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Force Of Nature


Kim Pritekel


Part 7 - Conclusion

Jamie held onto a sleeping Rory, gently rocking him to and fro, her cheek resting on the top of his head. Even as she held her son, her gaze was locked onto Kyle, who once again lay in a hospital bed, her eyes closed and, for the first time, the bandage removed. Jamie's gaze swept over Kyle's head, her blonde hair stubbly short with just a bandage patch where the actual wound was.

Kyle had been taken by ambulance to the hospital last night and had been kept for observation. Luckily, Kyle's doctor feels she's fine, but simply collapsed out of pure exhaustion, her body still far too weak for much else than rest and relaxation. After a night spent sleeping in his mother's arms – not even letting her out of his sight when she had to go to the bathroom – he'd wanted to come and see his “Super hero”. So, there they sat, Rory falling asleep about thirty minutes before, held safe against Jamie.

As she studied Kyle's face, her eyes tracing the features and planes, she was rewarded with the sudden appearance of green eyes. Jamie smiled, mouthing a ‘hello'. Kyle raised her hand in a weak wave.

“What are you doing here?” Kyle asked softly.

“I wanted to make sure you were okay, and Rory wanted to see his super hero,” Jamie explained quietly, running her hand over her son's back.

Kyle smiled, remembering her words to Rory the night before. “I'm glad you're here.”

“Me, too. How do you feel?”

“Tired,” Kyle blew out. “Very, very tired.”

“You know I'll never be able to thank you for what you've done, Kyle. You've given me my life back,” Jamie whispered, hugging Rory closer, which caused him to stir.

“No need. I'm glad I was able to help.” Kyle smiled as she saw Rory's eyes were on her. “Good morning, my little super hero sidekick.”

Rory's grin was infectious as he climbed off Jamie's lap and hurried over to the hospital bed and began to climb up the rail until he plopped on the narrow mattress next to Kyle. He didn't say a word, just cuddled up next to her. Kyle immediately hugged him to her as she met Jamie's watery gaze.

Jamie pushed up from her chair and walked stepped up to the side of Kyle's bed. Looking down at Kyle holding Rory seemed so natural, somehow. “I think he's found a new best friend.”

Kyle grinned, chuckling as Rory scooted out of her embrace and sat up, staring down at her with a critical eye. “Yes?” she drawled.

“What happened to your hair?” he asked, reaching out a small hand to touch.

“Careful, Rory,” Jamie warned. “Kyle has a boo boo on her head.”

Rory glanced up at his mother then back to Kyle, doing as asked. With careful fingers, he felt what was left of Kyle's hair. “It's prickly,” was his assessment.

“I decided I wanted a haircut but went crazy with the scissors,” Kyle explained, reaching out a hand to tickle his side.

Rory giggled, not buy it for a second. “Nu unh!”

“Nu huh!”

“Nu unh!”

“Nu huh!”

“Alright, you two,” Jamie laughed, grabbing Rory and scooping him off the bed with a grunt of exertion. “God you're getting heavy.”

“When do I get paroled?” Kyle asked, pushing herself up on the bed and using the controller to bring the bed up to a sitting position.

“I spoke with your doctor when we got here. He said as soon as you woke up for you to call for him and he'd look you over.”

“I think I'd rather if you looked me over,” Kyle admitted, a twinkle in her eyes.

Jamie blushed and looked away as she smiled shyly. “I can do that, too.”

Kyle reached her hand out, Jamie placing her own in the warm depths. “I'm sorry I took your car and scared you so bad.”

Jamie looked down at their joined hands, allowing the softness of Kyle's to infiltrate her sense of touch and wonder. Finally she met Kyle's eyes. “All I could think about was that something really bad had happened with your health. With the kind of injury you sustained, brain damage can follow, but it's not always known until it surfaces. I was terrified my car was going to be found in some snow bank somewhere, you dead behind the wheel.”

“Oh, Jamie,” Kyle whispered, bringing their hands to her lips and kissing Jamie's knuckles. “No. I'm fine. I knew I had to go get him in that moment.”

Jamie nodded, tears in her eyes, even as she tried to fight them. “I know and I'm eternally grateful that you did, Kyle. I guess it just hit me when I found you gone that-“ Jamie cut herself off, bringing up a hand to swipe at her eyes.

“That what, Jamie?” Kyle asked gently.

Jamie smiled and shook her head. “It doesn't matter. Listen, I'm going to head out and get this one fed.” She hugged Rory to her side. “Your brother came by while you were still asleep and said he'd be back after a few errands, so I imagine he'll be here any time. You guys deserve that privacy.”

“Okay,” Kyle said, wishing Jamie would just be open with her, as she could tell the brunette was troubled about something. Deciding it was best to not push, she hugged Jamie and Rory goodbye, accepting a promise to return.


Jamie stood in Eve's kitchen, helping her cook for the Welcome Home party that had been planned for Kyle's return from the hospital later that afternoon. She was tense and jittery, glancing towards the direction of the living room often, as she knew that's where Rory sat with Dr. Rita Hill, a child therapist she'd called in to work with her son and make sure he could mentally survive the trauma of the past week.

“He'll be fine, honey,” Eva said softly, a reassuring hand on Jamie's arm.

Jamie smiled at the older woman with gratitude before returning her attention to the tomatoes she was slicing. “I just want to make sure I never fail him again.”

“You hardly failed him, Jamie,” Eva said, working on the broth for the stew. “If going to work to give your child a good life is failure then every working mother in the world should find a bridge right now.”

Jamie smiled, knowing Eva was right. “Well, I'm certainly glad the police department and D.A.'s office saw there was no case due to self-defense with Joel. I'd hate to see Mason and Digger get in trouble for what they did.”

“How do you feel about the fact that Joel is gone, honey?”

Jamie was quiet for a long moment as she thought about the questions and her feelings. “In truth, I'm glad. That may sound horrible, but the world has been ridded of a really bad person and I'll never have to worry about him coming after Rory again.” She glanced over at Eva, expecting to see disgust or at the very least surprise. She saw neither. She turned back to her task. “I just hope Joel can forgive me someday.”

Eva walked over to Jamie and took her in a warm hug. “He will, honey,” she said. “He will. He will have so much love from you and…” Eva pulled out of the hug just enough to look into Jamie's face, “whomever else you might have in your life.”

Jamie saw that mischievous twinkle in Eva's eyes and quickly turned away, not wanting the older woman to see what was written in her own thoughts, which she knew was absolutely ludicrous. It was obvious Eva wanted what was best and wanted for Jamie, Rory and Kyle to be happy.


Kyle had been released from the hospital and Mason – let in on what awaited them both at the house – was there to make sure she got home. When his truck pulled up in front of Eva's, a group of people and good food waited inside. She felt better than she had in days: getting thirteen hours sleep had certainly helped her health, that was for sure.

“How you doin'?” Mason asked, killing the engine on his truck and turning to his sister.

“Good. I'm ready to be at home and stay there,” Kyle said with a weak smile, readjusting the black and white doo-rag Mason had brough her to cover her shaved head until the hair could grow back.

“Well then I'd suggest stop running full force into gun butts.”

Kyle burst into laughter, smacking her brother in the arm. “Fuck you.”

Mason grinned and climbed out of his truck. “So, Martha asked me if she should bring Nicole with her when she comes after work.”

Kyle felt her stomach fall as she and Mason walked to Eva's house. “What? What did you tell her?”

Mason grinned, slapping an arm around her shoulders. “I said, ‘baby, Kyle is in love, don't bother'.”

“Oh god,” Kyle groaned, burying her face in her hands.

The house was alive with laughter and the sounds of clinking dishes and silverware. Between Eva, Jamie and Martha, everyone was taken care of with more to drink, more to eat or anything else that was needed. Kyle was seated between her brother and Jamie's mother and – for the first time in a very long time – completely surrounded by love and she felt wanted and accepted. It was one of the most wonderful moments of her life.

Jamie, who had been getting a plate of fresh rolls for everyone, set them in the center of the table and took her seat, directly across from Kyle. Their eyes met as she sat down, and neither was able to look away for a long, heat-filled moment.

Eva wasn't the only one who noticed as she met Mason's amused gaze before returning her attention back to her conversation with Jamie's mother, Lana. Within a couple moments, however, it was interrupted when Jim stood up, his glass of wine in hand.

“Everyone, I'd like to say a few words.” He waited for the room to quiet down then continued. “I have to say, the only thing more difficult than watching my daughter have to go through hell with Joel Johnson was watching her go through the hell of my grandson's disappearance.” He turned his gaze to Kyle and Mason. “I had my doubts about you two but I have to say, Kyle and Mason, you are two of the finest people I've ever been privileged enough to meet. And that goes for your friend too, Mason.”

The room erupted in applause, one by one the entire table getting to their feet, all eyes focused on Kyle and Mason, though mostly on Kyle. Kyle felt shy and unsure with such attention, which she felt she had no right to be getting. When Mason stood up and joined the applause headed her way, it made it even worse.

Overcome by a strong sense of guilt, she shoved back from the table and stormed out, leaving everyone stunned and confused. Seconds later, Jamie followed after, leaving the group to give each other questioning looks.

Kyle slammed her bedroom door closed, only for it to be pushed open a moment later, Jamie closing it behind her. Kyle couldn't face her as Kyle stood at the center of her bedroom, arms hugging herself. “I don't deserve all that, Jamie,” she finally said, her voice quiet and shaky as she was on the verge of tears.

“All what?” Jamie asked, taking a tentative step further into the room.

“The accolades and gratitude.”

“Of course you do!” Jamie exclaimed, stunned. “Kyle, it's because of you-“

Kyle whirled on her, eyes fiery jade. “It's because of me your son is likely traumatized for the rest of his life!”

“It's because of you that he will have the rest of his life!” Jamie shot back. They were both silent for a long moment, a battle of the wills.

Finally, Kyle turned away, looking down at the floor at her feet. “I should have done more that day, Jamie,” she whispered, shaking her head as she still couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that Ronnie had managed to get her so easily. “How on earth did that happen?” Her head fell further as the tears came, her shoulders shaking with her emotion.

“Oh, baby,” Jamie murmured, taking Kyle in a tight embrace, holding her against her as her own eyes filled. She could feel the profound sorrow and grief coming off Kyle in waves. “Don't cry, Kyle,” she cooed. “Please don't cry.”

Kyle held on to Jamie like her life depended on it, which in truth, she wasn't entirely sure it didn't. She hadn't truly let everything out, but had tried to keep it in for Jamie, for Eva and for herself. Now, it was over and she needed to be able to let it all go in order to move on.

After awhile, Kyle's tears slowed then stopped, her body relaxing against Jamie's, the embrace morphing from something of comfort to the simple need to be together in touch. Kyle felt Jamie's fingers begin a slow and soft caress over the back of her neck, her own palms smoothing up and over Jamie's back, able to feel the heat of Jamie's skin beneath her blouse.

Kyle lifted her head from where it rested against Jamie's shoulder, her lips leaving a small kiss on her neck before her gaze met Jamie's. It only took a moment before both leaned in, about to kiss when a soft knock sounded on Kyle's bedroom door.

“Kyle? Are you alright, love?” Eva asked from the other side.

Kyle moved away from Jamie, both sharing a guilty smile. “Yes, Eva.” She moved fully away and to her dresser, where a mirror sat. She fixed her doo-rag, able to see Eva entering the room through the reflection in the mirror.

Eva looked from one guilty face to the other, keeping her amusement to herself. “I'm sorry to interrupt girls, but everyone is worried about you, Kyle.”

Kyle took a deep breath and turned to give Eva a smile. “I'll be down in a second: I just need to get myself together.”

“Okay, honey.” Eva gave them both a knowing grin and left, closing the door softly behind her.

“It is probably a good thing Eva and Grace never had any kids,” Jamie said with a chuckle. “I don't know what Grace was like, but Eva doesn't miss any thing.”

Kyle grinned. “Try living with her.”


Kyle stood in front of her dresser mirror, hands tucked behind her head as she undid the knot that kept her doo-rag on. She couldn't wait until her hair grew back, as she felt totally self-conscious. She ran a hand over her hair, able to feel the pricklies on her palm. Her hair grew fast, so she was hopeful that in a month's time she would have something on her head.

From the reflection in the mirror she saw that Jamie's bedroom light had been turned on. She walked over to it, quickly replacing the doo-rag. From the across the fifteen scant feet she saw Jamie standing before her window, a small wave in her raised hand. Kyle returned her greeting, a smile added.

As Kyle watched, Jamie took a step back from the window, her overhead bedroom light acting as a spot light as her fingers worked the buttons of her blouse, slowly revealing more flesh to Kyle's hungry eyes. When Jamie was about to pull the shirt ends completely apart, she tossed Kyle a smirk and shut the blinds. Kyle chuckled, somewhere deep inside understanding what Jamie was telling her.

She pulled her own blinds and headed for her bedroom door, dragging her winter coat with her. Padding down the stairs and feeling like she was caught in a sync of déjà vu, she headed towards the front door. Adding even more to the feeling, she saw Eva sitting in her chair in the sewing room, needlework in her lap, her nightly ritual firmly in place.

“Do me a favor before you hurry off,” Eva said, stopping Kyle in her tracks. “Change the record, will you?”

“Absolutely.” With a pep in her step, Kyle did Eva's bidding, not looking at the old woman whom she knew was watching her every move with amusement.

“I'm wondering if it was possible for you to do that even faster,” Eva chuckled.

Kyle tossed her a glare over her shoulder. “Be nice, old woman or you can change it yourself,” Kyle teased, making Eva laugh.

“Come here,” Eva said softly, holding her hand out, which Kyle took. Eva took Kyle's other hand, holding them both tight as she looked up at Kyle with the love-filled eyes of a mother. “Love each other, honey,” she encouraged. “Take care of each other.”

Kyle smiled and looked away for a moment before meeting Eva's gaze again. “We already do.”

Eva's smile was brilliant. She let go of Kyle's hands only to reach up for a hug, planting a kiss on Kyle's cheek. “Don't keep your lady waiting.”

Kyle's smile matched that of Eva. She bent down and gave Eva a noisy kiss on her soft, wrinkled cheek then shrugged into her jacket. “For the first time in my life I feel like I've got everything I could possibly need. Well, except a job.”

Eva chuckled. “Well, you have been a bit busy to job hunt.”

“Yes, ma'am. See you later.”

Kyle made her way out into the cold night, the wind and snow whipping around her naked head, making her shiver. She began to shiver in a different way as she neared Jamie's house, all the windows dark except for the one on the second floor. As Kyle's boot hit the first step of the porch, the front door opened, Jamie appearing in a robe looking more gorgeous than Kyle had ever seen her.

“Hey you,” Jamie said, her voice velvety soft.

“Hey, yourself.” Kyle mounted the stairs and entered the house, Jamie locking and closing the door behind them.

Jamie had to admit, she was scared as hell but one look into Kyle's eyes and she knew this was right. This was what she wanted. Kyle, was what she wanted. She reached for her, cupping her face and pulling her to her, their lips meeting quickly and with a savage passion that took them both by surprise. As the kiss continued, Jamie unzipped Kyle's jacket and pushed it off her shoulders, needing to get closer to the blonde than the bulky jacket would allow.

Realizing what Jamie was trying to do, Kyle helped as much as she could, the jacket falling to the floor with a plop. Her hands free again, she took hold of the knot to Jamie's robe, tugging it free and snaking her hands inside the warmth. Jamie gasped loudly as Kyle's cold hands touched her skin.

Kyle chuckled into the kiss. “Sorry.”

“Let's get you warmed up,” Jamie said, giving one final peck before taking Kyle by the hand and leading her towards the stairs. “We have to be quiet, Kyle. Rory is asleep just across the hall.”

Kyle nodded in understanding as they made their near-silent, but quick trek up the stairs and down the hall, Jamie clicking her bedroom door softly in place, pushing the button lock to engage it, as it wouldn't do to be surprised by a 5 year old. She pushed away from the door and walked over to where Kyle stood, their gazes never wavering.

“I don't know what I'm doing, Kyle,” she said softly.

“If you understand passion – which I know you do – then you know exactly what you're doing, baby.”

Jamie smiled, leaning in to give Kyle an appreciative kiss. “I don't think I could ever get tired of kissing you.”

“Then don't try,” Kyle murmured against Jamie's lips. She deepened the kiss, her hands coming up to be placed on Jamie's hips. She reveled in the softness of the silk beneath her fingers, though knew what lay beneath was even softer.

Jamie sighed into the kiss as she felt her robe being brushed open again, warmer hands finding the flesh of her sides. She knew in that moment that she desperately wanted to know what it felt like to be naked with Kyle. Her hands found their way to the hem of Kyle's shirt and tugged. Kyle got the idea and lifted her arms, her shirt whipped off in one graceful movement.

Jamie looked at what was revealed, her gaze thirsty for more. She reached around Kyle and unhooked her bra, desperate to see the beautiful swell of flesh released. She struggled with the clasps, both smiling. “It's easier unhooking my own,” she explained sheepishly.

“It gets easier with practice.” Kyle reached behind herself and helped until finally the silky garment slid down Kyle's arms and to the floor.

“I've wanted to touch these for a long time,” Jamie admitted, cupping Kyle's full breasts in her hands.

“Anytime you want to, feel free,” Kyle sighed, taking Jamie in another kiss. She pushed Jamie's robe off her shoulders, it too falling to the floor. She brought their naked breasts together, Jamie's gasp turning into a soft moan. “It gets even better,” Kyle promised, her hands roaming down the planes of Jamie's back.

“I don't know if I'll survive tonight,” Jamie chuckled, her fingers finding the button and zipper on Kyle's jeans. “These I know how to do.”

Kyle smiled, watching as Jamie unfastened her pants and pushed them down her legs. Jamie fell to her knees, working on the laces of Kyle's boots, which Kyle stepped out of one at a time, followed by her socks and finally the jeans and her panties.

Jamie stood, her gaze searching over Kyle's body, her own body reacting as she became completely saturated. “I want you so bad,” she gasped, pulling Kyle into another savage kiss.

Kyle broke the kiss after a long moment and led Jamie over to the bed, gently pushing her to lie on her back, Kyle moving on top of her. They moaned at the feel of full body contact, Kyle immediately seeking out Jamie's mouth again. She rested on a forearm, leaving her other hand free to explore and touch as she left Jamie's mouth and began to lick and kiss her neck.

Jamie's eyes slid closed, her hands running down Kyle's back to her behind. She took two handfuls of flesh and squeezed gently, getting a moan in return. She couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to touch Kyle and be touched by her. Yes, it had been a long, long time since her body had been touched, but she knew tonight had to do specifically with Kyle.

Thoughts blown out of her head as a nipple was suddenly engulfed in wet heat, Jamie gasped and whimpered softly. Her hands found Kyle's head, for a moment wishing Kyle's hair had already grown back as she wanted to run her fingers through what had always looked like golden silk.

Kyle, for her part was in heaven. She tongued the rigid flesh in her mouth, her hand massaging Jamie's other breast. She loved the sounds Jamie was making: soft little sighs and needy whimpers, her hips beginning to buck gently against Kyle's stomach as she lay between Jamie's long legs. She could feel abundant wetness painted on her skin with every little thrust and could smell Jamie's need.

Jamie gasped softly when a tongue left a fiery trail down the center line of her stomach, then gasped again when she felt some rub against her hard clit. Looking down the length of her body, she saw Kyle grinning up at her, Kyle's own breas in her hand, the hard nipple glistening with Jamie's desire.

“They're multi-functional,” Kyle murmured before scooting herself further down between Jamie's legs.

Jamie's chuckle was interrupted by a soft cry as that magical tongue sliced through her sex, the sounds of Jamie's saturation heard. “Oh my god,” she whimpered, hands again finding Kyle's head, her touch careful as she didn't want to hurt Kyle's injury.

The last thing on Kyle's mind was her injury as she feasted. The taste and smell of Jamie was driving her crazy. She brought up a hand, sliding two fingers inside, Jamie's hips rising as she was filled, followed by a guttural groan. Kyle worked her tongue outside as her fingers worked inside. It wasn't long before Jamie's breathing became quick and erratic, her hips moving non-stop now. Knowing that Jamie was close, Kyle redoubled her efforts, her tongue concentrating on the engorged clit while her thrusts increased.

Jamie's world narrowed down to the sensations Kyle was causing within her body and to finding a way to be quiet about her upcoming release. She grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it as she cried out, her body exploding around Kyle's fingers and in her mouth.

Kyle held on tight, coaxing out as much pleasure as she possibly could before discretely wiped her face on the sheet below them then climbed back up Jamie's body, leaving a trail of kisses along the way. She and Jamie shared Jamie's flavor in a heated kiss, Kyle's body thrumming and exposed. She feared that with one look from Jamie she'd explode.

“I want you so bad,” Jamie moaned into the kiss, pushing to turn them over.

“It's not gonna take much, baby,” Kyle warned, grabbing Jamie's hand and thrusting it between her legs. “God,” she groaned, guiding Jamie's fingers inside her core.

Jamie was stunned by the magical feeling of being inside Kyle: surrounded by immense heat and slick softness. “This is incredible,” she marveled, then began to pump her fingers, sensing Kyle's intense need.

“Fuck,” Kyle hissed, her fingers claw-like in the sheet.

Jamie flicked her tongue over one of Kyle's nipples, moaning at the taste and feel. She took the whole thing in her mouth as her fingers continued in their task until finally Kyle exploded, her cry also muffled behind a pillow, which Jamie grabbed, replacing it with her own mouth.

After a long, satisfying kiss, Jamie moved to her side, head held in an upraised palm. She looked at Kyle with adoring eyes. “There aren't words for what you just did to me.”

Kyle grinned. “Sure there are: it's called cunnilingus.”

Jamie slapped Kyle playfully on the arm. “Smart ass.” She leaned down and delivered a slow, sweet kiss, her fingers caressing Kyle's face as she did. She pulled away from the kiss and studied Kyle's face, her heart swelling with all the unsaid emotions. “What you did to me was make me feel.” She took Kyle's hand and placed it over her heart. “You made me see that this isn't dead.”

Kyle felt what Jamie said to her core, seeing her own truth reflected in each word. She traced Jamie's features with a fingertip. “Does Rory know his super hero is in love with his mom?”

The smile those words evoked was brighter than a thousand suns. “I love you, too,” Jamie whispered, taking Kyle in a fierce hug. “So much and it's so strange.”

“Why? ‘Cause we've known each other for like three months?”

Jamie grinned as she pulled out of the hug, but still hovered over Kyle. “If that, and yes.”

“Honey, love between women happens fast. Or so I'm told.” Kyle grinned, running her fingertips up and down Jamie's back.

“You do bring up a good point, Kyle. How do I explain this to Rory? The only person he's ever seen me with was Joel, and that was when he was a toddler.”

“You've not been with anyone since Joel?” Kyle asked gently, brushing some hair out of Jamie's face. “God, you're beautiful.”

Jamie smiled, charmed. “Thank you, and no. A random date here or there, but never more than one and never did I bring them home.”

“He's still very young, Jamie. You may have jealousy issues, but he's very young.”

“He adores you, you know,” Jamie said, running a fingertip up and down Kyle's stomach, mindful of the bruises that were beginning to turn lighter shades as the various layers of skin healed.

“And it's completely returned. I think he's an amazing kid.” Her hand slipped into Jamie's hair, running through the silky strands. “It'll all work out in the end, baby. We'll be okay.”

Jamie moved on top of Kyle and began to kiss her neck. “I didn't get to explore all that much before,” she murmured in between kisses. “I wanna try that cunnilingus thing.”

“Don't let me stop you,” Kyle moaned as Jamie began to kiss and lick her way further south.


Kyle sighed in her sleep, her body changing its position and ending up pressed against another body. Green eyes opened, as this was an incredibly unusual thing to feel in her bed. Before her she saw nearly black hair, the heat created between their bodies warming from the inside out. It only took a moment for her to realize that not only was she not in her own bed but that she was in Jamie's bed.

The previous night coming back to her, she cuddled up close behind Jamie, wrapping a protective arm around her, hand cradled between two beautiful breasts. A soft moan escaped her lips as she absorbed the incredible feel of the body against her own. She loves me. A stupid smile spread across Kyle's lips at the thought.

“You're keeping me warm,” Jamie murmured, tucking Kyle's hand even further into the blissful heat between her breasts.

“You, too.” She brought them even closer together, playfully pushing her hips into Jamie's behind.

“Mmmm, is that so?” Jamie purred, reaching a hand back and placing it on the side of Kyle's thigh. She pushed her behind back into her.

All playfulness gone, Kyle removed her hand from between Jamie's breasts and brought it down along her side, over her ribs, down over her hip and to her thigh, where she gently urged Jamie to open her legs. “Lean back into me, baby,” she murmured into Jamie's ear, placing a kiss there.

Jamie did, turning so she halfway between laying on her back and halfway laying on her side, Kyle supporting the weight from her position on her side. The three-quarter placement gave Kyle nearly full access to the gorgeous woman she was touching. She encouraged Jamie to place her top thigh back over Kyle's hip, leaving her open and completely accessible.

“You are so sexy, Jamie,” Kyle whispered, running her hand back up over Jamie's hip, her side and ribs and finally to cup her right breast. “I'm going to make you feel good, baby,” she whispered, twaking the hardened nipple. “You feel so incredible…”

Jamie whimpered softly, her body suffused with sensation and extreme arousal. “Touch me, baby,” she whimpered, her sex pulsating with need.

Kyle let go of the breast and ran her hand over a flat stomach and over Jamie's pubic bone and wiry hair until her fingers sank into the extreme wetness she found between Jamie's legs. She loved how responsive Jamie was to her, her little movements and sounds. It completely turned Kyle on.

Kyle pushed her fingers through the soaked folds until she ran her fingertips up and down the seam, gathering wetness as she went. She didn't go to the entrance as she wanted to make Jamie come just with her clit. She laced the side of her neck with heated kisses and murmured words of love and desire, heightening Jamie's need. Jamie's clit fully lubricated, Kyle began to concentrate on the hardened nub, amazed at just how aroused Jamie had gotten in the few moments since she'd started her little seduction.

“You're so ready for me,” she whispered, her own sex clenching. “So wet. So fucking gorgeous…”

“Kyle,” Jamie whimpered, unable to say much else.

“I'm here, baby. Gonna make you come now, okay?” Kyle said, her words shaky from her rising need. She focused her attention fully on the clit, finding the rhythm and pattern that made Jamie cry out in pleasure.

“Please,” Jamie begged, her voice no more than a breathy whisper now. “Please, baby…”

“Come for me,” Kyle whispered, her fingers a blur as they rubbed the sensitive flesh, her fingers and hand soaked as more fluid rushed out as Jamie came, her cry muffled behind a bit lip.

“Jesus!” she gasped, trying to get her body to calm down.

“You are so amazingly beautiful,” Kyle said, rubbing soothing circles to Jamie's side, placing a soft, loving kiss on her neck. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Jamie turned her body so she was facing Kyle where they shared a deep, lazy kiss. “Your turn,” she murmured against Kyle's lips.

“Next time, baby. Rory will probably be up soon, and the last thing he needs right now is to be locked out of his mother's bedroom.”

Jamie groaned, as she longed to touch Kyle, but she knew she was right. “Okay.” They kissed again. “Why don't you go get Eva and the two of you come back for breakfast like say around,” she glanced at the clock to see that it was already after six, “seven-thirty, maybe?”

“Great idea.” Kyle flopped over onto her back, stretching her body with a satisfied groan, knowing full well Jamie's eyes were on her.

“You have one of the most beautiful bodies I've ever seen,” Jamie purred, sitting up and running a hand from Kyle's upper chest, down between her breasts and to her belly button, then back up again.

“No, you do.”

Jamie rolled her eyes. “We sound like a couple love-sick idiots.”

“Yeah, and?” Kyle grinned. She sat up and stole a kiss then climbed out of bed and dressed.


Kyle was nearly skipping as she made her way back across the snow-covered lawns to her front door. She used her key to unlock the door and stepped inside. She closed the door behind her and was about to lock it – as was Eva's preference – when she stopped, listening. It was a strange sound that after a moment, Kyle realized was one of Eva's records, but it seemed to be stuck on a scratch, the same two words playing over and over and over again.

She walked towards Eva's sewing room and stopped dead in her tracks, frozen when she saw Eva sitting in her recliner, slightly slumped to the side and her eyes closed. Her skin was ashen, her hand still clutching the framed picture of Grace, resting in her lap. Kyle walked further into the room, no longer hearing the skipping record, instead her eyes locked on Eva, her heart pounding.

“Oh god,” she whispered, walking over to the recliner and squatting down next to Eva's reclined feet. “Eva?” she said, her voice shaky, as her heart screamed at her. She reached out a hand and touched the hand that held the picture: cold.

Kyle's hand went to her mouth, covering it as the tears came, her gaze locked on the peaceful smile stretched across Eva's lips. Kyle's head fell, forehead resting on the arm of the chair as her body shook with her silent sobs. Eyes a vibrant green from her tears, Kyle looked back into Eva's face, hoping against hope that maybe something would change and Eva would open her eyes and ask how Kyle's night had gone.

“Oh, Eva,” she whispered, her gaze falling to the picture. A smile spread across her face through her tears.

Jamie's fanny whipped back and forth as she leaned over the tub, about to turn on the water for her shower. She had a song in her head and dance in her step. She had never felt so wonderful in her life! She'd never known – truly known – what it felt like to be in love. Well, Lord above, she was in love !

“The hills are alive, with the sound of muuuuuuussssssiiiiiic!” she bellowed, giggling at her own goofiness.

“Mom!” was yelled from the hallway outside the bathroom. “Don't sing! You suck!”

Jamie laughed; nothing could stop her happy mood today! Life was amazing, love was amazing, good sex was absolutely, totally, incredibly and frickin' amazing!!

A moment later, as Jamie was stripping out of her robe, Rory returned with more news.

“Mom! A knock at the door!”

Jamie grabbed her robe and struggled to get into it as she could hear the panic in her son's voice. She pulled open the door to find him nearly hugging the wall next to the bathroom door. “It's okay, sweetie,” she cooed, running her fingers through his dark hair. “No bad men.”

Jamie made her way down the stairs, an instant smile coming to her face when she recognized Kyle through the glass in the front door. Her smile fell off her face, however when she saw the red-rimmed eyes and profound sorrow in her expression.

“Hey,” she said, unlocking and pulling open the door. “What's wrong?” All Kyle could do was cry, no words able to escape her profound grief. “What is it, baby?” Jamie whispered, pulling Kyle into an embrace.


Kyle and Jamie stood together in the entryway as they watched the paramedics wheel Eva out on a gurney. She went through the front door, the door closing with a soft click. Kyle could see them load her into the back of the M.E.'s van then drive away. She tried to hold herself together for Jamie's sake, even though silent tears slid down her cheeks. Jamie had been crying non-stop since she'd entered the house and had seen Eva for herself. She was nearly inconsolable. Kyle had called Jim and Lana to come get Rory an hour ago, the situation far too confusing and stressful for him.

After everyone had left, a puffy-eyed Jamie turned to Kyle. “Guess that's it.” She was doing her damndest to calm herself down. A soggy Kleenex was in her hand, which she tossed to a tabletop, grabbing a fresh tissue from the box on the same tabletop.

Kyle met her gaze, not sure what to do. “I guess maybe let's look around here, see if there's anyone to contact?” she suggested.

Jamie nodded, feeling numb and shocked. “Yeah. She's never mentioned any family. Maybe there's friends we should call.” She took several deep breaths but then felt the tears start up all over again.

“Come here, baby,” Kyle whispered, taking Jamie into a warm embrace: part for Jamie and part for her own comfort.

Jamie was led over to the couch where they lay down, Jamie continuing to cry. She cuddled up to Kyle, trying to take as much comfort from her as she could. She was completely heartbroken and felt a deep loss and a void; Eva had truly become family to her. Seeing her so still and pale in that recliner had nearly brought her to her knees.

“Think of it this way,” Kyle said softly, a hand running through Jamie's hair as Jamie began to calm. “Now she's with Grace, Jamie. That's all she wanted, was to be with her partner again. I don't think Eva was ever whole again, once Grace died.”

Jamie sniffled, wiping at her nose and eyes. “I think you're right.” She stared off into a not-so-distant past of the family dinner they'd had the night before. “She was so alive and happy last night, Kyle. Not a thing in the world wrong.”

“I know, baby.” Kyle placed a kiss on top of Jamie's head. “It was just her time. She went so peacefully.” They lay there for a long time in companionable silence before Kyle spoke again. “Jamie?”

“Yeah, love?”

“I've been thinking about something for a little bit now: especially after all the events with Joel and that whole deal. Now, with Eva gone, it's kinda cemented for me.”

Jamie lifted her head to look at Kyle. “What is?”

Kyle brushed a few strands of hair back from Jamie's face. “I want to leave her. I want to start over somewhere new where there aren't any bad memories: nothing but a future that's still unwritten.”

For just a second Jamie felt panic settle in, then something inside told her exactly what Kyle was trying to say. “You want Rory and I to join you.” A statement.

Kyle smiled with a nod. “More than anything.”

She kept Kyle's gaze for a long time, her own heart speaking to her. In all truth, it wasn't far off the mark to what she'd been thinking since Rory had come home. She smiled, placing a soft kiss on Kyle's lips. “Yes,” she said simply.

Kyle was shocked. “Yes? You mean, yes as in you'll come with me?”

“There's nowhere else I'd rather be, Kyle. I want us – the three of us – to start over. It would probably be good for Rory, too.”

Kyle smiled, hugging Jamie close. “I love you.”

“I love you back.”


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