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~ Business Trip ~
by Lady J

Part Four

I lay awake pulling my hands up behind my head to cradle my swirling melon. There would be no sleep for me again tonight. My entire body was still humming with excitement. My motor had been revving on high for the last few days with so much sexual tension that it took all my resolve not to get dressed and appear on Jac's doorstep unannounced. I wanted her so badly my body ached.

The woman of my dreams was here, in town, sitting across a conference room from me day after day after DAY... now where was I going with this? Oh yeah I remember.

Ya know something, 'woman of my dreams', sounds odd when I think about it. I mean I had no idea that my knight in shining armor would be a Joan instead of a John.

But she was no dream, she was real and not just some phantasm that my fevered mind had conjured up. I could touch her, hold her, and hopefully much more before she left town.

At the 'much more' thought I could feel myself flush. I was hot both physically as well as sexually. I tried to just distract myself by watching the beautifully twinkling stars that dotted the black sky, but it was no use. My mind would always come back to the twinkling of those blue eyes that had bewitched me.

I spent night after night turning and tossing trying to push her image out of my mind, but it was no use expending all that energy when in my heart of hearts that is where I wanted the image to stay. What was I trying to prove? That I didn't love her? That she had no hold over me? In the darkness I chuckled at my own stupidity. I don't know who I was trying to kid. Seeing her across the board room day in and day out for the last week confirmed what I had always known, though was too chicken to admit even to myself. I was in love with her and that was the bottom line.

The battle was over. I was ready to surrender myself totally. Mentally I had thrown down my weapons and given myself over to Jac.

Slowing my breathing I allowed myself the wondrous luxury of seeing Jac's beautiful face before me once again. I let myself drift meditating on every sensation I experienced while with her. I could feel her touch on my skin. Breathing deeply I allowed her cologne to intoxicate me once again. Closing my eyes I permitted the beautiful images of this woman to play before me like a movie I could sit through over and over and over again.

I moved one of my hands from beneath my head and began to trail my fingertips down the side of my throat to the valley between my breasts. My hand began to message the smooth, soft skin around my now hardening nipple. Then I pinched the erect nipples with my finger tips.

"Can I help you with that?" A smooth alto voice came from the darkness startling me.

My body jerked upward and I would have sat straight upright save a strong hand on my shoulder kept me reclined on my pillows.

"I'm so sorry, Kara, if I frightened you," the soft voice purred as an even softer hand replaced my own on my chest. "I never want to frighten you."

"I know," I stuttered confused as to how Jac had gotten into my bedroom.

I could feel the bed move as Jac adjusted her position to lie next to me. Her perfume intoxicated my mind rendering any attempt at logical thought futile. Her touch sending me to heights that I had never experienced before.

I shuddered as she trailed her fingers under my tee shirt teasing the flesh of my midriff while she whispered in my ear, "I love you." I turned my head to look at her in the dimness of the room. I could sense a grin appear on her face more than see it when she leaned in and took my lips with her own. We shared a deep kiss. I gasped as she parted my lips with her tongue while she simultaneously ran the palm of her hand over my hardened nipple.

She never stopped her ministrations. My body writhed under her expert hands. The sensual pleasures my body experienced were bringing me to the brink of sanity. When she left my lips to wrap her tongue around my nipple I thought I would jet over the edge without her ever going south of the border.

"Please…" I finally croaked out when I found my voice.

She rose up to smile down on me. My entire body shook with anticipation as her hands drifted down my body to touch the wetness that had been waiting for her. We both gasped when she touched me. I arched my back pressing into her hand as she leaned down to suck on my neck.

How exquisite was her touch, her kiss. I was like a thirsty man in the desert, almost dead from dehydration, now drinking deeply from the oasis of love. My heart was pounding with the rhythm of her strokes. I was groaning my ecstasy as she growled hers into my ear. I could feel myself rising higher and higher, every nerve in my body cresting with the pleasure that Jacqueline was giving me.

"Oh baby, I'm cuming," my throat rumbled.

"No,you're not," came the stern answer.

"Waaa??" My mind couldn't grasp the words or the tone that was being spoken to me.

"No, you're not coming. You're not even out of bed. Come on, Mom, wake up we're going to be late!"

This was not the sensual growling of my lover, but someone else. My mind couldn't recognize the voice that was piercing my bliss. Suddenly I felt the bed rocking and Jac, the darkness, and my first climax in years disappeared into the glaring light of day.

"Come on, Mom, Christ," came the now recognizable and highly agitated voice of Jarrod.

"OK. OK," I grumbled as I sat up on the edge of the bed.

"You awake?" he asked leaning down to look me in the eye.

I glowered at my eldest.

"Ok, guess I better get the coffee going." Still looking at me he continued, "Better make it extra strong."

I growled bearing my fangs.

As he reached the doorway of my bedroom he turned to me a knowing smirk playing around his lips. "What were you dreaming about anyway?" he asked.

"Nothing," I replied running my fingers through my tangled locks.

"Didn't sound like that to me," he said racing through the door followed by a skillfully thrown pillow.

UGH! CHILDREN! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING WHEN I HAD THREE? I thought as I stormed into my bathroom slamming the door.

After a long, long cold shower I didn't feel any closer to human. No matter how much I pelted myself with that ice cold water the dream would not leave me. Stepping out of the shower I grabbed a towel and began to dry myself off. As I ran the soft fabric against my skin I could almost feel Jac's touch again.

I decided to try another cold shower for good measure. I had to admit this time the shower helped, but only marginally. Ok, I was hoping for a miracle cure of Jac in a cold shower. Feel free to laugh at any time. I did, but not right away.

After many changes of mind and many bellows from Jarrod I was finally dressed. I walked toward the front door where I was handed my briefcase, car keys, and a travel mug of coffee and was pushed out the door by a brooding seventeen year old that carried his sister on his hip. We loaded into the van and off in a puff of smoke we left.

As was the daily routine, Mark was the first one out of the car and off to the world of Junior High School academia.

Next I pulled up to the local High School.

"When am I gonna get a car?" Jarrod grumbled.

"When you can pay for it," I replied while winding my way around the parking lot trying hard to find the least conspicuous place to drop off my humiliated son. This question had been coming up on a daily basis lately, but I really didn't have the time or energy to expend on my son's lack of a status symbol.

With all the dignitaries and big wigs that had been arriving over the last few days I was beyond stressed and was concerned that at any moment I would become postal. Especially where Russell was involved which seemed to be all the time anymore. Every time I turned around he was there watching, waiting for me to screw up. So it wasn't really unexpected that he would be happy when my computer system mysteriously came down with some unknown virus that had effectively corrupted every file on my hard drive as well as disabling my email. Thankfully, by this point, I knew this project like the back of my hand. OK, you don't have to be that surprised, I do have a clue every once in a while.

Jarrod muttered something under his breath and it was all I could do to keep from slapping the color out of his eyes. Before I said anything I would regret, I paused and took time to think for a moment. Parking the van in a secluded area of the lot I sighed deeply.

Jarrod was a good kid who was turning into a fine young man. When his father passed he had really stepped up to the plate taking care of the home front while I spent long hours at the office. At a young age he took on responsibilities of the man of the house without a word from me or question in his mind and most of all without complaint.

My son, you became a man before I had a chance to enjoy your youth. I will always regret that, but you have grown into a man I am proud to call my son.

Jarrod was grabbing his backpack and was about to jump out of the van when I caught his arm. "Hey, today this big project ends and I'll be getting a huge bonus. Let's say when I get the bonus we go car shopping."

His face lit up like a Christmas tree. "Really, Mom? You mean it?"

"Yeah, I mean it. It's about time you get your own ride, and besides just think of the errands I could send you on," I teased.

"Right," he singsonged at me a bright smile almost blinding me. He jumped out of the car with an excited bound. Leaning through the open window he said, "Oh Mom..."


"Yah know this morning when I woke you up?"

"Yeah." I drew out the word afraid of what he was going to say next.

"That kinda thing happens to me all the time." He began laughing while jogging away from the car. He was laughing and I was blushing. Sex and kids just don't mix.

"Come on, baby," I said feeling more balanced after the discussion with Jarrod.

My smiling baby jumped out of the van and into my arms. I placed her on the ground, and we walked hand in hand to the front of the school, through the glass doors, and down the main corridor of the school. I leaned down and she hugged me around the neck so tightly that I thought she was going to crush my windpipe. Then she gave me a big kiss on the cheek. "I love you, Mama," she said before she raced down the hallway to her class room.

I smiled watching her half skip half run down the hall feeling that my world had returned to normal. This is what life was all about, happy loving children. Suddenly Ashley stopped, turned, and ran back to me. Putting her arms up I lifted her again into my arms. "What is it, baby?"

"I almost forgot, Mama. Is this your big day?" she asked.

I cocked my head to the right. "Big day?" I answered her question with a question.

"Yah know, Mama, your big day. When you're all done with your job?" Ashley asked innocence beaming from her face.

I was confused and I'm sure that showed on my face. Ashley looked me directly in the eye, blinking on occasion confident I would eventually figure out what she was asking me. I wished I was as confident. Suddenly I caught a clue. "Oh yeah, baby, I guess this is my big day. Why?"

"Jac…uhhh…Ms. Drakkon told me to give you this when it was your job big day." Ashley gave me big, long, loud kiss on my cheek. "She told me to tell you 'Good Luck.'"

Within seconds of this declaration the child wriggled out of my arms. Once she hit the highly buffed floor she was gone from sight leaving me totally dumbfounded standing like an island in the middle of the hallway surrounded by sea of kids trying to get to their classes without seeing any of them.

So much for normalcy.

It took me awhile to shake off the shock of my daughter's words and remember how to drive. Eventually I pulled myself together, got the key in the ignition, turned the car over, and headed for my home away from home.

I arrived at work more quickly than I expected. Traffic for whatever reason was going my way which of course meant that something else today wouldn't. Oh well guess whatever was going to go wrong would remain to be seen.

The previous few days had been a whirlwind of activity with customers and corporate executives arriving at the facility in planes, trains, and automobiles. OH MY. Watching them file in reminded me of a rainstorm. They would drizzle in for awhile then suddenly there would be a down pouring of dark suits blowing through the doors. Then quiet for a few hours before the cloudburst began again until the signal of the storms passing came in the form of the last person to be checked off the list walked over the threshold.

Speaking of rain, the Gods in their infinite wisdom opened up the skies sending a veritable deluge of water to the earth just as I pulled into my parking spot. Yes, I did have my own parking spot, but don't be deceived into believing it was actually a good parking spot. Of course it was close to the side door, but do you think my badge would open that door? Of course not. Remember it's still me.

"This is just great," I grumbled. This was one of the most important days of my life, and I was going to go through it looking like a drowned rat. I unbuckled my seat belt looking around the van for an umbrella. "Right, like this was going to happen."

I sat back in the driver's seat praying that the rain would subside. Yeah, like that was going to happen either. As the rains pummeled my car I decided that no matter how long I waited this storm would not subside until I had gotten drenched. It was my destiny.

I felt myself shrug. No reason to wait for Noah to build the ark for this one. Taking my heels off and hiding them in my suit jacket I exited the van. I ran as fast as I could to the front door using my small briefcase as an umbrella. Let me tell you, Jackie Joyner-Kersee has nothing to worry about.

I was picking up speed as I headed for the thick glass doors. Knowing these strong doors would be locked I was planning on using them to stop my acceleration. But the receptionist, Renee, must have seen me running for my life and buzzed the door open to help me out. I hit the glass going full speed. The heavy door flew open when my weight hit it which sent me slipping and sliding across the smooth marble floors like a gooney bird coming in for a landing. You would have thought that hitting the door would have slowed me down somewhat, but nope, it didn't affect my acceleration one iota.

My shoes flew one way and my briefcase flew the other. Thankfully no one in the Lobby was harmed by the flying debris. I continued sailing across the floor at a high rate of speed my now unencumbered arms flailng through the air hoping against hope to slow down my progression before I plowed into a gaggle of dark suits standing in front of the elevator.

"Look out!" I finally yelled. All suits parted like the Red Sea with the exception of one person who grabbed me before I slammed into the large stainless steel doors that shielded me from the elevator shaft. Yes, you know who it was; I don't need to tell you. Yes, with a thud and a slight splash I came to rest in the arms of a very startled Jacqueline Drakkon.

The pains I had taken all week being sure my make up, hair, and ensemble were flawless were wiped away in this one incredibly embarrassing moment.

"Are you alright?" Jacqueline whispered into my ear.

Now under other circumstances Jac whispering into my ear would be a dream come true. Right now it was a nightmare. It took me a moment to answer because it took me that long to figure out what I had been asked. "No," I finally whispered back.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Jacqueline asked I'm sure concerned that I was hurt.

"Not unless you have the power to render me invisible," I replied.

My mind was moving a thousand miles a minute trying to figure out what to do next. I could hear voices behind me, but couldn't distinguish what was being said.

"Jason, are you telling me that y'all put this …this…woman in charge of gettin' my factory's machinery upgraded?" A heavily accented baritone voice cut through my brain fog like a knife. That voice could only belong to one person. Darrell Bogs, the most chauvinistic man to come out of Texas since George Bush.

I had to think quickly to save this situation. Stop laughing it could happen. Renee handing me my shoes and briefcase flipped a switch in my mind. I had a plan.

"Thanks," I said. Without turning around I extricated myself from Jacqueline's arms. I leaned to the right to slip on my right shoe and then leaned to the left to place my left shoe on my wet foot. Breathing deeply in, then letting it out slowly I stood straight throwing my shoulders back, ran my hand through my dripping hair, winked at Jac before turning around, and extending my hand to the big oaf.

In the most syrupy southern accent I could muster I greeted the pompous ass. "Why you must be Darrell Boggs."

His eyes reflected suspicion and without removing his large Stetson took my hand. "That's correct ma'am and you are?"

"Oh my, just where are my manners? I'm Kara Marlow. I just hope you'll let me apologize for that entrance. I haven't slid that far since Crazy Taurus threw me during the rodeo at the county fair."

Darrell smirked over my offered hand. "Are you telling me, little lady, that you rode bulls at rodeos?"

"I surely did when I was young and stupid. Even won once. Have the belt buckle and the broken bones to prove it."

Come on you stupid hick take the bait. PLEEEEAAASSE.

His dark eyes penetrated my own while still grasping the hand I had offered. My heart was pounding in my throat. I never let anyone see me sweat so the fact that I was still sopping wet was in my favor.

"Hahahahahaha!" Darrell roared. He slapped me so hard on the back that I almost fell out of my heels. He then put his arm across my shoulder and hugged me tightly, and I mean very tightly to his side.

"Why have you been keeping this spunky little lady such a secret?" He guffawed. "Jason I knew you wouldn't steer me wrong…get it…steer me?"

Jason just nodded staring at me blankly. It was his only defense.

Darrell roared with laughter again at Jason's speechlessness. With me still hugged to his right side, he grabbed Jason and held the dumbfounded president on his left, and squeezed the breath out of the two of us.

When we were finally released the stunned group moved to the front of the elevator and pressed the button. When the doors slid open Jac entered first followed by Darrell and then Jason. Russell and I brought up the rear.

"What are you trying to prove?" Russell softly growled into my ear.

"The laws of physics," I growled in return as the doors slid shut.


"What the hell happened to you? Did you try to swim to work?" Patty exclaimed.

"Hardy har har. You're a laugh a minute, Pat." I glowered at my assistant. "So where is it?"

"Where is what?" she asked.

"Look at me, what would I be looking for?"

"What makes you think I have another set of clothes for you hidden somewhere in the office?" Patty retorted.

"Because you're a Goddess at knowing what I need before I need it. Why would this be any different?" I knew I was being totally unreasonable, but I was on a roll and couldn't stop.

Patty said nothing.

Damn it! I'm such an idiot. This was not her fault. Hell, if she hadn't done all that research on Darrell 'the cowboy wanna be' Boggs I could have never dug myself out of the situation I was in downstairs.

Damn, Patty, I'm sorry. I just wanted today to be….to be…." Tears started to well in my eyes.


I nodded mutely, ashamed of the way I was acting.

Patty smiled slightly before speaking to me in a gentle tone. "I can see you've had a rough morning so apology accepted." She walked around me looking me up and down. "Kara, how the hell do you get into these fixes? "

My shoulders slumped. "Patty, I have no fucking idea. What am I going to do now? I can't go to the meetings in this!" I cried looking down at my clothes that were wrinkling and shrinking before my eyes. "I don't have time to go home to change before my first meeting." I looked up to see Patty looking at me her finger tapping her lips in contemplation.

I watched as the light bulb lit up. She walked back to her desk grabbing her phone. She dialed four numbers. "Hey, Tim, what are you wearing? No, this is not an obscene phone call! Just tell me what you're wearing." Her blonde head nodded while she listened. "Ok. Great! Do you have work out gear in the gym? Excellent, grab your sweats, and head up here." Patty quietly listened. "Why?? Trust me,you'll understand when you get here. Ok." She hung up the phone a triumphant smile beaming from her attractive face.

"What did you just do?" I asked unsure what my friend had just done to or for me.

"That was Tim from IS, you know him?" My eyes squinted trying to remember who she was taking about. My eyes must have lit with some type of recognition, because it was at that point that Patty continued, "You and he are about the same size so I thought…"

"You're kidding me right?" I was shocked. How could she believe I could pull off these meetings looking like something out of GQ? "I am not going to these meetings looking like a dyke."

"You never know, Jac may love it," Patty said giggling.

I simply grimaced.

"Kara, look, you're not going to look like you raided your bother's closet ok?" My eyes narrowed with doubt, but she simply smiled in response. "Tim is a flaming queen who always looks like he just stepped out of a magazine spread. A tweak here, and tuck there, and wahlaa you will look fabu." She paused and placing her hand softly on my shoulder before saying, "I promise."

"Ugh!" I cried and spun around to enter my office to wait for my wardrobe to arrive.


In the IS department far from my panicked frame, Tim sat back after hanging up the phone with Patty. He chuckled slightly before rising from the large leather chair. Grabbing his jacket from the hook next to the door of his cubical he walked out of his cubical. Tim shrugged into the jacket heading for the gym wondering the entire time what his good friend was up to.

As he walked down the hallway between the cubicles that housed all the IS personnel, otherwise known as the 'computer geek' department, the dapper man halted in mid step by an 'alien' familiar voice that floated over the partitions to his left. The 'alien' voice struck Tim like a slap in the face, being the head of the IS department he was anal about the security of this section. He and each of the technicians was painful aware of all the sensitive material that went through their hands each and every day so security of this area was Tim's top priority.

The only personnel permitted in the inner sanctum were those individuals that were cleared by Tim. Fearing that badge access was not secure enough for this area, Tim had a retinal lock installed as well. So everyone who worked in the department had to first swipe their badge and then place their chin on a chin rest so their eyes could be scanned before the door would unlock. The small man felt these precautions would end any chance of unauthorized personnel entering these offices or the server rooms, apparently he had been wrong.

Who the hell could be here so early in the am? Tim wondered.

Tim was always the first one to cross the threshold every morning much to the chagrin of his partner. He loved the comforting solitude of the quiet offices before the hustle and bustle of the day began. But now there was a stranger in paradise and he was going to find out exactly who it was and why he had intruded on his daily meditation time.

Stealthfully he crept closer to where the voices were emanating. Sneaking silently to the door of the server room he pushed the door a little farther ajar.

To his surprise the 'alien' voice belonged to Russell Davies. Russell was standing with his back to the door his hands deeply imbedded in the pockets of his trousers. Sitting at the monitor, also with his back to the door, was Gary Mandel.

Tim frowned, he wasn't surprised that Gary had brought Russell into the server room, since Tim considered Gary a sneaking, conniving slacker that he had been trying to get rid of for years. Now was his chance and he couldn't suppress the smile of happiness that thought put on his face.

Tim was about to leave when something on the monitor caught his eye. He squinted his eyes drawing the text on the screen closer so he could decipher it.

What do we have here? He thought.

Not saying that he couldn't fire Gary on the basis of breaching security alone, but something bigger was going on than just bringing Russell into the IS inner sanctum. He slowed his breathing, listening intently to the conversation going on just inside the door.

"You're positive this is going to work?" Russell asked.

"Yes, this will work," Gary responded, keyboard keys clacking in the background. "A few more key strokes, and bing, bang, boom we're done."

"You're positive no one will know?" Russell asked his voice tense. "I can't have any of this coming back to bite me."

Gary sighed heavily. The chair squeaked as he leaned back. "Will you relax? No one will ever know, trust me."

Tim stepped back when he saw Russell move in front of Gary. In a threatening volume, Tim heard Russell state, "I don't think you understand the gravity of what is happening here, my young friend." Then in the most menacing voice Tim had ever heard, Russell continued, "No one can ever know what has gone on here. Ever. After this I won't even know your name. Have I made myself perfectly clear?"

Silence for a few minutes.

Then Gary piped up, his voice shaky at first, "Hey man, don't worry. I got your back." He cleared his throat before continuing, "Look this is strictly business, man. Just show me the green, man. That's all I care about. Not like I expected us to be takin' long warm showers together after all this is over. I'm not Tim."

At this last comment both men laughed heartily.

Really? I can not wait to personally wipe that smile off your face when I fire your worthless ass. I am going to kick that ass all the way to the fucking parking lot. Tim glowered angrily.

It took all his self control not to burst in and beat the shit out of both these idiots, but he needed to figure out what Gary had done, and undo it before the names he saw on the screen were ruined.

As quietly has he had crept in, he crept out. He had another mission to complete before he could start the next one.


"Hey there, girlfriend!" Tim blew through the door gym bag in hand.

"Hey darling!" Patty called. She rose from her chair and threw her arms around the new comer. Releasing him she slid her hands down his arms and took his hands in her own. Leaning back she appraised his dress with a critical eye.

He was dressed in a three piece charcoal pinstriped suit. Underneath the jacket was a lighter gray cotton shirt. A silver tie bar peeked out from under a red textured power tie. His dark eyes twinkled with fun, his dark hair perfectly coiffed. His feet were covered with glossy black loafers with silver bars across the top that matched his tie bar.

Nothing like having a gay friend who's also petite. You can always count on him to be dressed to the nines. This will work. It has to.

"Tim, you look amazing, but then again you always do," Patty gushed.

Tim kissed Patty on each cheek. "I do my best. So can you tell me what the big emergency is? "Patty opened her mouth when Tim put up his hand. "Don't tell me. I know."

"You do?" Patty was shocked.

"But of course, my dear," Tim said with a flair of his hand. "I know you have always admired my body and this is just some veiled attempt to see it up close and personal. "

Patty started to giggle.

"But I must tell you something, you may not know about me, my heart belongs to Billy in payroll."

With these last words Patty laughed so hard that tears ran down her face. Tim couldn't help but laugh along with her. Once the office went quiet again Tim asked, "Ok, girl, now really why am I here?"

"Well, let's explain this way. Kara?" Pattie called.


I was standing in my office trying to iron the wrinkles out of my jacket with a paper weight when I heard Patty call me.

"WHAT!" I called back irritated with her calling me when I was trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do to make myself presentable before my meeting.

"Can you come out here for a minute?" Patty's voice drifted through the closed door again.

"UUUUGGGGHHHH!" I stomped to the door and swung it open. "What the hell could be so important that I…" I let my tirade drop there when I saw Tim standing next to Patty both with a shocked expression on their faces.
Stuttering, "I'm… I… I'm sooooo sorry."

"Oh, my Lord!" Tim exclaimed. "What happened to you? Did you try to get a spot out of the jacket by going through a car wash?"

I stood there humiliated unable to even make a flip remark. Thanks to Patty I didn't have to.

"Now you see why I called you," Patty commented.

"And not a moment to soon." Tim swished over to where I was standing. He then circled me looking me up and down the same way Patty had done earlier. I felt like a prize show dog, the only thing Tim didn't do was fondle my genitalia.

Then standing away from me and placing his hands on his hips he said, "We can rebuild her." Placing his hands on my shoulders, he turned me to face my office and pushed me back through the door I had just burst from. "We have the technology. Patty, darling, don't you worry about a thing."

While loosening his tie he addressed me directly, "And you, no handling the merchandise."

I could hear Patty laughing as Tim closed the door behind us. What I couldn't hear was Patty picking up her phone and dialing another four digit extension.

"Hey, Cindy, my little Mary Kay queen, do you have your signature pink makeup case with you?" Patty smiled. "Excellent can you be in my office in like five minutes?" Patty smiled brighter. "Great, I'll be waiting for you."


"It's too big," I complained.

"It is not!" Tim cried exasperated. "You look divine, trust me."

"But it's a man's suit…" I whined.

"Darling, not the way you wear it," Tim growled.

I grabbed him by his newly donned tee-shirt. "Timothy, this meeting is so important! Please, PLEASE tell me I don't look like shit."

I must have looked truly pathetic, because his aggravated expression melted into a warm sympathetic countenance. "Honey, when did you become such a Diva hmmmm?" I couldn't help but smile. "I would never ever let you look foolish. You know that don't you?"

His kind words made me feel foolish. I nodded mutely and accepted a big hug from the sportswear clad man. Just then Patty came barging through the door with Cindy in tow. Both women stopped dead in their tracks. I could see their minds trying to decipher what their eyes were telling them they were seeing.

"This isn't what it looks like," I said disengaging from Tim.

"Well it could be," Tim said with such a feminine flair that we all started laughing.

The laughter felt so good and for the first time that day it seemed that everything was going to be ok. For the first time this day, thanks to good friends, I knew it was all going to be ok.

While Cindy re-applied my makeup, Tim blew the rest of the dampness from my hair. With the last touch of placing the silver linked belt Cindy was wearing to my own waist it was time to see the transformation in the mirror. I was shocked with my reflection. I was beautiful.

Tim had arranged my hair in the most flattering style my grey streaked tresses had ever been in. It was full and luxurious looking with my natural wave highlighting my facial feature. Speaking of facial features, Cindy did a truly amazing job highlighting all my best features with perfect applications of blush, eye shadows, and lip gloss.

Though the suit was Tim's, the way he placed me in it worked amazingly well. With my heels on it gave me the added height I needed to have the slacks fall perfectly. The shirt was a bigger challenge--literally. First thing he did was cinch up my bra so tightly that it morphed from a regular bra to a wonder bra.

"If you got it flaunt it girlfriend."

Next Timothy Vanderbilt altered the fit of the shirt by folding up the cuffs, jujing them up my arms, leaving the shirt tail out, putting the collar up, and unbuttoning the smooth cotton material until my newly engineered cleavage peeked out. I had worn a silver necklace collar with the other suit that Tim pronounced 'perfection' for under the half open shirt which matched the silver linked belt that Tim placed over the shirt in order to create a 'slimmer' waistline. To finish the ensemble Tim placed his vest on my shoulders and tightened the strap in back so the vest would remain open.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror for a long time. I couldn't believe how wonderful I looked. A tear slipped from my eye.

"Now, now, no more water please," Tim said teasingly.

I turned and opened my arms to my friends inviting them to a group hug. I had never felt as rich as I did at this moment. From the midst of the embrace I finally stuttered out my thank yous.

Patty was the first to break out of this 'Little House on the Prairie" moment. "Ok Ok, enough of this … y'all have to get back to work and we have a meeting to get to."

Everyone broke the circle with murmurs of thank yous and no problems filling the air. Cindy had walked though the door with myself and Patty right behind. I turned to ask Patty something when I noticed that the blonde was not behind me anymore. Returning to the doorway I saw Tim whispering something into Patty's ear. By the look on both their faces it was serious, but when they saw me they broke their conversation off.

"Everything ok?" I asked looking from one to the other.

Plastering on fake smiles both said nothing at the same time.

"OOOOOKKKKKK," I drew out. "Com'n, Pat, we'll be late."

"Sure thing," Patty said following behind me this time.

"Later, girlfriends," Tim called as he raced to the stairwell. With the slam of the door he was gone.

Continued in part 5

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