"Coffee Break"


J Rosestar

Original fiction – PWP - short story

Two women sneak into the warehouse area of the Super Retail center where they work to enjoy a quick break. The get much more than they planned.

Disclaimer: This story features graphic sex between at least two consenting females. If this bothers you or is illegal where you are, then what are you doing at this site anyway? Go away.

These characters are entirely mine. They reside deep in the recesses of my mind - lucky me.

Thanks my primary beta and the person without whom nothing else would matter: The person who encourages me, gives me strength and holds my heart; my life-partner, Vic.

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"Coffee Break"

"You need to wear a hard hat to go back here." Margie said as she tossed a hat to Carol. Catching the hat, she put it on her head. The two women, both now wearing hard hats went through the large doors leading to the warehousing/storeroom area of the Wal-Mart Supercenter.

Margie, who had been stocking large items earlier was wearing a support belt, the kind weight lifters wear over her bluejeans and tee shirt. Carol, who had been working at a cash register, wore the standard blue smock over her jeans and tee shirt.

"Are you sure no one will see us back here?" Carol asked cautiously.

"I'm sure. No one usually comes back here this time of night." Margie assured her.

They continued walking until they were hidden behind a forklift. "See," Margie comforted Carol, "Even if someone does come back here, we'll hear them before they find us."

Margie pushed Carol against the wall. Trapping her with her arms, she kissed Carol deeply. Carol reached behind Margie, pulling her closer. Their bodies pressing against each other. Margie slid her leg between Carols, feeling the warmth of Carol on her thigh. Carol unfastened the weightlifting belt, grabbing it before it fell to the floor. She slowly released the belt so no one could hear it fall - just in case.

Pulling out Margie's tee shirt, she reached her hands underneath and slid them up Margie's smooth skin. Her hands slid up and around, massaging Margie's back. Margie rapidly pulled Carol's shirt out, slipping her hands between them, she moved her hands up, cupping Carol's breasts. She began kissed down Carol's neck as her hands moved down, to unbutton Carol's jeans.

Margie moved her hand down inside Carol's jeans. Her fingers moved quickly through and slid into the slippery opening as Carol opened her legs wider. Margie continued to lather Carol's neck with kisses as her fingers slid up and down the length, moving roughly over her clit.

"Oh yes," Carol moaned into Margie's ear.

"Unh…please, please." The sound stopped Margie in mid stroke. Both women froze in place. They listened quietly.

"Please, oh please do me."

They pulled apart, looking into each other's eyes. Margie quickly retrieved her hand from inside Carol's jeans. They began tucking back in their shirts, frantically looking around to see who else was there. Who had caught them? They didn't see anyone.

"Shh…be patient my darling." Another voice responded to the first.

Margie and Carol exchanged relieved looks, realizing that they hadn't been caught. They listened for the direction of the voices. Moving secretly, silently they peered from behind some large cardboard boxes. They moved slowly around until they found the source.

In a remote corner, they saw Lucy, one of their co-workers, lying naked atop a pallet. She was fastened, spread-eagle held down by stretchy ties, hooked to the slat openings of the pallet. Another woman, Sue, was kneeling over her.

"Please, please baby." Lucy begged.

The two of them watched in silence, their breathing getting harder and deeper.

"When I'm ready." Sue said scoldingly. Her hands moved from Lucy's sides, to clasp her breasts. With each hand, she pinched and rolled a nipple. Lucy's body writhed underneath her. Sue kissed Lucy's neck, moving up to cover her mouth. Lucy's hands struggled feebly against the restraints.

Margie moved over to stand behind Carol. Pulling Carol close, she unfastened Carol's blouse, shoving her bra out of the way. With both hands, she moved her hands over Carol's breasts in an imitation of Sue's actions. She kissed Carol's neck. Carol whimpered slightly.

"Shh. They'll hear us." Margie whispered into Carol's ear.

Sue reached beside the pallet and pulled up a cat's toy. It was a fur-covered ball with a tail. She sat back and moved the toy over Lucy's body. The tail barely coming in contact with Lucy's skin, causing a feathery, tickling sensation. Lucy pulled at the restraints and wriggled, trying to keep away from the tail. "Please baby, please don't tease me any more. I'm so wet. Feel."

Sue pulled herself sideways so she could reach her free hand down to check for herself. "Shit, you are wet." She gasped. "You're so wet, you're dripping." She rubbed her fingers down the inside of the slick folds, poking the tip of Lucy's opening with her finger. Lucy pushed herself up to get more of the finger inside her.

"Not yet." Sue said as she pulled her hand way from Lucy. She reached down to the side of the pallet and picked up a jar of Cheez Whiz. Dipping her fingers inside, she pulled out a clump and placed it on Lucy's nipple. She repeated the action on the other nipple. Then she licked the Cheez Whiz, moving it around and melting it onto Lucy's nipple. When it was smeared to her satisfaction, she sucked and licked, cleaning all of the Cheez Whiz from Lucy's breast. She then did the same with Lucy's other breast.

Margie reached down and unfastened Carol's pants. Pushing them down, she reached her right hand inside. "You're wet too." She whispered into Carol's ear. Her hand remained inside Carol's pants, the fingers moving around and inside, circling her clit. She rubbed pussy juice over the top of the clit. Carol rotated her ass, pushing it against Margie's mound.

Sue pulled herself to Lucy's side, she gained easy access to Lucy's body and could rub her own throbbing clit against Lucy's leg. She pulled Lucy's breast into her mouth, as her hand moved down to Lucy's wet, waiting pussy. Lucy gasped when she felt Sue's fingers enter her.

"Yes, that's it. Please, please fuck me." She moved her hips as much as the restraints would allow.

Sue's fingers moved rhythmically in and out of Lucy. Slowly at first, as Lucy's pleas became more needy, she increased the rhythm.

Margie forced two of her fingers inside Carol. She pumped Carol, matching Sue's movements. She could feel the pressure of her bluejeans against her clit as Carol pumped her ass back with the same rhythm.

"That's it baby. That's it." Sue moaned to Lucy. "Fuck my fingers," she said, as she released the restraints holding down Lucy's lower body. With the pressure released, Lucy moved her butt in time with Sue's fingers.

The sound of Lucy's ass hitting against the pallet rang in Carol and Margie's ears. Margie pumped harder and faster. Carol barely contained the noises that threatened to come from her.

Sue and Lucy continued their pumping frenzy. Sue could feel Lucy's clit under her thumb. She knew Lucy was about to cum. "Cum for me baby. Cum now." She insisted. "Give it to me, let me feel your juices flow." Lucy released a deep, guttural moan as Sue moved her face up to kiss her. She felt her release come as she continued pressing her clit in to Lucy's leg.

Margie gave a low groan into Carol's ear as she felt Carol's tunnel walls clasping her finger. Liquid surged along side her finger. Carol bit her lip in an attempt to hold back a moan as she came.

Slowly Carol and Margie's breathing returned to normal. Carol managed, with shaky hands to pull down her bra and button her blouse. Margie assisted by pulling up and buttoning Carol's pants. Carol turned around, pulling Margie into a deep kiss. "Oh god, watching them was so hot."

"Yes it was." Margie agreed. They stealthily made their way out of the warehouse area. Behind them, Sue was releasing the last of the restraints holding Lucy.

Margie and Carol stopped in the bathroom to wash their hands and freshen up before returning to work from their coffee break. "I think I need to go buy a jar of Cheez Whiz when my shift is over." She winked at Carol as she exited the bathroom, heading back to work.

The End

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