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"I swear, Becker, that girl is practically drooling over you!"

"Toni, for the 87th time, she's looking at you and keep your voice down or she'll hear you!" I may be butch, but I do not want her to know I'm talking about her.

The "her" I'm talking about is this gorgeous brunette leaning against the bar about ten feet away from where my best friend, Toni, and I are sitting. I've seen her here every Thursday and Saturday for the last few weeks and she always gets here at ten. She comes in with a group of five or six other women and hangs around drinking for an hour before she goes to the dance floor and dances all night long. Well, all night until someone tries to pick her up, then she leaves the dance floor and goes back to the bar by herself where she'll have another gin and tonic and a glass of water before dancing again. If I hadn't seen her do that to so many other women here I would've asked her to dance ages ago. It's absurd, really. I put myself out there as being so butch and here is the one woman I'm scared to death to ask to dance with me. Anyone else and I would've been fine, but not her. She has this¼this¼aura around her. I couldn't explain it if I really wanted to. Maybe she's just so content with herself she doesn't need anyone else. Sometimes, though, when a slow song comes on and she leaves the dance floor alone, she just looks so sad. I can't stand it. I have to dance with her. "Maybe I will."

I hadn't even realized I spoke out loud until Toni asked what I said.

"Maybe I will¼go get another drink!" Pathetic cover, but Toni was too engrossed in checking out women to notice.

"Oh, well, get me one, too. Harp."

Just then, as I leaned forward and Toni was still looking at the bar, the brunette looked at Toni. She didn't just look at her, though, she looked at her, and motioned toward the bathroom. If Toni thought I hadn't caught it, she was crazy. I could feel the breath leave my lungs. I had just worked up the courage to talk to her and here she was, hitting on my best friend. Toni quickly looked at me and said she wasn't so thirsty after all but she was going to go to the bathroom.

"Okay, I'll wait here so we don't lose our table."

I don't think Toni even heard me. I've never seen someone move to the bathroom so fast. Of course, if there was a beautiful woman with silver eyes, cute dimples, long hair, a tube top and a tiny skirt inviting me to the bathroom, I'd run, too. To make matters worse, I looked back at Toni's new admirer just in time to see her bend over and pick up her purse which had fallen all the way to the floor. She didn't just bend down. She bent at the waist. That skirt covered nothing and I was trying to decide if she was wearing thongs or going commando. By the time I realized she had straightened back up she was walking toward me. Toward me? I had no idea what the hell was happening.

"Hi." She smirked. Probably at my mouth hanging open. Then, finally, I recovered. Leaning back in my chair with my feet planted firmly on the floor I looked up and knew I had to come up with something witty to say. Instead, I checked her out. Up, down, and up again. Damn, she was hot! I nodded, very slightly. Good, butch was coming back to me and, judging by her swallow, she could tell¼and she liked it.

"Um, is she your girlfriend?" She was so cute. Cute? Did I just think the word cute? Uh?oh, Becker, you've done it now.

"The one you just invited to the bathroom?" Of course, I knew exactly whom she was talking about, but I really just wanted her to keep talking to me. Pathetic, right?

"Yeah, that one."



Stimulating conversation, I know. Is your brain on overload? Mine was.

"So," she started, "you're single?"

"Why?" This was fun.

"I, um, I just thought maybe, ugh?" she stopped speaking, surged forward and kissed me. I mean she KISSED me. Senseless. Her tongue was like warm velvet against mine and her hair was as soft as it looked when I threaded my hand through it. She pulled back then with her eyes closed and her lips puffy. Sexy was the only word to describe her at that moment.

When I finally recovered from that kiss, that intense, wonderful, delicious, sexy, numbing, mind?blowing, incredible kiss, I cleared my throat and said, "I'm single, what's your name?"


"Well, Angie, I have a few questions for you. Would you like to have a seat?" She knew I was playing with her now.

"Okay." She sat down. On my lap. I don't think anyone else ever sat on my lap before her and when I felt her warm weight on top of me I thought I didn't want it to go away. I thought I wanted to make love to cute, little Angie¼repeatedly¼over a very long time span¼like forever. I know it seems fast, but I knew I was falling for her the first time I saw her. I haven't slept with anyone else since then.

"If you thought Toni, the woman who's waiting for you in the bathroom, was my girlfriend, why did you invite her in there?"

"So that I could talk to you alone."

"Why do you want to talk to me alone?"

She leaned in to whisper in my ear. She smelled amazing. I don't care how many women have that perfume, it only smells that way on Angie and it smells phenomenal. "I want to talk to you alone because I want to know why the only woman that I've wanted to ask me to dance for the past month and a half is the only woman who hasn't asked me to dance in the past month and a half. I want to know what I can do to make the sexiest, most desirable woman who has stepped foot in this bar want me as much as I want her." Then she did it. She licked my neck all the way up to my earlobe and I shivered. I was wet for her. Not just wet, but wet and ready to come¼hard.

"I watched you turn everyone else down and I knew that I wouldn't be able to stand it if you turned me down, too." I don't know why I was so honest with her but I knew that she would only accept the truth for me. She wanted the truth and I wanted to give it to her. I wanted her to know how much she had affected everything in me. I wanted her to know how wet she made me. I wanted her to take me. Me! I thought I was butcher than butch and, yet, there I was, ready to beg her to touch me. I should've begged to touch her, but I knew I wouldn't have to.

"I would never have turned you down. Tonight was your last chance, though. You didn't ask me to dance. I swore I wouldn't keep coming here for you if you didn't want me, too."

"Angie. I want you. Dance with me."

And she did. Wow, can that woman dance! For the first time ever, I was witness to Angie dancing to a slow song. She danced with me. Her gorgeous body was pressed against my harder one. I could feel her breasts against mine, I could feel her heat and I knew when we made love it would be an explosion. I was desperately looking forward to that explosion.

Being nearly the same height made dancing that much sexier. My right leg was nestled snugly between hers and hers between mine. I knew she could feel the heat coming off of my sex. I knew she would soon know just how wet I was getting with her hands going up and down my back. Then she brought her right hand over my shoulder and down over my heart. The heel of her hand massaged the top of my breast. An inch lower and she would be touching my nipple. I knew I would come if she did. I leaned in and sucked on her earlobe before I gently whispered, "would you like to come home with me?" I had never spoken to a prospective "lay" like that in my life and I had never invited one home with me, but something about Angie just inspired my gentle, trusting side to come out. I didn't want to be gruff with her. I wanted everything to be sweet and¼soft.

"I would love to. First, though, tell me your name."

"Jennifer Michelle Becker." I haven't told someone my first name in I don't know how long and I told her. Shit! This had to stop, fast, I had to get control back.

"So, Jennifer Michelle Becker, where were you hoping to take me?"

"Everybody just calls me Becker. Um, I was asking if you would like to come home with me."

She waited so long to answer that I thought she hadn't heard me. "Yes. Let's go, Becker."

As we left the dance floor, Angie told me to wait for her at my table while she said good?bye to her friends. She told me to do something and I did. Without hesitation. Who was the femme here?

When I got to the table, Toni stood, looked at me, nodded and left. We had an understanding about women not coming between us but I knew this one bothered her. I did appreciate her leaving me alone to wait for Angie, though. I didn't have to wait long.

I was sitting there, leaning back in my chair and she walked up looking like she owned the place. It was so cute! Damn, I said cute again. Then it turned sexy. She looked like she was on the hunt and I was her prey. It was hot as hell.

Angie walked up to me and stopped. She bent over and put her face next to mine so I could see directly into her shirt and whispered, "touch me, Becker, soon, or I won't survive."

So, I reached out and slid my palm up the outside of her left leg. Her skin was softer than I imagined and when I reached her ass I squeezed. Angie gasped and I knew she was just as wet as I was. I guided her down to straddle my right leg and slid my fingers under her thong (yes, thong) to feel the incredible heat and the sweet moisture I knew would be there. I heard her groan and realized that if I didn't stop right then and there we would make love at the bar table. Thinking that was too low class for Angie and myself, I removed my hand, placed it gently on her hip and asked if she was ready to leave. She nodded, wide?eyed and trembling.

I stood and reached for Angie's hand; she smiled at that. What kind of jerk am I? All you have to do is hold hands and chicks smile. I felt badly for not having done that before. Outside, I lead the cutie to my bike. That baby is my pride and joy. I worked hard to buy my Harley and I never regretted it. I was glad I had grabbed the extra helmet.

"Beck. I can not get on that thing!"

"Why, Angie? It's fun. C'mon, you can hold on tight." I winked with the last part.

"No, Becker, I'm not scared, but I'm¼"

"What, Angie?" I was starting to understand, "you changed your mind. Hey, it's okay." I was crushed. I hadn't wanted to just sleep with her. I wanted to wake up with her, too. I wanted to make her breakfast and offer her the first shower. I wanted to know if she drank coffee and whether or not she was a morning person. Really, though, I really just wanted to hold her in my arms and feel her heartbeat against mine. "You didn't make any promises." I tried to turn quickly because I actually thought I might cry.

She didn't let me turn around; she grabbed my arm and pressed against me. "Becker, I want you," she growled, "I just can't ride your bike."

"Why not?" I was perplexed.

"If I have to straddle anything right now ? I'll explode."

"You mean you'll¼" I raised my eyebrows. Mature, I know, but I was too hot to think clearly.

"Yes, do you think you can drive my truck? We can come get your Harley tomorrow." Angie gave me these big, adorable, puppy?dog eyes just before she kissed my neck¼how could I say no?

"Of course, I'll drive your truck. Do you still want to come home with me?" Angie kissed me in response, deeply and passionately. She wanted to go. Immediately.

When we got to her truck she handed me her keys and I opened the door for her. We were both in and belted and I was on the road before I realized Angie was staring at me. I glanced at her and completely didn't understand the look on her face.

"What's up, Angie? You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm just not quite sure why you're taking me home with you. I mean, from what I hear, you're the Casanova of the club we were just in. You never take anyone home with you. You never stay for breakfast. You never give out your number and you are never sweet!"

She had been listing all of these things on her fingers. I was thankful when she stopped.

"So far, Beck, you've been nothing but sweet. You're taking me home with you. I plan on staying for breakfast and I bet you'd give me your number if I asked. I just don't get it."

"Um, those things were all true."

"What happened?"

"Can we talk about it later? I know that sounds evasive, but I'd really appreciate it."

She sighed and waited a couple seconds before saying, "you will have to explain this at some point, okay?"

I could tell she was still looking at me. "Okay," I said with a nod and a smile.

When I reached for her hand she eagerly laced her long, slender fingers through mine. Angie gasped as I softly kissed her palm and laid her hand on my thigh so I could shift. It was hard enough to drive with her in the car with me but having her hand on my leg was bordering on complete distraction. Then, she started to massage my thigh.

"Uh, Angie?"

"Yeah?" Her voice was so breathy, I got wet with just that one word.

"I, uh, I can't drive."

When she squeezed my thigh and removed her hand I wasn't glad. I missed her warmth.

Finally, we got to my apartment. Now, I must say, I live in a very nice apartment. It doesn't look like a "bachelor pad" except in the kitchen. I have only the bare essentials in there; coffee, sugar, creamer, bread, peanut butter and bananas. Angie and I walked in, I let her go first (it was a great view), I thought she would want to look around a little. I was wrong.

As soon as the door clicked shut she had my back pressed against it. "Please, Becker, now." Damn, those three words, whispered urgently in a husky voice, shot directly between my legs.

"Yeah, baby," was all I could manage.

"Call me Angie. Please. I need to know you know it's me." She said while she kissed and licked and bit her way around my neck.

In response, I gently cradled her angelic face between my shaking hands and reassured her, "Angie, baby, I promise I know who's with me here. You're the only woman who's ever been up here," and the last, if I had my way, "and I know it's you."

She kissed me again like she had that first time, so that my heart was pounding and my body was set on a high, delicious burn. My hands slid slowly from her face, around her neck, down her back and onto her ass. I squeezed and lifted gently, allowing her legs to wrap around my waist. I could feel her hot, wet center against my stomach and I knew if I got her a little higher my naval ring would get her there, too. So, with Angie's face buried in my shoulder and her arms wrapped around my neck, I shifted her an inch or two higher. I have never felt another woman climax so close to me. As the metal hit her clit, she bucked against it twice and went rigid. She hadn't made a sound and I was worried she was upset with me for doing that to her. Then she relaxed, trembling and hugged me. "Oh, God, Becker, that was incredible. I've never¼it's never¼I usually need more than that. You just turn me on so much." She stopped talking and went back to my earlobe.

We arrived at my bedroom and I was nervous. Here it was, the moment of truth. Did she want me enough to deal with my obsession? Maybe it would be too dark for her to see that my walls were covered with Yankee pictures, my dresser was covered with statues and my bed with cotton Yankee sheets and a blue comforter with a white Yankee symbol in the middle. She sensed my nervousness when we stepped into the room and she looked around, I expected her to laugh and call me a little boy like my friends do. She didn't do that to me. Instead, she smiled, put a hand on my hot cheek and said, "You're adorable. Thank you for sharing this with me. Don't worry, I'm a Yankee fan, too."

I could've freaking cried. Who was this sweet woman I was holding and how the hell could I keep her in my arms? I kissed her, then, at first with sweet thankfulness, then it grew more passionate by the second. We broke apart because of our need for air but our mouths sought one another out immediately. I could feel the moisture growing between both of our legs. Angie began to grind into me again, it was almost as if her clit was seeking out my piercing. I walked us to the bed and laid her there gently. She whimpered as I stood back up. I could see her biting her lip as I slid my hands all the way down her body to her feet to remove her shoes.

The skin of her legs felt like pure silk as my fingertips caressed her calves. The strapless, black top she had been wearing was next. I worked my hands under it at her stomach and slid it slowly up her torso bringing my hands to her sides. I didn't want to touch her beautiful breasts just yet, I wanted her to really want me to. She put her arms above her head so I could remove her top and, as I knelt between her legs, I realized how vulnerable she was at that moment. I wanted to protect her. I bent to kiss her, to show her that I understood. I wanted to thank her for giving herself to me like that and it scared me. I remembered why I hadn't gotten involved before. Then I looked down, into beautiful silver orbs that held everything in them and I wasn't so scared anymore. I finished removing Angie's shirt and moved on to her skirt. The black mini?skirt she wore buttoned down the front. As I undid one button at a time, I allowed my knuckles to put a little pressure on Angie's most private area. She gasped at this, covering her eyes with an arm. When she began to undulate her hips, I stopped, removed her skirt and slid my hands up to her strapless bra and unhooked it, freeing her enticing breasts. The moan she let out when I took her erect nipple in my mouth nearly undid me and I had to pull away to keep from rubbing myself against her thigh.

I leaned over Angie, kissing her succulent lips, then I kissed her chin and the hollow of her throat. I paused there, loving the feel of her heartbeat under my mouth. I kissed my way down her flat torso reverently. When I reached her lacy black thong, I ran my tongue under the elastic. Angie was now moaning constantly and I could smell the heady scent of her arousal. I slowly pulled her panties down her shaking legs. I replaced the panties with my hands and mouth, swirling my tongue around her hardened clit.

"Oh, baby, yes," she cried as my fingers toyed with her entrance, "take me, please!"

So I did. Slowly, at first, I slid in and out of her, keeping my tongue and fingers even.

"Faster, baby, please, I need¼oh¼I ¼God, yes!"

I heard her crescendo of "oh" and "yes, baby" as I licked faster and pumped harder. I reached up and cupped her breast with the hand that wasn't pumping and that pushed her over the edge, "Oh, yes! God, Jen, yes!"


Who the hell was Jen?

That was it. All the incredibly hot desire that had been coursing through my veins had been muted. I brought her to orgasm, twice, and she called someone else's name.

"Oh, baby, hold me. I need to feel you."

I guess she saw me look away, (I hope she didn't see the tears) because then she added, "what's wrong?"

I just looked at her. She looked stunned. "Who the hell is Jen?" My voice was low and quiet. I sounded wounded.

She sat up and laid a hot hand on my shoulder, "you, baby. Isn't your name Jennifer Michelle Becker? I couldn't scream out your last name during an incredible orgasm. That would've felt too P.E. teacher."

I had turned to face her while she spoke and when she finished she crawled into my arms. I was so happy to hold her, I accepted her reason without a second thought. Heaven was holding her and having her arms wrapped around me. Then she nuzzled my neck, "can I call you Jen, baby, or do I have to call you Becker, too?"

"You can call me Jen, I guess. It's just that no one's called me that since¼since a long time ago and I might not recognize that you're talking to me." I teased her, tickling her sides. We ended up laying back on the bed but Angie was on top this time. She went back to being a lioness, stalking over me.

My button?up shirt was open over a simple A?shirt and Angie simply slid the sleeves down over my arms, kissing and nipping each area of newly exposed skin. She must have heard my labored breathing because she ran her nails down my stomach to grasp the bottom of my shirt. She pushed it up my torso, taking my sports bra, also, when she reached it. Suddenly, I was exposed; vulnerable. I was okay with it, I knew she wasn't going to hurt me. I did feel mildly panicked when my clothes got tangled around my wrists and I was trapped, but Angie saw the panic in my eyes and leaned forward to kiss me. That removed any nervousness I was holding on to. I wanted to give myself to this woman, this kind, sweet, beautiful, master?piece of a woman. I left one arm above my head and put my other hand gently on her cheek, asking her silently to look at me eyes. When she did, gone was the teasing and nervousness, replaced with exquisite touch and taste. And taste me she did, beginning with my lips and down to my right breast, she kissed all around it before taking my erect nipple in her mouth. She flicked it with her tongue, eliciting a throaty groan from me which caused her to grind her center against my leg again. I was so turned on my hips couldn't stop moving and I needed to feel her fingers on me. She finally released my breast only to begin again with the other one. That was when I understood the word writhing. I was writhing beneath this goddess.

I felt her hands at my belt buckle, then at my button and my zipper. Then I felt her hands on my upper thighs, sliding my pants down my legs. I quickly kicked off my shoes and socks so Angie could get my pants off me. She stood between my legs and pulled my underwear off, too.

So, there I was, naked as the day I was born and not caring. All I was concerned with was how to get her on me quickly. I needn't have worried.

Angie kissed my right knee, then my inner thigh. As she kissed me, I could feel myself getting more and more wet. Her lips were gone then and the next thing I felt was her tongue licking from my entrance all the way up past my throbbing clit. I shuddered against her while she played with the silver barbell in my belly?button. Her tongue was so arousing, tasting my naval. I thought my head would combust. She kissed my left ribs, then over to my right side. Angie slowly trailed her tongue up the center of my chest, carefully not touching either breast. As she finally claimed my lips her hand gently caressed my breast, working toward my nipple. When she reached it and pinched, my body arched off the bed.

"Oh, God, Angie, yessssss!"

"I'm gonna make you come so hard, Becker."

"Yes, Angie, please."

She worked her hand down my body to the heat of my center and started to follow with her mouth. "Please, Angie, I want to kiss you when you make me come."

She seemed to like that idea because she kissed me hard then. Her fingers passed my clit and swirled around my entrance, teasing, getting used to the heat, the moisture. I shook when Angie entered me slowly with one finger. Then two. Then she started to pump in and out.

"Yes, Angie! Oh¼yes!"

When her thumb found my clit I thought the ecstasy of it would kill me. I closed my eyes ? I couldn't handle any more visual stimulation.

"Yes, Angie ? take me!" I was moaning continuously. I had never felt that incredible in my whole life.

"Becker, you turn me on so much." She whispered into my ear. To prove her point, she rubbed her wet center on my thigh ? hard.


When she rubbed herself on my leg again, it started.

My legs tensed up.

My head was thrown back.

My back arched and I started pumping my hips against her hand.

"Oh, God, Becker, yes, come for me! Oh, I'm gonna come with you!"

"Angie, baby, yes, come with me." I somehow managed to get my hands on her ass to pull her hard against my thigh.

And we did come. Together.

I had never had an orgasm like that before.

We curled up together, face to face, legs entwined, holding hands and fell asleep.

At some point, the covers were pulled up over us and Angie had turned around so that my arm was around her waist ? we were still holding hands.

I watched Angie's eyes open the next morning and my heart actually skipped a beat when she smiled.

"516 555 8826. I like pancakes for breakfast, with Aunt Jemima's syrup and milk. Welcome to my home. And I will be sweet for you whenever you want me to."

"What was all that?" She asked with a smile as she stretched and turned in my arms to kiss my nose.

"The stuff you said last night. I never take anyone home, give out my number, stay for breakfast or treat women sweetly."

"Oh! That's so cute!" I was glad she thought it was cute, because I kind of wanted her to stick around for a while. "Shit! What time is it?"

"Almost seven. Why?" No. No, no, no, no. No husband, please. No partner, please. Please don't let her be with someone else.

"I'm gonna be late for court. I'm sorry, baby, I've got to run!"

"Are you a lawyer?"

"No. I'm a judge." She jumped out of bed and started pulling on last night's clothes.

"Angie! Baby, stop!" She froze. "What time do you have to be in?"

"Court starts at nine, but I have to be in at 8:40. I never bring the truck to work! The courthouse is 15 minutes from my house which is probably 20 minutes from here."

"Okay. Go get in the shower. I'll pull out clean clothes of mine for you. You don't want to go outside in last night's clothes. Then do your hair, then we'll drive to your house. You can get your car. I can use your truck today. After work, we'll meet at your house and go get my bike. Problem solved."

"Okay. Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I work from here, so I won't need to drive a lot. As long as it's okay that I use your truck for a few errands, everything will be great. My car's in the shop, I don't always drive the bike. And I thought, um, it might give us extra time together." I felt so stupid right then.

"That's so sweet. I just don't want you to have to get up, I would love for you to come see my house."

"Okay, good. Um, so go shower and I'll make breakfast."

"Well, we could shower together and drive through Dunkin' Donuts on the way." She was too cute when she smirked.

"Really?" Why was I so unsure of everything?

"Of course! Listen, Jen," she waited until I looked at her to speak, "I've wanted you since I went to The Purple El over a month ago. I'm so happy that we finally got together that I'm afraid to let you out of my sight. I know you're a player. I know you use 'em and lose 'em. I would be so sad if you did that to me. I'm afraid that if I let you walk out the door without me, I'll never see you again. At the same time, I'm also afraid if I push too hard you'll run screaming. I don't know what to do." Angie was crying by the end of her heartfelt tirade, and I almost was, too.

"Angie. I'm happy we got together, too. I'm not a player. I never lied about what I wanted, I was always painfully honest with the women I was with. I don't use 'em and lose 'em, they all knew going into things that I didn't want a relationship with them. I was very upfront??"

"Why didn't you tell me that, then?"

"Because, I didn't want to just sleep with you, Angie. I don't want to just sleep with you. I want to date you. I was really looking forward to watching you wake up today and maybe tomorrow, too. I'm sorry if you didn't know that, but now you do."

There was a pause before I spoke again.

"And, Angie, I haven't slept with anyone else since I first laid eyes on you."

"And you don't even know my last name."

"No. But I want to."

"Evangeline Rebecca Anderson. My birthday is July 12th. My favorite color is the blue of your eyes. And we have to get in the shower or I'll be late for work."

We showered and it was actually very sweet. We didn't have sex, we just gently caressed. It was a honey?sweet mixture of memory and anticipation. The first moments of memorizing each other in the light of day were as memorable and exciting as the passion in the alluring darkness of night.

I found clothes for Angie while she brushed and dried her hair saying my water was much better for styling her hair than hers. Laughing, I said she could use my shower anytime.

"Can I really, Jen?" She wasn't laughing. Our eyes met in the mirror and I walked up behind her. As I wrapped my arms around her waist from the back and rested my chin on her shoulder, she looked at me questioningly, afraid I would say no.

I kissed her baby?soft cheek and whispered, "anytime."

The End

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