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The room was shrouded in mist floating around two hooded figures standing near a large stone pool, watching the reflection of activity. One of them spoke up voicing their thought.
Figure 2(pointing to the pool): Do you think this is wise? After all, they are not exactly on equal footing.)
The first figure motioned with their hand showing another reflection.

Figure (softly): As it has been deemed from the beginning she must answer to protect those she cares for. And to stop this evil from spreading forth.

Second Figure (agreeing): They are their descendants…

First Figure: And she is pure evil. She must know what her and her soul mate are up against.

Second Figure: This evil must be stopped or else the rest of the world will be doomed.

The figures vanished but as we look closer. We see a scene revealing the reason why the events spoken are being called into question.

South Carolina:

The cool breeze blew though the room ruffling the papers on the desk but not disturbing the dark haired woman working on them. Mel shifted and stretched then went back to her translating; shuffling books and papers. If she could only get a piece of syntax right then she would have one of the greatest finds in history at her fingertips. The map of the last known Amazon Village.

Janice steered the motorcycle in the driveway smiling. She remembered Mel's phone call to her earlier that afternoon and hoped that she had made the complete translation of the scrolls they had found from their last dig sight in Greece. Even to herself some of it didn't make sense. Like the timeframe or the events surrounding the scroll. Getting off her bike and grabbing her pack, she walked up the back steps and was greeted by a very excited gorgeous brunette.
Mel (kissing her softly): I've got it.

Janice (throwing her worn brown fedora on the bench by the door and nearly swallowing her tongue; Mel was wearing her silk robe; the one that barely covered her bum and nothing else; she could smell her perfume and her arousal but first things first): I'm proud of you honey. So what does it say?

Mel (pulling the jacket off her shoulders): First, let's go take a shower then I want to make up the past couple of days I've been ignoring you (leaning in for another kiss.)
Janice (pushing her against the door; the past week Mel had been work diligently on the scroll and Janice had been left alone to her own work; now though): Baby I understand…
Mel (turning the tables and slamming her into the wall): I know but I feel bad so I want to make it up to you (thrusting her tongue into her lover's mouth.)
Janice (weakening, she really wanted to read the notes and find out what was in them but oh good God; moaning): I don't think I can make it to the shower.
Mel (undoing her shirt): Then I'll guess we'll make do now won't we (pushing her thigh between her partner's legs and thrusting upward.) I want you right here and right now.
Janice (groaning at the sensual onslaught of her lover): Mel oh God (moaning as soft lips attacked her breasts; sharp bites and gentle kisses caused her senses to reel and grabbed the dark long locks to hold her closer fearing her lover's touch wouldn't be enough.)

Mel (reaching inside her partner's pants): Someone's happy to see me.

Janice (moaning): Baby…

Mel (taunting): What do you want? What do you need?
Janice (growling): You oh God fuck me baby…

Mel (smirking): Such a dirty little mouth (yelping as she was shoved to the floor and straddled by her partner.) Jan what are you oh yeah baby (looking at the blonde head between her legs and moaning as teeth and lips teased her clit.)

Janice (smirking): It's not nice to tease love so (bending her head down) I'm going to take you here and now (moaning at the sweet taste of her partner; she could never get enough) no questions.
Mel (bucking her hips): Yes, oh yes baby.

Both women forgot about the notes and everything else for the afternoon as the sounds of love and passion echoed in the hallway.

Elysian Fields:

Xena (rolling on her side; reaching for her partner and finding the bed empty): Brie…

Gabrielle (walking in fresh from a shower; wrapped in only a towel): I wanted to let you sleep….

Xena (noticing the look on her partner's face): Brie what's wrong?

Gabrielle (shaking her head; she knew her partner wouldn't be too happy with this news): I found a scroll outside the door. There's a problem…

Xena (moaning and shoving the sheet back; smirking at the bite marks and hickeys that covered her body): What‘s wrong (sitting up stiffly?)
Gabrielle (taking a deep breath): The last village of the Amazons and its history are in danger of being wiped out completely.

Xena (her head reeling; she knew that after the Romans had taken over parts of Greece and all but annihilated the Amazon tribes and everyone else who opposed them): Which one?
Gabrielle (biting her lip): The one where we stayed after and our ceremony…
Xena (closing her eyes): Well then, I guess we better do something.

Gabrielle (shifting): Well it seems something's being done already.

Xena (taking a deep breath and pulling Gabrielle into her arms): Who?
Gabrielle (reveling in the strength of her partner's arms; the security and): Uh oh. Mel and Janice…
Xena (laying her head against her partner's chest): Then they'll need some help.

Gabrielle (tensing): Oh no you don't. The last time you tried to help you got in trouble with… (soft lips silenced her protests.)
Xena (turning and pushing Gabrielle on the bed): And you my love got me out of it. Besides, it was a stupid technicality anyway. The rule didn't apply to me (moving her lips down her wife's neck and across her collarbone.)

Gabrielle (opening her legs so her wife could settle between them; moaning at the exquisite contact of her lover's strong lithe body pressing against hers): Yes it did, you just batted those baby blues and got away with oh yeah (moaning as the towel was yanked open by impatient hands and as those same impatient hands began stroking the fires of her desire.)

Xena (softly): They need our help and those dam venerable guides can kiss my uh (as her mouth was seized.)
Gabrielle (panting): Xena please just shut up right now. I need you, I need to feel you.

Xena (placing kisses down her partner's torso): Yes my Queen (moving further down to her wife's point of need.)

Gabrielle (clutching a fistful of dark locks): Yes, right there oh Gods right there (as she felt sharp teeth nip her clit then a strong tongue lick up and down her drenched sex.)

Xena smirked and continued with the pleasurable task at hand err mouth. They would help their descendants tomorrow. Right now, though a certain gorgeous blonde needed to be thanked loved and reassured.

South Carolina:

Mel stumbled on weak legs into the kitchen. That Janice was going to kill her one of these days, but dam what a way to go. After the first intense round of lovemaking, they had showered and then went and read over the notes she had made from the scroll. Janice had been so excited and wound up she began immediately making plans for the dig site. The only problem was getting around all the development going on in the area but they would find a way. They always had before. And this was preserving part of history, their history.

Mel set up the coffee maker inhaling the delicious aroma. She decided to make breakfast as of no doubt last night's activities would leave her partner hungry even though they had a nice filling dinner. Pulling out two cups for the coffee then turning around to get the cream she came face to face with a tall woman and dropped the ceramic creamer.
Xena (cringing): You better make more coffee. Brie loves the stuff. I wish we had it way back when.

Mel (turning and grabbing a butcher knife): Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my kitchen?

Xena (moving forward slowly): Mel put the knife down. I just want to talk to you…
Mel (yelling): Jan (a large strong hand clamped over her mouth.)
Xena (softly): Shh. Easy I'm not going to hurt you…
Janice (running; wearing a flimsy robe not caring in the least): Dam right you won't (pointing her revolver at her.) Get away from her.

Xena (rolling her eyes): Janice put that thing down right now. I'm not to fond of them and neither is Brie.

Janice (angry; she'd be dammed if anyone was going to hurt Mel): I said get away from her.

Gabrielle (appearing beside Xena): You just had to go and scare them didn't you? Jan put the gun down there's no need for that. And Mel you look like (rushing over and catching the brunette before she hit the floor then cringing as the gun went off. She looked up and watched as her partner caught the bullet then advanced on the petite blonde.)

Xena (grabbing the gun): I don't like these (yanking it away.) Now are you going to listen or do I have to hog-tie you.

Gabrielle (gently patting Mel's face): You'll do no such thing. You had to go and do things your way instead of listening. Jan get me a cold cloth then I'll explain everything.
Jan (protesting): I don't know who you think you are but (hearing a low growl and looking up into six feet of tall dark) ok I'm going but if anything…
Xena (growling): Move it (laughing as Jan practically ran out of the room. She all right?
Gabrielle (rolling her eyes): Yes no thanks to you. You couldn't wait could you? You just had to (her silence protested as soft lips pressed against her own.) Brat…

Xena (smirking and licking her lips): Well uh…
Janice (walking back in and looking at the two women on the floor; realization dawning on her): Oh, shit.

Mel (opening her eyes): Oh my God…
Gabrielle (gently): Easy. You've just had to much excitement no thanks to trouble over there.

Xena (rolling her eyes and helping Mel up): Sorry about that but we need to talk to you. (Feeling strong hands touching her arm.) Yes (looking at Janice.)

Janice (shaking her head): Unbelievable. When you said…

Gabrielle (nodding): Yep we did. I think you can guess why we're here.

Mel (looking at Xena then at Gabrielle; they weren't dressed like Gabrielle had described in the scrolls but the resemblance was remarkable; Gabrielle and Janice were almost identical): Yeah it has something to do with the latest scroll we found.

Janice (pouring coffee for her and Mel then grabbing two extra mugs): Um…
Gabrielle (smiling and moving over to help her): Yeah. I'd appreciate it although someone doesn't need it.

Xena (playfully): Watch it brat.

Gabrielle (sticking her tongue): Make me (pouring coffee then adding cream and sugar.) Oh, that is yeow Xena now this is no way (being playfully hoisted over her wife's strong shoulders.)
Xena (sipping Gabrielle's coffee): That's good.
Mel (laughing at their antics): That's one way to get your coffee.

Janice (wrapping her arm around her wife's waist): You can say that again (watching as Xena gently put Gabrielle down and took the coffee mug and leaned against the counter.) There's a lot going on down there now. Development; territory wars; government interference and other activities that could get you both hurt if your not careful. Besides the South American Government isn't known to be kind to visitors especially in times of war or uncertainty.

Gabrielle (leaning against her partner): We can help you get in; get what you need and get out.

Janice (thinking): Something else is going on isn't there.

Xena (sipping her coffee): There's been rumors of some strange things going on as they get closer to the site. People coming up missing only to be found with no idea of what's happened. Equipment tampered with things like that.
Mel (arching her eyebrow): And you two would have nothing to with that.

Gabrielle (shaking her head): No as much as we would like to take credit for keeping them away from the sight it isn't us or any of the Amazons or anyone else we know for that matter.
Xena (shifting): That's why we're here.
Janice (pointing out the obvious): No offence but what do you have planned.
Gabrielle (eyeing her descendant): You get yourselves down there and we'll help you find the sight. I trust you both to do the right thing with some of the information found. It won't all be pretty.

Xena (kissing the top of her head): I'm sure you know the time frame certain events took place (they both nodded.) Not all of it was pretty.

Mel (questioning): But your ceremony took place around then and your daughter and her…
Gabrielle (closing her eyes): Yes. But there are things that happened that well let's just say things got real ugly at one point.

Janice (softly): We understand. Don't worry. We'll do everything we can to preserve history and respect your privacy.

Xena (nodding): And we appreciate that. Get your plans together and your gear. When your ready we'll meet you down there. If you should need anything, don't hesitate to ask.

Mel (looking at them; noticing the tension and look of sadness on both of their faces): Is…

Xena (reassuringly): Things will be fine and you'll understand once you find the other scrolls. For now Gabrielle and I have to make some plans.

Gabrielle (leaning forward and kissing them both): If you need us…
Mel (kissing her cheek): You'll be here.
Janice (taunting): Although the next time can, you use the front door (laughing.)

Xena (wrapping her in a bear hug): Maybe…

Gabrielle (smacking Xena's arm): Behave (causing Mel and Janice to laugh) we'll be around (and taking Xena's arm vanished.)
Janice (shaking her head): Wow when they said…
Mel (kissing the top of her head): I never doubted them for a minute love. Come on let's go get our itinerary together

Elysian Fields:

Gabrielle leaned against the railing reliving that point in time in her life when she thought she had lost everything only to have Xena come back and watch as the Amazons demanded not only Xena's blood but Eve's as well when Eve and Varia had made the announcement to join and share their wedding. It had been a nightmare, remembering the feeling of helplessness as both Xena and Eve were led to the temple to be cleansed then gasping as she recalled the look on both of their faces when they were led into the other chamber. The cries and yells and holding Varia in her arms.
Ephiny (walking out): There was nothing you could have done but abdicate your throne and neither Eve nor Xena would want that. And Varia was left with no choice…

Gabrielle (shaking her head; leaning back against Ephiny): They took her throne away though. They took her title like it meant nothing. Was it all for nothing Eph? Was there a choice or was there no choice at all?
Ephiny (looking at the sky; then at the women who was the true Queen of the Amazons): You led them to glory and honor. You saved an almost extinct nation and made it stronger. And your ceremony to Xena…

Gabrielle (remembering fondly that beautiful day despite everything that had happened): She was such a nervous wreck (chuckling.)
Ephiny (laughing): And you were no better. Then Eve couldn't get it through her head why her and Varia couldn't be together until after the ceremony. That stubborn gene runs tight in your family doesn't it?

Gabrielle (playfully smacking her): Hush. I know they'll do the right thing that's why I trust them with this. I hope Xena can behave though. She scared them this morning.

Ephiny (looking around): I heard. I hear one of the elders had a good laugh over it though. Something about an irritating haunting.

Gabrielle (smirking): That she can be. What do you think of this Ephiny? Do you think we should go in and uncover the veil of our history? Or should we let it be.

Ephiny (looking into green eyes): Uncover the veil. The world needs to see the truth. And I know Mel and Janice will respect your privacy. (Wrapping her arm around her shoulders) let's go find that misbehaving Warrior Princess of yours and see what she's up to.

South Carolina:

Mel (folding her shirt and putting it in the suitcase): Jan calm down please. We'll deal with things when we get there.

Jan (frustrated): Do you know who Terrence Siers is. He's the most ruthless; conniving; unethical idiot I've ever met. He thinks nothing of preservation and….

Mel (pulling Janice to her): And I know, I know what he's done and what he's capable of. We won't let him get away with this shit. This time he'll go down.
Janice (looking up into soft blue eyes): Mel no the last time we ran into him he sent his thugs after you when you went to the hotel ahead of me. If it hadn't been for this nagging sixth sense then I hate to think of what would have happened.

Mel (remembering and shivering): Yes but if you remember I had things somewhat under control. I had taken out two when you came crashing through the door.

Jan (rubbing her arms): I could feel you; feel your emotions; feel your sense of fear and anxiety. (Thinking) but you looked so hot standing there using my whip; and throwing that chair clear across the room.

Mel (leaning down and kissing her again): And then you crash in and save me (brushing her lips against her partner's.) My hero; my champ…

Jan (kissing her): I am not your champion, love. I'm your partner (moaning pushing Mel towards the bed) your wife and (undoing the ties to her robe) your friend (groaning as Mel's six foot gorgeous body was revealed slowly) your best fiend (licking her lips.)

Mel (nodding and moving to hover over her lover): Yes (leaning down and licking her nipples; teasing; tasting and then was flipped over on her back.)
Jan (straddling her hips): And you're my everything now (leaning down and kissing her lips gently) enough talking (sliding her hand down a long tan torso) let me show my appreciation for such a gorgeous creature.

South America:
Digging equipment; trucks and men loitered about knocking down trees and ripping up vegetation.

Terrence (yelling) Put your backs into it. We have to have this section cleared by the end of the week.

Local (putting down his hatchet): But sir you've heard the rumors. This area is known to be haunted.

Terrence (grabbing the front of his shirt): You either get to work or I'll pay another visit to your wife. Maybe your sister the next time too (pushing him to the ground.) Now get back to work or I'll make that visit and you'll be sorry.)

From the treetops above Xena watched; her eyes cold and devoid of emotion. People like this Terrence guy were scum. Smirking she shifted her position; she moved towards the fuel barrels looking around she did a roundhouse kick and knocked one over causing the others beside it to fall and topple over. Pandemonium broke loose as the local started yelling about the guardians watching this place. She laughed then vanished.

Local (approaching Terrence): See Senor a ghost. No one was near there and the words died on his lips as Terrence aimed a gun and shot him point blank.)
Terrence (snarling): There's no such things as ghost. Clean this mess up and get back to work (stomping towards his tent.)

Elysian Fields:
Ephiny (looking over a map; it was the map they had used to map out the village well one of the villages; it would serve as a reference point and a refresher)
Melosa (leaning over her shoulder): Are you sure this is a good idea? Having the fact that some of our sisters did what they did to our allies?

Ephiny (looking her in the eye): Yes. Mel and Jan will respect their privacy and not expose any unnecessary details.

Melosa (thinking): I just don't want our sisters painted in a dark light.

Ephiny (grasping her arm gently): I know but I trust them they are the descendants of our dynamic duo.

Melosa (smiling): That they are. We will be working with them on this then. (Ephiny nodded) I only want small group going. It's been a long time for some us.

Ephiny (understanding): I've selected seven including myself.

Melosa (agreeing): All right. Let me know when you're ready to go. And if you should need anything…
Ephiny (bowing her head): Thank you my Queen.
Melosa smiled and turned leaving Ephiny in her thoughts. Ephiny turned back to the map going over the small details and trying to remember where things were kept and by whom.

Xena (walking in fresh from a bath): Hey Eph you seen Gabrielle?

Ephiny (shaking her head): She's with Eve, Varia and a few other Amazons. Did you find anything out?
Xena (nodding and looking at the map): Yes. The guy we're dealing with is scum. And I felt something, I don't know what but it didn't feel good.

Ephiny (looking at her quizzically): Well whatever it is, we'll find out and we'll deal with it.

Xena (arching her eyebrow): Yeah I know. So tell me who's coming along…
Gabrielle (shaking her head): No you and Varia are not coming along.

Eve (arguing): Yes, we are mom. We're part of this, part of you and mother.

Gabrielle (gently taking her daughter's hands in her own):Listen I don't have a good feeling about this. I don't know what it is but I don't want you and Varia to get hurt or get caught in the middle of something if I can help it.
Eve (taking a deep breath): But it's ok for you and mother. I'm not a child (cringing when she heard her mother yell.) Uh oh someone's not happy about something.

Gabrielle (wondering): I wonder…
Ephiny (running in): Um Gabrielle I think…
Xena (charging in): What the hell is going on? I thought I told you, you were staying put.

Eve (looking up at her mother): And I told you I'm coming along. So is Varia.

Xena (folding her arms across her chest): No…
Eve (defiantly): Yes…

Ephiny and Gabrielle looked at each knowing the outcome of this argument.

Xena (throwing her hands in the air): Fine but you do as I say or your mom says and the same goes for that featherhead of yours. There are certain things I don't want you there for. You got me.

Eve (arching her eyebrow much like her mother): No, I don't got you. I went through the same thing mother in the name of love. Something that you and mom taught me is worth dying for, sacrificing for. So your stuck with me and Varia as well as whoever else goes all the way.

Xena (glaring at the two snickering blondes): I can't win.

Eve (leaning up and kissing her mother on the cheek): Never could between mom and I.

Xena (pointing to the door): Out. Before I change my mind.
Eve (turning and hugging Gabrielle): Thank you.
Gabrielle (smacking her bum): Get. I'm going to hear about this for a while you know that don't you.
Eve (winking): Yeah but it'll be worth it.
Xena (tapping her foot): Eve scram. And Ephiny…

Ephiny (looking up into light blue eyes): Yes Consort…
Xena (mock anger): Get lost. You troublemaker…

Ephiny (taunting): Of course Consort (leaning up and kissing her cheek) did anyone tell you, you're a softie (laughing and dodging the attempted swat.)

Gabrielle (laughing then looking up at over six feet of unamused Warrior Princess): Hi, love (sheepishly.)
Xena (walking toward her and inadvertently backing her into the wall): Yeah hi (bracing her hands on the wall besides Gabrielle's head.) You know you are in a world of trouble.

Gabrielle (seductively): What are you going to do, spank me?
Xena (wide eyed): Brie what in the (moaning as strong hands rubbed her breasts through her shirt.)
Gabrielle (teasing): Since I'm going to get it (reaching for the ties on Xena's pants and found herself hoisted over strong shoulders.) Yeow, hey, this isn't fair.
Xena (laughing and striding towards their bedroom): Fair went out the window over two thousand years ago little one. Just wait to I get done with you (smacking her bum.) And stop wiggling it'll only make your demise that much worse.

Gabrielle (residing to her fate with a smirk): Paybacks Warrior Princess. Paybacks.

South America

Terrence walked into the abandoned temple cursing this place. It was cold and damp and gloomy but for world power who cared. When he got what was promised places like this would be wiped off the map. A shower of sparks and flames startled him and he stepped back waiting.
Female Voice: She's here isn't she.

Terrence (gulping): Yeah uh, she caused some trouble earlier.
Female Voice (laughing): No matter. I'll deal with her and her precious little whore in due time.

Terrence (questioning): Since you're supposedly all powerful why don't you get the stuff your self. Why do we need this dead warrior. I mean come on…(he flew backwards as an unseen hand punched him.)

Female Voice (full of malice and anger): Because I need them to lead me to it. And never ever question me again.
Terrence (shaking his head to clear it): Shit no need to get testy. So we wait then we get them when they find it (stepping back as another shower of sparks erupted.).
Female Voice: Their goody, goody descendants will find it and then we take it.

Terrence (smirking): Oh yeah Janice Covington and Melinda Papas. I'd like to get both my hands on them if you know what I mean (licking his lips.)
Female Voice (yelling) Silence. You'll have your chance. But for now rest and enjoy (there was a shower of flame and two figures appeared in the temple with him. Both were women and one had a striking resemblance to Xena and Mel.)
Terrence (smirking): Nice (undoing the belt on his pants as they came closer reaching for him.)

South America Claridge Hotel

Janice (unpacking their suitcases; looking up as Mel came back in the room): No sign of them.

Mel (shutting the door with her hip and setting the tray on the table): Not yet.

Janice (turning around and looking at her wife appreciatively): Well we could always…
Mel (smirking): Behave you imp. You almost got us in trouble on the plane (soft kisses on her lips silenced her.)
Janice (caressing her face): Well that guy was staring at you then there was the stewardess who was looking you up and down like you were the next course on her dinner menu.

A knock on the door brought their attentions to other pressing matters.

Janice (opening the door and looking up into light blue eyes): Hey, we were just talking about you. Dam you two look (looking at Gabrielle then at Xena and back and forth.)

Xena (handing her a couple of scrolls): We have to fit in, right love.

Mel (nodding at the choice of attire; Xena had on dark green cargo pants; a white tank top and a black leather jacket; Gabrielle had on khaki cargo pants and a back tank top her jacket was similar to Janice's): Yes and you look wonderful.

Gabrielle (hugging her): Xena prefers her leather pants or her battledress though.
Xena (looking around the room with curiosity): I remember when the motion or moving picture was invented. It wasn't on a screen though.
Janice (looking over the scrolls): These are maps and key notes. You didn't have to go all through this for us. We would have found things especially with you two helping us.

Gabrielle (pointing to the map): Yeah but it'll make it easier especially if some of the traps still work in certain places.

Mel (gulping): Traps…
Xena (waving her hand): Oh you know, spike pits; swinging trees designed to crush a person; spear shooting from the ground that sort of thing. Nothing you two can't handle (clapping Janice on the back.)
Janice (looking up at her): Whoever told you, you had a sense of humor, lied Warrior Princess.

Gabrielle (arching her eyebrow): Xena stop scaring them. The only time you would have to worry about those, if they still work are here (pointing to a building on the map or here pointing to another one.)

Xena (finishing her sentence and playing with the radio buttons): Or the Palace. That is if they're still standing after all this time.

Mel (wondering): If they're well of course not but then…
Gabrielle (thinking): No the last village of the Amazons is still standing. You need a key to open the gate but it's suspended in time. Only an Amazon or a descendant can find it.

Janice (wide eyed): You mean that we'll be looking at a village like it was when well whenever….
Xena (figuring out the radio): Yes but they'll be no life in it.

Mel (sitting down): Then why are people who aren't obviously Amazon's or their descendants trying to find it.

Gabrielle (looking at her partner): Because of the Ambrosia hidden in their. It's still there to this day highly guarded and sought after.


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