Disclaimers: This is a fantasy/uber tale. It has love/sex scenes between consenting adults of the same sex. If you are small minded or the thought of two women having a relationship makes you ill, you'd probably better go away.

These characters are mine. Any resemblance to other characters living, dead, or somewhere in between is purely unplanned. That's uber for you.

Summary: The fifth Princess is supposed to be the most beautiful of all but when the fairies are involved, nothing goes as planned.

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Simply Magical

By: Jessie


Long, long ago, when Jasper was King of the fairies, there reigned over the fair country of Avia a monarch who had four, extraordinarily, beautiful daughters.

They were in every way all that real Princesses should be, for their hair was as yellow as the sun on a fine spring day, their eyes were as blue as the little lake that was apart of the palace garden, and they had complexions like cream and just as smooth.

Their royal Mother, the Queen, was very proud of them, and they all had extremely grand christenings when they were babies. She had named them all after her own sisters and their birthstones and was often heard referring to them, playfully, as my little ones. Their names were Michala Pearl, Mariel Opal, Micah Amethyst, Marella Topaz.

Every Princess wore a golden crown set with jewels of her middle name, so you can imagine the excitement in the city of Esics, capital of Avia, when the news leaked out that Falker, Steward, and Sharpe, Goldsmiths and Silversmiths, by appointment of His Majesty King Phileap had been commissioned to make another crown and this time to set it with sapphires.

"So there's going to be a fifth Princess at the palace!" All the housewives of Esics exclaimed.

"As it should be; the fifth daughter is always luckiest." The older inhabitants gossiped amongst themselves.

"A fifth Princess!" Sighed the romantic maidens. "And of course she will be the most beautiful of all. The youngest Princesses always are."

"How lucky she will be." And. "Oh, how lovely to be a Princess." Thought the schoolchildren as they looked, enviously, across the roofs of the town to where the tall towers of the Royal Palace of Esics rose high above the tree tops.

"How do you know that it won't be a Prince this time?" Asked the travelers stopping at the inns and taverns of the city. But the townspeople, innkeepers and the hosts of the taverns only laughed. "It is plain to see that you are strangers to our country. Our royal family always has Princesses."

"But you have a King!" Objected the travelers feeling that their intelligence was being questioned.

"Ah yes; but by tradition the heir to the thrown is the eldest son of the eldest Princess. It's quite simple, really." The populus of Esics would reply and go about their business.

And so, upon a lovely fall morning, when the leaves on the trees had already turned colors and fallen away, the great bronze cannon on the palace walls, which is only fired at the birth of a royal baby, boomed out through the still air. And as the first puff of smoke broke from the wall and the first BOOM rang out over the city, the townspeople stopped their work and housewives, shopkeepers and schoolchildren all ran out together into the streets.

Every eye was turned to the palace. BOOM rang out the cannon. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. "Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two!" Counted the townsfolk. "A princess!" They all cried. And they threw their hats in the air and cheered while the bells of all the churches in the city rang merrily and a general holiday was declared in honor of the occasion.

In a rich and splendid room, high up in a tower of the palace, the cause of all the excitement and rejoicing lay in a golden cradle and blinked at the carved ceiling.

To Be Continued in Part Two

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