Summary: This is the story of one woman with an incredibly frustrating day. Does God have a grudge against the small blonde medic or is does he just get a laugh from making her life difficult and being her torturer? Will she ever get the release she needs? Read and find out!!!

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Disclaimer: Any likeness to a certain Warrior Princess and Battling Bard are purely coincidental as I am blonde and the other character in this story is dark and gorgeous. This story is unique and purely mine please do not copy or reproduce with out written consent. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Just for protection's sake the Warrior Princess and the Battling Bard are property of Universal Studios and are not mine in any way shape or form. There are a few curse words and graphic depictions. If you are offended or underage please do not read this and move on.     

 Gods Grudge? 

By Keagan X. O'Conner  

Dedicated to my Little Bear  

The young blonde had been thinking of her partner all day. She had left her sleeping this morning so that she could do field exercses with her platoon of marines. The day was hot, long and seemed neverending. The sweat glistened off her forehead and everyone was sweating  through their cammies, she couldn't wait to go home. They had spent the day digging trenches and latrines, she helped them although it was not  her job. The small blonde refused to to let the others tell her she couldn't hold her own. On top of everything else she was the only medic for the for  the platoon. Not only busy with doing their job, she had to do hers by treating most of them for heat exhaustion and blisters. In short it was just  another day for the blonde corpsman, being surrounded by egotistical males who were only nice when they needed medical attention. Being the only female in the platoon didnt help either. 

It was finally getting closer to 1600 now and she was more than ready to leave. She had been having mischievious thoughts all about her partner and was fighting a different heat that was all her own. They started back to base either walking or jogging the entire way, "I hate this" she thought to herself as the blisters on her own feet screamed with every step. Begining to day dream she remembered the words her lover repeatedly told her, "you take care of everyone else and then forget to take care of yourself." the blonde only smiled at her lecturing lover's words. 

After two hours of walking they finally reached the base. She was covered in dust, dirt and grime and to top everything else besides her extreme hate of being dirty she had an undeniable wanting in her groin. After they had stowed their gear and completed a quick field day of her clinic they were  finally set free. As she passed by the hanging mirror she caught a look at herself. The small blonde quicky decided that shower and a pair of clean cammies  were in order if she even wanted to get close to her dark haired lover. 

After gathering her things she stepped into an available shower stall in the gear house, turned on the shower and then once again stepped  out. Taking off her dirty things she stepped back into the now steamy hot shower. As the hot water cascaded down her tanned taught muscular body, she realized how her body ached and longed to be touched. The blonde quickly turned down the hot water and decided that a cool shower was probably best. Quickly working the soapy in to a lather she washed her body avoiding the most sensitive areas just to avoid the temptation of taking care of it herself. Finishing her shower with no problems or self satisfying incidents, she began to dress as she came to the realization she had no clean underwear or bra. The blonde grinned and thought to herself, "Well, I guess comando IS the way to go." Chuckling at her own amusing thought she pulled on her green undershirt. She quickly realized that the green material was going to be torture on her already sensitive nipples. "Oh geez, good thing we have a blouse to  cover these things." Smiling she looked down at her erect nipples before putting on her cammie blouse. Finished dressing she fixed her hair into a low tight bun. With a quick glance to make sure she was squared away, she was ready to go. Throwing her cover on, the now clean and pressed HM threw her gear into the back  of her black F250 and began her journey home. 

Thirty minutes later she reached the driveway to her apartment complex. Quickly shutting off the truck and grabbing her gear she made her way to her  apartment. After unlocking the door and throwing her gear and boots into the hall she called out," Im home!" There was no reply. "Shane?" Continuing her search for her companion. After searching the kitchen she tried the bedroom. There she found a note and a red rose lying on her pillow. "Always the romantic," she thought  to herself with a lopsided grin. Opening the note she read: My love, went out will be back soon. Love Me. Falling on to her back she mumbles," Great Im  as turned on as anyone can be and she's not here..... go figure.....just my luck. oh well maybe some television will take my mind of things." Grabbing the remote from the bedside table she flips it on and there it was SEX!!! Rolling her eyes she continues to flip throught the channels. Even on Animal Planet it was there!!! Turning off the television she looks at the ceiling and shouts," Does the term cruel and unusual punishment mean anything to you?" After several aggrivating  minutes she turns on her favorite soft Irish music," Maybe after a nap I will feel better and not so...shall we say anxious." Grinning at her own thought she  allowed herself to be swept away by Morpheus into her own sultry dreams.  


A sweat covered blonde is straddled over her dark partner. Bending slowly she captures her partners full supple lips into a searing kiss. Slowly working  her way down her throat using her tongue and lips to lightly tease the sensitive flesh beneath her. She lingers at her ears just long enough to feel small tremors work their way through her partner. Giving a mischievious grin knowing that this is one of her partners more erogenous zones. Continuing her journey she makes her way down to her lovers succulent right breast and sucks the small nipple into her warm mouth, teasing it with her tounge and nipping at it with her teeth. Her lover  begins to make small whimpers from beneath her, she closes her eyes and relishes the sounds. This is one of the blondes favorite parts. The moans  and whimpers only serve to heighten the blonde's passion. Turning on the right breast like a starving wolf she attends to this one with the same passion as she had the other. After several minutes she continues her journey south kissing her way down the tight belly cherishing every inch of tender soft skin. 

The sweaty blonde stops momentarily to play with the navel she has found and gives a slight chuckle when she hears a some what disappointed sigh at the unscheduled stop. Loving to tease her partner she wanted her to ask for what she wanted. Kissing and probing the navel of her lover. Cherishing the taste of her sweet skin. Tonight would be a night she would never forget. Agonizingly slow she moves closer to the dark triangle between her dark angels legs. Getting just close enough that her lover could feel her hot breath on her most sensitive area. Sparing a glance at the woman below her, she saw dark eyes  glimmering with passion and a feral smile on her face instantly gave away all her wanting and desire. The dark woman only closed her eyes and waited in anticpation for what she hoped would come soon. Slightly the dark woman bucked her hips asking, needing the contact. The blonde devishly smiles to herself. Not willing to give in just yet she lowers her head and find the warm flesh with her soft lips. The blonde proceeds to tease the sweet tasting flesh slowly and lightly. Realizing what this  must be doing to her partner only makes the blonde wetter and more excited. Realizing that she may not be able to hold out much longer she gently inserts her  fingers only far enough to make her lover ache for more. 

Then to the blonde's absolute pleasure her lover begins to speak in a whisper begging. "Baby please.....touch me....please." The blonde grins whispers quitely a reply. "Paybacks are a bitch arent they?" she said recalling all the times her lover had tormented and teased it was her turn! Her thoughts returned to her as the pleas from her young lover grew louder and more urgent. Returning her mouth to to the swollen bud, she nipping and teasing. Then without a word she entered her partner causing the woman to gasp and grab the sheets in sheer extasy. The blonde nymph slowly begins to pump slowly in a slow rhythm while adding a third  digit. Placing the palm of her hand against her throbbing swollen clitoris causing the motion of her hand to cause the swollen nub to be stimulated. As her lover's hips moved now of their own accord the blonde saw she was on the verge of an iminent release. Then as if on cue............ 


The young blonde awoke with a jerk in her bed. Her bangs wet with persperation. After realizing that it was all a dream the blonde is more than frustrated. "YOU GOTTA BE FUCKIN' KIDDIN' ME!" she hollers. Grabbing the remote off the bed she throws it across the room and into the wall. " IS THIS YOUR IDEA OF SOME KINDA SICK JOKE?" Once again hollering toward the ceiling. Deciding going back to sleep was not in her best interest she put on her white tank top and black running shorts. Making her way to the guest room which served as her make shift gym she decided that perhaps some excercise would help with easing her on going frustrations. The blonde lifted weights, ran, used the eliptical machine, and even lifted more weights. Still there was no relief to be found for the small blonde. Glancing at her watch  she noticed she had been doing all of these things for just over an hour when she hears the front door open. Quickly as if on fire she finished the set she was in the middle of and made her way to the small hallway she had occupied earlier upon her arrival home. Finding her lover had already left the hallway she decided to check the bedroom. She found her lover propped against the wall attempting to remove her shoes. In one fluid motion she had pinned her lover to the wall like a wolf pinning its prey. "Well hello to you too. How was your......" before the question could even be finished the blonde has silenced her with the most intense and amazing kiss imaginable. Slowly the blonde lowered the object of her affections to the carpeted floor. No more words were spoken between the two lovers, for both women knew all too well what lay in store!   

The End

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