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First Time


Kim Pritekel


Part 1

Present Day:

Randi cupped her goblet of wine with a slightly nervous hand as the gathered group shared their stories. It would be her turn in two more stories, and she wasn't sure what to do. She glanced to her right where her husband, Shannon sat, his arm running casually along the back of the couch behind her, his fingers grazing her left shoulder. She sipped her white zen, her mind racing as she tried to make a decision.

The problem was, the stories going around amongst the dinner party guests – all friends of Randi and Shannon, as it was their turn to host the gathering – were of their "first time". To Shannon's belief, he had been Randi's first, as they had begun dating during Randi's first year of college, his junior year. That was something he'd always been proud of, and Randi didn't want to disappoint not only him, but also all their friends. Randi was the sweet, wholesome blonde-haired, green-eyed homemaker of the bunch. What would they think if they knew the truth?

"You okay?" Shannon asked softly, noting the wrinkle that had formed between Randi's eyes, a sign she was in some sort of distress.

Startled out of her thoughts, Randi looked at him wide-eyed, an instant smile coming to her lips. "I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

"Because you look like you're about to vomit," Shannon said, heavy dark brows drawn in concern.

"No, I'm good." She gave him another reassuring smile. "I think I'll just get everyone a new round of drinks-" she was about to stand but stopped at her husband's hand on her leg.

"You're up next, sweetheart, and I really want everyone to hear our story."

Randi looked into Shannon's smiling brown eyes, her stomach in knots. "Why don't you tell it, sweetheart," she said softly. "You tell it so much better than I do."

Shannon chuckled and placed a quick kiss on her lips before turning to the expectant faces of their friends. As he began to tell their tale, Randi listened, trying desperately to keep her attention on the story and away from her mind kept threatening to go. She spared a smile for the adoring looks their friends sent her way, Shannon's protective arm around her shoulders.

"I never thought this beautiful woman would ever go out with me," Shannon said, a boyish grin on her face. "But, I was determined," he continued.

"You sure were," Randi added, right on cue.

As Shannon continued, Randi lost her battle to stay in the present and instead traveled to the past.




Randi studied her reflection with critical green eyes, turning this way and that. Her hair was wet and slicked back from her recent shower, the strands slowly turning from dark blonde to the lighter, honey shade as it dried.

"I am so fat," she sighed into the phone, flopping down on the end of her bed, Nirvana playing softly on her radio in the background.

"You are so not fat, Randi, jeez," Anne groaned on the other end of the line. "Are you coming or not?"

"Yeah, I'll be there. I've only got the car until ten, though," Randi reminded, grabbing her hairbrush from her dresser top and began to work on the long tangled strands of her hair.

"Okay. Well, lemme go `cause I have to finish getting ready."

"Yeah, me too," Randi sighed, allowing her towel to drop around her feet. "See you in an hour."

"'K, bye."


Randi tossed the cordless phone to her bed and returned her to her standalone mirror. She studied her reflection again – a daily pursuit – her gaze scanning down over a flat belly and over her narrow hips then on to her strong thighs, which were muscular from her years running track. Her gaze trailed its way back up her body, skipping over the blonde hair between her legs and then over her breasts, as those areas were still relatively foreign to her: no one had ever seen them nor touched them, and she was just fine with that.

With a heavy sigh, she tugged her clothing on, making sure she looked good. Again, now dressed, she studied her reflection again. "I'm fat," she sighed, even as she turned her gaze away from her near-perfect body.

Two hours later, Canton Landis wove her way through the party, a beer in her hand and predatory glare in her sky blue eyes. She leaned one booted-foot against the wall, her leather-clad shoulders and upper back following suit. She sipped her beer, scanning the room, watching as a bunch of jocks and cheerleaders frolicked and laughed. Such pathetic novices.

Canton continued to scan the room, her gaze locking on a small group of cheerleaders, all giggles and firm tits and asses. Beer finished, Canton tossed the empty bottle aside, her gaze never wavering. She targeted on the gorgeous blonde that she'd been lusting after since the beginning to the school year – her senior year – three months before. She had no idea what her name was, nor did it matter. The long blonde hair and bright green eyes made her blood rush south.

She watched as Randi O'Shae talked and laughed with her cheerleading sisters, her ass hugged in jeans that should be legally ticketed by a uniformed police officer. Canton looked down at herself, amused at her black cargo pants and black skin tight tank top, as well as her black hair and dangerous makeup.

Randi sipped from her glass of water, her gaze caught from sudden movement out of the corner of her eye. She noticed a girl leaning against the wall, dressed in all black. She recognized the girl from the halls of her high school, but quickly dismissed her, as she had nothing to do with her life. Instead, she turned to Anne.

"I'll be right back. I have to pee."

"'Kay," Anne said absently, caught up in conversation with the guy she was trying to hook up with.

Canton watched as Randi weaved her way out of the room, then pushed off the wall to follow. She responded to the handful of shy smiles and looks she received from some of her earlier conquests, all friends in this popular circle of girls. Even so, she never lost her stride, making her way through the house and up the stairs with the grace and purpose of a shark on the hunt.

The bathroom door was closed, as Canton knew it would be. That was okay; she could wait. She leaned against the wall opposite, glancing to her left and right, noting the sounds of passion coming from some of the closed – and not closed – doors further down the hall. With an amused snicker, Canton turned her attention back to the bathroom door, which opened.

Randi stepped out of the bathroom, wiping her wet hands on the thighs of her jeans as there had been no towels in the bathroom. She started when she saw the same girl leaning against the wall in front of her, a bit startled. She gave the girl a polite smile then began to head back towards the stairs, her features flushing slightly at a particularly loud grunt that came from one of the back bedrooms.

Canton watched this, thoroughly amused. "Pretty hot, isn't it?" she asked, her voice velvety smooth. More than one girl had come just from her voice and words alone.

Randi stopped, surprised to hear someone speak. She turned and gasped, the girl in black standing right behind her. She had to take a step back to avoid being breast to breast with her, though that step pushed her into the wall, which she hit with a slight gasp. The girl in black followed, a hand resting on the wall next to Randi's. Randi looked into the girl's face, for a moment forgetting the incredibly awkward position she was being forced into: her black hair was long and wild, framing angular features and the most amazing blue eyes – wolf eyes - Randi had ever seen.

Canton was close enough to feel the blonde's breath on her face. She looked into green eyes that made her heart melt and panties wet. She leaned in, resting on her elbow. She brought a hand up, running a finger down along the girl's throat, smiling when she saw the swallowing reflex as her nerves built.

"You are the sexiest girl I've ever seen," she murmured, words she'd spoken hundreds of times, though she wasn't sure if she'd ever meant it more.

All Randi could do was stare, her heart pounding so hard she felt faint. She could feel the closeness of this strange and completely inappropriate girl, their joined body heat making her sweat.

"What are you doing?" Randi finally managed to ask.

Canton grinned, running her finger down Randi's throat and between her breasts before her hand fell away. "Just getting started," she quipped, then pushed off the wall and walked away.



Present Day:

Randi stared blankly at the wine glass she was rinsing and had been rinsing for the past full minute. She felt herself pulled back into the present with a touch on her arm. She jerked her head to the right, seeing the concerned eyes of her best friend of more than twenty years, Anne.

"Are you okay?" Anne asked softly, the load of dishes she'd brought still in her hand.

Randi glanced over at her and gave her a quick smile. "Of course I'm fine. Just tired is all."

Anne studied Randi for a long moment, finally nodding with a sigh. "That was a good party. Fun."

Randi nodded, turning her focus back to her task. "Yes it was. Shannon seemed to be really happy with it."

Anne studied Randi for a long moment, a sad sigh escaping her lungs. "Yeah, he certainly seemed to be happy with it."


The sound of the TV droned on in the background as Randi stood at the ironing board, a basket filled with Shannon's shirts and pants, all waiting to be ironed. With practiced grace, she smoothed out all the wrinkles, the mess from the party finally cleaned up. She glanced over at the bed at the sound of Shannon's laughter as he lay sprawled out on the California King mattress in his boxers, arms tucked behind his bed.

"Man, I love David Letterman," he muttered absently.

"I'm so glad, sweetie," Randi said softly, returning her attention back to her ironing. Randi's attention was snapped from her task by the sound of heavy steps on the stairs. She set her iron down and left the bedroom after a glance at the bedside clock. Hand on hip, she faced her son. "You're late, Blake."

The boy stopped, his blue eyes glazed and dark hair hanging in his face. "I'm on time."

"It's after one."

He grinned, dimples flashing. "Guess I forgot to reset my phone." With that, he stumbled off to his bedroom, slamming the door.

Randi sighed as she headed back to the bedroom she shared with her husband of eighteen years. "Are you going to talk to him, Shannon?" she asked, picking up the iron.

Shannon didn't bother to look at his wife as he responded. "He's just being a guy, Randi. He's fine."

Randi said not another word, though inside she was fuming. She had had suspicions about her son for months, and yet his father was refusing to listen or see the situation for what it was. "I'm sure you're right," she said softly, returning to her ironing.

Randi stood at the bathroom counter, washing her makeup off after she'd brushed her teeth. Dressed in her nightwear - tank top and panties – she was about to finish her nightly before bed regime when she felt large hands rest on her hips before moving up to her breasts, fingers squeezing hard on her nipples. She hid her painful wince.

"It's been a good night," Shannon whispered into her neck, his body pressed to hers. Randi could feel his excitement pressed into her lower back. "It's also been too long."

Randi stifled her annoyed sigh, instead covered Shannon's hands with her own, smiling at Shannon's reflection that stood behind her own. "Yes it has."

Randi lay on her back as Shannon grunted, his beer belly stomach slapping against her own, his manhood thrusting quickly in and out of her dry, unready sex. Her hands rested on his shoulders, legs bent and spread as she waited for it to be over with. She closed her eyes, tuning out Shannon's ruthless thrusts, her mind flying back to another time.

Blue eyes bored into her own, chiseled features flushed with the height of passion. Blue eyes closed as full lips opened, perfect white teeth bared as pleasure overtook, two sweaty bodies climaxing as one. Randi's fingers flexed and relaxed as she clung to the body atop hers, her sex pulsing in time with her raging heartbeat.

"I love you, Randi."

"I love you, too, Canton."

Randi didn't bother using the loofah as she washed herself, instead using her hands with ample amounts of body wash. As the hot water poured down on her naked skin, she didn't have to listen to know that Shannon was snoring in the other room or that she was feeling empty as ever as she washed away the evidence of his pleasure. She also didn't need to listen to the sound of her own tears.




The halls of Bastian High School were loud and crazy as usual as Randi bumped and shouldered her way through the masses, smiling and acknowledging the greetings that were sent her way as she went. She was on her way to meet Anne so they could go to lunch at the local pizza joint, as she loathed the over-stuffed cafeteria at school.

"You ready?" she asked her friend, who was shoving books unceremoniously into her locker.

"Yup," Anne said, running a brush through her short brown hair then slamming her locker shut. "Let's get outta here."

Papa Q's was busy, as usual as the girls found a table near the bathroom hallway to sit. Randi hated sitting back there, as it usually stunk to high heavens, but at this point, she was just grateful to have found a table at all. She shrugged out of her women's letterman jacket, which she hung on the back of her chair. She hated the style of the jacket and its heavy bulk: loaded down with letters in track, swimming, volleyball and cheerleading, as well as the numerous pins she'd been awarded over her stint in high school.

"Oh my god, I am so flippin' hungry!" Anne declared, her brown gaze scouring over the menu.

"Me, too," Randi sighed, not even bothering to grab her menu, which was standing at attention in a little metal holder. "So, did you guys end up making out?" she asked her friend, resting her chin in the upturned palm of her hand.

Anne gave her friend a devilish grin. "We did more than that."

Randi's eyes grew wide. "Did you…?" Anne's smile said it all. "Wow." Randi and Anne quickly gave their orders to the waitress before Randi said anything else. She felt a wave of nausea pass through her at the insinuated news. She knew Anne wasn't a virgin – far from it – but it still tapped into a deep, dark dread in fear within Randi each time Anne eluded to it. "How did it go?" she asked quietly, pulling herself and her friend a paper-wrapped straw from the table dispenser as their drinks were on their way.

"Good," Anne shrugged. "He wasn't as big as I thought he was gonna be, but-"

"Ew, Anne," Randi cringed, holding up her hand to forestall the in-depth description that she knew would be coming.

Anne threw her head back and laughed. "God, you are such a prude!"

"That may be, but I gotta pee."

Randi slid off the high stool that was needed for the high tables and made her way to the archway that would lead down the long hall that supported women and men's restrooms as well as the restaurant's manager office and a supply room, which she had to pass in order to get to the women's room.

As she neared the supply room, she realized the door was partially ajar and she also realized she heard voices coming from within. She was about to pass and continue on her way but stopped when she heard a soft moan. Intrigued and feeling her gut flip, she slowed and stopped just shy of the beginning of the doorframe to listen.

"God, yes," a woman's voice whimpered softly.

"You like that?" another woman's voice asked. "I love you fucking you like this…"

Randi's eyes grew huge as realization dawned on what was happening in that little room. She wanted to run back to Anne and eat her lunch, forgetting all about it, but she couldn't make her feet obey as she listened further. More soft moans and a wordless whimper as a soft thumping sound ensued in a steady, recognizable rhythm. Even in all of Anne's complete sexual naiveté she knew what that rhythm meant, even as she was utterly baffled. Was there a guy in there that hadn't made a sound yet?

Her curiosity piqued further by this mystery, Randi inched a bit closer to the slightly opened door, straining to see what she could see through the crack. It took a moment to locate the two figures, as they were buried back in the shadows, but once she did, Randi zeroed in on them. She saw a redheaded woman sitting on the edge of a table, her legs spread and skirt ridding up. The red polo shirt was indicative that she was an employee of Papa Q's. Her head was thrown back in pleasure. Between her legs stood another woman, her wild black hair shielding her face, so Randi's gaze ran down her body: hands holding onto the redhead's hips, her jeans pushed down just below her butt. Randi's gaze was riveted to the strange harness she had strapped around her hips, something protruding from it, which she was steadily thrusting inside the redhead.

A surge of warmth plowed through Randi at the realization of what she was seeing, and between two women! She had no idea such a thing existed or was possible – what the brunette was doing to the redhead. Of course she knew what a lesbian was and knew they were out there somewhere, but how on earth could they have sex like a man and woman??

Traumatized, Randi hurried to the women's restroom, closing herself in a stall and taking several deep breaths. Her heart was pounding and her palms were sweaty. "My god," she breathed, hand to her chest. She froze when moments later the heavy door to the room opened and someone stepped in, their tread heavy and booted. She stayed stock still as the stall next to hers was entered and someone did their business.

Deciding against peeing, Randi opened her stall door and hurried to the bank of sinks, turning on the cold water and splashing her face. The stall door opened and to Randi's horror, the brunette from the supply room exited and walked over to her, a messenger bag slung diagonally across her chest. Randi also realized it was the same girl from the party two weeks before, who had pinned her against a wall outside the restroom. Randi looked away, unable to meet the amused blue gaze.

"A little shaken up?"the brunette asked, mirth in her voice.

Randi said nothing, washing her hands instead. She felt dirty from what she'd just witnessed and from the memory of the girl at the party.

"Randi O'Shea."

Randi looked up at her name, meeting the wolf eyes in the mirror.

"At least that's what your letterman jacket says," the brunette smirked at the pale reflection that met hers. "You look like you've seen a ghost, Randi O'Shea." The brunette turned so she was looking at the real girl and not a mirrored image. "I'm Canton."

"I don't really care who you are," Randi said, her embarrassment turning to anger.

Canton smirked again. "You should. You'll see me around." With that, Canton left the bathroom, leaving a tongue-tied Randi behind.



Present Day:

Randi glanced over at her son for the third time as he sat in the passenger seat of her 4Runner. "Do you have anything to say, Blake?" she asked.

The boy let out a heavy sigh and stared out the passenger window. "Not really."

Randi turned her attention back to the road, her unshed anger making her grip the wheel a bit harder. She suddenly slammed on the breaks as the traffic light ahead turned from green to yellow, nearly throwing her son through the windshield.

"Jesus, mom!" he cried, bracing himself with hands on the dashboard. He glared over at her. "What the fuck didja do that for?"

"Blake Canton Lehey!" Randi exclaimed, returning the glare. "You do not use that kind of language towards me."

"Sorry," Blake blew out, returning his gaze to the passing scenery as Randi got the large SUV going again.

"So, when exactly were you going to let me know you weren't going to be graduating?" she asked, trying to get her emotions back under control.

"I told dad a month ago. I figured he would've told you."

Randi was shocked and deeply hurt. "You told him? A month?"

Blake nodded, realizing he'd just screwed up. Again. "Yeah," he muttered.

Randi turned her attention fully to the road, not saying another word.

That night, Randi was strangely quiet as she readied herself for bed. Her movements were quick and short, much like her temper when she allowed it to fully flourish. She shoved her shirt and jeans into the hamper, letting the lid slam shut before moving on to the bathroom to remove her makeup.

Shannon lay in bed, watching his wife's antics, utterly baffled. "Have a good day?" he asked, flipping through the channels on the TV.

"It was fine," Randi quipped, scrubbing at her face a bit harder than was necessary.

"Sure sounds like it."

Randi faltered for a moment in what she was doing, hearing the sarcastic tone in her husband's voice. "Just peachy."

Shannon sighed with a roll of his eyes. "Are you going to tell me what's wrong with you or continue to be passive/aggressive?"

"I don't see a great many reasons to go into it, Shannon," she said, cleaning up her mess in the bathroom before making her way back into the bedroom.

"And why is that?"

Randi stopped, hand on hip as she stared down at him. "Because in truth, I'm not so sure you give a damn. My opinion and place in this household has always been questionable at best, so why start now?"

Shannon stared up at her, more baffled than he'd been before. "Huh?"

Randi felt a surge of anger rush through her and suddenly she knew she need some space. She went over to the hamper and dug out her clothing from that day, shedding her night clothes and tugging them on.

This got Shannon's attention as he sat up in the bed, watching. "What are you doing?"

"When were you going to share the news that Blake wasn't going to be able to graduate?" Randi asked, tugging up the zipper on her jeans.

Shannon felt his stomach drop. He knew this moment would be coming and had dreaded it. "Listen, I didn't want to worry you-"

"By letting me know our son flunked out of high school?!" Randi raged, her temper beginning to flare full force. "Life's hard enough, Shannon. Why make it that much harder for Blake without an education?"

"For all the good your education did you!" Shannon stormed, pushing off the bed.

Randi could only stare at him for a long moment, stung. "I had to leave college because I was a little busy having and raising your son, you bastard," she said, her voice quiet and dangerous. "I was also busy keeping up your house, your life, your friends and helping you begin your career."

Shannon knew she was right, but wasn't ready to give her that satisfaction. "You chose to do all that, Randi. It wasn't asked of you, nor was it expected of you."

Randi's eyes were huge as she stared at the man she thought she once knew and loved. Without a word, she grabbed her shoes and hurried from the room, slamming the door behind her.

Randi stopped the 4Runner at the end of her block, looking both directions. Right would lead her in the direction of Anne's house, left into the unknown. Randi quickly hit the blinker to turn left She felt like going for a drive.




Canton steered her blue 1966 Plymouth down the side streets, trying to avoid any major roads or highways. The snow was coming down with a vengeance and she didn't trust her grandfather's old car to handle very well and didn't particularly want to skid out and hit someone or something.

Taking the route she was taking, she was hitting streets she didn't ordinarily hit, which was a happy little coincidence as she pulled up alongside the shivering figure dressed in a white parka that walked along the piling sidewalks. Canton reached across the front bench seat and rolled down the passenger-side window.

"Want a ride?"

The figure stopped and looked at her, her face nearly completely buried in the fur-laced hood of the massive coat. "No thank you."

"It's about ten degrees outside, Randi. Not exactly the time to be stubborn."

Randi walked over to the window, leaning down so she could see inside. "I'd rather freeze to death or burn in hell than accept a ride from you, Canton."

Though stung, Canton played it off with a smug smirk. "Your choice." She took her time rolling the window back up, giving Randi O'Shea plenty of time to re-think, as it truly was far too cold for anyone other than polar bears to be out walking. She mentally counted off the seconds, only reaching seven before Randi tapped on the nearly completely rolled up window with a gloved hand. Canton took her time rolling it back down again. "Yes?" she drawled, not a care in the world.

"Fine," Randi finally conceded, her teeth chattering.

"Get in." Internally whooping for joy, Canton rolled up the window fully and unlocked the door, which was immediately opened, followed by a rush of cold, snow-filled air as Randi slid onto the vinyl seat, her entire body shivering. "Jesus, you would've frozen to death out there!' she exclaimed, momentarily truly concerned. She turned the heat up to full blast, getting the car back on the road again.

Randi tried to thaw her fingers out as she removed the snow-encrusted gloves, slowly flexing painful fingers. She pushed her hood off her head, another shiver passing through her body as the heat blasted her frozen face. "Th-th-thhhhank you," she finally managed, her lips numb.

Canton grinned with a nod. "You're welcome. That really was dangerous, you know." She glanced over at her passenger, noting again just how hot Randi really was.

"Yeah, well, what can you d-d-dd-do. I didn't have a whole lotta choice today."

Canton began to turn on random streets, taking it slow as the roads were filled with newly-falling snow and buried ice. "Where's your Honda" she asked, gently applying the breaks as they began to slide.

Randi stared at her. "How did you know I sometimes drive a Honda to school?"

Canton grinned. "Baby, I know everything you do and how you do it."

Randi couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Do you have any idea how totally creepy you are, Canton? You are apparently stalking me. You come on heavy to girls and then have sex with them in supply rooms with appendages that have no place on your body!"

Canton broke into laughter, even as she carefully dodged a stalled truck on the road. "You're a riot, baby. I total riot."

"Don't call me baby, and why the hell did you pick me up anyway? How did you know where I'd be? More stalking?" Randi was angry at herself as her embarrassment and confusion grew with Canton, resulting in the high-pitched shrillness to her voice, which ultimately made her feel even more self-conscious and stupid.

Canton could feel herself beginning to get angry with this one. Usually the girls didn't fight her so bad: hell, most the time they were flattered as hell, as Canton was gorgeous and she knew it. Most girls – even if they weren't naturally into other girls – went along with Canton just to get close to something that looked like she did. It was usually just as much of a thrill for them as the hunt was for her.

"I don't need to stalk a girl, Randi," she growled. "Trust me, I really don't. I took a different route home because of the weather. Lucky me, I stumbled upon you." She was angry at herself for letting this little blonde get the best of her. Canton was too smart for that and she knew it.

Randi was quiet for a moment, Canton's words ringing true. One look at her and it wasn't hard to see the truth about Canton and the girls. Even so, she couldn't bring herself to apologize for her rude behavior: something about Canton put her on edge and brought out fierce emotions.

They drove on for awhile in silence, Randi staring out her passenger window as she finally began to thaw. After awhile, she realized she had no idea where she was. "Uh, aren't you going to ask me where I live?"

"Eventually," Canton said lightly. "Figured we'd take a drive for awhile first."

Randi felt wings of panic flap against her ribcage. "A drive?" she asked, her voice quiet and weak.

"Yeah. You know, you sit in a car and move by the power of the engine in said car?" Canton drawled, a lazy grin sent Randi's way.

"I know what it means," Randi muttered, her hands fidgeting in her lap.

Canton glanced over at her passenger and wondered if maybe she should cut this fish free. She couldn't help but think Randi may be more of a fight than she was worth in the end. But then, one look at that gorgeous face and body – which Canton knew was untouched and unspoiled – and she just couldn't resist the temptation to conquer.

Canton carefully maneuvered the classic car around the stormy streets, wondering if maybe she shouldn't have taken her grandfather's pickup today. She knew a storm was brewing but hadn't been quite prepared for the immense snowfall.

"Do you like snow, Randi?" Canton heard herself ask, surprised to hear her own voice in the quiet of the car.

"Yes," Randi admitted, looking out at the winter wonderland. "Though I didn't think it was supposed to snow this much today."

"I don't think anybody did. I better get you home though, before we get stranded somewhere." She glanced over at Randi with a rakish grin. "Don't think you'd wanna get stranded with me, would you?" In lieu of a verbal answer, Randi glared over at her, making Canton laugh.

The old Plymouth pulled up in front of the quaint, two-story house Randi lived in, Canton inadvertently pulling the old car into a veritable car trap, the snow already so deep and still falling. Not realizing this, Randi gave a quick glance to Canton as she pushed open her car door and beginning to get out.

"Thanks," she muttered and stood, her foot and lower leg disappearing into the deep accumulation. She glanced back at Canton with wide eyes. "Oh no."

Canton looked around her, pushing her own door open to get a better idea of what she was dealing with. She grinned over at Randi as the storm began to really let loose.

Randi leaned back against the closed door of her bedroom, watching as Canton wandered around the small room and looking at all her stuff. Randi's heart was beating a thousands miles per minute. She could not believe she was stuck with Canton Landis in her bedroom until her father got home from work and could dig her out.

"Nice room," Canton complimented, sipping from the hot mug of cocoa Randi's mother had given her. "Your mom's a real sweetie, too."

"Yeah, well nobody crosses the threshold of her house without getting the royal O'Shea treatment," Randi bit out, words laced with sarcasm. "She's home all day, so relishes the thought of actually having to do something when someone new is here."

"My grandma was a housewife for fifty years before she died last spring," Canton commented absently as she studied the newest photo of the track team. Her gaze looked for Randi, immediately finding her smiling face in the front row, sitting on the grass with three other girls.

"Does your mom work?" Randi asked, feeling a bit more comfortable now that they were settling into somewhat normal conversation.

Canton shrugged, turning to face Randi where she'd sat on the bed. "My folks are dead."

"Oh," Randi whispered, her hands cupped around her own mug of cocoa, which rested on one of her thighs. "I'm sorry."

"It happened when I was really young so don't worry your pretty little head about it." Canton plopped down in an armchair that was tucked into the corner of the room, worried that if she sat next to Randi on her bed – which she wanted to do – she'd scare the little blonde half to death. "So, I take it you have no desire to be barefoot, pregnant and waiting at home for the hubby with a cold beer?"

"Hell, no!" Randi protested. "I will never be any man's servant the way my mother is to my father. She says she likes it, but I think it's pathetic."

"What do you wanna do instead?"

Randi studied Canton for a long moment, something bothering her. "Why do you chase girls so aggressively? Why do you chase girls at all?"

Canton quirked a crooked grin. Though she was thrown by the very different change in subject matter, she didn't let Randi see that. "Why should guys have all the fun?" Randi looked away, a slight blush coloring her cheeks. "God, you are so cute and so damn innocent." The blush deepened but Canton decided to let it go. "I like girls, Randi and I like you."

Randi's gaze finally met Canton's again. "But I don't like you back, Canton," she said, though her voice was soft to soften the blow.

Admittedly, Canton felt disappointment and slightly stung. "How do you know?"

Randi rolled her eyes and opened her mouth, about to speak and defend herself. She was baffled when nothing came out, every argument she had in her head falling flat at her feet. "You're chasing the wrong girl, Canton," she finally said weakly.

"Oh, I don't know about that." Canton set her mug aside and stood, walking over to the bed where she sat next to Randi. Randi stiffened slightly, her unease clear and bright on colored cheeks. "You need to relax, baby," she cooed.

Randi agreed, but having Canton so close to her like that wasn't going to do the trick. She was about to push up from the bed when one of Canton's hands landed on her thigh, holding her in place. Chest heaving with her heavy breathing, Randi stared down at that hand, which began to knead the firm muscle beneath the denim.

"Relax," Canton whispered, her heart rate beginning to pick up. Fuck, I want her! She brought up a hand, cupping Randi's cheek. "I'm not going to hurt you."

Randi studied the clear blue eyes, seeing so many unidentified emotions there. She swallowed reflexively, not sure what to do. What she was sure of was her belief that Canton was about to kiss her.

"Girls!" Randi's mom boomed from downstairs. "Dinner!"



Present Day:

The road had been paved, which surprised Randi as she drove along Gulch Way. It hadn't been lit any better in almost twenty years, though; still only a light about every two miles or so. Though the night was black beyond the windows of Randi's SUV, she knew the land was dotted with crops or animals. This was farm and ranch land.




Mountains of unmelted snow still littered parking lots and along driveways, which had been plowed or shoveled. The storm had passed, but had certainly left its mark on the people. Randi, for her part hated it because it made the long walk home that much colder. Anne often gave her a ride to or from, but on the days she couldn't, Randi just had to freeze it out. After all, she sure as hell wasn't going to go to Canton for a ride.

Today was a long day at school, as Anne was out sick with the flu, leaving Randi bored out of her mind at lunch. She had tons of other friends, but no one was as close to her as Anne, and no one truly understood her like Anne. So, with a heavy sigh and heavier heart, Randi made her way towards the cafeteria, feeling –and looking – like she was about to stand in front of the firing squad.

"Why so glum?"

Randi was startled by the sudden voice in her ear, which caused a shiver to race down her spine. She glanced to her right and rolled her eyes. "Should have figured," she muttered, seeing Canton's smug face.

"Hello to you, too."


"How's my favorite snow bunny?" Canton held a hall door open for Randi before following through herself, both now headed down the final corridor that would lead to the noisy lunch area.

"I'm not a snow bunny Canton and I shouldn't be your `favorite' anything." Randi tried to quicken her steps to get away from Canton, or give the taller girl the hint, but no such luck. Canton's naturally longer stride easily ate up the highly-polished linoleum.

"Ah, but you're so much more than just a snow bunny to me, Randi. And your mom makes the best meatloaf this side of the Mississippi."

Randi couldn't help but crack a smile at that, considering her mother's cooking was pretty nauseating, and they both knew it. She stopped and turned to Canton. "What do you want from me, Canton? I know what you're truly after, but I think you know by now you're not going to get that, so what else do you want from me?"

Canton stood with her arms crossed over her chest looking down at Randi. A slow, sexy grin spread across her lips as her gaze took in the blonde from head to toe, her gaze settling on the breasts that were hugged by the tight sweater Randi was wearing. Finally her gaze managed to make its way back up to meet Randi's. "I want to be your friend."

Randi snorted, her own arms crossing over her chest, making sure her breasts were covered. "From what I hear about you Canton, you don't have friends. Only conquests and academia." Randi had done some fishing regarding Canton Landis and had been stunned to hear that she was at the top of their class by a landslide of a GPA.

"You've been asking around about me, huh?" Canton purred, taking a step towards Randi, which made the blonde back up. They continued this dance until Randi's back was pressed against the cold brick wall, her eyes large with surprise.

"I hear things," Randi said weakly.

"Well, I hear things, too," Canton murmured, a hand coming up so questing fingers could toy with the neckline of Randi's sweater. "I hear you don't date, instead keeping these mere boys at bay." She had been studying her fingers, but her gaze suddenly flicked up to meet Randi's, blue eyes intense and predatory. The wolf was back. "Why is that?"

Randi's breaths were becoming more shallow with the closeness of Canton's body to her own. The corridor they were in was empty and she couldn't help but be torn on her thoughts of someone coming along to save her or someone coming along during this most embarrassing of moments.

"I'm focused," she finally said, her words breathy.

"Focused on what?"

Randi could barely stand anymore as Canton's fingers left the neckline of her sweater and trailed down over her right breast, the touch to her nipple making her gasp in shock and sensation. "Please stop," she whispered.

"Are you sure you want me to?" Canton whispered back, leaning in a bit, their bodies nearly touching. Her finger made its journey back up over Randi's other breast before her hand cupped Randi's right breast through the thin material of the sweater. She nearly wept when she felt the hard nipple beneath against her palm. She looked into Randi's face and noted the flushed features. "I'm not so sure you want me to stop, Randi."

Randi almost felt like her body was being electrocuted as waves of pulsing sensation passed through her system, ending between her legs. She closed her eyes for a moment, nearly overwhelmed by it all. She was about to open her mouth to speak when the double doors at the end of the hall were pushed open, a group of students passing through talking amongst themselves. Randi was grateful Canton had the decency to step back a bit from her and drop her hand, but her penetrating gaze never left Randi's face.

"Let me take you to lunch," Canton said quietly. She was amazed at just how shaky her voice was at the request. Her body was nearly vibrating with need for Randi, something she'd never experienced. She knew lust and she knew all too well the glories of being turned on, but this was something she couldn't describe and it scared her.

Randi looked up at Canton, her face still flushed and still able to feel a ghost touch on her breast. Her first instinct was to tell Canton to go to hell and then deliver a hard slap, but instead, she found herself nodding. Neither could say who was more surprised by her acceptance of the invitation.



Present Day:

Randi pulled the 4Runner off to the side of the road and looked out into the dark expanse to her left. The old wrought iron archway was still there, announcing entrance into the Gulch Ranch. Far in the darkness, she could barely make out lights from the house. She wondered who lived there now, as she'd heard Buck Landis – Canton's grandfather – had died years before.




The snow was just in smashed down patches along the dirt path, mountains of snow lining the way. Randi looked out over the white wonderland which seemed to go on forever. Just ahead she saw a simple two-story ranch house surrounding by various out buildings, which she had no idea what their purpose was. An old beat up Ford sat in front of the house, which Randi figured was where they were headed, but instead Canton steered her Plymouth towards a one-story, long building off to the right. She parked in front and gave Randi a quick smile.

"Home sweet home," Canton announced, turning off the car and climbing out. Randi took several deep breaths before she followed.

Canton held the door open for Randi, allowing her to enter before she stepped in behind her, closing the door and flicking on a light. The four-room space consisted of a bedroom area with bathroom, a living area and finally a kitchenette off to the side. The decoration was homey and rustic, the wall space mostly filled with bookshelves, thousands of titles spined out.

"I take it you like to read?" Randi asked as she wandered from bookcase to bookcase, head slightly tilted as she read some of the titles.

"Love it." Canton shrugged out of her jacket, tossing it to the back of a leather recliner, making the chair rock.

Randi glanced into the bedroom, not daring to take a step inside. The bed looked to be homemade from logs and was massive and beautiful; very masculine. More bookcases filled the wall space. "So, I thought you lived with your grandfather?" she asked, shoving her hands into the pockets of her parka.

"I do. He and I converted this old grain shed into a place for me a couple years back. I wanted my own space."

"So, you essentially have your very own house?"

"Essentially." Canton walked over to the kitchenette, tugging open the fridge and pulling out a can of flavored coffee. "Want some?" she asked, holding up the can for inspection.

Randi wrinkled her nose and shook her head. "Not much into coffee." She wandered over to the kitchenette, keeping a `safe' distance from Canton. She truly had no idea what she was doing there or how Canton had managed to talk her into going out to the ranch. Their lunch together had been three days ago, and Randi hadn't spoken to or seen Canton since until that Friday – two days ago – Canton had found Randi in the hall and had invited her.

"You know your face is amazingly expressive, right?" Canton said, leaning back against the counter with her arms crossed over her chest. She'd been watching the play of thoughts and emotions march across Randi's face, telegraphing everything. "And, you don't have to be afraid."

"I'm not afraid," Randi muttered, staring down at her booted feet.

"Yeah you are." Canton finished prepping the coffee maker then stepped over to Randi. She placed her hands on narrow shoulders before her hands ran gently up a warm neck and buried themselves in soft blonde hair.

Randi was stunned as she felt her head gently lifted and soft lips brush against her own. She started, hands coming up to land on Canton's upper chest. She was about to push Canton away, but for some reason didn't. Instead, her eyes slipped closed as she felt those lips come back for another pass.

"Relax," Canton whispered against Randi's tight lips. "Relax, baby." She slid one of her hands out of Randi's hair around to cup the softness of her cheek. "There you go. Relax."

Randi's heart was pounding a million to one, so much so that she felt light-headed, but couldn't stop what was happening. She'd never kissed anyone before and certainly had never been kissed. Why was she allowing Canton to kiss her now? The thought fell right out of her head as she followed Canton's advice and relaxed. Her hands stayed put, but she allowed herself to feel the warmth of Canton's body beneath the material of her shirt as well as the softness of her lips against her own.

Canton had to stop herself from whimpering as her body began to ignite. She knew she had to be very careful with this one, as Randi was much like a baby deer alone in the woods for the first time; one false move and she'd high tail it for safety. She broke away from the gentle kiss just long enough to bring her hands to the unzipped ends of Randi's parka. She brushed the coat from Randi's shoulders.

"Relax and stay awhile," she said with a grin, tossing the discarded jacket over to the couch.

Admittedly Randi felt exposed without the bulk of her parka, but at the same time, also had to admit that she was glad the bulk of her parka was gone as she felt a strange need to feel Canton's hands on her shoulders and back. Even so, she wasn't about to tell Canton this or invite the touch.

Stepping a bit closer, their bodies just barely brushing, Canton moved back into the kiss. "Have you ever been kissed before, baby?" she asked, running her fingertips down Randi's spine, feeling a satisfying shiver follow in their wake.

Randi decided to be honest and shook her head. "No."

"Been too focused?" Canton teased, receiving a smile in response. "All work and no play…" Canton murmured before returning her mouth to Randi's. This time she deepened the touch a bit, pressing their lips together, her tongue making a feather light pass on Randi's bottom lip.

Randi felt a jolt of electricity pass through her as the kiss progressed. Her hands moved from Canton's upper chest to grip her biceps, fingers flexing and unflexing as her body reacted to the stimuli it was presented with. She felt herself pulled closer into Canton's body, the heat between them immense. Randi's hands moved from Canton's arms up and around her neck, inadvertently pulling their bodies that much closer together, breast against breast.

Canton sighed into the new position as she tilted her head slightly, playing with Randi's lips with her own, deepening the kiss further without the full use of tongue yet. Randi was responding beautifully, seeming to have a natural instinct for the art of kissing. In fact, Canton suspected beneath the cool, naïve veneer lay a passionate woman who was made of fire and pleasure. The mere thought made Canton whimper. Even so, she knew she had to play it safe so slowed the kiss down until it ended naturally.

"Now, was that so bad?" she asked, forehead resting against Randi's.

Randi smiled and shook her head. "No."

A quick kiss to her lips, Canton stepped away and into the kitchenette where the coffee maker was gurgling to a finish. "You sure?" she asked, raising a mug in question.

"I'm sure," Randi said, her body buzzing like she'd been struck by lightning. Her sexual experiences consisted of her hand down her own panties, and that was it. Today she felt like she was being reborn into a new world that scared the hell out of her, but that was deeply tempting and deeply stimulating.



Present Day:

Randi let out a heavy sigh as she rested her head back against her seat, her eyes never leaving the distant lights that were the old ranch house. A glance at the dash clock told her she needed to get home before Shannon got angry. As it was, leaving at all was completely against her character and she'd never done it before, but she'd needed it.

With another sigh, Randi got the 4Runner started and back on the road again. She was tired, both at a physical and soul level. Maybe she could just go to sleep tonight and never wake up again. That would be nice.



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