Colliding Edges

Gypsy Passion and Celtic Soul


J.W. Heart

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Chapter 26

Mika, still weak from her injury and fever, had to lean heavily against her tall companion as they made their way from the small ship into the bustling streets of Dublin. Griz had promised to send their things once they had found lodging. The young gypsy raised concerns about the cost of an Inn but the soft touch of Erin's lips to her own quickly silenced the argument.

"Leave it ta me," the Irish woman assured.

Mika wasn't at all happy with the solution but gave into Erin's wishes. If the truth were told Mika hadn't been happy about any of the plans made for her without her consent. She understood the reasoning behind leaving her family but to be shoved into a world she knew nothing about bothered her greatly and it had begun to show in her restless, declining attitude. "Whatever you say," she snapped, the words coming out more harshly than intended.

You're acting like a child. The voice scolded, suddenly taking on the tone her Mother used when angered.

I'm not a child, but I am being treated like one and I don't like it.

You don't like that you have no control in this situation. It observed.

They had no right! They could have found another way rather than sending me here. What am I supposed to do here? Meet with a man I don't know and beg for shelter? I don't think so!

He's family.

Not to me.

If you gave him a chance he could be. Maybe you would even get to know more about your Father, if you just stopped being so damn stubborn! It huffed in frustration.

Ha! Ever think there might have been a reason my Father left this place? What if it's this...Uncle? What if he's the reason? What if he's a really rotten person and...

You're scared. The voice noted incredulously.

What do I have to be scared of?

Right now...everything.


Baron Hunt sat looking out the window of his carriage at the green hills of his new home as they moved closer to McGorry Glen. The King had wasted no time putting Hunt on a ship and sending him off to secure his alliance with his soon-to-be Father-in-law. They had made excellent time using the newer lightweight merchant ship and had arrived in Cork in just days.

Once in port it was just a small matter of contacting the English registrar and taking full possession of his title. With the ink barely dry on his paper's Hunt set off to McGorry Glen to complete his mission. The only thing that stands in the way of my future now is Lord McGorry. He didn't think for even an instant that the older man would disbelieve his claims. He did after all have a copy of the bans and the King's own personal letter assuring things were in order.

Norman Carstairs rode in silence watching his companion through hooded eyes. Accompanying Hunt had not been his choice but no one disobeyed a directive from the King. His orders were simple, make sure Hunt secured this alliance and if he failed, well ...Carstairs just hoped that the young man didn't fail. I'm not sure his sanity could take it if he should bungle this. Let's pray that McGorry believes, and that Lady Erin stays wherever she may have gotten to.

"This shouldn't take too long Carstairs. You'll be home in front of a fire with your feet up and the wife bringing your brandy within a week," Hunt grinned breaking the silence.

"I certainly hope so," the older man mumbled.

"What's the matter man? McGorry will no doubt be distraught over his precious daughter's kidnapping and welcome the comfort from his future son-in-law. I'll have that old man eating out of my hand," he laughed.

"Then we have no fears," Carstairs replied, giving the young man an indulgent smile. I think you are underestimating Lord McGorry my boy. That "old man" isn't going to be the push over you think.


"Erin, I don't think this is a good idea, can't it wait until morning?" Mika pleaded. They just had settled into their rooms when Erin announced she was going out to find them transport.

"I want ta be on our way by morning," Erin replied while readying herself.

Mika came up behind the tall woman, slipping her hands around her waist. "Why the rush princess?" she asked placing a light kiss to Erin's shoulder. I can think of much better things to do tonight. Her mind was running rampant with erotic images of the raven-haired beauty in various stages of passion.

Erin stilled, feeling her heart pounding in her chest and the heat infuse her blood. It was the first time Mika had touched her purposefully other than the occasional kiss, since the little blonde had awakened. She unconsciously leaned back into Mika's embrace and felt strong arms encircle her. Oh God I've missed this. "Rogue are ya tryin ta distract me?" she sighed.

"Is it working?"

"Yes," Erin laughed. "And ya know it."

Mika gentle urged her to turn, "I just think we need to spend some time together Erin. We were just getting to know each other before all this happened," she explained.

Erin slipped her arms around Mika's shoulders, "We'll 'ave time I promise but right now I must see ta getting us out o' 'ere," placing a gentle kiss to Mika's lips. "Besides yer na fit fer anything yet," she teased.

"If you stay I'll show you want I'm fit to do," she grinned wickedly pulling Erin against her body.

Erin closed her eyes and welcomed the embrace; she melted into the little gypsy. The rush of contentment was quickly shoved aside as her vision narrowed and the darkness edged out the light. Flashes of the past hammered through her mind. In the shadows of her thoughts she only saw red. The blood as it slowly drained from Mika's body covering her hands, hot and sticky on her skin as she tried to staunch the flow. She remembered the pale, lifeless form held in her lap, the helpless anguish and terror of losing something so precious. I almost lost this...'er.

"I thought I'd lost ya," Erin sobbed, holding tighter to the small woman.

"I'm not that easy to get rid of princess," Mika laughed.

"'Tis na a joke Mika!" Erin cried, pulling out of the gypsy's arms. "Do ya know what it's..." sobbing harder causing her voice to break. "What it's like ta see the one ya love dyin in yer arms? Ta be covered in their blood and helpless ta do anything about it?" The dark beauty sat on the edge of the bed, head in her hands as her slender shoulder shook with each racking sob.

What the hell just happened here?

Wasn't the right time for your stupid jests? The voice offered.

But it's over! I'm fine and we're safe.

You really are insensitive. You got hurt and now you're better so everything should be ok for everyone else right? Never mind that she saw you injured or that she held you while you bled out onto the ground trying to stop it with her hands. It doesn't matter that you've spent days unconscious, fevered and delirious or that she sat by your side through it all and pulled you through everything. All that matters is you're well now. The voice huffed indignantly.


Let's not forget that some maniac tried to force himself on her or that the same bastard has vowed to marry the poor girl with or without her consent. So long as you're fine then the rest of the world must be as well right? It continued its unrelenting tirade leaving Mika feeling less and less smug.

Mika moved to Erin kneeling at her feet, taking her hands, and looking at her tear stained face. I caused this. The thought struck her in the chest like a lightening bolt. Blue locked on green and Mika saw the turmoil, pain, devotion and even love that Erin held. Her soul lay open for the little gypsy to see; vulnerable yet determined.

Only you can make this better. The voice whispered.

"I love you," Mika whispered. The strangeness of the words echoing in her head having never spoken them before aside from family ...and that was entirely different. But I really do. She grinned, feeling the contentment and joys of the proclamation fill her heart.

Erin's blue eyes narrowed as she stared at the small blonde trying to discern the truth. She weighed the words in her mind confused by the declaration. Gazing into Mika's green eyes it hit her; did she just say she loved me? Erin's emotions moved from overwhelmed to outrage in a heartbeat. The reaction was fast. Mika didn't even see the swiftness of change, nor did she expect the hand that met her face with a resounding "SMACK"

What the hell! Not the reaction Mika was expecting to her declaration of love.

Well what did you think would happen? The voice prodded.

Well, not that!

You've had plenty of chances to tell her you loved her before this. But now, when you want something of her, in this case to keep her here with you, Now! You feel the need to tell her. It huffed indignantly.

But that's not why...

I know that dummy, she doesn't. It explained.

Mika rubbed the side of her face still stunned by the event. Well damn.

Erin was shocked by her own reaction and sat stunned by her sudden physical attack on the woman she loved. Tears welled up in her blue eyes her confusion plainly etched on her face. She reached for Mika, terrified that the young woman would pull away, that forgiveness would not be what she found. "I'm so sorry rogue," she cried pitifully.

The tremble of Erin's voice and fear in her eyes softened Mika's pain. She flashed the raven-haired beauty a roguish smile. "I guess I deserved that."

"Nay, ya dinna. Never..." Erin started only to be stopped by Mika's tender caress.

"I did princess, that and more. I've known since that day at the lake, the first day," she added. "I knew then that I loved you. It was up to me to say something and instead I was selfish and stupid. You were hurt and angry but I swear to you Erin. I do love you, more than I thought possible and I dare hope that you can still find it in you to love me as well," Mika ended, hopeful that her second proclamation would be better received.


Erin sat back pondering the words yet again. Still unsure of the sentiment she gazed into the face before her. Reflecting back she saw the truth, the love, clear and strong, earnest and heartfelt lay open to her in Mika's sweet face. She pulled the young woman to her, wrapping her in a warm embrace, "I love ya too...rogue."

"We have things to talk about princess," Mika said while stroking Erin's back. "Lay up here with me," she added moving onto the bed, her arms open wide waiting for the raven-haired woman to join her.

Erin took her place beside the gypsy, her head resting on a strong shoulder, curled into her side, with Mika's arm around her. "This is nice," she sighed, settling further into the warm body. "What do ya want ta talk about?"

"Let's start with Hunt. We've avoided that topic but we both know that he's not going to give up. I'm guessing you want to go home first, to see your Father?" Mika questioned.

"Aye, by now 'e 'as the news o' the bans."

"So we need to make sure he knows it's not true. In the morning we both go find a way there," Mika supplied, placing a gentle kiss to Erin's dark head. "Where you go, I go. So don't be thinking about leaving me behind again." The rest of the evening was spent in gentle comfort and when the sun began its rise over the green hills of Ireland the two lay wrapped together in slumber.


The gentle rocking of the ship brought Shea awake, looking up from her bunk into the dark brown eyes above her. "What are ya doin?"

"Watching you sleep," Luca answered with a playful grin.

She couldn't help but laugh at the big man; his easy manner tended to be infectious. Too damned 'andsome in the morning, ya are. She swallowed hard against the lump rising in her throat and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him to her. "Was that all ya were planning ta do? Just watch?" Shea husked, her blue eyes turning darker.

"Oh I think I can find something else to do with a beautiful woman who just so happens to be in my bed," he chuckled, moving over her. "And she's quite undressed too."

The redhead leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips, "I'm na just any woman ya rat," she whispered before nipping sharply at his neck.

"Shut up wife and let me love you."


Colm Daly entered Lord McGorry's private chamber to find the man staring out the window. He walked up behind the tall man and glanced over his shoulder, hoping to see what had him so riveted. "Looks as though yer soon ta be son-in-law 'as arrived," he noted watching the sturdy carriage come to a halt and footmen rushing about.

"Soon ta be son-in-law my Irish ass!" Aidan snorted.

"I take it ya do'na believe the stories then?" Colm chuckled.

"Erin grew up with both yerself and Sean, she calls ya both uncle, now ya tell me my friend," he paused pointing to the man climbing down from the carriage. "Does that look like a man who could win Erin's 'eart?"

"Well since we've na seen any man even turn the lass's 'ead I'd say nay, but then ya never know about these things. Love is a cunning prey," Colm added thoughtfully.

"Well I know Erin and that man is as engaged to her as Shea is likely ta ...ta...never mind, Shea's likely ta do anything," Aidan sighed.

"And she has done...just about anything," Colm laughed getting a smile out of his friend.

"I need ya ta find out what 'appening fer me Colm. Would ya do that?" the Lord of McGorry Glen pleaded.

"Ya want me ta go ta England and find Erin fer ya then?"

"Aye, I know it's a lot ta ask o' ya but..." Colm stopped him with his hand.

"Nay, I was 'eadin there anyway," He laughed at Aidan's shocked expression. "Sean 'as me goin ta look fer this child o' Padraig's," he explained.

"O' course the man could'na wait fer Shea ta tell 'im more," Aidan sighed.

"Would ya? If yer only blood might be out there somewhere in the world, would ya na do everything ta find them?" Colm pinned him with serious green eyes. "Are ya na sendin me ta do the same thing?"

"True," Aidan laughed. "So when do ya leave?"

"I'll be goin straight away. I see na time ta waste 'ere."

Aidan nodded. "Be safe my friend, I'll be waitin on news."

Colm smiled and left them man standing at the window, lost in his thoughts.

Chapter 27

Chester Hunt was led to Lord McGorry's private office only to be left waiting. "Who the hell does the old man think he is?" he mumbled while pacing the stately office. The longer he was left waiting the angrier Hunt became, until finally at the end of his patience he turned to leave.

At that precise moment Lord McGorry entered the chamber, nearly running Hunt down in the process. "Excuse me," Aidan muttered, walking past the man with no other greeting.

Hunt was furious, his steel blue eyes narrowed as he watched the retreating back of the tall man. I see your daughter came by her arrogance naturally. Inside he seethed, wanting nothing more than to demand McGorry's co-operation and allegiance just to be done with this whole fiasco. But he knew he had to play along, at least until McGorry gave into his wishes. Then I'm going to strip you of this land and your precious title and leave you like the begging dog you are. Maybe I'll find that bitch daughter of yours and let you watch while I teach her what it means to be a real lady.

Aidan knew he had left the young man alone longer than was proper for someone befitting his position; he had done so on purpose. Nothing like gettin a man good and hostile ta see what 'e's made o'. Lord McGorry was an astute judge of men and character and what he'd seen of Baron Hunt was not impressive. "Beggin yer pardon Baron fer leavin ya on yer own so long," Aidan offered absently before sitting at his desk again leaving Hunt without an invitation. "As ya can well imagin I've been a bit distraught o'er the disappearance o' my child."

Hunt while angered by the lack of respectful protocol clamped down on his fit of temper and seated himself. "I understand completely Lord McGorry," he sighed. "Having Erin taken from me at what should have been such a joyous moment," Hunt paused for effect, "well it was devastating to say the least."

Aidan watched the young man's act with a suspicious eye. I trust 'im about as far as I could throw ' even that much. Yet 'e is that last ta see my daughter, fer that I'll na 'ave 'im tossed out on 'is arse. "I'd like ta know more about Erin's "abductors" if ya do'na mind."

"Of course, but I assure you that even now I have men out looking for the band of cutthroats. They'll not get away with taking my betrothed," the young man promised.

"Ya will understand my misgivin's about yer "supposed" engagement ta my daughter, I would like ta 'ear it from 'er own lips," Aidan sneered.

You stupid, arrogant bastard! "I've supplied you with the bans and the King's personal guarantee on this matter, surely that's enough?" Hunt huffed indignantly.

"Ya must see my position in this Hunt? I've na 'eard from neither my dear sister nor my daughter in weeks, ta find out that Erin was betrothed ta ya,'s na sittin right with me. Does'na sound at all like my daughter."

"I understand that at the moment you're dealing from grief Lord Aidan, as am I, but we must put aside our pain and come together as "family" in this time," Hunt stepped closer to the Irishman. "Your daughter admires you greatly, she spoke of you often to me, I have been looking forward to joining with you, both in allegiance to our King and as your son," he finished almost sounding sincere.

Who does 'e think 'e's foolin with that act? Family, na in my lifetime! Aidan felt the blood boiling in his veins and it was all he could do not to toss the man out the nearest window. "If ya will excuse me Baron," he hissed through clenched teeth, "I must see ta some business. I'll see that yer comfortable but I will'na be enterin any allegiances familial or otherwise, na until Erin is found," Aidan turn from Hunt summarily dismissing him.

The Baron stormed from the room, slamming the door behind him. "This isn't over," he promised.


Much to Mika's displeasure Erin had gone out in the early morning and procured them transport to McGorry Glen. By mid-morning they were both ensconced in a rough carriage heading towards south. Mika's mood improving with each passing mile as the green hills of Ireland passed by.

Erin knew Mika was still irritated about her "taking charge" of their transport, knowing that the young gypsy hated feeling out of control in any situation. She had attempted on several occasions to engage the little blonde in conversation, being shut down at every turn. Finally giving in to her own despair she too was watching the miles pass.

You're being an ass. The ever-present voice stated.

Mika tried desperately to block the annoying buzz.

You can't admit you love the girl one day, and then shut her out the next. It continued.

She knew it was right and she knew that it wasn't Erin's obvious command of the situation that had her bothered the most. I hate this. I'm in a place I don't know, with no one to depend on.

Idiot! Look to your left, it ordered. You see that girl over there? She's been there for you and she, for whatever reason, is determined to stay with you. Don't you think she would be the one you should look to for support here?

Mika glanced at Erin's strong profile, feeling a now familiar tug at her soul. She knew the truth of that statement. Erin had many chances to take her leave, and yet, she stayed. Having never trusted anyone outside of her own people was new but deep in her heart. If she examined it closely, she had no doubt that the beautiful woman seated beside her would never betray her trust or love. It suddenly occurred to her that home wasn't a place or even a people it was where your heart told you it was, and hers was with Erin.

Reaching a hand towards the sweet Irish woman she stroked Erin's finely chiseled cheek. Erin turned her impossibly blue eyes towards her and Mika felt the world slide into place. She smiled brightly and pulled Erin to her side, kissing the dark head that now rested against her breast. "I love you Princess."

Erin's arms slipped around Mika's waist and snuggled further into the embrace she craved. "I love ya ta Rogue," she whispered. Unaware of what had brought on this sudden change but grateful it had occurred. "Now tell me what yer feelin. I want ta help ya."

Mika shuttered slightly feeling Erin's warm breath against her neck. "At the moment I'm feeling a bit warm Princess and if you keep whispering against my neck like that I'm not going to be responsible for my actions," she teased.

Mika felt Erin smile against her skin just before a soft, warm tongue delicately traced her collarbone. Oh God! "Erin..." the young gypsy growled.

Erin raised her dark head and looked into Mika's flushed face, "Aye," she whispered.

A flood of arousal struck Mika, her breath hitched as she looked into Erin's blue eyes, darkened by passion. All thought of her impending future ceased as she lowered her head and swiftly captured the Irish woman's lips with her own. She began a tender assault, gently teasing Erin with her tongue. But the dark beauty was having none of that and immediately took the kiss deeper beginning an assault of her own.

Mika felt slender arms come around her neck as Erin pulled her closer and she was helpless to stop the onslaught of emotion. The tension that had been building from the first time they touched threatened to burst forth, exploding into a full-blown inferno. When the tip of Erin's tongue met her own in a passionate, erotic dance, Mika gave into her impulses. Her hands would not be denied the feel of the woman she longed for. She heard Erin's moan as her fingertips trailed along her bodice.

Erin ran her long fingers through Mika's short locks pulling her close, refusing to relinquish the hold on her gypsy. Her heart pounded in her chest as a small rough hand reached for the hem of her gown raising higher until bare flesh was revealed. She groaned into Mika's mouth when she felt the blonde's hand running gently up her calf and gasped as the magical appendage found its way to her thigh.

Mika marveled as the soft warm skin beneath her fingers. The need to touch Erin drove her further. Questing fingers burning a path along a silky thigh desperate to reach the pinnacle of Erin's womanhood. Her breath coming in short pants, blood rushing through her veins, she felt Erin open to her slightly as she neared the tender flesh on the inner thigh. She slipped past the barrier of Erin's under garments and lightly brushed over the damp curls at her apex. With a plunge of her tongue into Erin's willing mouth she swallowed the Irish Lady's loud moan as she reached her goal.

Erin wrench her mouth from Mika's and threw back her head. "Oh Gods Rogue," her voice roughened by passion.

Mika held her tight as she gently stroked the source of the woman's passion, her fingers coated with Erin's arousal as she slipped a single digit between the heated folds and pressed against the wet, throbbing nub. She felt Erin stiffen in her arms, "I've got you princess," she whispered.

Had they not been so lost in their passion-induced haze they would have noticed their carriage had come to a halt. However a sharp knock at the carriage door brought their intimate explorations to a sudden and quite frustrating end. Startled by the interruption they withdrew quickly, both breathing heavily and still very much aroused.

"I can't believe this," Mika squawked.

Erin looked at her small would-be lover with tears of frustration building in her blue eyes. "I... ya..." she stuttered before pulling herself together and slamming her way out of the carriage.

What the hell...?

I do believe you've pushed the woman a bit to far this time. The voice chuckled.

Me? I... she...

Ahh, you both seem to have the same affliction. It laughed again.

Shut up!

Mika pulled herself together and tried to calm her raging blood before she exited the carriage. A final adjustment to her collar brought the scent of Erin's arousal that still clung to her fingers and inflamed her all over again. Oh this has got to stop...soon!


Colm had made excellent time on his ride north from the Glen. In less than 2 days he was already well on his way to the port of Dublin. He planned to book his passage from there to England to begin his search for Erin McGorry and of course see what he could find about this supposed niece to Sean O'Flanagan.

With a good piece of his journey behind him and evening approaching, he decided to treat himself to a decent meal and a good night's rest. The tall Irishman stopped in a small village just off the King's road and made his way to the Inn.


Erin sat back in her chair and glared at the small blonde across from her. While calmer now she was not completely settled from their encounter in the carriage. She knew it wasn't Mika's fault they were interrupted, the driver simply stopped at the Inn thinking both women would be ready to stretch their legs and have a bite to eat. But she wasn't about to let the little gypsy off the hook that easily.

"Come on Erin," Mika pleaded. "It's not like I knew we would umm... be stopping.

"Ya should na 'ave started then rogue," the dark woman huffed.

"I'll make it up to you princess," Mika gave her a wicked grin, "I promise."

Erin leaned her tall frame over the table giving Mika a clear vision of her ample cleavage, "Oh ya better believe ya will," she growled, "And then some," she smiled suggestively.

Oh when this happens she's going to kill me. Mika thought as she tried to swallow past the sudden dryness in her throat.

But what a way to go. The voice chimed in.

Just as Erin moved back into her seat a long shadow came over the table and a set of large hands grabbed her up by the shoulders.

Mika was out of her chair in an instant. "Get your hands off her," she growled.

Erin was stunned for a moment but finally managed to spin herself around in the man's grasp. She gasped as she saw who had a hold of her. However before she could stop the small gypsy, Mika darted around the table and landed a solid punch to the man's midsection.

Before Mika could advance further she heard Erin scream, "Mika stop!"

"Good Gods child where did ya find that demon?"

Erin wrapped her arm around the bent man helping him to the table leaving a confused Mika in her wake.

"Uncle Colm, what are ya doin 'ere?" she whispered, her emotions running high already, tears threatened to fall from beneath her lashes.

Uncle? Oh damn! Mika suddenly felt her face burning. I just punched a member of her family. This is definitely not going to look good for me.

Colm wondered what Gods he had pleased so well that he didn't even need to leave his homeland to find the young lass. His relief at finding the young woman obviously unharmed and so close to home was only tempered by the slight pain in his gut administered by her protector. It was then that he got his first good look at the "demon". Good Gods! I've found them both!

To Colm, there was no mistaking those green eyes and blonde hair. Everything from her size to her disposition screamed O'Flanagan. The girl had to be the niece they were looking for but he knew Sean would have to make his own determination. To find them both, and together was such a relief he couldn't help but to start laughing. And he continued to do so until his eyes watered, leaving both women looking at the man as though he'd lost his mind.

When he finally recovered himself, he motioned for the girls to sit with him. "Sit lasses I 'ave a bit o' a story ta tell and I wager ya 'ave one as well."

The rest of the evening was spent with the relating of recent events.


Shea and Luca arrived at the port of Waterford just after twilight and booked their passage to the Glen immediately. Shea was set upon by several problems at once, not the least of which, was how to explain to her brother her sudden and unexpected marriage to the handsome gypsy sitting beside her. She unconsciously moved closer to the big man.

Noting his new wife's sudden change, Luca wrapped her in his arms, lent her comfort, knowing what lay ahead of them would be hard on the redhead. "So what's the plan witch," he said teasing her gently, hoping to improve her mood.

Shea lightly elbowed the dark gypsy, then laid her head on his shoulder, taking her comfort from the one man who was not afraid to offer it to her, bad temper and all. "By now Hunt 'as made it ta the Glen and I'm sure 'e's told Aidan quite a story," she sighed.

"True but us showing up will put a kink in the bastards plans," Luca snarled. And I'm going to kill the toad for all he's done.

Shea knew her husband was planning to exact his own revenge on the man for what he had done to Mika, but she couldn't allow him to do that. "I need ya ta much ta be visitin ya in prison nor will I watch ya be 'anged fer killin the man. So put that right out o' yer 'ead. Rat," she admonished.

Luca raised a dark brow at her accuracy of his intentions. "You would make a great gypsy fortuneteller my love," he teased. "Can you read my thoughts now?"

Shea looked up into his dark eyes and felt the stirrings of arousal send tendrils of hot blood rushing to her groin. "Aye, I can," she whispered seductively. "And I think that's one request I can fulfill," bringing home the point by sliding a hand up his thigh. She smiled again when she heard his breath hitch and a soft moan and she moved higher. I'll deal with Aidan later...




Chapter 28

A long night had been spent in the company of Colm, and with the news that Hunt was at the moment stirring trouble at the Glen, they hastily changed their plans. Now a scant hour before daybreak the girls found themselves once again in the carriage, only this time they were heading to O'Flanagan territory.

Any hope they might have had about rekindling their prior passion was gone as they sat and listened to the man Erin called uncle talk about the O'Flanagan clan.

"I'm sure Sean will be sendin Yer Da a message about yer safety and whereabouts Erin," Colm stated.

"I'd be grateful," Erin mumbled.

Through it all, Mika remained mute. She was torn between frustration and fear and at the moment fear had the bigger hold. She faced an unknown future and was about to be placed in the hands of a man she knew nothing about; other than her Father had left and never returned. Her mood was growing more morose by the mile.

Erin was not oblivious to her little gypsy's plight and tried to lighten her mood. Playful words and shy, seductive glances seemed to help a bit. When Colm wasn't paying attention she would go so far as to caress the young woman in a highly intimate fashion. Which while relieving one tension only served to inflame another.

These incidents however, did not go unnoticed by the tall jovial man in their company. In the past day he had seen the soft looks and tender touches and while not a completely worldly man he did know love when he saw it. I wonder how Aidan is goin ta receive this bit o' news. He mused to himself.

His impression of Mika was positive and her stubborn-quiet made him think, on more than one occasion, of her uncle. Sean can'na deny this one. Her reaction to his sudden appearance at the Inn and his encounter with her fist brought a smile to his face. Na "e can'na deny 'er at all. It's what 'e would 'ave done. He could understand her misgivings about all of this. The changes in front of her and the attack on her life by Hunt would be enough to make anyone reflective and brooding. But all in all he still found himself a bit charmed by the young gypsy.

Pulling himself from his own thoughts, he noticed they were entering O'Flanagan lands and turned to tell the girls only to find them huddled together. Erin's dark head resting on Mika's shoulder while the little blonde held the Irish lass in her arms. Ta cute, they are, he chuckled, loathing to break them apart.


Well after dusk the following day, Shea and Luca found themselves in the final leg of their own journey. The manor house of McGorry Glen sat in the distance as they pulled themselves together enough to meet with Aidan and set to right what would become the future. And hopefully then deal with Chester hunt.

Luca found himself impressed by the elegant simplicity of Shea's ancestral home. His preconceived notions about nobility had definitely changed upon his meeting the Irishwoman. He smiled at his new bride as the carriage pulled to a halt in the courtyard. Unsure as to what was expected, he did the only thing his upbringing would allow. Stepping from the carriage he helped his Irish Lady to the ground and waited.

They didn't have to wait long, the instant Shea stepped into view the whole courtyard erupted into a flurry of activity. Luca could only smile at the people bustling about making ready for the unexpected arrival of their mistress. Catching more then a few concerned looks tossed in his direction.

"I think they're a bit surprised," Shea chuckled.

"Is that why I'm getting all these strange looks?" He questioned teasingly.

"Oh I think yer goin ta be one o' the biggest surprises."

Wrapping her hand around his arm he leaned closer and without discretion placed a tender kiss on her waiting lips. "That ought to answer any questions," he smirked.


From the window over the courtyard Aidan watched the scene below. The tall dark man who exited first was definitely unknown but upon seeing Shea's red hair, he finally smiled. About to rush down to meet his sister he was suddenly stopped by the activity below. When the man kissed his sister he thought his heart had stopped. I'll be damned! Just what the 'ell 'ave my ladies been getting up ta o'er there? Determined to get answers to great many questions he turned on his heel and stormed out of the room.


Luca was the first to catch sight of Lord McGorry as he came down the steps into the courtyard. He didn't miss the dark look gracing the man's face, or the blue eyes that seemed to chill him with just a look. Oh no! He gave Shea a nudge and nodded to the approaching man.

"Shea!" Aidan's voice boomed.

Shea smiled at her husband and rolled her eyes hoping to ease some of his tension. "Aidan!" she shouted back.

Lord McGorry stopped his approach. Something in his sister's manner, her carriage and definitely her eyes had changed since he saw her last. He stared at the feisty redhead for a moment. She's... she's happy. He marveled.

She let loose of Luca's arm and hurried to her brother hoping to stop him from making a foolish mistake. Taking Aidan's hands in her own she gazed up into his eyes, "I'll explain everything I promise but fer now come meet my husband," her voiced tinged with excitement.

Aidan while stunned had learned over the years that his sister was no fool and was sure that she would provide him with answers. But the "husband" statement threw him and thus added to his confusion. He followed Shea like a puppy to where the dark gypsy stood awaiting his bride. Shea placed herself between the two men she loved. About to start the introduction when a flurry of activity coming from behind them drew their attention.

Baron Hunt flew down the steps, "Lord McGorry I demand that you arrest that man!" he commanded. He too had been watching the arrival of Lady McGorry knowing that his plans were about to be thwarted he raged, desperate to find a way to correct this situation. Damn that woman, I should have gotten rid of her as well. His fit of temper drove him further to the brink of insanity. If she talks everything will be in ruins.

Shea stepped in front of Luca, a small act of defiance that did not go unnoticed by Aidan. "You," she hissed through clenched teeth.

Hunt was unstoppable in his fury as he approached the trio his watery eyes burned with hatred and anger. "That man is responsible for Erin's disappearance," he proclaimed to the shock of everyone listening.

Luca stepped around his wife placing her to Aidan's side hoping the man would not allow his sister to come to harm. "You lying, cowardly, little toad," he growled. I finally get a chance to pay you back for Mika.

A firm hand halted his advance on the smaller man, looking over to Aidan he saw a flicker of amusement flash across his face. "Let's take this inside," the Lord whispered.

"I'm telling you Lord McGorry," Hunt snarled, "This man is a criminal. A gypsy thief and a kidnapper; I demand that you have him tossed in the prison."

"We will sort out the story inside Baron Hunt," Aidan's anger all but palpable, left no room for negotiation. "Welcome 'ome Shea," he sighed. Turning he led the three into the manor.


Mika and Erin were led through the large foyer of O'Flanagan castle. Colm explained to them that Sean would no doubt be expecting them to dinner but he would see them settled first and took them to a set of rooms at the top of the stairs.

"These are yer rooms ladies. I'll 'ave the maids come up to sweeten the linens and light the fires," he smiled.

"Thank ya Uncle Colm," Erin sighed. Two sleeping chamber, her mind huffed, well that'll 'ave ta be fixed.

Mika remained silent; the rooms were big enough to house a family.

Or two. The voice interjected.

What the hell am I doing here?

Erin, Ireland, your Uncle... any of this ringing a bell. It sarcastically replied.

This isn't me. She looked around the opulent rooms shaking her head.

It is now...

"Mika are ya feelin alright?" Erin inquired. Concern clear in her earnest blue eyes.

"Fine Princess," the little blonde smirked "Just a bit overwhelmed I think."

Colm watched the exchange with interest, understanding perfectly young Mika's reaction to her situation. "Little one," he started, tossing a long arm across her shoulders, "Ya 'ave nothing ta fear from the likes o' us. We're yer family and this," he paused to indicated the rooms they stood in," this is just a house. I 'ave ta speak with yer Uncle now but I'll be seein ya both fer dinner," he finished, releasing the gypsy. With a quick bow he left the girls to settle in.


"Did ya get them settled Colm?" Sean asked absently, pretending to be occupied with something on his desk.

"Aye," Colm answered raising a brow, waiting for the questions he knew his friend and employer wanted to ask.


"Sean, ya can'na tell me ya do'na want ta know what the lass looks like, 'ow she behaves, if there's anythin o' Padraig in 'er," he watched as the stocky man ran a nervous hand through his blonde hair.

Piercing green eyes pinned the taller man," Well?"

"Oh so ya do want ta know?" Colm laughed.

"Do'na make me kill ya Colm, yer a good friend it would be 'ard ta explain," Sean threatened mockingly.

"Fine ...fine, ta answer the first, she looks na a bit like Padraig."

"Ha! I knew it was a..."

Colm held up a hand stalling his friends' tirade. "But if I did'na know better I'd 'ave sworn that she was yers, ya did'na make a trip ta England about 19 years ago did ya?" He chuckled at the shocked look on Sean's face. "Looks just like ya Sean, even 'as the same temper."

Sean struggled to speak opening his mouth but finding no sound. He swallowed hard against the lump in his throat. "Is ya think?" he stammered.

"Aye, the lass is an O'Flanagan as sure as yer standin there," Colm answered softly.

Sean straightened and squared his broad shoulders, "We'll see about that," he said before leaving the room.

"Now watchin those two come up against each other is goin ta be a sight," Colm laughed, moving out after his friend.


Erin slipped her arms around Mika's waist laying her head on her strong shoulder. "Are ya alright my rogue?"

"Just a bit overwhelmed I think princess," she answered leaning back into Erin's warm embrace.

"'Tis a bit ta get used ta I suppose but yer na alone," the Irishwoman whispered against Mika's neck causing a delicious shiver through the small body held against her.

Mika turned in Erin's arms bringing them face to face. "I know that my love," she smiled. "While I wish it were under different circumstances Erin, I'm very happy to be here with you. If for no other reason than we are finally alone," she flashed her a lascivious grin.

"And what would ya like ta be doin about that my rogue?"

Mika didn't answer the question but rather placed a gentle kiss to Erin's exposed throat drawing a soft moan from the dark Irish Lady. Encouraged by the response she continued her sojourn across the creamy flesh, tenderly nipping at her pulse point, running her tongue lightly over Erin's collar bone.

Erin felt the rush of arousal from just the simple touch, her body burned where Mika's lips caressed. She threw back her head allowing the little gypsy the freedom to explore. The soft suckling of her earlobe weakened her knees and battered her control. "Mika," she moaned.

The sound of Erin's passion filled voice notched Mika's desire even higher. Their normal teasing for the past weeks only fueled this fire that threatened to rage quickly into an uncontrollable inferno. Dragging her soft lips over Erin's jaw line Mika threaded her hands through the woman's dark locks pulling her down. Their lips met both moaning into the other as all pretenses were cast aside. This was not the gentle, tender assault of the past; their passion roamed free. Each was challenging the other for dominance. Tongues dueled and demanded, hands caressed, stroked and inflamed.

Erin reached for the buttons on Mika's shirt with trembling fingers trying to free the fasteners from their stubborn hold. She managed the first two, allowing her enough room to slip between the rough fabric and Mika's soft, warm skin. Working her fingers down the small blonde's chest she found her target and captured Mika's breast in her hand.

"Oh God!" Mika groaned, tearing her mouth from Erin's.

Erin lost focus of time and space as she narrowed in on the waiting flesh held gently in her hand. "So soft," she whispered marveling at the contrast of Mika's firm body. Caressing her prize, feeling Mika's nipple tighten against her palm the flame of passion singing in her veins.

Mika was more than ready to start ripping off clothing and taking Erin right then and there. She would have done just that had it not been for a very unwelcome knock at the door.

"Erin," she called. Getting no response nor reprieve from the exquisite torture, she tried again. "Erin!"

Erin finally brought her gaze up to meet Mika. Confusion mixed with desire reflected in her azure eyes.

"The door my love," Mika managed to croak out as the knock came again.

Reluctantly Erin released Mika's breast. "What was that about bein alone?" she replied sarcastically before turning to answer the door, leaving a frustrated Mika to straighten her clothing.


Sean marched into the hall ignoring the whispers from the crowd in the room. A stern look from him and they fell silent. While he wasn't a big man his presence commanded respect and he most often got it. He continued until he reached the table where Colm had seated the young woman.

"So ya say yer my brother's child?" he said harshly, crossing his arms over his chest.

Mika looked up from her meal, her eyes widened in surprise. Good Gods! He looks just like me!

Well actually you look like him. The voice corrected.

I'll be damned! She looks just like me. Sean struggled to remain passive, not yet willing to admit this young woman was indeed his family. "Well?" he tapped his foot impatiently waiting for an answer.

"Aye Uncle Sean, she is yer niece," Erin finally answered, smiling at the man she'd known since childhood. She held the packet of papers out for him to take. "If ya do'na believe yer own eyes maybe these will convince ya."

Two sets of green eyes turned to Erin both arching a brow in question. I should 'ave seen it before, I've known Sean all my life there's no chance 'e can deny my rogue.

Sean graced the dark woman with a genuine grin, "Erin do ya know 'ow thrilled yer Da is goin ta be knownin yer safe?" he said taking the papers from her.

"I would'na 'ave been if na fer Mika," Erin gushed looking at the little blonde beside her.

Sean didn't miss the adoring look she gave the young woman. Hmmm. Oh Aidan is goin ta just love this. He remained silent however, choosing instead to review the papers, occasionally glancing at the young blonde. He watched as she ran a nervous hand through her fair hair and had to stop the smile that threatened to emerge. She does 'ave my manner. The older man was not going to make this easy for the gypsy however. "These could 'ave been written by anyone, I do'na believe ya," he growled at Mika.

Already as tight as a bowstring, Mika snapped. "Are you calling my Daj a liar?" She stood, knocking the table away, coming face to face with the man. "You know I figured you wouldn't believe this. I knew there was a reason my Father left here and now I know. He left because you are an arrogant, stubborn, blind fool," she raged.

That probably wasn't the best thing to say to convince him. The voice chimed.

I don't give a damn! I've had enough, I'm not going to let him stand there and put down my family.

Erin stood behind the gypsy laying a calming hand on her shoulder. "Uncle Sean ya can'na believe yer na related ta Mika, just look at 'er," she pleaded. "She's the spittin image o' ya."

Sean glared at the little blonde before him, "Ya know nothin about me or yer "father" so ya best keep yer mouth shut," he growled. Little spitfire isn't she?

"Go to hell!" Mika snarled, turning to Erin. "Come on princess we're not welcome here."

This is what 'appens when ya put two equally stubborn arses together. Erin struggled to find a way to fix this situation, suddenly remembering what Luca had said; she grabbed Mika's arm before she got away. "Show 'im the mark," she desperately hoped that the little gypsy knew what she was talking about. Because I 'ave no idea what that's supposed ta mean.

Mika stopped, staring at Erin, confusion written plainly on her face; then it dawned on her what she meant and grinned wickedly. She turned her back to Sean and reached for her belt. In one quick motion she unfastened her trousers and dropped them to her knees, baring her posterior for all the world to see. Kiss it you jackass.

Sean stood in front of the hall completely stunned. I'll be damned! Then to the surprise of everyone, the usually stern man started to chuckle, which quickly turned to outright laughter. With a strong hand he reached out and smacked Mika's exposed behind. "Pull yer pants up lass," he told her still chuckling.

Mika yelped at the swat and quickly pulled herself together, turning to face the man ready to wage another battle.

Sean waited until she was through redressing and stepped forward engulfing the young woman in a powerful embrace. He felt her stiffen in his arms and leaned in, "Ya 'ave the family mark that's fer sure but the way ya dared ta show it tells me yer an O'Flanagan even more so." He stepped back holding her shoulder, staring at her with his green eyes filled with tears. "Sorry ta doubt ya lass, I 'ad ta know fer sure," he gentle caressed her face, "Welcome home."

Erin was still in shock at Mika's uninhibited display. I ca'na believe she did that! Na I believe she did ... Oh My! The dark woman swallowed convulsively against sudden dryness of her throat. Now ta get 'er ta do that again ... in private. So lost in her thoughts of Mika in a near naked state, she almost missed Sean's invitation to sit with him until she felt Mika take her hand.

"Come on Erin."

"What? Oh... o' course," she said allowing the young woman to lead her to the table.




Chapter 29

It was well past dark when the impromptu welcome home party broke up in the dining hall. Both Mika and Erin bid goodnight to a slightly drunk but happy Sean and made their way to the rooms they had been provided.

The maids had prepared the rooms and left a fire burning in the hearth bathing the main sitting room in warm glow. Bright moonlight filtered in through the windows and the sweet fragrances from the garden below drifted in on the breeze.

"I told ya 'e it would na be as bad as ya were thinking rogue," Erin laughed pulling the small gypsy behind her.

"Well I would have preferred not to drop my pants in front of a room full of people but it did seem to umm... bring home the point," Mika chuckled.

"Mmmmm... it brought up a whole new problem though," the dark beauty whispered, moving closer to the little blonde. Erin brought her slender arms up and slipped them around Mika's neck.

"And what would that be Princess?" Mika asked with feigned innocence. Knowing full well what her Irish lady wanted, not missing one of the heated stares Erin had been directing at her throughout the evening. She stepped closer to the tall woman sliding her arms around her tiny waist and pulling her closer.

Erin bent her head slightly, her dark tresses falling over her shoulders, the firelight reflecting in her blue eyes. She narrowed the space between them, feeling Mika's breath against her lips her eyes fluttered shut as she closed the final gap. Her lips brushed over Mika's, soft as a whisper, gentle and uncertain. A low moan from the blonde gypsy set Erin's blood on fire.

Mika let weeks of teasing and frustration go as her control slipped away. "Tonight," she whispered her voice roughened by passion. "Tonight princess."

Erin groaned in response, tightening her hold on the gypsy's shoulders. "Aye."

Mika suddenly needed to feel more of her Irish lady, flesh to flesh, to caress, explore and memorize the woman's ripe body. With unsteady hands she reached for the buttons keeping her from that goal. Her finger tips gently stroking the bared skin beneath as one by one the material was moved aside. She continued her passionate exploration of Erin's mouth, her strong tongue sweeping over the lips begging entrance.

Erin whimpered, feeling Mika's hands on her skin, grazing over the swell of her breast. Torn between sensations, slowly driving her insane, Mika's tongue thrusting against her own; the teasing touches of the gypsy's practiced fingers, all coming together in a powerful combination catering to lust and seduction.

The always-constant flame of desire roared to life, burning them both with its intensity. Need and want took a firm hold on their senses pushing both into frenzied motion. Mika's patience came to an abrupt end, taking the fabric of Erin's dress in her hands she tore it open. Buttons popped and skittered about the floor. She heard Erin's gasp but did not stop her tender assault on the now exposed flesh. With a strong hand she reached for Erin's high, firm breast cupping her gently, rolling the hardening nipple between her fingers. Without warning she broke their kiss and took the tempting nub in her mouth. She felt Erin's hands on her head holding her closer and she drew the chemise covered nipple deeper into her warm, wet mouth.

"Oh God Mika," Erin husked, pushing herself against the small blonde. Her knees weakened by the passionate display, she held tightly to Mika's shoulders. "Bed," she croaked, hoping she would even make it that far.

Mika pulled her mouth off Erin's stiff nipple, leaving the hard nub to rub against the now soaking cotton covering it. She looked up into Erin's beautiful face. The sight left her breathless. Blue eyes were dark and glittering, her lips parted and her breath came in labored gasps. Mika wanted nothing more than to see this woman in all her glory spread before her, lost in a haze of passion. She took the dark beauty's hand in her own and started to lead them to the nearest bed when a knock came at the door.

Erin groaned "Ignore it," she demanded.

Mika was willing to do just that and continued their trek making only one more step to their destination when she heard her Uncle call from the other side of the door.

"Mika! Ya can'na tell me yer sleepin already lass, open the door," Sean bellowed.

Their progress stopped, Mika sighed in defeat knowing she would have to forgo her plans for the moment and deal with the man. "I'm sorry princess, I'll get rid of him," she promised.

Erin had finally gotten to her breaking point. "Don'na bother rogue," she hissed between tightly clenched teeth. She jerked her hands away from Mika's grip and stormed out of the room, slamming her own bedchamber door behind her.

"Damn!" Mika huffed. Frustrated and uncomfortable due to a steady throb in her center she marched to the door to deal with her newly acquired Uncle. "What?" she shouted pulling the door open.

Sean stood in the stone hall with a bottle in his hand looking slightly uncomfortable himself. . He took in Mika's flushed complexion and disordered clothing. Guess I know what ya were doin huh little one. The older man had the decency to look embarrassed about his intrusion although he was more amused than ashamed. Colm had related his own observations about the nature of the girl's relationship and over dinner tonight he saw the sparks for himself. Aidan is in fer a big surprise.

"Easy lass I just though ya might want ta 'ave a drink with yer Uncle. Maybe get ta know each other a bit," he explained.

Mika's mind ran wild, searching for a polite escape from the invitation. She was torn between wanting to accept and wanting to continue her activities with Erin. The image of Erin spread beneath her writhing in ecstasy, her long legs wrapped tightly around the young gypsy's waist made the decision for her. "I... I'm sorry Uncle, I'm umm... rather tired," she explained lamely.

"Yer rather frustrated I'd say lass," he laughed.

Mika blushed furiously "Wh... Umm... well," she stammered.

Sean brushed past his stuttering niece as he entered the room he made a quick sweep ensuring they were alone. Best ta be getting this all settled now. "Come in 'ere lass."

Mika closed the door sighing as she resigned herself to having this unwanted discussion.

Sean saw the girls discomfort and took pity on her, he gently gripped her shoulder, "Mika I'm na blind and neither is Colm so if yer thinking that ya can 'ide yer relationship with Erin then ya would be wrong. The two o' ya moon o'er each other something awful," he grinned with his green eyes twinkling brightly. Na that I can blame ya fer yer choice the lass is a beauty."

"That's true," she whispered. "So does this bother you?" Mika asked almost afraid to hear his answer.

"Nay girl, I do'na envy ya 'avin ta deal with Aidan but I 'ave no trouble with it," he chuckled. And if I know my friend 'e will'na 'ave a problem either. "But as 'er father is na 'ere lass I need ta know that yer na just playin with woman," he stated seriously.

Mika glared at the man she'd just come to know as family. "I love Erin," she growled. "I may be nothing but a gypsy and I know I don't have anything to offer her but she has my heart," the blonde declared her voice tinged with both anger and devotion.

"Then ya 'ave given 'er the one thing she would truly treasure lass," Sean smiled. "But ya do 'ave more at least in earthly goods."

Mika looked at the man like he'd lost his mind. Right the clothes on my back and the skills of a thief. Suddenly Mika wasn't feeling very good about her relationship with the Lady McGorry.

Sean saw the pain flash across her sweet face. "Mika I am the Chieftain ta this clan and while I may na 'ave a title like Aidan McGorry I am na a pauper. Yer Father, Padraig, was my only heir that makes ya 'is only heir and thus..." he left the implication hanging between them.

What the hell is he talking about?

Birthright. The long absent voice supplied.


Not very bright are you? It quipped.

Shut up!

You shut up; at least I know what he's saying. It bragged.

Now what the hell are you talking about?

Think about it sport, he has no brother anymore but he does have a niece and therefore he has.... It trailed off.

An heir!

"Me?" She managed to croak out.

"Aye lass ya are my heir now. That's why I 'ad ta be sure o' who ya were. I am. And by this time tomorrow the rest o' the clan will know as well," Sean stated proudly.

"Me?' Mika whispered again in disbelief.

Sean couldn't help himself, the look on the young woman's face was priceless and he burst out laughing, he felt lighter than he had in years. "Mika yer goin ta make a fine chieftain," he said as he continued to chuckle.

A look of absolute horror came to her face as the words struck home. "Me?"


Aidan scrutinized each occupant in his office. Shea, his hotheaded sister was obviously angry, plainly displayed by the stiffness of her carriage. Her usually laughing eyes were now hard and sharp. She directed a withering glare in Hunt's vicinity.

The man his dear sister called "husband" was a study in contrasts. He too was angry, more than angry, Aidan decided; the big man was enraged. The almost constant flex of his clenching jaw was enough signal to let Aidan know the man was barely holding himself in check. However, while obviously fighting his own indignation and anger he remained calm and near Shea offering her comfort and support. Aidan could clearly see the affection and devotion the man had for his sister. His feelings were bared for the world when he all but looked at the Irish lady, the love shown brightly in his deep brown eyes. The boy is in love with my dear sister. The thought of Shea finally succumbing to love amused him and gladdened his heart. He watched as Luca stepped closer to Shea placing his hand to the small of her back, the redhead unconsciously leaned back against the large dark gypsy absorbing the comfort his presence offered. Aidan smiled at the newly wedded couple.

The last occupant in the room caused Lord McGorry's blood to run cold. Just the sight of Baron Hunt set him on edge to begin with, but with Shea's arrival, Aidan started to feel a sickening dread take hold of him. Hunt paced nervously, his watery blue eyes burning with hatred. There was another emotion hidden behind those eyes as well, one that Aidan saw only fleetingly. Fear! Whatever my sister and 'er new 'usband 'ave ta say, the little toad is afraid o'.

"Sit!" Aidan ordered.

"Lord McGorry," Hunt began. "I see no reason to delay here! It's obvious this... this man has some unnatural control over Lady McGorry," he hoped that casting the aspersion would be enough to discredit Shea and Luca. "I'm certain he's threatening my dear Erin's life," he continued weaving his lie. "Anything they say to you, I promise, is a lie. Lady Shea is far too honorable to ally herself to a common thief like this. That has to be the reason she's with him now," Hunt ranted anger and fear pushing his voice higher until he was all but shouting. His nervous eyes darting between Shea and Luca while a telling bead of sweat made its way down the side of his face.

Aidan sat silently watching Hunt. Long seconds ticked by, all parties becoming more nervous by the moment. Finally unable to take the tortured quiet Shea stepped forward.

"Aidan ya can'na believe..." she started, outraged by Hunts accusation and her brothers calm. Her outburst was halted by an uncharacteristic chuckle emanating from her stoic brother.

He tried to control his amusement but it only resulted in a very unbecoming snort as he lost the battle. Soon his chuckle gave way to full blown, riotous laughter and it continued until he had tears in his eyes and all but fell from his chair.

The other participants in this conversation were dumbstruck by Aidan's reaction. All stared at the Lord of McGorry Glen as though he had finally lost his mind.

"Lord McGorry I fail to see the humor of any of this," Hunt railed.

"Shut up ya little weasel," Aidan roared after gaining control of his mirth. The Lord stood to his full height, towering over the now cowering Hunt. "Ya come 'ere blowin smoke up my arse thinking I'm some dumb back wood idiot. Then ya 'ave the nerve ta claim that my own sister is bein forced ta lie, about what we do'na know yet but I do know one thing," he bellowed. "That woman," Aidan pointed to Shea, " Would na marry a man because she was bein threatened. Ya do'na know 'er at all little man. Kill, aye, marry na a chance. So ya see ya fool yer lies and assassination of my brother-in-laws character are very unwise," Aidan, now toe to toe with the smaller man, leaned down threateningly. "Ya get yerself out o' my 'ome and off o' my land," he growled.

Hunt felt his knees go weak. Lord McGorry was at this moment looking far more dangerous than comfortable and he knew that the story Shea and Luca would tell was going to make his life forfeit if he stayed. Squaring his shoulders in an attempt to recover his dignity, "You haven't heard the last of this McGorry. I will not allow you to insult one of the King's chosen as you have done. I will take my revenge," he hissed before making a hasty exit.

Aidan straightened himself and turned to the couple he gave Shea a playful wink and offered his hand to Luca. "Welcome to the family, man" he smiled. "I think we all need ta sit, 'ave a bit o' brandy and the two o' ya can tell me just what the 'ell is goin on about 'ere."



Chapter 30

Sean left the chamber after another hour assuring Mika that she would have his full support in her future. Overwhelmed by all of the events that had taken place in her life over the last few weeks the young woman just stood in the darkening room staring at nothing.

In a few weeks I've been stabbed, run out of my homeland and gone from a beggar to chieftain.

And you've fallen in love. The voice reminded.

Erin! Oh God!

Knew you'd forgotten that little fact. It chided.

Mika ceased to listen to the annoying voice as she raced for Erin's door hoping to beg her forgiveness and perhaps salvage some of their evening before it was to late. If it's not to late already.

Mika carefully opened the door to the dark beauty's sleeping chamber hoping to find the woman waiting for her but was only met by a still darkness. Damn! Stepping further into the room Mika could see Erin on the bed relaxed in a peaceful slumber. The moonlight from the window cast a brilliant glow around her body. Long hair spread out on the pillow, a dark contrast to the white linens. A soft cotton gown covered her slender form, all but the hem, which had ridden up a very tempting thigh. Mika swallowed hard against the sudden rush of arousal caused by the sight of that exposed flesh.

Moving closer she could see Erin's chest rise and fall with her deep, even breaths. So beautiful. Mika's heartbeat picked up as she moved even closer coming to stand beside the bed. Her green eyes swept over the lithe form, burning each curve into her memory. Unconscious of her own actions she reached for the naked thigh, feeling the soft silky skin beneath her fingers.

Erin was aware of a presence in her room but instead of fear she felt a strange sense of comfort. Her body responded even while asleep, reacting to Mika's intense gaze her nipples tightened bringing her out of her sleepy haze. She was fully awake when Mika touched her thigh and with reflexes quicker than she thought possible she grabbed the young gypsy by the wrist. "What do ya think yer doin Rogue?"

"Umm..." She swallowed reflexively before looking into Erin's eyes. The fire blazing in those blue orbs took her breath away. "Erin," she breathed, leaning in and capturing the Irish Lady's lips with her own.

The fire of early had never gone out, only banked, waiting to be stoked again and now was the time. Mika thrust into Erin's warm, wet mouth. Tongues met in desperation and frenzy as they both sought to explore as much of each other as possible.

Erin felt the bed dip slightly as Mika kneeled and before the small blonde knew what was happening she was thrown back and landed on the floor with a resounding thump.

"What the hell!"

Erin flew from the bed running into the sitting room without a word. Mika rose from the floor noting the curious sounds of scraping coming from the other room along with the solid bump of wood hitting wood. "Erin what are you doing?" she called.

Just then the dark Irish woman re-entered the room dragging a very heavy chair behind her. Slamming the door shut she propped the chair tightly against the knob ensuring that no one could enter without first being allowed in. "There," she said triumphantly turning again to the gypsy.

Mika laughed at the woman's resolve and indignant response to their many interruptions. "Come here," she whispered invitingly.

If she were thinking that Erin's innocence would make her reluctant for their first time together she was sadly mistaken. As soon as she opened her arms they were filled with Erin's long willowy body. The momentum carried them to the bed and without ceremony Erin pushed the young woman onto the mattress, climbing onto the strong form below and straddled Mika hips.

Stunned by Erin's aggression Mika lay there and let the dark lady take control. She was in awe of the power Erin seemed to hold. She watched as blue eyes darkened and the look on Erin's face became almost feral. The feel of the woman pressed against her so intimately sent a wave of desire coursing through her veins settling at her center. Erin chose that moment to relieve herself of the gown she wore. Taking it by the hem and pulling it smoothly up and off, tossing it to the floor. Mika groaned at the sight of Erin high above her. The gloriously naked body lit by the moonlight spilling through the window. The satiny skin shimmered like diamonds. Mika could hardly contain herself, longing to touch the delicately carved beauty for so long. It seemed almost like a dream.

With twitching fingers she reached for the firm, proud breasts begging for her touch. Cupping Erin in her hands she gently stroked each nipple with the pad of her thumb, mesmerized by the hardening of each nub. Erin threw her head back unconsciously rocking her hips against Mika's as she leaned into the work-roughened hands fondling her so gently.

"Oh God Rogue," she moaned.

Mika, encouraged by the reaction took it further; rising up she wrapped her arms around the trim waist and caught one of the pert nipples in her warm mouth. The action caused Erin to moan again louder as she slipped her fingers through Mika's short blonde locks holding her against the aching breast.

She grabbed the back of Mika's shirt suddenly desperate to feel the young woman's skin against her own; she pulled at the garment trying to tear it from Mika's body. Finally frustrated by the effort she pulled back from Mika's mouth. "Ya 'ave on ta many clothes."

Mika had to agree and with trembling fingers went about removing the offending items. With her shirt and under garment gone Erin began an exploration of her own. Gently tracing every bit of exposed skin all the while easing both their bodies to the bed. Erin stretched out over Mika's smaller form again taking Mika's waiting lips in a heated kiss.

Neither were still as they sought to touch and caress as much of each other as possible at the moment. Their tender, tentative stroking gave way to hurried, passionate movements leaving both breathing heavily as their desire soared.

Erin ran her hand over Mika's breasts lightly rolling her stiffened peak between her fingers before moving lower. Long fingers traced the hard, fine muscle of the gypsy's stomach, brushing lightly against her side and coming to an abrupt halt at the waist of Mika's trousers. Taking the fabric in her hand she tugged, "Off," Erin demanded.

Mika was only to happy to comply with her lovers wish and in seconds had the last vestiges of her clothing gone she again laid back, bared to the burning gaze of her dark Lady. As if by there own volition, Erin's fingertips began to graze the along the bared flesh below her. Gasping at the sensation of steel encased in satin, they began an eager exploration of their own. She was lost in the longing that had kept the two apart for so long. Gently she started at Mica's firm breast, sliding a fingertip around the nipple, gasping as the nipple responded proudly to her delicate touch. Moving lower, her gaze landed on the still healing scar. Lowering her head, Erin used the tip of her tongue to caress the puckered skin, extracting a moan of delight from her lover's lips. Smiling in satisfaction, she continued her descent, pausing as her gaze settled at the juncture of the firm thighs.

Mika noted Erin's hesitance at that moment, "It's alright my love," she whispered into the darkness. Taking Erin's hand she led the innocent woman to her center, gently showing the dark beauty what awaited her, where she needed her.

Erin's fingers ran through the soft curls at Mika's apex and slipped in deeper through the warm, wet folds. She heard the young gypsy hiss as she touched her sensitive inner flesh; she felt slim hips come off the bed moving into her touch. "So wet," Erin moaned at the feeling.

"For you."

"I... I do'na..." Erin stammered in her uncertainty. Desperately wanting to please her lover but unsure as to how.

Mika guided the slim fingers with her own, showing Erin exactly where to touch her, where to caress; how to exact the most pleasure. "Just like that," Mika hissed as Erin ran her fingertip over her throbbing clit.

Erin repeated the action again and again eliciting moans of pleasure from the small blonde. She continued her gentle caress moving faster as Mika's hips started to grind against her hand. "More," Mika breathed again taking Erin's hand and guiding her lower.

Erin caught on quickly and willingly obliged the woman by slipping two fingers deep inside. She felt Mika's strong inner muscles tighten around her fingers and moaned at the sensation. The feel of the soft, wet walls milking her fingers caused moisture to gather between her own thighs. Her own arousal rose at the feel of her lover's intimate hold. After a moment of gentle thrusting and experimentation Erin found her rhythm and increased the tempo, playing Mika's body like a finely tuned instrument. She moved freely in and out of Mika's body while brushing her thumb over the gypsy's throbbing bundle.

Mika was reduced to nothing but moans and grunts as Erin continued the exquisite torture. Her climax racing towards her, threatening to explode in violent force at any second, she ground against Erin's hand. "Oh God!" Mika's hips flew from the bed almost dislodging Erin completely as her orgasm tore through her body.

Erin watched in awe as Mika's climax consumed her. She felt her lover stiffen and arch almost painfully as a rush of hot moisture coated her halted fingers. The sight had all but undone the young Irish woman threatening to send her over that edge with her lover.

Mika collapsed onto the bed, taking Erin's hand in her own and freeing herself from the woman's touch. "I love you Princess," she sighed.

Erin wrapped her arms around Mika's body, holding her tightly as she listened to the woman's heart pounding in her chest. Her own center throbbing in time with Mika's heartbeat she unconsciously moved her hips against Mika's strong thigh.

Mika felt the wet heat coating her skin, knowing that Erin was probably painfully aroused. Determined to end her lovers suffering and show Erin the depth of her feelings she quickly reversed their positions. Rolling slightly away from the taller woman, she then flipped her body over until she lay completely on top of Erin. "My turn," she grinned wickedly kissing Erin deeply before moving down the woman's body. She used her lips and tongue to map each an every curve of Erin's body, her progress slow and thorough. If at all possible, she felt the turgid nipple grow harder as she teasing flicked her tongue across the eager tip. Clamping the bud in a gentle hold, she used her teeth to create a chorus of moans and gasps from her lover. By the time she reached Erin's taut stomach the Irish lady was panting, her body writhing, desperately seeking relief.

"Please," Erin begged.

The entreaty was all Mika needed and she dove for Erin's aching center without further encouragement. Sliding her arms under Erin's thighs she raised the woman up to her mouth and without warning slipped her strong tongue between soaked folds sending Erin's hips off the bed. "Oooh!" Erin cried her hands finding purchase in Mika's blond hair. The sensations were like nothing she'd ever experienced. A wave of tingling warmth flowed through her eager body, causing a keening sound of delight to flow from her parted lips.

Mika continued her slow stroking, bringing Erin closer and closer to her release then backing off slightly, teasing the woman to the point of near delirium. "Please, God Rogue!" Erin shouted, thrusting her hips, grinding against Mika's talented tongue.

Mika smiled to herself knowing she had brought Erin to the point of madness, knowing the climax her lover would have would be all encompassing. With another flick of her tongue over Erin's hard clit she then covered the woman with her mouth sucking her into the warm recess while gently slipping her finger deep inside the dark beauty's tight channel. She pushed deeper until she felt the thin barrier and sucked harder at Erin's clit until the woman came off the bed, her climax hitting hard and ripping through her body. At that moment Mika pushed past the last barrier of Erin's innocence.

"Oh God Yes!" Erin screamed her inner muscles contracting holding Mika's fingers deep inside her. Fire raced through her veins scorching her already heated body. The world fragmented sending tiny shards of light flying through her, cutting into her soul. Finally the onslaught of sensation gave way leaving a soft ebbing tide of pleasure and calm.

"So beautiful," Mika murmured, carefully slipping her fingers away and climbing over her now exhausted lover. "I love you," she whispered against Erin's ear.

Even in her sated state Erin's passion rose again at the feeling of her gypsy lover laying naked above her. The hard points of Mika's breasts brought a delicious tingle to her already sensitive skin. The telling dampness pressed tightly to her thigh made her almost delirious, wanton, her lust and desire fueled her aggression. Erin pressed her now coated thigh harder against Mika's sex causing a low breathless moan from the woman.

Lost in her own sexual haze Mika rocked against the offered thigh, sliding up and down over the exposed flesh using her own natural lubrication to increase the friction. The pressure on her most sensitive flesh increased again as Erin raised her knee and took Mika's hips in her hands, guiding her in her quest for completion. Mika tossed her head back, her breasts standing proudly in the moonlight; her lips parted as panting breaths indicated her excitement. "So ... close," she cried into the darkness, feeling her orgasm approaching quickly.

At that moment Erin had the sudden, overwhelming urge to taste the little gypsy as Mika had done to her scant moments before. Inspired and driven she quickly reversed their positions leaving Mika whimpering at the loss of contact only to be again moaning when she felt Erin's hot mouth covering her drenched sex. "Oh Gods yes!" she screamed.

Erin drove her tongue further into Mika's sex, lapping at her center, feeding on her essence. Her long tongue slipping deeper between the folds, finally moving softly over Mika's hard clit. She heard Mika moan louder indicating she was indeed performing the task correctly.

"Don't stop," Mika cried holding Erin to her. Her hips writhing, thrusting against Erin's mouth.

Erin wouldn't have ceased the activity if the world had been ending; she wanted nothing more than to bring her blond lover to the same point of heart stopping pleasure as she had been. This newly unexplored region held her complete attention. The taste of Mika's essence caused her to moan in delight. Lost in her own pleasure, Erin eagerly feasted on the gypsy. M'mm, I could stay 'ere forever. With that thought she gently sucked the throbbing nub into her mouth, nursing on the tiny bundle carefully.

Mika felt her climax as it edged its way to the surface. "Yesss..." she hissed through clenched teeth. Her hips flew off the bed as a primal scream tore from her throat. After several convulsive moments Mika's glistening body went lax. Her breathing labored as though she had just run miles yet she never left the bed.

Erin reluctantly released the young woman from the confines of her mouth and crawled up beside her lover. She leaned over Mika's still form gently placing tiny kisses over her jaw and cheek until finally ending at her full, bruised lips. "And I love ya ta Rogue," she giggled.

"Pretty proud of yourself huh Princess?" Mika smirked.

"Na bad fer a first time," Erin gloated.

Wrapping her arms around the tall woman's body Mika pulled Erin against her, holding her tight. "Any better and you would have killed me," Mika assured.

"Well we can'na 'ave that my love," Erin whispered. "I 'ave plans fer ya," she added saucily, nipping sharply at Mika's earlobe.

"You are going to kill me," Mika groaned feeling her body readily respond.

But what a way to go. The voice chimed.

Continued in Part 7

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