A Change of Heart

By Kawai


Disclaimers: These characters are mine but I don’t care if they are used. However the story is mine too but if you wanna use a part, just ask. The characters also have a striking resemblance to a certain TV show. Try and guess which one.

Violence: There is some violence later in the story…but nothing worse then in the show.

Sexual violence: Yes there will be some sexual violence as well so be warned. I will warn you when it comes. Nothing graphic though.

Profanity: Oh you know, just for everyday use. Nothing major.

Discrimination: Sorry to say there are some bad feelings toward gay people but it’s just for the story. This is the real world and people like that do exist.

Sexual content: Yes this story depicts two women in love…eventually. If this bothers you, you should have stopped reading along time ago. Nothing explicit though, sorry. We write what we know right?

Thanks: Okay thanks for reading it… good enough?

Comments: This is my first and probably last attempt at writing but this story kept popping up in my brain at the most inopportune moments. Thought maybe if I write it out it would stop hounding me. Also, any comments or suggestions you have about the story will be greatly appreciated. Send to kawai300@aol.com

A girl at about 5 feet with straight brown hair and honey brown eyes is walking down her wished-for dorm hallway all the while muttering " I can do this… they’re just rumors" to herself and anyone who might pass by. You see she heard all the stories about the woman that lived in 521. But she had to ignore them for she was about to ask the girl for permission to be her new roommate. It was either her or Amy down the hall which she heard was even worse. "When am I going to grow up? She can’t be that bad right? I mean hey, they are just trying to scare me into…Damn I passed it." Turning around she faces her fears and knocks on the door. "What’s her name again?" Looking back at the paper she was holding, "That’s right its Alexandra…Alexandra Cunningham". At first nothing happened. "Whew, maybe she’s not here. Its only 5 past eight" she thought. But she knocked again. This time to a loud "WHAT!!!" from inside. <Oh shit> " Um excuse me but I um, I need to um a-a-ask you something, please?"

All of a sudden the door rips open slamming the wall in the process. A rumpled looking woman standing before her growls out her displeasure of being awoken. "My god she’s beautiful!!!" The girl thought. With hair as black as night framing chiseled facial features made a striking picture. Not to mention the drownable deep blue eyes staring daggers at the petrified girl.

Alex did not recognize the girl and practically hissed the words to her. "What!!!" To the shorter girl’s credit, she did open her mouth a few times to speak but nothing came out.

Alex was getting pissed now, "Look, you’re new so I’m going to set the ground rules of survival for living on this floor. Rule one: Don’t ever, and I mean EVER knock on this door till after nine am, and right now its only" grabbing the trembling girls wrist to see her watch " ah, 8:06. You got it?" Not waiting for an answer she slammed the door on her. The poor girl ran back to her friends room crying.

Flinging herself back on the bed, she tried to fall back asleep but something was nagging at her. She checked her schedule and saw she had a 9:00 appointment to see the dean. <Damn, knew I forgot something. Guess it was a good thing that new fish woke me up huh> she thought while dragging herself back out of bed to get ready.

While waiting to see the dean she thought back to that girl that woke her up. <Wonder what she wanted? Guess I shouldn’t have scared her off. Oh well she’ll probably end up living on my floor anyways. Probably see her around…> her thoughts interrupted when the secretary said she could go in now.

John Montgomery the dean, and her father were very good friends till her father died in a car crash when she was six. Since then he always tried to take care of his niece which was why she got the only single room on that whole dorm floor. Well it wasn’t really a single but it was still smaller than most of the rooms there. As Alex gave her uncle a hug he asked "well my dear, you’re looking well. How have you been?" Right there Alex got suspicious. He never asks that nicely. As she pulled back she narrowed her eyes at him "Oh things are just fine uncle. How about you?"

"Well another semesters coming up and the dorms are all filling up so fast I don’t have anywhere to put the kids," he said. "Things are so tight nowadays and everyone is making sacrifices".

"And what does that have to do with me?" Alex pointed out. He tried to prolong into telling Alex, "What makes you think this has anything to do with you?"


"Couldn’t I just need someone to unload on for a minute?"

"Uncle, come on now. I know you’d rather have teeth pulled then to ask me to listen to your problems even though I would help you no matter what".

<Just the opening I needed> "Well I’m glad to hear it cause I need to put someone in your room Alex. Now hear me out before you explode". Alex sat back in the chair she just jumped out of. "We are filled to capacity as it is. Some rooms already are going to have three to a room. I’m just asking you to meet the girl. If you don’t like her then I’ll let you pick someone. But I strongly recommend her and I must fill that space with someone. Understand?"

"There’s no bed in my room for her…no room for that matter" she muttered the last part. A weak argument but she had to try it. Her uncle just smiled at her "I’ll get a roll-in for now". "Well fine. Who is it?"

"That’s my girl. You’ll like this one. Her name’s Caprina Johnson and she’s a freshman majoring in accounting. Doesn’t smoke, she’s very tidy and has a great personality, though a little on the shy side and she’s straight. I’ve already met her and told her to go and meet you" he said as he passed over a picture. "She has a friend on your floor so it should be easy to find her… What?"

Alex looked at the picture and recognized her immediately. "Um uncle, I don’t think she’s going to want to room with me. I kind of scared her this morning. Oh don’t give me that look, how was I suppose to know she was going to ask me to move in". Her uncle glaring at her "It’s not my fault, she shouldn’t have came knocking at ungodly hours…" still got a glare for that, "fine I’ll go make up". Getting up and waving goodbye, she thought to ask "What’s the friends name?"

Turns out her friend was Susan Mackie. <Damn I gotta go suck up now in front of Susan? That’s not good. What’s a straight girl got a friend like THAT for is beyond me> Alex thought all the while glaring at anyone who was in her path. Everyone that she came across practically jumped out of her way as she made her way through the hall. Now on this floor there was a healthy mixture of straight and gay women. A lot more then to what Alex was used to. You see she had a problem with women being gay but nothing with gay men. Weird…

Alex was just about to knock when she could hear voices within.

"Someone’s gotta go over there and teach that girl some manners… she’s got no right treating people like that. I should march my ass over there and…"

"Calm down Michelle. Alex is a reasonable person. Once we tell her the problem I’m sure she’ll agree". That was Susan’s voice Alex thought. <Wonder who the other voice is> Listening closer "Well fine, but she still had no right to yell at Capri like that. Look at her! She can’t stop shaking. How is she ever going to be able to live with her? She’s totally scared of her. Alex will walk all over…" Capri interrupts, "No, Michelle, it’s alright. It’s my only choice unless I go live with Amy. I even went as far as to meet her but she kept coming on to me and almost forced me against the wall. I can’t live like that".

<Damn, don’t I feel like an ass> Alex thought as she stepped up and knocked on the door. There was a pause and the most beautiful woman Alex had ever seen opened up the door. She had shoulder length blonde hair with the most amazing green eyes that ever looked up at her. She was only about 5"4 but in very good shape from what Alex could tell.

Michelle on the other hand was floored. <My god, this woman is beautiful! And tall. Damn she must be six feet at least> Up and up her eyes went till they stopped dead in their tracks at those breath-stealing blue eyes. <Oh my god, she’s smiling at me…is she talking to me? > "Um hi, what did you just say?"

"I said hi and uh… my name’s Alex. I came to talk to Caprina" Alex finished while watching the smile on Michelle’s face vanish and a scowl replace it. <Whoops, guess she realizes who I am huh> It didn’t look like she was about to let Alex in so she raised a shapely eyebrow and kind of nudged her way in. What she saw when she entered was the tear stained face of Caprina and Susan who was comforting her…also with a scowl on her face. Susan had a more stocky build, though she was taller then the other two. She had dirty curly blonde hair and light hazel eyes. <Hmm, better start kissing some ass>, "Hi Caprina, I’m sorry about the way I spoke to you this morning. It was just too early for me to be my best. But I heard you wanted to ask me something?"

Michelle was fuming. <Just nudge me aside huh, well I’ll show her> "That’s all you have to say? After you scare the daylights out of her when you don’t even know her? After you sent her running here crying her heart out cause she might get kicked out now and all you can say is you’re sorry???"

Never turning around Alex says "Excuse me, but was I talking to you? No. I was asking her a question. Now, what did you want this morning?"

Capri just stayed tucked in Susan’s protective arms wishing she were anywhere else. Michelle could see the terror on her friend’s face at the fact she’d have to live with Alex till who knows how long that she just couldn’t stand it. It spurred her into action that she knew she would regret later. "Alex, she wanted to ask you if you wouldn’t mind having a roommate till a space opens up?"

Again Alex didn’t bother turning around, "I want to hear her ask it". But before Capri could utter a word out, Michelle went on. "It’s not her responsibility to ask you since I am the one that needs a place to stay."

"WHAT?" Three voices chimed in at once.

Alex turned and regarded Michelle. "Then why didn’t you come over and ask me in the first place?"

Thinking quickly Michelle went on, "because I just arrived and I called ahead to make sure everything was set up when I got here. But as it turns out all the dorms are full and Capri was nice enough to volunteer to go and ask you if I could bunk with you." Smiling triumphantly she awaited an answer.

That raised eyebrow again, "Well now, isn’t this a change in events."

"What do you mean?" Michelle asked suspiciously.

"Well, I just had a nice chat with the dean telling me that Caprina was the one that needed the place to stay. And I was all ready to say yes if she asked me but now…" Alex let it hang.

"Yesss?" Everyone asked.

"But now I have to say no" she said while smugly standing up.

Shocked, Michelle started stuttering " What??? Bu- bu- but why? You said you were going to say yes if she asked you!"

"I was…" In all seriousness Alex said, "The dean recommended her and everything. But you now… I don’t know you. Hell, you could be some psycho trying to worm her way in. Nope, can’t have that."

Michelle started to walk toward Alex like she wanted to slap her when Capri interjected "No Alex. It’s me that needs the room. Michelle was just covering for me. This is her and Susan’s room and I would really appreciate it if you would let me stay with you."

"Nope. Sorry. It sounded to me that Michelle just gave her room to you so YOU don’t have anything to worry about. Seems she has the problem now." Turning to Michelle "Hey I hear Amy’s got some space in her room. Why don’t you try her? She just so happens to be crazy too. You’d get along fine." And now Alex had that triumphant smile on her face as she left her gawking audience and walked out the door. <HA! Thought you could outsmart me>

Back in the room, "No Capri, I’m giving you my room. You’d do better to room with someone you know anyway." Michelle said still trying to figure out how her life just turned upside down.

"Michelle I won’t accept it. I will not allow you to leave while I take your room… its too bad. I won’t take it." Capri said standing her ground.

Susan finally spoke up, "Maybe you should talk to her again. She is very reasonable I’m sure."

"Yeah, so you said" Michelle added with a snort.

Ignoring her comment "Once you explain that you’ll have to leave otherwise, I’m sure she’ll let you stay. But try not yelling at her this time okay? She seemed to be more agreeable before you started in on her."

"Okay, okay, I’ll try again. Without the yelling…If I don’t kill her first" she muttered the last part while walking out the door. Capri tried to tell her to let her go instead but Michelle refused. "I’ll stay with her. Maybe put her in her place once in a while too. You know you can’t just sit back with people like that. You gotta show them you’re someone too. Yeah…" all the while walking down the hall. <Oops> Turning back she yells "What room she in?"



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