The Dance After
by karenk

This is a very short continuation to The Dance, so yes, it will be very advisable for you to read that one first. Story is mine. Characters are mine (BTW, I changed the name of one of the main characters). Inspiration came from a Mandarin pop song that I was listening to last night while in bed. I've very roughly translated the words of the song by Chang Huei Mei (I have no idea the title of the song in English), you'll know where the words appear when you read this.

This is not an actual sequel. It's just something that came to me rather unexpectedly that just screamed for me to type it out.

Fade in:

"Hi Gillian." The voice from the doorway addressed the petite doctor who was busy scribbling down her latest orders in the patient's chart.

"Lauren…" Dr Gillian Thomas greeted her patient's next-of-kin warmly. She's come to know her very well in the past month and a half or so.

Lauren Lee afforded her new friend a lopsided grin. The grin fell when it was not returned as usual. In fact, Gillian looked almost uncomfortable.

"Is something…" Lauren's voice trailed off, she did not want to say the words as she looked towards the still figure lying in bed in the private room. One would think the patient was asleep, she looked that peaceful, until you listened closer and could hear the faint hissing sound of the ventilator hard at work. Most of the bandages had already been removed, as had most of the machinery but many still remained. And to Lauren's knowledge, would for some time to come.

A hand on her shoulder startled her some. She turned towards the doctor who signalled her outside the room. She nodded but took the few steps into the room to stand next to the bed. Kissing the now almost gaunt cheek of the love of her life, she whispered, "I'm here, Jor. I need to step out for a minute… I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere."

"You want me to what?" Lauren's incredulous tone caused several of the nurses to look towards their direction.

"Laurie… I want you to consider taking Jordan off life support." The doctor has not been looking forward to this inevitable talk for a while. "Jordan's not getting better, Laurie and there isn't much brain activity or any kind of responsiveness from her for a long time…"

"So what? I'm just supposed to let her die?"

"No… speaking as a friend, Laurie… let her go." Gillian's voice was as grave as Lauren had ever heard of.

"I'm back Jor… missed me?" Lauren tried her best to conceal the distress in her voice.

"They want me to let you go, Jor… but how can I?

You're so deep in sleep…
I watch quietly over you…
Listening to you breathe,
Listening to your heartbeat…
I just want to thank you for all the good times we've had

"How about this one then?"

"Laurie… any one of those shirts would do… it's just a meeting, it's no big deal."

"No big deal? Jordie… you've got to give them a great impression… you should have told me I ruined your only dress shirt when I spilt that coffee over you."

"Sweetheart… they're probably gonna reject me like all the others…"

"You don't know that, darling. Please… let me play dress up with you?"

And like always Jordan gave in to Lauren.

Life has its ups and downs,
I've depended on you more than once,
Hearing you talk about the future,
Listening to the memory of your voice,
I have the urge to shake you awake so that we could laugh together again.

"Uh huh… and just how many children am I going to have again, Jordan?"

"Well, preferably four. Two boys and two girls."

"Four? Why not five and you can field your own basketball team… or 11 and you can field your own football team?"

"Nah… 11 is a little too much… I doubt I can afford to raise all of you… especially if they all have appetites like you. But I think five is good…"

"Jor!" Smack "How can you say things like that… oh, don't you dare laugh, Jordan Call!"

You are my treasure,
I've always been so proud of you,
No matter how hard life was,
You've never bowed your head in defeat.

"Another one?"

"Yeah… another rejection letter..."

"I'm so sorry, Jor."

"Just add it to my growing pile…"

"They want you to write…"

"No. I'll not have them tell me what to write. I won't have it."

"But Jor…"

"No, Laurie. I know one day, someone will accept my work… I've just got to learn to be more patient."

You are my precious,
I've always been so proud of you,
No matter what life's journey threw at us,
You've always maintained your innocence.

Tonight… listen to my voice,
Let it be your strength, my love.
Listen to my prayers,
Listen to what I have to say.

I'm not going to let you go, Jordan Call. So you just buck up and get better… cause I'll wait for you. Forever, if that's what it takes."

Fade out:

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