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Force Of Nature


Kim Pritekel


Part 2

Kyle was half-frozen when she pulled her bike into the parking lot of the building where Nicole lived. Her fingers were stiff, her face frozen and chapped. The only good thing was, she knew Nicole would get her warmed up in no time. That thought already warming her, Kyle climbed off the bike and hurried to the front door of the building then up the stairs, looking for the apartment door with the number Nicole had given her.

Finding the correct door, Kyle winced as pain crashed through her frozen hand as she knocked. The door was opened and Nicole stood on the other side, dressed in little more than a smile. She grabbed Kyle by the front of her jacket and pulled her inside, slamming the door shut behind her.

Kyle was pushed up against a wall in the small living room, Nicole's mouth immediately attacking hers. She responded to the kisses, her hands grabbing a handful of Nicole's tight ass, pulling the thin body into her own. It wasn't long before Kyle's clothing was tugged off her body, the two not even making it to the couch before Nicole was flat on her back on the old, worn carpet, Kyle's mouth between her legs.

An hour later Nicole lay on her bed, her naked body bathed in the glow of the bedside lamp, arms resting above her head on the pillow. She tried to stay still as she watched Kyle, who – also naked – sat cross-legged on the bed, a pad of paper balanced on knee. Kyle glanced up at her from time to time, pencil scratching away at the paper as an image of Nicole quickly came into view.

“You have got the greatest breasts,” Kyle murmured, her gaze affixed to the body part mentioned just before her eyes swept back to her paper, the tip of the pencil darkening the nipple, the edge of her hand quickly rubbing the newly-made marks to shade.

“Yeah, well you've got the hottest fucking body I've ever seen,” Nicole purred, her own gaze sweeping over the muscular shoulders and biceps, her mouth watering at the thought of Kyle's powerful body fucking her again.

Kyle grinned. “Let me finish this first,” she chuckled, sensing exactly where Nicole's mind was headed.

“How about you move on to draw this,” Nicole suggested, slowly spreading her legs and reaching a hand down between them, a single finger running through the gathering wetness.

Kyle watched the show, her own sex beginning to pulse with her quickening heartbeat. She set the pad of paper and pencil aside and crawled the short distance over to the redhead, pushing her back and settling her hips snugly between her legs. “How about I fuck this instead?” she whispered, pressing her hips into Nicole, making them both moan, then took the redhead in a savage kiss.


“Oh Eva, you are a goddess!” Jamie nearly moaned, watching as luscious waffles were piled onto her plate.

Eva smiled, placing a waffle on her own plate. “And I expect you to eat every bite,” she warned.

“Welllll, I don't know about that,” Jamie hedged, “but I'll do my best.” She grabbed the jar of homemade peach jelly and spooned a generous amount onto the fluffy breakfast food.

Eva took her place across from her favorite person – next to Rory, that is – and readied her coffee. “I'm so glad you came for breakfast, honey,” she said, a beaming smile on her face. “I've missed you. The only thing missing is my little boy.”

Jamie smiled, always touched by how much Eva loved her son. “He'll be back this afternoon. My mom said they'll drop him off around one or so.”

“So, how are things going at the hospital?”

“Pretty good,” Jamie sighed, stuffing a large bite into her mouth, eyes closing at the amazing tastes that hit her tongue. “Mmmm,” she moaned, making her friend smile. “You have got to give me this recipe, Eva.”

“I'll leave it to you in my will,” Eva joked, sipping her coffee.

“Don't say that; you're not allowed to die.”

“I'll keep that in mind.”

“But anyway, things are going okay at the hospital, other than the fact that Dr. Michaels is beginning to hit on me again.”

“Well, maybe one of these days you'll take him up on his offer of a date.” She chuckled at the glare that received. “Jamie, you're a beautiful young woman and can't hide behind scrubs and long working hours forever.”

“Maybe not, but I have no interest in a playboy doctor,” Jamie said, cutting herself another bite of waffle. She chewed then washed it down with a drink of orange juice. “Where's your new tenant?” she asked casually, noting she hadn't seen the motorcycle parked out front when she'd walked across the lawn to Eva's house.

“Oh, out and about I suppose.” Eva eyed Jamie. “Having some fun.”

Jamie rolled her eyes. “Good for her. I'm sure going out and enjoying herself is a lot easier without having a child to worry about.”

Eva was surprised by the seemingly angry tone in Jamie's voice, but decided to let it go. “She's a real sweet girl,” she said instead. “Very kind to me and helps me out here in the house quite a bit. Rory seems to be quite taken with her, too.”

“Yes, he's talked about her a lot. I guess if she has to be here I'm glad she's good to you and my son.”

Eva finished chewing the bite of waffle she'd been eating, studying Jamie the entire time. She took a sip of coffee then rested her chin on an upturned palm. “You don't care for her,” she stated.

Jamie met her gaze. “I hardly know her well enough to make that sort of conclusion, Eva.”

“Hmm,” Eva said, unconvinced.

As if on cue, the front door opened and Kyle walked through, dressed in the leather pants and jacket from the night before. Her hair was a disheveled mess and her cheeks were stained red from the cold ride. She stomped her boots on the rug in the entryway, the cold having turned the rain into sleet that was beginning to pile up.

“Good morning, Eva,” she said, not noticing the old woman's guest until she'd made her way into the kitchen. Kyle stopped short at the sight of Jamie, who was staring back at her. “I didn't know we had company. Hello.”

“Kyle, you remember Jamie,” Eva introduced unnecessarily, curious to see what the reaction would be for both women.

“Of course. How's it going, Jamie?”

“Fine. Yourself?” Jamie asked, sipping from her orange juice and feeling extremely uncomfortable. Her gaze scanned the leather-clad figure before returning her attention to her breakfast.

“Sit down and join us,” Eva offered, pushing up from the table and gathering a third place setting. “Get something warm inside your belly before you freeze to death.”

In truth, Kyle wanted nothing more than to go upstairs and take a hot shower then catch a nap, as sleep had been in limited supply the night before. However, seeing that Eva was going to the trouble of setting her a place, she felt obligated. “Sure. Let me grab a quick change of clothes right quick and I'll be down.”

Eva watched Kyle hurry from the room then glanced over at Jamie, who was making it a point to not look at the blonde. “I tell you,” she said, taking her seat. “I don't know how she rides that big motorcycle of hers in this weather. And, without a helmet, no less.”

“Doesn't the noise bother you?” Jamie asked, cutting herself another bit of waffle. Her instinct was to wolf it down then get the hell out of there before Kyle joined them, but she knew she would have to answer questions she really wasn't sure how to answer, as well as she'd hurt Eva's feelings.

“What noise, honey?” Eva asked, resuming her small feast.

“That bike of hers.”

“Not at all. I always wanted one of those things myself, but just never did it.”

Jamie was amused and charmed. “Not me. Joel had one and caused nothing but trouble with it.”

“I dare say Kyle certainly isn't Joel, Jamie,” Eva said softly, reaching across the table ad patting one of Jamie's hands.

Kyle entered the kitchen dressed in flannel pants and a tank top. One thing that was great about living with an aged woman was Eva kept the heat at nearly seventy-five degrees during the cold months., which made the house very comfortable. “This smells amazing, Eva,” she complimented, taking her seat. She knew better than to try and help or serve herself: Eva lived to wait on anyone that would sit still long enough to be waited on.

“Thank you, honey,” Eva said, her smile bright as she loaded Kyle's plate with goodies.

Kyle was nearly salivating as she watched the plate get stacked higher and higher. Eva had learned just what kind of appetite Kyle possessed during Kyle's short time there. “You are a goddess,” she breathed.

Eva chuckled, meeting Jamie's surprised gaze. “So I've been told. Eat up my two little disciples.”

Jamie cleared away the dishes as Kyle rinsed them, both insisting that Eva go relax. Jamie felt a slight irritation, seeing Kyle standing at the sink; almost like an invasion of some kind. “You know,” she said, trying to keep her voice as friendly as possible. “You look like you had a rough night last night. I can get this if you want to go get some sleep.”

Kyle glanced at the brunette, brow raised in surprise. “Trying to get rid of me that quickly, huh?” she asked, voice amused though they both knew she was far from it. “There's no way I'm going to leave all this for a guest, and no way in hell I'm going to leave all this for Eva.”

“I'm not a guest, Kyle,” Jamie growled.

“Perhaps not, but I'm not leaving. The quicker we get this done, the quicker you can run away and get me out of your breathing space.”

Jamie stopped what she was doing and stared at Kyle's back for a long moment. She knew she was being a total asshole and still wasn't entirely sure why. It was almost as though Kyle brought out the bitch in her. Without another word, she continued to help clean the kitchen then promptly left.



Eva sat in her sitting room, sewing on her lap long ago ignored as she listened with closed eyes. Billie Holiday's I'll Be Seeing You played on the old record player. A million memories went through Eva's mind as she listened, a million images, and all of them starred Grace.

“Oh, Gracie,” she whispered, her heart aching. Though it had been four years since her partner had died, sometimes the hurt and loss felt brand new.

Eva was so caught up in the past that she didn't hear Kyle step into the archway of the room. Kyle stopped, her gaze on Eva, watching as a single tear slipped down the pale, wrinkled cheek. She couldn't help but wonder what Eva was thinking about, though from the music, she had a pretty good idea of who. She glanced over to the record player, which sat on a highly-polished table, seeing the old records scattered next to it: Billie Holiday, Etta James, Tommy Dorsey, and Glenn Miller's Moonlight Serenade.

She was about to quietly back out of the room when the song came to an end and Eva's eyes opened, blinking at Kyle several times. “I'm sorry I disturbed you, Eva,” Kyle said softly, taking a step back. “I was just going to say goodnight.”

“Oh, not disturbing me at all, honey,” Eva said, a sad smile gracing her lips. “Just got a little lost in a few old memories. Sleep well, dear.”

“You, too. Do you need anything before I go?”

“Oh, no,” Eva waved her off. “Go get some rest.”

“Okay.” Kyle gave her a smile and left the room, headed upstairs.



Kyle closed her bedroom door, still able to hear Eva's music in the distance. She looked around the space, unsure if she should try and go directly to sleep or if she should get some drawing time in first. She spotted her sketchpad, which sat on the corner of the bed, the pages she'd done of Nicole on ordinary typing paper tossed atop it.

With a shit-eating grin, Kyle grabbed those loose pages and looked through them. She'd drawn Nicole off and on all night, in between their intense fucking sessions, that is. She'd sketched every part of Nicole's thin body, including the flower petal-like folds of her sex. Kyle knew she should probably throw the pages out, as they were fairly x-rated. For the time being, she tucked them into the sketch pad and set it on the top of her dresser. Exhaustion was beginning to hit her hard, and she had work in the morning.

Kyle tugged her shirt over her head, tossing it to the floor, then pushed her flannel pants down her muscular legs, stepping out of them and kicking them to lay atop her discarded t-shirt.

Jamie lay in bed, her head resting on a bent arm as she stared up at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to claim her. She had work early and really didn't want to go. She'd only been able to spend a few precious hours with her son that day, and now had to leave him tomorrow for a twelve hour shift at the hospital. She sighed, trying to fight the despair that was her life.

Her attention was caught when the light was turned on in the bedroom across the narrow space between her house and Eva's. She turned to her head to look, about to get up and close her blinds – which she wasn't sure why she hadn't done before – when she stopped. She watched as Kyle entered the room, saw her looking at something that she'd grabbed from her bed. Jamie couldn't tell what the pages were, but the smile that crept along Kyle's lips made her very curious.

Jamie sat up in bed, gathering her warm blankets around her chilled body as she did, curiosity grabbing her non-tired brain.

Kyle stood in her bra and panties, reaching around herself for her bra clasp. She stopped, the feeling niggling at her that she was being watched. She gave her window a surreptitious glance, noting the dark window across the way. She had no idea if Jamie was even in the room, but something told her she was. In a split second decision, she decided to continue on with her actions, not much care to what a stick-up-the-ass bitch across the way might think.

Kyle slowly released the clap of her bra, letting the silky garment slide down her arms, the cups loosening from their full burden.

Jamie looked away when she realized Kyle was going to unhook her bra, but quickly found her gaze sweeping back to the blonde. She couldn't understand why she didn't just get up, close her blinds and go to sleep, rather than sitting in her dark bedroom, turning her neighbor's bedtime ritual into an intrusive peep show. Her gaze settled on the fullness of Kyle's bared breasts, their size seeming too large for such a petite – though muscular – frame. Jamie was riveted, her heart pounding in her chest.

Kyle placed her hands on the flat plane of her stomach, feeling the warm skin beneath her fingers. She slowly slid them up over her ribs, and finally cupped her own breasts. She couldn't help but shiver from the thrill, knowing deep inside that a pair of baby blues were watching her impromptu show. She gasped as her nipples tightened under her palms, the rigid peaks tickling.

She looked up towards the window, her eyes a deep, intense green as her arousal grew. She penetrated the darkness with that gaze, no idea that she was penetrating the thick walls of a gorgeous brunette in the process. She turned her gaze away from the window, turning back to her own hands as they slid down from her breasts, headed to the waistband of her panties. When Kyle looked up again, the blinds had been pulled on Jamie's window.

A sense of amusement and slight guilt cut through Kyle's joy as she walked over to her own window, pulling the shade down. The show was over.

Jamie leaned back against the cool wall next to her window, a hand to her pounding heart. She could still see Kyle's hands cupping and caressing her own breasts: an image that had burned itself into her brain. She wanted to be angry with the blonde, as she knew she'd been doing it on purpose. The look Kyle had sent her way had struck a cord in Jamie that had filled her with feelings that were foreign and made her supremely uncomfortable. She knew then she had to stop the game, even though she'd essentially perpetuated it by watching in the first place.

“Why did she have to move in?” she hissed to herself, hurrying over to her bed and climbing in, turning to her side, back facing the window.


The morning craziness began as Kyle hurried down the stairs, hair slicked back from her recent shower. She wanted to grab something to eat before racing off to the garage. Her boss had called her early that morning requesting she come in forty-five minutes early to work on a special customer's car, which had to be done that day.

She could hear Rory's excited voice in the entryway, as well as Eva and Jamie, who were trying to talk over the boy's excitement.

“Kyle!” he exclaimed, running over to her and hugging one of her waist.

“Hey, buddy,” Kyle grinned, grabbing him and heaving him up into a proper hug. “How are you?”

“Good. Look what I got!”

Jamie watched as Rory showed off the new toy his grandpa had bought for him over the weekend, a myriad of mixed emotions rushing through her. On one hand, she was glad her son had found a new friend, and on the other hand, she wasn't sure what kind of influence Kyle would be on him. One thing was for sure though, she couldn't meet Kyle's eyes when the blonde glanced at her. She was unable to look at her without her gaze immediately floating down to Kyle's breasts, remembering what she'd seen the night before.

“I have to head out, Eva,” she said instead, turning her attention to the older woman.

“Have a good day, honey,” Eva said, taking Jamie in a tight hug. “We'll be fine here.” She turned to Rory, who Kyle had set back down on the floor. “Come on, kiddo. Let's get you some breakfast.”

The boy ran ahead of Eva, boasting that he'd beat her to the kitchen. Kyle and Jamie were left alone, Kyle standing at the bottom of the stairs, Jamie by the door. An awkward silence fell over them for a moment before Jamie finally forced herself to look at Kyle.

“It's starting to snow,” she said lamely.

“Yeah, the ride to work should be fun,” Kyle agreed, tucking her hands into the back pockets of her jeans. Her bravado from the previous night had vanished in the light of day, leaving her feeling a bit ashamed and foolish.

“Be careful,” Jamie said, turning towards the door. “I'm going, Rory!” she called out. “Come tell your mom goodbye!”

Kyle headed into the kitchen, nearly bowled over by Rory as he ran to his mom. She smiled at the boy then at the tender moment between mother and son before turning and heading into the kitchen.


Kyle sat on the tarp, Rory sitting next to her. “Okay little man, put that end right here.” Kyle guided Rory's hand – which held a wrench – to the bolt that needed to be loosened.

“Here?” Rory asked, looking up at Kyle with excited eyes.

“Yep.” Kyle used her hand to put the wrench end securely on the bolt head. “Now turn!”

Rory stuck his tongue out the corner of his mouth as he put all his strength into loosening the bolt, which unbeknownst to him had already been loosened by Kyle to help him out. His excitement grew as the bolt quickly loosened and then fell out. “I did it!” he cried, victorious.

“You did! Good job!” Kyle held her hand up, which was promptly slapped by Rory's.

As the two continued to work, they didn't notice a large Dodge Ram that drove slowly past, the gray eyes of its driver focused on Rory then Kyle before speeding off.

Jamie pulled into her driveway, surprised to see a very bundled up Rory sitting with Kyle, working on the big motorcycle. She was filled with a mixture of amusement and uncertainty. She didn't see Eva's car in the driveway and wondered what was going on.

“Mom!” Rory yelled, jumping to his feet and running full speed to his mother, leaving a trail in the thin frosting-like layer of snow that covered the grass.

“Hey, you,” Jamie smiled, bracing herself for the impact of his hug. “How are you?” She grabbed him up in her arms, excited to see him, and even more excited that it was her Friday.

“I helped!' he crowed, super excited by his achievements. “I fixed Kyle's boatercycle!”

“Good for you, sweetie!” She gave him a big kiss on his cheek, which he promptly wiped off. “And, it's called a motor cycle.” Jamie carried Rory over to where Kyle stood next to her bike, wiping her hands on a rag. “Hello.”

“Hey. He did real well. I think he's a natural,” Kyle said, not sure what to expect from Jamie.

“I hope he wasn't too much trouble.”

“No, not at all.” Kyle shoved her newly-wiped hands into the pockets of her black cargo pants. “Um, Eva had to go see a friend who ended up in the hospital today, so she asked me to keep an eye on Rory.”

“Oh. Okay. Well, I hope her friend is okay.” Jamie turned to her son, who she still held in her arms. “You ready to go home and eat some dinner?” The boy nodded, giving her a big, goofy grin, which Jamie returned. She turned back to Kyle. “Thanks again.”

“Sure thing. See ya, Rory.” She gave the boy a big wave, which he vigorously returned. Kyle watched as Jamie and Rory headed to their own house, feeling suddenly very alone.


After a wonderful dinner of macaroni and cheese and hot dogs then a couple hours of play with Rory, Jamie felt good and very tired. She had big plans for her son the following day, and wanted to have a fun weekend with him. She was willing to splurge a bit and take him shopping for his Halloween costume, as the big day was the following Wednesday night, in five days.

Jamie walked into her bedroom and saw that Kyle's bedroom light was already on. She noticed the blonde was sitting on her bed, though from the angle Jamie was standing, she couldn't tell what she was doing. She considered leaving her light off and watching Kyle for awhile, curious of what the blonde would do. But, in the end she decided to turn hers on, letting Kyle know she was there.

She walked over to the window, just a quick pass to glance over into Kyle's room and see what she was doing. Kyle met her gaze in that moment, her fingers frozen from their work of untying her boots. She gave Jamie a ghost of a smile before her fingers continued their task, her gaze never wavering from Jamie's. Jamie felt something wash through her, an image of Kyle standing in her panties flashing before her eyes. Her breathing hitched slightly, her heart pounding in her chest. For the first time in more than three years, she felt a flicker of life in her body.

Kyle finished with her boots, her curiosity piqued as Jamie had yet to move away from the window. She stood there, one hand resting casually on her chest, the other resting against the window ledge. Kyle padded over to her own window, still fully dressed other than her removed boots. She cocked her head slightly to the side, trying to read Jamie's expression, trying to feel what was going on inside her.

Jamie studied Kyle's face, noting just how beautiful she truly was. Through the small bit of confusion in her eyes, Jamie could see a look of fire on the blonde's face, as though she'd eat Jamie alive if given the chance. Even so, there was kindness in those eyes, something that reached out to Jamie and made her heart beat even faster.

Before she knew what she was doing, Jamie's fingers had reached down to the buttons of her blouse, slowly pushing the first plastic disc through the eyelet before moving on to the one below it. Kyle's gaze moved from Jamie's face to watch her fingers, her body tingling with the tantalizing bit of flesh that was exposed with each undone button. Kyle stepped closer to her window, bracing herself with a hand resting on the wall on either side of the window. She was entranced, her heart and sex lurching as a bit of Jamie's black lace bra came into view.

Jamie couldn't stop herself, no matter how much her brain was screaming at her to. She had never felt so feminine power in all her life as she did from the way Kyle was looking at her body. She felt like in that moment she could get Kyle to do anything, and it felt damn good. She felt sexy and she felt beautiful. Once all the buttons had been undone, she ran her forefinger and thumb up along the open edges of her blouse, slowly pulling the sides away from her body as she did, revealing the swell of her breasts, lovingly cupped in her bra: the black satin bra she'd dug out from the back of her underwear drawer two nights before.

Kyle reflexively licked her lips as her gaze was pinned to Jamie's luscious breasts, wanting nothing more than to see them completely bared. The cleavage revealed by the bra was beyond sensual and one of things Kyle loved most about women.

“Jesus,” she breathed, her body on fire. If she could press closer into the glass she would have.

Jamie felt herself stand taller, her breasts thrust forward a bit in the sudden newfound confidence she felt. It was all in Kyle's eyes, every bit of it. There was no judgment of her body; there was no harsh words associated with what she was baring. All she saw was need, want and desire in its purist form. In short, Jamie was wanted, and it felt amazing.

Kyle could only think of doing one thing: well, two things, but the second wasn't very wise, she knew. She brought her hands up, one acting as a flat piece of paper the second wrapped around a pantomimed pencil: I want to draw you, she mouthed. Then I want to fuck you for three days straight, she thought, but knew better than to voice.

Jamie saw the motions, and after a moment she understood what Kyle was telling her. She shook her head, mortified at the idea of her body being committed to paper. “I can't,” she said out loud, though Kyle seemed to get the gist from her lips' movement. Kyle did the motion again, her face expressing just how beautiful she thought Jamie was. Again, Jamie shook her head, bringing the ends of her shirt together to cover her bra-clad breasts, then stepping back from the window. “I can't,” she said again, then closed the blinds.

Kyle groaned, resting her head on the wall next to the window, her body still buzzing, though she knew it wouldn't be satisfied tonight. “This sucks,” she grumbled, pulling the shade to her own window. She had some self-release she needed to perform and pronto.


“Look at you!” Eva exclaimed, standing in the doorway of her home and looking down at the little Sponge Bob who stood proudly on her doorstep. His mom – Jamie – stood behind him, ever the proud mom. “What's your name, little fella?”

“Sponge Bob!” Rory exclaimed, delighted that Eva didn't know who he was. “And, trick or treat!”

“Well,” Eva said, a hand to her chest, “I can't resist Sponge Bob, now can I?” she grinned and winked at Jamie. “Open your bag, Sponge Bob and I'll see what I can find for ya.”

Rory did as asked, holding his empty bag up for the first of many donations on this Hallow's Eve. He was thrilled as a handful of candy was dropped into it. “Thank you!”

“You are so very welcome, sweetie.” Eva smiled fondly down at the little boy who was as close to a grandson as she'd ever have. “Have fun tonight, okay? And,” she added, squatting down in front of him, “when you're done trick or treating, come back and we can have some cake, okay?”

Rory's eyes grew huge. He looked over his shoulder at his mom, looking for approval, which he got from her smiling nod. “Okay!” With that, Rory hopped off the front stoop and bounced down the front walk, ready for his night of fun and candy. It got even better as Kyle pulled up on her big motorcycle. “Kyle!” he crowed, running over to her. “Wanna come with us?” he asked, his excitement making him nearly vibrate.

Kyle was pleased to see the little boy who was quickly becoming a favorite in her life. She glanced up at Jamie, who was having trouble meeting her gaze, considering their last interaction nearly a week ago. “Well, let's see what your mom says, okay Sponge Bob?”

Rory was thrilled that Kyle recognized who he was dressed up as tonight. He turned to his mom. “Can she Mom? Please??”

Jamie finally met Kyle's gaze, trying to see if Kyle was okay with that. “Sure,” she said finally, mainly for her son rather than for her own desire.


Kyle looked down at herself, dressed in her leathers from head to toe: in the winter time, it was not only a matter of safety but also warmth. She looked at Jamie with a raised brow. “Um, is this okay?”

Jamie smirked, looking down at her own jeans and parka. “You've got a better costume than I've got.”

Kyle looked down at herself again then over at Jamie and nodded. “I suppose that's true. Housewife meets rough rider?”

Jamie had little to say about the comparison, so instead grabbed her son's hand and led the way to the next house on the block, Kyle following obediently behind. The first few houses went without much conversation from the two women, who waited on the sidewalk, allowing Rory to go up by himself to the door. He loved the newly-found freedom and skipped his way back to them, his bag filling with more and more goodies.

As they moved on, Kyle glanced over at Jamie, a bit of mischief making her eyes sparkle. “So,” she said, Rory up at the door of another house. “When are you going to let me draw you?”

Jamie's stomach fell as nerves took over. She still hadn't fully come to terms with what she'd done the other night, so for Kyle to bring it up filled her with tons of different emotions. She glanced over at Kyle, meeting her gaze only for a moment before turning back to her son, who was now running back to them, a victorious grin on his face. “I'm not sure how appropriate that is, Kyle,” she said, just in time for Rory to reach them.

They walked on to the next house, where they had to wait as a small group of girls was already there. Rory was biting at the bit, ready to run up and get his award. Finally, he was let loose, leaving Kyle and Jamie alone once more.

Kyle wanted to ask about the appropriate comment, considering what had happened a week ago, but knew instinctively that an observation like that would send Jamie running scared. “I just want to draw you, Jamie,” she said instead. “I think you're incredibly beautiful and would make a wonderful subject.” She looked at the brunette, waiting until she had her eyes. “Nothing more.”

Jamie looked into Kyle's beautiful green eyes, almost looking into her soul. “Nothing more?”

“Nothing more.”

Jamie sighed. There was a part of her that really wanted to do it, as she could only imagine how it would make her feel. Just having Kyle's appreciative eye on her through the window had given her more of a thrill than she'd had in years. Would sitting as a model for someone who admittedly found her beautiful be the same?

Jamie sighed again, shoving her hands into the pockets of her parka. “Just a drawing, Kyle. But first, I want to see some of your work.”

Kyle nodded, thrilled. “Sure, no problem.”



Rory ran into Eva's house, his bag nearly dragging behind him, so filled with goodies it was. “Look, Eva!” he exclaimed, pulling the bug up from behind him with a grunt of exertion.

“What have you got there?” Eva asked, her tone matching his excitement level. She picked through it, pretending to take a few pieces in the process.

“Eva!” he whined, running after her into the kitchen, Eva's laughter trailing behind them.

Kyle chuckled, amused by Eva's antics. She glanced over at Jamie, watching as Jamie dug her house keys out of her pocket. “I'm going to grab his candy and run it home. He'll be on such a sugar high after Eva's cake, he won't even realize his candy isn't there.”

Kyle nodded. “Need help commandeering it?” she grinned.

Jamie smiled and shook her head. “No, I think I can manage.” She took a couple steps towards the kitchen then stopped, sparing a quick glance at Kyle. “Thanks for keeping me company tonight.” With that, she was gone.

Kyle stood there for a moment, hands buried in the pockets of her leather pants. She toed at the carpet with her boot, her mind in deep thought; so deep, she didn't hear Eva walk up beside her.

“Looks serious,” Eva observed, a hand on Kyle's arm. When she had the blonde's attention she smiled. “Come on, Kyle and have some cake. Rory's asking for you.”

“Okay.” Kyle followed Eva into the kitchen.



Three hours later, Kyle sat up in her room, sitting on the bed and listening to the TV as she sketched random things. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Jamie's bedroom light flick on. A glance in that direction showed her Jamie standing at the window, her hand on the rod that would close the blinds. Jamie gave her a small smile and a nod of acknowledgment then shut Kyle out.

They hadn't discussed plans for when the drawing session would take place, and Kyle was hoping that Jamie wouldn't chicken out on her. She'd do her best to ensure Jamie kept her end of the bargain. Deciding to call it a night, she put her sketchpad aside and pushed off the bed, tugging the shade down before stripping out of her clothes. She climbed into bed and settled in to watch TV until she fell asleep.



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