~ Lost Kingdom ~
J. M. Dragon
Part 5
© J.M. Dragon 2007
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This story features relationships involving women. If it is illegal in the state, province, or country in which you live; or if you are under the age of 18, please find something else to read.The events portrayed in this story are fictional and any resemblance to actual events and/or people is purely coincidental.

Language - Violence - Hurt/Comfort:  There are elements of strong language, drunkenness, emotional hurt and discomfort in this story.

The events portrayed in this story are fictional and any resemblance to actual events and/or people is purely coincidental. 

Acknowledgments - Thanks Teresa for the technical advice. Thank you to Teresa and Mel for helping with the editing.

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Chapter 32

Janice had gone through the motions of listening intently to the conference material that she had no particular interested in. She’d rather be elsewhere but she knew that Seera would probably ask her pertinent questions. It was the lunch break and she’d taken the opportunity of sitting outside under a tree and eating her packed lunch. As she peeled of the cellophane wrapper of a sandwich, she wondered what Seera was having for lunch. Then, she silently hit herself certain that she was losing it. She knew exactly what Seera would be having …tuna on rye–it never changed. The thought made her smile as she recalled the time when she’d tried to take the initiative and changed the order to smoked chicken on rye rather than tuna reasoning it must be boring to have the same old stuff every day.


“ Janice, there’s an error with my lunch,” Seera barked at her secretary of six months.

When Janice looked up and saw the piercing cold gray eyes that held hers she knew that lying about the fact that no error had been made was out of the question. “I’m sorry Ms. Diamond there wasn’t a mistake. I took the liberty of…I mean I thought perhaps you’d prefer a change.”

Janice felt like she’d grown a second head as Seera stared at her. Then her boss moved closer so she stood next to her desk. Her voice dropped to a low pitch as she said, “And what makes you think I like chicken? Strike that, what makes you think you know anything about my likes or dislikes?”

Janice timidly decided to defend her precarious position by saying, “I would never presume to know all your likes and dislikes Ms. Diamond. I did however, think that a change of lunch wouldn’t be a bad idea…everyone likes a change for it stops things from becoming boring.”

An eyebrow lifted as her boss considered the explanation. “Boring, hmm, I can understand that. For the record, never change any instruction I give you and I mean any! Have my usual order sent Janice.”

“Yes Ms. Diamond?” Janice felt like a schoolgirl chastised by the head mistress.

“Thank you for thinking about my well-being. Eat the chicken yourself it might prevent you from becoming boring with your own lunch,” Seera before returning to her office.


Janice smiled slightly for it seemed to her that from then on Seera had thawed a little making her no longer feel like an outsider. In fact, it almost became a standing joke between them…on Janice’s part.

She took a bite of her chicken sandwich and smiled. She’d become almost as predictable in that department herself after that day. Her thoughts then drifted to the package she left with an authority on antique authenticity. They’d promised an answer by this evening, and then smiled when Seera’s face drifted into her mind’s eye.

Chapter 33

Orin watched the blinking console with a smile. Tavia had a definite rapport with the bio-intelligence that ran the shuttle. Astoria was the Princess’s private computer and they temporarily installed it in the shuttle to enhance its capabilities. As it turned out, it may well have proven their downfall. Any other computer wouldn’t have adapted and created the wormhole as Astoria had. With any other interface the creation of a wormhole would cause it to terminate even if it meant the ship had to limp back to the spaceport around their planet. Under no circumstances would the computer have executed the commands to take them to another galaxy.

“Hey, we have life here on the console,” Orin announced. He peered down on the floor where Tavia looked extremely amusing while lying on her back fiddling with the interfaces. He smiled and that caused creased in his craggy features–her belly was like a mountain below him.

“If you have that silly smirk on your face about my looks right now I promise that when I finally get up off this floor I’ll attach you to Astoria for her to give you a piece of her bio-intelligent mind.” She heard his laughter and knew she’d been right. She too chuckled. Orin reached down and squeezed Tavia’s shoulder gently. “Don’t do that darling she might not let me go.” When he heard her chuckle, he said, “How are we doing?”

Tavia returned her mind to the procedure. “Just another couple of tweaks and…there, I’m all done. Now haul me up so I can initiate the sequence.”

A few moments later, Tavia was standing flexing her back muscles, as she punched several controls and held her breath.

“Has it worked?” Orin asked. All he could see were the same flashing lights he’d seen previously.

“Not sure…” A whirling sound echoed in the chamber of the shuttle and the voice of Astoria started a number sequence that shrilled throughout the cabin. “Yes! Yes we have Astoria back.” Tavia grinned as Orin hugged her.

“Never any doubt at my end Tavia,” Orin said before he kissed her soundly.

Tavia gave herself a high five. “ Astoria we need you to do an energy cell check please?”

For what seemed to be hours, but were merely seconds, Astoria responded. “Energy cells are depleted beyond normal and require restoration. There is an unusual energy drain on cell three. Shall I shut it down Lady Emerald?”

Tavia glanced at Orin for his input. He was the more gifted pilot and could better surmise what the shuttle could do regarding power ratios. “Any suggestions?”

“ Captain Steele, why did you disconnect my functions?” Astoria asked.

Tavia blinked several times as she saw a red tinge stain Orin’s cheeks–busted.

“It was a necessary procedure Astoria. The Princess would never have forgiven me if anything had happened to you,” he told the machine.

Astoria quickly asked,” is Princess Diamond here with you?”

“Afraid not Astoria but I promise she’ll be along soon. We need you to recalculate the equation that will take us home after I enter some information.” Tavia’s grin increased as she thought of Seera’s pleasure that Astoria appeared to be functioning again without any apparent detrimental problems.

“Go ahead Lady Emerald,” Astoria’s voice echoed around the craft melodic but authoritative.

Tavia smiled, the honorific term surprising her after decades of no use. She commenced the downloading of the data, Tavia turned to Orin and winked. “Now my dear Captain Steele, should we shut down power cell three?”

Orin grinned at the use of his official title and winked back. “Not yet. We’ll have Astoria do a full diagnostic and then decide.”

“Seera’s going to be pleased isn’t she Orin?” Tavia asked. She considered the circumstances she and Orin were in and wondered exactly how happy she was. Now that the once impossible appeared in their grasp, was she ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice of losing Orin and maybe their baby.

Orin saw the strain in Tavia’s eyes and he knew what she was thinking or at least thought he did. They never had the courage to talk about the subject. He figured that she, like him, didn’t want to dwell on the pain that would come when, for the moment, they had so much joy. “The Princess will be as happy as we are Tavia…I’m sure of it.”

As they waited while Astoria began her calculations of the equation, they both sat quietly deep in thought. For the moment, they were together, but for how long was the question that loomed in both their minds.

Chapter 34

It was late and Seera glanced at the clock - ten pm, which was way past the time she normally stayed in the office. A weary hand crossed her brow as she considered her achievements of the day. In some cases, it was more than she’d done in two years. Forester had been the worse for he had been like a bear with a sore head. She eventually thawed him out and now he was onboard for the duration. The fact that his organization would take over hers had been a coup in its own way. He had the locations that would take her global networking to higher levels and if this was her last feat in the business world, she’d done a bang up job. Not that anyone will know the impact for at least a decade.

For the last three hours, she sat crouched over her desktop and the tension in her back muscles finally protested. She stored away her paperwork in the desk and locked it before she stood and flexed her back. Under other circumstances, she’d have no compunction about picking up the phone and calling one of the beautiful women who were always available.

She needed something but it wasn’t the anonymity of a whore. No, Janice had gotten under her skin like a rash. She desperately wanted to bed Janice and the need was becoming overwhelming. Seera found it strange that deep down she seemed reluctant about hurting Janice but she knew it was inevitable. She made the call anyway.

She yawned and pressed the number for the garage in the basement. “Have my car available immediately and tell the driver another will be joining me.” Once the elevator stopped, she exited the building, climbed into the back seat of her limo, and gave a perfunctory nod to the young blonde woman already seated. She looked back at the building and only felt a tiny regret that this would be the last few days she’d be doing this. She pressed the privacy button and took what she needed.

Seera’s driver knew exactly what to do and he drove slowly through the streets of town. That night, his boss took longer than usual before he heard, “Time to go home,” in a husky voice. “Then you can drop my…guest off wherever she needs to go.”


Chapter 35

Janice allowed the letter from the antique assessor to drop lifelessly from her fingers and it floated in slow motion to the wooden floor of her kitchen. In many respects, the descent was similar to her emotions as everything slowed down to a snail’s pace as she tried to make sense of it all.

“It’s just not possible. This isn’t an episode featuring Mulder and Scully and I’m certainly not a conspiracy theorist. It has to be a forgery, or I must be going out of my mind.” She made her way to her computer and switched it on. “I know the internet will tell me who won that particular trophy and who knows, the picture might be there too. I’ll get my answer that way.”

Two hours later Janice hit the shutdown key and pushed her hair back from her face. She found that the trophy went to an Orin Steele but the picture was too obscure to make out the face clearly. She also did a search for all their names and though inconclusive, she did find that those names kept appearing sporadically over the last fifty years.

Janice finally concluded that it was a misunderstanding on her part and she was reading too much into it. “If there were anything suspicious, why would they allow me that access? I know I’m going to ask but they aren’t aliens…at least I haven’t seen any bug eyes or anything inhuman. That’s what I’ll do tomorrow I’ll ask Seera!”

Once she made the decision, she opened the refrigerator and sought her favorite ice-cream. Janice switched on the television and smiled when she saw her favorite movie, An Affair To Remember was about to begin.

“That’s what I want…a love that transcends time. I know that Seera and I can have that.” She sighed as a warm feeling invaded her heart. “There’s got to be an explanation for that newspaper. No way would Seera be anything but honest with me…we have that kind of connection.”

She settled back on the couch and watched the blissfully happy couple visit his grandmother.

Chapter 36

Orin cradled Tavia in his arms as they slept cramped on one of the wider seats in the back of the shuttle as Astoria was busy undertaking her instructions. It was the early morning hours and he could see the stars blinking in the clear dark skies above them. Out there, somewhere in space is our home where they were physically born. A sense of sadness filled him as he thought of home. For him, Earth was the place where he was spiritually born, allowing him the most precious gift of all…love.

His thoughts turned to their unborn child. He knew it was more than likely that the baby will be an outcast or entered into servitude by autocratic traditionalist rules. As much as he loved the baby, he knew it was their downfall. He would never denounce or hate the child because of what would surely happen when they returned home. He had engineered the pregnancy to keep Tavia with me but their child could not be born here. It would have to wander the planet alone knowing that everyone around it would die and have to start again. Their child would not have the benefit of a group that they had and would eventually be alone. How selfish it had been to manipulate Tavia like that and think it would, work out. He shook his head knowing eventually that he would pay for his selfish desire.

Tavia woke and noticed Orin’s melancholy and moved slightly before she peered at his hard profile. When she saw the lost expression in his eyes, her heart reacted. “Hey, why aren’t you resting?”

The soft words gentled his previously hard gaze and he smiled. “I was thinking and looking at the stars.”

The reflective words had Tavia squirming slightly in his tight hold and he released her. She was able to see out of the shuttle window and the heavens above. “It’s very beautiful. Will you miss this Orin?” She knew her words would make his heartbeat race.

“I will miss lots of things and yes, the stars in plain sight will be one of them.”

There was a significant silence between them until Tavia whispered, “We can stay Orin. The others will understand.” She held her breath hoping Orin would say no for she would never forgive herself if they stayed behind. It would herald the death of her soul if she weren’t able to see Seera even if it is at a distance. Another galaxy would be trying that analogy too far.

He swallowed hard and squeezed the hand that had reached for his. He felt tears swell in his eyes as she finally voiced the unspoken words between them. “No, it’s for the best we go back. I want you to have the best care possible when our baby is born.”

Tavia knew what he was giving up if they returned. The repercussion weren’t limited to Orin–she too would give up much. “Perhaps Darc wasn’t wrong when he asked us to terminate the baby Orin. Did you ever think of that?”

With grim determination, he turned Tavia in his arms. He gently took her chin in his fingers as he said, “Never! I never once thought that was a solution. If we have to give everything else up when we return home, we will have our baby as a constant source of joy and the measure of our love. No one can take that away from us,” he said knowing that the conception had nothing to do with love.

“But they can Orin and you know it.” Tears flowed as she found the irony of the creation growing inside of her and her own initial doubts about having the baby. It would forcibly be an instrument to their demise as a couple and she didn’t know how she felt about that–relieved or sad.

Orin smiled into the glistening eyes before kissing away the tears. As he kissed her lips he whispered, “I’m hoping for a boy that way I have the chance to keep him.”

Tavia hoped it was a girl but knew Orin’s words had merit and having a male child would be the best solution. Girls have a much better chance of being something on Corinthian even those classified as outcast. Boys have no real value except as servants. Orin would be a wonderful father though and our child would at least know one parent’s devoted love. She held back the torrent of tears that threatened to fall with the thought and wished as he did that they were having a boy. “I’m hoping for a boy too. At least then, he gets to keep you. Let’s get some sleep or we won’t be fit for the morning we have a lot accomplish.”

Fingers entwined over Tavia’s bulging stomach as each drifted restlessly into dream-filled sleep that bordered on nightmares for them both.

Chapter 37

“Have you had any communication from them?” Darc asked the Princess when he entered her office that next morning.

Seera arrived earlier than normal. Although she had been tired, the thought of seducing Janice had created a maelstrom of desires and contradictions that kept her awake in spite of her repeated taking of the young woman in the backseat of her limo. “No, although I suspect it’s probably going well. They haven’t returned and that can only mean something is happening in the shuttle…” Her words ended abruptly when, just like every day, Janice popped her head inside the office and asked about coffee to start the day.

When she saw Darc standing over Seera, Janice felt a flush of embarrassment cross her face. “Oh, I’m sorry for interrupting. I didn’t know Mr. Cimmerian was with you. I’ll come back later.”

Seera held up her hand and smiled gently at the younger woman. “Good morning. Are you enquiring about coffee?”

The gentle question and Seera’s smile settled Janice’s fluttering emotions and the jealousy she felt at the sight of Cimmerian so close to the woman she loved. “Good morning Ms. Diamond, Mr. Cimmerian,” she said with a smile. “Yes. I shall bring in a tray for you both shortly.”

“ Mr. Cimmerian is leaving so the coffee is just for us.”

There was a spluttering sound from Darc, “I am…” His annoyance clearly visible that his dismissal was in favor of Janice. It really didn’t matter to him for he knew he was going to get the last laugh. “Of course, of course you’ll call me with any news your high…Seera.”

Janice heard the strange address or at least the partial address and felt her brow crease.. She dragged her eyes from Cimmerian to see Seera gazing at her in speculation. “I’ll be right back,” she said as she left the room.

A dangerous glittering in the Princess’s eyes had Darc moving away from the full force of her icy blast. He was annoyed that the Princess preferred to spend time with her secretary than with him so he purposely almost let the royal title slip. However, he wasn’t foolish enough not to apologize for his near miss. “Please forgive me your Highness for my near faux pas,” he said with a slight nod of his head. “It was most uncalled for especially as our time here is near its end.”

His oily manner did not fool Seera. “You made that slip on purpose Darc and I want to know why?” she asked in a voice that had a deathly quiet tone.

“I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean?”

Seera knew his incredulous face wasn’t genuine and let out a short laugh. “ Janice is my secretary Darc,” she said in her most commanding voice. “Here in the office it’s a professional situation and it is one I have no wish to change. As you well know, there are far too many things to complete. If you do anything to her I will leave you behind on this rock until the end of your time.” Her eyes bore deep into the man. “I might even replace her with you on the trip so be very, very careful.”

Darc nodded and walked backwards until he got to the threshold and gave her a bow before leaving her office. The dejected stance he took brought a smile to Seera’s features.

Ten minutes later, Janice walked back into the office with a tray of coffee and the early morning newspaper. Seera noticed that her step was decidedly lighter much as she had noticed everything about the woman lately.

“Good morning again…how did you sleep?” She had promised to keep everything professional but couldn’t help herself. Seeing the dark circles under the woman’s eyes had her doing the opposite.

“Good morning Ms. Diamond,” she said. “I slept well and yourself?”

“I didn’t sleep. I had too many things on my mind.”

Seera’s admission surprised Janice. “Can I help?” Janice timidly offered as she poured them both a cup of coffee.

“No, I’m afraid you can’t as you’re the main reason.” Seera volunteered. The beaming smile that settled over Janice’s countenance more than made up for the loss of sleep.

“I was….really…I mean…I’m so sorry,” she said despite the deliriously happy smile on her face.

Seera grinned. “Don’t be, I’m not. Now let’s see what the day has in store for us shall we.”

Chapter 38

After retreating from the Princess’s office, Darc decided that it was time he took matters into his own hands. The bitch Clark was on the top of his list…just as that slip of a girl Genister was years ago. He’d offered his bed but the woman chose to follow the Princess. As charming as she was, she wasn’t good enough to take over my role as caretaker of the Princess’s every need and want.

Although he accepted that her sexual tendencies didn’t fall into his remit he made damn well certain that she never had a long-standing relationship. He took care of that by placing only nubile willing, and in his view stupid, women in the Princess’ vicinity. They were the very ones that he knew would bore the Princess in a short space of time and they did. It had worked for years and he would of have staked his vast fortune on this planet that Clark was what the company paid her for–a secretary. He snorted in disgust as he wondered how the bitch had integrated herself with the Princess so quickly and easily.

He stood at his desk and opened a small secure box before selecting a business card that had proven useful in the past. He was sure with the benefits allotted to the task the person would do his bidding regardless of the unsavory nature of the task. He knew that killing another human being was something many did without compunction. In his opinion, the earth still had a very barbaric society and one that he reveled in. If I have any regrets about returning to Corinthian, it’s that I’ll never again be in a position to indulge in my basic hedonist tendencies. He let out a chuckle heavily laced with his lack of morality.

His penchant for very young women hadn’t caught up with him for he managed to stay out of the radar of the authorities since he had decades to hone the skill. He was going to miss that freedom on Corinthian, but knew it was worth it if Seera kept him as her private aide. Once the others are out of the way, he knew she’d turn to him. It wouldn’t do for the Queen to know of her daughter’s flaws especially regarding Tavia Emerald who had run the Princess dogged for years. No royal personage would allow it especially not for the daughter of the Queen.

He was delighted with his knowledge of the Princess and the time spent with her. It would provide essential information he could use later either to blackmail the Princess or fill in the Queen on her daughter’s escapades. To make it even sweeter Lady Emerald’s pregnancy was the icing on the cake she’ll be nothing more than a bug to squash under the feet of the Royal Court the quirk of fate of it all.

If everything worked as he planned, Janice Clark would soon be history and the Princess would never know his involvement. If, by some off chance she suspected he had a hand in her demise he’d use the other weapon up his sleeve - the Queen. He picked up the phone, called the number on the card and arranged a meeting for that evening. By Friday, Janice Clark will be as absent from this planet as we will be…only she won’t be on the shuttle.

Chapter 39

Seera was smiling broadly unaware she had an audience until Janice cleared her throat. Her eyes then focused on her secretary sitting at the desk.

“Hi there,” Seera drawled as her eyes met the amused ones.

“Dare I say that you look like the cat that just got all the cream?” Janice grinned at the lovely expression on Seera’s face.

Seera considered the comment as she placed her folders on Janice’s desk. Then she caught her eyes again and gazed into them concentrating on the flecked pupils that moved fractionally. “Maybe I did.”

Janice wasn’t used to this easy relaxed woman at the office. She’d seen it or a version of it in her apartment but at work, it was incredible. She frowned slightly as she tried to figure out what meeting could possibly have caused it. “Well if you’re in such a good mood want to go over the next quarter predictions?” Janice reached for the figures on her desk and was surprised when Seera stopped her by wagging her finger.

“Nope, not my idea of keeping the momentum going, I have a better idea.” Seera replied. Her thoughts flashed back to the meeting she was embroiled in immediately before lunch when a sudden delicious and unexpected idea permeated past the morass of information and into her mind. As she felt a smile began to creep across her face old words echoed–when the opportunity arises, you must take itshe would.

Janice squeaked out, “You do?”

“Oh yes. I can be very inventive if the need arises and right now, it does. There are no more appointments for me today are there?”

Janice checked the diary on her desk and responded, “No, nothing.” Her eyes scanned the document further. “Actually you’re off for the rest of the week until the board meeting on Friday morning.”

Seera chuckled, sounding like a bubble of excitement about to burst. “Excellent. Fetch your coat and purse we’re getting out of here.”

“Now?” Janice glanced at the clock it was barely two in the afternoon.

“Mm-hmm…any objections? Please, don’t say anything about the boss not approving.” Seera grinned at her joke.

Why would I object? It was exactly what she wanted…spending time with Seera alone…at least she hoped it would be. “I’m right with you boss.” Her flippant response elicited a wink from Seera who went to lock her office. Janice called reception and advised them that she and Ms. Diamond were out of the office for the rest of the day. Ten minutes later she sat in the back of Seera’s limousine and gave the woman at her side a steady look of enquire. “Exactly what has caused this?”

Seera feigned understanding as she placed her head to one side in mock puzzlement. “Caused what Janice?”

Janice shook her head and laughed at the amused expression in Seera’s face. “You know, your mood, playing hooky to name two?”

Seera took one of Janice’s hands and intertwined her fingers around the smaller ones. “I decided that for years I’ve never done that…played hooky. More than anything I wanted to do that and, I can’t think of any one better to join me than you.”

Stunned into silence, all Janice could do was look down at their intertwined fingers. She felt the glow of being with this woman consume her again for it was intoxicating. She impulsively pulled the locked fingers toward her lips and kissed the back of Seera’s hand. “Thank you, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather spend time with.”

Seera felt stirrings in her body of emotions long suppressed for the woman and it was time to open the cage. However, at least for the moment, it was necessary to keep her libido at bay. With a smile at the fingers held close to Janice’s lips, Seera grinned. “Good, I have a surprise for you at the penthouse and then you and I are going to have a serious talk about…us.”

Janice ’s emotions checked her breath as the enormity of the words filtered in her brain. If Seera hadn’t been in such a good mood, she’d think this was the end but her whole body radiated good-humor. “I wanted to talk about us too.” When she saw Seera smile she continued, “It sounds perfect, although anything with you involved in is.”

Seera laughed at the words. Her hands slipped around Janice’s shoulders and she drew her forward lightly kissing her lips in restrained passion. When, much to Janice’s chagrin, Seera moved away before she winked. “Can’t have the chauffeur gossiping can we.” Her mind flicked to the night before and the sex she had in that very seat.

Janice , settling back in the luxury of the leather seat with their hands still clasped replied, “No, no, we can’t.”

Chapter 40

Tavia was quiet on the way back to the city as Orin piloted the aircraft in silence. They normally had a rapport that told each other when words were necessary between them and right now, they needed to talk but it wasn’t happening.

Tavia dreaded going back to Corinthian. A couple of words from Orin and she’d stay keeping their child safe. Still the battle raged on about her feelings for Seera and if she could permanently break their connection like that. Her mind wandered back to the baby and figured that it might work out if they had another baby right away so their child wouldn’t be alone. It was clear to her that they both hated the thought of leaving the planet and what it offered them - the freedom to love whomever they chose.

Her mind flew to Seera and her initial thoughts that being on a new planet meant they might have a chance at love–but she didn’t love her. What a fool I was to imagine that the next Queen of Corinthian, who could have anyone on the planet, would want me. She sighed knowing that although she allowed herself to move on with the second best. I wonder if Seera asked me to leave Orin and be with her would I take the chance. The thought made her shiver. She was glad didn’t have to make that choice–she knew the answer.

Back at the shuttle, when Astoria began the lengthy preparations to leave at the required time, they both knew the barriers to their pain were building and neither had the courage to ask the other to stay. Her mind sifted to the first time she’d ever seen Captain Orin Steele it made her smile.


“Your Highness I have been assigned as your protector. I am at your command.” A low bow complimented the formal words.

The upright, or in Tavia’s amused view uptight, officer of the Royal Guard was interesting in a Neanderthal kind of way. He was broad shouldered with short silver-flecked sandy hair, a long nose that reminded her of a hunting hawk and a strong determined chin. Along with enough craggy lines on his face that he’d put a mountain to shame.

“Yes, I was informed. I hope you have more decorum for your status than the last one.” Princess Diamond announced haughtily as she motioned him toward her personal shuttle. She wanted to take a leisurely trip to the borders of their world and was impatient to leave.

Captain Steele said nothing, remaining steps behind the Princess confident that he was nothing like her previous bodyguard. His eyes turned to the other person in the party as the Princess spoke to her.

“Are you coming with us Tavia or merely dawdling along in a dream world as usual. You’ll find no knight in shining amour in this realm that much I can vouch for, unless of course it’s me.” The Princess mocked as she climbed aboard the shuttle.

Tavia then saw the most important aspect of the man who was to be almost as close to her best friend as she was. Captain Steele had the most appealing eyes; they were a deep brown full of well hidden depths. There and then, she promised herself that she would fathom out the depths and find out exactly what was underneath. “Yes, your Highness, I’m right with you.”


Tavia sighed as she recalled that time because she eventually had done exactly that.

“That was a heavy sigh darling anything wrong?” Orin asked acutely aware of Tavia’s changes in her breathing pattern. He was concentrating on taking them safely to their destination. Years ago, they might have done a few somersaults and aerial acrobatics on the journey, but not now. He had made a living out of protecting the ones he loved and, in the Princess’s case, out of loyalty. No way would he compromise the safety of Tavia or their child.

Tavia turned to him smiling warmly as she gently ran her hand over his on the controls of the aircraft. “I’m good, the baby is happy, he’s kicking up a storm probably wants to help his father fly.”

Orin smiled and at the same time his heart broke as he noticed one particular word in her comment - he. “Yes, he’s going to be a strong one isn’t he. My father will be a good role model and perhaps he might eventually protect you Tavia.”

The thought of her son being little more than a servant in her household caused a shiver to run down her spine. “I’ll call the Princess in about half an hour and let her know we should be back at her place in a couple of hours…right?”

Orin gave her a tight smile. “Yes. Sooner if I can make this crate move any faster through the air.”

Tavia wished he wouldn’t for their time together was fast running out and that brought a solid dread to her heart. She felt sure the baby must have felt her anxiety as he kicked harder in response. A part of her wished that the Princess hadn’t been so foolhardy then she might not have to bear this pain. She kicked herself mentally. What she was going to lose might be a tragedy but what would be a greater catastrophe for her would to never to have experienced it all.

Chapter 41

After sliding off their outer coats, Seera held Janice’s hand and partially dragged her into the large airy room overlooking the park. She applauded herself as she saw Janice’s awed expression as her eyes rested on the site before her.

Blankets arranged on the floor where a picnic was set out along with a basket and obligatory wine bucket filled with ice. It was the perfect indoor picnic arrangement.

“This is awesome?” Janice placed her fingers to her mouth to cover her gasp of delighted surprise.

Seera chuckled. “I heard that you skipped lunch and decided this was exactly what we needed since I skipped out on lunch as well.” A wink followed her confession as Seera pulled Janice further into the room. With an effective wave of her hand, Seera motioned for Janice to sit. Her shoes took up residence in a pile near the blanket and was delighted to see that Seera followed suit and sat between her and the food.


“Because I can,” Seera replied.

A faint blushed echoed on Janice’s cheeks as she tried to stop herself from catching Seera’s concentrated gaze. “What do we have for lunch?”

Seera chuckled, opened a couple of the packages, and showed her picnic companion the contents.

“Seera!” Janice exclaimed as she saw the tuna and chicken sandwiches they always had in the office. A bubble of amusement flicking at her lips into a wide smile resonating in her eyes.

“Yes, want your usual?” There was a teasing note in her voice as she pushed the container with the chicken sandwiches toward Janice. Just as she was about to take one, Seera pulled it away and then offered her the tuna one.

“Hey not fair, are you going to starve me,” Janice remarked.

A serious look came into Seera’s eyes as she looked down at the sandwiches. “How would you like a change Janice, it’s good for the soul they say.”

Janice swallowed hard, recalling a similar conversation she’d had with Seera in the early days. “The soul you say, ok”

“A very sage piece of advice I believe. Anything else you’d like to try?”

The undertones were there Janice only had to decipher them and she decided that if she got it wrong it really didn’t matter. She took the lead, leaned over and kissed Seera communicating all the banked up passion she felt over the last few days

When they finally came up for air Seera decided that what little time she had left she wanted to share. “I was thinking that the change might be more than just lunch.”

Janice felt that although her world spun out of control it was heading on course in the right direction. She traced a more confident finger down Seera’s face. “Will you make love to me?”

After only a few moments of deliberation Seera said, “You know once I do that’s the end?”

Janice ’s heartbeat raced at the comment for she knew it might happen. “I don’t care Seera. The end, the beginning it’s all the same. Something tells me deep inside, that I have to take this opportunity. If I end up like one of those twenty-four hour lifecycle insects that go through their whole life in a day, so be it. I’ll know that I held love in my hands for a moment in time and not everyone can say that they have and actually mean it.”

Janice offered her heart and soul and Seera wasn’t one to deny her basic urges for sex. She pulled Janice over the food and on top of her chest, kissing her as she did. Their hands began to make familiar inroads into the clothing that separated them. Buttons on blouses popped and the slightly cooler temperature in the room caressed their skin as the clothes found their way to a pile. Seera was lost in a sensual haze that was familiar and when she cupped the full breast of the woman in her arms, she felt exhilaration flood her body as the nipples became turgid and wanting in her hands.

Janice repeated the same movements on Seera’s breasts finding it hard not to cry out as lips began a steady decent to lower regions, riding on a crest of a wave where both women couldn’t get enough of the other. It wasn’t long before Seera placed her thigh between Janice’s legs and felt the flood of her desire.

Fingers trailed in the moisture, entangling in the triangle of hair that was the last remaining barrier to the consummation. Seera gazed into the passion filled eyes above her and smiled. Her body cursed her seconds of scruples as she throatily whispered, “You can change your mind Janice and go back to the usual

Steady, ardor-filled eyes trapped hers. “You can change your mind Seera and go back to the usual?”

Lips joined and in unison as they both dipped fingers beyond the respective barriers the first casualty of their passionate war. They found on patrol a very, very responsive clit that reacted in both women immediately as it came out of hiding.

Seera’s mind wandered to what it would be like if she took Janice home as a sex toy her passion rising with each thrust of her fingers inside the welcoming cavern became wetter. Circles were drawn and digits lined up in attack formation for the pleasurable onslaught. It wasn’t long before each woman surrendered with the ultimate sacrifice as an orgasm rewarded the conqueror.

When the passionate battle had end, Seera lay flat on the blanket with Janice on top of her, a wry engaging smile filtering her lips. “I’d call that one change for the better what about you?”

Tracing patterns in her new lover’s breast Janice bent her head to hear the slowly steadying heartbeat under her ear. “Yep, I’ve never felt this good with anyone before.”

“I aim to please.” Seera’s voice held that feline arrogance of her own prowess as a lover. Her lips kissed the top of Janice’s head. “Are you hungry?”

Janice replied, “Only for you,” as a tiny laugh following her words.

Seera’s body began to burn once more as hands began a slow and sensual exploration of the body on top of hers – once was not enough.

Chapter 42

Janice ’s smile stretched the only muscles, under utilized in the last few hours. Seera was insatiable and she knew it was because of her. Just the thought made her feel the tightness that filled her with desirer. She didn’t need to ask for Seera’s body told her all she needed to know – Seera was hers forever. Then she allowed her languid gaze to wander over her lover’s body lying beside her. She stretched slightly to take the diced piece of chicken from Seera’s fingers that dangled teasingly above her head. “Are you going to feed me like this all the time?”

Seera chuckled and gave her extensive appraisal, before replying, “Depends how ravenous you become. I might not have enough food to keep you satisfied.”

A raucous laugh left Janice’s lips as she rolled slightly and said, “Oh have no fear on that count Seera for I know you have a stash just begging for attention.” Her hand slid across to stroke the taunt belly, which immediately reacted to the tender touch. Then Janice allowed her lips to capture a nipple and she sucked it in with greedy excitement.

It was playful, sexually exciting banter. The more she heard Janice’s confidence growing in their newfound relationship, the more it excited her. Seera arched her back into the lips and her hand resting in Janice’s hair gently edged her head lower. “I want more,” she ground out and Janice didn’t disappoint.

Seera held Janice’s head between her thighs for a moment as her orgasm began to relax. “Hmm, that was delicious,” she purred.

Janice climbed up Seera’s belly and rested her head in the valley of her breast. “You make me so happy,” she whispered. “I want you always in my life.”

As the last throes of her sexual high ebbed, Seera wondered if it was a good time to ask Janice to travel with her. It would be just for the sheer fun of it with no strings attached. Ok so there are strings…she’ll need to give up something - Earth. Seera pulled Janice up to meet her lips and kissed her Janice hard. “You can always count on me.”

“Can I Seera? I don’t need you to tell me that this is forever because I think we both know that might be too hard for you to promise.” Janice stroked the shadow that flickered briefly in Seera’s face.

Seera captured the hand she brought it to her lips. “I don’t usually do the forever and ever stuff, but I might compromise.”

“Compromise is always good, right?” Janice replied, as her infatuation with Seera grew more hopeful.

The genuine response had not been lost on Seera. “Good reply.”

Something in Seera’s tone reverberated in Janice’s mind a she rested her head again on Seera’s belly. She whispered, “You’re leaving aren’t you?”

Seera stroked the red hair that flared out on her shoulder. With a wry grimace that Janice didn’t see, Seera said, “Yes. Don’t tell me I’ve been leaving a trail for you to follow.”

Janice said, “Is it just your company or here too?”

“I’m going traveling. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.” With a tender touch to the frown pulling at Janice’s forehead, Seera quietly added, “I’m glad we got to know each other like this…we should have done it earlier.”

Janice peered up from her comfortable position against Seera and smiled. “It wasn’t the right time and place before, perhaps it still isn’t.”

Seera searched her eyes and she saw an opportunity creating itself before her eyes. “I want to tell you something…” The sound of the phone buzzing caused her to look to the hall.

“Are you expecting anyone?” Janice moved slightly as Seera pulled herself up on her elbows and glanced toward the hall and the insistent buzzing. “Someone is persistent.”

“Yes, yes they are.” It is probably Tavia and Orin. “No problem…I’ll leave it.”

Janice knew that the coiled body had almost sprung up to answer the call and had consciously stopped in half motion. “I’m not going anywhere Seera, answer it. Who knows it could be important.”

Seera bent to kiss the lips that seduced her at every movement. “I’ll be right back save that thought,” she said as she felt the ardor awaking between them.

When she strode into the hall, she felt a sudden change in temperature as her nipples reacted to the coolness and she looked down at her body - she was naked. “Yes?”

“I’m sorry to disturb you Ms. Diamond the visitors you acknowledged a few days ago are here. Is it ok to send them up?” The concierge asked. He’d seen the caterers go up to the penthouse had even found out from a gregarious worker what they had done. When Ms. Diamond had arrived with the redhead, he didn’t need a calculator to work out what might be happening up there. He thought it best to warn her of the impending arrival of her friends it might be a good move toward his Christmas bonus.

Seera pulled a face. Tavia was back and she felt her ardor for Janice diminish. “Give me a couple of minutes and then send them up.”

Her pace quickened as she headed back to the room and it almost broke her reserve as she saw the naked vision on the blankets before her. When the physical image shimmered and changed into the naked body of Tavia her knees went weak. A barely discernable smile played at the corner of her lips as she felt the taunting of her own images wanting desperately to hold Tavia’s naked body next to hers. She let out a sigh and said, “I’m sorry Janice, Tavia and Orin are here and since they are staying with me I can’t tell them to go away.”

Janice rapidly moved, searching the room for her discarded clothes. Calmly answering, “I understand. Are they on the way up now?”

“Yeah, in a couple of minutes. Why don’t you go into the bathroom and make yourself presentable.” She let her eyes run over Janice’s body. “You do know that I would prefer for you to stay just as you are, but…” Seera’s eyebrows rose and she licked her lips as she felt the sexual tension increase in her body.

Satisfied, Janice grinned and began collecting her belongs. When as she attempted to pass Seera, Janice felt her, feet leave the ground. Seera easily and gently picked her up, swung her into her arms, and kissed ardently.

Seera placed a hand on Janice’s rear and tapped it gently. “Go, before I give my friends something to talk about that hasn’t anything to do with them.”

Janice felt like she was walking on air as she entered the bathroom and for the first few moments rested her head against the coolness of the mirror over the basin one thought running through her head-she was in love big time!

Chapter 43

Seera watched Janice leave before collecting her belongings and making a rapid exit to her bedroom. She changed quickly into the nearest casual clothes she could find and left her room just as the doorbell rang. She glanced toward the room and the debris of the picnic and smiled at the hot sex she’d just made there. Her smile was more than friendly, as the recollections of the last few hours refused to quit tormenting her. “Hey, great to have you back,” she said as she opened the door.

Tavia saw the expression on the Seera’s face, like the cat that just swallowed the cream. A pain not of the baby’s making hit her stomach. “Hi, I see everything is going well at your end,” Tavia said in a clipped voice.

Orin lounged against the doorjamb and smiled before he said, “Hello.”

Seera said, “Couldn’t be better. Look, Janice is here and we were having an impromptu meal…are you both hungry?” she asked.

Tavia wasn’t surprised at the information as she followed them down the hallway.

When they entered the room, Orin spied the food and the unopened champagne bottle. “Celebrating something?”

Tavia laughed and knew it sounded bitter but she couldn’t help herself. She knew all to well what had been going on for she could smell the signs of a sexual escapade. “Orin it’s none of our business,” Tavia growled. “I’m a little tired Seera I’m…we’re taking a nap.” She looked directly at Orin who sighed in resignation. “After that we can discuss our trip. I think you should be aware that we have a green light for a Thursday departure.”

Seera smiled tightly as she felt her heart do a nosedive as they headed for the door. It should be me taking her to bed…I should demand it! A bitter expression flooded her features. “Great.” Seera stood where they left her in a maelstrom of thoughts and memories crashing wave after wave over her. At that moment, all she wanted to do was bury her head in the sand and forget who she was and what was going to happen in their bedroom. The sound of the door of the bathroom opening made her spin around to look at the woman who vacated the room. “Oh, hi,” she said as she tried to get her mind around what she was feeling. “How are you feeling?”

Janice saw the serious eyes and tentative smile and crossed the room to be inches away from her lover. “I’m feeling wonderful, never better. You, on the other hand, look like you’ve just lost your best friend. Did they bring bad news?”

Seera shook her head, pulled Janice in an embrace and whispered, “No, quite the opposite. My best friend has returned with good news. It doesn’t me make as happy as I imagined it would. The irony of all ironies I suppose.” She let her eyes drift to the closed bedroom door and her heart cried.

Janice didn’t understand and didn’t try. She wrapped her arms around Seera and hoped her contact would do all that was necessary. Wondering if it was the right moment to discuss what she’d found out or thought she had. When she felt Seera’s body stiffen, she thought better of the idea. She lifted her head a fraction and tried to kiss away Seera’s concerns.

Chapter 44

Orin smiled at the young woman who sat nervously on the sofa opposite him. The supposed nap had been a ploy to allow Seera time to adjust or so Tavia had said. He suspected it was more to do with Tavia’s distaste of the supposed situation they’d interrupted. It was obvious to him that the Princess and Janice had just engaged in sex. His thoughts turned to the pregnancy and what effect it would ultimately have on Tavia. The baby made it impossible for Tavia to have a future with the princess even if that was a possibility and he doubted it. By making sure that Tavia got pregnant, he insured that she would never be with the Princess. He knew that Tavia would be lucky if the Queen didn’t ostracize her or worse but he was at her side and he’d be there to pick up the pieces.

He had been right for within an hour there had been a knock on their door. “Please come join us, I know you were being…polite,” the Princess said from the other side of the door.

As they emerged from their room, Seera shook her head. “You know you could have been less obvious.”

Orin wandered past them and squeezed Tavia’s shoulder in reassurance.

Tavia smiled tightly. “Yeah, I could but where would the fun be in that.” Her voice dropped slightly for only Seera could hear. “Is your new lover still here?” she said unable to disguise the hurt she felt.

Seera ignored the aggrieved tone and replied, “Yes, she is. She’s organizing the food for you both. A little for us too…we became somewhat sidetracked.” She couldn’t help but notice the look of disgust on her friend’s face. “Therefore I ask you not to tease her,” Seera demanded. Her words were more for Janice since embarrassment at that late stage with the two people she had spent eons with was hardly up for debate.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, Seera?” Tavia said with a slight nod of contrition before she slipped a hand on Seera’s arm.

Seera glanced at the slight restraint on her arm then looked quizzically at Tavia. “Yes?”

“Have you told her anything?” Tavia’s voice held a hint of fear. Her gut somersaulted in relief as she saw the Princess shake her head.

“How can I tell her that I’m an alien? I’m leaving to go back home, my home, the planet Corinthian. Though I don’t expect you to understand what I did or why I did it.” Seera replied.

Tavia stared at her friend closely and tipped her head to see the expressive eyes that few ever really had a chance to glimpse. She saw the real person inside. “I probably understand more than you think Seera. When we go back home look what I’ll be giving up.”

For the first time Seera allowed her earlier thoughts to surface - ashamed of what would eventually transpire when they arrived home. “I’m sorry, I guess you more than anyone else understands. Tell me one thing Tavia, why?”

Tavia pulled back at the question. Silently going over the words she wanted to say but didn’t vocally. Why…because you don’t love me, as I want you to, it breaks my heart and even now and I still find shards sticking around to hurt me again. She faltered slightly before she replied, “Seemed like a good idea at the time. Orin saved my life and I owed him…he loves me. I didn’t want to spend my life alone. You said I was dead to you when I left what other option had I.” She shrugged then sighed in resignation.

Seera placed herself within inches of her friend, as they breathed the same molecules of air. “He saved your life, what happened?” The news that Orin loved Tavia was old, he always had. He knew she was mine and he was never going to take her away from me. So how did I let it happen? Her upbringing wouldn’t let her acknowledge Tavia’s words - you said I was dead to you.

Tavia, transfixed by the gray eyes that shone out at her in frustration before mellowing with genuine concern. She said, “I was shot by a sniper in that war you…well he took me to safety and gave up his blood for me. I was hardly going to match any human was I?” Tavia smiled wryly then continued. “He was there for me and I realized he always would be.” She shrugged slightly. ”He loved me. I didn’t think I had any choice, loneliness is a terrible thing Seera.”

Seera heard a lost echo. It was then that she realized that she practically pushed Tavia into Orin’s arms. Her eyes searched the indigo blue ones as she asked, “What about you, do you love him?” Then without waiting for the answer that would break her heart, she pulled Tavia close or as close as she could with the protrusion of the baby between them. “I’m sorry Tavia, so sorry for what I said to you back then. Never, would I wish death on you, ever. You are and always have been my...”

Tavia lifted her hand to stop any further words. I can’t hear you say it my Princess…I can’t. If all I am to you is friend, you will break what little I have left of my heart that is empty without you. “We were both angry Seera, time has taught us that we must forgive and forget.” She nodded in the direction of the other room where Orin and Janice were. “We’ve both made our choices,” she said with a deep sigh. “Let’s go or they will wonder where we are.” Tavia took Seera’s hand and they walked toward the room.

Chapter 45

Seera finally had the opportunity to tell Tavia that she loved her and she hadn’t. Another lost opportunity in a mountain of them it seemed to her. When they approached the room, she saw Orin undertaking small talk with Janice who looked nervous, as she perched on the sofa edge.

Orin then turned to watch them as they entered close together like old times and tried to smile although he knew it was false. He had at one time thought they’d been closer especially since he knew the Princess’s feeling for Tavia but that was a long time ago. A satisfied smile inched across his face knowing the baby was the ultimate spanner in the works for them to have a long life together. Even now he could feel Tavia drawn to Seera and deduced it must be like a moth to the flame now that she was back into the satellite world around the Princess. He could do nothing and he knew that trying to make her stay behind with him was useless - he knew she wouldn’t.

Orin replaced his thoughts with a genuine smile as he caught Tavia’s glance. He then gave a secondary glance to the Princess. If they had been home, she would have been annoyed at his lack of fealty for her and marshaled him for treason, except they weren’t on Corinthian–yet. “We thought you two had gotten lost.”

“Orin, look at me. I’m like the size of a townhouse. There’s no chance of that happening,” Tavia replied with a wink. “Hi Janice it’s lovely to see you again. Have you had a good day?”

Janice stared at the two women and at how close they stood to each other. There was no denying that they seemed as though that is how they belonged. Again, she wondered how close they were in the past. Maybe once they were lovers…maybe they still are. Janice gave Seera a quick glance and received what she thought was a reassuring smile for her efforts. “I’ve had a marvelous day thanks. Thought I’d make up some plates of food rather than have you try to eat from the floor. It can’t be that comfortable in your present condition.”

Tavia smiled. She really did like the woman and she was a step up from the strange people Seera brought for them to meet in the disguise of a friend. They all knew of the Princess’ voracious appetite for sex and somehow Tavia was able to place those affairs in a small corner of her mind because they didn’t count for they were always fleeting. Except, for the one she had with that Genister woman. Which broke her heart and Janice could end up being the final sword that finishes the job. She felt like a fraud for pretending that she loved Orin. “Thanks for thinking about me Janice. Sometimes I think I’ve been pregnant for a decade.”

Then Janice surprised them all. “It’s a distinct possibility…isn’t it?”

Seera gazed in shocked horror, but a part of her was impressed. “Want to elaborate on that for us Janice?”

Orin grabbed Tavia’s hand as they waited. Tavia’s mind flashed over the night before when she and Janice had dinner. “Yeah, Janice I’m fascinated what makes you say that?”

Orin had long ago given up on the workings of a woman’s mind and with one in love he had no chance. He did have the feeling that Janice was heading in the right direction.

Janice stood, walked over to the window and stared blankly out onto the darkening street below. “I found some interesting newspapers and it got me thinking.”

Seera half mockingly drawled, “Dangerous…very dangerous.”

Janice ignored the words as she smiled nervously inside. “I read the articles on every single page and strangely some of the photographs, at least the people in them looked familiar. The four of you, including Mr. Cimmerian I took one for authentication. They are exactly what they appear to be over several decades old…1937 and similar.”

Seera felt her hackles rise as her eyes bore into the woman, the audacity of the woman to steal something from the apartment. The trust she’d given Janice appeared to be ill-warranted, in Corinthian it was a treasonable offense. “Are you making a point here Janice? Frankly most of the items in this place are older. The newspapers were in drawers and probably only used for stuffing, they are of no consequence. Just who gave you permission to take them out of the building?”

Janice felt Seera’s anger reverberate around the room. She whispered, “I thought that they might be part of the collection they were in pristine condition and…you we’re busy.”

Seera lifted her hand and traced a gentle curve along Janice’s jaw as she forced herself not to snarl. If ordered, Orin would snap her neck. “I see,” she said with a raised eyebrow. “Now is there a point you want to make.”

Janice stood there transfixed to the spot as the words finally filtered from her brain to her heart.. “If you have to leave me I’m glad I had my time with you for I’ll cherish it forever. I believe you are all at least a hundred years old or more aren’t you. Have you been genetically altered somehow?”

“Ah, of course…you’re Ms. Conspiracy theory aren’t you? You watch too many movies Janice. Well to discourage any false reports, I’d hazard a guess that we are probably over, hmm let me see, three hundred plus of your earth years. Maybe you need to sit down.” Janice shook her head and Seera continued in a serious voice that was open to speculation of its accuracy. “Our space shuttle landed by accident on your world in the Earth year 1917. Our home planet is Corinthian in another galaxy. Tavia has confirmed that we can at last go home and preparations are in hand. If you don’t believe me you can check it out by coming with us.”

She’d decided in for a penny in for a pound. She was after all, the Princess and could do as she pleased. She knew her mother would have the main crystal spire in turmoil if she brought back an alien to their world. Then her logical mind clicked in and she realized that now that Janice knew the truth all their lives might be in danger. Her eyes fell on Tavia and she realized that all she could ever have with her when they returned was an affair. Protocol wouldn’t allow anything else. She pulled her gaze away from her friend.

Tavia and Orin heard the statement in amazement.

Orin stood up and faced Seera. “Your Highness is that a wise idea?”

Janice immediately noticed the honorific title. The whole scenario had gone from silly to a reality check. “Highness?”

Seera scratched the hair at the side of her temple in contemplation. Seera waved her finger at Orin in mock censure as she turned to Janice. “Yeah, it’s Princess actually. Does that change anything?”

“No, but are you kidding me? You really can’t expect me to believe that you’re aliens…well you don’t look it?” She surmised they were playing a joke on her and decided to go along. “If I did believe all you’ve told me would I be able to live on your planet. I age faster than you remember?” Janice’s eyes raced between the other three in an attempt to gage their reaction. All the while, the story held her in a web of fascination.

Seera dropped her head a fraction and kissed Janice viciously for stealing her papers. She was surprised when the passion that burned earlier flared up in Janice once more. This time she let her lip rise in a snarl. “What were you expecting? We shed skins and look like giant bugs or something. Sorry to disappoint you… our physical characteristics aren’t dissimilar from yours. As for your aging problem, I’ll have our doctors solve it for our civilization is more advanced than yours is. Want to come with us….it’ll be fun?”

For a long time Janice just gazed at them trying to decide if, she was out of her mind, or if they were playing an elaborate trick on her. Reality had just become surreal. “Is this really true?” she asked and when she saw the three each nod, she blew out a breath. “You all haven’t escaped from a mental institution have you?” She knew the question was ridiculous since she had worked for Seera for over five years. It hit her with a jolt. “This is really true isn’t it?”

Seera nodded and asked, “Will you go with me Janice?” She held her breath that the woman would say yes for it would solve the problem of Janice knowing their secret.

Janice looked at Seera and closed her eyes as the woman began running her fingers up and down her back. The fire the act was creating had he mind once again sucked into the realm of fascination that she held for Seera. “How could I possibly decline an invitation like that?” Her body was on fire and she needed to feel Seera’s hands on her body.

Seera kissed Janice again to seal the agreement. Then she turned to face the others daring, especially Tavia, to say anything negative about her decision. “It’s all true,” she said nodding to the others. “Do you two want to add anything?”

Tavia remained calm although she felt her stomach churning as the baby was reacting to her emotional turmoil. The Princess’s demeanor brooked no discussion even if she asked for it. “No, but you’re mother might when you get home.”

Seera laughed at the statement ignoring it as other more demanding things came to mind. “I’m banking on it Tavia. I think we should tell Janice our story…”

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