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Chapter Seven: Hurt

Grabbing Faith's chin, Buffy forced Faith's head back, bearing the arch of her throat. Their eyes found each other, burning hotly with need, and then their lips met for the first time. Buffy's mouth was every bit as brutal as her fists. She took everything and made it hers; Faith's lips and tongue, her teeth, the roof of her mouth, the breath that came in short bursts through her nose.

Faith was giving as good as she got, and the thought of all the ones that had been there with Faith before she had made Buffy growl in anger. She punished Faith, biting at her lips and dragging her teeth across her tongue. She took Faith's whimpers, and her tears, and her blood, and they were hers . No one, not even Buffy's morals , could ever take that kiss away from her.

Buffy released Faith's chin and her hands settled on Faith's, still braced high up on her mother's beige wallpaper. Dragging her well-manicured, white-tipped fingernails down the veins that stood out, Buffy admired the pink lines she left behind. She kissed the side of Faith's head possessively.

“You know, Angel touched me like he thought I'd break,” Buffy said casually, “It drove me insane. I loved the way he worshiped me, but I wanted him to make it so I'd never forget.”

Her hands burned a path down Faith's arms, detouring and tracing every contour of muscle and bone. The dark, downy peach fuzz made Buffy's palms tingle. Clasping Faith's shoulder with one hand, Buffy cupped the other over the back of Faith's head. Buffy smiled darkly.

“Sometimes I feel like the memory of that tragic, perfect, rainswept night's pouring through my fingers like raindrops,” Her eyelids fluttered shut, “Then all it takes is the memory of Angelus' words, and I recall every twinge, every jolt of pain, every awkward touch, and I know the memory still makes him laugh. I want to make you a promise, Faith. Can I make you a promise?”

“Anything, B,” Faith breathed, caught up in her voice and her touch.

“I won't be laughing about today again.”

With that, Buffy shoved Faith into the wall face first, and she felt Faith stubbornly clamp down on a cry of pain. Her fingers grasped a thick lock of brunette hair and she pulled Faith's head back again, hearing the low tones of a muted groan. Buffy licked from the defined curve of that strong, clenched jaw to the edge of her temple, tasting the blood splattered across Faith's skin. Before Faith could react, Buffy spun her around and pushed her back up against the wall again.

Faith's eyes were dazed as her head lolled back against the wall. Buffy couldn't tell if the blood was coming from Faith's nose or her mouth, but she could tell the damage was minimal. Even wounded, Faith was still sinfully gorgeous. Grasping Faith's hips in an unforgiving Slayer's hands, Buffy diligently cleaned up the mess with her lips and tongue, savoring the life burning in Faith's veins. Faith's mouth found hers again, and Buffy plunged her tongue in deep.

Faith's hands came to rest on Buffy's bare hips and Buffy hissed in agonized pleasure as the fire and ice seared through her veins again at the skin on skin contact. Her mouth grew harder, more purposeful, as she sucked on Faith's tongue. Fingers tracing along the waistband of Faith's jeans, Buffy reveled in the dizzying sensations of lust and power as she felt Faith react. She hooked her fingers inside the front closure and jerked, busting the zipper and button open.

Buffy's body pulsated, and she lost track of everything. All she knew, all she needed, was the strong body she was pressed up against. She wanted the life flowing through Faith's veins, she wanted to make it hers, she wanted to bend it to her will. Buffy thrust her hand in, shoving her knuckles past rough denim and elastic and cotton, submerging her hand in sticky, wet heat. She kept pushing onward, burying herself three fingers deep in Faith's womb, and laying herself to rest.

Faith's walls were tight around her. Her wetness fairly streamed from her, drenching Buffy's hand liberally and making her fingers slip and slide haphazardly. Faith wasn't so quiet now. To the casual observer, the noise was non-existent, but to Buffy, the subvocal mewling rang loud.

Grabbing Faith by the back of the neck, Buffy drew her head towards the right side of her throat. Bursts of air washed across the bitemark and Buffy's eyes rolled back at the jolts of icy heat that surged from the wound straight to her clit. Her hips started rocking against Faith, finding solid purchase against a firm thigh, matching the harsh rhythm of her hand. Buffy cried out when Faith's mouth latched on, engulfing her entire body in a new wash of cold, burning pleasure/pain/need.

Buffy's insides tightened painfully as she climaxed, hard. It hurt more than anything she'd ever felt before. It felt like everything in the depths of her core was being torn out, leaving her empty. It was the best thing she'd ever felt in her life. A laugh on the end of a sob caught in her throat.

Coming down from her orgasm, Buffy's attention immediately returned to Faith. Faith was a trembling mess, and Buffy gently guided her away from her neck. She swept the back of her hand down the left side of Faith's face, caressing her feverish skin with her knuckles. Buffy's eyes were intent as her fingers resumed their rhythm again, not even blinking as she held that dark gaze.

She felt the tell-tale fluttering around her fingers. She felt Faith's insides convulsing around her. Buffy kept up the motion, even as Faith came undone around her. She could see the strain in the thick cords that stood out in Faith's neck, feel the tension that coiled under her touch. Faith didn't make a sound as she came, and Buffy felt oddly disappointed as Faith slumped heavily against her.

Moments later, Faith began to stir again, moving imperceptibly. Buffy decided immediately that she hated Faith's clothes for getting between them, for being so coarse. Buffy needed to feel Faith's skin on hers. Buffy slipped her fingers from their haven and she felt the response, the complete dislike, from Faith's body, her walls clutching at Buffy's slim digits in her escape.

Abruptly, she realized that she didn't actually know when or if Giles had ever left. Growling at the thought of anyone intruding on them, Buffy glanced around the deserted hallway. Satisfied, Buffy pushed Faith back against the wall, drawing her sticky hand to her mouth, tasting Faith. Buffy sucked the salty sweetness from her skin, wrapping her tongue around her fingers.

“Mmm, Faith,” Buffy moaned, licking the last traces from her lips, “Taste so good.”

Faith grunted, glaring at her. It would've been more effective if she could keep her eyes open. Buffy traced her wet fingers around Faith's mouth. She kissed her again, taunting her.

“Look at you,” Buffy whispered against Faith's lips, “You aren't even fighting this.”

“Would it make you feel better if I was?” Faith laughed derisively.

“No,” Buffy sighed, “But it would be nice not to feel like I was the one doing all the work.”

“Fuck that,” Faith huffed in dark amusement, “I'm already spreadin' my legs in the line of duty for you, B. I'm really not too interested in how you're feelin' right now.”

“Isn't that the point?” Buffy drawled mockingly.

Buffy's body tensed in expectation when she saw the familiar shift in Faith's expression. She felt the tension snap beneath Faith's skin, and then her world spun. Faith's hands tightened on her hips and she pivoted, slamming Buffy up against the wall next to the door of Buffy's bedroom. It turned into a battle of wills as they pitted their inhuman strength against one another.

Buffy's hands gripped Faith's upper arms until the skin turned white, and Faith's fingernails dug into the sides of Buffy's ass until she drew blood. They surged against each other, muscles straining, Faith working to keep Buffy in place, and Buffy working to regain the upper hand. They were both grinning fiercely, unwilling to give in, not when the fight felt so good.

Unable to resist, Buffy leaned in, capturing Faith's lips with her own. A moment of inattention, a chink in Faith's defences, and Buffy used it to her advantage. Twisting her hips, she threw her weight into Faith, forcing her to turn, slamming Faith flush against her bedroom door. The kiss broke, their eyes met for a timeless instant, and then Faith kicked the door in behind her.

They were weightless for an instant, and then they hit the carpeted floor of Buffy's bedroom, driving the oxygen from Faith's lungs. Buffy sat up, straddling Faith's hips as she leaned forward, putting all her weight on Faith. Curling her hands over strong shoulders, Buffy gazed down at Faith for a long moment. The water from her hair dripped onto Faith's skin, trailing down her cheek.

Faith's eyes snapped open as her hands darted up, clamping around Buffy's forearms. Her intention was obvious, and Buffy completely derailed her. Grabbing fistfuls of the damp black cotton that impeded her ultimate goal, Buffy pulled Faith's T-shirt until it ripped. The fabric parted down across Faith's torso and Buffy jerked the ends behind Faith's shoulders.

Her eyes feasted on the skin on display. Flushed, olive-toned skin, taut over a Slayer's hard cut body, and firm, rounded breasts, tipped with pebbled, dusky pink nipples. Tongue darting out to moisten suddenly dry lips, Buffy's eyebrows arched and she let out a shaky breath. She dipped down, engulfing a hard point in her mouth, feeling Faith's chest heave in response.

The iron grip around Buffy's forearms slackened. Faith's touch burned a trail up Buffy's arms, over her shoulders, down across her shoulder blades. Tongue pressing Faith's nipple to the roof of her mouth, Buffy sucked until she knew it would bruise, she dragged her teeth across her. Her fingers searched out the breast not suffering her attentions and she dragged her nails across Faith's areola, pinching her nipple between her fingers, twisting until Faith finally cried out.

Buffy drew back, pulling Faith's nipple with her teeth until it popped out of her mouth. She looked up past Faith's chest, staring up at her hotly. She needed to hear more of those noises. Faith met her gaze with murder in her eyes, and Buffy pressed a kiss to her abused breast.

“I want to make you scream, Faith .”

“You think you're the first?” Faith asked bitterly, “Assholes are a dime a dozen, B.”

“No, I'm sure I'm not,” Buffy sneered, “But I could be the last.”

“Then give us a kiss.”

So she did. She pressed an open mouthed kiss to Faith's solar plexus and dragged her wet lips down the center of her upper torso as she crawled backwards. Faith tasted like salt and sin, and Buffy was going to overdose on her before this thing was through. She latched her mouth onto Faith's navel and her tongue dipped and explored as her hands worked Faith's tight, wet jeans down over her hips. With a final nip to Faith's belly button, causing her well-muscled abdomen to clench in response, Buffy continued downward, dragging Faith's ruined pants to her boots.

“Told you you'd be chin deep,” Faith leaned up on her elbows.

Grasping Faith's ankles, Buffy kneeled on the carpet, peering up at Faith from under her eyelashes with a sultry half smile, “Far be it for me to ever disappoint you, Faith .”

She jerked Faith's legs apart as far as her jeans would allow, making Faith fall back, then planted Faith's feet back flat on the floor. Patting the leather boots, Buffy trailed her hands up Faith's calves, absently massaging her muscles. She let her eyes drift to the apex of Faith's thighs, feeling a distinct, warm sense of possessive ownership curling up in her chest. Faith, this moment, and Faith's arousal, belonged to her, and even if Faith hated it, she wanted it...she wanted Buffy.

Hints of auburn shined wetly in the thin strip of short, near black hair that glistened with the wetness spilling from Faith's center. Faith's clit, swollen purple, engorged, twitched under Buffy's regard. That smile still playing on her lips, Buffy pushed Faith's knees apart, settling herself in the cradle of Faith's thighs. The strong smell of arousal set the wound on Buffy's neck throbbing again, and Buffy shuddered, rubbing her cheek against Faith's inner thigh.

It was the fire and ice in her veins driving her to spread Faith's outer lips open and clean the juices from her skin. It was the Incubus' bite that made her want to bite down on her clit. It was the cold heat that surged through her that made her gasp with every noise Faith made. It was Buffy's fingers that coaxed Faith's body to climax...again, and again, and again.


Faith was lying on her stomach, now completely naked, one leg drawn up and bent at the knee. She kept her eyes shut as she basked in the comforting warmth of the early morning sunlight filtering in through the blinds. Her hair clung to her forehead and her neck, soaked in the sweat that cooled her flushed, overheated skin. Her body was humming, like she'd touched a bared live wire.

Distantly, she was angry at herself...Giles...Joyce...Buffy...and the situation. It hit too close to home, toyed with the emotions that terrified her the most. She felt like she'd been manipulated by both Giles and Joyce, into letting Buffy use her. She'd let Buffy push her buttons, even knowing exactly what Buffy was doing. It was all... very distant, because it was hard to resent anyone when her throat was raw from expressing her gratitude, in many, many different ways.

She hated it. Faith hadn't let anyone use her, not since before she was Called, when one of her foster fathers decided she owed him, and Faith had been too helpless to fight him. After she was Called, Faith had always said when, how, where, how fast, or slow, and who. Letting Buffy top her went against everything she was, but Faith could feel it setting something inside her free.

It hurt. Buffy seemed to know all the ways Faith needed her touch, and how badly, and she enjoyed taunting her with that knowledge. Her touch was gentle, until Faith wanted to cry from it, and then she was rough, biting into Faith deeply with teeth, nails, and words. Faith knew this thing between them would end up cutting her so deeply she'd be feeling it long after her body healed.

She didn't love Buffy. Until today, she'd known nothing real about her. But Faith needed Buffy despite the fact that Faith didn't want to need anyone. She wanted Buffy because she understood what Faith was, even though both Buffy and Faith would probably deny it until one or both died.

The now familiar weight settled across her ass and Faith's eyes drifted open, soft and hazy. Nails dragged up the expanse of her back, already a roadmap of scratches and bites. A trail of fire followed, and Faith's fingers dug into tan carpet. It hurt--but, God did she want it.

To Be Continued in Chapter Eight

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