~ Beautiful Oblivion. ~

Written by: KW Jordan


Adult Content: This is an emotional sex scene between two women.

Just as a warning: I was the only one editing this PWP, so more than likely there are several mistakes (grin.) I knew I shoulda listened to my English Lit. teachers a bit more!

Note from the bard: My muse is just recently letting my mind get back to working order, so I hope this placates all of you who want more about Lucky & Shane from Taming a Skittish Horse.


When she's gliding all eight inches into my most private of places, I forget they think we shouldn't be doing this. I need her this way, laying between my thighs and thrusting in.

I wrap my fingers in her short dark hair, tightening my grip in ecstasy as we kiss. I forget they hate us, because her love for me feels strongest when we're kissing so deep.

My thighs tighten around her hips, my ankles locking together behind her calves as I swallow her low, husky grunts.

A swirl of her hips makes me forget the look of disgust in my father's face when I told him we were in love. I may no longer be Daddy's little girl, but I'm certainly my partner's woman.

The fire exploding in my lower belly causes me to lose sense of everything except the wonderful woman holding me tightly as I fall from the edge into that beautiful oblivion.

In the back of my mind, I can sense her body tremor with spasms from her own release and I tighten my arms around her and call out her name.

My body relaxes back into our mattress, and I open my eyes at a gentle touch of her hand on my jaw as she wipes the tears I hadn't noticed from my cheeks.

I stare into her crystal blue eyes, full of love and devotion to me. Why do they think this is wrong? Why can't they understand what I've known from the first moment when I found her on that deserted road?

Her lips touch mine in a loving kiss for just a few all too brief seconds, then she pulls back and signs that she loves me. How I'd love to hear that from this gentle soul just once, but she can't speak. Her own family didn't react well to her declaration of her sexuality; which is putting it mildly. Her father tried to choke her to death. Instead, he severly damaged her vocal chords.

"I love you, too." I whisper, then I smile sadly. "How is it you always seem to know what I need?"

All I receive in answer is that mysterious grin she always gives when I ask that, but I'm distracted by the devious twinkle in her eyes before I can continue the loving banter. I soon am given a physical reminder of what that look in her eyes means, when I feel her hips grinding into mine causing the tip of the dildo to brush firmly against my still pulsating walls. The resulting sparks force all thoughts of mystery from my mind, and our love takes my mind, heart, body, and soul over yet again.


Beautiful Oblivion.

Written by: KW Jordan

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