Ch 16:

It was 7:30p.m. Tuesday night, when Blue entered the club. She waved hello to Remy, who was behind the bar, milled through the happy hour patrons, and then stopped in her tracks as she walked towards the stage. She had wondered what the new day would bring as far as the small woman was concerned, and as she let her eyes roam over the small woman on the piano bench, she knew there would be no running. Conner was sitting on the piano stool and tapping out something that wanted to be a treble clef scale very badly, but wasn't quite there. She wore a pair of baggy khaki colored cargo pants with frayed ends that hung over the bottom of a pair of black and white Adidas sandals. A white jersey with red and black stripes touted that her number was 16 and name was Milbrett. Her strawberry-blonde hair was actually combed neatly for once. There were no spikes, no chunks, just loose strands that appeared to have only been recently blown dry. Blue couldn't help but curve full lips into a smile as she looked at the imp of a woman who reminded her of a 12 year old. Blue laughed inwardly as she imagined herself being hauled away to jail for statutory rape. She knew she had no right to feel anything for the woman, it would only end badly, but here she was unable to deny the attraction. And unable to deny that for the first time in 15 years she was breathing because it was what she wanted. She sat her bag down on the floor and stepped on the stage quietly, not wanting to disturb the intense virtuoso.

"So is that your new composition?" She breathed her comment over Conner's right shoulder. Conner practically put her hands through the keyboard as her hands came crashing down on the keys. "Easy there, this is a fine piece of machinery."

"No shit. You scared the crap out of me." Conner swiveled and sucked in a breath as she stared up at two pair of crisp blue eyes that were warm and friendly. "Hey." She spoke breathlessly. She followed the tall woman with her eyes as she came around and sat down beside her on the bench. Conner moved over to the edge of the stool, creating a small gap between them. Blue looked at the keys as she traced the keys and took a second to notice the small gap.

"Don't worry," she leaned in close to Conner, who didn't flinch ", I won't make you play chopsticks."

Conner cracked a half-smile as she placed her fingers on the keys. "Good, because I don't know how."

"Wow, I managed to get a smile."


"Last time I saw you, I think you were um, fuming." Blue resisted the urge to brush an errant blonde lock away from Conner's face and instead ran the scale. Conner did it herself and lost her smile. Blue watched as her shoulders tensed. 'Nice going jack ass.' She thought.

They were quiet as both rested fingers on the piano keys. Blue looked down at the light and dark of the keys and the light and dark of their hands. It was a swirl of contrast that seemed to trigger faded memories.

"So, uh, do you play an instrument?" It was the only small talk Blue knew how to initiate.

"Me?" Conner bit her lip to keep from smiling. "Yeah, the bagpipe." She mumbled.


"The bagpipe."

Blue fought a grin. "Oh."

Conner thought, 'perfect segue to a perfect line. What the hell.' "Yeah, I can hold a note for almost 15 minutes."

Blue could see a smile forming at the corners of Conner's mouth as she focused on the keys. "Oh really." She drawled. They shared a quick glance at one another.

"Yup. It takes lots of focus."

"I know."

Blue's voice had dropped an octave and it made the hair on the back of Conner's neck stand. With that she stood up, suddenly uncomfortable with their close proximity. "Um, I gotta go." Conner looked nervously at the floor.

'Oh, if only the cover would slam onto my fingers now.' Blue thought. "Uh, are you coming back tonight?"

Conner narrowly avoided soft blue eyes as she looked up from the floor. "Uh huh. I, need to go change though. Conner tugged lightly at her jersey.

"What's wrong with number 16?" Blue looked up Conner, who met her gaze briefly.

"Nothing at all, but I do have an image to keep up." They shared a smile.

"As do I." Blue glanced down at her own outfit of jeans and a t-shirt.

"You could sing in jeans."

Blue grinned. "You think 'I'm in the mood for love' works well in jeans and t-shirt.?"

Conner thought, 'you could sing the national anthem knee deep in shit and it would still sound good and I would still swoon.' She replied, "It'd be a stretch, but it could work." She gave a light smile and shrugged her shoulders.

Blue raised a smooth eyebrow. "Perhaps, I 'll keep that in mind.

Conner glanced at her watch. "Well, gotta go. See ya' later."

"See ya." Blue watched as Conner walked off the stage and disappeared down the back hallway.


Conner returned 10 minutes before nine, wearing chinos and a white banded-collar button down shirt, with the sleeves rolled up her forearms showing off creamy alabaster skin, a watch and matching silver bracelet. Her hair was tousled to perfection and she wore yellow tinted glasses. She was the picture of summer Sunday casual, as she made her way to her corner stool and took a seat.

"Hey Remy." She smiled at the muscled bartender as he walked towards her.

"Conner, how's it going?"

"Not bad."

"Love the shades."

"Thanks babe."

The two traded bright smiles. "So, am I to assume that this Martini list is for you?" He held a yellow sticky in the air, that read, "For Conner".

She smiled. "I guess Greg wants you to be prepared."

"Yeah. I thought I was going to see you Sunday."

"I know, I had an emergency situation." Which turned out to be a full day of shopping. "Nothing big though, but here I am."

"Well, it's good to have you. I'll have that drink in a second."

She smiled at the mocha colored man. "Take your time." She watched him walk away and then leaned forward onto the counter as she watched the regular crowd of college kids, pipe smokers, and professors make their way to tables and seats at the bar. Remy handed her her drink as Tiffany walked up to her.

"Hey Conner."

Conner smiled at the thin white girl. "Hey Tiffany, you need something?"

"Uh, yes. Blue said she wanted something fruity."

"And she's asking me?" Conner smirked as she looked towards the stage. Blue had her back to the audience as she talked to Sam.

Tiffany shrugged and rolled her eyes. "That's what she said."

"Um, okay. What do you think about a fuzzy navel?"

"That could work."

"Or maybe a flying squirrel." Green eyes grew bright with mischief.

Tiffany raised slim brown eyebrows. "I have no idea what that is."

"Neither do I." Conner admitted and they laughed. "Well, let's see what Remy says." She turned back towards the bar and waved Remy over. "Hey, can you make something fruity for Blue.?"

A look of disbelief washed over smooth features. "Fruity, for Blue?"

"I know, I know."

He smiled and clapped his hands together. "I think I can concoct something." Conner, Tiffany, and Remy shared sly smiles before he dropped back behind the counter.

"Just hand it over to Tiffany when you're down there."

Conner didn't know what Remy was fixing Blue, but it kept changing colors, and Blue had sucked down four by the time the first set was over. Conner watched as Blue meandered through the crowd wearing a long baby blue skirt that flowed from a matching silk sleeveless scoopnecked camisole. They caught each others eyes when Blue was two seats away from Conner, and held it as she came to stand next to Conner.

"Well hello Conner." She purred.

Conner felt a tingle in her stomach as her name fell off of blue's lips. "Hello, to you too. Great set by the way."

"Yeah, Sam seems inspired." She raised an eyebrow and smiled salaciously.

They shared a conspiratorial laugh. Conner was feeling a lot looser now and thanks to the alcohol, she was willing to push aside her earlier insecurities. "Hey," Conner laid a hand softly on Blue's tanned forearm. Blue looked up from the hand to Conner. ", um I'm really sorry about last night."

Blue touched the hand tentatively at first and then more firmly as she spoke. " What do you have to apologize for?"

Conner removed her hand and cradled her glass with it as she drank. "I guess for lying. And, for those two guys. For bringing Ewan into your world." Conner stared into the blue of her glass as she gripped the stem. She almost snapped the stem as she felt the press of warm lips on her cheek. The gates opened everywhere, including her groin, as she reflexively squeezed her thighs together.

"Don't ever apologize for who you are Conner, and don't let anyone forget." Green eyes met with blue in a moment of acceptance. Blue smiled as she watched a red tint creep into Conner's cheeks and ears. "Drink your drink girlie, I gotta go back. And tell Remy to keep those drinks coming, I like the green ones best." She gave Conner a toothy grin and then meshed into the crowd.

Everything had changed in a matter of moments. Suddenly Conner felt like she could run a marathon or die happy trying. It was that simple: acceptance and real possibility. 'Screw possibility!' Conner thought, this is happening. A wide grin spread across a round face and reached all the way to the wisps of hair that stood on end in her hair. She waved a frantic hand at Remy, who hustled over. "Hey Remy, I don't know what the hell you're giving Blue, but hook me up with one and keep 'em coming." Remy hit the lithe red-blonde with a million dollar smile that showed off his caps and then went to work.

As the evening wore down, Conner found herself swapping Terry jokes with Sam as she helped Remy close the bar.

"So she told you about the nuns?"

"Yeah, and the duck, the guy with the screwdriver, and something about a Rabbi and two priests."

Conner shook her head and giggled as she thought of the punchlines. "Ha. We used to get free candy in our neighborhood when we were younger. She would tell jokes and I was her manager. She gave me one or two dirty limericks to say, but it was just the warm up. Terry, was the mistress of ceremonies, definitely." Conner smiled unabashedly at remembrances.

Sam mirrored her smile. "Yeah, I bet."

"So, did she behave?"

"I'm alive aren't I ?"

"I know." She squeezed his shoulders as if trying to test to see if he was real. "Of course that makes me wonder whom I should be more worried about." She put on an impish grin and they both laughed.

"Sam knows better. He needs those lips for his saxophone." They both turned their heads towards the owner of the husky Boston accent.

"Shut it Ox." Blue playfully stuck out her tongue at the big man. He rolled his eyes and turned back to Conner. "G'night Conner." He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. "See, you tomorrow punk." He plucked Blue in the shoulder as he turned and walked out of the front door.

Conner watched him go with a smile and then turned to Blue. "Ox?"

Blue removed a hand from the pocket of her jeans and ran it through her thick black hair as she grinned. "It's a long drunken story."

"So, it involves drinking or you need to be drunk to tell it?" Sparkling green eyes met smoldering blue eyes.

Blue rested her elbows on the counter. "That's a good question, I may have to test it out."

"You looking for a guinea pig?" Conner kept a straight face.

"Something more along the lines of a lab partner."

"Well," Conner allowed a small grin to grace her face. ", I do look good in a lab coat."

"I'm sure you do." Blue ran her tongue across her teeth before finishing her thought. "Conner Rose." Blue let her eyes roam the small body next to her appreciatively, until she stopped on her scrunched brow. "What?"

"Don't call me that." Conner made a sour face and then gave a half-smile to remove the sting of her words.


She shook her head hard. "Oh please no."

"Lil Bit." A shake of red blonde hair, deeper scowl. "Squirt?" Another shake, arms folded across her chest. "Mid-"

"Don't even." She was in full pout mode.

Blue fought off a giggle. "How about Red?" Conner's face relaxed.

"Are my highlights growing in?" She put a hand through her hair.

"No, but your ears look like two hot coals." Blue gave a wicked grin as she pushed away from the counter and put on her bag. She ignored Conner's scowl. "C'mon Conner, take me home." Conner grumbled and hopped off the chair, after tossing the keys to Remy.

They walked to the car in silence. "So, you're never speaking to me again I take it?" Blue watched the young woman brush by her and stop at her car.

"Get in the car, Ox." Conner tried to sound gruff as she opened the drivers side door and got in.

Blue held in a laugh as she walked around the car and got in on the passenger side. "That's not an insult you know."

"Of course it's not, why would it be." Her tone was curt.

Blue stared at Conner with concern as they pulled off. She reached out to touch the hand that was on the stick, but withdrew. "Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't think-uh, I'm sorry." Blue turned a dejected looking face towards the window. Conner looked over at her and smiled. She pulled onto Blue's street and spoke.

"You are a big dumb Ox, aren't you?"

Blue turned towards the sound of Conner's soft voice and saw her sitting there with a wide grin and knew she'd been had. She just laughed as Conner pulled to a stop in front of her apartment. "That I am."

"Would you answer a question for me?" Conner asked as Blue opened the car door and got out.


"What's your real name?"

Blue lowered her eyelids and grinned. "It's Blue."

Conner watched the tall woman walk around the car to the sidewalk. She gripped the steering wheel and looked up. "No, really?"

"No. Really." She raised both eyebrows.

"C'mon you're parents really didn't name you Blue did they?"

Blue just smiled and readjusted her shoulder strap. She then leaned down over Conner's car, till her nose was less than an inch away from Conner's. She looked straight into two green orbs and whispered out, "Azure." Blue's breath filled Conner's mouth with the taste of Amaretto and peppermint. Conner wanted to stop breathing but she all ready had. Blue stood back up to her full height and smiled. "Breathe, Conner." The second she turned to walk up the steps, Conner did breathe. She watched until Blue was all the way inside before she thought, 'You're parents really did name you blue.' With that, she shifted gears, and howled along with Janis Joplin as she sped down the city streets, rushing home for a well needed shower.

CH 17:

Wednesday and Thursday nights continued in stride. Blue would come and talk to Conner in between sets and then Conner would wait for her to change at the end of the night, they would talk some more, close the bar, maybe get a bite to eat, and then Conner would drive her home. They were forming an interesting freindship which niether woman really wanted to analyze. In the last few nights they bitched about politics, movies, food, the impending signs of the apocalypse (namely, The Pokemon movie), and added to the list of people of who should be taken out and shot (namely, the people who created Pokeman). They swiftly avoided the talk of family, Blue only admitting that she wasn't fond of Ewan and only bringing up Boston, when compairing The Market to the Inner Harbor.

When Friday rolled around, they met at the bar, not because Blue was scheduled to sing, but because she wanted to see Elias and his trio play. Elias suckered Blue into singing a few songs in the last set as it turned into one big jam session. Conner and Blue found themselves at the bar once again as Greg and Remy closed down.

Conner looked over at Blue, who was guzzling a glass of water. "Hey, you wanna go out?"

Blue put the now empty glass down and turned to Conner. "Aren't we out now?"

"I mean dancing, you schmo." Conner swatted Blue playfully on a bare shoulder. She wore a black lycra tanktop on top of tailored leather slacks, that clung to long muscled legs. Blue's eyebrows rose in surprise.

"Conner, it's like 3:00 a.m."

"There are places open, ya know."

There was really only one place to go and the thought of seeing Ewan up close didn't sit too well with Blue. She didn't mean to frown, but she could tell from the discouraged look on Conner's face that she had. "Um, it's okay. I mean.. I'll go if you want to go." 'What the fuck am I saying?' She thought.

Conner didn't look up. "I'm sorry, it was a stupid of me to ask." On Wednesday night they had sat outside on Blue's stoop as Blue managed to say that she didn't like Ewan because of personal issues. Conner knew Ewan lived and Boston and she knew the dark woman had as well. At the mention of Boston the tall woman transformed into an icecube and Ewan's name only seemed to fill warm blue eyes with a look that Conner was all to familiar with- hate.

"Conner,' Blue reached out and grabbed a small hand by the fingers. "If you want to go out dancing, then let's go. It's just that, I don't know how your brother would feel if walk in with-well with me."

As much as she wanted to know what their history was, she knew this was niether the time nor the place. Happy green eyes met soft blue. "Don't worry, Ewan sees six foot leather clad women everyday."

Blue flashed a smile. "Oh, and they're dancing with his baby sister?"
Conner smiled impishly as she squeezed Blues' hand and hopped off the seat.

"Who said I was going to be dancing with you." Conner reached out and tapped a finger on Blue's nose as she made her way to the door.

Blue passed the keys towards a beaming Greg and walked to the front door as she grumbled, "Cause if anyone else dances with you, I'll rip their arms off."

Greg and Remy slapped each other five as they watched the two women leave the bar. "Check the pool, Remy, I think tonight's the night."


A slightly weary Blue had questioned about Conner's brother again, and Conner informed her, that not only was Ewan out of the state, but she didn't five a flying fuck what her brother thought. And besides they weren't speaking right now. Blue decided to drop the subject after that comment.

It was amazing how out in bourgeoisie and nouveau-riche' of Columbia, Maryland, and after-hours club existed. In a programmed town, where signs couldn't be any higher than three feet off the ground and transformers and electricity ran underground- a little dungeon of delight ran wild. Actually, it was far from being a dungeon, with its futuristic steel and glass design. The inside boasted of a roomy dance-floor, four bars, and plenty of places to lounge-and that was just the ground floor. It was littered with the shine of chrome and the lush feel of velvet and leathers. The club sang out class and exclusiveness, and it was always packed with beautiful women and gorgeous men. Six scantily clad go-go dancers gyrated on their pedestals for all to view over top of the dance floor. Three for the girls, three for the boys, and any combination someone desired for eye candy.

Even Blue had to admit the establishment was nice, regardless of to whom it belonged. She sure as hell didn't feel out of place, especially since Conner led her around by the hand, giving her an abbrieviated tour, and stopping to greet practically everybody in the place. Blue sat down on a stool as Conner walked up to the bar and exchanged laughter and kisses with a bartender and then walked away with two drinks. "Ooh, Bourbon." Blue closed her eyes and took a whiff. "Ah, Knob Creek. Not bad, Red."

Conner blushed and gripped her Martini. "Hey, hurry up so we can go dance." Conner restrained her jaw from dropping as she watched Blue drain the tumbler of Bourbon in one gulp. She gasped and then met the challenge by downing her Martini in two consecutive gulps, cherry and all. Blue watched as Conner's face contorted lightly. 'Oh God, please don't puke', she thought. Instead, 30 seconds later, Conner stuck out her tongue out and removed a cherry stem in the shape of a bow. Conner wiggled blonde eyebrows as she grabbed the bow and tossed it in the air as she walked to the dance floor. Blue reached out and caught the stem, using the excuse of putting it into her pocket to steady her wobbly legs, as she got up to follow Conner out onto the dance floor, thinking, Gi-Gi, I'm gonna die in hail of bullets, I can feel it. She watched the sway of Conner's hips as she followed the girl, who not unlike a rabbit, darted her way through dancing bodies. She licked her lips as a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. Gi-Gi, I'm going die happily in a hail of bullets.

The bass pumped furiously in Blues ears, but it was no match for her heart. The dance floor was plastered with gyrating bodies, glistening muscles, and the sparkling lights of the disco ball when it hit the right shaft of light. Fans blew from overhead vents, but did nothing to cool the sticky sweet air. The dance floor pulsed with rhythm as bodies moved across it, some in trance-like states, as if paying homage to the god that lived in the Alpine speakers. Somewhere, amongst the crowd, couples and groups, and solo dancers; Blue and Conner found themselves wrapped in each other.

Conner was glad that she removed her shirt to reveal her own tank top, as she reveled in the feel of the swell of breasts on her back as she and Blue molded together. Their hands entwined and rested on Conner's hips. She leaned back into Blue's neck as they dipped and swayed with the pulsing beat. It was skin on skin, lycra on silk, and leather on cotton. Blue could smell the sweet sunflowers of Conner's shampoo as Conner leaned back into her. It was perfect and intense.

The second they had stepped onto the dancefloor Blue couldn't wait to touch Conner. They danced in circles, as Conner would move in and grind up against Blue every so often and then dart away before Blue could grab her. Finally, Blue had enough and she reached out and grabbed a toned bicep, pulling Conner in close. That was a half-an-hour ago. She so wanted to turn Conner around and wrap small legs around her waist and then find a wall to hold up on, but for now the salsa beat that kicked in would have to do. Blue broke the contact briefly as she turned Conner around to face her and then, just as quickly without skipping a beat, hips met one another in a circular grind- as fierce percussion and blazing horns led them on.

'Oh God, is this real?' Conner thought as she looked up into blue eyes rimmed with want. She could feel her nipples grow sensitive as she danced in time with the music, brushing against Blue's chest. Conner was dizzy with want and the fact that Blue would lead her out for a spin and then whip her in close just to spin her again. On one such spin, Conner bumped some girl standing behind her, but she could feel a strong arm around her waist as Blue leaned them over for a dip, keeping in time with the music. She smiled a 100 watt smile that made blue eyes shimmer like the Caribbean waters. Blue slowly pulled them both up to a standing position, never once taking her eyes off the vibrant pools green, that were colored with desire.

When they came back up, Conner was so aroused all she could do was laugh. It gave her time to close her eyes and break the stare. She had never seen anyone look into her like that, hell she never wanted to be looked into. But here she was on a dance floor sweating and grinding with an intelligent, talented, and smolderingly sexy woman, that she only wanted to worship. She had to laugh for fear she would bust into tears. Blue sensed her nervous laughter and pulled away bit.

"You okay?"

Conner shifted her weight from one foot to another and then giggled as she held onto Blue's waist. "You trying kill me woman, whoo!" Blue smiled as Conner put her hand to her chest, pantomiming the onslaught of heat and then she decided to lean in. Conner glanced back up just as two full lips were making a slow descent to her own lips. She closed her eyes and lifted her head. Lips that were moist with perspiration met with lips that were damp from humidity. The feeling was like ice on a hot summers day. That cool feel of ice succumbed to another swell of heat as tentative lips parted and allowed for another pleasant rush of ice, as tongues met in the dark space and explored one another. Conner found herself standing on her tip toes slightly as she tangled slim fingers into layers of black hair. Blue kept one hand resting on the small of Conner's back as the other drew lazy lines on her jawbone and neck, with smooth fingertips. Conner sucked possessively on Blue's lower lip, as they finally broke apart with a gasp.

"Now, you are trying to kill me." Conner said through a deep breath.

"Actually, I was trying for CPR." Blue smiled wickedly.

"Then you need practice."

Conner smiled dreamily as she stood on her toes and pulled Blue roughly by the neck down to meet her lips. Blue was slightly surprised at Conner's aggresiveness , but she met the challenge and plunged into a ferocious kiss, that threatened to leave Conner topless as Blue tugged at the two cotton straps holding her tank top up. Blue stepped back as she tasted the sweet metallic tang of blood on her lip. She leaned her forehead in to touch Conner's and breathed heavily. "You bit my lip." Conner snaked out a tongue and lapped up the small dot of blood the colored Blue's bottom lip.

"You can bite me back." Conner smiled ardently. Blue eyes locked with green and held an entirely different conversation. Blue turned on her heels, grabbing Conner by the hand and plowed through the undulating bodies, down the aisle in front of the bar, past the bodyguards that were waving good bye, past the bouncer at the metal door, and straight to the parking lot where she stopped at Conner's car. Conner just held onto the door as she took deep breaths and rested her legs for the first time in about 2 hours. Blue had walked around the car and got in, as she watched Conner catch her breath.

"Do we need another CPR lesson?"

Conner looked over at the dark woman sitting in her car with her arm draped over the driver's seat. 'Damn.' she thought, 'that sure is a nice arm, and a nice shoulder, and a great neck, and oh..'


She heard her name being purred. "Yeah. Oh God·C.P.R·no, no. I mean, yes, uh."

"Conner!" Conner stopped fumbling with the keys and stared wide-eyed at the owner of the deep growl sitting in her car. "Number 1, shut up. Number 2, get in the car. Number 3, open this baby up and show me what she can do."

Conner would have jumped over the door had it not been open, but instead she just slipped in, turned the ignition, and barely closed the door as she spun out in reverse and flew out of the parking lot.

Conner's mind was racing as she looked down at the tanned hand on her thigh. 'Where the fuck am I going? What am I doing? I thought this was supposed to be slow.' Conner made a conscious decision as she hopped on 29 south heading for Fredrick. Blue noticed that they didn't take the normal exit for the city, and she just smiled and laid her head back on the head rest and let the wind whip through her hair, as it tossed her thoughts. ' I know I've lost my mind, but this feels too good and too right. I'm all ready going to hell in a hand basket- so I might as well be wearing gasoline shorts.' Blue smiled at her thoughts as she moved her hand from Conner's thigh to the back of her neck. She drew zigzags in slightly damp hair at the nape of Conner's neck. Conner looked over and smiled as she shifted into fifth gear and hit 110 mph. Blue let out a howl as she raised her hands in the air as if she was on a rollercoaster-and in a sense she was.


Apparently Conner knew where she was going, because Blue didn't have the faintest idea. They had pulled off the highway more than 10 minutes ago and were weaving their way around dark tree lined roads. Conner was going much slower for fear of dear jumping out and the fact that she couldn't see shit.

"Uh, should I be frightened?" Blue asked quietly.

"Don't worry, the sun will be up soon, so all the ghouls are heading to bed." Conner flashed her a smile.

"Blue glanced down at her watch and sure enough it was going on 5:20 a.m. "So, what are we doing, Vampire hunting?"

"Nothing that scary. We'll save that for next time." Conner pulled over into a clearing and stopped the car. She looked over at Blue who had a small grin plastered to her face. She held out her hand. "You coming?"

Blue nodded as they both exited the car and she walked around to meet Conner. "So, there's going to be a next time?"

Conner turned and looked up to meet Blue's eyes. "If you want there to be?" It wasn't said as a statement, but as a question. Blue let her grin spread to a smile as she took hold of Conner's hand and started walking.

"All right, where are we going and shouldn't we have a flashlight?"

Conner smiled at the touch and walked stride with Blue as they held hands. "You're a pure bred city girl arent' you?" Conner led the two through a small cover of trees, with the faintest hint of light to guide them along with her memory.

"Oh, I'm busted." As they stepped out of the canopy of trees, it was clear why they didn't need a flashlight. "Oh wow." Blue gasped as she was taken aback by the bright midnight blue sky. Dawn was just about to seep its pinks and oranges into the dark blue sky, but for just a few minutes more-the stars gave off all the light they needed. Conner watched with pride as Blue craned her neck up to take in the constellations and the ridges from the quarrys. "My God Conner, what is this place?" Blue felt the need to whisper.

"It's my uncles' land. He used to have a cabin over there." She pointed a finger off towards the right where the rubble of a log cabin lay in wind-whipped rotten pieces.

"What happened?"

"A fire."

"So, this is all his." Blue let go of Conner's hand as she spun around to take in the Quarry, an orchard, and farmland. "Is the soil still good?"

Conner raised two golden eyebrows at the bread back that faced her. "I-I think so."

Blue turned around with a smug look in her eye. "Didn't think a city girl like me would have any agricultural experience, huh?

Conner shook her head. "On the contrary, I'm sure your tour of duty in the girlscouts left you with many skills." She raised blonde eyebrows suggestively as they wondered aimlessly towards the bluff.

"Ha. How come it's a tour of duty. Its fun not war."

"I know. It's a habit. My childhood camp experiences were like boot camp. We had to come out here and shoot deer, wrangle horses, and herd cattle."

"So, I'm sure it turned you into a staunch vegetarian."

Conner stopped in her tracks. "Oh hell no. I can track a deer, then skin it, gut, and cut it up in an hour. Not to mention break a horse and tie down the cattle.

Blue laughed out loud. "You're just a regular little cowgirl survivalist, eh?"

"Maybe." She shrugged her shoulders and then sat down in the grass. "Sit"

"Yes ma'am." Blue tipped an imaginary hat as she sat down next to Conner.

"You cold?"

"Like I can fit your shirt."

Conner held up the shirt in question and smiled. "Guess not, huh?"

"That's okay. I'll enjoy the cool while I can. I'm sure tomorrow it will be hot as balls, so this is just fine."

"Nothing like a Baltimore heatwave."

"Indeed." Blue drew her knees into her chest and wrapped her arms around them. "So what are we looking at?"

"Patience Iago, patience."

Blue raised an eyebrow in question. "That's not Shakespeare is it?"

"Aladin actually."

"Ah yes- Jafar." She rolled the r's and trailed off into light laughter. "Which way should I look?'

"Just over the edge of the Quarry there." Conner pointed to the left.

Blue dropped her arms and leaned back on them. "C'mere."

Conner turned to Blue, as she padded the empty space between her legs. "You look cold.", she added. Conner nodded slowly as she got up and reseated herself between Blue's legs. They entwined light and dark arms and hands, as Blue wrapped herself around Conner's body and rested her chin next to her head.

"So-" Conner began. Blue sshed her.

"No talk now. Just watch." Conner just smiled and leaned back into the warmth of Blue's body.

They sat quietly like that for a half-n-hour, as the summer sun broke the indigo horizon with a faint hiss. They watched as a whimsy pink crept through deep blue, that dissipated into a pale blue, that was highlighted by the soft yellow of the early morning sun. Neither knew what to say or really found it necessary to say anything. The steady rhythm of their breathing was only broken by the random bird calls and the rustling of life within the trees. As the morning sun made its presence known, Blue moved her head away from Conner as she cracked her neck, startling Conner; who had begun to drift off.

"Oh, sorry." A smooth contralto rumbled in Conner's ears.

"Not..a problem. I guess I got comfy."

"And I like that you got comfy." Blue whispered into Conner's ear, making it immediately turn red. Blue nipped at a ruddy earlobe, causing Conner to shiver. She continued light nips down Conner's jawline and under her chin, and on her pulse point, and then she stopped as her lips hovered over the base of her neck. Blue eyes focused on a Celtic knot etched in black ink to Conner's skin. She could feel Conner tense up and start to pull away. Blue closed half-lidded eyes and held her tighter as she touched warm soft lips to the circle. She held it there until she heard a slight whimper come from Conner. Blue pulled away abruptly dropping their hands and placing her own on Conner's shoulders.

"Did I hurt you?"

"No." She breathed out and sniffled.

"Conner?" Blue tried to turn her around at the shoulders, but Conner wouldn't budge. "Conner, look at me." It was forcefull, but gentle. She turned Conner's shoulder once more and this time she turned around in Blue's arms and faced her.

Fresh tears drew a path down pink cheeks, ending at her chin and falling to her shirt. Conner tried to bring her hands up to hide her face, but Blue caught both her small wrists in one large hand and held them to her body. She darted her eyes across Conner's face as she thought of what to say. She could think of nothing to say, so she thought of only one thing to do. She leaned in and pressed her lips to Conner's cheek and tasted the salt. She placed a kiss on each eyelid, on her nose, and finally a slow and almost pressureless kiss on Conner's lips. Conner responded by adding pressure and wrapping her arms around Blue's neck. They broke the kiss mutually and Conner rested her head on Blue's bare shoulder. Blue just held onto Conner for dear life.

"Uh-" Blue broke the silence with a shaky voice.

"You don't have to say anything, you all ready said enough."

"I did."

That got a laugh out of Conner, who let go of Blue's neck and sat back, moving out of the circle of their arms. "Yeah, you big dumb Ox, you did."

They shared a laugh as Conner used her sleeve to wipe her face. "Well, Red, this big dumb Ox is hungry."

As if on cue, Conner's stomach rumbled. "Good Lord woman, I hope that's not serious." Blue stood up and wiped grass off of her pants.

"It will be if I don't eat soon." Conner reached up for Blue's outstretched hand and allowed herself to be pulled to her feet. They stared at one another in an awkward silence until Blue broke it by grabbing Conner about the shoulders and playfully shoving her forward.

"C'mon cowpoke, let's rustle up some grub."

* * *

CH 18:

They made their way back to Baltimore city in serene silence as Cassandra Wilson's smooth alto flowed from the speakers. As they entered the city, Conner cast a glance at the sleep heavy eyelids of Blue and smiled. "You all tuckered out over there?"

"Nah." Blue stretched her arms out in front of her, touching the dashboard and cracked her knuckles. "Just rejuvenating. So what's for breakfast?"

Conner let a wild grin spread over her face, that had nothing to do with the woman sitting next to her, as she thought of food. "How about French toast, home fries, scrambled eggs, and pit ham."

Blue let out a laugh and ran a hand through wind tousled hair. "Good grief, how many people are you feeding?"

Conner laughed as they rounded the corner to her street and pulled up in front of her house. Blue looked around quizzically at her surroundings and spoke. "I didn't know they had a IHOP in Bolton Hill."

Conner grinned as she cut the engine. "True, but they do have a Conner's." She gave a half-smile to Blue. "Is this okay. Just breakfast I promise."

Blue let out a throaty laugh as she unbuckled her seatbelt and raised her arms above her head for a stretch. "Conner, I'll be honest," she put on a straight face as she gazed at Conner who noticeably shifted at the change of tone. ", I was all ready to drag you out of that club and toss you in the backseat of your car and do battle with the stickshift, steering wheel, and whatever else stood between me and you." She paused again and watched as blush threatened to seep into Conner's cheeks. "But then I thought better of it, and well if it's okay with you, I'd like to have a big breakfast and maybe a nap." Blue didn't budge until she saw a huge grin grace Conner's face. "So, its all right?"

"Es all right." Conner replied in her best attempt a deep voice.

Conner sprang from the car and bounded up the steps to hold the front door open for Blue. Blue bowed her head at the gesture as she followed Conner into the foyer.

"Jesus is all this yours?"

"Yup. Hey take your shoes off will ya'?"

"A little anal are we?" Blue flashed a grin to remove the sting, as she bent down to unlace her boots.

"No- I just want my guests to enjoy the feel of the carpet."

"Yeah, right."

"Be quiet and take 'em off."

"Anything else you want me to take off while I'm at it?" Blue stood up as she slipped out of her boots and walked towards a red-eared Conner.

"Hey, I thought this was about breakfast." Conner found herself being backed into the banister of the of the stairs, with blazing blues eyes staring at her lips.

"Well, I thought the chef might have some daily specials to tempt me with." Conner trembled as Blue's lips moved within inches of her own. Conner ducked out from under arms that were reaching out to pin her, and ran up the steps.

Conner smiled and shook her head as she stood above Blue. "Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast- and if you're good-,", she rolled green eyes, ", you can have lunch." She walked up another step as Blue walked to the first step and flashed Conner a feral smile. Conner used the banister for support as she felt her knees grow weak. "And if you're really good- perhaps dinner." Conner held back a smile and opted to lick her lips as she watched Blue advance two more steps, and she did the same backwards- only two steps from the top. "And if you're exceptional then-"

Blue took two more steps, until she was an arms length away from Conner. "Then maybe you'll keep me."

Conner let out a husky laugh as she advanced backwards to the top step and leaned on the archway. "I all ready have two cats, whatever will I do with an Ox?"

Blue rolled a pair of sapphire eyes and raised an eyebrow. "You'd be surprised." With that Blue took the remaining steps in one stride, scooping up Conner by the waist as she stepped on the landing and walked down the short hallway. Conner held onto well defined biceps and giggled.

Conner looked over her shoulder. "Turn in here." Blue did as she was told and entered the doorway to Conner's bedroom. She released her grip and let Conner slide down her body as she took in the room.

"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!" She ran a hand through dark locks. "Conner, this is my apartment." Conner smile uneasily as she stepped away from Blue. "Is this the only thing up here?"


"Well..what else?" Conner bit back a laugh at Blue's adolescent impatience.

"Go through there." Conner pointed to two mahogany doors with Chinese silk screens in the middle. Blue rubbed her hands together as she crossed the room and walked to the doors. "Go on."

Blue swung open the doors and smiled. "Holy shit! This is sweet."

Conner leaned on one of the open doors as she watched Blue make a b-line for the pin-ball machine. She watched as Blue reached under the machine and turned it on. The room danced with the sounds of bells ringing and ball popping. "Hey, is this your highscore?" A "yep" came from the doorway. "If I beat it, do I get a prize?"

Conner felt a tremble run up her spine as Blue turned her head and flashed her a sexy grin. "I don't think that would be very nice to your hostess."

"True, but you get to select the prize."

"Indeed I do." They locked eyes for a moment as Blue pushed the reset button and the machine blasted to life. Conner pushed off of the door and laughed. "Um, I'm gonna take a shower. Feel free to wonder, don't get lost, and watch out for the cats."

Blue looked up from the game and tugged at her tank top. "Hmm, a shower." Blue held in a laugh as Conner's eyebrow raised high on her brow. "No, I meant for me. One shouldn't wear leather for too long."

"What, you don't like to sweat?"

"Only for the right reasons." Conner once again felt flush with desire and realized she was completely no match for the tall vixen that was pounding away on her pinball machine.

"I can probably find you something if you want?"

"That's okay, I'll just walk around in a towel."

"Then, I will definitely find you something to wear." Conner heard Blue's deep laugh rumble as she retreated from the parlor and headed to the bathroom.


By 8:00a.m. Conner and Blue were stretched out on the floor of Conner's parlor desperately trying to stay awake. They lay together smooshed into beanbags, watching Cartoon network. Conner had managed to find Blue a big enough soccer jersey, that she swore belonged to some superstar named 'Roy' on the Scotland Celtic's. This of course meant that Blue had to pay homage to the soccer gods before she could wear it.. Conner also managed to rustle up a pair of Terry's shorts that she randomly left, that had Blue thanking God for drawstrings. Conner had made a pillow out of Blue's smooth stomach as she tried to keep one green eye tuned into the Smurfs, but it was no good. By the time the opening sequence was over Conner was out with Blue right behind her.

Some time later, Blue was having some random dream about being naked in a field when one of the trees started shouting something about "Thunder, thunder, thunder cats, Ho!" Blue found it hard to shift her body as she woke up, due to the 122 pounds of Conner sprawled across her. Conner's arm lay across Blue's shoulder with her hand resting by Blue's head. Her legs were possessively entwined with long bronze legs, as her head found made a pillow out of the space just below Blue's breasts. Blue also noticed that Conner was extremely hairy and she purred. She opened one eye slowly followed by the next, to find a tan cat curled in a ball, resting right above Conner's head and under Blue's chin. She managed to ease an arm out from under Conner and scoop off the extra weight onto the floor. Blue then looked down at the top of Conner's head and lightly ran her fingers through her hair. Conner let out a squeak of a yawn as she stretched her body and suddenly noticed her position.

"Oh good grief, I'm sorry." She started to untangle her legs and lift herself off of Blue, but Blue caught her arms and pulled her back down.

"You can't go anywhere yet."

"Why not?" Conner looked slightly worried.

"Because, I didn't thank you for breakfast."

Conner's "Oh" was swallowed up by warm lips and a cool tongue timidly invading her mouth. Conner relaxed into the kiss and let her arms drape onto Blue's body, as the kiss deepened. They broke the kiss after a brief moment, not for lack of air, but for the heavy swat of a fluffy tail to both their heads. "Romulaus, you little shit!" Conner glared at her fat cat, as he took his time walking out of the parlor. They touched foreheads together and laughed. "Must be hungry, little suckers."

"Oh man, I can't even think about food. What time is it anyway?"

Conner pushed herself up on her arms as she craned her neck to see the clock on the wall. "Um, almost one o'clock." Conner found herself abruptly dislodged as Blue's eyes grew wide and she jumped up from the floor sending Conner backwards.

"Oh Jesus, I'm sorry." Blue reached a hand down and pulled Conned hastily to her feet. Blue put both hands in her head as searched the floor frantically for her clothes. Conner could clearly see that this was not merely a question of being late. She reached a tentative hand out to touch a frantic Blue, who was still searching the room . Conner finally laid a soft hand on a tense forearm and flinched as two wild blue eyes turned on her, and then just as quickly seemed to calm.

"Hey, take it easy." As Blue visibly started to calm down, Conner's touch became firm. "Your stuff's in the bedroom, on top of the dresser." Blue gave a shaky smile as she squeezed the hand on her forearm and then raced into the bedroom. She was attempting to hop into her boots when Conner gently ordered her to sit down and put on her shoes and socks. Blue obeyed as shaky hands tried to tie black laces. She didn't look up as Conner knelt in front of her and began to tie the laces on the other shoe. When they both finished, Blue reached down and held Conner's face in her hands and simply stared into infinite green. Conner touched a hand to Blue's and smiled.

"I know you're sorry, you big dumb Ox. We can finish this later, get to where you're going." Blue smiled and stood up. "Wait, do you need a ride?" Blue shook her head as she helped Conner up and then headed for the door. Conner followed as Blue raced down the steps with her clothes under her arm. She stopped when she came to the front door and turned around to face Conner, who stood on the bottom step. They were eye to eye. Blue looked down at her shoes and then back up at Conner.

"Sorry about the carpet."

"I'll live, now get out."

Blue smiled as she turned and opened the door. "Um, I'll call or come by, or whatever and I'll wash this." She tugged at the jersey.

"Oh, please don't." Conner could only smile as she watched Blue fumble with the latch on the screen door and then just as she was about to step out of the door, she turned around and met Conner at the step. Without hesitation or a slow set up, Blue leaned forward and pressed her lips to Conner's. The kiss was fast and furious, as tongues clashed and lips were sucked. It wasn't until Conner had raised herself from the step she had collapsed to after Blue walked out of the door, that she realized her lip was bleeding. She smiled lazily as she lapped up the blood with tongue and got up to close the front door, saying aloud, "she bit me back."

CH 19

Blue held onto the screen door with her right hand as she made two quick raps on the white hardwood door. She ran a nervous hand through wind-whipped darks locks as she heard the key turn in the lock and watch the door slowly pull back. As the door eased opened, Blue was greeted with a hearty laugh from the cream colored heavy-set woman, who stood in the open doorway.

"My, my, somebody's been slummin." Hazel eyes ran up and down the tall woman, who wore black combat boots, snug cotton shorts, and a dark green and bight yellow soccer jersey. Blue blushed slightly at the teasing comment and shifted her weight from one foot to another. "Well, git in here girl and give me a kiss."

Blue flashed a full smile at the small woman as she ducked her head and planted a kiss on a warm cheek. "Hey, Cookie."

The older woman linked arms with Blue as she led her past the living room into the kitchen. She let go of Blue's arm as she pushed Blue towards a chair and then went to retrieve two Coke bottles from the fridge. The woman reached into the pocket of an ever present apron, pulled out a bottle opener and popped the tops on the bottle. She set them both down on the table and then moved to the kitchen counter and grabbed a napkin covered plate, that she sat down on the table between the two of them. Blue watched the woman with warm eyes as she moved about the kitchen with a warm smile plastered to her face. Blue took a deep gulp from the ice-cold soda and relaxed back inot the chair.

"So what you been up to legs? We almost thought you weren't coming."

The woman sat down and whipped the napkin off of the plate to reveal warm slices of cheese bread. Blue's eyes glazed over in want as she reached a hand out to pick one up. It was sharply swatted away with a fleshy hand before she could even get close. "Wash.", was the command. Blue lowered her eyebrows and put on her best puppy-dog look. "Wash 'em." The tall woman was reduced to a small child as she got up and rinsed her hands in the sink. When she sat back down at the table a warm piece of bread was waiting for her on a plate. The older woman smiled as she watched Blue sink white teeth into warm bread. "Good?" She got "mmm" and healthy shake of the head for a response. "So, what kept you? I can clearly see time wasn't lost on choosing an outfit." The old woman smirked and then bit into her own piece of bread.

"Hey, this outfit was chosen with the utmost care." Blue looked down at the shorts and smiled as she remembered her dress-up session with Conner. "No, really, I just got a late start, I was up kind of late."

"Yeah, I bet." The old woman cut hazel eys at her in a suspicious manner and then smiled.

Blue crumpled the napkin as she wiped her mouth and took another drink from her soda. "Where is she?"

"Upstairs messing with that quilt of hers." The two woman shared a warm smile as they both thought aobut the woman upstairs and her latest foray inot quiliting.

"Is she mad?"

"No honey. I told her you were coming and here you are in all your-uh glory." They laughed. "Now, take those pretty legs upstairs. Here, take her some bread and then you come talk to me later." She wagged a finger at blue and then patted her hand. "G'wan now."

Blue grabbed two pieces of warm bread and bounded up the stairs and to the left. She hovered in the doorway as she watched the dark haired woman run time weathered slender fingers over a ball of yarn. She grabbed the end of the yarn and began to thread it through the needle. On the second try she got the thread to stay. She placed the needle between her lips as she used both hands to search out the material in her lap. She knocked it out of her lap in a rush of motion and then sighed as she bent over the arm of the chair and begin to pad the ground in front of her feet. Blue walked softly across the carpet and reached down to pick up the material that had fallen out of the woman's reach. The older woman picked up her head instinctively and blankly gazed at Blue.

"Azure?" The voice was quiet and slightly shaky.

Blue dropped down to her knees in front of the woman, so that they were at eye level. "Hi mom."

The dark haired woman broke into a brillant smile as she held out her arms wide and reached for her daughter. Blue met her halfway as they shared a tight embrace. Blue pulled back as Carmen ran a slender hand over Blue's face, stopping only when a fingertip ran across a minute cut on Blue's lip. She drew her hands away and ran them through Blue's hair, before she could feel the blood rush to Blue's cheeks.

"I see you still have that bike. You should carry a comb with you."

"If I did that, I couldn't get you to do it for me."

"So spoiled." Carmen smiled and placed warm lips on her daughters' forehead and then sat back in her chair. "Is that Cookie's bread I smell?"


"W-well give it up." Blue handed over the bread to her mother as she sat back on her knees and watched her bite into the warm morsel. She smiled as best she could while staring at her mother's face.

Time had been kind to Carmen, even if life hadn't. Her curly dark hair had been cut to her chin as it cradled bronzed-colored face that crinkled a bit around the eyes and mouth. Blue could see the edge of a raised welt that led to the dime sized keloid that covered the area over her temple. The exit wound was concealed by a fall of dark hair behind her ear. The deep blue eyes that once shown bright with life were no longer shining or blue. The right had succumbed to the gray veil of cataracts, while the other just seemed to diminish in color as if it there were nothing left to take in, since she could no longer see out. Blue pushed away images and sounds of her past away, as she bit into her own bread.

Blue situated herself between her mother's legs and handed her the comb. She had decided to tell Carmen about Conner, but not who she really was. She hadn't even planned on telling her mother that she was Scottish, but Carmen sensed something and popped her daughter in the skull with the comb until she came clean. Blue burst into loud laughter that made Cookie come upstairs, after her mother swatted her once more on the head, and told her that "it served her right" to have met Conner.

She stayed with her mother and Cookie late into the evening. When she finally returned home, she took a well-needed shower and collapsed onto the bed as she gave a passing thought to calling Conner, but decided to just wait until tomorrow.

* * *

CH 20:

It was going on 2:30 in the afternoon when Blue walked up the steps to Conner's front door. The door was wide open and no one was in sight. She called Conner's name as she leaned into the open door. There was no response. Blue tensed her shoulders reflexively as she stepped through the door into the foyer, not liking what she was feeling. Blue had balled her hands into fists as she stepped gingerly towards the steps.

"Shit.", she thought as she saw a glint of sliver out of the corner of her eye. It was too late to react, so she just stood still as the cold barrel of a 9mm pressed into her temple.

"Who the fuck are you?" The deep growl reverberated in a thick Scottish accent. Blue made no move to answer. Instead, she just moved her eyes as far left as she could, to take in the brown haired thick necked man who was holding the gun. Before, he could ask again, Conner's voice sang out from the basement. "Wilhelm, did you call me?"

He turned his head in the direction of the stairs to answer, but his sound was swallowed up as a sharp elbow smashed into his mouth and nose, sending him backwards. Blue brought her elbow down on his arm, not only causing him to drop the gun, but to make it go off as well. The shot rang through her ears as she tackled the man to the floor. Their bodies slammed through the wooden coffee table, as each fought for control. As he pummeled her in the kidney, she drew her knee up into his gut, causing him to wince. She took advantage as she rolled off of him and grabbed his arm with a twist, causing him to roll over fully on his stomach. She bent his arm up in a chicken wing position and placed her knee on his wrist, pinning him as she held onto the other arm with her left hand and forced his face into the carpet with her right hand. Light perspiration dotted her brow as she growled out, "who the fuck are you?"

His groan of an answer was overshadowed by three simultaneous sounds . A sharp squeal was emitted from Sara. A "holy shit" was bellowed by Terry and a "what the fuck" was render through Conner, as both girls stood on the top step leading down into the basement. Blue didn't release her grip on Wilhelm or her scowl as she watched Conner walk towards her and Wilhelm. Conner walked in four swift strides, only stopping to scoop up Wilhelm's gun as she came to rest in front of the pair. Green eyes flashed with rage at Wilhelm's body and then shifted to what surprised Blue as being arousal, as green eyes rested on blue. She lost her scowl. This notion of want was further emphasized as Conner drew a smile to her lips and leaned down to place a fierce little wet kiss on Blue's full lips. Wilhelm flexed under the weight of Blue's body as he heard the tell-tale sound of kissing above his head. Conner pulled back from the kiss with a sly grin plastered to her face as she brushed sweaty stray strands of black hair away from Blue's face. She stepped back as she released the clip from Wilhelm's gun and cast her gaze down at him.

"Wilhelm, I hope you're not bleeding on my rug." She bent down, placing the gun and clip next to his face, and then turned to walk down the stairs. "Cuz, if you are..I'm gonna let her snap your neck." As Conner walked back down the steps, Blue released her grip on Wilhelm and stood up, backing away. She moved all the way into the foyer keeping a stone face, as she heard Sara take in a gasp of air and then rush by her to aid Wilhelm. As he sat admist shards of broken wood, shaking out a throbbing wrist. Blue watched the scene until her attention was grabbed by the guttural laugh that came from behind her. She turned to see Terry holding a hand to her smiling mouth as she walked towards the living room. As Terry walked past Blue she patted Blue and the shoulder, and with a laugh said, "oh yeah, I like you." Blue only cocked an eyebrow as she watched Terry walk over to the couch, where Wilhelm was sitting holding a tissue to his nose. She heard Sara ask Terry "is that the woman from the club?" As Terry answered yes to the question, Blue turned on her heels and headed down the steps that lead to the basement.

On her first visit, Blue hadn't really got a chance to view anything but the first two floors of the house, so she took in the decor of the basement with wonder. To her right was a sunken living room which was furnished with blue and purple lounge chairs and divans, that circled a retro-styled teal coffe table. Blue ran a hand along the polished wood of a pool table as she turned to her left. She called out Conner's name as a smile spread across her face as she rested her eyes on two original arcade games: Galaga and Mrs. Pacman. She let her gaze continue towards the bar, that made her eyes widen as she took in it's immense size and the fact that it was stocked. Her awe was broken by Conner's voice as she said, "Back here." Blue followed the voice and took a right turn at the end of the bar and discovered, "back here." In the right corner sat a mahogany desk that was littered with papers and a computer. A catarmaran sat in the opposite corner beneath a plant. The rest of the basement to her left was encased by wall to floor mirrors and gym equipment. She focused her attention on Conner who kneeling on one knee in the middle of the floor and shoving papers and folders into a cardboard box.

Conner watched as Blue entered her office space, and held back a smile of pride as she watched cerulean blue eyes take in the gym area. When blue eyes finally rested on her small frame she spoke. "So, you like?' Blue nodded and then gave her a half smile as she approached. They locked eyes, one giving acceptance and the other asking for forgiveness. Conner stood up and they greeted one another with a silent hug that melted in a kiss that was at first hesitant and then finally firm and frantic as hands roamed freely. The broke apart staring breathlessly into one another's eyes, and then Conner's attempt to speak was interrupted by Wilhelm's bellow of her name. Conner leaned back and scrunched her brow in frustration. "Damn, forgot Wilhelm." She reluctantly broke away from the tall beauty and ran a hand threw unruly red-blond locks. A sexy sneer crossed her lips as she pointed slender finger at Blue. "Stay." She backed up, her sultry gaze never leaving lustful blue eyes, as she backed away and picked up the box from the floor and then proceeded to walk up the stairs.

Wilhelm stood next to the door holding a bag of ice to his face with Sara at his side. He looked so pathetic to Conner and Sara just looked lost. Conner wanted to smile, but thought that it was not the time. She kept her face straight as she thrusted the box into Wilhelm's arms. He dropped the bag onto the box and looked at Conner with concern and confusion.

"What's dis shit?"

"What Ewan wants."

" I thought you were going to take it to 'im"

"No, you are."


"But shit Wilhelm. This is why I don't let you in my house." She waved a hand towards the remains of the coffee table. "My $2000 table is kindling."

"That was that fucking bitch that-"He was cut off by Conner tweaking his nose. "Fucking Ow Conner! That hurt!"

"Keep talking, and I'll tell her to come up here and beat the crap out of you." She let go and stepped back. "I should let her do it anyway, cuz I know there's blood on my fucking carpet." She stuck a finger in Wilhelm's heaving chest. "And if there're going to fly to Indian and track down the tiny little village where the woman that wove it lives and pay her double to make a new one." She emphasized her anger with a short growl. Wilhelm knew she meant it, but he held back an involuntary shiver as he reminded himself that she was nothing like Ewan. "Now, take that damn box, leave your girlfriend and get out." She shoved him towards the door.

"I'm not leaving Sara her with that-" Conner raised two fingers towards his nose and Wilhelm moved closer to the door. "W-well Ewan's not going to be happy."

"Well then he'll know how it feels." She mumbled more to herself than Wilhelm. "Get out of my house."

"Wilhelm cast brown eyes down at Sara, who looked to the floor. "Sara?"

She barely met his eyes as she spoke quietly. "I promised Terry and Conner- I can't." He hung his head as Sara ceremoniously leaned up to kiss him on his cheek. Conner thought he was actually kind of cute when he wasn't being a moron. "Bye Will." Wilhelm backed away from Sara and gave Conner an icy glare, as she flipped him the bird in return, and then backed out of the door and walked down the stairs. Conner put an arm around Sara's shoulders as they watched him walk off, and then they walked towards the living room. There they found Terry already working on clearing up the debris of the coffee table. As both Sara and Conner bent down silently to help clear the mess, a remorseful alto filled the air.

"I'm really sorry about that." Three heads turned to face Blue as she stood at the edge of the carpet with hands stuck in the pockets of her jeans, like a child scolded. Unexpectedly to Blue, Sara stood up and spoke. "It's okay, but I don't think Wilhelm likes you very much." Conner and Terry rolled eyes at Sara's comment. Blue raised both eyebrows for the humor of the situation. "Uh- well, that's what happens when people shove guns in other people's faces."

Sara covered her mouth in a gasp. "Oh, I'm so sorry." Before Blue could reply, not that she had one Terry stood up with a huff.

"Sara, don't apologize for that jackass. Now get your ass over her and help us with this freakin' table." Both Terry and Conner let out groans that Blue couldn't help but smile at. She watched as Terry and Conner moved towards a large hunk of the table that had remained intact. Blue brushed past Sara and moved towards Conner and Terry and then reached down and grabbed the leg and side of the table, picking it up. "I got it." Terry and Conner dropped their hands from the piece as Blue effortlessly lifted the chunk of wood. "Where do you want it?"

"Sara, show her the back." Conner pointed towards the kitchen. Blue follwed Sara as they walked past the kitchen and to the backdoor that led to a back yard of sorts. When Conner and Sara dissapeared into the kitchen Terry turned a wicked smile towards Conner. "What?"

In her best impression of Drago from Rocky iv, Terry replied, "I must break you." Conner shoved her lightly and then stood. "I like her Conner, she's a keeper."

"No shit Sherlock."

Terry stood. "Hey, are we still going to the game?"

Conner was thankful for the change in subject. "Shityeah!"

"Where's she gonna sit?"

"How bout your lap, Terry?" Terry focused brown eyes on the ceiling as if she was in thought. Green eyes grew wide. "Terry!"

Terry shrugged and smiled. "I'm just saying I wouldn't complain."

"But I might crush your legs." Terry and Conner turned their heads to Blue who stood in the foyer. If Terry had been light enough, the blush on her face would have been fire engine red.Terry laughed uneasily as she walked by Blue, chuckling, "yeah, I like you." She continued and walked up the stairs, calling for Sara, who scurried after her up the steps.

Conner waited until Sara and Terry disappeared up the stairs before she spoke. "I guess she likes you." She took a step towards Blue.

"It's good to be liked." Blue stepped forward and closed the gap between them.

"I thought I told you to stay." Conner tangled her fingers in dark locks. Blue dropped her hands to the swell of Conner's hips and moved in close brushing her lips as she retorted, "you didn't say please."

It came in a breathless whisper. It was a request, a command, and a silent prayer. "Please.", was all that Conner uttered. Lips that throbbed with neglect got welcome relief as the two women got a taste of one another. Blue palmed the soft flesh that was covered by Conner's khaki shorts and pressed Conner's body into hers. The soft pull on her body garnered a moan from Conner, who withdrew lips that now throbbed from pressure, and plunged them into the bronze of Blue's neck. Blue's knees buckled at the contact as she backed into the wall and pulled Conner's legs up around her waist. The change in position gave Blue access to a soft pink neck that she bit into and began to suck at the pulse point. Conner ground her hips into Blue's waist as she found the top of an ear to play with. Blue found herself tugging at the collar of a button down polo shirt. Undoing one, two, and then three buttons as she kissed her way to the swell of cleavage, that was covered by soft pink satin and lace. Slender fingers tangled in black tendrils and tugged, causing Blue to remove her lips from their warm spot only to be claimed fiercely by Conner's lips.

The sharp tug and consequent rough kiss caused Blue to moan a lot louder than either of them had expected. Conner pulled away and green eyes went wide in surprise as they met equally startled blue ones. "I should probably get down." Conner's comment elicited a laugh from Blue as she helped Conner slide down her body to the floor. Blue reached out to help Conner with the buttons on her shirt when they heard heavy footfalls coming down the stairs. Blue dropped her hand quickly, and with intense speed akin to a cockroach when the lights are turned on; both woman fell to their knees on the floor and began picking at the splinters of wood that remained on the floor. Their backs were to Terry as she walked into the living room and found the women picking at the last shards of wood.

"Conner leave that. We need the damn vacuum.

Conner kept her back to Terry as she tried to discreetly button her shirt with one hand. "Yep, Terry, you're right."

"Hey, where's the phone book"

"Um, in the kitchen i think."

"Not that one, yours."

"Oh. Um, I'll get it." Conner hopped up off the floor and did her best to quickly get passed Terry, with her noticing her flushed face. When Conner had reached the second step from the top of the stairs, Terry leaned over the banister and called out. "Honey, if you can't button your shirt , you might wanna start wearing pullovers." She let out a laugh as she heard Conner moan and then pound down the hallway. Terry turned her gaze towards Blue, who had actually managed to gather enough remnants of wood that warranted being moved outside.

"Why don't I get the door for you."

Blue cocked an eyebrow at Terry. "Um, I'd appreciate it."

"And then maybe, a glass of water." Her voice was tinged with sarcasm.

"Oh, you're too kind, Terry."

Terry let out a laugh as she held open the back door for Blue. "Fuck it, let's just make it a drink."

Blue arched her eyebrow as she walked back through the door. She gave Terry a grin. "Yeah, I like you too. Lead on." Conner watched form the top step as the laughing women descended the steps into the basement.


Forearms covered in eggplant colored silk rested on a deep mahogany desk in the center of the room. Pale hands cradle a drawn and wearied face. A rather frail gentleman stood before the desk, a hand clasping a wrist in front of him as she spoke. He was saying something about fiscal years, end quotes, bottom lines, deficits, and some such stuff. The bespeckled young man who sat on the couch looked every bit the part of an internet Star Trek porn addict. Every now and then he would speak up and echoing what the slender man was saying, punctuating his responses with 'fucks' and 'dudes'.

Ewan didn't even bother to focus on the men talking before him. He stared into the chocolate swirls of his desk and went deaf. Truth was, he hadn't heard anything they had said in the whole of 10 minutes. Right before that, he had been leaning back casually in chair showing a modicum of concern, when Wilhelm burst into his office. He had a lone piece of tissue dangling precariously form his right nostril, while he held a bag of ice to his lip and balanced a cardboard box on his knee before plopping it down on Ewan's desk. Ewan raised thin eyebrows at the stocky man , who looked like he was all thumbs at the moment. "What's that? And what the hell happened to your face?

"Dis is frum Connah." He took the top of the box and winced in pain as he held the bag of ice to his throbbing wrist. Ewan tried hard not to crack smile at the thick-necked man. "What do you mean it's from Conner? She was supposed to come back, where is she?"

"She went wit da girls and dat big blue-eyed bwoad."

Ewan sat up straight. "She was in her house!" His mind raced. He had seen the two of them on the dance floor Friday night and was praying to God that too many Scotch neats were making him delusional, or at least accepting of the possibility that this was just another conquest for Conner.

The big man nodded. "Yeah, she wuz dere. She pwatically bwoke my fucking wist. And yeah, I dink I owe Connah a new wug."

"What the fuck!?"

"Dat amazon fucking attacked me."


"Well, she wuz cweeping awound da house, so I asked her who she wuz and she fucking 'bowed me in the face and tackled me."

Ewan just shook his head as he leaned forward on the desk. "Damn it. Call the boys in Boston and tell them to speed it up and then take some guys downtown and find out exactly who this bitch is." Ewan shoved a few cursory papers off his desk and grumbled.

Wilhelm waited a brief moment before speaking, as he watched anger flush Ewan's stoic features. "What about Connah?"

"I'll deal with Conner. Go get cleaned up and go." Wilhelm nodded and turned around, leaving the office. Ewan just sat at his desk in a daze, as he looked blankly at the two men in the room, who took his blank stare as permission to continue speaking.

Ewan broke his recent gaze with his desk as he realized no one was talking. He looked up. "I'm sorry-um, I can't do this right now. Look- Manny.." He pointed a slender finger at the young man with the glasses. "See if you can catch up to Conner. Go see her or something, cause I know she's not going to see me." He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "And uh, I guess take a look at these papers in the box." He slumped back in his chair and traced his jawline absently with a thumb. "That'll be all." Ewan paid no attention to the soft click of the door shutting behind the two men. Instead, he just stared blankly at the back wall and breathed deeply.

At 30 years old, he was beginning to question his job performance. In his mind he had done well by those that preceded him. Although, as Conner liked to point out, he had done well by Duncan's standards. To Conner, Ewan was not only losing sight of a family rich in history and respect, but he was envisioning one that choked on the spoils of trivial wars and gained respect not through honor, but fear. Ewan gave up arguing with Conner when he faced the fact that Conner had no place in this life, Just like Duncan had been the golden-haired omen of change, Conner had risen up in his place. Blonde hair and green eyes that glowed from the inside out and not the other way around. Ewan respected that this was not her way of life and he even found himself willing to let her go-but not to that woman. The more he thought about it, the more he was sure. The blue-eyed banshee lived and breathed. Moreover, Conner hadn't a clue who or what she was and Ewan was more than certain that she had returned to kill them all.

Part 3

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