~ Echoes of the Past ~

J. M. Dragon & E. O'Reilly

Part 5

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This story primarily features stories involving women. If it is illegal in the state, province, or country in which you live; or if you are under the age of 18, please find something else to read.The events portrayed in this story are fictional and any resemblance to actual events and/or people is purely coincidental.

Language - Violence - Hurt/Comfort:  There are elements of strong language, violence,  physical and/or mental, as well as emotional hurt and discomfort in this story.

The events portrayed in this story are fictional and any resemblance to actual events and/or people is purely coincidental. 

Acknowledgments - Thank you Teresa and Alice for your invaluable help in editing this story.

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Parker who graciously let us use her name.

Author's Note:   This story the third storyline to J.M. Dragon's When Heaven Meets Hell and Fatal Hesitation. Although it is not necessary to read these two stories it might give the reader more background.

Chapter 12

The Davis family along with Sophie Durant sat at the dinner table. Sophie watched as everyone else filled their plates and ate with gusto. And I thought the breakfast was huge. She eyed everyone and thought, I can’t believe that no one is a fat slob.

“Dig in,” Ed Davis said. He pointed his fork towards his son. “Otherwise, Frank will gobble it all up.”

Frank sputtered his protests then shrugged before he laughed. “It’s mom’s fault, she’s too good a cook.”

“Sophie, where do you live?” Ruth asked.

“My family is in Philadelphia,” she said eyeing Parker.

The less they know about her the better. “Mom, you ready for more company?”

Ruth looked at her daughter and frowned. “Who?” she asked with raised eyebrows.

When the eyes of the older woman landed on her, Sophie wanted to crawl under the table. I thought she liked me.

Parker reached across the table and patted her mother’s hand. “Don’t worry Mom…it’s someone you haven’t seen for a long time - Olivia.”

Sophie watched as the older woman’s face lit up. Hmm, she must know the woman and obviously likes her.

“Oh, Parker, that is wonderful news...we haven’t seen her in such a long time.” Ruth felt her cheeks grow rosy. I hope Olivia doesn’t let the cat out of the bag that she’s been keeping in touch with us since she and Parker went their separate ways. “When will she arrive?”

“Not until late so you won’t see her until tomorrow morning.”

“No, no I’ll stay up till she gets here.”

“Mom, there’s no way of knowing how late it'll be.” Parker shrugged. “She said she’d stay in the barn till morning.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Ed said. “You stay up till she gets here and make sure she has a proper place to sleep.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Crystal interjected. “I think the barn is a good place for her .”

The venom that laced the pregnant woman’s voice was unmistakable. I don’t think she likes the woman, Sophie thought as she looked at Crystal. Nope, her eyes aren’t green, but I know the sound of jealousy when I hear it. Hmm, I wonder what the Santos woman’s relationship with Parker is. When she noticed the look Parker shot Crystal, she let a thin smile curve her lips. Ah-ha.

“No one stays in the barn in my house!” Ruth exclaimed.

“Unless it’s Frank,” Parker added trying to diffuse the tension.

“Or you Sis,” Frank added. “I seem to recall you spending lots of nights up in that loft.”

Parker chuckled. “Yeah, and apparently I wasn’t as sneaky as I thought.” She looked at her mother and winked.

As the meal continued, Sophie watched as Parker moved her food around with her fork until Ruth put her arm around her daughter’s shoulders. When her mother whispered in her ear, Parker nodded then let a thin smile cross her face. Sophie’s eyebrows creased – she hated being out of the loop. Bet it has to do with that woman coming here tonight.

+ + +

It was half past ten and Parker looked out the curtained window for the umpteenth time. “She’ll be here when she gets here,” Sophie said. When Parker pierced her with an angry look, she saw red. How dare her look at me like that? I’m the one who is a target. “Maybe you should go outside and walk out to the highway and wait for her there,” Sophie said sarcastically.

Parker shook her head and gave Sophie another angry look. “What’s up with you?” she replied turning her head back to the window. “I can do without your caustic remarks, Sophie.” This isn’t like me at all …why am I so anxious? Because, she left me and I never let go. Ten years later and I still feel as though I’m stuck in the mud where she’s concerned. I know she’s found someone else. Do you ever think of me O or is hate your only feeling? She looked into the dark night and sighed. Guess I’ll know soon.

+ + +

Olivia glanced at the huge sycamore that was the sign to turn down the Davis’ road to the farm. She turned her bike into the long tree lined dirt road glad that she didn’t have to get off and open the gate. They must have left it open for me. Her face grimaced in pain as she felt the stone chippings of the drive rattle her body. It was in stark contrast to the smooth tarmac she’d traveled on for hours. Within seconds, she saw the welcoming lights of the farmhouse and a slight grin tugged at her lips. Ah, mom never would have let me sleep in the barn. She decelerated and the bike moved closer to the house and her meeting with Parker.

The roar of the motorcycle made Parker’s heart skipped a beat. “She always did prefer that hog over a car,” she said to no one in particular. Seeing Olivia again had her stomach doing the same flip flops that it did when she heard the woman’s low smoky voice on the phone. She opened the door, and went outside and was slightly annoyed when Sophie chose to tag along. When the motorcycle came to a stop, she felt her chest constrict as she struggled to breathe.

The powerful machine rested in the glow of the outside lights of the farmhouse. Through her visor, Olivia briefly glanced at the two figures standing on the porch. How quaint, a welcoming committee. The pain in her left shoulder made her cringe as she dismounted the bike and ensured it was in a safe position. She turned to the people on the porch and with a deft movement from years of practice regardless of the pain, removed her helmet and shook out her hair. Her cold blue eyes met the woman she had seriously considered killing ten years earlier. Damn, she looks good, always did always will...it's definitely the bone structure. “I see you waited up for me,” Olivia drawled as she moved with cat like grace towards the steps.

Parker watched the sleek body clad in leather move and felt out of her element. Do I hug her, shake her hand or…god I’d love to kiss her. Shit I don’t know what to do. She gulped in deep breathe and turned to Sophie. “Here comes your savior.”

Sophie watched when the woman took off her helmet and had to stop herself from gasping. She is absolutely magnificent, she thought as she felt her body react in pleasure. Then the mystery woman approached them much as a lion would its prey, and Sophie shivered with delight. “Does she always present herself like that?” she asked.

“Like what?”

“A predator,” she whispered.

There was no time for an answer as Olivia was upon them.

Olivia saw the twitching muscle in Parker’s jaw - a sure tell that she was nervous. “Savior is hardly the word I would describe myself Parker. I see mom didn’t want me to stay in the barn?”

At a loss for words, Parker could only shake her head as she tried to reign in her emotions. “Well, someone needs to save her Olivia and I can’t think of a better person.” She turned to Sophie. “Sophie Durant this is Olivia Santos.”

The words mom didn’t want me to stay in the barn, rang in Sophie’s ears as she extended her hand to the woman. “I’m pleased to meet you Ms. Santos.” She felt a jolt course through her body when they shook hands. My, my, you are one hot woman.

When Olivia extended her left arm without thinking, she felt the pain in her shoulder again. That damn wound is beginning to irritate me. She briefly accepted the introduction as her eyes scanned the woman in front of her. She could see why Parker got herself involved in saving her. She had the air of someone you wanted to protect, same as she did Amelia. “Good to see you Ms. Durant. Parker, has mom any of her special coffee brewed? I’d murder…sorry I need the caffeine fix?”

“Sure,” she said as she opened the screen door wide. Once inside, Parker said, “Everyone is asleep,” in a quiet voice. No sooner had she said the words, than her mother’s voice floated into the kitchen.

“I heard your bike,” Ruth said as she entered the kitchen in her bathrobe. “Olivia, I’m so glad to see you.” She embraced Olivia and let the hug linger before she let go. “Are you hungry? I can fix you some leftovers real quick.”

Olivia’s eyes smarted from not only the pressure Ruth put on the knife wound, but at the woman’s heartfelt and natural welcome. “I’d love one of your special brews Ruth, but don’t do anything special for me…I’m sure Parker still knows how to fix coffee.”

Ruth took a long hard look at Olivia then furrowed her brow. “You never could hide anything from me young lady …I can tell you’re hurt. While I get your coffee, take that jacket off and let me see what I can do for you.”

Parker looked at Olivia again and saw the slight crack in her facade. Mom's right she's hurt. “What happened to you?” she asked.

With a throaty chuckle, Olivia kissed the older woman on the cheek. “Busted huh. Fell off the bike…you know how that goes.” She lied as she carefully slid out of the black leather jacket. The blood from the wound had liberally soaked the back of her shirt. She heard the sucked in breathe of Sophie Durant behind her and Parker’s words echoed in her ears. After the long journey, she was fatigued so she didn’t answer immediately preferring to sit at one of the kitchen chairs. The fact that she hadn’t had more than cat nap for the last forty-eight hours only added to her exhaustion.

Sophie’s hands went to her mouth at the sight of the blood stained shirt. “You got that from falling off your bike? I thought bikers wore leather for protection from that sort of thing.” She looked over at Parker and saw the concern on her face.

“I’ll fetch the bandages and antiseptic,” Parker told her mother. As she left the room, she looked over her shoulder and saw the exhaustion on Olivia’s face. “When I get back and we have you all patched up O, its bedtime for you.”

Sarcastically Olivia threw out, “When did you become my mother?”

Ruth shook her head. “Some things never change,” she said with a laugh. “You two stop the bickering right now or I’ll send you both to time out.”

“Only if she does,” Parker said laughing as she left the room.

Olivia forgot that a stranger was in the room and she let her guard down. “How’s she been Mom? I don’t remember her ever being so tightly wound,” she asked softly.

“To tell you the truth, I’m worried about her too. There’s an edge to her I haven’t seen since you…” She shrugged. “Well, she usually is mellow. I think she has taken up your habit of not sleeping much.”

Sophie heard the concern in Olivia’s voice, but heard something else. Caring, yes there definitely is caring. I wonder what the story is between them. Her eyes studied Olivia. I’d like to make a play for her. Wonder if she’s available.

“Can’t say it’s one of my better traits. I can fix that if you want...I think I remember how.” An amused note filled Olivia’s voice as she recalled a good memory of their times together. Sit Parker on a sofa and stroke her belly in a circular motion and she was away with the fairies. It worked every time back then.

“Ok, I’ve got all the stuff we need to patch you up,” Parker said placing the bandages, tape and antiseptic on the table. “Off with the shirt.” She watched as Olivia carefully pulled the shirt over her head and gasped when she saw the wound. That didn’t happen from any fall off her bike. Looks more like a knife wound to me.

“Do you need my help,” Ruth asked.

Parker positioned her body between her mother and Olivia. “Nope, I got it.” With gentleness, born out of genuine affection, she began to clean the wound. “You really need stitches,” she whispered in Olivia’s ear. “I’ve put butterflies over the gash to keep it together and that should hold you until you see a doctor, but don’t wait too long.”

Olivia looked directly into the eyes she once adored. “Yeah I know…I’ll take care of that tomorrow.”

“I can call Doc Pritchard and take you there.”

“I said, I’d take care of it,” she growled quietly. Parker’s touch was reminiscent of a long time ago and she wasn’t following that path again.

“Sure. All done,” Parker said as she retreated to Sophie’s side.

Chapter 13

Teal gave a snort of annoyance as she gazed at the invoices that Olivia hadn’t adequately explained. Her attention so taken with the problem she failed to hear someone enter the reception area. She jumped when a familiar face popped over the counter.

“Hi Teal, betcha never thought you’d ever see me here,” the young woman announced.

Teal caught a surprised breathe and smiled wanly at the woman. “Hi Jerry, what brings you to this part of town?” Her eyes quickly veered off to Amelia’s door. Crap, I hope she doesn’t see you here.

The young woman grinned impishly as her blonde hair bobbed around her shoulders. Conspiratorially she replied, “I was hoping to surprise you know who. Is she in?”

Just as I thought…crap. I hope Amelia doesn’t get finished any time soon. She doesn’t need to see her. “Actually no, no she isn’t. I can give her a message when she gets back if that helps.” Teal backed up her offer with a tentative smile.

The young woman’s crestfallen expression said it all. “I figured. She hasn’t been in touch for over a week.” Then she smiled optimistically. “At least its work, and not that she doesn’t want to see me.”

“Jerry, Olivia won’t be happy you came here. This is where she works and she’s very strict about not letting pleasure interfere with that. I’ll tell her you came by and I’m sure when she gets back, she’ll call you.” Teal gave the younger woman a reassuring smile.

Jerry Nixon looked around the reception area. “Cool place… I’ve never been in a private detective’s office before. Betcha see some interesting things around here don’tcha?”

Teal shrugged as she moved around the counter. “Sometimes, not often…most of our cases are quite mundane, which is why you need to go Jerry.” Then her eyes closed as she heard Amelia’s office door open as she gave her goodbyes to her last client of the day. This I can do without right now!

Amelia walked into the reception area and turned to Teal who was speaking with a beautiful young blonde woman. She doesn’t look like she’s been out of high school long. “Sorry to interrupt Teal, Ms. Smith needs to sort out her next couple of appointments and she’s on a tight schedule.”

“Perfectly ok, we just finished up…haven’t we?” Her gaze sought out Jerry’s to confirm what she had said.

“I guess. Will tell Olivia that I came by and that I’d love her to call as soon as she gets back…tell her I’ll make it worth her while.” Jerry grinned and smiled at the older woman who had entered the room. “See you at your place on Wednesday for the usual girls’ night out Teal.”

With a whisper, Teal answered, “Sure Jerry, see you then.” Turning her attention to Amelia’s client, she hoped that Amelia hadn’t picked up any vibes. No way am I going to explain Olivia’s actions…no way in hell am I going to jump into that mix.

Amelia stood unmoving in the reception as two things registered in her brain. Neither made any sense, but conversely it made perfect sense and she didn’t want to acknowledge the prospect. That young woman knows Olivia in a familiar way and they wear the same perfume…or do they?

As the woman walked towards the door, Amelia couldn’t stop from walking quickly towards her. “Hi Jerry, I’m Amelia West, Olivia’s business partner. Do you want to leave her a message? If it’s important I can usually contact her when she’s not in the office.”

Both Jerry and Teal glanced at Amelia for very different reasons.

“Awesome. Will you tell her Jerry misses her and that the bed feels cold without her in it? Have her call me at the apartment when she gets time, thanks.” Jerry grinned and left Amelia standing at the door like a statue. She moved only when her client, Ms. Smith cleared her throat for Amelia to move out of the way.

Teal heard the exchange and wanted to curl up in a ball and die. If that’s how I feel, God only knows what Olivia will think and say when she finds out.

“Amelia, are you ok?” Teal asked tentatively. She walked from around the reception counter.

Amelia turned to her friend and gazed at her dazedly while swallowing hard to lubricate her throat – vocal cords refused to function.

Teal took pity on her friend. This was going to happen one day, but certainly not like this. I hoped that Olivia would be the one to explain, she’s had plenty of time. “How about a coffee, I’m sure it’s been a long day for you.” Her hand tentatively settled on Amelia’s forearm.

With an aggrieved look in her eyes, Amelia shrugged off the hand. “Why didn’t she tell me Teal? Does she trust me so little that she couldn’t confide in me about this? We live together!”

The anguish in her friend's voice tugged at Teal’s heart and she sighed heavily. “I’ll get that coffee for us Amelia…I think we both need it. Do you know when Olivia’s due back?”

Amelia’s eyes welled with tears as she shook her head. “Why would I know that? She obviously doesn’t trust me.” A glint in her eyes indicated that she made a decision. “Strike the coffee Teal…I’m leaving for the day. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She quickly sidestepped any attempt Teal made to stop her. She went into her office, collected her purse and car keys then, rushed past Teal without another word.

“Oh, that could have gone better!” Teal pressed a button on her switchboard to connect with Olivia’s private number. It was the number used for emergencies only and she knew Olivia checked the voice mail regularly. I think this is a full-blown emergency don’t you Olivia. “Hi it’s Teal…I think you should come home as soon as you can. Jerry came by the office and …Amelia knows.”

+ + +

The bar Amelia went to was less than a block away from her home. She should have parked the car in the garage of the warehouse, but didn't feel the need. She supposed the bar was like all the others, but she couldn't be sure since she hadn’t ever been to one.

She slid onto a stool at the bar and flung her purse on the countertop. A few seconds later, the bartender wiped the spot in front of her with a towel. “What can I get you?”

Amelia hadn’t thought that far ahead, in fact, as she glanced around, she realized that being there may have been a bad idea. The other parties in the establishment consisted of blue-collar workers, who she suspected were enjoying a beer after work. The others, who looked like they were permanent fixtures, were alone and sitting at the bar.

“Lady, I haven’t got all day, what’ll be?” the bartender asked brusquely.

Amelia looked at the man and gave him a half smile. “Sorry, a beer will be fine?”

The bartender growled, “What kind?” Amelia was a loss for words. I don’t know!

A voice at her side startled her. “The lady looks like a Corona gal to me Mike. Go ahead and make it two.”

Amelia looked and nodded to the woman who she surmised must have just walked into the bar. I don’t recall seeing her when I came in. “Thanks, I don’t drink much.”

A soft chuckle followed the comment. “Wish I didn’t myself, but it’s an occupational hazard.” The woman shrugged and smiled. “I own the place. I haven’t seen you here before…are you new around here?”

“No, not exactly. I was brought up in Portsmouth about three blocks away but…as I say, I don’t drink much.” She thought what a lame thing for me to say as she smiled at the woman.

The bar owner gave her a speculative glance and smiled warmly. “Yeah, you can live in a place for years and not know what’s around the corner.”

Without thinking Amelia replied, “Goes for people too.”

A measure of understanding lit the bar owner’s eyes as she sat next to Amelia. “Yep, I understand that. My name’s Faith, Faith Western.”

Not wanting to be impolite, Amelia turned to the woman, smiled slightly and offered her hand. “Amelia, Amelia West.”

Although there was a fleeting moment of intense speculation in Faith’s eyes, she didn’t say anything. When the drinks arrived, Amelia reached for her purse. “This ones on me, if you like it here you might come back. A good marketing ploy my accountants tell me.”

“Thanks.” Amelia sipped her drink in silence. I am in a fit of depression and this woman is being friendly. Right now, that’s exactly what I need. A few drinks with a stranger and maybe I’ll forget what I heard earlier. “I saw karaoke on a poster on the door when I came in?”

Faith smiled. “See yourself as a singer, Amelia? We could sure do with some new blood. We’re getting tired of the same old stuff. Will you still be here…it doesn’t start until eight.”

With a glance at her watch, Amelia saw that it was barely four-thirty. “Sure I’ve no one to go home to. It’ll be fun.”

With a knowing look in her eyes, Faith moved her stool a little closer. “Yes, I think tonight might be turning out to be brighter than I thought myself.” With a flick of her hand, she motioned for the bartender. “Mike we need the song sheets, Amelia and I are going to rock the place this evening.”

Chapter 14

Olivia glanced around the kitchen, it was familiar and homey - the heart of a home Ruth always says. Then she peered at the two women at the table with her. One she knew well, or as well as anyone who had run the gauntlet of the emotional spectrum of love and hate. The other, was as unfamiliar as Parker was familiar. She knew only the essentials of the make-up of the woman and for now, that had to be enough. “We need to plan a strategy.” Her fingers drummed on the coffee cup. “What have you come up with Parker?”

“I have a few ideas,” Parker said as she watched the drumming fingers. That certainly hasn’t changed. “We need to find a safe house that is invincible.” She held her breath hoping that Olivia would take the bait. “We can probably stay here for a few weeks, but eventually they will come looking for me.” She shook her head. “It won’t take a really good investigator long to figure out I am involved somehow.”

Olivia caught Parker’s gaze. Hmm, I wonder how much you know about my situation these days. “And, your strategy is?”

Parker moved closer to Olivia and began to jot down what they knew along with different scenarios. “We know that Sophie’s friend in Portsmouth was murdered by an unknown person or persons. Add to that, the man who came to Waterston looking for her and left only to come back. Olivia, you said that Dolly told you the man asked all over town about Sophie, right?”

“Yeah, Dolly felt certain he never found anyone that said they ever saw her.” Olivia chuckled. “She said all it took was telling one busybody that a stranger was looking for a woman so he could kill her and the whole town knew. Small towns have a habit of closing ranks when they need to.”

Parker smiled. “That sounds like Dolly.” She fixed her brown eyes on Olivia. “Do you know if the guy left town or is he still there?”

Olivia looked away. “He won’t be a problem,” she said in a matter of fact tone.

“How do you know that?” Parker asked. When Olivia looked her square in the eyes, she had her answer. She killed him. She cleared her throat. “Ok, moving on…” she said trying to stop the bile she felt trying to rise to her mouth. “I suppose the question now is, how long before they figure out that Sophie is with me.”

“Do you have any reason to think they will?”

“When we heard about the murder, I called Sophie’s stepmother and that’s when she fired me because she had someone else on the case.” She shrugged. “All she knows is that I tracked Sophie to Portsmouth.” She recalled the conversation with Evelyn. “I’m certain she knew of Camille’s murder…she said what a pity…” Parker trailed off as she once again felt like she might throw up. She concentrated on the pad of paper and rapidly wrote what she thought would work to their advantage. “I’ve written three ways we can keep Sophie safe for the next two months,” she said sliding the paper over to Olivia.

Blue eyes scanned the page. “I’m not sure any of these are workable Parker…they’re way to complicated.”

“The only complication I can see is that we don’t know who the new hire is,” she countered. “I think number two is our best bet for keeping her safe," she said circling the number. "Once we find out who the new person is, we can confront Evelyn Durant and turn her over to the police. I overheard that guy at Dolly’s say the name Shamus…maybe he’s the hit man.” When Parker turned her head to make her point, she found Olivia close enough to feel her breath fan her face.

Sophie watched in fascination as the two women interacted. It was clear to her that despite some of their negative comments about each other, there was a deep abiding bond between them. Although I’d rather they didn’t treat me like a four year old and leave me out of the loop. They act as if I wasn’t here in the room with them.

“Sure, that can be organized, but it will take more than four days to accomplish.” Olivia frowned as her mind flashed over several possible solutions to the short term problem. One thing is for certain, I’m not telling Parker who the hire is even though she knows the name. She’ll freak out if she knows his background.

Parker frowned and pulled back from Olivia. “Four days…what are you talking about? Didn’t you hear me say we can stay here longer than that?”

Olivia raised an expressive eyebrow at the belligerent comment. Always the same, some things never change. “The funeral is in three days…maybe a few more if the coroner doesn’t release the body right away. After that, I’d say you will have twenty-four hours tops to find this safe house you need or…” Olivia nodded in the direction of Sophie. “…things will not be too pretty around here. I’ll not allow you to bring that kind of danger to your parent’s door again. Do I make myself clear?”

It had been a long time since Parker felt her blood boil, but Olivia certainly had changed that. She leveled her eyes on the woman. “Don’t you ever insinuate that I would do anything to jeopardize my family again!” She felt her heart hammer in her chest as she scraped her chair back, walked to the door and stared out. When she composed herself, she turned around. “Do you think they’re on to me already?”

Olivia stared into the depths of the coffee cup – it had no answers. That is such a predictable reaction Parker. She glanced up and caught Sophie’s eyes staring at her with annoyance laced with what she thought was hatred. Nothing new in that. “In one word Parker, yes. The guy who was in Waterston was too close not to have been tipped off about something. It might have been sheer luck, but I think the assassin is a notch above what you might be used to Parker.” Her look intensified. “You should really leave now…but it’s your case, your call.”

Parker blew out a breath. “It doesn’t take a genius to figure that they got the information from Sophie’s friend.” She heard Sophie gasp. “Apparently the guy that went to Waterston looking for her came up empty. I think the question should be, why would they link me to her?” She looked at Sophie. “What do you think?”

Sophie narrowed her eyes and glared at Olivia. When she turned her gaze back at Parker they softened. “Cammie died because of me. I would hate to have anything happen to anyone else. It’s probably best if I just leave and be on my own, that way…” She swiped a tear off her cheek. “I’ve done pretty well so far by myself and I bet I can keep doing it for another couple of months.”

“No!” Parker thickly shouted.

Oh, for god’s sake Parker, stop being so dramatic! This is a case and your client can do as she pleases! Will someone up there please save me from partners that let their emotions rule over logic? “Parker’s right Ms. Durant, you wouldn’t last another day on your own. Like a hound dog, they have your scent and you can count on them finding you. Right now, we need to move you into a safe location within the next thirty-six hours. I’ve dealt with the Waterston problem so we at least have that breathing room.”

“Exactly! There's no way they know I am involved in this. I think we’ll have more than thirty-six hours to implement whatever plan we decide on.”

Olivia, forgetting the injured shoulder, stood up and winced at the pain.

Parker saw the grimace and had no choice but to approach her old lover and gently cup her arm. “You ok?” She dropped her hand when Olivia’s eyes told her don’t come any closer.

“Of course,” Olivia ground out as she pursed her lips in pain. I could do with a nap she thought as she unconsciously moved closer to Parker.

For Parker, it was second nature and she put her arm around Olivia. “Sure you are. Why don’t we take this up in the morning when we’ve all had a good night’s sleep?” She leaned in slightly and closed her eyes when she sniffed the woman’s hair. Damn, you always do this to me…I wonder if you know. “What do you say O?”

“I for one, vote yes,” Sophie interjected. “This certainly has been a day of surprises.” Her words sounded hollow as she felt a surge of jealousy at Parker’s familiar attitude towards the dark woman.

Any other time, Olivia would have shrugged off the blatant incursion into her personal space, but all she cared about was ridding her body of the sheer exhaustion she felt. God I wish I was home and Amelia was beside me. No offense Parker… you and I are old news... She felt the familiar comforting arm on her shoulder and wondered, or are we? “Sure, I could do with a few hours sleep before I go back.”

Parker smiled. “Glad you see it my way,” she said resisting the urge to lean her head on Olivia’s shoulder. Then she moved away and looked at Sophie. “With Olivia on our side we’ll all be safe…she’s the best there is at this.” She felt a yawn fight its way to the surface. I sure hope I sleep tonight, but I’m too wound up…“We are all staying in the suite,” she said. “Remember that O?”

A brief memory of good times drifted through her exhaustion. “Yeah, I remember. I know the way and I’m going to take a shower.” She walked out of the room without a backward glance. She was too damn exhausted to worry about the pleasantries of goodnights.

Sophie couldn’t believe the audacity of the dour woman. “Obviously she never had any lesson in decorum,” she mumbled.

“She’s tired,” Parker said defensively. “Usually she would have said goodnight.”

“Ok, go ahead and have it your way,” Sophie said raising her eyebrows. “But, I think she owes you an apology for her rudeness.”

Parker shook her head. How can I defend her? Sophie is right. “Come on let’s go to bed too.”

“Is that an invitation,” Sophie said with a grin.

“Not tonight.”

Sophie winked and said, “Ok, but it’s your loss.”

+ + +

Olivia opened the familiar door to the suite and leaned against it once it closed. She was exhausted physically and mentally. Being back at the Davis’ house had been a bad move on her part. Too many memories. She blew out a breath, went in to the bedroom that she and Parker always shared and stripped off her clothes. A good hot soaking shower should do the trick.

The warm water beat against her skin and she instantly felt the stresses and strains of the day disappear. Why did that man have to come after me…I didn’t want to kill him. She avoided the injured shoulder as the water cascade down her body. Lathering the rest of her body, she tried to squelch all the memories of the past that seemed to echo in her mind. I won’t go there. You will never hurt me again, Parker…I’ll never trust you with my love again. She shut off the water, toweled off and opened the door.

When Parker and Sophie entered the room, they stopped in their tracks as a naked Olivia came out of the bathroom. Olivia heard sharp intakes of breath and spun around. “Never seen a naked woman leave a bathroom before?” she said sarcastically. She turned away and reached for the clothes she left scattered in the bedroom.

Sophie, clearly embarrassed, made her way to her bedroom. Parker just stood there trying to make sense of her body’s reaction to the naked Olivia. “Yeah, I’ve seen my share of naked women,” she finally said. “All I need from the room is a pillow then I’ll leave you in peace,” she said as she walked past Olivia.

“Cut out the martyrdom Parker, get over here and share this damn bed." Olivia motioned to the king sized bed. "Don’t worry. I have no intentions towards you other than we both get a good night’s sleep.”

With a gulp, Parker looked at the bed. “No, you go ahead I don’t think I can sleep just yet.”

Olive squared her shoulders making her breasts moved provocatively. “Do you still trust me Parker?”

“I never stopped,” she whispered, as her eyes caught, like a deer in car headlights, on Olivia’s breasts. Oh god, why do I torture myself…I know she hates me.

“Excellent, then you’ll remember that I have the formula for making you sleep like a baby, right?”

Parker managed a slight smile. “Yeah, I do,” she said as she undressed and crawled under the covers. “I’m all yours.”

With a gentle touch, she began making concentric circle on Parker’s belly. Surreptitiously she looked at the naked body that at one time she wanted and needed to touch and feel. Her eyes lingered on Parker’s breast. Still firm and oh so inviting. She saw Parker’s eyes begin to flutter and she knew that in a few moments she would be sound asleep. Works every time. A memory that had been fighting to emerge ever since she heard Parker’s voice the day before would no longer stay buried.


Her mind flashed back to a convenience store robbery and the car chase that followed. She and Parker chased the man for several miles with sirens blaring and the police radio squawking. The perpetrator finally stopped his car, jumped out and began running. “What an idiot,” Olivia said as she slammed on the breaks and opened her door. “He thinks he can out run me.” She laughed and set out after the suspect. Once the man was in sight, she shouted, “Stop police,” but he continued running.

Olivia felt the tightness and swelling of arousal as she closed in on the man. When the suspect reached an eight foot fence and tried to climb up, Olivia launched her body in his direction and grabbed hold of his legs. Once she wrestled the man to the ground and had her knee in his back, she felt herself come.

Olivia and the suspect walked back to the squad car and she saw Parker lounging against the car with her legs crossed at the ankles. “Good job,” she said with a grin. “You know mister, if you gonna try and outrun her you need to lose about fifty pounds.”

Once the man was booked and they did all the necessary paper work, they headed for home. They would usually change into civilian clothes before they left, unless there had been a chase. Olivia wasted no time in getting to their apartment, undressing and then taking Parker to bed.

Snake like, she started at Parker’s feet and slithered up the naked body letting her wetness glide along the muscled legs, across hips, up her belly, between the valley of her breasts and finally coming to a stop at Parker’s mouth. She closed her eyes as she felt a tongue lick her until it rolled and neatly slid inside and kept time as Olivia's hips began to move.

“Oh god Parker,” Olivia said raggedly before she lost all sense and erupted.

Not yet satisfied, Olivia let her body slide back down until their eyes met. Her body was one with her lover who she hungrily kissed tasting what Parker just tasted. She moved her left leg so it was between Parker’s legs and began to grind against the wetness she felt. In response, Parker mirrored her partner’s movements until she felt herself come – Olivia did not. The lust Olivia felt after a chase was unquenchable and all Parker could do was go along for the ride. Her fingers snaked between their sweaty thighs, found their way inside Olivia and remained there as her lover pumped and jerked until she exploded in one orgasm after another.

“God, how I love you,” Olivia said as she collapsed on top of Parker. Her breathing was hard and fast, but the hand rubbing her back soothed her. “I never want to lose you Parker, you are everything to me.”


Olivia took in the whole of the sleeping woman and felt her body react. The memory and the sleeping naked woman’s body made her wet and fill with desire. I need relief. Her eyes focused on Parker’s left breast and she smiled. I see that nipple still needs coaxing…

To be continued in part 6

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