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Business Trip
Part 12 B
Lady J


            The next day was full of laughter, fun, and family. Ok, so several of the families were ‘alternative' but who cared? We had all come to have fun.

As expected, Ashley became our own special human alarm clock. I didn't realize how early, early would be. To answer your question, yes I have been a Mom for almost two decades, I just forgot how wound up little ones got when they arrive in their version of Shangri-La known as Disney. I was lulled into a false sense of security by the length of time between children. Trust me that blissful ignorance didn't last long. That little imp tugged at my covers long before dawn had peeked over the horizon.

I yawned. "Ok, ok baby. I'm up." I shuffled all the way to the bathroom in order to take my morning shower in the hopes that maybe it would wake me. Ashley had no problem rousing her big brother, let's face it, he was as anxious to be with Sherri as I was to be with Jac.

"Hey Mom!" He pounded on the locked bathroom door.

"WHAT!" I shouted back even though I knew full well what he wanted. He wanted to take a shower and shave before we left so he could be sparkling when he saw Sherri. It was too bad for my darling son that I had already commandeered the bathroom. I was just coming back to life, so he would just have to wait. I wasn't going to rush this bliss for anybody not even my first born.

"Ya almost done?" he called.

"Not sure, but I promise that you'll be the very first to know when I'm done."

"MMMMOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!" he drew out my name his aggravation apparent. I couldn't help but laugh at my exasperated son.

Once I finally got out of the shower, as Jarrod had put it, I noticed that little Ashley was having trouble rousing sleepyhead Mark. I put my hand over my mouth so she wouldn't see the-aww you are so cute- grin that had stubbornly affixed itself to my lips. She looked at me her frustration clear. Her brother had pulled his covers over his head effectively barricading himself in the bed. I could barely hear his muffled plea, "Make her STOP!"

I went over and patted the lump. "Honey, you might as well get up, you know as well as I do that she's not going to stop until you do. Besides, the rest of us are getting ready to go."

All I heard was more muffled words that I'm sure weren't the King's English if you know what I mean. Mark has never been my rise and shine kid, that was bubbly Ashley's job. Jarrod took his little sister's effervescence in stride but not Mark. He was the -Don't bug me to get up until five minutes before I have to leave- kinda kid.

Three kids, three vastly different personalities, that's just the way it was in our house. Though others may have found the dichotomy maddening, I personally liked the variety.

Our little group had made plans the evening before to have breakfast together before we left for the park. Even though there was no definite time stated for this gathering I felt that we would definitely be the first ones out of the room. Once I had secured the card-key in my shorts' pocket I closed the door softly, sure that the others would still be asleep. We had been lucky enough to get rooms on the same floor and it was eerily quiet as we trouped down the hall way.

I figured we could secure the table for everyone else since we would be the first ones to the restaurant. As usual I was wrong, we were last to arrive at the dining room. The group was in the back of the restaurant. Patty and Charles sat with their two children CJ and Emily next to them. Next to Patty Tim and John sat. John's arm draped across the back of Tim's chair, their heads together as they perused the menu. Last of all, with their backs to us were Jac and company.

Different colored crayons lay scattered on the table tops. The kids were all quietly occupied with coloring Disney characters, finding the end of mazes, or filling in word searches that were beneath the brightly colored paper placemats that were situated in front of each chair. There was a low hum of adult voices that surrounded the table as was the invigorating fragrance of rich hot coffee. Now this was the way to start the day.

"There she is!" Patty called out startling me from my thoughts. "I thought y'all would never get up."

"At least Ashley had the decency not to wake you as early as someone we all know," Sherri offered as I drew closer to the table. Joshua showed no signs of remorse whatsoever. He smiled a bright, excited toothy grin and patted the empty seat next to him.

"It's about time sleepyhead. Where the….." Charles joked, but once he looked up from the menu his thought left him. He let out a wolf whistle, low and slow. "Wow." He almost growled. That got everyone's attention, and all looked my way. I felt very self conscious feeling the heat of a blush begin to warm my cheeks.

"Girlfriend, aren't you looking fine today?" Tim praised me on my choice of ensemble with three snaps through the air in front of him. John smiled kindly and winked his approval.

"I'll say." Jac stopped suddenly. I don't think she intended to verbalize her thoughts. I smiled and nodded in her direction glad to see her eyes were still telling tales out of school.

Patty grinned knowingly. "Kar, do you think those shorts are tight enough??"

I snarled at her in way of a reply.

I was wearing a sapphire blue v-necked tee with cap sleeves. The tee was tucked into a khaki colored pair of tennis shorts. Both the shorts and the shirt were a little on the tight side, but that was the intent. On my feet are my favorite, not to mention most comfortable, pair of sneakers with ankle socks that had a navy colored pompom on the back to keep them from sliding totally into the shoe. I wore these so my gold anklet would show. The other jewelry included a pair of small solitaire studs in my ears, a gold cross around my neck, and a sports watch on my wrist. I was glad I had spent some time in the sun, not to mention being a constant fixture at the gym, because I'll tell you I was exposing a lot of skin. It felt good though, to not only be exposing sleek toned muscles but sporting a golden tan to boot. On top of everything else going right, I was actually having a great hair day. I'll tell you it just doesn't get much better than this. Jac unabashedly caressed me with her eyes. She shoots. She scores. It's a three pointer!!! The crowd goes wild.

While everyone was gawking or whistling Ashley made a beeline to her new best friend ever, and sat beside him. I took a seat next to Jac. Mark took the closest chair which happened to be next to CJ, Patty's son. Jarrod was prevented from sitting next to the object of his affection by her son and her mother. So he sat next to his baby sister to be at least close to Sherri.

After a good breakfast the whole troop headed off to the monorail and a day of fun in the sun at the House of Mouse. To be perfectly honest I had been dreading this day. Why so surprised? Look at it from my perspective for a moment. Consider the heat, the humidity, the hostile tourists, oh yeah, pick me. Besides I would have much rather had spent a day alone with Jac, but since that wasn't going to be an option I would make the best of it.

To my surprise I didn't have to expend much energy in making the best of this trip. Once we had cleared the entrance Jac grasped my hand and we all raced through the streets of Disney. In an instant we were all kids again, it was a delight to race from one attraction to the other. We ate hot dogs and drank water whenever time permitted. All the while Jac and I would hold hands. Otherwise she would wrap her arm around my waist and pull me very close to her.

The children, my friends, the fun, and her arm around me was sheer perfection. On occasion I initiated physical contact which surprised me. Even with my late husband I was never much for public displays of affection. With Jac everything was different, I wanted-- no I needed-- to touch her. Much more than that I found, as the day wore on, I needed her to touch me.

Even with all that said, about needing physical contact with this beautiful Amazon, I thought I would swoon when she got into the car at Space Mountain and spread her legs so I could sit between them. If it hadn't been for Tim's "Wake up girlfriend! I hear it doesn't bite." coupled with a slight shove from the ride's attendant I think I would have stood there forever with my mouth gaping open. I just wasn't prepared for that sight. I realize that Walt –Disney that is-- had never intended for any of his rides to be erotic, but I'll tell you, that ride with Jac's arms tightly around me, her breasts pressed to my back almost sent me right over the edge. I wanted to be on that ride for the rest of my life.

Oh, and if you think that Tim kept this little pearl of humiliation to himself, you would be sadly mistaken. Tim is a generous man who loves to share. The moment he saw Patty he called out, "Patsy, wait up!" It was no more than thirty seconds after he had thrown his arm across Patty's shoulder that the petite blonde was roaring with laughter.

The only other place that we got a car to ourselves was at the Haunted Mansion. Ashley and Joshua were creeped out by the sounds of howling of wolves that was being piped over the loudspeaker not to mention the dark gothic façade of the mansion building itself. Sheri offered to stay with the children and go later. Jarrod offered to stay and keep her company as expected. Hell, on his part it was a good plan, he would get Sherri to himself even if only as long as it took to get through the ride.

Once the little ones were settled with drinks in the shade along with Jarrod and Sherri, the lion's share of the group entered the spooky manor. This ride was always one of my favorites. We entered the Dorian Grey room first before the attendants ushered us into the dark elevator that resembled the paneled study of an old mansion. Jac stood behind me. Without warning I felt her arms encircle my waist. She pulled me tightly against her long lean body then kissed my cheek. I must've lost consciousness for a moment because by the time I came back to my senses Jac was leading me through the line to get into the actual ride.

Mark took a car with Emily and CJ, otherwise known as Charles Junior. Charles and Patty boarded one car, Tim and John the next, while Jac and I were escorted to the car after by a young woman dressed in a black and green maid's uniform. In the dark, surrounded by the sounds and music of the ride, Jac leaned over and kissed me. She wound her hands around my waist, and pulled me as close to her body as possible given the space constraints of the car. She slowly and gently deepened our kiss. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and shivered with excitement. The kiss was amazingly intense. It felt like my entire body was on fire. It was at that point, even though at the time I was unaware of it, I made the decision to give everything to this woman. Here among the holograms, micro-mechanics, animatronics, and a blacklight lit fog covered cemetery I gave to Jacqueline all that I was and all that I ever would become.

By the end of the day we were all worn thin. Jarrod carried little Josh on his shoulders while he talked and laughed with Sherry. I watched them for a few moments thinking to myself that, to the casual observer anyway, they would appear to be a couple. A handsome couple at that. Jac, who walked beside me, carried Ashley on her back. Emily was also riding aloft on her daddy's shoulders. I half expected John to carry Tim back to Cinderella's Castle, where the group had reservations for dinner. Surprisingly, Tim motored to the castle on his own steam. We had made reservations when we got to the park thinking it would be great for the kids, but right now all I wanted to do was get back to my room and pass out.

The little ones certainly perked up the moment they saw the Disney characters they loved come to life before their eyes. The different characters visited each table to the delight of all the children. They patiently signed autographs and took pictures with each child. I thought Ashley would fade away when her favorite character, Aladdin not only signed her autograph book, but gave her a kiss on the cheek before he left.

"Did you see that Momma?" Ashley squealed, "Aladdin kissed me."

I smiled. "I saw, baby." I swore I saw little Joshua roll his eyes. Like Grandma like Grandson.

We all had a wonderful dinner, well that is until the Master Card/Visa/Amex fight erupted at the table. Who won the battle? Well the one with the biggest set of balls, and I don't mean John. Yes I looked, you couldn't help it, and the guy was wearing very tight Daisy Dukes that left very little to the imagination. I swear you would have seen less if he had worn a Speedo. Oh, sorry went astray there for a second, now back to the war of the credit cards. Who won? Can't you guess? Jac pulled a Ms. Drakkon and overruled every objection Charles, John, or I could make by pulling out the most powerful card of all-- the ‘Expense Account' card.

With the bill settled and a generous tip left by the rest of us we slunked to the monorail. I swear the walk to the monorail felt more like the Batan Death March then just a trot of a few hundred yards.

Once the doors of the monorail slid open we all fell into the closest seats that weren't occupied. The air conditioning felt so good against my skin. I pulled a very sleepy Ashley into my lap. She laid her curly head on my shoulder, and put her thumb in her mouth. This was a clear indication that this little one was done. Jac slid into the seat beside me and kissed Ashley's hair. I noticed little Josh's head bob more than once from his perch on Jarrod's lap. Actually the three made a cute picture. Too bad Sherri was too old for Jarrod. One day I hope he'll be as lucky as I've been.

Patty and Charles sat in an exhausted heap. They leaned against each other their heads pressed together. Emily laid across both their laps her eyes at half mast. The rest of our party salted the rest of the seats in the car all half comatose.

I tilted my head against the cool window watching the scenery fly by without really seeing it. I reflected on the events of this perfect day. The park wasn't too crowded, the weather clear, and not as hot as expected which was a huge blessing. We had seen and done most of what we all wanted to do. All in all I would have to say the trip was a complete success.

"You ok?" Jac asked.

I straightened up to look at her. "Yeah, just tired."

"Great day huh?"


She took my hand and leaned against me. We rode the rest of the way back in companionable silence.

Since Jac's suite was the closest to the elevator the entire group of adults and children staggered wearily into her room. Even though the suite was palatial it was pretty close quarters for everyone in the front room. Patty sat on Charles's lap on one easy chair, while Tim and John occupied the other. Jarrod sat on the floor at Sherri's feet, I flopped onto the couch next to a surprisingly energized Jac. We had both verbally claimed this coveted piece of furniture before the door was unlocked. Various children were haphazardly curled on the floor like casualties from a Toys R Us all- nighter. Conversation in the room was at a bare minimum, oh with the exception of Jarrod who would make comments directed to Sherri every once in a while. She would smile down at him, but not so much with sisterly compassion as with ambivalence sprinkled with mild interest. Maybe my son's persistence was paying off. But otherwise the room was relatively silent. None of us having the strength to do more than occasionally groan or yawn. Again with the exception of Jac who sat with her long legs crossed at the ankle. She didn't speak more, I believe, out of deference to us poor exhausted slobs than anything else.

After awhile Ashley came over to where we sat. She leaned heavily against me. "Momma, can I sleep with Joshua tonight? PULEEEESEEE?"

"So you don't want to sleep with Momma tonight?"

She shook her head no. "I can sleep with you anytime, but Joshua is going away tomorrow, and I won't see him for a long…." Yawn. "Long time." She smiled a toothy, though weary, grin that said please all the louder.

"Well I guess you better ask his Momma if it's alright with her." I winked at Sherri.

Little Ashley ambled over to Sherri, her hands behind her back in a shy way. By this time Joshua had joined Ashley. Rubbing his eyes in the most adorable way he pleaded Ashley's case. "Mommy, is it ok? She's my best friend." Ashley put her pudgy little arm around him. They both tilted their heads together in such a fashion that their foreheads touched, and then to seal the deal they both smiled huge toothy grins. "Puullllleeeeaaaaassseeee."

They were both so cute the only other sound you heard in the room besides their please was "Ahhhsss" from all the adults.

Sherri chuckled. "How can I say no?"

With as much energy as they had left they hugged each other, and laughed moderately loud yeahs.

"I guess I better get these two sleepyheads off to bed." Sherrie stood and offered her hands to Ashley and Josh.

I had opened my mouth to say that Ashley would need to change when Jarrod jumped from the floor like he had been shot from a cannon. "I know, Mom. Come on Ash let's get you changed." He offered his arms and Ashley jumped in. He carried her out the door followed by Sherri and a very sleepy Joshua.

Jac's voice cut through the silence startling everyone within these walls. "Well, now that the little littles are off to bed, why don't all us big kids go somewhere and have a drink?"
"You're kidding right?" I was aghast. I didn't want to move from this oh so comfy couch.


"How do you still have any energy at all?" I asked as I slumped into her side to clarify my exhaustion.

"I'm on my second wind," Jac offered.

"Second wind?" Patty said from her perch on her dozing husband's lap. "I used that up before noon."

"You must be kidding, darling." Tim stood and stretched out his back. "I think we're going to follow the little littles. See y'all in the morning." John vacated the chair and took his lover's hand. Good nights were called from different parts of the room.

            "We'll get the hotel sitting service to take care of the kids. What do you say guys?" She directed her question to Patty and Charles. That request was met with resounding thanks but no thanks from Patty. Charles simply snored his response.

She turned her deep blue eyes to me. They pled, Come out and play with me.

"Oh, Jackie, I can't, I just can't," I whined.

            "I promise, just one drink. You'll feel better."

            "Feel better than what?" I groused.

            "Come on. Just one drink," Jac pled.

            "Yeah that's what I thought the other day, and look at what happened."

            Everyone chuckled. Charles stirred. "Wha??"

Patty stroked his arm. "It's ok, baby. Let's go back to our room." The couple gathered their children and waved goodnight.

"I'm done too, Mom. Night." Mark followed Patty's family out the door.

"Come on, Kar, it's my last night."

Sigh. "Ok, but just one drink."

"I promise." Jac crossed her heart.

            "Where are we going?" I asked by way of a yawn when I noticed we were not heading for the bar that was housed within the hotel. I could barely get one foot in front of the other. I figured I had just enough energy to make it to the hotel bar, but that's not were we were going. Jac seemed to have other ideas.

"You'll see." Jac smiled. Taking my hand in hers she pulled me through the glass double doors that opened before us. Those doors led out onto the pool/beach area. Silently she guided me past the pool area, and across the beach that was dimly lit by evenly spaced tiki torches. In the shadows just past the flickering flames was a dock area where, during the day, you could rent a sailboat, or a kayak, or a small odd looking boat that looked like nothing more than a big inner tube with an engine attached. We walked from the soft sand to the firm smooth dock planks. We passed the rental boot heading to the end of the dock where a canoe was tethered. She turned and with a sweeping gesture said, "Milady, your chariot awaits."

"My chariot?" I gasped.

"Yes." Jac stood next to the canoe that was bobbing slightly in the black water.

"My chariot is in the water," I commented.

"Why yes, yes it is," Jac replied as if she just noticed that it was a canoe in the water, and not a horse drawn carriage. "But it's the only way to get to the island."

"Island?" This was getting weirder by the minute.

"Yes." And she pointed to her right. I squinted through the darkness. In this immense man-made lake there were a number of small islands. Most of them had only one tiki torch on the beach. I surmised this was the best method to keep the big paddle wheelers crowded with guests that continuously crossed this large expanse of water from running aground in the evening hours. I scanned the blackness until my eyes touched on a beach that seemed to have more than one torch on it.

"Way out there?" I asked.

"Yes." She slipped off her sandals, and carefully got into the canoe. She lifted her hand to me. I slid out off my slaps, and thankfully entered the canoe with some modicum of grace. The real blessing here was that I didn't end up in the drink.

She handed me a paddle like I would actually know what to do with the long stick. "And what do I do with this?"

"You paddle?" She was having way too much fun here.

"Do I look like a Girl Scout?"

"Maybe not. When you were a kid didn't you ever go to camp?" Her smirk was profound.

"Yes, I did go to camp." And hated every minute of it.

"They didn't have canoes at this camp?" she queried.

"Yes they did."

"Well, didn't you ever paddle one?"

"No, never got the chance."


She was going to make me say it. I knew she knew what I was going to say, but she was going to make me say it out loud. "Because, being me, I fell into the lake instead of stepping into the boat."

Jac's laughter filled the basin that the lake created. She untied the slipknot that connected the boat to the small pier with one jerk. She pushed off and we started to float out to sea, or out to lake. I looked back at Jac, she smiled at me and then dug her paddle into the water. She nodded for me to do the same. So she really expected me to paddle. I looked at the paddle and tried to dispel the humiliation filled memories that came flooding to my mind. I grasped the paddle and dug into the water, what did I have to lose besides my dignity? Surprisingly, it didn't take long to get a cadence going. We were heading for that small string of lights which now were becoming larger and clearer as we paddled the canoe silently across the calm waters.

I narrowed my eyes. The string of tiki torches flickering in the night looked almost ominous. No matter how I tried, I couldn't see passed the quivering flames. I couldn't see what those dancing shadows were hiding.

Well this is interesting, I thought.

Very soon we were on the beach. Jac hopped out first, and then offered me a hand up. I alighted from the small vessel with grace. Jac pulled me past the line of torches into the clarity of what had been hidden just moments before. On this secluded stretch of sand behind the curtain of lights a blanket was spread out very close to where the foliage was encroaching. In the center of the blanket a silver tray laddened with cheese and various types of fruit was nestled. Beside the blanket shoved into the sands was a frosty silver ice bucket. Inside that shining cylinder a bottle of wine chilled. The bottle was noticeably open, I supposed it was necessary for this particular vintage to breath. Two wine flutes were picturesquely leaning against the shiny metal of the ice bucket, a single red rose between them.

I brought my hands to my mouth. "Oh my." I was flabbergasted. "This is so romantic." I could feel tears of joy stinging my eyes. "How did you do all this?"

"Why DM of course." Jac smiled as she sat on the corner of the blanket nearest the wine. I followed and knelt next to her on the soft blanket.

"DM?" I asked quizzically.

Mimicking shock Jac stated, "Why, Kara my dear, you have lived here all these years and never experienced Disney Magic? I'm shocked."

I giggled. "No, I guess not. Will I be experiencing other magic besides just what Disney has to offer?"

"Hopefully we both will." She leaned toward me, and brushed her lips against mine. Then she sat up straight again to reach for the rose which she handed to me. I brought it to my nose in order to inhale the blossom's sweet perfume. She poured the wine, handed me one glass, and poured one for herself as well. She replaced the bottle in the ice. She turned her torso and raised her glass. "Here's to a wonderful day."

I clinked my glass to hers. "And a romantic evening."

The sensual smile on her lips sent a shiver down my spine. She nodded her agreement before she took a sip of the wine. I was mesmerized by her. Under the flickering light she was even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I couldn't take my eyes off her soft pouty lips. Without another word, I leaned in and captured those lips with my own. The kiss sent thousands of bolts of lightening through out my body. As the kiss slowly deepened I put my glass onto the sand and lay back onto the blanket, drawing Jac on top of me. My heart was pounding a mile a minute, while my mind had bidden me adieus allowing my body to take charge.

Her tongue gently parted my lips, and with a sigh of bliss I permitted this woman entrance. Somewhere along the line she rid herself of her glass, and was now running her hands through my hair. Feeling emboldened or crazed, depending on how you look at it, by my passion I rolled Jac onto her back, and began devouring her mouth when I noticed something odd. Jac's body felt rigid.

I placed my hands on either side of her and pushed my body weight up and off, though I was still leaning over her. "What's the matter?" I asked concerned that I had somehow hurt her.

"Honey, you rolled me onto the platter. The handle of the cheese knife is bruising my ass."

I jumped off the blanket like it had just burst into flame. "Oh my god, I'm sorry, Jac." I could feel my face blush what I was sure was a deep scarlet.

Jac stood up slowly and dusted bits of cheese, squashed grapes, crushed kiwi, and sliced star fruit off her now very stained shorts. I put my fists to my mouth, my eyes wide as saucers as panic took the place of passion. I wouldn't have been surprised if she had jumped into the canoe and paddled away leaving me to fend for myself out here in the middle of this lake. I would feed on the squashed fruit and cheese and drink wine until it was gone. Eventually some unsuspecting Disney maintenance worker would find my sun bleached bones still clutching the empty wine bottle. So much for Disney Magic.

She finally looked over at me and I jumped. Her eyes met mine for a split second before her face broke into a huge grin. She threw her head back, and roared with laughter. Her cachinnati seemed to fill the water brimmed valley we were in. It echoed back and forth from one little land strip to another until it finally returned to our private island. Jac's laugh turned into a chortle that slid into a loud guffaw. She grabbed her stomach, and then waved a hand at me raising her index finger indicating that she would need a moment to compose herself. She wiped tears from her eyes. I must have had a weird look on my face, well I know I had a weird look on my face because when she looked at me after she had straightened up from doubling over, it set off more peels of laughter.

            Here I was trying to be all sexy and all I accomplish is being comedy relief. Smooth Kara, real smooth.

I turned away from Jac's form that was still prostrate with a new fit a giggles. What was I going to say? What could I say? I just wanted to run away, but where the hell could I go on Jac's version of Gilligan's Island?

            I was so busy feeling sorry for myself that I didn't feel Jac coming up behind me until her arms snaked around my waist. She kissed the side of my face. "Baby, it's ok. I wasn't laughing at you."

            I shrugged. "Why not laugh at me? I'm a big joke after all."

            She spun me around so quickly that I almost lost my footing. "Don't ever say that again." Her eyes looked almost violet in their agitated state.

            "Why are you here with me, Jackie?" Even after all the letters, calls, and all the touching and now this private island retreat, I could NOT believe that this spectacular woman wanted to be with me.

            "Because, I wanted to be with you." Her voice significantly softened, "You big goof."

"But I'm so …" I let my words trail off.

Her gentle smile was radiant. "You're so what? Beautiful, intelligent, talented?"

I couldn't help but smirk. "I'm so clumsy and awkward. Here you've planned what would've been the most romantic evening of my life and what do I do? I push a cheese ball just about up your ass." I could feel the tears threaten to race down my face. I took a deep breath to keep them in check.

"Kar, it was an accident. No harm done." She looked down at her shorts. "Well maybe a little harm, but nothing a treatment of Shout can't take care of. Come on, loosen up, baby, it was funny." She paused. "And as for ruining a romantic evening…" She kissed me soundly. My arms automatically circled her waist, and pulled her body to mine. She pulled back with a smile. "It'll take a lot more than just me sitting on a cheese tray to ruin this night." She kissed me again. Her strong arms wound around me. Our bodies pressed together. Her tongue was tickling mine when a burst of thunder shattered the quiet of the night.

I jumped. "What the hell was that?"

"The fireworks."

I looked up to see a blast of color split the black sky then watched it fade away. Jac took me by the hand and led me back to the insidious blanket. She sat down, drew me to her, and set me between her legs. With some twisting and turning we both had our glasses of wine again. I snuggled into her chest as she wrapped her arms around me, pressing me even closer to her. In a contented silence we watched the fireworks display from the best seats in the house. This little slip of land was obviously not chosen by random. This little beach had a perfect view of Cinderella's castle, which meant it also had a perfect view of the fireworks. Everything was perfect.

When the last sequence of rockets had lit the sky almost as brightly as daylight we applauded. It was an amazing display and I couldn't help but feel special knowing that Jac had arranged this very private showing for me.

"Did you enjoy?" Jac asked from behind my right ear.

"Oh yes. It was spectacular."

She hugged me tightly. "I'm glad you liked it." She turned and refilled both of our now empty crystal goblets.

The night was clear, and the moon was bright. The stars seemed to twinkle with the same giddiness I was feeling. There was just enough chill in the air to make the evening comfortable. Jac moved that damnable tray off the blanket, and the two of us laid down beside each other. I reveled in her close proximity to me. We lay together for some unknown duration of time pointing out the different constellations we could find and name. In hushed tones we recited the different myths, and stories associated with each beautiful star cluster.

"You're making that up." Jac giggled. I was still lying on my back, but she had turned to her side supporting her head on her hand. Her eyes danced with fun and laughter and I completely forgot about my previous faux pas.

"No, I swear it's true."

She leaned down and kissed me softly. Then with a bound she was on her feet. "Dance with me." She offered me her hand.

            It took me a second to even realize she had moved. One second she was kissing my face the next she was standing over me. I tentatively took the hand she offered and rose from the sand. "But we don't have any music."

            She opened he arms to me. "Sing something for us."

            "Sing? What makes you think I can sing?" I questioned.

            "Oh, I know you can sing," she purred.

I could already feel myself getting wet just from those few words falling from her lips. How did she do that with just those few words?

She knows I can sing? Patty knows I can kiss? I don't have time to figure that out now. A song. Think. A song to sing?

"Sing, what, like It's a Small World After All?" I was stalling for time. Ok, I was panicking. Honestly, the only lyrics I could remember were to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I didn't think that was the type of song she was looking for.

She pulled me into her arms. "Well, not exactly what I would expect. Baby, sing for me."

            She breathed these words into my ear which caused my mind to go completely blank. I loved music, played several instruments, even had written several songs, but at that precise moment I couldn't put my finger on any song I had ever heard much less any lyrics. For a moment we stood silently in each other's arms. The love I felt through her embrace brought a song to mind, but did I dare sing it? I cleared my throat before I began. I prayed that I could get all the way through the song before my voice cracked or I broke down in tears.

"Maybe it's intu…" My voice trembled. Jac kissed my cheek gently. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Pulling more air to my diaphragm I started anew.

"Maybe it's intuition 

But some things you just don't question
Like in your eyes
I see my future in an instant
and there it goes
I think I've found my best friend
I know that it might sound more than
a little crazy but I believe"

            Jac started to slowly sway her body bringing mine with her. She held me close while we slow danced in the sand under the full moon. I know it sounds cliché, but I swear the moon was full, Jac was in my arms, and I was singing in her ear.

"I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life"
            The words were hauntingly true.  I did know I loved her before I met her.  Well at least before I met her in person.  I knew I loved her before I had even seen her beautiful face.  I think I had fallen in love with her almost from the very start.  It's a feeling, a sensation that won't lend itself to any type of vernacular or articulation for that matter.   It's just that you know that you know.  It's that inexplicable connection that you have with just one other person on earth.  It's that link, that bond that immediately pulls two people together.  You don't know how it starts or where it comes from, you just know that it is.
            I adjusted my head ever so slightly so I could softly sing into her ear.
"There's just no rhyme or reason
only this sense of completion
and in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I'm searching for
I think I found my way home
I know that it might sound more than
a little crazy but I believe


I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life"
            My voice grew husky with emotion as I came to the end of the song.  Jac continued to glide my body in the soft sand.   
"A thousand angels dance around you
I am complete now that I found you 
I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life 
I knew I loved you before I met you
I knew I loved you before I met you
I knew I loved you before I met you
I knew I loved you before I met you

            My voice trailed off. I let the tears I'd been holding back flow freely. I‘ve never cried so much in my entire life as I have in the last few days, but here in this deserted cove, in Jac's arms, I was experiencing perfection. Romantic bliss of an order I didn't even know existed.

She looked into my eyes and with her thumbs, she gently wiped away the tears there. "I love you too." She took a breath, then with one hand on each side of my face she drew my lips to her own and kissed me with so much ardor I thought I would fade away.

            We deepened the kiss for mere moments and yet, how long the connection actually lasted became timeless, I can't explain it. She released me from our embrace, took my hand and in silence we returned to our little canoe, embarking in the direction of the hotel. She leapt onto the dock, tied off the boat and held her hand out for me. I took the proffered hand and floated to her side. We retrieved our shoes from the dock, although neither of us chose to put them on. We walked hand in hand across the beach to the hotel. Barefoot, we entered the lobby and then the elevator beyond.

            We stood silently in the elevator still hand in hand. I believe we were both afraid of breaking the enchantment with any type of prattle. After all what was there left to say?

            In what seemed a matter of seconds we were in front of Jac's suite door. She fished the key card from her pocket. With a swipe and a green light we entered her room. The room was lit by the flickering light of numerous candles set in the ante room. A huge vase of roses stood on the once empty coffee table. Beside the vase were two cut glasses filled with wine. The quiet strains of Billie Holliday singing her rendition of Someone to Watch Over Me swirled in the air. I looked over at Jac who shrugged bashfully.
            "Can't blame a girl for hoping?" Jac said sheepishly.

            "Uh huh." I smirked. I snaked my arm around her waist pulling her into a hug. I kissed her forehead. "So are you going to tell me all this," I waved my free arm gesturing to all the preparations that had been made for our tryst, "is more Disney Magic?"

            She smiled broadly. "Yes."


            "No?" Her wide smile deflated slightly.

            I shook my head. "Nope. This is PA magic."

            "PA magic?"

            "Oh yeah, this has Patricia Ambrose's fingerprints all over it. Is this what y'all were cooking up while I was in and out of consciousness?"

            "Guilty as charged." Jac's smile returned to its former brilliance. "Care for more wine?"

            "Why, Ms. Drakkon, are you trying to make me tipsy?" After all we had just about finished the bottle we had on the island with us. "You wouldn't be trying to sully my virtue?"

            "Am I succeeding?" She offered me a glass of wine. I found her bright smile infectious. I could feel happiness as well as a case of nerves tugging the edges up my mouth into a weird smile. I took the glass that was offered to me. With a goblet of wine in her hand she kissed me gently, then took my hand and started to lead me to the bedroom door.

I say started, because about a foot away from the closed portal I hesitated in mid-step. Reality had descended on me like a piano falling from six stories and hitting me on the head.

What are you DOING!! My Libido shrieked.

I don't have time to Sybil now. I gave myself an internal shake. Libido had brought out a pertinent question though. What was I doing? Was I really ready for something this intense? Was I ready to give myself completely to her, heart, mind, and soul, not to mention physically? I was about to embark on an absolutely life changing experience, and it stands to rights that I would be a little shaky. What Jac and I were about to do was not merely a physical act, but a truly spiritual journey. Our souls would entwine and become one. Yes, yes I was ready for this. I was desperately trying to convince myself of this. Looking at my life up to this point, perhaps, in some ways I may have been waiting my whole life for this one moment.

What if we get in there and I can't perform? What if my body doesn't react? My insecurities momentarily stood up to be counted.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Your body is already reacting! Libido cried out again. She was right. I could feel the familiar dampness that was gathering in my underwear.

All this conflagration of emotions thankfully happened in the fraction of a second between my hesitation and Jac's turning to face me.

Her dark brows knitted together. "You ok?"

I nodded mutely. But I couldn't leave it at that could I? Nope, I had to say something stupid, "What about the kids??"

"Do you intend to be that loud?" She giggled.

I tried to smile. "Well you never know, it's been a long time since I uhhh…" I tilted my head toward the door.

"Since you've made love?" Jac inquired gently.

There she said it. She said ‘made love'. Here comes the blush. I could feel my face get hot.

"Baby, you know we don't have to do this?" she said indicating the bedroom with the tilt of her head.

"Baby, I want to be with you," I croaked.

"But?" Her voice trembled.

"Darling, once we are, uhh," I sighed, "once we are on the other side of that door everything changes."

"Everything has already changed, my love. Are you sorry? Do you want to stop now before anything else happens?"

"No, I'm not sorry about anything." I tilted my head up praying gravity would keep my tears in my eyes. I was foiled when Jac's soft hand cupped my chin bringing my face down so she could meet my eyes. My tears slid unabated down my cheeks.

"I love you," Jac said. "You must know that."

I whispered, "I love you too."

I thought I saw a tear attempting to drop from Jac's eyes. In the flickering light Jac looked so vulnerable. She looked as if her world was crashing around her. No longer was she the strong, forbidding Dragon Lady. She was now a woman with her heart on her sleeve, a fragile piece of glass sculpture, which could be easily shattered.

Jacqueline is a priceless diamond. But as with any beautiful diamond this woman before me had many facets. Some of the facets shown with glittering brilliance, others were hidden from the naked eye. I found each of the numerous facets intriguing as they had been unveiled to me one at a time. This was new and something I'd never seen in her before. Perhaps I never would have expected it. So many pieces of complexity that made up my ‘one', and I had yet to identify the rest. It would take me the rest of my life to complete the puzzle, but it was a challenge that would pay me all the long the way with even more beauty and love.

In that moment all my trepidations fled. Love casts out fear, now I knew the meaning of that phrase. I leaned in and kissed her. Slowly I deepened the kiss. I felt her arms slide to the small of my back to pull my body against her own. The kiss intensified as the taller woman strengthened her hold. Breathlessly we broke our kiss to enter the bedroom.

I could feel the butterflies flapping in my stomach upon seeing the bedroom lit by a profusion of candles. To be honest it wasn't the candles that had those butterflies circling around my midsection, it was the big ole king sized bed covered with rose petals that had them going crazy. A nervous grin twisted my lips.

"What?" Jac asked.

No matter what I did I couldn't get that stupid smirk off my face. "Nothing, just nervous." I gulped down the rest of my wine. Wine, that's what I need lots of liquid courage. Holding up my empty glass I said, "I'm going to need to get a refill…." I started but then Jac cut me off.

"No problem, I'll bring the wine in here." She sauntered out of the room with a smooth confidence that I wish I felt.

Christ, it's not like you're a virgin or anything, my Libido scolded me. Hell, you know you want it, and if you don't, I DO! Just go in there and do the deed.

DO THE DEED! Ack! Libido, you are so crude. Common Sense and Compassion came to my rescue. She said those most precious words. She said she loves you. You know you love her so now all you have to do is trust her. You've already opened yourself emotionally to her, now all you have to do is open yourself physically. Just relax and let nature take its course.

NO! NO, let me take the course. My libido made a VRRRROOOM VRROOOOM sound. She was out of control. I had no idea I had kept her locked up so long.

Libido isn't there a Penthouse Forum you need to read somewhere? Kara, just relax. It will all come back to you. Just like falling off a bike right? Oh, sorry, like riding a bike, yeah that's right, riding a bike. You've been able to ride a bike for a long LONG time.

Ok, so Common Sense was right. I just needed to relax. Jac returned with the ice bucket, and placed it on the nightstand next to where I was standing. She refilled my glass before refilling her own and watched in fascination as I downed the glass.

She filled my glass again. "Is this helping your nerves? Honey, you know we don't have to do this?"

I took just a sip from the newly filled goblet. "Yes, it's helping, and baby, I want to do this more than you know."

Jac smirked. "You realize I don't bite. Well I do, but by special request only. And that request would have to be in writing made way in advance of the tryst."

I let a chuckle slip out. The entire idea was so absurd. "So do you have a particular form for this Special Request?"

"But of course," she immediately replied. "It's form SB103, sexual encounter with biting. Place for you name, the date, the date of the encounter, the location of the bite or bites and the intensity of said bites."

I just had to laugh. She had me at my ease with those few phrases, where gallons of wine could not.

Once she saw that I was more relaxed, she relieved me of my glass. She put both goblets on the night table. She took my face in her soft hands, and drew me to her lips. I loved the way she did this, the way she took my face in her hands letting her fingers thread through my hair while she kissed me. My hands searched just under the edge of her tee-shirt for the smooth warm skin that was hidden beneath. When I placed my hands on her waist she shuddered with what I hoped was delight.

She pulled away slightly, and then leaned her head upon my shoulder as she started to unbutton my shirt. She stepped back to pull my shirt over my head. I closed my eyes when she began to kiss my chest and undo my bra. I could feel the chill of the air as I stood before her naked from the waist up. To my surprise I felt no embarrassment at all. All I could feel was the inferno that was engulfing my soul. She traced circles with her fingertips around my hard nipples.

I opened my eyes and gently raised her face back to mine. There was something different in those eyes now, not the playful sparkle or that serious all business glance anymore, but a fire of passion. I kissed her full on the lips and welcomed her tongue into my mouth as I gently guided her to the edge of the bed.

She settled onto the bed. She watched in hungered fascination as I continued to disrobe. As slowly and sensuously as I could manage I unbuttoned then unzipped my shorts. With a lustful grace I didn't even know I possessed, I slid my shorts off with excruciating slowness. Once I stepped out of the shorts there was nothing on my body save a small lacey thong. Ok, so I did hope we were going to go here, I wanted to be prepared. Let's face it, cotton briefs do nothing for the body, but a thong did. This fact was plainly evident by the look I was receiving from Jac at this very moment. Under her heated gaze I trembled.

I placed a hand on each shoulder. I let my hands slowly slide down her arms inviting her to erase the distance between us with a gentle tug. I slipped my hands under her tee-shirt, teasing her skin before I pulled it over her head. I gasped at the sight of her beautiful breasts. I raised a tentative hand to touch her hardened nipple. She shuddered then tilted her head to take my lips with her own. She gently bit my lip as she began to explore my body.

"You are so beautiful, my love," Jac murmured as she ran her hands upon my skin. I closed my eyes so that I could experience my body under her touch. Suddenly my body jumped as I felt her mouth kissing my nipple. "Are you OK?" she asked with a voice husky with passion. "I didn't hurt you did I?"

"Oh no," I said as I looked into her eyes. I closed my eyes and wound my fingers in her hair. I brought her face to my breast and she picked up where she left off. She sucked one nipple while gently massaging the other. So much pleasure was coursing through my body that I thought that my knees would give out.

I slowly sat on the bed drawing her down with me. She knelt between my legs her lips still suckling my breast. I could feel my pulse rising with the urgency of my arousal. So close to ecstasy that I wanted to just rip the rest of her clothes off, and make passionate love to her. I wanted her to make passionate love to me. I was trembling all over. Maybe Libido had been right all along, I thought I heard a quiet VRRRROOOMMM.

She released me long enough to ask, "Are you alright, baby? You're shivering."

I croaked, "I know." I placed my hands on either side of her face, and brought her to my lips. I stood bringing her long form with me. I slowly unbuttoned her shorts, and pushed them from her waist to the floor. She stepped out of them as I kissed her neck. We both uttered groans as our naked breasts were pressed together during more deep and passionate kisses.

She continued the kiss while I pressed her body even harder to my own. I slid my hands upwards, and began to massage her long back while I probed her eager mouth with my tongue. Bolts of electricity were pinging off of every nerve in my body. Now what had I been so afraid of?

She slowly and sensually ran her long fingers through my hair then trailed them down to my shoulders. Ever so lightly she stroked my breasts with the palm of her hand. My entire body shuddered with excitement at her touch.

Smiling she pulled back to look me in the face. "Are you sure you're ok?"

I could feel my face heat up. "I, uhhh," I cleared my throat. "I..I..I," I stammered self-consciously, "I've never been with a woman before. Hell, I haven't been with anyone in years, I don't think I remember how to do this."

She kissed me soundly. "I know." She kissed me again. I was leaning all the way back, placing all my body weight on my arms and hands. She smiled sinisterly. "Sex is like riding a bike. Even though you haven't done it for years you never forget how."

Bikes, yes bikes. I'm gonna have to get me a bike.

Before I knew what was happening we had both slipped under the sheets. The scent of the rose petals as well as her skin was intoxicating me. She was lying on top of me slowly moving her hips as she kissed my neck. She felt so amazing. She sucked on my neck and I couldn't help groaning. Deep guttural sounds were emanating from a place in the depths within me that I didn't even know existed. My passion was overriding any conscious thought or action. I was whispering loving words into her ear while we continued to explore each other's bodies. I was afraid that I wouldn't know how to please her, but she was right, the art of lovemaking was all coming back with wonderful clarity.

She slid off to my side and began to feast on my breast again while her fingertips created invisible designs on my hot flesh. Using her hand she separated my thighs. I gladly complied. With her first touch I thought I would vault over the edge. She was softly teasing me. My hips rose to meet her hand of their own volition. Then she was atop me again, rimming me while she stimulated my clit. My head was swirling. Her touch was bringing me to heights of pleasure unknown to me before this moment.

"Do you want me inside you, baby?" Jac gasped into my ear.

"Yes! Oh yes, baby, I want that but," I answered, "I'm just…"

"Tight?" She finished my thought.

I was so embarrassed. I was anatomically very small, and that fact had always been an issue in my sex life no matter who I was with. Actually being tight had always made me feel that I was freak. I had always felt inadequate that I wasn't built for speed shall we say. "Yeah." Was all I could get out.

"It's ok, baby. I don't want you to be uncomfortable."

She was about to move her fingers when I stopped her. "No, I want you inside me. I want you to make love to me every way possible."

At my last words a bright smile appeared. "Ok, then let's fix it so we both have some fun, but I need my hand back."

I released her, and she reached over me to the nightstand and opened the drawer. She reached in, and pulled out a small vial. She coated her hand with the liquid, and then regained her position over me. "This will be much better." I could feel her fingers slide through my folds before she slowly entered me. I could feel the slippery liquid on my clit as she began a soft rhythm inside me. "Much better, yes?"

All I could do was groan in satisfaction. "Gods yes, baby."

I massaged and scratched her back as her thrusts gradually became stronger and faster. I heard myself repeating "Yes, Yes!" and "Don't stop!" over and over again. I noticed her hips moving with the same rhythm as her hand. Her movements were making my thigh slick with her arousal. I lifted my leg to what I felt would be a better position for her. She groaned loudly with the contact. I let my hands trail down her sides then gently guided her hips so that the fire of her passions could be quenched along with mine. We both let out loud moans of pleasure. I held her closer and tighter as the rhythm of her hips became more and more intense. I found my own body matching her rhythm. I was on fire.

"Yes, babe, that's it. Come with me," she growled into my ear.

"Oh, yes," I gasped into her ear. "Oh yes, that's it, baby, just don't stop."

"I won't stop."

She found my lips with hers as her tongue dove into my mouth. We groaned into each other's mouths as we came closer and closer to climax.

"Yes. Yes. Jackie YES!" I about screamed into the night. My entire body spasmed when it hit the orgasmic heights.

"KARA!" Jac called out my name her body simultaneously writhing and stiffening with the power of her release. We melted into each other's arms, hearts pounding, our breathing coming in short rasps.

Silence returned to the room. The only sound was that of soft jazz tones that still floated in the air.

After a time Jac moved next to me with her head on my breast and her arm thrown carelessly across my waist. I held her close to me not wanting to ever let her go. Even in my most prolific fantasies, this type of passion could never be imagined. As I thought of this, I hugged her closer to my side.

"What are you thinking?" she asked.

"About us, about making love, and how perfect this whole night has been."

"Cheese trays aside, it was perfection?" I could feel her smile.

I smiled as well. "Yes, cheese trays aside. I'm beginning to wonder if this is all a wonderful dream. You know?" I paused. "That I will awaken and you'll be gone."

She looked up at me and said, "It's not a dream."

I turned to my side guiding her to her back as I began kissing her again. It was as if my body was starving, and I had no idea of how much I had faded away until she touched me. I was starving even after being totally sated and even now, I hungered for her touch, I longed to satisfy her.

I began kissing her lips. The kissing became slowly more and more intense. I began kissing and gently biting her neck. I could feel her body responding to my touches. Her hips began to arch, and her breasts heaved closer toward my own.

I kissed her throat, and then her chest till I finally came to her breast. She gasped as I took her breast into my mouth, and began to gently suckle.

"Oh yes. You're driving me crazy," she groaned.

"That's the idea. I want to make love to you over and over," I whispered.

"I think that can be arranged."

I took her breast into my mouth resuming my sensual activity while letting my hand slowly slide down between her legs. She gasped as my fingers ran through her damp curls. Not really confident that my hand would find the proper rhythm, I began kissing down her torso.

            I felt her hands in my hair arresting my downward advances.


I whispered, "It's alright, let me love you."

I gently parted her legs with my hand, and carefully threaded my body between her creamy thighs. The scent of her arousal was intoxicating. I reverently dipped my tongue in those sensual waters, and was rewarded by a gasp from Jac. She tasted so amazing that I was heady immediately. I began with great care to lap and suck her nether lips. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked softly. I was rewarded with more gasps and groans. I was filled with an amazing thirst. The more I licked and sucked the thirstier I became. My senses were reeling, my head was spinning, and I grasped her hips to bring her in even closer proximity to my mouth. I was crazed with my need to love her. I was insane with my hunger for all that was Jacqueline.

"Kara," she gasped, "Yes, yes!"

I brought my hand up and began slowly rimming her while my tongue continued to tease her slick softness. Finding just the right place within her produced a violent movement of her hips against my hand.

"Oh God! I don't know what you're doing but don't stop!" she cried.

I continued sucking her while quickening the pace of my hand movements. Stimulating her clit by kissing that soft area, I continued massaging her hidden places. I felt so powerful. I also felt so humbled. My fingers ventured gently deeper into her hidden places. Suddenly I could feel her softness clamp tightly around me. Her body convulsed with the intensity of her climax. The sound of her release filled the room. The sensation of her aftershocks was amazing. When her internal walls had almost stilled, I replaced my fingers with my tongue and drank deeply. She cried out again then her body relaxed under me. When her body settled I lay my head against her thigh. Both of us reveling in the stillness of our afterglow.

I must have been almost asleep when I felt her long fingers thread themselves through my hair and softly tug. I gladly obeyed her request. I kissed my way back up the paths that I had previously descended. I shifted so I could soundly kiss her lips. I wondered what it was like for Jac tasting herself on my lips.

I flopped onto the mattress beside her. "Jac, baby, that was incredible."

"Mmmmummm," Jac hummed in agreement.

I propped my head on my upraised palm so I could look Jac in the face. "Is it always this, this," I trailed of at a loss for words.

"Oustanding?" Jac grinned up at me.

"Yeah." I could feel myself glowing in the dark. My body was still humming.

"I don't know about you, but that was the most incredible experience I've ever had," Jac confessed.

"Really?" I found her statement very hard to believe. "I mean, you've had so much more, ahh, experience than I have."

Jac giggled. "Are you trying to say I'm a slut?"

"OH NO! No, not at all, it's just well, gods that just came out wrong. I'm sorry."

"Mmmmmmmmuhmmmm." The tall woman again murmured. "Are you trying to say I couldn't have this amazing of an experience with you?"

I was glad the candles were shedding a shadow across my face so Jac couldn't see me blush. She was right, that's exactly what I was thinking. I could feel my lips twisting in an odd way again. Jac didn't wait for answer, the question was rhetorical and we both knew it. "How about you?"

"OH MY GOD! Yes. Yes and YES!" I exclaimed. "It was totally amazing. I have never felt this way before."

"Not even with Tim?" Trepidation tinted her sultry tones.

I answered her without hesitation. "No, not even with Tim. Not even close. I mean we had an alright sex life, but there always seemed to be something missing. Obviously what was missing was you."

"Oh baby, that's so sweet." She pulled me down and kissed me deeply. In the blink of an eye she had flipped me onto my back her thigh pressed to my center. With a shark like grin on her lips, she asked, "Ready for round two?"

"Oh yeah," I growled.


We spent the remainder of the night just that way. Touching, kissing, caressing, licking, fondling, and anything else that ends in ‘ing' that could be imagined. I couldn't believe how many times I climaxed. I mean on a good night maybe I would climax twice. But Jac had me riding climax atop climax atop climax until I was positive I would lose consciousness.

Did I hold my own? I can honestly say, I did. I believe I brought her as much pleasure as she had brought me.

Let nature take its course, that phrase kept ringing through my mind. When I had finally gotten over my nervousness, that's exactly what happened, nature took its course. Making love to Jac and having her make love to me couldn't have felt more natural. We melded together in every way possible-- physically, spiritually and emotionally. We were one and I couldn't have been happier.

During our short respites we engaged in pillow talk. We spoke about everything and anything. Our hopes, our fears, our dreams. We touched briefly on plans for the future, but didn't dwell there. Both of us frightened of breaking the magic of this evening with the harsh light of reality.

I was lying on her shoulder enjoying her scent, and the feel of her skin against mine. I placed my arm across her abdomen. I was nodding off when I felt Jac slip a ring on my finger. I lifted my hand to see a small silver band on the ring finger of my right hand. I recognized it as the ring Jac had been wearing. It was a silver band with Celtic knot work etched into the metal. At the center of this intricate design a sapphire was inlaid into the precious metal.

I was about to ask a dumb question when her lips pressed to my own effectively removing every thought I was having.

"I love you," Jac murmured.

"I love you too," I replied.

Totally spent emotionally and physically we slept in each other's arms.

part 13

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