The Cabby

by Kim (KP) Pritekel

Disclaimers: Though these two lovely ladies may resemble a couple of gorgeous t.v. characters, well, they're not, so ha!! These two belong to me, and me alone. But, if you ask nicely, you may play for awhile.

Subtext: PWP. Need I say more?

Language: Yeah, there is some. But nothing your grandmother probably hasn't heard.

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The rain was really beginning to come down now, the streets a gray blur in the dark, New York night. I switched my wipers to the fastest speed, and sighed. I hated these kind of nights. They could go one of two ways; either they were beyond busy, no one wanting to get caught out in the storm, or they were slow as hell, no one wanting to get caught out in the storm. And tonight it was the latter. But, after driving this cab for over five years, I'd learned to take advantage of these kind of situations. See, I'm a writer by day, and cabby by night. So I had come up with some of my best stuff while driving around, looking for a fare. But tonight I fear the muse was not with me. My mind kept drawing a blank. I hate that.

I took the corner of fifth slow, the water from the gutters splashing up to cover my windows with dirty water. I slowed a bit as I trolled along the street; this was the rich area, with the folks least likely to let the weather keep them indoors. I was not disappointed, and in fact, barely saw them as they stepped out onto the curb. I pulled to a slow stop so they wouldn't be covered in muck. That was not the way to get a good tip.

The back passenger side door opened, briefly lighting the dim cab, and my fare got in with a dramatic cold, wet woosh, their wet clothing sliding across the slick vinyl of the backseat. See, I drive one of those great old taxi's with the big, curvy body, and bright yellow paint. The backseat was wide, and had the same smell of the seats in a school bus.

I turned in the front seat, my arm resting along the bench, and looked at my new companion.

"Where to?" I asked.

"Just drive." came the low, velvety reply. I could not see her face; she was staring out the rain-slicked side window, her profile shielded by her long, dark hair that hung around her head in thick, wet strands.

"Okay. But the meters running." I said as I turned back around to put the cab in gear.

"Yeah." I glanced at her through the rear-view mirror. She still looked out the window toward the building she had just left. As I pulled away from the curb I glanced up to see what the building was. The Ritz-Carlton. Whoa. May make for a good tipper after all.

"Is there a particular route you want me to take?" I asked as I headed slowly down the street, ready to turn at a moment's notice. Finally she looked at me. My breath caught as I met her gaze through the mirror. She was beautiful with chiseled features, and the most incredible blue eyes I'd ever seen. Even in the darkness of the car, they seemed to glow. But what caught me most was the sadness that radiated from those eyes. She looked so lost.

"Just somewhere quiet. Not alot of traffic." I turned the wheel, making a hard left at the corner of Thorn, and headed toward a quick route I knew that would take us down a nice, dark path of side streets.

We drove on in silence. This woman had completely captured my curiosity, and as much as I hated to admit it, my libido. I was dying to know who she was, and why she was so sad, but though I was well liked and friendly with my fares, I never asked questions, and never went where I wasn't invited. Her liquid voice invaded my thoughts.

"So, what's your name?" she asked. I met her gaze again. Just then we passed under a street light, illuminating a good majority of the car, and her. She had the most... interesting... look on her face. The sadness was still there, but now something else was, too. She raised a dark brow when I didn't answer. "Is that a no-no to ask the cabby her name?" she said, the slightest bit of a smile playing across her features. I smiled.

"Nic." I said.

"Short for Nichole, I presume?"


We passed under another street light, and once again, her eyes were on mine.

"You have the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen." I said, then clamped my mouth shut. I couldn't believe I just said that. I heard her chuckle quietly. I was looking back to the road now, too embarrassed to meet her gaze.

"I can say the same about you, Nic. It's not often you see such an incredible shade of green." I felt myself blush profusely. I somehow managed to smile at her.

"Thank you."

We were both quiet for a moment, the rain washed scenery passing by the windows. It looked as though the rain may be letting up a bit. I glanced up, and noticed that the moon was visible now.

"Do you like the rain?" I found myself asking.

"Yes. I think it's beautiful. Very erotic." I held my breath as I looked at her reflection again, but saw that she had also noticed the moon. "I love the moon, too. So mysterious." she said, her voice almost wistful. Then she looked at me again. "They say that a full moon makes people do strange things." I met her gaze, and the desire that reflected my own feelings was as plain as day. I shifted in my seat, suddenly a little uncomfortable as I could feel the wetness gathering between my legs. "Have you ever done anything strange during a full moon, Nic?" her voice was low, nearly dropping an entire octave.

"No." I said, my voice not much more then a breathy moan. She smiled.

"Would you?" she leaned forward from the backseat, the slick seat squeaking its protest. I gasped as I felt her fingers, still cool from the cold rain, run over the side of my neck, sweeping my long, blond hair off my shoulder. I closed my eyes for just a moment, then snapping them open again as I realized that we were still speeding down the street. "Hmm?" she asked, her warm breath against my ear. A shiver passed through my body, landing smack down between my thighs that involuntarily squeezed together for a moment.

"Yes." I breathed. I felt more than heard her chuckle against my skin. Then she climbed over the front seat, and sat next to me. I began to pull the cab off to the side of the road when she stopped me.

"No. Keep driving." she purred. I glanced at her for just a moment, trying to figure out what she was up to. She ran her finger down the side of my face, then I felt her lean in, breathing me in. I shuddered as her tongue glided up the side of my jaw, ending at my ear, where she began to suck on the lobe. I could feel my breathing beginning to increase, my heart about to pound out of my chest. "Take this off." she whispered into my ear, tugging at the open flannel that I wore over my t-shirt. With my eyes still on the rain-slicked road, I shrugged out of the heavy shirt. "Very nice." she said, her fingers gliding over my hard nipples. I wore no bra under the white tee. "You're so beautiful, Nic. " she whispered, caressing my cheek, then down my neck.

I barely noticed the stop sign until we were right on it. I slammed on the breaks. The woman barely managed to keep herself on the seat, her arm bracing against the dashboard. My smile was sheepish.

"Sorry." she smiled, and moved next to me again. She grabbed my chin, and gently pulled my face to hers. She brushed her lips against mine, then came back for more, pressing her lips hard into mine, her tongue snaking out, and insisting on entrance into my mouth. Gladly I accepted her gift, a low moan escaping my throat as her hand found one of my breasts again, the kiss deepening by the second. Finally she pulled back, both of us breathless.

"Keep driving." she breathed. I pushed the gas down, and we continued down the street.

She continued to kiss and lick my neck as her hand slipped under my t-shirt, and worked its way up my hot skin to my breasts. I moaned, trying to not close my eyes at the exquisite touch. Her fingers brushed across my nipples, one at a time, before they pinched them, sending unbelievable sensations down my body. I had never been this turned on in my entire life! She raised my shirt until it was bunched up just under my chin, her head dipping down until her mouth closed upon one of the aching tips.

"Oh, god...." I groaned, nearly running us off the road. She chuckled against my skin.

"Don't kill us, Nic." she said. I couldn't answer as the hand that had been on my breasts worked its way down my body until it reached the fly of my cords. My hips rocked up to meet her questing fingers as they blindly tried to undo my zipper. Finally I reached my own hand down, and yanked it down, snapping the button at the same time. I grabbed her wrist, and pushed her hand down between my legs. "Mmm. So hot. So wet." she purred as she licked a wet trail around my nipple. I gasped as I felt her fingers find my wetness. She stroked me lightly, then spread me open with her thumb and middle finger, her index finger slipping inside, gliding through the soft warmth. "So nice." she breathed, back at my neck again. I bucked my hips again, needing to feel her inside of me. She got the message, and entered me with two fingers. "I wish I could taste you, Nic." she said, her fingers beginning to work faster. I was beginning to pant now, my body on fire.

"Yes," I breathed, biting my bottom lip.

"Are you ready, baby?" she breathed into my ear, her own breathing quickening.

"Yes." I pushed out. Her tempo stayed the same, but then her thumb found my clit, and began to glide against the slick nub, pressing, then rubbing again. I spread my legs as far as my pants and the pedals would allow, my knuckles white against the steering wheel as I felt myself getting close, closer. I could see the edge. I felt her tongue on my nipple again. With a cry I fell off the edge, my body exploding with the effort. To this day I have no idea how I didn't kill us as I came.

My body shuttered again as she pulled her fingers out of me, and re-fastened my pants. I watched as she licked her fingers, a satisfied smile upon her lips.

She caressed my face, pulling my shirt down over my heaving breasts, whispering soft words into my ear. I felt my body returning to earth, my breathing beginning to even out.

"I need to get back." she said quietly, pulling away from me. She reached over the seat, and grabbed her purse from the back.

I made a few turns that would get us back on the main road that would lead to the Ritz-Carlton.

We pulled infront of the huge building, and I stared at her, not sure what to say, what to do, or what to think. She was such an amazing creature, and I doubted that I would ever see her again.

"My name is Jenna." she said quietly, extending her hand to me. I glanced at it, realizing that it was the same hand that had given me such pleasure only fifteen minutes ago. I smiled, and shook it, bringing her fingers to my lips, and kissing her knuckles. I could smell myself on her salty skin. "Well, here you go." she said, digging through her purse, and handed me some bills folded around each other.

"No. I didn't take you anywhere." I said quietly.

"Yes, you did. I needed this tonight, Nic. My life has become so complicated, and lonely. Then I met you. Thank you." she kissed me softly, brushing the side of my neck with the back of her nails, sending new shivers down my spine. She backed away, grabbed the handle of the door. With one last smile, she opened the door, momentarily blinding me as the cab was filled with light. I watched as she entered the building, my heart heavy as I made my way back onto the street.

I looked at the wad of bills, and tossed them on the front seat. As I began to turn my attention back to the road, I noticed something fall out of from between the bills. I stopped at a red traffic light, and grabbed it. It was a business card.

Jenna Alexis
Attorney at law

I flipped it over:

Room number 203

I stared at the night that lay ahead of me, and then with a grin, I flicked the OFF DUTY sigh, and made a U-turn in the middle of the deserted street.

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