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Chapter Fourteen: Closet

Faith's eyebrows crawled up her forehead. If it weren't for the wheat-colored eyes that gazed back at her steadily, Faith would've been worried. As it stood, she was surprised. Buffy's friends were sitting right in front of them, and Buffy was being really, really obvious with her intentions.


“So, what have we here?” Buffy settled one proprietary hand on Faith's forearm and leaned into her to peer at the pages of the book Faith had propped against the edge of the table, “Oh, ew.”

The sketch on the first page showed an Incubus bite in black and white, matching the one under the bandage on her neck. Buffy drew away from the book, rubbing her neck absently. Biting her lip, she slid her other hand down Faith's arm, encircling her wrist with her fingers. Then she paused, remembering where they were, and glanced up to find her friends staring with wide eyes.

“What?” She asked plaintively, “It looks disgusting!”

“Buffy, are you going to actually tell us what's going on now?” Willow asked slowly, her eyebrows furrowing in injured confusion, “You're acting really weird, y'know, and Faith looks like she had a busted lip. Were you guys fighting yesterday? Why would--”

“You know what?” Buffy interrupted, swallowing the surge of agitation, “How about you guys let Giles do the explanations? Me and Faith are going to go somewhere else so she call fill me in.”

“Fill you in on what?” Xander spoke up.

Buffy just gave him a carefully blank look. She slid off the chair arm and tugged Faith along as she left the library without a word. She headed down the hallway, determined. At a doorway several rooms down, Buffy pushed the handle down, snapping the lock with ease, and then let herself in.

Faith followed, reluctantly, and closed the door after them. As she was about to speak, Buffy shoved her up against the door of the janitor's closet and captured her lips in a bruising kiss. Buffy wanted to crawl inside Faith so deep she'd never find her way out again. She settled for touching every bit of exposed skin she could reach and exploring the heat of Faith's mouth with her tongue.

They kissed until they were breathless. They kissed until they were dizzy. They kissed until the insides of their eyelids were sparking crimson and white from oxygen deprivation. Then they broke apart, Buffy tearing herself away from Faith and putting some distance between them.

She stared, mesmerized. Faith was slumped heavily against the door, staring at her through half-closed eyes. Her chest was rising and falling as heavily as her own as she tried to catch her breath, and Buffy could hear her heart hammering away. Buffy leaned back against one of the metal supply shelves and clenched her hands around the poles supporting it, forcing herself to stay put.

“How the Hell do you live like this?” She growled, “So... horny ...all...the... fucking time?”

“Don't know if you noticed...” Faith gave her an amused look, “But I'm a pretty impulsive kind of girl, B. I get hungry, I eat. I get bored, I fight. I get horny, I fight, I eat, and then I fuck.”

Buffy was almost in tears, “I don't know how to deal with this, Faith. My hormones were bad enough before, but I can't look at Will and Xan, or anyone else, or even think about you , without remembering . Now I know how to drive Xander insane with just the tip of my tongue, and I know how to get Will off without penetration, and I know you can take my full strength driving into you.”

“B, hey, come on,” Faith murmured gently, shoving off from the wall, “Calm down.”

“Don't,” Buffy whimpered, feeling the metal giving way.

Faith's hands were scorching as she pried Buffy's fingers off of the shelving supports. She entwined their fingers and drew their arms up over their heads. This brought their bodies flush against each other and a subvocal mewling escaped Buffy's throat. Faith nuzzled her neck through the mock turtleneck, hot breath seeping through the cloth and the bandage underneath.

“Faith, I can't,” Frustration filled her voice.

“Shh, B,” Faith trailed her lips across Buffy's jaw, “I'll take care of you.”

“But, what if--”

“What if I can promise you it'll feel so... good ,” Faith growled into Buffy's ear, and she felt it all the way to her clit, “What if I can promise you it'll help the Slayer come back down?”

Buffy hesitated. If she wanted to finish out the school day, she needed to do something about the state she was in, but she was terrified. What if they were wrong, and the saliva from the Incubus was still in her system? What if she couldn't regain control? What if she gave into her libido, and she wound up deciding she wanted to let the Slayer stay in control...permanently?

Faith's hands were clenched around hers and her lips were hovering over hers, close enough that Buffy could feel the ghost of contact, and Buffy cried out softly as she closed her eyes, “ Please .”

Faith didn't waste anymore time. She squeezed Buffy's hands in reassurance and then settled them around the upper shelving supports. She trailed her fingers down Buffy's forearms, around the curves of her elbows, down her upper arms, over the curve of her underarms. Her lips captured Buffy's in a kiss that was painfully gentle as her knuckles passed over the sides of Buffy's breasts. Buffy bit Faith's lower lip in warning, her back bowing as she arched up into the contact.

Faith chuckled and deepened the kiss, sliding her tongue past willing lips as she continued her maddening exploration. Buffy had to resist the urge to squirm as Faith's hands caressed her sides, tickling sensitive spots. One hand detoured and wrapped low around Buffy's waist as the other continued on the path going downward, ever downward. Her hand turned, flat against Buffy's thigh, and she slid it down the inside seam of Buffy's jeans until she couldn't reach any further. Now, Faith's hand slid back to the outside of Buffy's thigh and grasped her, drawing her leg up over Faith's hip as Faith slid one leg between Buffy's and she molded her body to Buffy's.

They were so close together Buffy could feel Faith's heart beating against her own. The kiss broke and Buffy's eyes fluttered open, meeting Faith's gaze. Now, Faith's arm tightened around her waist as did the grip on her leg, and she pulled Buffy down as she ground her thigh up into Buffy, hard. Buffy's eyes slammed shut again and she dropped her head back against the shelf, holding on with a strength that threatened to crush the steel supports as Faith guided her to fuck her thigh.

The janitor's closet was silent, but for their heavy breathing, the wet sounds of sloppy kisses, and the wet clicking noise from Buffy's pussy as she ground against the seam of her jeans and the firm surface between her legs, and their hearts. It was the raunchiest moment of Buffy's life, but as she felt herself barreling towards her climax, she found that she really couldn't give a fuck less. Her skin felt like she was burning up with fever, and her insides were drawing up, convulsing around nothing. Her mouth fell open and nonsensical noises spilled out as her entire body locked down, hard, but for her hips as Faith pulled her against her again and again, drawing out her climax.


Reality intruded on them when the bell rang and the hall began to echo with the din of high school bedlam. Feeling Buffy stirring in her arms, Faith pulled away just enough to see her. She brushed the blonde hair back, exposing unfocused, pale hazel eyes that blinked at her slowly. Helplessly, Faith felt a small smile curling the corners of her lips as her heartbeat stuttered weirdly.

Buffy's tanned skin was still tinged pink with their passion and her lips were swollen and red. Faint tremors still ran through her from the intensity of her release. Her arms were hooked under Faith's arms, crossed behind her back, and her fingers were tangled in Faith's hair. Buffy felt so warm and alive in her arms, and Faith almost desperately wanted to lose herself in her .

Then Buffy's eyes cleared and the flush deepened, “I--I need to get to class.”

“Yeah,” Faith nodded slowly, “You probably should.”

“I--I can't do that,” Buffy stammered.

“Oh yeah?” Faith's eyebrow arched, “And why's that?”

Buffy's eyes darted away and she mumbled so unintelligibly Faith couldn't resist teasing her, “I'm sorry, what was that? Not all of us speak California bottle blonde, y'know.”

“Ugh,” Buffy groaned, dropping her head back against the shelf, “Faith, we just had sex in here.”

“Is that what we did?” Faith drawled, amused, “Thanks for the info. I wasn't too sure before.”

“'s closet,” Buffy enunciated through clenched teeth and Faith winced as Buffy's fists tightened a little in her hair, “With our clothes on!”

“Well, one of us did.”

Faith had no idea how she was managing to function when her body was strung so tight. Every breath wound her up that much more, smelling Buffy and her arousal. Come was pouring down her thighs, and she was intensely aware of the mess soaking into the leg of her borrowed jeans. Faith's smile deepened, turning sultry, as realization hit, and Buffy's eyes clenched shut in mortification.

“I can't go out there like this, Faith,” She whimpered.

Chuckling softly, Faith gently removed herself from Buffy's embrace, “I'll be right back.”

“Where are you going?” Buffy almost sounded panicked.

“I got this, B,” Faith slipped out of the janitor's closet, calling back, “Just stay put, alright?”

“Yeah, because that's an issue.”

To Be Continued in Chapter Fifteen

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