. When she was finished, Sammy sat back in her chair and sighed. The food was good, better than that; she had never thought she would be this close to the object of her fantasies. She was definitely going to need some time alone tonight. She hoped no one came into her room. Glancing over at Dianne, Sammy's eyes riveted on the Coach's breasts. The nipples were hardened and thanks to the tight material of Dianne's bikini top, Sammy could clearly make out the rigid points taunting her. She groaned and dropped her head back.

Dianne looked at Sammy, mistaking the groan for something else, "Are you okay, Sammy?"

Caught, Sammy tried not to stutter, "Uh yeah, I'm just stuffed."

Danni raised an eyebrow at Sammy. She knew damn well that wasn't what had caused the groan. She had tried to convince Dianne to wear a regular shirt, using the excuse that Sam would be there but it didn't work. Dianne's nipples were almost always hard, especially when her body got hot. Following Sammy's gaze, Danni stifled a laugh at Sammy's gaze frozen on Dianne's breasts.

Sammy glanced away from Dianne's chest and breathed out. Looking around at the others, she noticed the smirk on Danni's face. Realizing that the Coach had caught her, Sammy stood up quickly and stretched her arms over her head. "I'm gonna go for a walk, I'll see ya'll later." She said in a rush, quickly walking down the steps and around to the front of the house.

Dianne looked at Anna questioningly.

Catching the question in Dianne's eyes, Anna shrugged and grinned, "Teenagers, who knows?"

Chapter Four

Sam scoffed. "I disagree with that remark, who knows with adults?"


Sammy didn't get back until after dark. Walking into the house, she saw that the living room light on. Hearing laughter, she walked into the living room over to her mom. "I'm gonna go to bed, I'll see you tomorrow Mom."

"Okay, honey," Anna smiled.

Sammy went to her bedroom, closing the door she sighed in relief. Stripping her clothes off, she got between the sheets on the queen-sized bed. Immediately, images of Dianne assaulted her mind. She knew she wouldn't get any sleep unless she released the pent up tension. Rubbing her aching nipples, she groaned low. The contact sent a jolt to her center. She had been wet the entire time she was at Dianne's house. She'd been hoping that the walk would cool her a bit. It didn't do a thing for her except to make the frustration unbearable. Her right hand trailed lightly down her stomach, thinking of Dianne's hand doing this the sensation caused goose bumps to form on her arms.

Rubbing her fingers into her wetness, she knew this wouldn't take long. She pinched and pulled her nipples with her left hand while squeezing lightly on her clit with her middle and index fingers. Sammy felt the spasms build in her pussy, her wetness poured out. Grabbing a pillow, she pressed it over her mouth and screamed. Her release was electric; little shocks ran all through her body. When her body relaxed, Sammy curled onto her side with her hand still between her legs. It wasn't her hand but Dianne's. On that thought, she fell asleep.


Sammy's birthday came a month later. She was ecstatic. Anna allowed her and Sam skip school for the day. That was the only time of the year that she would. This year she was actually going to be home with the twins.

Sammy stretched out on the floor next to Sam as they were playing a wrestling game on their new X-Box. Sammy kept winning; they had been at it all day. Hearing a knock at the door, Sammy craned her head back to look at her mom, "Can you go answer that?"

Rolling her eyes, Anna went to the door. She wasn't surprised to see Dianne there. It was common for them to go over to each other's home. If Anna wasn't at Dianne's, then Dianne was there. The twins had become used to it.

Though Dianne had become used to Sammy's abrupt exits, she still didn't understand it.

"Hey Dianne, what's going on?"

Dianne grinned. "I was just coming by to see you guys."

Smiling brightly, Anna let Dianne come in. "C'mon, the kids are in the living room."

Sammy glanced up from her space on the floor and waved over her head at Dianne. "Hey kiddo, why weren't you two at school today? You don't look sick."

Snickering as she kicked her brother's ass on the game, Sammy said, "It's our b-day, we get to stay home every year."

Dianne dropped onto the couch behind Sammy. "Really? Why's that?"

Anna went to the other end of the couch and sat sideways against the arm, crossing her legs underneath her. She answered for Sammy, who was distracted by smearing her brother's character on the screen.

"When they were little I told them that they could have anything they want on their birthday. On their tenth birthday, the little smart asses said that every year they wanted to play hooky on their birthday." Shaking her head at Sammy who was doing a sitting up victory dance, she added. "I never expected them to ask for that. It's fine with me, considering they hardly ever get sick, and they never skip any other time of the year."

Dianne grinned at the little happy dance Sammy was doing. Toeing Sammy with the end of her boot, she waited until she turned around. "How old are you today?"

Sammy grinned widely, "We're eighteen."

"Oh dear God, they can go to bars now." Dianne said with mock horror.

Anna rolled her eyes, "Knowing Sammy, that's exactly what she's going to do when Amy turns eighteen."

Sam snickered, while his sister had been busy talking, he had un-paused the game and cheated. When Sammy turned around, she smacked her brother, "You fucker, why'dja do that?"

Dianne shook her head, she'd become accustomed to Sammy's language, but she couldn't stop herself from reacting to it. At least Sammy was wearing more clothes around the house.

Sammy tossed the remote and stood up to stretch. She'd been sitting in the same position for hours and her body was screaming at her for it. "I'm going to the kitchen, anybody want something ta drink?"

Dianne smiled, distracted by the flexing muscles in Sammy's legs. "Yeah sure, get me a beer, please."

Sammy grabbed a Pepsi and a Budweiser from the fridge. Back in the living room, she handed the beer to Dianne. Sammy shook her head, "I still don't know how you drink that horse piss."

Dianne popped off the cap and tossed it at Sammy. She snickered when Sammy caught it in mid-air. "It ain't horse piss, it's good. Maybe one day I'll let you try it."

Shaking her head, Sammy dropped down onto the couch beside Dianne. Propping her arm behind her head, Sammy replied. "I wouldn't touch that crap if you paid me to, Coach."

Dianne grinned. "Sure you would. Hell, I'd drink that Pepsi if you paid me to, and I haven't had a pop in years."

As usual when the two got onto this subject, Sammy muttered, "Health freak."

Dianne grinned, she mussed up Sammy's long hair. Dianne chuckled when Sammy ducked away.

"Hey, I don't mess with your 'do so don't mess with mine."

"You know, I think it's time for you to get a hair cut. I don't think I could stand my hair being that long." Dianne commented, dropping the strand of blonde hair with which she had been playing.

Sammy grinned. She really did love it when Dianne played with her hair. "I have never willingly gone to get my hair cut and I'm not about to start now. I like having it reach my ass."

Rolling her eyes, Dianne decided to change the subject. The last thing she needed was to start thinking about a student's ass, especially this student's ass. "What do you guys wanna do for dinner? I'll treat."

Anna smiled; she loved the younger woman like another daughter. "You don't have to do that Dianne. I appreciate the gesture but..."

Dianne interrupted Anna, "I know I don't have to, but I want too. Please, it's my first time around the twins on their birthday. I didn't have the chance to get them anything, so let me do this small thing, please?" When Anna nodded, Dianne smiled triumphantly.

Sammy turned on the couch, pressing her knee against Dianne's bare thigh below her shorts. "Thanks coach. Sam what do you wanna do? I wanna go to Hooters. Their chicken wings kick ass."

Sam shrugged, "Sounds like a good idea."

Dianne rolled her eyes. "You two are perverts. I'm sure the chicken wings are not why you want to go there."

Sammy snickered, "Sorry Coach, you're wrong there. I'm not a tit woman, I'm a leg woman." She wiggled her blonde eyebrows at Dianne.

Dianne shook her head. She knew Sammy's preferences; she often caught Sammy staring at hers. Feeling the heat from Sammy's leg arousing her, Dianne decided the one way to end the debate. "Anna, where do you wanna go?"

Anna shrugged, raising her eyebrow at the two sets of identical hopeful green eyes pleading with her. "I guess Hooters it is. Personally I like their hot wings."


Dianne snickered at the wide-eyed looks on the twins' faces when their server came over to the table. The red-haired waitress' large breasts were barely covered by her cut-off white t-shirt.

"What can I get for you four?"

After everyone had ordered, Anna smacked Sam on the back of the head to get him to close his mouth. The waitress' breasts had jiggled as she wrote on her notepad. Gesturing towards Sammy, Anna said to Dianne. "You might wanna get her to do the same. She looks like she may drool."

Reaching over to Sammy, Dianne softly placed her hand under her chin. When the Coach pressed upward, Sammy snapped her jaw shut, causing Dianne to jerk her hand back.

"Damn, you could've taken my hand off."

Sammy snickered, "That's what'cha get for putting your hand anywhere in the vicinity of my mouth."

Sticking her tongue out, Dianne smirked at the look she received. Her tongue was unusually long. She enjoyed shocking Sammy for doing that in the first place.

Sammy shook her head. She couldn't believe that tongue. It would give her major fantasy material for decades. It reached all the way down to Dianne's chin. 'Just give it a tongue ring and it would be perfect.' Gaining her senses back she glanced at Dianne out of the corner of her eye. "That was really mature, Coach."

Snickering, Sam added, "Ya know, if you got that thing pierced, you'd be able ta get any man or woman you wanted."

Only Anna knew Dianne's orientation. During one of their private lunches, Dianne had told her that she was a lesbian.

When the food came, Anna kept glancing from her daughter to Dianne. It was hilarious the way the two kept picking food from each other's plate. Normally, Sammy would bite someone's hand if it went anywhere near her meal. Her daughter had to be in love with Dianne. That was the only way would Sammy allow Dianne to take food from her plate.

After dinner, they spotted several teens skating at the edge of the parking lot of the restaurant. Sammy stopped to watch. In a wishful tone, she said, "God, I wish I could learn to roller blade. It looks like so much fun."

A few feet ahead of Sammy, Dianne had heard the wish. 'I think I know what I'm going to do for your birthday present, kiddo.'


Sammy groaned and rolled over. The constant knocking on her door was getting on her nerves, she'd normally be up at noon, but Dianne had hung out with the family until late last night. When her door opened, she hugged the covers tight around her body ignoring the intruder.

Dianne had never been in Sammy's room before; she thought it was cute. The walls were a light blue, different movie posters hung on the walls. Clouds perched on the baby blue blankets and pillowcases on Sammy's bed. She stared at the lump in the center of the mattress and snickered. Setting down the large plastic bag, Dianne sat on the bed. "Time to get up. The sun's shining, the birds are singing..." Tickling Sammy's side, Dianne said in a laughing voice. "I have a belated present for you."

Pulling the covers away from her head, Sammy glared at Dianne's happy expression. "How can you be so damn perky after the late night we had?"

Smirking, Dianne replied. "Coffee, it's a wonderful thing."

Nodding, Sammy sat up, the covers wrapped around her, "You may want to stand outside the door while I get dressed."

Dianne walked out. Before shutting the door, she tossed over her shoulder. "Lemme know when you're done before you go anywhere near that bag."

"M'kay, I will," Sammy replied as the door shut.

Dianne stood leaning against the wall, whistling to herself. After a few minutes, she heard Sammy shout.

"You can come back in now."

Dianne walked back in and put the bag on the bed next to Sammy. "Go on, open it. I hope you like it. I also have another present for you, but I'm not telling you what it is until you open that one."

Quickly pulling the boxes from the large plastic bag, Sammy began unwrapping them. When she opened the largest one, she nearly fell over. It was a pair of black and yellow in-line skates. "Oh God, these are kick ass." She rolled the wheels on the bottom of one with the palm of her hand.

Dianne grinned, pleased that Sammy liked the gift. "Open the rest. They go with it."

Sammy opened the next box. It was full of safety gear: kneepads, elbow pads, gloves and such, all covered in little yellow smiley faces on a black background.

"I should have known you would make sure I had the safety stuff." She glanced up in amusement at Dianne. Inside the last box was a black helmet with a single large smiley face on the front. Sammy glanced down, disheartened.

Dianne scooted closer to Sammy when her mood changed. "What's wrong, Samantha?"

Sammy muttered too embarrassed to meet Dianne's eyes, "I don't know how to skate."

"That's why I bought this stuff. I was hoping that you might, you know, let me teach you?" What began as a statement ended as a question. Suddenly, Dianne was full of self-doubt. Did Sammy dislike her? She always left so abruptly when Dianne came into a room.

"God, yes; that would totally rock!" Sammy squealed, throwing her arms around Dianne's neck and hugging her tightly.

Dianne returned the hug then pulled back away from the ecstatic young woman. "When do you want to start? I was thinking maybe after you had lunch?"

Sammy nodded quickly, "Sure, that sounds perfect, Coach."


Two weeks later Sammy had an ear-to-ear grin. Amy, Sharon, and Davie were sure that she'd lost her mind. They knew about the skating lessons. They couldn't understand why falling on her ass so much would make her so happy. For the past month Sammy had been telling them that being around the Coach made her miserable. Why was Sammy grinning like a lunatic at the prospect of being alone with her?

After school, Sammy ran out to her truck. She couldn't wait to continue her skating lessons with her dream Goddess. Being near Dianne with others around drove her nuts, but being alone with her and in constant contact made her happy. She had to keep a lid on her emotions, so Dianne wouldn't find out. She wouldn't be able to handle rejection, though she knew Dianne would be gentle about it. Kindness would make it worse.

At the student parking lot, Sammy looked over her shoulder. That afternoon, in the lunchroom, some girls had been calling her a dyke. She didn't know who they were, but a similar group of girls came over taunting her.

"Hey Dyke, where ya goin' so fast? Got a hot date with your lezzy bitch?" A tall dark haired girl shouted at Sammy. Sammy shook her head ignoring their comments. She walked a bit faster toward her truck. Someone shoved her from behind. Falling, Sammy twisted her body so that she landed on her side near the truck's front right tire.

"Stupid fuckin' dyke, ya shouldn't be allowed ta go to school with decent folks like us!"

Sammy was sure that the voice she heard belonged to the fat redhead standing next to the tall dark girl. Several feet kicked at Sammy. She barely had time to cover her head with her arms. Vicious comments fell with each blow. When the beating stopped, Sammy lay trying to catch her breath. She listened to the girls' feet pounding on the pavement as they ran off victorious.

Her back hurt and she had several big bruises. Moving carefully, she felt for anything broken. Not that Sammy knew that much about anatomy but she figured spitting up blood and grinding bones with each breath might be a clue. Coming up with only sore spots, Sammy slowly stood up. Looking into the mirror, Sammy grimaced at her split lip. No one was around. Opening her truck door, she slowly got in. Grabbing some tissues from the dashboard container, Sammy dabbed at the split in the middle of her lip. She knew that would hurt for a couple of weeks. It didn't look bad enough for stitches. When the bleeding had stopped, Sammy started the truck and drove toward her house.

When Sammy arrived at an empty house. Her mom was on a two-day business trip. Sam was spending the night with Davie and Sharon. Walking to Dianne's house, Sammy sat on the steps, hoping that Dianne would be home soon. The pain in her back was intense. Sammy didn't know what to do.


Dianne pulled into her driveway. She had been waiting all day to get home; she loved the time alone with Sammy. Seeing Sammy sitting on the porch, Dianne chuckled. 'Guess she couldn't wait either, it's freezing cold out here and she's sitting in those thin jeans and a short sleeved shirt.'

Dianne got out of the Hummer and went toward Sammy. Apparently Sammy was sleeping, Dianne walked quietly. When she got within a few feet of Sammy, Dianne noticed the split lip. Squatting down, Dianne shook Sammy's shoulder, and she heard a low grunt.

When Sammy's eyes locked on hers, Dianne asked quietly, "Hey, what happened here?" Her thumb lightly caressed Sammy's bottom lip. Sammy grimaced, "Some punks attacked me in the school parking lot. I don't know who the Hell they were. They were gone by the time I was able to move." Shaking her head, Dianne bit back her anger, "Is that the only place that you're hurt?"

Sammy stood up, trying to hide the flinching of her aching muscles. "Pretty much. Just a few small bruises." Nodding, Dianne stood. "How about I put something on that split lip. I'll report this to the principle, then we'll see if you feel like skating." Shrugging, Sammy nodded, "Sounds like a plan to me." Inside the house, Dianne had Sammy sit on the couch while she got the first-aid kit. Sammy rotated her head on her shoulders and placed her face in her hands. She muttered under her breath, "God, I hope I manage to stay off my ass today. It'll hurt like Hell if I fall." A few minutes later Dianne came back into the living room and squatted in front of Sammy. Opening the first-aid kit, she pulled out some cleaning solution and a butterfly strip. "This will hurt a little bit." When Sammy nodded, Dianne cleaned and dressed the wound. When she'd finished, Dianne picked up the phone and dialed the principle's office. "Hey, Cassie? I need to speak to Mark…"

Sammy listened as Dianne talked to the secretary then the principal. They spoke for several minutes then Dianne hung up.

Dianne looked at Sammy and sighed, "Principle Johnson is going to report it to the police. They should come by to talk to you soon. For now though, do you still feel up to skating?"

When Sammy nodded, Dianne got up from the floor and put on her own skates. She got Sammy's from the corner of her living room and helped her put them on. Dianne knew that she'd have to help Sammy down the stairs in the skates, but Dianne always enjoyed the close contact even though she knew Sammy was hurting.

Sammy had managed to stay on her feet for several minutes. Dianne was about to clap for her success when Sammy suddenly fell flat on her back.

Hearing the anguished cry, Dianne quickly skated over to Sammy and dropped to her knees. Dianne saw the tears from her tightly closed eyes, the pained look, and her rapid breathing.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

Sammy forced her eyes to open. Her chest felt so tight from the pain, she couldn't speak, so she just shook her head.

Dianne picked up Sammy and made her way as quickly as she could to the house. When they got to the porch, she whispered.

"I need you to get the door, Sweetie."

After Sammy opened the door, Dianne carried her in and shut the door with her hip. Laying Sammy down on the couch, Dianne kicked off her own skates then pulled Sammy's off. When Sammy's breathing became normal, she asked. "Samantha, one more time, besides your lip, where else are you hurt?"

Chapter Five

Sammy nodded, pressing her back further into the sofa. The movement caused more tears to come.

"Turn over, I want to get a look at these so-called little bruises." Dianne sat on the edge of the couch She helped Sammy roll over onto her stomach. Pulling the black dirt-covered t-shirt up, Dianne hissed at the sight.

"Jesus, Sammy, these aren't small, it's one gigantic bruise! I'll get something to put on it, be back in a minute."

Sammy had her shirt off when Dianne returned. The bruise covered the middle of Sammy's back. Dianne sat and opened the jar of Tiger Balm that she'd brought in.

Sammy felt the warm pressure of Dianne's thigh against her side and sighed inwardly. When a hand covered with a cool substance touched her back, Sammy jumped.

"Are you all right?" Dianne asked.

Sammy nodded and cleared her throat. "Yeah I'm fine, that was just kinda cold." Sammy let the sensations from Dianne's hands go through her body. 'Mmm, God this feels so good. How I wish that she would put those hands somewhere else.' Sammy thought, trying to bite back the moan that wanted to escape. When Dianne's hands suddenly disappeared, she knew that Dianne had heard her.

Dianne stood up; she knew that Sammy's relief wasn't due to the balm. "Samantha, if you see blood in your urine, I want you to get to the hospital. You could have kidney damage." She sighed. "You need to put your shirt back on and we need to talk."

Sammy nodded. Grabbing her shirt from the arm of the couch she quickly turned away. Pulling her shirt over her head, she bent down to grab her shoes and groaned; she slowly stood back up.

Dianne went to Sammy and helped her sit down then slipped the shoes on and tied them for her. Dianne tried to get Sammy to meet her eyes but Sammy looked anywhere but at her. "Sammy, we need to talk about this."

Shaking her head, Sammy stood and stepped around Dianne, turning her back to her again. "There's nothing to talk about. It's fine, I'm dealing with it." She clenched her jaw, trying to will the tears away.

Dianne tried again, "Sammy, I don't feel like talking to your back."

Sammy turned around, realizing that Dianne wasn't going to just drop it.

When she had Sammy's attention, Dianne continued. "It's not healthy. There can't be anything between us. You're too young, you're one of my students. You know what happened to Coach Martin. He was caught having an affair with one of his students and lost his job. Would you want that to happen to me?" When Sammy shook her head, Dianne smiled, "I didn't think you would. One day you'll find someone who can fall madly in love with you. I love you like a sister, but I couldn't fall for you. It's impossible."

"Can I go now?" Sammy asked in a tear-choked voice.

Dianne had hoped that Sammy would understand, but with the way she was reacting, things would never be the same. Dianne nodded. "Go ahead, but please don't let this stop us from being friends."

Sammy left without a word.

Dianne sat on the couch with a frustrated sigh. She felt like a piece of her was missing and she knew why. She cared so much for Sammy, but they could never be in a relationship. 'She deserves someone her own age, not old soldier. God, why can't she just understand that?'


Slamming her bedroom door, Sammy flopped onto her bed and let the tears come. She was eternally grateful that her family wasn't home. If they had been, she wouldn't get time alone. She had thought that she had accepted that she and Dianne would never be together but apparently she hadn't. It hurt worse now than the month before when she had tried to face the facts. She cried until she fell asleep.


Amy let herself into Sammy's house. Years before, they had given each other keys. This was the first time she had needed hers. She wondered why Sammy hadn't answered the phone. She always had before, even if she was in the bathroom. Entering Sammy's bedroom, Amy took in the messy clothes, and then looked at her friend.

Sammy was curled up in the center of the bed, her arms wrapped around herself. Tearstains were on her face and an ugly reddish-purple bruise stood out against her light tan skin. The split in her lip had bled slightly around the butterfly strip. Lying down beside her friend, Amy snuggled against her front, holding Sammy as closely as she could without hurting her. Amy didn't mean to, but she fell asleep.


Sammy woke up wrapped in Amy's comforting embrace. Amy's arms were low around her waist, not touching the bruise on her back. Tightening her hold around Amy's waist, Sammy felt the tears come again thinking of yesterday. She sobbed into Amy's chest feeling her arms tighten around her. Amy had always been easy to wake up, and Sammy was grateful for that. She was also grateful that Amy never said anything until her physical comfort was no longer needed. She didn't think she'd be able to talk right now. She just hurt too much, all over and inside.

Amy felt her friend's sobs and tightened her hold on Sammy. 'What the Hell has happened to you, Little One? Between now and yesterday someone's done something to this gentle soul and I'm gonna kick their ass when I find out what and who. I swear to that.' When Sammy had cried her grief out, Amy went into the kitchen. She hoped Sammy would eat. Sammy had not eaten the last time she was this depressed.

'The last time Sammy was this down was when she realized her feelings for Coach Rainer couldn't be returned. Did that bitch do this to Sammy, the bruises and everything? God, she better hope it wasn't her. 'I'll not only kick her ass, I'll get her fired too.' Amy fixed some Mexican pasta, hoping that the spicy favorite would wake up Sammy's appetite.

Sammy woke up and smelled the comfort food she loved so much. She knew Amy was still there. She hoped that Sam would stay at Davie's for a while. She needed to talk to someone and her brother just wouldn't understand. Walking into the kitchen, Sammy couldn't even muster a smile for Amy. Dropping into a chair at the table, she turned her red-rimmed eyes in Amy's direction.

The pain radiating from Sammy floored Amy. She'd never seen her so hurt before. It broke her heart. Setting a plate down on the table, Amy sat down. Seeing Sammy staring wistfully at her, Amy decided to humor her. Patting her lap, Amy wasn't surprised when Sammy quickly curled up on her. Pulling the plate over toward them, Amy spun the pasta around the fork and offered it to Sammy. They went on like this until the plate was empty. Rubbing the full abdomen under her hand, Amy whispered into Sammy's ear. "Are you ready to talk, hun?"

Standing, Sammy nodded. Holding her hand out to Amy, she said in a voice hoarse from sobbing. "Let's go in the living room, we'll be more comfy."

Amy sat on the couch with her legs underneath then helped Sammy settle on her lap again. Minutes went by. Amy had begun to think that Sammy wasn't going to talk when she finally cleared her throat.

"I was attacked outside the school yesterday, I don't know who it was that did it 'cause I've only seen 'em a few times around school. That's where the split lip and the big bruise came from. When I got home, I went over waiting for Coach Rainer to get in. She cleaned the split and that was it. I thought it was just a few small bruises and I told her as much. We went on with the skating lessons until fell and I yelled. I could hardly move or breathe it hurt so much. She carried me into her house and made me show her my back. She told me what it looked like and got some stuff to put on it. When she started rubbing the cream in, it just felt so good." Her voice broke.

Amy gave her time to calm down.

When Sammy settled down, she shook her head in self-deprecation. Sniffling, she continued, "I tried to hold the moan in, but I just couldn't. I gave myself away and now she knows. She didn't flip out or nothin', she just made it completely clear that we could never have a chance. I thought I could handle it, but I guess not. God, I'm such an idiot." Sammy shook her head and sobbed. Burying her face in her friend's neck she wrapped her arms around Amy's shoulders.

Amy rocked them back and forth. She whispered, "You're not an idiot. It's just a lot harder on a person when they hear what they're already afraid of said aloud. You can't blame yourself." Kissing the top of Sammy's head, Amy held her until she sobbed herself to sleep again. Laying Sammy down, Amy startled when the doorbell rang.

Answering the door, Amy almost slammed it shut when she saw Coach Rainer standing with Coach Carsen. Hoping not to awaken Sammy, Amy stepped outside closing the door softly behind her.

"What do you two want? Shouldn't you be trying to figure out who the fuck did this shit to her?" Danni was startled at Amy's harshness; she wasn't the enemy here. Stuttering slightly, Danni answered. "We've all ready spoken to the security guards and reported it to the principal. We were just wondering if Sammy was all right?" Amy leaned back against the door. She glared at Coach Rainer then turned her attention back to Coach Carsen. "Gee, what do you think, Coach? How would you be?" Danni groaned, "Please don't be this way, we just want to know if Sammy's all right." Amy decided to be serious, "Fine, she's hurting physically and emotionally. She can't move without pain. In the past fifteen hours, she's cried herself to sleep a total of three times. I had to hold her and feed her like a baby just to get her to eat. That answer your question?" "Fuck. I just told her the damned truth. We could never be together. She's too young for me." Dianne said, pleading with Amy for understanding. Deciding to cut Dianne some slack, Amy's tone softened. "I know that, you know that, we all know that. Put yourself in the place of someone who has never been in love before. No one can control who they fall for. Hell, I'm almost convinced that she was in love with you from the first moment that she saw you in the gym. She can't help it. The only way she'll get over it is being away from you. That won't be happening any time soon. I just hope that it doesn't take that long. I don't think starving herself is a good idea."

Dianne nodded, glancing at Danni. She had called Danni early that morning when she couldn't sleep.

Danni had arrived shortly after. Danni had tried telling her cousin that coming over here so soon after yesterday wasn't a good idea.

Dianne's shoulders slumped, Danni had been right. Dianne felt worse than she had that morning. "I guess you're right, she doesn't need me hanging around. I'm just a reminder of her broken heart."

Seeing Dianne's tears, Amy felt bad for both of them. "Hey, it's not like either of you can do anything about it. She can't change her age, and you need your job." Amy shrugged, "Maybe one day you two will be able to get your friendship back. Right now, she's hurting. She'll get through it, eventually. I need to get back in there. Hopefully when she wakes up, she'll be ready to eat again. I'll see ya tomorrow, but I can't guarantee that she'll be in school. She looks like Hell. Do you think that you could keep me in the loop on when they catch the assholes that did this to her?"

Dianne nodded. "Yeah, we'll keep you informed. I hope that they catch the fuckers soon." Dianne turned to grab something off of the porch railing. She turned back holding out the jar of Tiger Balm. "Here, I used this on her back. Maybe she'll let you put it on her?" Dianne asked. She didn't know if Sammy would accept anything from her.

Amy nodded and started to turn back to the door, over her shoulder she said. "Thanks, you two take care."


Sammy trudged into the classroom. She'd been out the day before and wasn't too sure if she should stay out any longer. She had five more absent days, but if she got sick further along in the year, she would need the time. When her mother had asked what had happened, Sammy had told her about the attack then left the room. She let Amy tell Anna about the break with Dianne. If she talked or heard about it she would start crying again and her voice hoarse enough from sobbing. She'd done more of that when the police had come by the house early yesterday morning questioning her about the attack. Going to her usual seat, Sammy saw that Dianne had replaced the desk with a small blue soft-backed chair and a small wooden table.

Sammy muttered. "Damn woman just won't leave me alone." Sitting down gingerly, Sammy appreciated the effort, 'Well if she has to, I guess this isn't a bad way to do it.'

Dianne waited until the bell rang before entering the classroom. She had put the chair and table there, knowing that Sammy would still be in pain. She tried to concentrate on teaching the class but her eyes kept straying to Sammy the entire hour. She knew not to try to talk to Sammy, but it was getting to her. She could barely sleep or eat and the strain was showing.


A Week Later:

At the knock on her open office door, Dianne looked up from her grade book. Her expression dimmed upon seeing two grim faced police officers and the high school's principle. She stood and waved them in.

"How can I help you, officers?"

The older officer nodded and entered the office behind the principle with the younger cop following.

"I'm Officer Barkley and this is my partner, Officer Carter. We're here about the incident with your student, Samantha Morgan?"

Dianne nodded, "I've all ready been questioned, Officer Barkley. Is there anything else I can do?"

Principle Mark Johnson interrupted, "The police have apprehended the culprits, but they wanted to speak to you and Samantha again. Samantha should be here in a moment."

Dianne nodded and looked over at the doorway as a soft knock sounded. Seeing Samantha, Dianne gestured for her to come in.

"These officers would like to speak to us, Samantha. Have a seat."

Sammy sighed and entered the room, closing the door behind her. Without taking a seat, she asked, "What? Wasn't my original statement enough?"

Officer Barkley cleared his throat, his expression filled with understanding. "Yes, it was very helpful. We've apprehended the girls, and we thought that we'd let you know so that you could identify them in a line-up. With that, we shouldn't need much more for a conviction. I don't even believe that there will be a need for you to show up at the sentencing."

Sammy's sigh was one of relief. She smiled thinly, "When should I be there?"


After two weeks of the silent treatment and short, sullen answers, Dianne was tired. At the end of fourth period, she decided to call a truce.

"Samantha, would you please stay after class?"

Sammy glanced up, waiting for everyone to file out of the room, she noticed Amy waiting outside in the hall. She smiled gratefully at her friend. The smile quickly vanished when Dianne closed the classroom door. Letting Dianne walk around her, Sammy turned her back to the door giving Dianne a bored look.

Dianne fidgeted under Sammy's gaze. She looked away as she asked, "How did things go with the line-up last week?"

Sammy rolled her eyes, "It went fine, and the police said that they would call me if they needed anything else. That isn't why you asked me to stay, so out with it."

"I was just hoping that you might have calmed down enough to talk about this problem rationally, Sammy. You can drop the attitude." Dianne stated, tired of the battle.

Sammy shrugged, "There's absolutely nothing that I have to talk to you about, Coach Rainer. Not a single damned thing."

Dianne grimaced at the full use of her title. Sammy hadn't called her by anything but Coach since they'd become friends. Sammy was still hurt and she didn't know what to say. Glancing to the floor as she sat on the edge of her desk, Dianne asked, "What can I say that will help us get our friendship back? I don't know what to do."

Sammy shrugged, letting herself be logical. "If we do become friends again, things will be strained. You'll be uncomfortable with the way we interact, and I'll be uncomfortable staying within the boundaries that you'll undoubtedly set. Neither of us would be able to stand it. It would be like walking on eggshells, Coach. We both know it would be best for us to forget everything outside of our professional relationship. I can't be your friend, there's too many 'ifs'." Sammy finished and left the classroom.

Dianne sat on her desk with her head in her hands. "God, I really fucked this one up, didn't I?" She asked the empty room.


Two Months Later:

Things had become even more strained between the two women. Both were sleeping fitfully and eating was nearly impossible. The difference was that Sammy pretended to be happy so that people would stop asking her if she was all right. This had been going on for six weeks. She knew it was getting to Dianne, the weariness showed in her eyes.

Dianne also fought with her libido, she hadn't the urge to throw someone down and fuck them since she had been in the Army. When gym class began the month before, she had the urge to do just that to Sammy. She had three reasons not to now. One, Sammy was too young. Two, she was a student. The most important one in Dianne's mind was the hardest, literally and figuratively. She didn't think that someone as inexperienced as Sammy would be able to handle the animal that she used to be.

Dianne was also tired of turning down Anna's suggestions for get-togethers. She had always enjoyed spending time with Sammy's mother. She knew that Anna liked it too. She wondered if Anna knew about the problems between them, and if she did, what she thought about it.

Picking up the phone, she dialed Anna's number hoping she would answer instead of Sammy. Dianne was relieved when Anna picked up. "Hey Anna, I was wondering if you would like to come over for lunch, just you and me?"

Anna had been hoping that Dianne would want to get together soon. "Sure. What's going on? Is something wrong?"

Chuckling humorlessly, Dianne replied. "If you can tell me what's not wrong then I'll give you a million bucks."

Anna groaned. She knew that Sammy was depressed. She now knew that the distance between Sammy and Dianne weighed equally between the two women. "I'll be over in a little bit. Start cooking, woman."

Hanging up the phone, Dianne smiled. Something was finally going right in her life. Maybe with Anna's help, she might be able to fix things between herself and Sammy. Hurrying into the kitchen she pulled the food out of the oven that she'd pre-heated before she had talked herself into calling Anna. Hearing the anticipated knock at the door, she called out.

"C'mon in, I'm in the kitchen."

Anna let herself in, seeing Dianne's slumped shoulders, she smiled in sympathy. When Dianne turned in her direction, she frowned. Dark circles showed under Dianne's eyes, and she'd lost weight. Opening her arms, Anna gestured for Dianne to come over. When Dianne dropped into her arms and wept, Anna soothed her just as she did Sammy over the past two months.

Dianne tried to speak between sobs, "I...I j-just miss... her s-so much. She w-won't even har-hardly ta-talk to m-me unle-unless s-she has t-to." She sniffled, hardly believing that she was crying like a baby.

Rubbing Dianne's back with one hand, Anna smoothed the hair away from Dianne's face. "I know; I wish I could help you two. I really do."

Straightening up, Dianne rubbed at her face angrily. "God, I can't believe I'm crying like this. I haven't cried this much since Ma died." Glancing at Anna she asked in a low voice. "Is Sammy really as happy as she's been acting?"

Anna shook her head; sitting down at the table she decided that she to tell Dianne the truth. "She pretends she's happy, but at night I hear her crying in her room. I hold her until we both fall asleep. In the mornings, she acts like none of it happened and goes on with her day. I think she's just doing it to make us stop asking her if she's okay. I'm out of ideas. Hell, even Sam can't help her and he's usually good at distracting her."

Dianne put the food on the table and pulled out a couple of beers. "God, I'm not even hungry now."

Anna shook a finger at Dianne. "You may not feel hungry but you're going to eat. You're too damn tall to be losing weight like you have."

Dianne smiled wryly, "That's one of the things I miss about Ma, she always said that."


Sammy flopped down onto her bed. She knew that her mom was at Dianne's house. She wished like crazy that she was there with them but she knew things would be uncomfortable between her and the Coach. She felt bad that she was the cause of Dianne turning down lunches with Anna. She was desperate; she would take anything Dianne offered, whether it was friendship or something else.


Chapter Six

Sammy rolled onto her back and did sit-ups as Dianne counted them out. Wiggling her hips, she smirked when the silky material of her short gym-shorts slid against her bare ass. She'd decided to drive Dianne to distraction until the woman gave in and made love to her. She didn't care if that was all she got; she just had to have her. It was driving her nuts.

Dianne walked down the rows of students, and when she got to a girl a few feet away from Sammy, she glanced over at Sammy. Her eyes grew wide when she was given a glimpse up Sammy's shorts and she didn't see any underwear. Quickly forcing her gaze back to the student beside her, Dianne finished walking through the rows. Walking past Sammy, Dianne tried to think of anything but Sammy's smoothly shaved pussy. Remembering what the class should do next, she cleared her throat. "All right class, turn over and do your push-ups."

Sammy held a feral grin. She'd seen the wide-eyed look on Dianne's face. She knew exactly what the gorgeous woman had seen. She turned over onto her hands and knees, waiting for Dianne to give the order to start. She felt the shorts pull further into her ass cheeks and she chuckled inwardly.

"All right, start. 1... 2... 3..." Dianne counted. Her eyes riveted to Sammy's ass. The silky green shorts were riding up her crack. Dianne's pulse sped up seeing the bottoms of her firm rear cheeks. Angry with herself, Dianne shook her head and walked around to the other side.


It took a while, but Amy had finally figured out what her sneaky little blonde friend was up to. Sammy was trying to seduce Coach Rainer. Catching up to Sammy in the parking lot, Amy smirked. "Hey, Little Imp, what are you thinking?"

Glancing at Amy to her right, Sammy smiled innocently. "I don't know what you're talking about. What exactly am I supposed to be thinking?"

"You and I both know what. You've been wearing skimpy clothes all week and it has to do with a certain six foot Goddess." Amy stated, tugging at the sleeve of Sammy's low-neck shirt that revealed the tops of her breasts.

"I am not doing anything, I've just decided to flaunt what I've got. I'm eighteen, no one can say a damn thing." Sammy stated, opening the door to her truck.

"Okay, fine; don't tell me what you're up to. But please gimme a ride home." Amy whined.

Nodding, Sammy hopped into the truck. She knew Amy would figure it out but she wasn't ready to share her little secret. Cranking up the truck, she blasted the song 'Hot For Teacher' and shouted to the wind. "Buckle up baby, I'M GONNA TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE!"


Saturday November 25th:

On Amy's birthday the gang had decided to celebrate on her father's boat without supervision. Amy, Sammy, Sam, Sharon, and Davie were all pretty much three sheets to the wind. They had gotten into the liquor cabinet and pulled out several bottles of wine. Sammy stood up on wobbly legs and raised her glass. "Here's a toast ta next year, bein' without da 'rents," she slurred.

A round of 'here, here' came from the other four wasted teens.

Stumbling backwards, Sammy nearly slipped, barely stopping her fall.

Sam stated the obvious. "You're completely ripped."

Amy snorted and threw a cork at him. "That's all of us."

Dizzy, Sammy stumbled toward her seat. This time when she slipped, she didn't catch herself. Her head hit the deck, making an audible cracking noise. The sound of the wine glass breaking silenced the group.

Amy stared at Sammy, focusing slowly. "Hey Sammy girl, that's not the best place ta go ta sleep, ya know." Not getting a reply, Amy stood up quickly, her head spun. Dropping to her knees, she crawled over to Sammy. Seeing a small puddle of blood forming under her friend's head, Amy was suddenly stone cold sober. She tried to wake Sammy up, panicking slightly before forcing herself to calm down. That would be dangerous for both of them. Standing up, she noticed that the other three were sobering up. Pointing to Sam, Amy ordered. "Get a towel from the bathroom, she needs something to stop the bleeding. The rest of you sit down, I'm taking us back to the docks."

When they pulled into the dock at the marina, Sam had Sharon apply pressure to his sister's head wound. He put the bumpers over then jumped to the dock and tied the boat down. Climbing back up, he'd damn himself to Hell before he'd let the others carry his sister in her injured state. Picking Sammy up, he began a slow descent to the dock. On the ground, he adjusted Sammy so that she lay more comfortable. He was glad that Sharon had come up with the idea of tying a shirt around Sammy's head to hold the towel.

The ride to the hospital was so quiet that they could have heard a pin drop. Arriving at North East Georgia Medical, Sam handed Sammy to Amy so that he could get out, then he took her back in his arms. "One of you needs to call an adult, I don't care who, just do it." He made sure his sister was secure then walked through the Emergency Room doors. As soon as the desk nurse saw them, she called for a gurney. When the medical personnel came out with one, Sam gently laid her down on it. He followed them through the ER doors as a nurse asked him questions.

"What are her injuries, Sir?"

"Uhmm... we were on a friend's boat and she slipped and hit her head. She's been out cold since it happened." Sam croaked through his dry throat.

"What's your relation to her?" Another nurse asked.

"I'm her twin brother, Ma'am," Sam answered.


Amy walked up to the front desk and caught the desk attendant's attention. "I need to use a phone to call some family members about the young blonde that was just carried in here."

The woman pointed to a phone in the corner. "That phone calls out of the hospital, just dial 9 first."

Nodding, Amy walked over and plopped down. Running her shaking hands through her hair, she groaned. Who could she call? The only adult she really wanted to tell was Coach Carsen. Knowing whom she would automatically call, Amy started to reconsider. Shaking her head, she picked up the phone.

After several rings, Amy heard a sleepy voice croak out, "Hello?" She also heard the sounds of rustling sheets and a throat being cleared.

"Hey, Coach Carsen? This is Amy Grant, I'm kinda in a jam here and I need your help," Amy said.

Hearing the stress in the young woman's voice, Danni sat up and turned on the lamp next to her bed. "What's wrong Amy?"

Amy groaned, "There was an accident, we're at the hospital. Sammy's been taken into the ER. I don't know what to do."

As soon as Danni heard the word accident, she began getting dressed. "Don't worry, Amy, everything will be fine. At which hospital are you?"

"North East Georgia. Please, don't call our parents." Amy tapped her fingernails nervously on the chair arm.

"Don't think about that right now, just hope that nothing's wrong with Sammy." Danni hung up, quickly pulling her shirt over her head and zipping and buttoning her fly. Picking the phone up from where she'd dropped it onto the bed, she dialed Dianne. When Dianne answered, Danni didn't mince words.

Before Dianne even had the word "hello" out of her mouth, Danni quickly informed her. "Get to North East Georgia Medical. Amy said Sammy's been in an accident, she's in the ER." Hanging up the phone, Danni hurried out of her house.

Dianne hung up, quickly dressed, and grabbed her keys. She was out the door and on her way in less than three minutes. She couldn't let her thoughts get to her. The emergency training she had in the army helped her stay focused. Twenty minutes later, she pulled into a space at the hospital. Seeing Danni walking just ahead of her, she caught up to her cousin. Quickening her pace, Dianne stormed into the ER admittance area. When she spotted Amy and two other familiar teens huddled together in a corner, she went over to them. Her blue eyes were cold.

In a low even tone, she asked, "What happened?"

Amy shook, Dianne's look frightened her. After she'd gotten off the phone with Coach Carsen, she broke down. She had digested what the Coach had said. Sammy's health was more important than the consequences.

Seeing Amy couldn't reply, Sharon answered for her. "We were foolin' around on the boat and Sammy slipped and fell. She cracked her head open on the deck." Sharon's voice quavered. Davie looked completely lost. The poor boy's pupils were huge. Dianne and Danni could tell he was drunk.

Nostrils flaring, Dianne ground her teeth and looked around the waiting room. Growling she asked. "Where the Hell is Samuel?"

Amy recovered enough sense to answer, "He went back there with her. I don't know what's going on." She shook her head, muttering the last part under her breath.

Seeing Amy in shock, Danni placed a hand on Dianne's shoulder. When angry eyes turned in her direction, Danni said, "Why don't you go find a nurse to harass, the poor girl is freakin' out."

Dianne nodded. She knew she was being harsh, but the whole situation had her afraid, especially since it involved Sammy. She couldn't handle losing the girl when their friendship was on such rocky ground. Walking up to the front desk, she introduced herself.

"I'm Dianne Rainer, my best friend is on a business trip. I was keeping an eye on her daughter and son for her. The girl was brought in about forty minutes ago. Has anyone filled out the forms on her?" Dianne didn't like lying, but she didn't want to bother Anna unless it was necessary.

Checking the computer, the woman answered in a concerned tone. "No, how old is she?

"Samantha Morgan is eighteen, and still in high school. I'm one of her teachers."

Nodding, the woman handed Dianne a clipboard with forms on it. "If you could fill that out, I'll have a Doctor come and show you to the E.R. okay?"

Dianne nodded briskly and walked back over to the kids. Sitting down, she quickly filling out the papers with what she recalled from Sammy's P.E. physical. When she heard the nurse call her name, Dianne glanced up and finished what she could of the forms. Walking over to the counter, Dianne handed the clipboard to the nurse and greeted the doctor.

"All right, Ms. Rainer, if you'll follow me, I'll bring you to the girl. I haven't been able to get that boy to leave her the entire time." He shook his head scowling.

"Well, with all due respect, sir, the boy is her twin brother. You should just be glad that the curly-haired blonde out in the waiting room didn't faint from shock, otherwise you'd be having to deal with two of them," Dianne said. She hated cocky people, especially cocky doctors.

The doctor nodded and showed her to the cubicle where Sammy lay while they waited on her test results. The doctor was forgotten when Dianne laid eyes on Sammy. She looked so frail with all the different wires hooked up to her. The only sounds in the room were the beeping of the EKG monitor and the click of the IV drip.

Seeing the shaved area on Sammy's head, Dianne smiled. Looking at Sam, Dianne couldn't help but comment, "She's gonna flip when she wakes up and sees her new 'do'."

Sam gave Dianne a weak smile, "Ain't that the truth."

"The others are kind of in shock, can you tell me what happened?" Dianne asked, sitting down on the chair next to the bed.

Sam grimaced, "We were stupid, we got loaded and were clowning around. Sammy tripped and fell. At first, we thought she had just passed out but when Amy went over to her and moved her hair, we could all see the blood. It was horrible." Shaking his head, he mentally cursed their stupidity.

Dianne frowned. She never would have thought they'd do something so reckless. She knew their mother would have a few words for them when they went home. She reached through the rails on the roll bar and rubbed a small hand with her thumb. Pulling her hand back, she smiled at Sammy. Sammy whimpered and reached out. Even in her sleep, she could feel Dianne's presence like a soothing blanket.

When Dianne put her hand back on Sammy's, she calmed down and wrapped her fingers around Dianne's.

Sam grinned. "Even when she's sleeping she's a pleasure hound."

Dianne chuckled. When they had been skating Sammy had constantly grabbed for her hand and held tight. Rubbing her thumb on the back of Sammy's hand, Dianne glanced up as the doctor cleared his throat.

"We've got the results back on her CT-scan. The only damage was a seven-centimeter shallow wound on her scalp and a one and a half centimeter hairline fracture on her skull. Blood tests show an elevated alcohol level but no drugs. All other components are within normal levels. There's no edema and no clots. We've already stitched up the wound, now we're waiting for her to wake up."

Dianne asked, "Why not just use an ammonia capsule?"

"We prefer for patients with slight concussions to wake up on their own. If she hasn't done so in half an hour, there's something further wrong with her and we'll do more tests." The doctor answered. "If that's all, I'll be on my way."

Dianne nodded. Turning her attention back to Sammy, she felt a light tug on her hand. She leaned over to hear Sammy whispering.

"Tell that doctor that he's a horse's ass."

Dianne snickered. She caught the doctor's attention before he could get out the door. "She's awake, sir."

Sammy grinned sheepishly. She had been pretending to sleep for a few minutes just to enjoy the feeling of Dianne's calloused thumb on her hand. Opening her eyes, Sammy quickly squeezed them shut. The brightly lit room hurt her eyes.

Clearing his throat, the doctor asked Sammy, "How are you feeling?"

Wondering if all doctors asked such stupid questions, Sammy replied, "I've got jack hammers in my head and this hard bed is hurting my ass. Does that answer your question?"

The cocky doctor blinked a few times before croaking. "Yes, I guess it does. Would you open your eyes so that I can check the pupil's reaction timing?"

Opening her eyes, Sammy glared at the doctor. Feeling her hand squeezed, Sammy grinned. She knew if she looked at Dianne that Dianne's eyes would be narrowed in her way of telling Sammy to behave.

After the examination, the doctor informed them that a nurse would be in to remove the IV once it was finished. Sammy would be free to go. He quickly left the room, leaving Sammy, Dianne, and Sam in an uncomfortable silence.

Removing her hand from Dianne's, Sammy fidgeted. She was nervous, knowing that Dianne probably had forced one of her friends to tell her what had happened. She wanted Dianne to leave her alone. She didn't want to be in the same room with her.

Dianne cleared her throat, "Samantha, I'm not going to get into the stupid things you kids did tonight, but I will be telling your mother when we get to the house. Just be prepared for an angry reaction. I'm fairly sure that we went over the dangers of drinking alcohol in health class. Drinking age is twenty-one, even in this town."

Sammy nodded. Dianne would say something like that. The silence fell over them once again, continuing for the next twenty minutes until the IV was finished.

A male nurse entered the room. Smiling at Sammy, he asked. "Are you ready to get out of here?"

After the nurse had unattached the EKG monitor wires from Sammy and then removed the IV from her hand, Sammy asked. "Where are my clothes?"

The nurse smiled apologetically, "Your pants are in the cabinet next to you but you'll have to wear a scrub shirt. We had to cut yours off."

The nurse handed the release forms to Sammy and left. Dianne could feel the distance grow between her and Sammy again. It felt like a knife had sliced through her heart and stayed there. Nodding her head at Sam, Dianne stood. "I'm going to go call Anna, I'll see you two in a few minutes."


Letting them in the house, Sammy shuffled her feet into the living room. She could see the light of the television glowing. They had all been quiet on the ride home. Dianne had informed them that she'd talked to Anna and told her that she would be bringing the twins home soon. Amy had driven Sammy's truck back with Sharon and Davie.

As soon as she heard dragging feet, Anna stood up and flipped on the light in the living room. When she noticed the bandage wrapped around Sammy's head, she groaned.

"What did you two do this time?"

Sammy looked sheepishly at the floor.

Sam looked anywhere but at their irate mother.

Rolling her eyes at the two teens, Dianne answered for them. "They were drunk and messing around on that boat. Sammy slipped and cracked her head. It's just a hairline fracture with twenty some-odd stitches. She needs to go back to get them removed in a week. I'm going home. Have fun you two."

After Dianne had left, Anna shook her head. "I'm not even gonna bother with a lecture, but know this, I WON'T be leaving you two without supervision anymore. If that kind of stunt could happen on the boat, then I don't even want to think of what you could do at home. You better hope Dianne will do it, because I don't think you want Alex watching you. You know how he is."

Sammy nodded. "I understand Mom. Can I go to bed now, my head hurts?" She whined.

"Yeah, but just remember what I said." Anna replied, steamed at their stupidity.


Wednesday December 20th, 2006:

Anna knocked on Dianne's door. Hearing the usual yell to come in, she walked in following the sound of clanging dishes. Raising her eyebrow at the mess on the table, Anna smirked.

"Cleaning out your rat's nest?"

Rolling her eyes, Dianne turned around to face Anna. "Something like that, what's up?"

Anna shook her head. "I have to go on a business trip. I've tried every way possible to get out of it but the boss is being a real prick. Could you keep an eye on the twins for me? I won't be back until the twenty-ninth."

Raising an eyebrow, Dianne answered. "I guess, I was just going to stick around and try to stay out of trouble so I guess I can keep them out of trouble at the same time."


Sammy dropped onto the couch and groaned. Their mother had been gone for four days and she was annoyed. Dianne was constantly coming over to check up on them. Sammy had figured that Dianne might drop by once or twice a day but no; she just had to come in and out at odd intervals. If they weren't in the front room, Dianne would search for them. Dianne couldn't have known that Sammy was about a second away from an orgasm the last time she'd knocked on Sammy's bedroom door. Sammy was pissed off to no end. She hadn't been able to get back in the mood after Dianne had made her eat dinner. After being around Dianne so much during the day, Sammy needed to find a way to release the tension. She felt like she was going to explode. She had given serious consideration to finding her brother's old pellet gun, lining up some empty beer bottles at the end of the driveway and blowing away the stress.

Groaning, Sammy turned upside down and propped her feet over the back of the couch. She was still lying that way in a thin gray t-shirt and a pair of white panties when Dianne walked into the living room several minutes later for the second time that hour.

Tilting her head to the side, Dianne walked around the couch and cocked an eyebrow. "What the Hell are you doing, Samantha?"

Glaring at Dianne, Sammy muttered. "I'm trying to see how long it takes for the blood to go to my head. I'm frustrated and I've nothing to take it out on. Mom hates it when we shoot bottles with the pellet gun. It gets glass all over the yard."

"Why? I've not done anything to upset you and Sam's at Davie's house." Dianne asked, sitting down next to Sammy. She looked down at Sammy's flushed face.

Sliding down off of the couch, Sammy quickly stood up. "You don't wanna know why I'm frustrated." She started to walk out of the living room but stopped in her tracks at Dianne's dare.

"Try me, I might be able to help you." Dianne stated, not realizing quite what Sammy was talking about.

Snorting, Sammy turned back to Dianne. "I can tell ya ahead of time that you're not gonna want to help me with this, but God, how I wish you would. Since you wanna know so badly, fine. I was about to get off when you knocked on my door before dinner and now I can't!" Sammy yelled. Seeing Dianne stunned, Sammy ran to her bedroom, locking the door behind her.

Chapter Seven

Dianne slumped back into the couch cushions, blinking repeatedly. When her mind finally cleared, she glanced up at where Sammy had been, only to see nothing there. Dianne shook her head, groaning as she dropped her head against the back of the couch. She muttered, "That was the last thing I needed to have in my mind."


Dianne sat in the living room. She'd canceled her dinner plans with her family because she felt like shit. She hadn't slept last night, and she was wired up tighter than a carnival tight rope. Images of Sammy pleasuring herself kept popping into her head. Dianne had been drinking beer off and on all day. She was torn between hoping that Sammy stayed away from her for the day, and praying that Sammy came over. The part of Dianne that hoped Sammy stayed away was afraid of losing control if Sammy was anywhere near her. The part of Dianne that was praying that she did come over, desperately wanting to throw Sammy down and fuck her brains out. Dianne felt like a schizophrenic. She considering having herself institutionalized.

She'd even convinced herself that wearing a strap-on under her old jeans was a good idea. Normally, Dianne would wear a bra so that the material of her shirt wouldn't keep rubbing against her sensitive nipples. Today she wore a tight tank top and she was braless. Dianne's rigid nipples ached. She was losing the fight against her irrational side. Sliding her hand up her shirt, Dianne took another swig of beer. Lazily caressing the underside of her breasts, Dianne shrugged and muttered in a husky, desire-laden voice. "What the Hell, she's not my student any more. It won't hurt to fantasize." Dianne sat the beer bottle aside and trailed her left hand down her abdomen. Her fingers moved in light lazy strokes over the large bulge of the dildo at her crotch, stroking the flames of her desire.


Sammy had begun to wonder if Dianne would be coming over at all after not seeing her all day. It was Christmas and Sammy was lonely. She knew that her mother would make up for not being there and so would Sam, but she figured Dianne would be at home.

Early that morning, Sammy had started a turkey dinner with as much of the sides as she could handle. Peas and onions in butter came in a bag; sweet potatoes were nuked. She'd always loved helping her mom with the dressing. Everyone always had seconds or thirds on that. Two cups of diced onions and celery each, sautéed, two big packages of seasoned breadcrumbs with turkey broth to hold it together, add the chopped pecans, minus the ones Sammy nibbled between stirs. Add the chunk cranberry sauce, Sammy hated the jellied stuff; dinner rolls, pumpkin pie and… she had no excuse not to share.

Now it was six P.M. and Dianne had not come over at all. Deciding to take the feast to her, Sammy made up a tray for two and headed over to Dianne's house. Knocking on the door, Sammy waited for a few minutes. Not getting an answer, she rang the bell. That worked because she heard loud cussing and something sounding like glass shattering against a wall. When the door opened, Sammy stood in shock.

Dianne looked frazzled, her hair was mussed and her face was deeply flushed. Dianne cleared her throat, but her voice was still husky. "Can I help you, Samantha?

"I... uhm just thought maybe you'd like to eat?" Sammy's eyes widened when wild blue eyes looked her up and down as if she were the dinner. She relaxed a bit when Dianne nodded and backed away from the door a little. Sammy barely had enough room to enter. When her arm brushed across Dianne's chest, Sammy's breath hitched in her chest. She felt the nipples drag across her arm. Continuing into the kitchen, Sammy caught sight of what had hit the wall. A broken beer bottle lay in the hallway across from the living room. Glancing into the living room, Sammy stared at the mess of beer bottles scattered around. Having smelled the beer on the Dianne's breath earlier, Sammy rolled her eyes. The feral look Dianne had given her was because Dianne was drunk as all Hell.

Setting the tray on the cutting-block island in the middle of the kitchen, Sammy turned in shock. Dianne had walked up right behind her without a sound and now they stood scarce an inch apart. Sammy tilted her head back until she was looking into blazing eyes. She had never seen that look on anyone and had no idea what it was.

Dianne warred with herself. She didn't know what she was doing. Fantasies were one thing but her body was actually about to ravish Sammy, it was inevitable. Sammy's eyes stare into hers, full of confusion and desire. Dianne's control slipped. Growling low in her throat, Dianne picked Sammy up with her left arm and sat Sammy on the cutting-block island. At the same time she pushed their dinner back all the way to the other end of the island with the other. Dianne gave Sammy a wicked smile. "You want me, don't you." It wasn't a question and both women knew it.

Sammy nodded.

"Good." Dianne chuckled throatily, positioning her body between Sammy's legs. She pressed their bodies tightly together and leaned her head down, nibbling on a small earlobe. Tracing the rim with her tongue before pulling back, Dianne growled loudly in her throat. "That's very good because I'm gonna give you what you want. I'm gonna fuck you long and hard."

Sammy shuddered. The dirty words and the growling assaulted her senses. She couldn't believe what Dianne was doing. A strong hand gripped the middle of her ass and picked her up. Sammy quickly wrapped her arms and legs around her. As Dianne walked back toward the living room, Sammy couldn't help but feel the protrusion firmly pressing into her crotch. When she was put on the bed, Sammy started to undress but was stopped by a firm hand.

"I want to do that." Blue eyes flashed, Dianne smirked before she pulled off her own shirt. Crawling onto the bed, she straddled Sammy's waist. "I want to unwrap you like a gift."

Sammy breathed heavily. She wondered if this was a good idea. She knew Dianne was drunk and would probably regret this in the morning. She started to voice her thoughts. "Mayb-" A mouth on hers quickly silenced Sammy. Dianne's probing tongue demanded entrance. When she opened her lips, Dianne slid her long tongue in, in a deep search of the new territory. All thoughts of regrets and anything else quickly left Sammy's mind.

Pulling back slightly, Dianne traced Sammy's jaw line all the way to her chin and up, pulling further away when Sammy opened her mouth to try and capture her tongue. Chuckling, Dianne shook her head.

"Aren't we eager? You really want me to do you. Do you want me to fuck you slowly and deeply or long and hard, Baby?" She rocked her hips slightly so that Sammy could feel her intentions. "I'll do whatever you want as long as it involves my big toy, your tight wet pussy, and that hot ass of yours."

Sammy blushed. Pressing her hips upward, she glanced into blue fire-filled eyes. She quickly looked down at Dianne's bare breasts. She still couldn't believe this was happening. "Please, just fuck me, I don't care how you do it, just fuck me." She groaned.

Dianne snickered as she rolled off Sammy and to the side. She quickly undid Sammy's pants and pushed them off hard enough to shove her shoes off of her feet. She looked into Sammy's eyes, and then down at her swollen ruby lips. Dianne couldn't resist that mouth even if she had wanted to. Leaning over Sammy, she propped herself up with her left hand on one side of Sammy's head and her right elbow on the other side. Glancing down, Dianne covered Sammy's mouth with her own in a hard passionate kiss. When Sammy's hands squeezed her bicep muscles, Dianne flexed them.

Sammy felt the strength in Dianne's arms. She couldn't stop the deep moan if she had wanted to. The Goddess of her dreams was about to fuck her and she wanted it so badly that everything about Dianne turned her on. Sammy was so lost in the sensations, she didn't notice that Dianne had captured her wandering hands and now held them in her hand, stretched out above their heads. Breaking from the kiss as they panted for air, Dianne whispered to her. "Keep those hands there, Baby, or I'll have to punish you. Trust me, you don't want that." Letting go of Sammy's wrists, Dianne propped herself up again.

Sammy nodded, turning her head slightly to capture the lips that caressed her jaw. Dianne took control back, ramming her tongue in between Sammy's parted lips. Running her hand up the center of Sammy's still covered chest, Dianne grasped the collar of the t-shirt. She pulled her tongue back into her own mouth, Sammy moaned in protest. Gentling the kiss, Dianne lightly glided her lips over Sammy's. When she figured they were safe from being bitten, she roughly tugged at the shirt, ripping it from Sammy's body. The sound caused Sammy's back to arch and she moaned. This side of Dianne was intoxicating and she wanted more, much more.

Pulling away from the kiss, Dianne grinned lecherously at Sammy's bare breasts. Tossing the shredded shirt over her shoulder, Dianne gave Sammy another deep kiss before beginning a long torturous trek down Sammy's chin and neck with her tongue, making her way across Sammy's chest. Dianne let her tongue trail down all the way to Sammy's hardened left nipple, slowly circling it until finally, she took into her mouth. Sucking hard, Dianne grinned around the nipple as Sammy squirmed underneath her. Nipping hard enough to make Sammy yelp, Dianne soothed the tortured nipple with her tongue, and then she gave the other with the same treatment.

Dianne made her way further down. Stopping at Sammy's navel, she kissed it with an open mouth, letting her saliva drip into it. Dianne snaked her tongue in and out of it, the sounds Sammy made caused Dianne's center to clench in sympathy. Placing one last small kiss to Sammy's navel, Dianne traveled down to Sammy's underwear. Shaking her head, Dianne tsked. She snapped the thin strap on the g-string to get Sammy's attention. When Sammy looked at her in confusion, Dianne chuckled.

"Samantha Leanne Morgan, you should be ashamed of yourself. Don't think I haven't noticed the slutty way you've been dressing lately. Was that all for me?"

Sammy nodded.

Dianne smirked. "You know, you've just been asking to get fucked. You're lucky I never threw you down on the gym floor and fucked you right there. What do you think about that? Such an innocent little girl getting fucked by the big bad dyke teacher. That would be a sight to behold, in fact, hold on just a minute." Jumping from the bed, Dianne walked over to her closet. Grabbing what she wanted, Dianne slowly walked toward the bed. Placing the black bag she'd got out onto the bed, Dianne snickered at the whimpering sounds Sammy made. Unzipping the bag, Dianne quickly set up the camera. Before turning it on, Dianne pulled a pair of handcuffs from the bag.

Walking around the bed, Dianne trailed her fingertips from Sammy's feet up to her jaw. Dianne's palm caressed the smooth tanned skin until Sammy focused on her. Dangling the handcuffs over Sammy's head, Dianne watched her eyes widen. She captured her wrists before Sammy could even think about moving them. Cuffing Sammy to the bed, Dianne tested the fit. "Not too tight, I hope?"

Sammy squirmed a bit then relaxed back against the bed.

Dianne grinned deviously knowing Sammy was following her movements around the bed. Dianne dropped the bag on the floor and put a tape in the video camera.

Sammy's eyes grew huge. 'I can't believe she's actually gonna record this. My God, she really is!'

Dianne crawled onto the bed from the foot and licked Sammy's toes. She worked her way up Sammy's right leg and then back down the left. When she finished, Dianne crawled back up until her body was directly on top of Sammy's. Taking Sammy's lips in a punishing kiss, she felt Sammy's legs wrap around her upper thighs, pressing her harder against Sammy's pumping hips. Dianne allowed it for a few moments and tore her mouth from Sammy's.

Looking down into Sammy's face, Dianne grinned. "Turn over, Baby, I want to play with that gorgeous ass of yours."

Sammy scrambled to do as she was told getting onto her hands and knees with the help of the strong hands on her hips. Dianne looked down at the tight round ass that was pressing against her thighs and groaned, she scooted back but held Sammy in place. Moving around the bed to Sammy's right side, she caressed the firm cheeks. Wrapping her right arm under her stomach, she pressed her hand into Sammy's side, pulling her tightly against her front. She wrapped her left leg around both of Sammy's legs and pulled them against her also, pressing her knee into the mattress. Rubbing her left hand on Sammy's ass, she drew the hand back, licking her lips and taking a deep breath, she smacked Sammy's ass.

"Oh God, yes!" Sammy screamed; the stinging sensation in her ass caused her pussy to clench. Her juices dripped from the swollen lips.

Raising her left eyebrow at that reaction, Dianne smirked and continued spanking Sammy. When she had drawn back and hit particularly hard, Dianne felt Sammy begin to tremble. Dianne thought that Sammy was crying.

Instead, Sammy screamed out. "FUCK ME! God... oh... oh... God... oh..."

Hearing Sammy moan with each smack, Dianne knew Sammy had come. She stopped spanking and rubbed her fingers harshly over the rapidly growing wet spot on Sammy's underwear. Dianne smirked as Sammy dropped exhausted onto the bed. Seeing Sammy's eyelids flutter closed, Dianne stood up and stripped her pants off. Pulling the thong off Sammy's shapely ass and down her toned legs, Dianne brought the thin underwear up to her nose inhaling the scent of Sammy's arousal. Growling deep in her chest, Dianne pulled a pair of ankle-cuffs from her black bag she cuffed Sammy's ankles to the bed.

Crawling back onto the bed, Dianne loosened the chain then with an arm around her waist she pulled Sammy back up onto her knees. Biting and sucking at Sammy's neck, Dianne felt her own center throb around the smaller end of the strap-on. The end she would be fucking Sammy with was thick and over a foot long. It would also pass Dianne's fluids into Sammy. Dianne figured that for the first time it might hurt a little but after awhile, Sammy would really get into it. She'd probably love it when the juices squirted into her tight hot pussy. All of those thoughts disappeared when she felt Sammy begin to rouse.

Sammy was confused at first but became aware of Dianne holding her up and sucking on her neck. She then became aware of something else. A hard object glided through her wetness, not entering her, but rubbing against her engorged clit and swollen pussy lips. Tugging her ankles, she felt the cuffs around them. "God, what are you doing?" Sammy gasped when Dianne nipped hard at her neck.

Dianne chuckled, pulling Sammy against her body harder. "You may have gotten off, but I didn't. I intend on going through with my promise to fuck you long and hard, Baby." She said in a harsh voice, placing her hand around the dildo, she guided it through Sammy's center, gathering the wetness on it. When her hand and the fat cock were both covered in Sammy's wetness, Dianne brought her hand around to Sammy's mouth. "Suck my fingers and lick 'em like they were my cock, you hungry cunt." She growled harshly. When Sammy hesitated, Dianne popped her ass with her free hand. "NOW!" She barked.

Sammy whimpered, but she tentatively wrapped her lips around two of the strong, long fingers. When the taste of her own wetness hit her tongue, she moaned and sucked harder. Sammy still felt weak from her explosive orgasm. She didn't think she could handle much more, but she realized that Dianne would probably take her anyway.

Dianne took her hand back from Sammy. Bringing it back to the dildo, she guided it into Sammy's pussy from behind. She entered slightly and waited for Sammy to become accustomed to it. When Sammy stopped whimpering, Dianne grasped her hips and whispered. "This is gonna hurt." Pulling Sammy's hips towards her, Dianne rammed in at the same time.

Sammy cried out. She fell onto her elbows and buried her tear-streaked face into the pillow. The inside of her pussy burned like Hell, and she sobbed loudly.

When Dianne began to pump her hips harshly into Sammy, her sobs mixed in with Dianne's grunts.

Clawing at the blankets underneath her, Sammy twisted and pulled at the sheets. Slowly the pain mixed with pleasure and her sobs became moans. "Oh... Oh God... yes, please." Moans mixed with grunts as Dianne's hips smacked solidly into Sammy's still sore ass. Dianne's sweat stung as it rubbed into the welts on her ass. Shooting sparks dashed into Sammy's center adding to her arousal with the sounds of the dildo driving into her dripping wet pussy. Dianne's free hand moved to pinch and pull at Sammy's nipples, her calloused fingers rubbed roughly over the sensitive buds. Sammy's pussy clenched violently.

Dianne could feel her rapidly approaching orgasm. She let go of Sammy's nipple and scratched her nails lightly up the back of Sammy's right thigh. Dropping her right hand down onto the mattress, she used it to hold herself up. Wrapping her left arm around Sammy, she placed her hand between Sammy's thighs and roughly rubbed her clit. The orgasm rushed through her. She pulled Sammy roughly against her, grinding her hips into the smaller woman's ass.

Sammy yelled out her release as the tip of the dildo rubbed against her g-spot. Dianne's warm juices squirted into her through the hollow prong. She could feel the sticky liquid pour from her sex and down her thighs. "Oh DIANNNNNNE!"

Hearing her name screamed, Dianne bit the back of Sammy's neck. She came violently for a second time. Colors flashed behind her eyes and everything went black.

Sammy dropped to the bed, her body trembling. Dianne's weight pressed her firmly into the mattress. Her eyes closed and she too succumbed to the darkness.


Dianne opened her eyes then narrowed them as the early morning sunlight increased the throbbing in her head. Her eyes widened when the warm body underneath her registered in her mind. She leaned on her elbow, staring at Sammy. The hangover clouding her mind didn't let her figure out how Sammy got there.

Ignoring the pain in her head, Dianne painstakingly rolled off Sammy. She removed the handcuffs from around Sammy's wrists, dropped them to the floor, and did the same with the ankle cuffs. Dianne got out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom. When she returned, she lay back and pulled Sammy into her arms. Dianne spooned herself against Sammy's back, her arms wrapping tightly around Sammy's waist. She relaxed into the warmth of the bed, allowing sleep to take over.


Sammy curled into the warmth surrounding her body, she purred in delight. She'd never felt so warm and safe before, not even in her mother's embrace. Feeling naked skin pressed against her, her eyes popped open and all thoughts of her mother disappeared. Seeing where she was, Sammy grinned turning in Dianne's embrace. She propped her head up onto her left arm and traced the finely arched eyebrows on Dianne's face. Her fingertips trailed over high cheekbones and down to slightly bruised, full lips. She giggled quietly, wondering if her own looked the same.

Dianne felt the touch and pulled the warm inviting body closer, pressing her cheek into the caressing fingers. Slowly opening her eyes so as not to let the ache in her head get worse, Dianne stared at Sammy. She searched her foggy mind in an effort to remember the night before. Everything rushed back and Dianne groaned. Quickly untangling their limbs, she sat up dropping her face into her hands.

Sammy sighed, disappointed. She had known that this time would come. Dianne was beating herself up and would probably continue to do so. She'd make things easier on her. Figuring that touching Dianne would be a bad idea, she sat up to crawl off the bed. A dull pain in her center gave her a momentary pause and she stifled a whimper. After a few seconds the pain lowered to a dull throb. Sammy gingerly crawled out and limped into the bathroom for a shower. They both could use a few minutes to wrap their minds around the events of last night.

Dianne felt the bed dip down but she didn't look at Sammy. A few minutes later, she heard the shower. Scrubbing her face, Dianne looked down at her lap. She rolled her eyes at the dildo sticking straight up. The movement increased the pain in her head. Standing up slowly, Dianne pulled off the harness and tossed it and the dildo onto the floor. Looking at the video camera, she saw it was still recording. She rose and shut it off then took the tape out. Dropping it onto the bed without a thought, Dianne sat back down.

"God, I knew I shouldn't have been drinking. I always lose control. I'm such a fucking moron." She glared at the dildo as if it had been the cause of her problems. Seeing slight traces of blood on the latex, Dianne growled. "FUCK, not only am I the dumbest idiot in the whole fucking world, I'm a Goddamned grade A asshole to boot. The poor kid's probably hurting and here I am sulking about my fuck up." Swallowing her guilt, Dianne walked toward the bathroom to make sure Sammy was all right.

Dianne paused outside of the bathroom door. She hesitated before knocking. A few minutes went by without an answer, so she went in. Her eyes stayed glued to the floor as she walked toward the shower. She stopped at the curtain and cleared her throat.

"Are you okay, Samantha?" Dianne asked softly, wincing at the stupidity of her own question.

Sammy bit her lip and pressed her forehead against the shower wall. Not wanting Dianne to know how much pain she was in, Sammy lied, "I'm fine, Coach."

Dianne frowned, knowing that Sammy had to be sore but understanding if she needed some time alone. "All right, I'll be in the kitchen when you're done."


Sammy gingerly stepped out of the shower. She'd probably be walking funny for the next few days. While she dried off, she thought about how she might be able to help Dianne get over her issues. Sammy hoped that if she let Dianne stew on her own for a while, everything would work out. Walking out of the bathroom, Sammy smiled slightly at how awkward the next few minutes would be. She held the large fluffy towel wrapped tightly around her body. Passing the door to the living room, she noticed that the bottles and broken glass had been cleaned up. 'Damn, she sure works fast.'

Dianne glanced up from her cup of coffee when Sammy came into the kitchen, wanting to find any reason to delay the conversation they needed to have. Noticing Sammy's state of undress, she suggested. "Why don't you go get a shirt and some shorts from my room, they might be a little big on you, but I'm sure it'll be better than walking around like that in the middle of the winter."

Smiling sheepishly, Sammy nodded, "Thanks. I'll be back in a few."

Back in the bedroom, Sammy looked through the dresser. Finding a pair of green cargo shorts with a sewn-in adjustable belt, she dropped the towel and pulled them on. She pulled a black ribbed stretchy tank top from the drawer, put it on and tucked it into the shorts. She adjusting the belt then looked for a brush. She snatched the small one from the dresser and gave some order to her mussed hair. She had been pissed when she'd had to get her hair cut after the accident, but she found she liked the short hairstyle. Dropping the brush back on the dresser, Sammy reached behind her head tracing the line of the scar underneath her hair.

"Still bothers you, doesn't it?" Dianne asked in a quiet voice, propping against the doorjamb of the bedroom.

Dropping her arm, Sammy nodded sheepishly, "It feels funny." Looking up from under her eyelashes, Sammy shrugged. In the mirror, her reflection showed small purple bite marks on the sides of her neck. She traced them with her fingertips. She was glad that the bigger ones on her chest were mostly covered.

Dianne dropped her eyes. "Sorry about those, I just... get completely out of control when I'm drunk." Shaking her head, she said in a low voice. "It shouldn't have happened in the first place."

Sammy glanced sharply over at Dianne and growled, "You may regret it, but I don't. I loved last night, and I love you even if you won't return that love. I'll never be able to stop loving you, and you were right last night. I have been trying to seduce you, even though I hadn't realized it. I dressed in that way, hoping against all hope that you would notice me. I just wasn't quite sure what type of attention I was hoping to get. I may be naive, but I'm not stupid. I knew what I was getting into when I walked into this house and you looked at me like I was fresh meat."

Chapter Eight

Dropping onto the edge of the bed, she hurriedly put her shoes on. Noticing the tape on the bed, she shook her head. "You can keep the tape. I'll bring your clothes back by some other time and pick up mine." She stopped in front of Dianne and reached up. Wrapping her hand in the dark hair she pulled Dianne down taking her lips in a passionate kiss. Pulling back, Sammy walked through the doorway. Tossing over her shoulder, she said. "By the way, apparently I do like it rough. You got me off twice last night."

The door slammed shut. Dianne slid down the wall and sat. Banging her head back against the wall, she shouted. "FUCK! I DO LOVE YOU, DAMN IT!" The last words came in a broken sob, "But I just can't let myself."


Sammy walked into her room. Grabbing her black hoody with Smurfette on it she pulled it over her head. She was going next door to Amy's. Storming out of the house, she jogged over to Amy's house and let herself in. She found Amy in the den, watching TV. "Hey Amy girl. What's up?" Sammy asked, sitting gingerly on the couch.

Amy raised an eyebrow at the slow way her friend walked and sat. "Not much, what's up with you?"

Sammy blushed and stuttered, "Uhh... well... ummm..."

"Wait a sec., before ya stutter me ta death. Those aren't your shorts and that men's cologne scent that's comin' offa you..." Amy jumped up from the couch shouting, "Holy shit! You fucked Coach Rainer... didn't you?" She said the last part in a normal tone.

Blushing brighter, Sammy pulled the hoody off and pulled the tank top up over her head, "You tell me."

Amy snorted. "Holy Hell, that woman is a fucking animal." Shaking her head, Amy added, "Please put those things away before someone gets hurt." As Sammy pulled her top back on, she asked, "So what happened next?"

Sammy grinning stupidly, "We both passed out." Getting a cocked eyebrow from her friend she elaborated. "Then this morning the shit hit the fan because she was drunk. She'd been drinking all day before I got there."

Amy looked at Sammy, "So what's this mean?"

Shrugging, Sammy leaned back against the couch. "The ball's in her court, it's not up to me."


Sunday April 1st, 2007:

Four months later, Dianne still hadn't talked to Sammy. Both were keeping themselves as busy as possible. Anna was unaware of the change in their relationship. She had noticed a difference in manner in her daughter; Sammy had become a smart-ass and had a really bad 'I don't give a damn' type of attitude problem going on. The only things she hadn't abandoned were her friends, sports, and school. She spent a lot of time on the computer. Anna had received a notice that she had been drawing six hundred dollars out of her trust fund every month. She wasn't too worried; she just wanted to know where it was going. When their paternal grandparents had died a couple of years before, the twins had been left a lot of money. With their father passing away from heart failure when they were twelve, the money went directly to Sammy and Sam.

Dianne was startled when a knock came at her door. Calling out. "C'mon in, I'm in the living room." Seeing Anna walk in smiling, Dianne couldn't help but smile back.

Anna sat down across from Dianne, "How are you? We haven't been able to get into a decent conversation in a few months."

"I'm doing as good as I can be. I'm just busy with a lot of grading." Dianne grimaced, the only reason she was so busy was that she was giving her students a lot of work in order to keep herself going.

Anna nodded sighing, "My daughter has gained a serious attitude problem, and I don't know what's going on with her. She doesn't talk to her brother or me unless she has to. All she does is spend time on that computer of hers, go to practice, go to her games, hang out with her friends, and go to school. I received a notice that she's been drawing a lot of money out of her trust-fund every month."

Dianne let that process through her mind, "She might be taking college courses on-line. It's a popular method of gaining credits quickly so that the student can graduate early."

Nodding, Anna smiled. "The things they can do on computers, I guess you're right. It does sound like something she would do. I just can't help but wonder what her motivation is. She's never been this distant from her family before, I tried cornering Amy into talking and she avoided the subject like the plague."

Dianne had kept herself busy so that she wouldn't think about Sammy. Sitting face to face with her older look-a-like, Dianne couldn't help but think about her. "I wish I could help but we both have seen what happens when I try to talk to her. Even if it's just a polite greeting."

Anna shook her head. "That child of mine is heading for an ass-busting of the major kind if she keeps this up."

Dianne felt her cheeks heat up. The innocent threat placed pictures in her mind that had no right being there. She almost wanted to warn Anna that Sammy might like it a little too much.

Anna raised her eyebrow at the curious expression on Dianne's face. Seeing the blush, she decided not to comment.


Amy and Sammy sat on the tailgate of Sammy's pick-up truck in the driveway, discussing their plans for spring break. "After school we go directly to the mall. I've already got our tickets. Thank God for the computer that Mom gave me for Christmas. So after that, what should we do?"

Amy rolled her eyes at her hyper friend. She'd been this way for three months. She was starting to wonder if Sammy was doing drugs. "Why don't we just hang out? I mean, that's pretty much all we've got to do."

"Hell yeah, can't wait. We're going to have so much fun in Hawaii. Think of all the leggy women we can check out." Sammy wiggled her eyebrows, snorting when her friend groaned.

"God I swear, ever since you got laid you've been the biggest pervert at school. I've caught you almost falling out of your desk trying to get a look at a hot girl's ass." Amy stated, ducking the balled up paper that Sammy tossed at her.

"You're jealous, s'all." Sammy mock huffed, giggling when Amy busted out laughing at her haughty tone. "Besides all the hotties, think of what our tans will be like when we come home."

"Bad assed, woman!" Amy shouted ducking down when Sammy's mother and Dianne came out of the house next door.

Sammy snickered, and then poked Amy in the side. That started a small tickling fight with the two girls falling onto the ground. Rolling her friend onto her back, Sammy pinned Amy's wrists down with her left forearm and begun tickling her friend's side with her free hand. Amy bucked Sammy over her head and quickly pinned her down, tickling her stomach. Sammy squealed, "C'mon I g-give. U-Uncle. Something!"

Snickering, Amy rolled off and lay beside Sammy. They tilted their heads back, seeing the older women standing in the yard, hands on their hips with identical amused expressions.

Sammy groaned and sat up, "Okay, stick a fork in me, I'm done."

The comment caused Amy to bust out laughing again. Sammy stood up and slammed close the tailgate on her truck. She grabbed the still laughing Amy's hand and pulled her to her feet. "I'm gonna go play on the PC, be good 'kay?"

Amy waved at Sammy before she walked home.

Smirking, Sammy walked past her mother and Dianne, ignoring them. Stopping on the steps, she pulled at the hem of the shorts to get them out of her ass crack. Succeeding, she went into the house.

"See what I mean? She used to hug me whenever she saw me. Now it's like I'm not even here." Anna stated, staring sadly after her daughter.

Shaking her head to clear the image of Sammy's tight ass from her head, Dianne stated in a confused tone. "That doesn't even seem like the girl I first met."

"I know; she doesn't even seem like the girl I raised." Anna said in agreement.


Sammy dropped into her desk chair and quickly turned on her computer. Waiting for it to boot up, she let her mind drift. When Anna had come back from her business trip at the end of December, Sammy had avoided talking about what she'd done for the holiday. The last thing she wanted to say was 'yeah Mom, I let your best friend who happens to be one of my teachers fuck my brains out, and I enjoyed it'. She was extremely glad that the hickeys on her neck had healed up.

When Anna and Sam had finally been home at the same time, they'd all exchanged gifts. That was where her brand new, personalized, jet-black, Dell desktop PC had come from, along with a few accessories. Messing with the computer, she had quickly found a college that had on-line classes. Signing up, she concentrated on completing as many courses as she could handle. Sammy was avoiding her family as much as possible. She didn't want to get into a conversation about Dianne because that would make her depressed again. Bad enough that the one night they had slept together was constantly on her mind and in her dreams.


Sammy nudged Amy nodding towards a rack at the back of the aisle. She saw a light green bikini that was to die for. When Amy looked at it and gave her thumbs up, Sammy pulled it out. It was the perfect size. After helping Amy pick out her clothes, the two young women headed off to check out the rest of the mall.

Stopping off at the food mart, they chose the taco booth. Getting their food, they sat down at a table near the front. When Amy heard her name being called, she glanced up and gestured with her head in the direction. Sammy looked over and smirked upon seeing Coach Carsen. She waved the stocky brunette over. "Hey, Coach, what's up?"

"Not much, what are your plans for spring break?" Danni's golden-caramel eyes twinkled.

Sammy shook her head, looking at Danni, she asked. "Why do you look like you know something I should know and I'm not too sure that I'm gonna like it?"

Danni smirked, shrugging her shoulders. "I don't know, maybe you're just suspicious? Could be anything, or anyone."

Shaking her head, Sammy decided to skip the little guessing game that Coach Carsen insisting on playing. "We're going to Hawaii. I just couldn't get far enough away from this state."

Nodding, Danni grabbed a nacho off Amy's plate. Eating it quickly, she smiled at Amy and then turned her attention back to Sammy. "Sounds like fun. Listen, I'd like to talk to you sometime, preferably before you all leave, but I'll take whatever you can do."

Sammy clenched her jaw slightly before agreeing. "If I don't come and see you tomorrow, come and get me as soon as break's over, okay?"

Danni nodded and walked off. "What the Hell was that about?" Amy asked, her eyes still on the Coach's ass as she walked away.

Slapping a hand over Amy's eyes, Sammy stated. "It was probably about The Animal and quite frankly you shouldn't be watching her ass. That's how trouble starts."

Amy rolled her eyes and smirked. "Yeah, right. Me? Fall for a gym teacher? You've got to be fuckin' kiddin' me."


Danni caught Sammy right before fourth period was supposed to start. Pulling Sammy into the bathroom, she checked to make sure they were alone then leaned against the sink counter.

Sammy rolled her eyes. "What is this all about, Coach? I didn't do anything in the past month that I could possibly get in trouble for, so what's up?"

Danni nodded, "Maybe not this month, but were you naughty or nice on Christmas day?"

Sammy groaned, "What the fuck did your bitch ass cousin fuckin' say?"

Danni grinned, "And you said that you haven't done anything in the past month that could get you in trouble, that right there would have counted as four days in detention if I were so inclined. But I'm not, so anyway. All my, as you put it,' bitch ass cousin fucking said' was that she, and I quote again, 'had sex with you on Christmas and that now you'd rather kill her than kiss her'. Is she that bad of a fuck?"

Sammy glared at Danni. "Coach, you and I both know what my problem is. She wants to play nice and pretend it all never happened. I can barely pretend she's not there, so pretending that the Animal didn't fuck me is like trying to ignore the urge to either kiss her or kick her ass when we're in the same room."

Danni's eyes widened, she had never thought that any one could growl like Dianne did when she was angry but she had just been proved wrong. When her mind finally registered what Sammy had called Dianne, Danni snickered. " Did you just call her The Animal?"

Sammy gave a sour smile, "Amy came up with that when she saw what I looked like the day after Christmas."


Danni walked into the office of the gym. Her cousin was staring up at the ceiling in boredom. "Did you know that Amy and Sammy are going to Hawaii for the break?"

Dianne sat up, "No, where'd you hear that?"

Leaning against the desk, Danni said, "A little green eyed blonde birdy told me."

"I wonder why Anna didn't tell me?" Dianne questioned.

"Who knows, it may have actually slipped the woman's mind. Things slip our minds all the time and we don't have to deal with these kids twenty-four seven. She has to deal with two of her own and three others coming in and out the door almost constantly," Danni answered.

"Maybe, it wouldn't be the first time. Do you know when they leave?" Dianne asked.

"Probably tonight. With the way Sammy was actin', she'd rather get out of town as soon as possible to get away from things for awhile. Maybe she'll get some of those hormones out of her system while she's there. The girl almost bit my head off when I asked about her side of the thing that happened between the two of you on Christmas." Danni gave her cousin a significant look.

Dianne felt a slight pang in her chest. The idea of Sammy doing anything with someone else instead of her hurt. Shrugging, she muttered. "I've got work to do. I'll talk to you later."

Danni glanced at her cousin, confused by the abrupt dismissal, "Okay, Miss Grouch."


When their plane landed in Oahu, the two young women had been too tired to pay much attention to anything but getting to their hotel the night before. Today they walked around the large shopping centers and took in everything. Earlier, they'd called their hotel's photographer and asked him to follow them around for their trip. They promised him a hefty tip if he made double prints when they paid their hotel tab. When she saw yet another tattoo shop, Amy had an idea. Stopping Sammy and tugging her over to one of the shop windows, she pointed, watching green eyes grow wider.

"Hell yeah, that'd totally rock. Let's wait until close to the last day so that we can still swim and sun bathe and all that stuff."

Nodding, Amy tugged her friend along. They spent the entire day going in and out of shops, buying souvenirs, and trying different foods. Neither of the young women could believe that they were really on a Hawaiian island. The beautiful women that they saw on the sidewalks made their hearts beat wildly and their palms sweat. But even when they retired to the hotel early in the evening, Sammy still couldn't get a certain six-foot Goddess out of her mind. No matter how hard she tried, the blue eyes would invade her mind and the husky voice would be there like a whisper on the cool ocean breeze. If she concentrated enough, she could feel Dianne's hands on her body, the imprints were burned into her heart and soul.

On their second night on the island, the two decided to check out the clubs. They were back in the hotel before midnight. The clubs didn't hold anything either teen cared to see.

They decided to spend their third day at the beach. They walked along the white sand in their new bathing suits, drawing attention from both sexes while they played in the water and lay in the sun. They went back to the hotel to eat and to change before heading back to the beach. Walking along the shoreline in cut-off blue jean shorts and tank tops, they saw a bonfire up ahead. When they approached, several people greeted them. They sat down on a log to join in the fun. When someone handed them drinks they started to decline.

Sammy glanced at Amy and shrugged, "What the Hell? We're here ta cut loose aren't we?"

Nodding, Amy accepted her drink and the bottle opener from a redheaded woman in a hula skirt and not much else. Sammy's blood boiled seeing a tall dark-haired woman in a short grass skirt and a see-through bikini top. She took the glass the woman offered and smiled.

"Aloha, what's your name? I'm Dilina." The dark-haired islander greeted them.

"I'm Sammy," She shook the offered hand.

"Mind if I sit here?" Dilina asked, gesturing to the end of the log next to Sammy.

"Go ahead."

The few hours they had been sitting there drinking and laughing with the islanders, Dilina had been flirting with Sammy. Her hand rested on Sammy's knee and she lightly scratching her manicured nails over the skin. Sammy tried to relax. Stopping the movement of Dilina's hand, she turned toward her. Dilina quickly covered Sammy's mouth with hers.

Feeling the tip of Dilina's tongue piercing scrape across her top lip, Sammy moaned and opened her mouth. She had been about to ask Dilina to remove her hand, but now with the islander's tongue dancing on hers, she was beginning to think about getting more. Breaking her mouth away from Dilina's, Sammy panted. "Maybe we... should take this... up to my... room?" When Dilina nodded, Sammy turned to catch Amy's attention. Seeing Amy involved with a small redhead, she turned back to Dilina and shrugged.

They made barely made it into the hotel elevator before they were all over each other. When the door opened onto Sammy's floor, she could barely walk thanks to the hand down the back of her shorts squeezing her ass. Sliding the key card through, she opened the door and dragged Dilina into the room. Sliding a 'do not disturb' tag onto the door handle outside, Sammy shut the door only to be backed up against it. Dilina kissed Sammy passionately. She pulled on the snaps to Sammy's shorts while backing them toward the bed. When her knees hit the bed, she fell back pulling Sammy atop of her. Rolling them over she slid Sammy's shorts down her legs.

Sammy kicked her shoes off and slid her thong down her thighs. She moved her hand to her shirt after Dilina took over with pulling off the thong. Sammy slid up to the top of the bed where the pillows were and watched the dark-skinned islander strip off her outfit. Her gaze was drawn instantly to the blue nipple ring that stood out brightly against a dark areola.

Dilina's eyes twinkled in delight as she crawled up the bed towards Sammy. She knew exactly where Sammy was looking. Straddling Sammy's lap, she ran her hands down her own chest, down her abdomen and then slid them up Sammy's abdomen, over her firm breasts and further up to the back of her neck. Wrapping her fingers in the short blonde hair, she pulled Sammy's mouth to her own. When Sammy wrapped her arms around her back, Dilina pulled them down on the bed until Sammy was lying underneath her; she pinched and pulled lightly at Sammy's nipples.

Sammy was horny and it was hard to keep her eyes open. Images of Dianne flashed through her mind every time her eyes closed. When Dilina started kissing her way down Sammy's chest, her eyes fluttered open again. Watching the dark head feasting on her nipples was nearly her undoing. Wrapping her fingers in the long silky dark hair, she held Dilina against her breasts. When brown eyes looked at her, the fantasy broke and she gave a frustrated groan. Quickly untangling her fingers from Dilina's hair, Sammy pushed her off.

"God, I'm so sorry Dilina, I can't do this."

"Why not, you were totally into it a few minutes ago?" Dilina asked, leaning up on her elbow beside Sammy.

Sammy shook her head and grimaced. "Yeah, sorry about that. I'm full of alcohol and a few minutes ago you looked enough like the woman I'm in love with for me to use you. That's just wrong."

Dilina pursed her lips together, "If you're so in love with her, why isn't she here with you?"

Sammy covered her eyes. "She's on a trip about her being too old for me and shit like that. She's ten years older, I don't see that it's such a big deal."

They both glanced up as an extremely intoxicated Amy stumbled into the room with the help of the small redhead from the beach.

"Hey sorry about this, hope we didn't interrupt anything." The redhead smiled apologetically at Sammy while helping Amy lay down.

Sammy covered herself up with the quilt from the bottom of her bed.

Amy slurred. "Nope, from the looks of it, a six foot bitch from back home already did. Ain't that right, Samantha?"

Chapter Nine

Sammy threw a pillow at her wasted friend and laughed when it knocked her down on her back. "I don't want to be rude, but I'm gonna have a Hell'uva time with her tomorrow. Maybe we'll see you two some other time."

Dilina nodded, already having risen and dressed. "Goodbye, Sammy. I hope things work out for you and your dream woman." The young women were left to their sleep.

On the fourth day Amy and Sammy nursed their hangovers and prayed to the Porcelain Goddess.

They finally made it out to the tattoo shop on the fifth day. Sammy decided on a heart with a crack down the middle. She wanted it above her pubic line. She smirked when her best friend decided on getting just half of a heart tattooed on the same area. Walking into the shop, the two watched each other get the tattoos. They both thought that it was an interesting process. Sammy also had her belly button pierced while they were there. At a barbershop, Sammy had her hair cut into a pixie style.

On their last day, they shopped some more before heading to the airport. When their plane touched down late that night in Atlanta, Amy and Sammy decided to stay at a hotel before heading home. They knew their parents wouldn't like it, but they didn't want to take a chance in crashing the truck on their way home from being too tired. It was nearly five P.M. when the teens pulled into Sammy's driveway. Taking their luggage, they went their separate ways. Sammy walked into her house, her arms laden with bags.

Anna yelled, "Samantha get in here so we can see you. I think I may have forgotten what you look like." Dianne and Danni were sitting there visiting with her mom. Sam gave her a thumbs up.

Trudging into the living room, she sat her bags down. Raising her hands out to the side, she turned in a circle. "There, that's your reminder, now if you want your gifts, you're gonna have to let me go change out of these clothes and then I'll explain why I was late."

Going into her room, she changed into a pair of low-rise shorts and a tank top. She grimaced as sand came out of her shoes; she had hoped not to bring any of the white gritty stuff home. Changing her socks, she went into the living room.

"All right, now why were you late?" Anna pointed a finger, seeing her, concerned that her daughter had missed three days in a school year for the first time ever.

"We were both too tired to drive yesterday. We figured you'd rather us crash at a hotel instead of crashing the truck." Sammy stated, ducking down to open her suitcase. Rifling through it, a thick white envelope fell out.

Coach Carsen grabbed the envelope, Sammy reached for it but she was too late. Danni read the note on the front aloud. " 'Hey chickie, hope you're not in the room with the 'rents when you look at this. You were kinda distracted when the photographer gave us our photos, so I took the liberty of separating them. There were quite a few that I knew you wouldn't want of me and whatever that redhead's name was...'" Danni dodged out of the way when Sammy made a lame attempt at grabbing the thick envelope away from her and continued to read. "'Any who, I left you the photos of you and Dilina. I really didn't want those.' "

Sammy looked around and blushed; everyone was listening intently to what the note said. "Please stop, Coach, ya know I hate having my notes read out loud."

Snickering, Danni continued, despite Sammy's protests. "'In case I didn't mention it before, I hope that Sammy girl's the one reading this, 'cause once you see these photos, chickie, you'll understand why. See ya later chickie, luvz ya, Amy.' AWWW, ain't that sweet?" Danni dodged away from Sammy's attempt to grab them. She pulled out the photos and whistled. Sammy looked over her shoulder and blushed. It was a picture of her straddling Dilina's lap down at the beach, Sammy's left hand was cupping Dilina's left breast and Dilina's left hand was down Sammy's shorts, fondling her ass.

Dianne rolled her eyes, she really didn't want to know, but when Danni practically shoved the picture in her face, she snatched it away, her eyes widened. She felt a jolt of jealousy, and shook her head in annoyance at herself. Tossing the picture back at Danni, Dianne growled. "I don't need to see that." She looked over at Sammy. She took in the young woman from head to toe. Sammy had tanned nicely while she was in Hawaii and her hair was spiked up. Lower on Sammy's body, Dianne couldn't help but catch a glimpse of something silver glinting in the living room light. Her brows furrowed when she caught a small, inflamed area peeking above Sammy's shorts.

Throwing her hands in the air, Sammy walked out of the room. She had forgotten about the photographer, now she wished she'd remembered him. She didn't want anyone to know what she'd done in Hawaii. Going out to the front porch, she leaned sideways against one of the support posts.

Hearing the door open and shut, Sammy ignored whoever it was. A spicy clean scent drifted to her nose, something that was her most favorite scent and all Dianne. Dianne's arm stretched out in front of her holding the picture envelope. Snatching it out of Dianne's hand, she put it on the porch railing and continued to ignore her.

When Sammy had left the living room without any of her usual comebacks, Dianne felt that something was wrong. She'd taken the photos from Danni and waited a bit before following Sammy. Thinking she hadn't wanted her to look, Dianne placed a hand on Sammy's shoulder. "If you're worried that I looked at the photos, I didn't."

Sammy allowed her body to soak in the comfort offered by the warm hand on her shoulder. "It's not as if you don't have me in a more compromising position on video tape. I'm just not in the mood for getting picked on."

"You usually aren't so uptight about stuff. Is it because of me or what?" Dianne asked, rubbing her thumb across the smooth skin of Sammy's neck.

"In a way, it is you. Every time I turn around you're either actually here or my mind is conjuring up images of you and it does so at the damnedest times." Turning Sammy around in her arms, Dianne pulled her against her chest and wrapped her arms around her waist.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Sammy turned serious. "You're the last person I expected to ask about it. I was actually about to get laid by a gorgeous woman and all of a sudden while she's sucking on my tit, you popped into my mind. When I opened my eyes, Dilina looked up at me with her brown eyes and boom, the fantasy was gone."

Dianne grinned crookedly, "I really don't know if I should say I'm sorry or what."

Sammy shook her head, "Don't say it. I'm getting tired of hearing those words come from you."

"Can I ask you something?" Dianne wanted to know if it was her eyes playing tricks on her.

Sammy snorted, "You've had your tongue down my throat and your cock in me and you have to ask if you can ask me something? You know more about me than anyone."

Dianne shrugged, "I just... did you get a tattoo and a piercing while you were there?"

Sammy stepped a bit away from Dianne though still in her embrace. She pulled the edge of her tank top up revealing the piercing. "Is this what you wanted to know?"

Dianne grinned; the little barbell in Sammy's belly button was cute. "Okay I got that, but I could have sworn I saw a little tattoo."

Sammy knew it was bothering Dianne but she was having fun. "Maybe, now what if I don't wanna show it?"

"C'mon, I wanna see," She pouted, hoping that would get her way.

Sammy thought it was sexy as Hell when Dianne pouted. Keeping her tank top pulled up above her belly button, Sammy moved her other hand from where she had it over the tattoo and showed the small cracked heart just above the waistline of her cut-offs.

Dianne knelt to get a closer look at it. She traced it with her finger; she glanced up as she saw Sammy flinch. "It hurts, huh?"

"It just irritates me a lot, Amy got one too." Sammy replied, distracted by the tingling from the long fingers tracing the ink.

Feeling Sammy tremble, Dianne jerked her hand back and stood up. "Sorry, that was completely inappropriate."

Sammy readjusted her tank top to where it wouldn't irritate the piercing or her tattoo. "Stop fuckin' apologizing, Goddamn it. If I didn't want you touching me, you wouldn't have. I'm eighteen; I'm only ten years younger than you. Why the Hell is that so wrong?"

Dianne shook her head, "You're a student at my school, and it would never work."

Sammy snorted; Dianne was just full of excuses. "Yeah whatever, I just can't be friends with you and want you at the same time; it's impossible, Coach Rainer." She said Dianne's title with disdain.

Dianne pulled Sammy into her arms. "I know you don't want to hear it, but I am sorry. I care about you, but I can't love you like that; it's just wrong. One day you will find the woman who can love you."

Sammy's voice choked up, "I don't want anyone else, why can't you understand that?"

Dianne closed her eyes and swallowed a lump as if her heart had leapt into her throat. She wanted so badly to give Sammy what she wanted, but it would only cause trouble. Her heart was breaking and she knew what the tattoo on Sammy meant. Opening her eyes, she stared down into tears and made a decision that would kill her. She would leave Sammy alone and not bother her anymore after this. Lowering her head, she glided her lips over Sammy's. It wasn't a passionate kiss but when she felt small arms wrap around her neck, she traced Sammy's lips with her tongue, and tasted the saltiness of Sammy's tears.

Sammy allowed the questing muscle entrance to her mouth. She knew this was the end of anything between them, it felt so final. The tears flow down her cheeks as she pulled Dianne closer against her body, wrapping her fingers in the long silky black hair. When Dianne pulled out of the embrace, Sammy unwrapped herself from around her and dropped down onto the porch. Sobbing, she tried not to look at Dianne. She knew it would kill her if she did.

Dianne looked down at Sammy's huddled form feeling her heart shatter. Taking a deep shuddering breath, she dried her tears. She walked down the porch and back to her house. She left Sammy to her sadness and went into her own.


Anna, Danni, and Sam went out on the porch. Sammy sat dry-eyed, looking defeated. Anna couldn't figure out what had happened.

Looking at Sammy, Danni was ready to kill Dianne. Storming off the porch, she waved goodbye and headed to kick Dianne's ass.

Sam crouched down and asked, "Are you all right, sis?"

Sammy shook her head, if she talked, she would start crying again. Sniffling, she decided to give them a short answer, "Let's just say that Coach Rainer and I finally had a talk that we needed to have."

Anna knew what her daughter was feeling. Almost every teenager goes through a crush that can never bare fruit. Kneeling, she took her daughter in a hug and felt the sobs wracking Sammy's body. Sam sat next to them holding his sister from behind.


Danni slammed the door to Dianne's house behind her and went in search of the troublemaker. She was about ready to scream when she heard sobs coming from Dianne's bedroom. Walking in, she was shocked to see Dianne curled up on the bed. She clutched a pillow to her chest, tears flowing down her face.

Moving towards the bed, Danni asked, "What happened, Kody?"

No answer.

Danni crawled onto the bed beside her cousin and held Dianne. Dianne wrapped around her cousin, her head on her shoulder. Danni was surprised, Dianne had never sought comfort from her before, but there was a first for everything.

When Dianne calmed down, she said in a low voice. "Damn it, I do love Sammy, but there would be trouble. I ended it, completely. I won't talk to her any more and I won't bother her. It... Hurts so... much." Dianne sobbed. Holding Dianne tighter, Danni let her cry out the pain and frustration. She never thought that her stoic cousin would fall in love with someone like Sammy.


Wednesday, June 18th, 2008. High School Graduation Day. A year later:

"Come on, Amy, we're gonna be late for the ceremony, damn it," Sammy shouted.

"All right, all right, I'm ready. Let's go," Amy walked into the living room of her dad's house.

When they arrived at the high school, Sammy and Amy were surprised at the number of vehicles parked along the road beside the school. Then again, a lot of people were graduating this year. Making their way into the gym, they headed into the locker room to change.

After changing into the green and white gowns and putting their caps on, they made their way to the seats provided. When the principle called the names of the graduates to approach the stage, the only thing anyone heard was applause as each student went up. When Sammy heard her name, she quickly made her way up to the stage. Accepting the diploma, she went and stood beside the other students on the end. Looking around, she caught blue eyes looking at her. Giving Dianne a small smile, she was glad when a bright smile came back to her. They hadn't spoken since the day that Sammy and Amy had returned home from their trip to Hawaii. Sammy was pleased that Dianne was there to see her graduate.

Dianne stood next to Danni who kept snapping pictures of the graduates. Dianne figured it was so that Danni could remember her softball team. All week Dianne had been debating on whether or not to be at the ceremony. When the day finally came, she decided she would go. It might be the last time she would see Sammy. She'd cut off all association with the family except for the occasional lunch with Anna, and then only at Dianne's house. They both figured it would be best for Sammy if Dianne didn't come around. Looking up at the stage, she caught green eyes staring at her again and she grinned. She gave Sammy a thumbs up, and caught a wink back. She knew Sammy was excited to be through with high school, not to mention able to get out of Georgia. She'd been accepted into Florida State University.

The teens tossed their caps up, and then Sammy ran off the stage. She wanted to say goodbye to Dianne and looked around for her. Not seeing Dianne anywhere, she went in search of Danni. The Coach usually knew where Dianne was. Finding Danni talking to Amy, Sammy tapped Danni on the shoulder.

Danni turned and seeing who it was, she whispered in Sammy's ear, "She's in the office, she'll probably stay there until everyone's gone. She can't stand crowds."

Nodding, Sammy ran to the office. Peeking through the window, she smiled. Dianne had her feet propped on the desk, her head hung over the back of her chair. Knocking, Sammy grinned when Dianne straighten up in the chair and waved.

Sammy went in, shut the door and smiled as she walked around the desk. She sat on the edge across from Dianne, "I was hoping to see you one last time before I headed off to FSU."

Dianne nodded, glad that Sammy wanted to give her a special goodbye. Hanging her head, Dianne whispered, "Well, I wasn't too sure if you wanted me here."

Sammy shook her head, "Hey, I'm glad you were here. Last year was seriously fucked up, but I still wouldn't trade it for anything. Even if I could get my virginity back."

Dianne looked at her, "You'll never stop cussing will you?"

Sammy shrugged, "I enjoy shocking people. I've gotta get outta here. Amy and I are gonna go out on the boat. Maybe this time we won't end up cracking someone's skull."

Dianne stood up scuffing her shoe on the thin rug. She glanced up under her eyelashes. "Have fun."

Sammy stood and wrapped her arms around Dianne's waist. Laying her head on Dianne's chest, she breathed in her clean spicy scent. She still hurt but she didn't want to leave things like that. Feeling strong arms wrap around her in return, Sammy smiled tremulously. She felt like crying but that wasn't a good idea.

Dianne held Sammy tight. She knew the pain was still there, but she was glad to see that Sammy still cared about her. She had hoped that Sammy would hug her, but she didn't ask, not wanting to upset her. Glancing up at the window, she saw Amy and Danni standing there with smirking. Dianne flipped them off. Amy busted out laughing and walked into the office, Danni followed.

"Hey, Short Stuff, it's time ta go," Amy glanced at her watch.

Squeezing Dianne's waist one last time, Sammy stepped back and sniffled. Shaking her head, she cleared her throat. "Damn tears, it was worse on the last day of school."

Danni knew how Sammy felt. It was the same for her, but that wasn't the reason Sammy felt like crying.

When the young women left, Dianne closed her eyes, "God, I still love that little shrimp."

Danni bumped her shoulder against Dianne's, "She'll be back, they never stay gone long. You're living proof of that."


Sat. March 12, 2016. Eight years later:

Sammy drove her black jeep with the windows down and the radio blasting. She was going home for the first time since graduation. She still wasn't quite sure why she hadn't kept in contact with her family. She hadn't even kept in touch with Amy. She breathed deep, feeling the invigorating wind blow through her short black hair. She'd dyed her hair and had worn dark blue contacts for several years. Her old friends wouldn't recognize her. Hell, she hardly recognized herself.

She'd stayed away from home using the excuse that her job as a photographer kept her busy. Now she was moving back. Due to the online courses she'd taken, she'd graduated college early at twenty-one. Now she was a well-known photographer. Every once in awhile, she'd wonder how everyone was doing back home, one person in particular. Thinking of Dianne pissed her off. The only thing that had remained of that was how Dianne had taken her virginity and the hurt she caused. Sammy still hadn't gotten over her. In college, she'd had her first and only girlfriend. Whenever the two tried to have sex, Sammy would lose the mood. After two months, the girl got tired of it and left.

Turning the jeep onto her old road, Sammy was nervous. She didn't know what her family would say or do. She pulled into the driveway and shut the engine off. She opened her door and stood, taking in the house with a new coat of paint. It was blue instead of white. A wooden swing hung from the porch and the door had been stained a mahogany. The door opened and she tensed up. Her brows furrowed seeing a tall man with gray streaks in his black hair.

When he approached her, she recognized the lopsided smile.

"Can I help you, Miss?" Mat asked, not recognizing Sammy.

"Yeah Mat, I'm Sammy, Anna's daughter. Could ya tell me where she is?" Sammy asked, smiling brightly.

"Sammy, been a long time. Your mom is in the house. C'mon in," Mat waved her in.

Sammy followed Mat, happy to be home. She looked around as she went into the living room. Hearing her mom's laughter gave her a warm feeling on the inside. She hadn't realized just how much she missed her mother until now.

"Anna, you won't believe who just pulled up," Mat said, knowing that Anna would be ecstatic.

Anna stood, seeing a young dark-haired woman, her brows furrowed, "Sammy?"

Smiling, Sammy nodded.

Anna wrapped her in a tight hug.

Hugging back, Sammy's voice shook, "God I missed you so much, Mom. I'm sorry I waited so long to come back, but if you want me, I'm back permanently."

Anna stepped back appraising Sammy. Sammy wore a pair of baggy black carpenter shorts and a white cut off t-shirt. The short dark hair didn't quite look that good to Anna and neither did the blue contacts. Cupping Sammy's face, Anna smiled tremulously, "God, I missed you. Of course I want you here. You're still my baby even if you look different."

Sammy smiled in relief, "I know, I'll probably end up taking the dye out. So, I know this is a ridiculous question, but how is everyone?"

Grinning, Anna took her daughter over to the couch, "Well, I have no idea where to start. So much has happened in the past eight years."

"Well, why don't you start with yourself? What have you been up to, Ma?" Sammy suggested, wanting to know why Mat was there.

Anna was happy to oblige, "I retired this year. After you left, Mat and I dated for a few years and he asked me to marry him, which we did last year. He's a good man." She looked over to Mat and smiled. His smile echoed hers.

Sammy's eyes widened as she looked from one to the other, "Well, that's a bit of a shock, Ma. But if you love each other, then I'm good with it."

Mat smiled, "Don't worry, I love your mother with all my heart and soul. I'll leave you two to your girl talk and do some work in the shed." Mat nodded and left.

Sammy watched her mother's gaze follow him until he was gone. The emotions in Anna's eyes filled Sammy's heart with happiness. "How's Sam? Do you see Amy anymore?"

Anna could scarcely believe Sammy was home, "Sam is fine, he's just finished medical school, and he married Sharon, can you believe it?"

Chapter Ten

Sammy had known about Sam's crush on Sharon from high school, "Yeah I can believe it. The little punk has always had a thing for her."

Anna wondered if Sammy would want to hear about the next part, "Amy dated Danni Carsen for a while. Two years ago they had a joining ceremony."

Sammy smirked, "Really? That doesn't surprise me all."

Anna knew what her daughter was thinking. "I guess your prediction on that one came true. They live next door with Dianne."

Sammy nodded trying to take it all in, "Do you think that maybe I could stay here until I find a job and a place of my own?"

"Of course, Dear. Your old room is still the same, so feel free." Anna stated, glad that Sammy was staying with her.


In her old room Sammy unpacked some of her stuff. She couldn't believe how different she felt. Her eyes widened when she glanced at the corner of the closet. The skating gear that Dianne had given her was there. She hadn't gone back to get her things from Dianne and she wondered how it got here. She wondered if her mother had ever found out what happened between them.

Looking at her old clothes, Sammy wondered if anything still fit. She left them deciding that she'd find out later. Opening one of the brown packing boxes on her bed, she quickly shut it. Her Florida friends were bad about giving her prank gifts on the holidays and her birthdays. The box was full of sex toys. Her friends kept telling her that she needed to get laid. She wondered how they would have reacted if she'd told them that she was frigid in bed with everyone but the one woman that she wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Going onto the next box, she smiled. This contained her picture albums and her awards. She was glad she came home, though she still missed her nutty friends. Her best friend Robby would be here soon. He was tired of Florida and he had decided to move with her. She looked up at a soft knock at her door. She saw her mother's gray-streaked blonde head poking through the door. That had changed too. She waved her mom in.

Smiling, Sammy greeted her. "Hey, Mom, what's up?"

Anna sat down on the bed beside her daughter, "I just remembered that we're having a cook out tomorrow. I thought I'd warn you in case you weren't ready to see everyone again. Dianne will be here too, she is my step-daughter now and she's also still my best friend."

Nodding, Sammy smiled, "Mom, I expected that. It still hurts when I think about those two years but I need to get over it. Whether I like it or not, she is part of our family and I have to deal with her. I can't avoid her. I'll behave, I promise."

Anna nodded. "I know that when you were younger, you avoided talking about certain times during those years. I still don't understand why."

Sammy pursed her lips. She'd figured that that subject would come up but not so soon.

Anna assured Sammy, "You don't have to talk about it, Honey. I know some things people don't want to talk about with their mother."

Sammy shook her head, "I don't want to. I'm afraid that this might ruin your friendship with Dianne."

Anna's brows knitted in confusion, "My God, did she rape you or something?"

"God no, Mother. Believe me, it was consensual," Sammy stated vehemently.

Anna sighed in relief, "So you did sleep with her?"

Sammy nodded.

Shaking her head, Anna asked, "But I thought she said that she couldn't be with you? Wasn't that what you said when we asked why you were crying after you came back from Hawaii?"

Sammy replied, "That's part of it. She had been drunk when we did it on Christmas day. She kept saying it was a mistake and that we didn't have a chance of making it. Before we slept together, she'd said that I was too young, and nothing but trouble would come from it. I started wearing skimpy clothes, trying to seduce her because I'd take anything she gave me. In a way, it was my fault. If you had come home a couple of days earlier that Christmas break, you would've known. I had hickeys and scratches all over."

Anna raised an eyebrow, "If it was consensual, then why... My God! Was she at least gentle when she took your virginity?"

Sammy blushed; she hadn't expected her mother to ask that. Why was she even having this conversation? Shaking her head, she refused to meet Anna's gaze. "No she wasn't, Mom. But I-I liked it."

Anna's eyebrows buried themselves in her hairline. "You mean to tell me that you... you like that kind of thing?"

Sammy's blush deepened, "Yes?"

Anna smirked. Sammy had always been embarrassed talking about sex. Amy was relieved to see that she still fidgeted the same way she used to. Sammy was so different now that it was good to find something that was still the same about her. "Okay, I'll stop talking about that and let you get back to unpacking, Hon." She looked down at the bed and spotted a silver plaque, a photography award. Looking at Sammy, she said softly. "I see that you've done well for yourself."

Sammy grinned. She loved the look of pride in her mother's eyes. "Yeah." She pointed to the open box. "There's more in there if you want to see them."

Anna pulled out the four awards, "Do you mind if I hang these in the living room with your high school honors? Just until you decide to find your own place, that is."

Sammy nodded, "Keep them, Mom. You're the one who always told me to do my best."

Anna hugged her daughter and left her to her unpacking. Sammy grinned. She knew that as soon as everyone came over tomorrow, Anna would drive everyone crazy with talking about the awards. Anna had always been proud of her kids' achievements.


When a body jumped on top of her and began tickling her sides Sammy grunted and rolled over. She giggled, knowing whom it was. Groaning, she shouted, "Stop, I give, UNCLE. Something!"

Amy giggled and rolled off Sammy. She had come over with Danni to visit. She was thrilled when Anna had told her that Sammy was home. Excusing herself from the group of people in the living room, Danni had told her to go on and harass Sammy.

"Hey girl, I missed you. I should kick your ass for not even calling for, how many years, EIGHT?!"

Sammy snorted at Amy's dramatics. Sitting up in bed, she rubbed her face briskly then ran her fingers through her short dark hair to give it some semblance of order. "I know, I know."

Amy stared at the new color. When Sammy was younger every one always complimented her on the color of her hair. "Jesus! Why the Hell did you dye your hair?" She asked, staring at Sammy.

"Because I wanted to." Sammy said dryly. Turning to her nightstand, she pulled out her contacts from the drawer and opened the case. They weren't only for color. She had slight vision impairment. Putting the contacts in, she blinked to adjust them.

Amy had known that Sammy had sight problems in high school but Sammy had always denied it, refusing to wear glasses. When Sammy turned in her direction, Amy stared again at the drastic change in eye color.

Sammy smirked at the look on Amy's face. She knew that her friends and family would be shocked at the changes in her. "Is every one already here?"

Amy nodded and got up from the bed. "C'mon, I want a hug."

Sammy groaned; Amy knew that she slept naked. Getting out of the bed, she wrapped her arms around Amy. "Happy now? Ya got a free feel. Don't you have a wife?" She asked when she stepped back.

Amy grinned and shrugged, "So Ma told ya about me marrying Danni?"

Sammy snickered, shaking her head, "I warned you about those damned gym teachers."

Amy knew her friend couldn't resist the jab. "Yeah, yeah. What was it? Something about, 'staring at their ass is how it all starts'?

Sammy groaned, "Oh yeah, and I believe you said, 'Yeah, right. Me? Fall in love with a gym teacher? You've gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me?'"

Amy shook her head, "Yeah, so sue me. I fell in love with a gym teacher and I'm proud of it."

Sammy walked over to her closet. She pulled out a pair of worn out blue jeans and a cut-off shirt that stopped a couple of inches above her belly button. After dressing, she sat down on the edge of her bed and put on her cowboy boots. Standing up, she saw the look on Amy's face. "What?"

Amy shook her head grinning, "Damn, you've definitely grown up. You've still got your belly button pierced though."

"Yep, I've also got my nipple pierced if ya didn't notice," Sammy snickered at Amy's wide-eyed look.

"Sorry, I was too busy staring at your muscles to notice your tits. C'mon, let's go bug the folks."

Sammy followed Amy out into the living room smiling at the looks. Shaking her head, she walked past, swaggering into the kitchen.

Hearing footsteps, Dianne looked up from the stove. She nearly burned her hand seeing Sammy. Anna saw the reaction and bumped her shoulder against Dianne's arm. Catching her eyes, she nodded for Dianne to sit. "Thanks, Anna," Dianne said, getting a chair on the other side of the cutting-block island.

Sammy wrapped her arms around her mother in a hug, "Good morning, Mom."

"Mornin', sweetie. Why don't you pull up a chair and talk with us for a while? When every one gets their heads out of their ass, they'll probably manage to make it in here." Anna replied, grinning at her grownup daughter.

Sammy pulled a stool over to the end of the counter, away from Dianne at the other end. She nodded to Dianne and looked at her Mom.

Dianne could hardly believe Sammy's new look. This was not the same girl she had first met so many years ago. She could see confidence where there used to be confusion. Sammy had toned muscles and the little bit of baby fat was gone. Seeing the navel piercing her heart beat speed up. She had an urge to suck on the skin around it. Shaking her head, she turned toward Anna. Dianne caught a knowing look from Anna before she turned her attention back to the stove.

'Oh God, she knows that we slept together.' Dianne thought in a panic.


After everyone had eaten they sat around on the back porch. Sammy had asked when it was built. Mat told her he had built the shed, the porch, and the swing during the years that he had been living there. Sammy sipped her beer and reclined on a lounge chair with her legs straddling the sides of it. When Amy, Danni, and Dianne slid their chairs in front of her, she anticipated their questions as to what she'd been doing.

Amy was the first, "So Chickie, what's been going on with you? Do ya have a girlfriend back in Florida?"

Sammy looked at Amy, "I haven't had a girlfriend since my second year in college. I've been too busy for one. I hardly stayed in one place for long thanks to work. They sent me all over the world to take pictures of animals and such."

Amy grinned, "Is that really why you haven't had a girlfriend or is it because of something else?"

Sammy wasn't going to tell any of them the real reason. Especially not with Dianne sitting right there.

Danni snorted, "Sammy, we both know that she'll bug you until you say something."

Sammy looked off and whistled. She snorted when Amy kicked her leg, "You can try all you want, but I'm pleading the fifth."

Dianne shook her head, "Why did you decide to finally come home, Samantha?"

Sammy groaned; Dianne knew how much using her full name bothered her. "I just decided it was time. I don't even understand why I stayed away for so long. I'm glad I came home though. I can't wait until my friend Robby gets here from Florida." She glanced out of the corner of her left eye at Dianne. She wanted so much to ask her if she had anyone special in her life, but was afraid Dianne would read too much into it.

Danni grinned at the glances the two women kept giving each other. Deciding to cut into the silence, she asked. "Why all the changes?"

Shrugging, Sammy answered, "I just felt like being different a few years back and I've kept up with it. I'm actually getting kinda tired of it though. I've been thinking about taking the dye out and getting normal contacts."

Danni raised an eyebrow, "Since when did you need contacts?"

Amy answered for Sammy, "She's always had vision problems, but she always denied it and refused to wear glasses."

Dianne shook her head, "Stubborn bull headed shrimp."

Sammy stood, "That, coming from you?" Shaking her head, she went to get another drink.

Amy looked at Dianne, "What the Hell was that about?"

"I have no idea," Dianne said, completely befuddled.

"At graduation she acted as if she'd gotten over everything. What the Hell is her problem?" Danni questioned.


Since being home for two weeks, Sammy had found a job working at a small nature magazine that operated in Gainesville. Sammy was ecstatic; Robby would be arriving the next day. She'd had the dye removed from her hair the week before and had ordered normal contacts and a pair of reading glasses from her Doctor. The items had arrived the day before and for once she was actually using them when she needed them. She felt strange whenever Dianne was around and her family and friends were baffled. She wouldn't talk about it and they didn't know what to do.

Dianne walked into the living room looking for Anna instead she found Sammy sitting on the floor at the coffee table. Sammy was typing like mad on her laptop and she was wearing small wire rimmed glasses. Dianne had been relieved when Sammy had dyed her hair back and stopped wearing the blue contacts. Sammy looked adorable right now, wearing a white Winnie the Pooh t-shirt and a pair of flannel boxers. A pencil was stuck behind her ear. Clearing her throat, Dianne waited until she had Sammy's attention.

"Where's Anna? I wanted to ask her over for lunch," Dianne flinched when Sammy's eyes narrowed.

"Ma's at the grocery store. She'll be back in an hour." Sammy turned her attention back to the laptop. She didn't want to be bitchy; it was a reaction that Dianne caused in her.

Tongue in cheek, Dianne considered her options. She could leave and let Sammy continue to be an asshole, or she could force her to talk about whatever was bothering her. She had decided on the second option when Sammy grumbled without even looking at her.

"Any reason why you're still here?" Sammy cussed internally, she hadn't meant for the question to slip out.

Grinding her teeth, Dianne stomped over and bent down so that they were face to face. "Why the Hell are you actin' like this? I haven't done a damn thing to you since you got here and every time I'm here, you act like a bitch! The last time we saw each other, you acted like you had gotten over all that bullshit. What's changed?"

Closing her eyes, Sammy breathed deep. She opened her eyes and looked away from Dianne. "I don't know." She said tremulously, "Please, just leave me alone. I don't feel like doing any soul-searching to figure out what the Hell's going on. I have a dead-line tomorrow and I don't have time for this."

Clenching her fists, Dianne stormed from the living room. Sammy squeezed her eyes shut when the door slammed. She felt like screaming. She couldn't understand the need she had to piss off Dianne. "God I hope Robby can help. He's always good at figuring me out." She shook her head and returned to her photo reports. She fought back tears. If she didn't stay busy, she would break down.


Two hours later, Anna walked into Dianne's house. She had returned from the store and Sammy had informed her, not so nicely, that 'the bitch' had came over to invite her to lunch. Sammy hadn't even been like this when she was younger, she'd just ignored Dianne back then. Walking into the kitchen, she followed the sounds of fists hitting something. Walking onto the back porch, she found Dianne beating the Hell out of a gray punching bag hanging from a cross beam. Clearing her throat, she waited for her to turn around.

Hearing a throat clear, Dianne dropped her arms to her sides. Turning around, she spotted Anna. "Hey, do you want to have lunch?"

Anna knew that Dianne was still fighting the anger. "What happened?"

Rolling her head on her shoulders, Dianne held off a bit before replying. "I finally confronted Sammy about how she's been treating me and let's just say it didn't end too well."

Anna nodded and took Dianne by the arm, pulling her into the kitchen. Pushing her into a chair, Anna began fixing turkey sandwiches for them. When she was done, she pulled out two Budweisers and sat it all on the cutting-block island in front of them. Sitting on a stool, she thought a moment, "I think I preferred it when she was younger and just refused to acknowledge you. At least then, we didn't know for sure that she would love to kick your ass if given half the chance."

Dianne snorted; grabbing a sandwich, she bit some off and chewed slowly. Taking a sip of her beer to wash it down, she replied, "No, at least now I know that she knows I still exist. I'd rather her hate me than ignore me. I don't know why, but at least now it doesn't actually hurt. It just pisses me off."

Anna grinned, Dianne had never admitted it, but she knew Dianne loved Sammy deeply. "You know, my daughter and I had a nice conversation the day she came home," She raised an eyebrow at Dianne.

Dianne groaned; she knew that Anna would bring that up. Swallowing hard, she sipped her beer. Cupping the bottle, she hoped the chill would cool down the blush. She hoped Anna didn't notice.

Anna had seen the look on Dianne's face on someone else. "I understand why you had that expression nearly a decade ago after I made some asinine comment about busting Sammy's ass."

Dianne found it amusing, "I had hoped you didn't notice that."

Anna became serious, "You do realize I should smack the Hell out of you. For years, I had tried to understand why Samantha wouldn't say anything about that Christmas, and then we finally talked about it. The way she was avoiding it, I thought the worst."

Dianne looked at Anna. "What the Hell? Did you think I raped her?!"

Nodding, Anna answered, "Yes, at first, but when I asked Sammy, she made it clear that it was consensual."

Dianne asked, "What did she say to make you even think that in the first place?"

"When I had brought up that day, Sammy took so long to answer I assured her that she didn't have to talk about it. I know there are some things that no one wants to talk to their mother about. When I said that, she told me that she didn't want to talk about it because she was afraid that it would ruin our friendship."

Dianne nodded, "I can understand why that would make you think I had done something awful. She's always had a way of confusing people."

Anna agreed, "Yes, but we wouldn't want her any other way. I'm glad that she took that dye out of her hair. It didn't look right on her."

Danni had told Dianne that she thought Sammy looked a lot like her with the dark hair and blue contacts. "I don't know, I think she looked cute, but she'll always look better as a strawberry blonde with those gorgeous green eyes." Sighing, Dianne propped her chin on her hand.

Anna snorted at the dreamy look on Dianne's face. It reminded her of Sammy's crush on Dianne. "Why didn't you two tell me about what had happened?"

Dianne raised an eyebrow, "Seriously, would you have told someone's mother that you had sex with their teenager? Or would you have told your mother that you slept with a high school teacher?"

Anna's mother had been very strict, so too the twins' paternal grandmother. She grinned at the irony. "Hell no, Samuel Sr.'s parents would have banned me from the house and my mother would have grounded me for life."

Chapter Eleven

Dianne asked uneasily, "How much did she tell you about that night?"

Anna decided to tease Dianne. "What do you think she told me?"

Dianne shook her head. "Nuh-uh, you're not getting me to play that game. With my luck I'll end up telling you what she didn't."

Anna knew Dianne would catch on fast, "I had asked her if you were at least gentle. She informed me that you weren't but she liked it." Anna shrugged, "You know, she thinks that the entire thing was her fault. She tried to seduce you by showing off her body, so your entire friendship was shot to Hell."

Dianne felt a catch inside; "I never knew that she blamed herself for that. I got out of control and that's how we ended up sleeping together."

Anna looked over at Dianne, "She told me that she had seduced you."

Dianne grimaced, "I was extremely drunk and already worked up by the time Sammy brought Christmas dinner over. Things just spiraled downward from the moment I opened the door. When I'm drunk, I'm a completely different person."

Anna had to ask, "Why were you so wired?"

Groaning, Dianne dropped her head down onto the table. In a low voice, she explained what had happened the day before. When Dianne had finished, Anna was snickering.

Dianne glared at Anna, "What's so funny?"

"It's just that Sammy's always been bad about giving too much information when she's angry or upset," Anna answered, calming down.

"Shouldn't you be wanting to smack me instead of finding something funny about the situation?" Dianne pouted trying to will away the blushing.

Anna answered, "I would kick your ass, but my leg won't reach that high and besides, Sammy was eighteen, an adult. I have no right to do something like that. You were only giving her what she thought she wanted. She probably regrets the way she lost her virginity and that's why she's taking her frustration out on you."

Sadness rushed through Dianne at the thought of Sammy regretting what had happened between them. Even though she had always felt bad for not giving Sammy the love she deserved, she never wanted Sammy to regret it. Thinking back, the real reason Dianne had never told Sammy that she loved her was because she was afraid of getting her heart broken, not because she was afraid of losing her job. Looking at Sammy's mother, Dianne felt the walls crumble. Tears poured down her cheeks and she covered her face with her hands.

At Dianne's tears, Anna wished she could take the words back. She wrapped her arms around Dianne and held her head against her chest. When Dianne wrapped her arms around Anna's waist, Anna smiled softly. She had always felt a connection with Dianne. Since Dianne was her stepdaughter, the connection went even deeper. She felt protective toward her ever since she first met Dianne. She had only ever felt that way for her son and daughter.


Sammy smirked at the shocked look in Robby's brown eyes. The tall, blonde haired man had just stepped off the plane ramp when Sammy stepped into view.

Robby had never seen Sammy before she dyed her hair and started wearing blue contacts. He grinned at the green-eyed blonde.

"Whooooo girl, you could definitely rock some foundations looking like that sweetie. Mmhmm." Robby snapped his fingers and whistled.

Sammy rolled her eyes at his dramatics, "C'mon let's get outta here, ya big queen. I wanna get home and see what's for dinner."

Robby wrinkled his nose Sammy's comment as he followed her out to the parking lot. Around the office in Florida, she was notorious for her appetite. Taking in the worn out jeans and the cut-off shirt she wore, he shook his head. Since he had first met the little spitfire, she had always been the ultimate professional, even when they weren't at the office. Noticing the black cowboy boots she was wearing, he couldn't help but ask.

"When did you become the big bad butch, Little Miss Thang?"

Sammy tossed back, "I'm always big and bad, Honey." She unlocked her old blue pick-up truck and got in. "But I'm just a little bit country, Girl."

Robby got in, snickering at the stickers on the dashboard. When he read one that said, 'Hot For Teacher', he raised an eyebrow. "Wasn't that song before our time?"

Sammy glanced down, she had forgotten about the sticker being in there. She wondered about the decision she'd made to get the old truck out of the garage. "It's been there since high school. At one point, I was hot for a teacher." She wiggled her eyebrows.

"Who was she? What did she look like? Did she know?" Robby asked fast. He was notorious for his rapid-fire questions, in and out of work.

Sammy groaned, some times she hated her friend's nosey disposition. "You remember when I told you how I lost my virginity?" When he nodded, she grinned, "That was her."

Robby stared. Getting her drunk on tequila was the only way he could ever get her to talk about her past, he just figured that she wanted to forget about it. In college, when she had told him how she lost her virginity, she never said who the woman had been. She just said that the woman regretted it the next day and their friendship was fucked up after that. She had also explained about how she couldn't have an orgasm with anyone else. She had been a complete wreck after the break up with her first real girlfriend and he'd been there with open arms for her. She was like a sister to him. She was always there for him when someone gave him bullshit at work just because he was gay.

"You mean to tell me that you..."

Sammy snickered, being the evil little imp that she was, she decided to rattle him. "She was my gym coach and my English Lit. teacher during junior year at North Hall. What makes matters worse is that when I got home, I found out that her dad married my mother."

Robby blinked after a few minutes, "You poor little thing, is she around a lot?"

Sammy nodded her head, clearing her throat. "She lives right next door and is at the house almost every day. She's not only my stepsister, but she's been my mom's best friend since before we slept together. Mom didn't find out about that until the day I came back from Florida two weeks ago."

Robby knew how good Sammy was at keeping secrets, "So you're telling me that you really lived everyone's fantasy?"

Sammy knew that Robby was an avid fan fiction reader. He was constantly reading some story or another on the Internet. She gave him a smart-ass comment, "Just because someone wrote more than one story about it, does not mean that everyone fantasizes about getting fucked by a teacher."

Robby 'tsked', and admonished her. "Yes it does, else wise, so many people wouldn't read them or write about it."

They'd had this argument several times. He always kept it up until she finally admitted defeat. "Fine, whatever. I don't feel much like arguing on that subject; or continuing it, for that matter. I'll always say that not everyone fantasizes about their gym coach fucking their brains out and you'll always say that they do."

Robby just had to ask, "Okay, you keep saying fucking, does that mean that it was rough and heavy, or slow and loving?" He said the first choice in a deep voice and the second in a high pitched feminine voice.

Grinning deviously, Sammy winked at him then quickly turned her attention back to the road.

Robby knew what that meant. "You dirty little pain slut."

Sammy giggled, she was glad that Robbie would be staying with her at her mother's house. Sam had offered up his room. Anna had agreed, saying that they had more than enough room, and another addition to their little rag-tag band would be great. "Whatever you do, do not call me that in front of my mother. It was embarrassing enough when I finally told her about what had happened."

Watching the road, Sammy never saw the evil little glint that flashed in Robby's eyes. 'Oh Little Spit Fire, I'm just going to have to do it. Besides, you didn't say please.'


When Sammy and Robby arrived at Anna's house, no one was in. Sammy knew exactly where they were. Turning around, she went back outside to help Robby get his bags. She desperately hoped that Robby would behave and not bring up stuff that no one needed to know. She also hoped that Amy didn't corner him and drag information out of the gossip queen.

When they finished taking his luggage up to Sam's old room, Sammy snickered. Sam had kept his posters on the wall. Among them were several pullouts from Playboy. She looked over at Robbie and threw her hands up in mock defeat for his suffering.

She clapped her hands together, "Well, time ta go meet the family. C'mon."

Robby followed her downstairs and outside. His confusion cleared up when they walked to the house on the left. He remembered her saying that the Coach lived next door. He was giddy that he would be meeting her so soon into his move here. Following Sammy into the house, he took it all in. When they went into the living room, he smiled broadly at the group.

Sammy's family sat around the living room watching TV. Stepping sideways so that they could see her guest, she introduced him. "Guys, this is Robert Donivan." Placing her hand on his shoulder, she pointed out each person. "Robby, that's Danni, Amy's wife and that's Amy sitting next to her. Then you've got Sam, my twin brother, and his wife Sharon. Next to them is my mom, and then there's Mat. That's just Dianne." She said the last sentence in a bored tone and then turned back to Robby.

Robby raised an eyebrow at the way she had introduced Dianne. When he figured it out, he smirked and muttered into her ear loud enough for only her to hear, or at least he thought it was only Sammy. "That was rude, you dirty little pain slut."

Sammy groaned at a low throaty chuckle. She knew Dianne had heard Robby. Slapping him on the shoulder, she stepped around him and flopped onto the couch next to her mom. "Go on and take a seat, Freak."

Robby chuckled and winked at her. She only called him that when he got on her nerves. Sitting next to her, he patted her on the head, chuckling again when she elbowed him in the side.

Dianne took in the action between the two. She was amused by his nickname for Sammy, especially since it was true.

Amy smirked at the closeness of the two friends. Later, she'd corner Robby and ask about Sammy.


Amy walked out onto the back porch. Robby sat in a lounge chair talking with Danni, Sam, Mat, and Dianne. After an hour, Amy decided to corner Robby. Walking up to him, she smiled and nodded.

Robby had seen pictures of Amy in a couple of Sammy's photo albums. He knew that they were best friends growing up. "So, what's up?"

Amy motioned for Robby to follow her to the garden further back. She decided to cut to the chase, "I'm wondering about something and thought maybe you could clear things up."

Robby figured that it had something to do with Sammy, "What do you want to know?"

"Why hasn't she had a girlfriend since college?" Amy asked.

From her chair on the porch edge several yards away, Dianne overheard the conversation.

Robby thought didn't know if he should answer knowing that the main problem, Dianne, was listening, Sammy would kick his ass if she ever found out that he had said anything. He saw the way Dianne had looked longingly at Sammy. He knew that look meant love. Why hadn't she ever told Sammy? He figured she didn't want to lose her job. The way Sammy acted toward Dianne now, she probably thought Sammy hated her. He had to find out why his friend acted like a bitch around Dianne. That would be worth the ass kicking. He turned serious and looked at Amy.

"Her first girlfriend broke up with her because of their lack of sex-life. Sammy would always stop the woman when they got to a certain part during sex or she would go all the way and not be able to orgasm. She's tried one night stands and the same thing would happen."

Amy knew that the same thing had happened in Hawaii. After Sammy had gotten over her depression with the finality of Dianne's goodbye, they had finally talked about what had happened with Dilina. Nodding, she asked hesitantly. "Did... she ever talk to you about why she couldn't go through with it?"

Robby shook his head. "I'm not about to talk about that. Not right now any way."

Dianne figured it had something to do with her. She decided to give the two some privacy. She stood up nodding at Robby and Amy. Walking back into the house, she felt bad for Sammy. She couldn't imagine the frustration Sammy had gone through.

Robby watched Dianne go inside. "The main reason that she gave was that the woman she had been in love with back home kept popping into her mind; Images of the time that they had slept together and other stuff. The only reason she even said anything was that she was loaded on tequila when I asked."

Amy knew Sammy couldn't keep from talking when she was smashed on tequila. They'd drunk it several times on the boat during senior year and Sammy had answered every question that Amy posed. Including the ones that she had asked about the night Sammy slept with Dianne.


Sammy rolled her eyes when Dianne came into the living room. She figured Amy was probably grilling Robby. She understood why Dianne had come back in. Robby's gossiping even got on Sammy's nerves. Raising an eyebrow at Anna, she grinned. They had been talking about Robby's penchant for dishing the dirt.

Anna decided to pick on Dianne, "You get tired of the gossip outside?"

Dianne dropped into her recliner and groaned. Looking at Anna, she nodded, "There are certain things I don't care to hear about and someone else's sex life is definitely one of them, especially when I don't have one of my own."

That answered Sammy's question of whether Dianne had a special someone, or not, "You're just jealous, that's all."

Raising an eyebrow, Dianne gave a cheeky grin, "You're the one they're talking about."

Sammy's eyes narrowed. She leaned close to Dianne and growled. "Don't start with me lady, it's your fault that I don't have one!" Rising, she walked out of the room.

Anna blinked in confusion, "What the Hell did she mean by that?"

Shrugging, Dianne pulled out the foot prop on the recliner and let it up. Lying back, she said, "All I know is, Robby said she hasn't ever been able to have an orgasm. Her college girlfriend broke up with her because every time that they tried to have sex, Sammy would end up stopping."

Anna held up her hands in surrender, "There are just some things one doesn't wanna know about their kid."


Sammy sat on the tailgate of her old blue truck in the driveway. Her arms wrapped around her legs, her cheek pressed into her knee. She'd been sitting there for a couple of hours trying to relax. Dianne's comment about her sex life had frustrated her to no end. She didn't really blame Dianne for her lack of sex. She knew that her mind was responsible for it though the why had always confused her. She'd thought that she had finished with Dianne after her first year of college. She grimaced hearing Robby's boisterous laughter coming closer. The grimace deepened when she heard Amy laughing with him. Turning to them, she rolled her eyes.

Amy spotted Sammy, "Well if that don't take me back to our high school years, then I don't know what would."

Robby knew what she was talking about. Having seen all of Sammy's pictures, he'd seen plenty of the teens sitting in that exact spot. Grinning, he jumped up into the bed of the truck beside her and noticed the frown on her face. "Ahh what's wrong, ya little pain slut?"

Sammy groaned, now Amy would start calling her that too. "I'm in a shitty mood."

Amy pulled herself into the bed of the truck. She wrapped an arm around Sammy and pulled her close, propping her head on Sammy's head. "Did the big bad dyke Coach do something to upset the little pain slut?" She asked in a low voice.

Sammy snickered. Dianne had called herself that while they had sex, "No, she didn't; I just got all hissy about a cheeky comment she made."

Robby groaned. Dianne had heard them and she had picked on Sammy about it. Plopping down on the other side of Sammy, he wrapped an arm her and propped his head on Sammy's shoulder. Thinking of what they looked like, he chuckled.

"What the Hell are you laughing about, Freak?" Sammy asked in an irritated tone.

Snickering some more, he said, "Ya know, we probably look like those three 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' monkeys."

At that, all three busted out laughing. Every time one sobered another would make a face. Tears rolled down their cheeks and they all fell backwards in a heap. Snorting, Sammy tried to get her breathing under control. After a few minutes, she finally calmed down.

"God, I needed that. Thanks, Freak."

Robby grinned; glad she had lost the foul mood. "Ah, no problem, Little Pain Slut."

Shaking her head, Sammy sat up from the heap, "Are you seriously gonna keep calling me that?"

Robby nodded, "Yup. It gets a rise out of you. You look 'oh so innocent' but you like it rough."

Amy added, "C'mon, Short Stuff, admit it. You got off when Dianne spanked you."

Robby's eyes widened, he didn't know about that, "Oooooh, someone really does like the kink."

Sammy grinned, she could put up with the comments. They really were the truth. The only way she could orgasm when she masturbated was if she was rough with herself. "Okay, okay, I give, but please don't keep bringing up that night. I really don't like Rosie Red Palmer and her ten sisters."

Amy giggled at that remark. She sat up bumping shoulders with Sammy. Wiggling her eyebrows, she gestured with her head toward Dianne's house. "There's always the alternative. I know for sure she wouldn't have any problems with the idea of fucking you now."

Shaking her head, Sammy said vehemently. "Hell nah, I wouldn't touch that woman with a fuckin' ten foot pole. I don't care if she is the only person on this planet who can get me off."

Amy asked, "Why is that?"

Sammy replied, "She's a bitch. That's why."

Amy looked into Sammy's eyes, "That would be the other way around here lately, Hon. Why have you been acting like that?"

Looking down, Sammy tried to blink away the sudden tears. She couldn't get around the question this time. Amy was right. She'd thought about it in bed the night before. "Being around her so much here lately has made me realize that I still hurt from the way she rejected me. I was gone for eight years, I thought I was over it, but I'm not. I try not to act nasty, but it comes out no matter what I do to stop it."

Amy knew how sensitive she was on this subject. Pulling Sammy into her arms, she held her close rocking them back and forth as Sammy wept. Robby wrapped his arms around the both of them and hummed softly.


Sunday, April 3rd, 2016:

Dianne went through her closet. She was cleaning it out for the first time in a very long time and the things she found baffled her. Finding a shredded t-shirt, she raised an eyebrow. Her eyes widened when she remembered how it had gotten there. "Damn, I didn't realize just how long it's really been since I've cleaned this closet. Jesus!" She shook her head and tossed the shirt into a trash bag.

Opening a black bag, she grabbed the videotapes and stood up. Setting the tapes on the VCR, she popped one in and sat down. She needed to find out which ones were used and which ones weren't. An hour later, she had just popped in the fifteenth one when Amy entered. Glancing at Amy, she nodded and looked back at the screen.

Amy looked over at the fuzzy video. Her eyes widened at a scene showing a small naked woman chained to the bed. Dianne went to turn off the VCR, but not before the woman had lifted her head. Amy worked her jaw, trying to talk. She was shocked seeing Sammy cuffed to Dianne's bed. Amy's thoughts tumbled over themselves.

Chapter Twelve

Dianne stood there holding the tape, blinking, her heart beat rapidly, and her mind was fuzzy. Coming to her senses, she turned seeing Amy's wide-eyed expression. Stuttering slightly, she finally got out.

"I-I seriously didn't know that was on this tape."

Amy smirked, "Well, I guess she did warn me that it was rough."

Chuckling nervously, Dianne quickly put the tape on top of the VCR away from the others. She wanted to watch that later, much later, when she was alone, that is. "Ummm... was there any reason why you're home or did you just want to hang out? I'm cleaning up the closet and apparently it's been over a decade since I've done that."

Amy grinned at the flustered woman. The tape had disturbed her, too. "Your dad wants to grill fish tonight and he and Anna were hoping that you would come over and join us. Why the Hell did you wait that long to clean out your closet?"

Dianne smiled, "I guess I didn't want to find anything that I didn't want to see."

Amy didn't even want to think about the tape, "Aww, c'mon, why wouldn't you want to see that?" She asked, gesturing at the tape.

Dianne shrugged, embarrassed. "It makes me uncomfortable. I know how I get when I'm drunk and I don't want to see myself doing that to Sammy. I care too much about her to see her treated like one of the women I used to sleep with while I was in the Army. I was a complete dog back then."

Nodding, Amy replied, "I can understand your reluctance. I'll see you later." Turning, Amy waved and closed the door behind her.

Breathing out a relieved sigh, Dianne sat on the bed and groaned. She hadn't expected that tape to bring so much up. The images from that night flooded her mind, arousing every part. She lay back on the bed trying to block the images of her fucking Sammy. She couldn't, just couldn't.

Everything came rushing back, ripping that T-shirt off the body she had wanted for so long, the sight of Sammy's ass in the thong, the sting of her hand on the glowing red cheeks, the sounds Sammy had made, the scent of her, the wetness just for her.

Her sex throbbed, taking up the beat. Dianne groaned in defeat. It wouldn't stop until she relieved the tension, maybe. She shoved her left hand down into the old blue jeans she wore. Two fingers rocked over a throbbing bundle. She changed tactics, rubbing in a slow, torturous motion. 'This isn't my hand; it's hers. She's doing this to me, faster and faster driving me crazy, not letting me rest. Faster!' Her hips rocked, her eyes squeezed tight. Her back arched with the violent spasms.

Dianne screamed out her release, "SAMMY! OH GOD..." The words were drawn out like a prayer.

Dianne's body dropped back on the bed, she cupped her sex. She could still feel her pussy clenching, her breath came out in heavy pants. 'This should have been her hand there, her mouth there...'

When her body calmed down, Dianne removed her sticky hand from her jeans. Pressing her other hand onto the crotch of her jeans confirmed her suspicions. They were soaked, all the way through.

Sitting up, she stared down at the large wet spot covering the upper part of the legs of her jeans and her entire crotch. She could tell that even the backside of her jeans were soaked. She'd never come that much in her entire life. Nowhere near that ever while masturbating. Blinking her eyes, refusing any wasted emotions, she groaned again. She'd definitely have to take a shower before heading over to dinner. Rising up, she hollered and looked down at the offending muscle in her thigh. 'Another first, a sprain from an orgasm, great, just perfect.'


Sammy snickered, Amy had just told her about what had happened. She hadn't thought that Dianne would keep the tape, but now that Sammy knew that she had, she wondered about asking to borrow it.

Sammy asked, "Why was she watching it in the first place?"

Amy smirked, "She was cleaning out her closet, or at least that's what she said."

Sammy swung her feet back and forth over the railing of the back porch. Amy was standing beside her on the steps. Robby was at an interview at the office of the magazine that she worked for; she hoped he got a job there. She would love to work with him again. He was good with the articles and was the one journalist with whom she never had any problems in writing copy that matched her photos. Glancing out over the yard, Sammy grinned. Dianne walked toward them limping a bit. When Dianne came close, she asked, "What have you been doing to hurt yourself?"

If Dianne told the truth, Sammy would make a smart-ass comment, so she lied. "I pulled a groin muscle while I was exercising." Dianne limped off toward the sliding glass doors at the kitchen, knowing that Sammy was watching.

Sammy knew Dianne lied. Dianne never could hide that. Her jaw muscles twitched whenever she did. Sammy recalled when those assholes had beaten her up in school. She'd asked Dianne if anything like that had ever happened to her. Dianne had said no, with that same pursed-lip, tight-jaw expression. Wanting to know more, Sammy pressed the issue.

"All right, three non-comms on base came after me once in my fourth year. They were drunk and behaving like assholes. They wanted to change my mind about my sexual preferences. I walked away with a few scrapes and bruises."

"What happened to them?" A knot of anger curled in Sammy's chest but she wanted to hear more.

Ticking off her fingers, Dianne smiled. "Broken jaw, punctured eardrum, ruptured spleen for number one, dislocated shoulder, busted ribs, and broken left arm in three places for number two. The ringleader lost several teeth and his crushed testicles required major surgery. All three were dishonorably discharge and did hard time in Leavenworth. My CO did right by me."

Snickering, Sammy followed Dianne into the kitchen. Amy shook her head and walked over to where Mat and Anna were by the grill. She wondered if she should leave the two women alone. If anything happened, Dianne could handle it.

Dianne dropped into a chair. Noticing that Sammy had followed her, she groaned. Dropping her head onto the table, she tried to ignore Sammy, even though just being in a room with her made her blood boil and head south.

Sammy dropped into a chair by Dianne. She propped her chin on her palm and asked in mock sympathy with her bottom lip poking out. "Did the big bad dyke Coach hurt herself while masturbating to a certain video tape?"

Dianne's head popped up, her eyes widened. Her jaw opened but no sound came out. Sammy loved the look. Reaching out, she closed Dianne's mouth. Placing her hand on Dianne's thigh, she patted it. In a voice laden with sarcasm, she said. "Don't feel too bad, I'm sure the stiffness of muscles that haven't been used in such a long time will go away real soon."

Dianne bared her teeth and snarled, "I'm not the one that hasn't had an orgasm in nearly a decade." Picking Sammy's hand up, she placed it roughly on her own thigh. Dianne stood up quickly, causing her chair to slide back and scrape across the marble-tiled floor. Storming out through the sliding glass doors, she stomped over to Anna. Through gritted teeth, she growled. "I swear to God, if she continues to be a bitch, I'm going to make her think that I really am an animal."

Anna stared at Dianne. Energy came off of her in waves and there was a wild look in her eyes. Briefly, she wondered if this was what Dianne had been like in the Army.

Mat turned away from the grill and glanced at his daughter. He shook his head, grimacing at the look in her eyes. He hadn't seen since that she had been in uniform. Gesturing for his wife to take over the grill, he took Dianne by the elbow and dragged her aside. When they were out of hearing range, he ordered. "If you don't calm down right now, soldier, I'm going to kick your ass!"

Hearing the commanding tone from the retired Major, Dianne straightened. "Yes, Sir."

Nodding, Mat asked. "What did she do this time?"

Dianne ran her fingers through her hair, "I just snapped. She was messing with my head and I'm so not in the mood for it today."

Mat cocked his head, "When are you in the mood for someone to do that?"


Sammy sat in the kitchen, shocked at the rage coming from Dianne. She knew she had taken it too far when that wild look came that she had only seen once before. She wondered if Dianne had stayed in the room if she might have thrown Sammy down on the table and fucked her right there. Deciding not to let her mind take that route, Sammy walked to her room. Sitting down on the bed, she pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms about them. Tears welled up as she wished for the umpteenth time that she could understand her reactions toward Dianne. Sobbing, she wished that Robby were there. He always held her when she cried and she wanted comfort so badly right then. Curling into a ball, she hugged a pillow to her chest.


Calmed down Dianne stood outside of Sammy's room. She wanted to apologize. Not finding her in the kitchen, she went to Sammy's room and heard sobbing. She raised her hand and quickly brought it down. She didn't know if she should knock or leave. Hearing the sobbing worsen, she decided to go in. If Sammy wanted her to leave, she would, but she wanted so desperately to hold her.

Opening the door, Dianne stared at the small shaking form. Dianne shut the door and sat down on the bed. She was past surprised when Sammy wrapped herself around her. Pulling Sammy into her lap, Dianne kicked off her shoes and swung her legs around onto the bed. Cradling Sammy close, Dianne whispered comforting words into a small ear.

The soothing, low voice calmed Sammy.

Keeping her head bowed, Dianne whispered, "I'm sorry I overreacted so badly. I'm just... I won't even bother making excuses, not to you."

Sammy sniffled and burrowed into the warm body. Wrapping her arms tighter around Dianne's waist, she sighed. "S'all right, it's not as if I didn't deserve it. I've been such a bitch to you lately and I can't even understand it. I've tried to make sense of it and it just makes me even more frustrated."

Dianne nuzzled her cheek against the head underneath, "You didn't deserve my going off like that. No one should ever treat you like that, especially me." Dianne rubbing her hand over a bare arm, grinning at the goose bumps on Sammy's skin.

In a low voice, Sammy asked. "Why are you being so nice to me? After the way I've been acting, I wouldn't blame you for hating me."

Dianne held Sammy tight against her, "Sammy, my feelings for you are so mixed up here lately that I couldn't possibly answer that question. One minute I feel like you're still a kid and the next minute I'm seeing the full grown woman that you've become."

Sammy rolled her eyes. Looking up at Dianne she pulled away a little so that she could see her eyes. "Why did I know to expect that type of answer from you?"

Dianne wiped the tears from the cherubic face and caressed a flushed cheek, "I don't know why you expected that, but I do know that I'm glad you didn't tell me to leave when I came in."

Sammy smiled softly, "I'm glad I didn't either. I really didn't think about it, I just needed to be held."

Dianne grinned, Sammy had always been a snuggle puppy, "I know, you little pleasure hound."

Sammy curled back into Dianne's chest sighing in contentment. Inhaling deeply she took in Dianne's familiar spicy scent.

Dianne's voice rumbled in her ear, "Did you just smell me?"

Grinning, Sammy replied, "Why? Gonna freak out on me again?"

Dianne smirked at the sassy remark, "You're still a little smart-ass."

Sammy shook her head in mock exasperation, "Why have people been talking about my ass so damn much here lately? Every time I turn around, someone's saying that."

Dianne considered her next words for that impudent reply. Moving her hand away from Sammy's side, she caressed the body part in question. Her voice dropped to a rumble, "Maybe it's because your ass is so damn gorgeous?"

Sammy felt Dianne's hand on her. She sat up so quickly that she almost didn't hear the question. Giggling, she shrieked when Dianne rolled her over and smacked her ass. Rolling off of Dianne's lap onto her back, she moved her hands under her butt giggling again. Tilting her head back, she looked at Dianne. Seeing the Cheshire grin on her face, Sammy shook her head. "Hands where I can see 'em woman. That was uncalled for."

Sliding over, Dianne leaned over until her face was above Sammy's, her grin widened. Staring down into wide green eyes, she purred. "If I recall correctly, you like the way I smack your ass. In fact, you liked it so much you came all over your little g-string and my thigh."

Sammy breathed heavy, her nostrils flared. She hoped that Dianne wasn't playing. Did Dianne want her as much as she wanted Dianne? The door opened. Dianne jumped away from her rising off the bed. Sammy was torn between gratitude and disappointment.

Anna could hardly believe her eyes. A half hour before, they had wanted to kill each other. She was pretty sure that she had just seen Dianne leaning over Sammy about to kiss her. Blinking, she snapped out of her fugue and stuttered. "I-I thought t-that you t-two mi-might want dinner, but I can put it away for you if you want?"

Shrugging, Dianne smiled apologetically at Sammy before turning her attention back to Anna, "We'll go on downstairs. We really weren't doing anything."

Anna smiled. Dianne was trying to save Sammy some embarrassment. "All right then, c'mon and eat."

Holding her hand out, Dianne grasped Sammy's hand and helped her up. Hand in hand they followed Anna to the back porch. Dropping Sammy's hand, Dianne held back a disappointed sigh. She didn't know what might have happened if Anna hadn't came in. Her mind was filled with 'what ifs'. Sitting down at the glass table, she grinned when Sammy sat as close to her as she could get without being in her lap again.

Glancing up shyly, Sammy smiled at the grin on Dianne's face. When Anna placed their plates in front of them, Sammy ate slowly, not really in the mood for food.

Amused, Dianne watched Sammy pick at her food. She hadn't meant to do it but she had turned Sammy on in the worst way.

Anna noted the interaction between the two women, and she knew what had happened. Dianne had been playing with Sammy but Sammy hadn't been playing at all.


Sammy rolled over once more in exasperation, she had been tossing and turning all night. She knew exactly what was keeping her awake. Her mind kept wandering back to being with Dianne. In a way, she was glad that her mother had interrupted them. She didn't want to hop into bed with Dianne so fast. On the other hand, the one that smacked her ass, her libido was still screaming for more. She glanced at the clock and groaned. '7 A.M.' She knew that she wouldn't be able to function at all today. Tossing the blankets off, she got up and put on her clothes.

Wandering into the kitchen, she found the cereal, fixed a bowl, grabbed some orange juice and sat down. Not bothering with a glass, she drank out of the carton. She grimaced at the sharp taste; the juice was damn close to expiring, just like her. She ate slowly, and shrugged when her mother came in and raised an eyebrow at her. Looking at Anna with bloodshot eyes, she smiled half-heartedly.

In a scratchy voice, she explained, "I couldn't sleep."

Anna shook her head at Sammy; she was dozing in her cereal. She sat down and asked, "And why is that?"

Narrowing her eyes at her mom, Sammy answered sarcastically, "Why do you think?"

Anna knew why. Her daughter was always like that when something exciting happened. She knew exactly what was keeping Sammy awake. Nonchalant, Anna asked, "Just what were you two doing yesterday?"

Sammy put her spoon down, she crossed her arms over her chest and pouted, "We weren't doing anything, yet. Thanks to you, nothing happened."

Anna grinned, "Don't you think that the two of you should talk this time before you jump in the sack? Just to make sure that both of you really do want it?"

Sammy sighed in defeat, "Yeah, I guess you're right. I just can't think when she's that close to me. It's like when we're alone, my mind shuts down." She left the rest of her feelings unspoken, 'And the rest of me is wide open.'


Amy raised an eyebrow at Sammy. Sammy had called and begged her to come over at eight in the morning. When she went over, Amy couldn't help but smile. Sammy wanted her to teach her how to skate. She knew that Sammy had never finished her lessons with Dianne. She was amused that she wanted to learn now. Knowing that Sammy would be covered in scrapes and bruises by the end of the day, she shouted over her shoulder to Anna, "You might wanna get out the first-aide kit, Ma. She sucks at this!"

Anna snickered and then full out laughed. Sammy fell flat on her ass when she tried to turn around and glare at Amy. From her spot on the pavement, Sammy whined, "Why don't you just help me and stop picking on me? I can't help being a klutz. It's natural."

Dianne peeked out of her hallway window after hearing the boisterous laughter all the way in her living room. Seeing Sammy get up from the ground and roll backward slightly, she grinned evilly. Deciding to pick on the younger woman, she went to get her own roller blades.

Sammy groaned, her elbow burned and she knew it was bleeding. Straightening up, she tried again and managed to stay on her feet. She started to fall down backward again when she saw Robby and Mat come out of the house. She was shocked when arms caught her before she hit the ground and put her back on her feet. Looking over her shoulder, she grinned upon seeing Dianne. Her eyes narrowed at the sneaky look in her eyes.

Dianne tried to adopt an innocent look, she asked in as guiltless a voice as she could muster, "What? I didn't do nothing, but if you'd rather I didn't help you, I could go back inside."

Sammy dropped her head and shrugged in defeat. Dianne was the only one who had ever gotten that far with teaching her how to skate. Sighing, she relented. "Fine, I don't know what revenge you're plotting and I don't care. I just want to learn how to do this!"

Dianne grinned at the frustration evident in Sammy's posture. Placing her hands on Sammy's waist, she guided them backward. She smirked when Sammy shrieked and grasped at her arms.

Amy snickered at the wide-eyed look on Sammy's face when they rolled backward. She smiled when Danni came out to join them.

Danni watched her cousin try to teach Sammy how to skate. Dianne had told her about the first time they'd tried this and how Sammy had kept falling on her ass. Wrapping her arms around her wife's waist, Danni whispered. "Is this going to be our entertainment for the day?"

Nodding, Amy snickered. In a normal tone, she answered. "As soon as Dianne let's go of her, she's gonna fall flat on her ass. She can't skate, she's too much of a klutz; her words, not mine."

Dianne started to let go, she quickly grasped Sammy's waist again when her fingernails dug into her forearms. Leaning her head toward Sammy's, she spun them around and skated backward in the direction of the small group. She whispered, "I'm going to eventually have to let go if you really want to learn how to do this."

Sammy grimaced; she didn't want Dianne to let go yet. Her legs were shaky and she knew as soon as Dianne let go, she would fall on her already bruised ass again. She leaned back into Dianne's warmth, grinning when the long muscular arms wrapped tightly around her waist and spun them around. The scent of her shampoo and her cologne was filling her senses. Closing her eyes, she relaxed slightly then quickly opened them again.

Dianne knew that Sammy wasn't thinking about the skating any more. Deciding that her plan was working perfectly, she caressing a taut abdomen. Feeling Sammy tremble slightly, she let go of her and skated away.

Sammy quickly caught her balance. She glared at Dianne for the dirty trick she had tried to play on her. Skating toward Dianne, Sammy giggled when the taller woman skated away from her. When Dianne sped up, she tried to do the same and ended up falling onto her hands and knees. Grimacing she looked up. Dianne hadn't noticed yet, so she shouted. "That was not fair, you dirty rotten asshole."

Dianne turned and skated back toward Sammy. Dropping into a crouch next to the angry young woman, she pulled Sammy up and looked at her knees. Seeing a large bloody scrape, she grimaced. "Fuck, I'm sorry, Baby! I was just playing. I didn't mean to get you hurt, honest!"

Sammy narrowed her eyes at Dianne, she had known that she hadn't meant to but it didn't stop it from hurting so badly. Pouting, she muttered, "Whatever, just help me get into the house and cleaned up."

After taking Sammy's roller blades off of her feet and handing them to Amy, Dianne carried Sammy into Anna's house and sat her down on one of the living room recliners. Anna quickly brought first-aide kit to her. Dianne looked at Sammy's left knee and grimaced at the blood running down. Taking a wet cloth from Anna, she gently cleaned both knees and wiped the blood. Every one was quiet half expecting a blow up from Sammy. They all knew the temper that she had.

Placing bandages on the wounds, Dianne kissed the top of each knee while looking up with pleading blue eyes at Sammy.

Chapter Thirteen

Sammy looked down into the pleading blue eyes. She couldn't help but smile at Dianne when she felt the soft kisses. Leaning down, she placed a kiss on Dianne's nose and whispered. "It's okay, I know you were just playing. Don't beat yourself up about it, I think you've done enough of that when it comes to us."

Mat raised an eyebrow at the way his daughter was behaving. He had never seen her act this way. He knew that she was in love. Glancing at his wife, he smiled. 'My girl has good taste.'

Dianne sighed in relief and laid her head in Sammy's lap. She wrapped her arms around the slender waist and hugged her tight. Sammy ran her fingers through the silky black hair and smiled tenderly. Feeling warm moist lips kiss the insides of both of her thighs, she pulled the dark head up and leaned over to place a kiss on a tanned forehead. She lean her forehead against Dianne's.

"Thank you." She whispered, staring into eyes that had darkened to indigo.

Dianne wasn't quite sure what Sammy was thanking her for but she was glad that Sammy wasn't angry with her.

Danni cleared her throat, "I believe I speak for everyone here when I say, KNOCK IT OFF! We don't wanna see any tonsil hockey."

Dianne narrowed her eyes at her cousin, "Bite me, Beavis."

Danni grinned, Dianne hadn't called her that since they were teens, "Go bite yourself, Butthead."

Amy raised an eyebrow and looked at Sammy, seeing her shrug. She had never seen the cousins play around like that.

Standing up, Dianne grinned at the confused look on Sammy's face, "Remind me to show you the photos of us from when we were teens. It explains the nick names."

Sammy smirked at Dianne, "I don't even want to know, Butthead."

Shrugging Dianne smiled at Sammy. "I need to get back over to the house, I've got cleaning to do. I'll see you later, okay?"

Standing, Sammy followed Dianne out of the front door and onto the porch. Tugging on Dianne's hand she smiled when Dianne turned around and stepped up close.

Dianne looked down and asked, "What?"

Up on her tip toes Sammy wrapped her arms around Dianne's neck, pressing her body firmly against Dianne. Narrowing her eyes seductively, she caressed the back of Dianne's head. In a low tone, she asked, "Kiss me?"

The question reverberated loud and clear in her head, Dianne kissed Sammy. Her arms wrapped tight and pulled her so close that it was doubtful that even a speck of dust could get through. Their tongues twisted and glided around each other, memorizing the taste of each other's mouth and the feelings that the touch caused in their bodies.

Sammy moaned into the kiss.

Dianne broke away and panted, "God, that felt... amazing."

Nodding, a dumbfounded Sammy pulled the dark head back down. Her lips glided against Dianne's. A tongue licked at her bottom lip, she quickly obliged and opening her mouth. She moaned when the long muscle tickled the back of her throat, she still couldn't believe how long Dianne's tongue was, even after all these years. Pulling back, she leaned her head on a broad shoulder and waited for her breathing to return to normal.

After a couple of minutes, Sammy sighed, "You should probably get back to cleaning your house."

Still breathless Dianne turned and started down the steps, she stopped to turn and wave at Sammy. When Sammy waved back, Dianne made her way to her house with stumbling steps. The kisses stupefied her and her brain hadn't quite kicked back in, she was just glad that she could still remember how to breathe.


Looking across their desks at work, Robby snickered at Sammy for the third time in a half an hour. For the past week, she had been coming over to his desk, look like she wanted to speak, and then she'd clam up and make some excuse. He shook his head; the concentrated look on her cherubic face wasn't because of work. Wadding up a piece of paper, he tossed it at Sammy. He grinned when she looked up at him with narrowed eyes.

Sammy growled, "What do you want? I'm trying to work here."

"We both know the only thing you're working on, Miss Thang, is giving the both of us a migraine. That look on your face is giving me a fit. Now why don't you just get your little ass up and go to your woman's work place and demand that she give you an answer? Because if this keeps up, someone's gonna implode."

Sammy considered this advice. While she may not be willing to demand anything of the tall Goddess, lest Dianne decide that throwing her down on the gym floor and showing her exactly who was boss was a good plan, she did think that cornering her at the school would be a good idea. Dianne wouldn't be able to distract her there, as long as she wasn't in the middle of a P.E. class.

Nodding, Sammy smiled at Robby. "Great idea, I'll see ya later. My work's done anyway."

It was pouring rain when Sammy stepped outside; she was going to get soaked. Earlier when it was still sunny, she had parked at the back of the lot. She actually managed not to slip and fall running to her truck. Getting in, she cranked the vehicle up, turned the heat on full blast and sighed in relief. After waiting for the windows to un-fog, she was finally on her way.

Pulling up as close to the gym as she could get, she got out and dashed to the doors. She made her way to the Coach's office, looked in through the open door and smirked. Dianne had found a new pass-time. Instead of counting the ceiling tiles, she was tossing darts at a board on the wall behind her chair. Her back was to the door.

Walking in, Sammy quietly closed the door. She grinned when the noise of the lock sliding home didn't catch Dianne's attention. Glancing at the small clock on the wall above her head, she saw that it was barely past noon. Walking behind the chair, she waited until Dianne's hand was empty of darts and spun the chair around. She quickly caught the surprised woman's lips in a smoldering kiss, shoving her tongue into the open mouth. Pulling back, she placed her hands on both sides of Dianne and blocked her in. When Dianne's indigo eyes opened, Sammy grinned cheekily.

Dianne blinked her eyes to clear her mind. When she could think properly, she narrowed her eyes slightly at Sammy. Clearing her throat, she asked in an amused voice, "And what was that for?"

Sammy sat in Dianne's lap, wrapping her arms around her neck. Kicking her legs over the side of the chair, she smiled, "I've been thinking about something we need to talk about."

Dianne's dark eyebrows nearly hit her hairline, she swallowed hard, "What would that be?"

Sammy stood up and walked around to the other side of the desk, she really should have thought this out. Turning her back to Dianne, she said in a low voice. "We both know that I love you and I have since I first saw you. I just can't do this again unless I know for sure what your feelings are. If you don't love me, then I can't be with you. It will only end up breaking my heart again. I can't handle that."

The statement shocked Dianne. She had thought that she'd made it clear that she loved Sammy, but now she knew she hadn't. Her mind drew a complete blank. She worked her jaw trying to get words out, but no sounds passed her lips.

Sammy turned to face Dianne after a few minutes of quiet. Seeing the wide-eyed cornered look, her heart broke all over again. Taking the silence as a negative, she nodded. Sammy took a deep shuddering breath and said in a cold tone, "Okay, I understand. Don't bother apologizing this time; I'm not your toy to be played with any more. This isn't a scraped knee, so your little 'cute' routine won't work." Sammy stormed out of the office.

Dianne stared after Sammy. She had tried to speak but her throat was stuck shut. Standing so quickly that her chair slammed into the wall, she chased after the younger woman. When she got outside in the pouring rain, she looked around. Not seeing Sammy's truck, she cussed, "Fuck! Why the Hell am I always doing this shit to her?"


Sammy slammed the truck into park and groaned. Banging her head on the steering wheel, she glanced up through the windshield at the downpour. She got out and ran toward Amy's father's boat. Unlocking the gate at the top of the ramp, she entered and relocked the gate. She hurried over the slick boards to the boat. Walking over to the door that led to the lower deck, she searched through her keys. Finding the one she needed, she let herself in and went down to the wine cabinet. Grabbing a bottle of tequila, she tossed the cap and walked toward the bed at the back of the boat.

Lying down with her back propped up on the pillows, she took a swig of the tequila from the bottle and grimaced. The liquid burned a trail of fire down her throat and to the pit of her stomach. She continued doing this until her entire body was numb, finally, she put the bottle on the nightstand and rolled over. Hugging a pillow to her chest, she let her body drift into a deep sleep.

A few hours later, she awakened to repeat the process of getting sloshed on tequila. When her body was dulled a second time, she allowed her mind to process the events that had unraveled in the gym office. When her mind got around to the look on Dianne's face. Thinking about it, Dianne's look wasn't- 'Jesus, if that wasn't panic...' She suddenly sat up and groaned, shouting. "FUCK! SHE WAS SHOCKED!" 'Of course she was, Dianne probably thought she'd proved that she loved me by being so damned loving.' Rolling her eyes at her own stupidity, she flopped back against the pillows and shouted out loud again. "DAMN IT! AND MY STUPID ASS JUST HAD TO GO AND GET RIPPED!"


Dianne slammed the door to Anna's house. The group had been looking for Sammy all evening. It was well past midnight and they hadn't found her anywhere. Dropping into a recliner, Dianne groaned into her hands. Feeling hands begin to massage her shoulders, she shrugged them off and looked behind her at her cousin.

Danni raised an eyebrow, "Where have you guys been and why do you look like death warmed over?"

Anna entered the room and answered for Dianne, "Earlier, dumb ass over here pissed Sammy off and she drove away like an idiot. We have been looking for hours and we can't find her anywhere."

Danni nodded. Around two-thirty, she had been called to substitute for her cousin's fourth period detention class. As soon as she got home, she and Amy had dinner plans so she hadn't been able to track Dianne down to find what had happened. Calling out for her wife, Danni asked. "Hon, where on earth would Sammy go, if not home, when she was pissed off?"

Amy came into the room and glared at Dianne, "Why? What happened?"

Dianne shook her head and explained everything.

When she finished, Amy popped Dianne in the back of the head. "You mean to fuckin' tell me that she drove off in this mess?" She asked.

Grimacing, Dianne nodded sheepishly.

Amy said, "She probably went to the boat, she does have keys to it."


Groaning, Sammy rolled over. Glancing at the clock she saw that it was barely one A.M. Deciding to go back to sleep, she was almost out when she heard someone outside yell her name. She got out of bed and stumbled up the steps. Out onto the deck, she peered through the heavy rain down the ramp. Her eyes widened when she saw Dianne standing under a dock light. Thanks to the rain and the incoming tide Sammy had to run up the floating dock to unlock the gate. She couldn't believe Dianne's stupidity.

"Get up here before you end up with pneumonia!"

Dianne jogged down the ramp, and once she was on the deck, she grabbed Sammy in a hug. "Don't you ever do anything like this again, you had all of us scared to Hell and back!"

Sammy backed away from Dianne with a snort of disbelief, "Why are you here? Didn't you prove enough in the office?"

Dianne cupped Sammy's with both hands and waited until their eyes locked. When Sammy seemed to be listening, she said, "All that I proved in the office is just how easy it is to shock me. God, haven't you been payin' attention for the past week? I've been tryin' to show you my feelings in my own strange little way."

Tears built up as Sammy narrowed her eyes, "Then why can't you just say it? Why not just tell me?"

Taking a deep breath, Dianne dropped to her knees on the rain-slicked deck. She wrapped her arms around Sammy's waist. Looking up, she waited until their eyes met again and said in a strangled voice, "God, of course I love you, Samantha. I think I loved you when I first met you. I just didn't understand the draw I felt to you." Pressing her face into Sammy's soaked T-shirt covered abdomen, she sobbed, "I was more afraid of getting my heart broken than I was of losing my job. Earlier I didn't expect you to ask me that. Please, forgive me for messing up again."

Sammy dropped to her knees and wrapped her fingers in the wet black hair. When Dianne focused on her again, she smiled, "Say it again?"

Let out the breath that she hadn't known she was holding Dianne said in a clear voice. "I love you, Samantha, with all of my heart and soul." She let out a low grunt as she was pushed to her back on the deck.

Ecstatic Sammy began kissing her all over her rain-covered face. Between kisses, Sammy stated vehemently, "God... I... never... thought... I... would... hear you... say that. I love you too." She said the last part before she took Dianne's lips in a deep kiss.

Wrapping her arms around Sammy's back, Dianne fervidly returned the kisses. They ignored the rain pounding down on around them on the deck. Dianne rolled them over until Sammy was underneath her body; breaking the kiss, they both stopped and panted for air. Looking down into the face of the woman that she loved, Dianne took note of her pale skin tone and bloodshot eyes. Tasting a slight hint of tequila on her own lips, she dropped her head down beside Sammy's and whispered, "You're gonna have a hangover tomorrow, aren't you?"

Sammy pressed her hips up into the abdomen that was currently between her spread legs. "I already do and if you don't get up, you might just end up with puke all over you."

Dianne scrambled off of Sammy then helped her over to the railing. When Sammy began retching off the side of the boat, Dianne rubbed her back and placed kisses between her shoulder blades.

Empty, Sammy wiped her hand over her mouth and groaned. "God, that was disgusting." Turning, Sammy wrapped her arms around Dianne's neck and buried her face in the tall woman's breasts.

"Let's get below and wash up a bit, now that we're already wetter than the fish." Dianne offered, loving the feel of Sammy's body against hers, no matter how it happened.


Lying in bed, the anxiety Dianne had felt since Sammy ran out of her office disappeared the moment she'd held Sammy in her arms again. She glanced over as the door to the head opened, and Sammy walked toward her. A soft smile formed on Dianne's lips as her gaze swept over Sammy's naked body. She lifted a hand and held it out to Sammy.

Sammy placed her hand in Dianne's and was tugged onto the bed, into the warmth and comfort of strong arms. "Love you."

Dianne tightened her hold on Sammy's waist, "Love you, too."

Sammy sighed and wrapped her arms around the ones that were on her stomach. She giggled when long fingers began tracing shapes on her abdomen. She felt a smile form on the lips that were pressed against her neck. "God, I don't think I've ever been this happy. Except for right before you woke up that Christmas morning."

A rumbling chuckle bounced around in Dianne's chest and she asked, "What were you doing? I remember that you were running your fingers over my face."

Sammy smiled softly in remembrance, "I was trying to memorize what you looked like while you were sleeping. You just looked so beautiful and carefree, all of the normal stress lines that surround your eyes were gone and your hair was just wild. I looked at your lips and I couldn't help but giggle when I wondered if mine were just as bruised."

Dianne remembered exactly what Sammy had looked like when she walked into the kitchen in nothing but a towel wrapped low on her chest. "Unfortunately, I think yours may have been worse."

Sammy just had to say it, "Yeah I know. You're such an animal."

Dianne's eyes widened as she stuttered, "Y-yeah, but you know you liked it."

Sammy enjoyed picking on Dianne, "What are you gonna do if I deny it? Gonna spank me again?"

Dianne growled in answer, causing Sammy to shiver. "I just might, and this time I won't go easy on you." In a normal tone, she added. "Actually I think I may be too tired to do anything but cuddle and sleep. That's a first in a long time. Thank God tomorrow is Saturday."

Sammy snickered, and then she 'tsked', "Your old age is showing through, Honey."

Dianne turned Sammy around in her arms, pulling her as tightly against her body as she could. Lowering her head, she took Sammy's lips in a harsh kiss. When the kiss broke and their breathing calmed, Dianne licked Sammy's swollen lips and pulled back a bit, "You sure you want an old reprobate like me?"

Sammy blinked; the kiss just plain stupefied her. When her mind finally cleared, she smiled broadly. Looking into Dianne's serious blue eyes, she stated in a breathless tone, "Oh yeah, Honey. If you're an old reprobate, then you're gonna be MY old reprobate!"

Dianne's question had been only slightly joking. The comment caused her to laugh in relief. Loosening her grip on Sammy's waist, she scooted down in the bed and laid her head on top of Sammy's. Breathing in the fumes of tequila and a sweet scent that was all Sammy, she breathed out. "Good night, Baby. I love you."

Sammy snuggled closer and closed her eyes, "Mmm, love you too. I'll never get tired of hearing those words from you."

Dianne smiled as she felt Sammy's breathing even out in sleep and she squeezed the small body tightly. Her eyes drifted close and she sent out a prayer for the first time in years. 'Please, God, don't let me mess this up. I love this little spit fire with all of my heart and I couldn't bear to lose her a second time.'


Anna walked down the stairs to the lower deck and searched for her daughter. She smiled when she reached the Captain's berth. Sammy was wrapped tightly around Dianne. She doubted that anything could get between them. She noticed the bottle of tequila, wondering if her daughter reacted the same way with the fiery liquid as she did. She herself had always gotten a murderous hangover from it, which was the very reason why it stayed away from her house. When a deep rattling snore came from Dianne, Anna couldn't help but giggle. She had known that Dianne was probably going to end up sick from the repeated exposure to the cold rain. That morning, she decided to bring them some soup and toast. Going back to the small kitchen at the back of the level, she placed the items from the basket on a counter and began fixing the food.

Dianne groaned and rolled over. Her chest hurt and her head felt like it weighed a ton. She started to take a deep breath and sneezed, her hands quickly covered her face and she groaned. Her ears had popped from the sneeze. Quickly untangling herself from the small form that had been wrapped around her and getting out of bed, she went to the bathroom in search of tissue paper.

Sammy whimpered and searched the bed, coming up with nothing but still warm sheets. Opening her eyes to slits, she groaned and grabbed her head. Moaning, she felt the bile rise in her throat and hurried to the bathroom. Dropping to her knees, she hugged the base of the toilet and retched.

Kneeling behind Sammy, Dianne wrapped her arms around her waist, burying her face against the middle of her back. When her stomach finally calmed somewhat, Sammy dropped her forehead against the back of the toilet. She whimpered at the spinning, way too bright bathroom.

Dianne groaned, holding Sammy's waist, she whined, "Baby, I don't feel good."

Sammy shook her head. She moaned as the pounding intensified, "Neither do I, but it's both of our faults. You for standing in the rain and me for bein' so damned dense."

Anna stood in the doorway of the small bathroom and snickered. Normally she would have been embarrassed at seeing her daughter and another woman naked but right now it was just plain funny with the way they were groaning and whimpering. Clearing her throat loudly, she waved when two sets of bloodshot eyes glared at her.

Deciding to be nice, she whispered. "I thought you two might like some toast and juice. It will help your stomachs and that cold of yours, Dianne."

Nodding, Dianne crawled on her hands and knees past Anna. When Anna snickered again, she snarled like a bear in misery.

Crawling behind Dianne, Sammy groaned when the dizziness cranked up. Her eyes narrowed at the view of Dianne's ass as she crawled onto the bed. Following her, Sammy tried to get onto the bed and moaned weakly. She barely had to strength to do anything, must less to go through with the urge she had to bite Dianne's firm ass. She really wanted to put it on her to do list, if she lived. She whimpered again then sighed as strong hands wrapped around her waist, pulled her up onto the bed and on top of Dianne.

Dianne settled onto her back and held Sammy close, content as small muscular arms wrapped around her waist and a face was buried in her neck.

Chapter Fourteen

The two women were like big babies, joined at the hip and never wanted to separate; it warmed Anna's heart. She pulled the covers back over them and walked back to the kitchen. Taking a serving tray from a cabinet, she placed a large bowl of soup and a plate full of toast and two tall glasses of orange juice on it. Pulling two spoons from the drawer she put them in the bowl and took it to the two women. Clearing her throat loudly again, she snickered when Dianne's eyes narrowed at the tray in her hand.

Dianne sniffed then groaned, her nose was so stopped up she couldn't smell anything. In a hoarse voice, she asked. "What do you have there? Lemme see."

Anna grinned and walked to the left side of the bed. She gestured with her head toward Sammy, "You might wanna move her, don't take the covers off because this is hot."

Dianne nudged Sammy's legs off of her own and kept her right arm around her waist. Sammy whimpered and held on tight around Dianne's waist as she scooted up to sit against the headboard. When Anna placed the tray on Dianne's lap, she sighed at the heat that permeated through the blanket to her legs. Before she began to eat a piece of toast, she briefly thanked God that she was left-handed.

Sammy murmured in her sleep. Searching with her right hand, she gripped Dianne's left breast. Her thumb brushed over a taut nipple. She snuggled her head into the crook of Dianne's shoulder and purred.

Dianne's eyes grew wide when she felt fingers playing with her breast. Shaking Sammy's shoulder, she waited until green eyes peered up at her. "Uh, Baby, now is not the time for that."

Sammy blinked in confusion. Feeling the rigid peak beneath her hand, she blushed and quickly sat up. Noticing the food, she looked at her mom and smiled shyly. "Thanks Ma, I know we're a mess right now. I think my stomach might be able to handle the chicken noodle soup."

Anna sat on the end of the bed with her back propped on a post, her legs tucked underneath her. She grinned as Sammy wolfed down the soup and toast interspersed with chugs of orange juice. "So I guess you two worked everything out?"

Swallowing, Dianne answered. "We talked and we know that we love each other and that we're completely crazy." She kissed the side of Sammy's temple and snickered when Sammy grinned stupidly and continued to eat.


The two had been dating for a month now but they had yet to consummate their relationship. It was wearing on their nerves. Thanks to friends and family, they never had a moment alone except for a few stolen kisses and caresses here and there. The day before had been particularly trying. Every one else had left for the lake so they decided to go to Dianne's and take advantage of the time. They were just lying there making out when Robby came running into the room and jumped on the bed. They were ready to murder him when he pointed out that they were the ones that had told him to let them know when every one got back from the outing. They were ready to spontaneously combust and knew that it could end in multiple homicides; they were ready to kill everyone.

Dianne groaned and flopped back on the bed in her room. An evil grin came when she spotted a tape on top of the VCR. Getting out of bed, she walked over to the entertainment stand and briefly considered her options. Sammy was at work and wouldn't be home for a few hours, while she herself on the other hand was in desperate need of relief. "Is it considered cheating if you're jerkin' off to a video of yourself fuckin' your girlfriend when you were both younger?" She asked the empty room and then raised an eyebrow at the lack of reply. Shaking her head, she answered herself with a lewd chuckle. "Nah, she's hotter now than she was then."

Popping the tape in, she stripped her shirt and bra off and jumped back into bed. She quickly unbuttoned her jeans and stuck her left hand down her pants, waiting for the tape to run. She slowly let her fingers play in her wetness while she watched the tape, her right hand pinching and pulling at her own nipples. When the tape got to the part where she was spanking Sammy, she bent her knees and spread her legs as far as her tight blue jeans would let her. Shoving two fingers into her dripping wet cunt, she thrust in and out in time with the moans coming from Sammy on the tape.

Sammy stood in the doorway of Dianne's bedroom and stared in surprise. She had come home early and saw that no one was at her mom's house. When she had headed over here, she had been looking for her mother. She definitely hadn't expected to find Dianne finger fucking herself. Her view from here was spectacular. She could see the tall woman's abs flexing and the thin sheen of sweat forming on her tanned skin. Sammy's breathing quickened. Dropping her bag, she made her way over to the right side of Dianne's bed. When blue eyes turned and focused on her own, she felt as if she could have come right then. The pure animalistic desire in Dianne's deep indigo eyes was breathtaking. Sammy wanted her right then.

Dianne took in Sammy's body and growled. Reaching over with her right hand, she pulled Sammy on top of her. She captured Sammy's lips in a crushing kiss before Sammy even had a chance to squeal. She pressed her hips up to Sammy's crotch and growled again, grinding against her hand that was still pumping into her own pussy.

Sammy moaned into the kiss, the feeling of Dianne's hand pumping was driving her crazy and she knew that her pussy had just gushed juices all over her panties and slacks. When the kiss broke, she looked down into wild eyes. Dianne wasn't in control and she was just about to get fucked real good.

Dianne fought for control; she wanted this time to be about loving each other, not like the violent coupling of the first time. She closed her eyes tight and forced herself to focus.

Sammy could see the internal fight being played out in the tense lines of Dianne's face. Leaning, her lips close to a flushed ear, she whispered hotly, "Fuck me, Baby. We have plenty of time for nice and slow much, much later. Right now, I just want you to fuck me senseless."

Dianne's eyes popped open. She quickly removed her hand from her pants and flipped them over, laying her body fully atop of Sammy's. She had been losing the fight before Sammy had even said anything, but when those words were uttered, she snapped. She lowered her face to within inches of her lover's. Dianne sneered, "You want my big cock again, don't you? You want me to cover your ass in welts and fuck your tight little pussy from behind."

Sammy knew this would shut Dianne up and get her to act not talk, "You're not as young as you used to be. If you can do it, put your money where your mouth is, Baby."

Dianne grasped the edge of Sammy's shirt, ripped it off and tossed it to the side. Staring hungrily down at Sammy's breasts, she noticed the little silver hoop nipple ring in her right nipple. Moving down to Sammy's chest, she immediately took the nipple into her mouth, tugging at the piercing with her teeth.

Sammy moaned and arched her back; she remembered to keep her hands above her head. Grasping the sheets in a tight grip, she spread her legs moaning when Dianne pressed her hips down into her center.

Dianne reached over to her nightstand with her right hand and pulled out her strap-on. Quickly standing, she finishing undressing. Attaching the harness and pushing the smaller end into her own dripping wet pussy, she narrowed her eyes at the gorgeous blonde laying on the bed staring hungrily at her. Leaning her left knee into the mattress, she removed Sammy's shoes and slacks. She crawled onto the bed beside Sammy. Running her hand down Sammy's abdomen, she stopped at her thong. Growling low, Dianne ripped the panties off.

Sammy arched her back and moaned, the fact that Dianne loved her and would still fuck her like this made her crazy with desire. Rolling onto her knees, she propped up on her hands and wiggled her hips slightly. She couldn't believe how brazen she was being. She felt her cheeks burn bright red and she buried her face in the mattress.

Dianne felt her own pussy clench and her juices begin to flow from her lips; her shy young lover was turning her on in the worst kind of way. Kneeling, Dianne licked the edge of Sammy's ear.

"God, you're so hot. I'm gonna fuck you 'til you can't walk, but first, I think you should be punished for doing somethin' I didn't tell you to do." She wrapped her right arm around Sammy's waist to steady her and drew her left hand back.

Sammy's head popped up and she screamed with the impact of Dianne's hand. The burning on her ass spread to her pussy. When Dianne continued to smack her ass, she began moaning incessantly, thrusting her ass back to meet the large hand.

"OhGodohGodohGod... Please... don't stop... ohhhh..." Sammy whined.

Dianne raised an eyebrow at the blatant begging, pressing her lips to Sammy's ear again, she whispered hotly. "You dirty little bitch, you like that, don't you? Admit it. I want to hear you say it."

Sammy nodded. When Dianne rubbed her hand roughly over the fresh welts on her ass, she sobbed. "God... YES! I love it when you smack my ass. Please, just don't... stop!"

Dianne pulled her hands away from Sammy. She moved behind her, kneeling and stared down at the welt-covered rear. Leaning close, Dianne's tongue traced one welt after another.

Sammy whimpered, rocking back and forth, forcing Dianne to grip her hips in order to keep her in place. The contrast between Dianne's warm wet tongue and the burning welts made for one long moan rising and falling.

"So... good... please don't stop..." When Dianne stopped and straightened up, Sammy yelled out, "PLEASE DON'T STOP!"

Dianne pulled Sammy's hips backward. Bringing one hand to the dildo she let it trailed through Sammy's wetness. When the entire length of the dildo was coated, Dianne spread Sammy's ass cheeks. She traced the dildo around the small puckered opening and chuckled evilly as Sammy tensed and suddenly stopped moving.

Sammy couldn't believe it; she had never been fucked in the ass before. That was exactly what Dianne was going to do. Tensing, she felt Dianne grasp her hips again and lean against her. Her eyes shot wide and she screamed out when Dianne thrust in. "OHHHH FUCK!"

Dianne set a harsh pace in and out. Wrapping her left arm around Sammy, her left hand squeezed Sammy's sex. Dianne growled, "This is mine, do you understand?" Getting no reply she thrust harder, smacking Sammy's ass as hard as she could with her other hand before quickly placing it back on the mattress for balance.

Sammy nodded rapidly, the sensations going through her body overwhelmed her, she couldn't think. The welts on her ass stung from the sweat rubbed into them by the friction of Dianne's thighs every time she thrust in. Her tight anal opening felt as if it were being stretched to its limits by the fat, lengthy dildo. She couldn't believe that she was allowing someone to fuck her like this. When her sex was squeezed again, this time more roughly, she screamed out.


Dianne snarled, "Good, because I plan on fucking it whenever I want."

Sammy groaned as long fingers roughly rubbed at her clit. Dianne entered her with three fingers, and she locked her arms and moaned at the fullness. She thought that she couldn't take anymore. The dildo thrust rough in and out of her ass. The three fingers thrust just as harsh in and out of her dripping pussy. Sammy could have sworn that she could feel it in her stomach.

Dianne straightened up and continued fucking Sammy. Staring down at the dildo, she could feel it gliding against the thin layer of skin on the inside of Sammy's pussy with her fingers; it was amazing to her. She fell back on top of Sammy's back. She placed her right hand on Sammy's right hip, pulling Sammy roughly against her own body in time with the quick, harsh thrusts that her hips were making. She could feel her orgasm rushing through her body.

Sammy felt Dianne's body tense. Dianne's hips thrust hard against her. Sammy felt a grinding motion begin. She fell to her elbows and rammed her hips back in time. As her own orgasm built, she could hardly breath. Hot juices flushed into her ass from Dianne's dildo. Her palm ground harsh against Sammy's clit, Sammy screamed out her release as their juices mixed, pouring from her ass and pussy to coat their thighs and Dianne's hand.

"OH FUCK... ME... BABY... YES!"

Dianne's hips kept pumping. Her hand lost its grip on Sammy's right hip, and she dropped onto Sammy's back, causing them both to fall to the mattress. Her fingers were still in Sammy's pussy. She could feel the walls squeezing the intruders. Kissing Sammy's right shoulder, she carefully pulled the dildo out of her tight asshole. Removing her fingers, Dianne undid the harness and tossed it over her shoulder, hearing a thud as it hit something. Rolling off her lover's back, Dianne lay on her side. She pulled Sammy back against her chest and hugged her while kissing her flushed neck and jaw line.

Sammy wrapped her arms around her lover's arms and closed her eyes. She was nearly asleep when Dianne asked, "I didn't hurt you did I?"

In a hoarse voice, Sammy replied, "Hell no, the only thing you've done is give me laryngitis."

Dianne chuckled and rolled onto her back. She pulled Sammy around with her head was on Dianne's shoulder and her face in the crook of her neck. She grinned when a muscular and extremely sticky thigh dropped on her sticky legs. "You do realize that we should take a shower, right?"

Sammy shook her head, "Nuh-uh, we can do that when we wake up. I need sleep."


Sammy woke up slow as the warm sun shone through the bedroom window. She heard a heartbeat underneath her ear. Opening her eyes, she grinned at the hardened nipple at eye level. Propping up on her elbows, she looked into the face of her dark-haired soul mate. Placing a kiss on Dianne's lips, she squealed when Dianne pulled her tight and kissed her passionately.

Dianne pulled back ending the kiss. She smiled at the woman lying on top of her. She greeted the new morning and her lover, "Good morning, gorgeous."

Sammy tucked her face into Dianne's neck. In a hoarse voice, she returned the greeting, "Mornin'."

Feeling the warmth of Sammy's face against her neck, Dianne grinned. She rubbed her hands up and down Sammy's back, "Baby, it's a little late to be shy isn't it?"

Shaking her head, Sammy muttered, "I can't believe half of the stuff I did last night."

Rolling them onto their sides, Dianne pressed her hand under her chin until Sammy looked at her. Seeing that the green eyes she loved still refused to meet her eyes, she asked, "Please, Baby, look at me?"

Sammy sighed; she knew Dianne wasn't teasing from the tone of her voice. She gulped, trying to work up the courage to talk about what they had done. She never had understood her awkwardness toward sex. If there ever was a moment when she wished she had more courage, it was now.

Dianne caressed a tense jaw with her thumb, watching with loving eyes. After a few minutes of silence, she asked. "Why do you have such a hard time talking about sex, Sweetie? It's nothin' to be embarrassed about. Last night was wonderful, seein' you let go and do what your body told you and hearin' you say what you felt was exciting as Hell and made me that much more hot for you. Seeing you worked up like that, hearin' those words come out of that sweet mouth of yours..." Groaning low, Dianne closed her eyes and then opened them, letting Sammy see her passion. "Baby, just thinkin' about it gets me wet."

Sammy glanced down then looked back into Dianne's eyes. She couldn't believe that someone wanted her that badly. The rejection from her love several years earlier had made her even shyer when it came to her body. She knew that their relationship had been impossible due to circumstances and had nothing to do with her looks, but it still affected her.

Seeing the doubt in her lover, Dianne took a small hand in her own. Guiding their fingers through her wetness, she kept her gaze locked with Sammy's.

Sammy's pupils dilated, and her breathing sped up.

"God I love it when you touch me, feel what you do to me, Baby? That's all for you." Dianne groaned when Sammy took control of their hand movements and began rubbing her clit, slowly speeding up. Moving her own hand away, Dianne grasped at the sheets to allow Sammy to have this time to see what she really did to her.

Sammy could feel Dianne's juices gushing out, she knew that it was all for her. Lowering her head, she captured a hard light golden-brown nipple in her mouth and sucked on it, nipping slightly then lashing it with her tongue. She felt a moan rumble in Dianne's chest before she heard it. She pushed her lover onto her back and crawled on top of her. Increasing the pressure on her lover's clit, she moved her other hand to Dianne's other nipple and began pinching, pulling, and twisting in time with her furious movements against Dianne's clit. She gasped as a muscular thigh pressed up against her center. Dianne flexed against her and placed her hands on Sammy's hips, grinding her against the flexing muscles added a delicious friction to her pulsing clit.

The room filled with panting, moaning, grunts, and growls. Dianne and Sammy were close to the edge and knew it wouldn't take much. They came, screaming each other's name. Dropping exhausted to the mattress, they wrapped their arms around each other and kissed lovingly.

Dropping her head back against the pillows, Dianne breathed deeply, inhaling the smell of sex permeating the room. "I think we need to take that shower, Samantha."

Glaring, Sammy muttered, "If you want me to get in the shower, you're gonna have ta carry me." She squealed as Dianne picked her up and walked to the bathroom.

Sitting Sammy on the toilet lid, Dianne smirked. Turning around, she opened the shower doors and adjusted the water temperatures. Just as she was turning back to her love, she jerked when a small hand connected with her bare ass. Pressing her tongue into her cheek, Dianne straightened and looked over her shoulder. A green-eyed someone was trying to look innocent. Dianne turned full of menace, "You really shouldn't have done that, Samantha."

Sammy replied cheekily, "What are you gonna do about it, Sweetie?"

Dianne picked Sammy up and tossed her over her shoulder. Stepping into the shower, she sat down on the seat at the back of the stall. Positioning her lover over her lap, she leaned over and whispered as her hand lovingly caressed a still sore ass. "I can think of a million things I could do, but I know what I wanna do." With that, she began spanking Sammy's butt. This time, she didn't let her get release. She just kept it at a maddeningly slow pace that was bound to frustrate Sammy to no end.


Sammy stepped out of the shower on shaky legs, and Dianne sniggered from behind her. Grabbing a towel off of the shelf on to the right side, she tossed it over her shoulder and grinned when she heard Dianne yelp. Dianne had teased her mercilessly while they were in the shower and hadn't given her the release she desperately needed. Her body was still thrumming with desire. The contact with the rough towel set off sparks all over her body.

Dropping her towel, Dianne pulled on in a large white terrycloth robe. Stopping behind Sammy, she wrapped her arms around her waist and kissed her shoulder.

Placing her lips beside a still wet ear, she whispered, "I love you, Baby."

Leaning back against the strong body behind her, Sammy sighed, "I love you too."

Reaching behind her, Dianne grabbed Danni's robe and helped Sammy put it on. Turning her around in her arms, Dianne tied off the belt and kissed Sammy passionately. Breaking off the kiss, she asked, "Why don't you go get breakfast started while I go clean up the mess in the bedroom?"

Nodding, Sammy left the bathroom. Walking towards the kitchen, she stopped when she heard her mother's laughter coming from the dinning room. Turning on her heel, she returned to the bedroom and shut the door behind her. When Dianne stood up with a pile of dirty clothes in her arm, she stuttered out. "Our... uh family's in the kitchen, I need to borrow some clothes."

Dianne smiled and dropped the dirty clothes in the hamper. At the dresser, she pulled out a pair of old jeans and a muscle shirt. Turning around, she handed the clothes to Sammy. "The jeans might be a bit tight but uh, they should still fit."

Sammy raised an eyebrow, "Really, first, why do you still have my old jeans and second, why do you think they'd be a bit tight?"

Dianne stuttered, "'s just that you're a lot more muscular than you used to be, that's all!"

Sammy grinned, "Uh-huh. That still doesn't tell me why you still have 'em."

Dianne stripped off her robe and went to the closet, avoiding the question, "Ya know, we really need to get a move on."

Sammy dropped the clothes on the bed. Untying the robe, she leaned against the closet door. Crossing her arms, her eyes trailed up the half dressed, blue jean clad body. Sammy felt her body heat up in a definite southern direction.

Dianne turned, grinning at the desire written clearly on Sammy's flushed face. She pulled her shirt on and went to Sammy. She wrapped her arms around Sammy's waist, trailing her lips from her jaw up to her small ear.

"You really should get dressed, we wouldn't want your mother to come looking for us. Would we?"

Shaking her head, Sammy stepped out of Dianne's arms and went back to dressing. She knew Dianne was watching her. She grinned at a sharp intake of air. Pulling the jeans on a little slower than necessary, for the rest of the day she knew Dianne wouldn't forget that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Foregoing a bra, she pulled on the gray muscle shirt and tucked it in. Turning to face her panting lover, she smiled sensuously, zipping and buttoned her pants. Walking over to Dianne, she kissed her deep and hard then backed away when her arms tried to encircle her.

Dianne groaned, watching the sway of slim hips as Sammy left the room. Shaking her head, she scrubbed her hands over her face and smiled softly. Looking around the room, she shrugged her shoulders and went to the kitchen.

Sammy stepped into the kitchen and whimpered when she saw the smirks on everyone's faces.

"Hey, you know you kept us awake all night long?" Amy asked, snickering at the way Dianne blushed as she stepped into the kitchen behind Sammy.

Chapter Fifteen

Sammy knew she was flushed too; she glared at the group sitting at the kitchen table. Turning, she wrapped her arms around Dianne's waist and buried her face in her chest. She squeaked lightly when Dianne picked up her up and walked to the table.

Dianne chuckled and sat down pulling Sammy into her lap. Sammy's head refused to move from her chest. Rubbing her hands over Sammy's back, she ignored the others. She grinned when green eyes peeked up.

Sammy saw blue eyes filled with love. She turned and faced her family, confidant that neither cared what the others said.

Anna smiled at the interaction between the two. She had always hoped that they would get together. She knew that her daughter would be well loved by Dianne. Clearing her throat, she decided to get the heat off them.

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, we're having a family dinner after the beginning of the school year on August the fourteenth. I've called all of our family, Mat has called all of ya'll's, Amy's called hers and Sharon's called hers too. I expect everyone to be on their best behavior when the family comes over, got me?"

Sammy, Amy, Sam, Sharon, Dianne and Danni shared a mischievous look. They all said at the same time, "Yes, Ma!"


The summer flew by. Sammy and Dianne did the normal things that couples do at the beginning of a relationship. The week before the family dinner found all the couples separated with doing different things. The Saturday before the reunion, Sammy, Amy, Sharon and Anna were all at Anna's home without their significant others. Robby was also with them. They spent the morning shopping, in the afternoon the women gave Robby a fashion show.

Robbie whistled, cajoling Sammy as Anna and Amy made their wishes known. "Awww, c'mon, Sammy; we wanna see the nightie that you bought to wear for Dianne."

Sammy took a deep breath and exited the bathroom dressed in a lacey see-through white nearly nothing that had matching silk undergarments, garter belts, and pantyhose. In a moment of pure madness, she'd also bought a pair of thigh-high lace-up white boots to go with it. Raising her arms up, Sammy blushed as Sharon told her to turn around. Doing so, Sammy's blush deepened; she rubbed her neck trying to get the heat off.

As the group circled around her, she groaned, "All right already, can I go get dressed, ya'll?"

After several more teasing comments, Sammy went to her bedroom and changed into a pair of cut-off gray sweatpants, and a blue and black baggy hooded, short-sleeved sweatshirt. Running a brush through her short hair in front of the dresser mirror, Sammy smirked at the emblem on the front of the sweatshirt. A picture of a naked woman with a collar on her neck knelt with her hands cuffed in front of her. Her head was lowered and her long blonde hair cascaded down hiding her face from view. On the back it said "Animal" in garish blue print. It had been a present from Robby after a night of drinking and telling in college.

Putting the brush away, she went through her shopping bags and put away her purchases. Finished, she went into the living room to find everyone sitting around drinking wine coolers and talking. Joining Amy and Robby on the couch, she smiled and tucked into the corner. She accepted a wine cooler from her mother whom sat with Sharon on the love seat to the left of the couch. Sighing, Sammy dropped her head back and mused, "Today wasn't so bad, and I had fun. It's been a long time since we were all able ta go out shopping like this, hasn't it?"

Amy and Anna murmured their agreement.

Sammy grinned. "What are we gonna do with the rest of the day? Dianne, Mat, Danni and Sam are gonna be gone for awhile, when they get back they've gotta get the picnic area set up for tomorrow."

They were all silent for a while and then Robby gave an evil grin, "We could gossip about them. That's always fun."

Anna snickered and nodded, "Could be interesting. I'm sure our dear little Samantha has plenty she could say about her lover-girl."

Sammy rolled her eyes, "C'mon Ma, I don't wanna get into that. It's embarrassing enough that you know that we have sex, do we hafta talk about it?"

"I never said anything about sex, did any of you hear me say the dreaded three letter "S" word?" Anna asked looking around at the rest.

Robby shook his head and the other women added, "Un-uh, we didn't hear a single utterance of that naughty little word."

Sammy shook her head, "How about we talk about somethin' else. The last thing I wanna do is have Dianne walk in here and hear me talking about how good or bad she may or may not be in bed."

Amy got a wicked grin, "Why, Sammy, are you afraid that she may refuse to bust your ass tonight?"

"Okay, that's it. If you guys are gonna continue ta pick on me, I'm gonna take my wine-cooler and go to my room where I can suffer in peace." Sammy huffed and she started to stand up. She stopped when Amy wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"All right, we'll leave you alone until you're sufficiently drunk enough to talk about such things. I do believe, though, that in order for such a time to come, we need ta break out the harder stuff." Amy stated.

Robby was off of the couch and back from the kitchen in a few quick seconds with glasses and tequila.

"All right girls, let's get this little gossip-fest off the ground. I've got Jose' and shots and I'm sure we can find somethin' to talk about until Sammy has lost her ability to act like a goody-goody."

Sammy leaned over and snatched the tequila from Robby's hands before he could say anything. Quickly removing the cap and tossing it at him, Sammy took a quick drink from the bottle swallowing the liquid without a single flinch. Taking a deep breath, Sammy handed the bottle back to Robby.

"I guess this is where all that time we spent in the bars back in college comes in handy, eh, Queenie?"

Robby chuckled and passed the filled shot glasses. Sammy took hers and grinned, then her eyes narrowed as she looked at her mother. "I thought you didn't keep hard liquor around, Ma?"

Anna smiled slyly, "I don't, but Mat does."

Amy winked at Anna, "I'm sure that Mat does a lot of things that you don't, doesn't he, Ma?"

Sammy groaned, tuning the conversation out as best she could. The hours quickly went by and soon Sammy was drunk enough to the point that the questions thrown at her no longer bothered her in the least.

Robby blinked slightly and pursed his lips together. "So… you're tellin' me that she's never let you use a strap-on on her?" His eyes widened when his gaze fell on the doorway between the front foyer and the living room. Dianne was leaning there in ripped jeans and a sweaty tank top and her left eyebrow was almost at her hairline. He was so startled he couldn't even warn Sammy that she was standing there.

Sammy shook her head quickly then blinked furiously, "Noooo… she hasn't. It pisses me off, too! Big bad meanie dyke… don't wanna lemme have any fun. And anot-another thing, she won't put a mirror above the bed!" Sammy pouted.

Amy grinned, unaware of their audience, she asked, "Why d'ya want a mirror above the bed?"

Sammy's smile became decidedly lecherous. "There's this little muscle that twitches in her ass cheeks every time she thrusts into me that I wanna see. I've felt it… but I never get ta see it and I wanna!" The pout was back in full force.

Dianne walked into the living room. Taking the shot-glass from Sammy's hand and sitting it on the table, she picked Sammy up and gently tossed her over her shoulder. "You've had enough Jose', and I think you need to sleep it off." Dianne headed toward Sammy's bedroom but quickly changed directions when two small hands gripped her ass cheeks. She could hear the laughter as she walked out of the front door. Shaking her head, Dianne muttered, "Little Shrimp, why'd ya have to do somethin' ta embarrass me?" Sammy just gripped Dianne's ass tighter.


Sammy groaned as her head swum out of the fog. She blinked, and then she slammed her eyes shut quickly. The bright sunlight filtering in through the open blinds was enough to make her feel like a vampire. Hearing a husky chuckle near her left ear, Sammy slowly opened her eyes. Extremely amused blue eyes loomed above her face.

Dianne grinned and sat up against the headboard. When Sammy sat up quickly then held her head in her hands, she asked "Need some help there?"

Sammy whispered roughly, "Please don't talk so loud, it hurts."

Dianne stood, pausing at the foot of the bed. "I don't know if you really want me to help you, I mean c'mon, why would you want a big bad meanie dyke to help you?"

Sammy's eyes widened as she looked up at Dianne, "What?"

Dianne chuckled at the doorway, "You'll understand as soon as you start remembering what happened after you got shit-faced yesterday."

Sammy stared in confusion after Dianne. She blinked once, and then forced her mind to focus as she tried to recall what Dianne was talking about. The full events of the day before came back to mind. She dropped back onto the bed as she remembered exactly when Dianne had entered the living room.

Several minutes later, Dianne walked back in with a glass of water, four large vitamin C pills and some Tylenol. She chuckled at the deep blush covering Sammy from her chest to the tips of her ears. Setting the glass down on the night table, she nudged Sammy. She smiled as Sammy pulled the blankets up over her head and burrowed into the self-made cocoon attempting to hide.

"C'mon Sammy, you'll feel better once you get some water and pain relievers into your system."

Sammy groaned and curled up, "Un-uh, I'm not ever comin' out of here. Yesterday was embarrassin' and I don't even wanna know what you're gonna do to me."

Dianne snickered, "I'm not going to do anything to you, Baby. I think you did enough to yourself."

Sammy inched the covers down until she could peak out with one blood-shot eye. Seeing Dianne's loving smile, she pulled the covers down all the way and sat up. Accepting the offered pills and water, she quickly chased them down.

Handing the glass back, she lay back into Dianne's soft bed and mumbled shyly. "Thanks."

Dianne pulled the covers up and got back into the bed. Wrapping her arms around Sammy, Dianne pulled her as close to her as she could get, "Anytime, Baby. Just remember, I will get you back for embarrassing me like you did."

Sammy squawked in protest and tried to pull out, but Dianne held tightly. "Nope, I've gotcha now and I'm not letting go."

Sammy settled back resigned herself to her fate, with a soft sigh, she asked. "How much trouble am I in?"

Dianne placed a small kiss on the shell of Sammy's ear, "I've just a few questions I'd like to ask, that's all."

Sammy stifled another sigh, "All right, I guess after groping your ass in front of my mother I can deal with anything."

Dianne grinned, "Thought you'd see it my way. Why didn't you tell me that you wanted to use the strap-on with me?"

Sammy blushed, wriggling once more to get out of the embrace but Dianne just tightened her hold. Once Sammy settled back down, Dianne turned Sammy around to face her, "Now Sammy, you agreed to answer whatever question I had to ask so you might as well just answer."

Sammy's blush deepened, but she held Dianne's gaze, seeing curiosity not teasing. "I just… I dunno. I just get so embarrassed about it and I was afraid that you'd just laugh if I told you that I wanted to use it on you."

Dianne held Sammy's chin in place with her hand and caressed Sammy's jaw, "Sammy, I'd never laugh at something you wanted. I mean that. I love you and I'd do anything for you. I'd think that you'd know that by now but I guess I haven't exactly tried to show you that yet either. From now on, I want you to make sure that you tell me the things that you want to try, okay?"

Sammy smiled shyly and nodded, "Okay, I think I can deal with that. Love you."

Dianne's smile took Sammy's breath away, "I love you too, Baby. We need to get ready for the family picnic, now."

Sammy pouted but got out of bed when Dianne smacked her ass, "Okay, okay. I'm up, ya don't have ta resort to abuse."

Dianne wrapped her arms around her naked lover. Lowering her lips to Sammy's, she whispered before taking Sammy's lips into a crushing kiss, "You love it, just like you love me."

Sammy replied with an eager moan.


Over the tops of her sunglasses Sammy peered at her family from her perch on top of one of the picnic tables that Dianne, Danni, Sam, and Mat had set up the day before. Once again she regretted all of the time she'd spent away from her wonderful family. Earlier she'd wondered about hiding away from those who'd witnessed her little drunken spectacle. Dianne prodded her to come outside and she couldn't exactly say no to her sexy lover. Luckily, she'd only had to endure a small amount of teasing, at a glare from Dianne they'd all shut up and let her be.

Danni tackled Dianne to the ground in their game of football that they'd set up a short while ago. Moving slightly from a hip-check, Danni turned and glared at Davie for a fumbled pass.

Davie nodded toward Robby with his head, "So who's that?"

Sammy eyed Davie. He'd changed a lot, while still skinny, he'd managed to gain some muscle and he no longer stumbled about like he had when they were teens. Considering his question, she smiled, "That's a friend of mine from college. His name's Robby. Why?"

Davie grinned, "He's hot."

Sammy snorted, "Why Davie, I never knew that you were on that side of the fence."

Davie shrugged, "I was a late bloomer, what can I say? Is he single?"

Sammy nodded. "Why don't you go over there and introduce yourself? I think Robby could definitely do with another friend if not a boyfriend."

Davie nodded and walked off toward Robby.

Sammy watched her friends as they introduced themselves. She winked when Robby flashed her a wink and a smirk. Feeling arms wrap around her, Sammy snickered, "Might wanna watch it, my girlfriend gets jealous."

Dianne chuckled and growled, "What's she gonna do, beat me up?"

Sammy leaned back into the strong body behind her. Folding her arms on top of the bronzed arms on her abdomen, she squeezed slightly and closed her eyes. Dropping her head against Dianne's broad shoulder, she grinned when Dianne's breath brushed against her ear.

"What are you up to, Little Shrimp?" Dianne asked as she watched Davie and Robby talk animatedly.

Sammy answered in a happy tone, "Just seein' if maybe I can be the fairy hook-up for the week. Why?"

Leaning her chin on Sammy's shoulder, Dianne pressed her cheek against Sammy's, "I'm happy, how 'bout you? I don't think it could get much better."

Sammy sighed, "No I don't suppose it could. I've got my family, they've all got loved ones and I've got my soul mate. All's right in my world."

Dianne sighed and watched as Sammy's maternal Grandma, Eleanor Andrews, and Anna approached them. She'd thought Mrs. Andrews a very sweet woman when they had been introduced earlier, but then again, Dianne had a sweet spot in her heart for the women of Sammy's family.

Eleanor sat down on the bench below where Sammy sat on the picnic table. As Anna sat down on the picnic table behind her, she turned to look at the two younger women.

"Hey, Grandma, how are ya?"

Eleanor's face lit up as her green eyes fell on her only granddaughter. "I just wanted to spend time with you. I know how busy you are with that career of yours, Honey. I also wanted to talk to you and this lovely girlfriend of yours."

Sammy looked at her mother who rolled her eyes behind Eleanor's back. She held back a snicker as her Grandma chastised Anna without looking behind her.

"Leanne Cassidy Rainer, you are not too old for me tan your hide, young lady!"

Dianne smirked and quickly shut up as three sets of green eyes glared at her. Pouting, she lowered her chin back to Sammy's shoulder, "I'll shut up now."

A trio of "Good!" emphasized her choice.

Eleanor cleared her throat, "Now as I was saying, when will you two be getting married? I want great-grandchildren soon and I know that Samuel isn't mature enough for such things yet."

Sammy and Dianne's eyes widened. They gaped at the elderly southern woman before Sammy's senses came back, "Grandma, we haven't even been dating that long. We'll eventually talk about it, but right now things are just getting settled down from me moving back here. I haven't even gotten my own place yet."

Eleanor nodded briskly, "Good, at least you're being sensible about such things. Now, Dianne, I know my daughter and my grandchildren think highly of you and from what I've seen of you and your family I happen to think you're just fine and dandy for my grandbaby. I just hope you take care of her."

Dianne smiled, "Believe me, Mrs. Andrews--"

Eleanor interrupted her, "None of that, if you're part of this family I must insist on you callin' me Grandma."

Dianne's smile brightened, "All right then, Grandma. As I was saying, it's my pleasure to make your grandbaby happy." Kissing Sammy's temple, Dianne met Sammy's eyes. "It makes me happy to make her happy. It's no trouble at all." That earned her a kiss from Sammy, then a hug from both Anna and Eleanor. They all settled into visiting with their friends and family.


Sammy fidgeted as she walked toward Dianne's English Literature classroom at the high school. Fighting the urge to adjust her crotch where she could feel the strap-on pressing against her thigh, she considered forgetting her whole plan. It was the Friday after the family picnic and she'd made dinner plans with Dianne for the night. She figured that Dianne would be okay if she used the strap-on tonight when they made love. Now she was wondering where her brain went. Resolved to the idea that Dianne might laugh despite her reassurance that she wouldn't, Sammy just thanked the Goddess that the black briefs she was wearing held the dildo snug against her body. The khaki dress pants combined with her black leather trench coat hid it well.

Dianne looked up when Sammy appeared in the doorway. The students had left. Dianne was grading the last paper. Smiling, she stood and pulled her jacket over her skirt-suit. "Hey, Baby. You're a bit early, aren't you?"

Sammy glanced at the silver watch around her then went over to Dianne. Wrapping her arms around her lover, she shook her head, "Nope, it's 4:15. I'm actually a bit late."

Dianne hugged her lover back and kissed her lightly on the lips. Pulling back, she wiped the lipstick off Sammy's lips and grabbed her briefcase. "C'mon, Lover. Let's get out of here."

Through the ride to dinner, they caught each other up on how their day had gone. Dianne noticed Sammy fidgeting uncomfortably through the ride and dinner too. As they walked out of the restaurant into the cool evening air, Dianne raised an eyebrow at Sammy's swagger. Yes that's exactly how she was walking, not her usual style.

"Sammy, Honey, is everything all right?"

Sammy looked over her shoulder before she opened the passenger side door for Dianne, "Everything's fine, why do you ask?"

Dianne paused before getting into the car. The whole evening had been strange. She'd never seen the romantic side of Sammy that had come out in full force. Shaking her head, she just smirked and kissed Sammy before getting into the car. When Sammy shut her door for her, Dianne just shook her head again.

The car ride was quiet until Sammy pulled into the parking lot of a very expensive hotel, Dianne couldn't be still any more. "Baby, not that I'm complaining, but what is it with you tonight? You pulled out my seat for me at the restaurant and you've been opening and closing doors for me all night. Now you've brought us to this hotel."

Sammy pulled the car up to the valet parking attendant and took a breath before answering. Hesitant green eyes met curious blue. Sammy shrugged, "I just wanted an uninterrupted romantic evening for us."

Chapter Sixteen

Dianne had to strain to hear the whispered words. She smiled sensuously as she leaned over to place a kiss on Sammy's parted lips.

"Thank you, Baby. I appreciate all of your hard work. Feel free to do this any time."

Sammy smiled in relief as they got out of the car. Dianne watched Sammy pulled a medium-sized suitcase from the trunk. Dianne shook her head, 'First she comes to pick me up in Dad's brand new BMW, then she does a bunch of romantic stuff for me. I'm amazed that she didn't bring flowers.'

Sammy came around and quietly took Dianne's hand in her own as they entered the hotel lobby. Approaching the front desk attendant, Sammy smiled.

"Hi, I've got a one night reservation under Samantha Morgan-Rainer."

The young man smiled and checked the computer registry. Reaching into a drawer, he took out a key card and handed it to her.

"I hope you have a pleasant stay, Mrs. Morgan-Rainer. All of your instructions have been followed to the last word. Enjoy."

Dianne raised an eyebrow at the conversation. Her eyebrows nearly hit an all time high as she heard the name that Sammy had given and the title the younger man used. They were quiet as they made their way to the elevator and then to the room. Sammy used the card to open the door to their suite and stood back to let Dianne go in first.

Dianne gasped at the candle-lit room. Taking in the two-dozen roses on the table in the center of the room, she re-thought her earlier evaluation. 'She's taken this evening to the top.' Dianne didn't hear the 'Do Not Disturb' card being put on the doorknob or the door being shut and locked as she fiddled with the wine in the ice bucket next to the roses. Tears came to her eyes as she read the card attached to the roses:


I love you more than life itself, and I hope that tonight proves that.

Things haven't always been easy for us and for a while I thought that I'd lost you forever.

Thank you for proving me wrong, thank you for being my Goddess.

Love always,

Your Samantha.'

"Have you looked at the rest of the room, Baby?" Sammy's low voice sounded loud in the silent room.

Dianne let the card settle back against the vase of roses and turned. Another quiet gasp exited her lips at the rose petals on the red silk bed covers. Sammy pressed play on the surround-sound stereo by the television. The tears Dianne had held back flowed down her cheeks as Mariah Carey's 'All I've Ever Wanted' caressed the room. Dianne turned as Sammy made her way over.

Sammy reached up and wiped her tears away. Once the tears were gone, she placed her hand on the back of Dianne's neck and guided their lips together. Sammy whispered, "I love you and I always have."

Speechless, Dianne watched as Sammy poured red wine for them both. Accepting a glass, she giggled slightly as Sammy guided their hands around to let each other sip from the other's glass. Once the wine was pulled away, Dianne licked her lips and asked in a husky voice. "You tryin' ta spoil me, girl?"

Sammy shyly smiled, "If I could spoil you tonight, I'd continue to do so for the rest of our lives."

Dianne blushed and chuckled, "Baby, you've managed to do two things to me tonight that no one else ever has."

Sammy took Dianne's glass from her hands and sat both empty glasses on the table next to them. She wrapped her arms around Dianne's waist and smiled slyly, "And what would that be?"

Dianne slid her hands up Sammy's arms to her shoulders, "You've managed to make me giggle and blush. You can ask anyone we know and they'll tell you that I don't giggle."

Sammy's expression softened, and once again she leaned up to kiss her lover. Dianne moaned into the kiss, gliding her tongue over Sammy's wine stained lips. Sammy echoed the moan opening her mouth to accept the long, questing muscle. Dianne moved her hands down between them to untie the belt to Sammy's trench coat before guiding it down off of her shoulders. Sammy wrapped her arms around Dianne's neck. They continued to kiss until both felt dizzy from oxygen deprivation.

Panting, Dianne pulled Sammy flush against her body and ran her hands down Sammy's back. Leaning down to kiss Sammy, Dianne pressed her hands against the small of Sammy's back. She paused when she felt something hard against her lower abdomen. Sammy lowered her head and stiffened realizing that Dianne had felt the dildo. Clearing her throat, Sammy hesitantly asked. "I-is it okay?"

Dianne licked her lips and tilted Sammy's head up. Gazing into her eyes, Dianne saw the fear there, she grinned rakishly. Trailing her hand down the front of Sammy's body, Dianne wrapped her hand around the strap-on. She lightly tugged at it through Sammy's pants, gaining a low grunt of approval from Sammy. "Baby, you can do me any way you want."

Sammy's eyes widened, "Anything?"

Dianne nodded, lowering her head their mouths crushed together. Their tongues quickly got into the game. Nipping at Sammy's lower lip, Dianne broke the kiss and licked, sucked and nibbled at the skin of Sammy's throat. Sammy moaned and wrapped her arms around Dianne's back. She trailed her nails down Dianne's suit-clad back to her skirt covered ass. Grasping the muscled cheeks, Sammy moaned as she felt the muscles twitch and then yelped when Dianne forcefully sucked at the skin beneath her ear.

Dianne laved the bruised skin with her tongue and then traced the edge of Sammy's right ear with her tongue. Spearing her tongue in and out, Dianne chuckled huskily when Sammy's grip on her rear tightened painfully. "Calm down, Baby. We've got all night. It's barely even eight now."

Sammy whimpered moving her hands to grasp Dianne's shoulders, "I don't wanna take all night. I want you now!"

Dianne chuckled again; they could make love slowly later. Smiling coyly, Dianne moved out of Sammy's embrace and slowly removed her suit jacket.

Sammy watched as Dianne teasingly dropped the jacket to the floor. Sammy leaned against the back of the leather couch behind her and watched as Dianne put on a little strip show in time to the music just for her.

Dianne slowly unbuttoned the white silk shirt leaving it tucked into her skirt. She bent at the waist to remove her high-heels. Dianne's eyes glanced up to look at Sammy as Dianne trailed her hands up her own thighs. She chuckled as Sammy's mouth dropped open in a silent gasp when her hands disappeared underneath her skirt. Dianne knew the view that Sammy was getting, having thought of something like this all day.

Sammy's eyes were glued to Dianne's heaving chest as Dianne removed her thigh-high panty hose. The white lace bra barely held in Dianne's large breasts. Every breath Dianne took pushed the bra to the breaking point. Sammy shut her mouth, sighing in disappointment as Dianne straightened up and reached around to her back to unzip the skirt. The sigh cut off as Dianne turned and glided the skirt over her narrow hips, bending again at the waist to lift her legs out of the black skirt.

Sammy's eyes narrowed at the sight of Dianne's firm derrière with the thin white string of a lace g-string dividing her ass. Before Sammy knew what she was doing and before Dianne could stand up straight after dropping the skirt, Sammy's hips pressed tightly against Dianne's ass.

Dianne's eyes narrowed as she straightened up slightly. Her hand trailed behind her to wrap around Sammy's neck.

Sammy hands clutched her lover's hips as Dianne's ass ground into her crotch. Dianne moaned and Sammy chuckled, adding in a husky whisper, "Backfired on ya, didn't it, Baby?"

Dianne dropped her arm. Turning in the circle of Sammy's arms, she wound her arms around Sammy's waist. Sucking the skin below Sammy's left ear, Dianne whispered, "I guess it did, but I'm not complaining. I just want you to make love to me." Dianne ground their hips together again.

Sammy groaned then gasped, "God, I need to get out of these clothes, Baby."

Dianne unbuttoned Sammy's shirt and jerked it out of the waistband of her pants. The shirt was on the floor and was soon followed by Sammy's shoes, socks and pants. Dianne eyed the black cotton briefs. She groaned, nipping her earlobe and whispered, "Keep the briefs on, Baby. I want to feel the cotton on my thighs as you fuck me."

Sammy gasped from the hot breath in her ear. She watched as Dianne walked over to the bed, dropping her underclothing as she went.

Dianne lay flat on her back on the bed with one leg bent and the other straight out, her body spread in invitation just for Sammy.

Sammy crawled slowly up the length of Dianne's body, their eyes never losing contact. When she reached Dianne's head, Dianne pulled her down into a steamy kiss. Their tongues wrestled for dominance and soon Dianne's won the fight. Their hands moved in hot paths over each other's body. Dianne trailed her nails down Sammy's back roughly as Sammy sucked a rock hard, golden-brown nipple into her mouth. Sammy's hand glided down Dianne's abdomen. Her fingers played in Dianne's wetness.

Dianne moaned at the contact of Sammy's fingers rubbing against her clit. Her hand reached the hole in the front of Sammy's briefs. She reached through and wrapped her long fingers around the dildo. Tugging on it, Dianne soon had it protruding from the front of Sammy's briefs.

Sammy lifted her head to gaze at her love. Licking her lips, she asked, "Are you ready, Baby?"

Dianne nodded and let Sammy's hand take the place of her own. Spreading her legs further apart, Dianne moaned as Sammy slowly pressed the fat head of the dildo against her dripping wet slit. Dianne whispered seductively, "Fuck me, Samantha."

Sammy's eyes narrowed. As she pushed the dildo all the way in, low moans came from both women. Dianne guided Sammy's lips back to hers and wrapped her legs around Sammy's hips, locking her ankles. Sammy used a slow thrusting motion in and out of Dianne's pussy. Low groans and panting filled the room in counterpoint to the slow music still playing in the background.

Sammy dropped to her elbows and broke from the kiss, her head falling on Dianne's chest. Dianne wrapped her fingers in short blonde hair as Sammy nipped at Dianne's left nipple and then lapped at it with her tongue.

"Mmmm… Goddess, Sammy," Dianne moaned low in her throat. "Faster… pleeeease."

Sammy sped up and Dianne grasped Sammy's hips, guiding Sammy harder into her. Sammy's lips and tongue moved between Dianne's nipples, then all over her chest and her neck. Sammy found herself flat on her back as Dianne rolled on top of her, thrusting down as Sammy continued to thrust up.

Dianne leaned her head down next to Sammy's and continued to drive down with her hips. When Sammy added a swirling motion with her thrusts, Dianne growled low in her throat. Sammy looked into blue eyes close to hers. Dianne caught Sammy's lips and kissed Sammy with every bit of passion in her. She felt the pressure building low in her belly. Keeping her legs locked around Sammy's, she rolled back over pulling Sammy on top of her.

The kiss broke. Sammy had tears in her eyes from the intensity as the mutual thrusting continued. Sammy heard the low growl in Dianne's throat. Dianne locked eyes with Sammy and arched her back as her orgasm crashed through her.

"God… Sammy I… Coming!"

Hearing Dianne's climax, Sammy thrust once more. The orgasm rushed through her body. Dianne wrapped weak arms around Sammy as she came.


Sammy dropped onto Dianne, who held tight as she could until they both breathed normally. Dianne moved them to lie side by side with their heads on one pillow, their arms around each other. Sammy lifted her head and smiled shyly at Dianne.

"I think maybe we should get this thing off of me."

Dianne grinned rakishly, "We probably should."

Sammy pulled out, blushing at the wet noise the dildo made as it slid out of Dianne's pussy and the low moan that came from Dianne. Dianne snickered, "Don't be shy about it, Babe. I think it's hot when you make that noise."

Sammy sat up to remove the harness from around her hips. Dropping the dildo to the floor beside the bed she settled on her side in the circle of Dianne's arms. Her head tucked in the crook of Dianne's neck, Sammy asked, "Did I do it right?"

Dianne stretched sensually and leaned back to look into shy green eyes. Trailing her fingers down Sammy's cheek, she replied in a low tone, " I've never felt like that before in my life, Baby. You've got nothin' to worry about." Sammy sighed in relief.

Dianne moved to lie on her back. She pulled Sammy up against her side with her head pillowed on Dianne's shoulder. She reached down and drew the sheet up over them.

Sammy wrapped her arm around Dianne's waist and cuddled into her. Kissing Dianne's shoulder, Sammy whispered, "Kody Dianne Rainer, I love you more than life itself."

Dianne held Sammy tight against her.

"Sammy, I love you with all of my heart and soul. One of these days I'm gonna get down on one knee and ask you to be mine for all of eternity. Then prove my love to you in the eyes of God and all of our families and friends."

Sammy smiled replied sleepily, "And on that day I'm gonna say 'yes'."

Dianne listened as Sammy's breathing evened out. She fell asleep with one last thought, 'I can only hope that you do, Sammy-girl.'


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