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Blazing Dreams

By Larisa

A soul so tortured by the past that the noon sun can not even reach through the darkness, inner battles behind armored walls where the heart bleeds slowly, draining all life away.

The sound of an ax crease the early morning air, two piles of split fire wood flank the splitting stump, another log is set down upon it, glinting steel flashes by sending the newly split pieces of wood to join the rest. Sweat drips onto the next piece, again the thwack of the ax as it plunges through the log and sinks into the stump where it will rest until the next morning. An old metal wheelbarrow is pushed with the split logs along a 7ft high hay bale styled stacking of fire wood encasing a 2 acre area protecting a forty year old ranch house. This routine has gone on for the last 3yrs, every morning the neighbors hear it start up at dawn and end hours later to be followed by the whining of a chain saw slicing through the piles of logs laying beside the splitting stump.

They have only seen the tall dark hair occupant on rare occasions and that was just a dark shape drive off in the truck that seemed to never leave the drive. Once a week a lumber truck showed up to unload supplies by the side of the house, by morning everything would be gone. They never seen any visitors the entire time the dark one had been there. But the rumors ran rampant from a convict hiding out to a Satanist who built the wall of firewood to keep prying eyes from seeing the fabled virgin sacrifices. The only company ever seen there was a pure white cat with piercing blue eyes and a vicious looking female brindle pit bull that was seen walking outside the perimeter while her owner was splitting wood. No noise was ever heard except for the chopping of wood and the chain saw and occasionally pounding from a hammer. No ventured near once they seen the piercing blue eyes starring right through to their souls, intimidating was to gentle a word used to describe this person freighting was more like it, the parents used this person to scare their misbehaving children. but children being curious by nature and by their friends dares would try to sneak by where the wood was being split, their goal was to run by and not get caught. So far no one had ever come close, either they were frozen by the pale blue eyes or challenged by the pit bull who crouched low to the ground growling deep in her wide chest while showing her ferocious canines, many children went home with wet pants from either encounter.

Brandon Chancellor pulled into the gravel drive of the dilapidated house she had just inherited from her late aunt, the yard looked like a hay field waiting to be cut and bailed. every window in the place was either broke completely out our cracked so bad it needed to be replaced. What was left of the decks was green with moss and spongie, the screen door lay on the rotted wood having been torn off itís hinges by the high winds that were frequent on the Harpers Ferry mountain. Off to the side she peeked into the falling down shed, an assortment of garden tools leaned up against the warped walls, cob webs were the only thing holding the sagging place up.

"Sure did leave me a mess Aunt Hazel!" She ran fingers through wind blown long blond hair as she trudged through the thigh high grass to the back door, green eyes scanned for the missing door handle. "Son of a bitchin vandals!" Giving up she pushed on the back door with her shoulder, it swung open on rusted hinges creaking a horrible sound that sent chills up her spine. Two steps inside the house and she heard a low creaking sound behind her as she turned the door still on itís frame came towards her, she dropped to a squatting position with her hands over her head. At the thumping sound she uncovered her head to see bits of rotted wood and drywall hit the filthy hard wood floors.

Depression set in her belly, the only place she had to live and it was falling apart right before her eyes. She was told that it had been about 20yrs since anyone had been up here, but she never expected it to be this bad. As she walked through the house she was thankful for the oak hardwood floors. Although filthy they were sturdy. In 20yrs the vandals had destroyed as well as stolen every thing from the copper plumbing to the copper gutters and everything else that was not nailed down. The kitchen scared her. The stove looked like something that Grandma Clampet cooked on and the refrigerator used to have one of those big handles that you would pull up to open but it was laying on the floor with an assortment of trash. Opening the stove she found a collection of beer cans and bottles, fast food bags and things that screamed at her for disturbing their sleep.

"Only one thing to do." She spoke to herself and what ever crept around. "Major field day!"

Rowans dark form could not be seen in the shadows of the trees, watching the lithe small blonde inspect the loosely termed house. In three years the pale blue eyes had never seen anyone over there. A small smile crossed the stoic face when thoughts of creepy crawlies running the little blonde out into the night screaming.

The words were spoken softly. "Go ahead little one, see what the night holds for you!" The snap of fingers was heard by the pit bull who trotted to her masters side. "Well girl at least now we have something to watch besides fat sloppy men throwing their beer cans out in their yard and big mouth brats running wild!"

Brandy returned later with her 76 GMC truck filled with bags full of cleaning supplies from Dollar General and Walmart. Trip after trip she made until everything was inside. She decided the first place to be cleaned would be the loft which she would make her bedroom. She started with tossing the stained mattress out the sliding glass doors, she had to be careful not to step in the huge hole where the deck on the upper floor had rotted through. She would not be a happy camper if she ended up laying in the dirt below. She checked all the furniture that was left, keeping only what could be fixed the rest joined the growing pile below.

"I guess a big dumpster would be a good idea." Making a mental note to herself to call about one in the morning. "And before to long Iíll need a therapist if I keep talking to myself!"

By dark she had cleaned the loft from ceiling to floor. She now sat with an old Coleman lantern she had found in the shed, the only light in the whole house that hadnít grown legs and run off, and took her chances on the only chair with all 4 legs still attached eating a sandwich she had bought earlier. A bottle of ginseng tea sat on the wobbly deck rail taking itís chances She had been there all day and never saw the house across from her, only the glowing blue light showed anyone was home. Talking to herself she said. "Thatís funny, not only do I talk to myself Iím blind to! Why would anyone sit in the dark?" She asked no one. "Oh well to each their own, I should be talking Iím sitting her with an old lantern talking to myself again!"

Rowan sat on the front porch swinging and watching the new neighbor clean by the glow of a lantern, sipping coffee and petting the cat who listen to her masters low rich voice. "Guess the vandals got her ceiling lights along with everything else missing from over there!" Thinking of the times people were seen sneaking out of there with all kinds of stuff in the dark hours, especially the time the idiot tried to steal the copper gutters off the front of the house and ended up falling through the deck. He got paid back for that one when the gutter fell on his head while he laid on the ground below.

After checking to make sure all the ceiling fans were off the thought of the nice warm waterbed was appealing. After getting the dog and cat situated the dream world claimed the tortured soul for itís own. Terror filled the once gentle heart with flames lashing at the heat reddened limbs. A smoke and heat burned voice screamed the name Kathy into the swirling flames and thick black smoke. Fighting through the swirling hell a blast was felt against the muscular chest throwing a limp body through the air bringing with it a blackness that claimed the dark one for itís own. Sweat soaked and trembling Rowan sat up in bed, reaching for leather slippers Rowan put them on and went out on the deck to look out into the night at the clear sky and sparkling stars waiting for the first rays of dawn to stretch itís fingertips down to the tree tops.

The sound invaded Brandyís dream. Thwack thwack thwack she was jumping from board to board on her rotten deck. Her last jump wasnít fast enough as the rotten board gave way and she fell. She found her self sitting straight up in bed rubbing her blurry eyes, her hair sticking out at pointed angles to her scalp. "Geez I hate those kinds of dreams!"

She dressed in her filthy cloths from the day before and went to find her jar of instant coffee. With no hot water because someone had walked off with the hot water heater too, she had to use one of those little traveling heating coils that you put in the cup.

After making the list of things she needed from Lowes she grabbed her checkbook and left the shamble of her new house. When she returned with the over loaded truck she heard the sounds of a chainsaw coming from her mysterious neighbors house. "Like you donít have enough fire wood already!" Most of the stuff she had just purchased was already in the house. All she had left was the cumbersome hot water heater.

"Why call it a hot water heater, your not heating hot water your heating cold water so why not call it a cold water heater? Just like hamburger, does it come from a pig?" She rambled to herself. As she was getting ready to roll the heater in to her house she heard a "Hello" From behind her. Turning around she found a short dumpy man with a beard and mustache, and brown eyes shifting from her breasts to the water heater.

"Need some help little lady?" He asked with a slight accent.

"Gods yes, if you could just help me get it into my laundry room I would really appreciate it. By the way my names Brandy." She put her hand out to shake hands to trying to cover the grimace on her face from shaking a hand that reminded her of a cold dead fish. "Everyone calls me pig." Brandy looked at this nasty looking little man and could see why he was called pig. On the way it seemed she was carring it herself feeling that she had a puppy because he followed her everywhere she went asking her stupid questions. "Sooo, your replacin stuff are ya?" Pig asked while looping his fingers through his belt loops. She gave him a grin wanting so badly to say "No shit Sherlock!"

"Just the necessities for now."

He stuck his hands down the front of his pants as he rocked back on his heels with a lecherous look on his face. He smiled showing her his rotten teeth.

"Ya know Iím a plumber....I can ....ah....lay ya some pipe." Pausing he winked. "Real good long ones." She felt like laying him a pipe right up along side his head. "Ya know I havenít seen no man around here so I thought ya might need one?" Brandy looked down to see him playing with himself from inside of his filthy pants, disgusted she almost went berserk and dropped kicked his errant hands, instead she smiled. "My husband is coming up tonight and we are going to get some things taken care of."

His face fell at the mention of a husband. "Well ok then, if ya need anythin just giva holler." Glad to see the dreadful little creature gone she grabbed the stuff she would need to run the new pipes under the house, she never saw the piercing blue eyes that witnessed everything including the dickhead with the hard on waddling away.

Rowan finished taping the walls in the room that would be the office. At one time it was a small bedroom, but after knocking out one of the walls to make it bigger it was now big enough to hold all the computer stuff. Covered in drywall dust and spackling mud a shower was called for before any thought of food. Rowanís cooking was often refused even by the animals, they would rather eat mice before eating what came out of the kitchen. The house specialty was grilled cheese and sometimes only one side was burnt black.

Once again the soft flicker of a lantern was watched from across the road as it moved from the floor below to the loft. Brandy sat the lamp down on the bedside table. "I knew I forgot something today ...light fixtures and wire, I would love to catch the asshole who stole everything so I could beat the shit out of them!"

The next morning she stepped outside to find an old brass chandelier and a box of misc items. Looking into the box tears came to her eyes. Lifting out wall boxes, light fixtures and wire she looked around. Speaking softly she thanked who ever left them for her.

Sensitive ears heard the soft words of thank you, a rare smile showed perfect white teeth. "Your very welcome little one." Rowan whispered on the wind. Returning to the soon to be office Rowan finished putting primer on the walls but would wait until later to start painting. Being the owner of a very large business, in fact the largest in the Tri-state area money was of no concern to Rowan. All of the business was run by lawyers and foremen. Having a huge amount of money that even after three life times it would not all be spent Rowan had 3 shelters built for women. All three named Sherwood sanctuary. Rowan did not want the notoriety for the good deeds done, it was the suffering alone with demons of the past that kept the dark one alone and away from the limelight of everyday life.

Months had gone by with Brandy going from room to room fixing what needed to be done just so that it was livable. hLater she would remodel the whole place. She had not seen the pig (she added the to his nickname} for a couple of days and when she did she always felt like she needed to take a bath with a scouring pad to wash away the filth when he finally left. He never assisted her in doing anything except to help lower the already low opinion of men she had. Rowan continued to watch the little blond with interest, never had she seen such determination to make something work. And everyday she felt her heart jump at the sight of the woman. Even completely covered in white plaster dust she thought she was beautiful.

"Pig what can you tell me about my neighbor across the road there. Iíve never see him but I hear him cutting wood all the time."

"Your lucky, that one there is a real work of art." He flipped the bird over his shoulder. "I went over one day to be friendly like I do with you and before I could say ooohh shit she had that demon dog of hers chase me outta there!" Brandyís eyebrows rose. "Did you say she, a woman cuts all that wood every morning?"

"Ha that ainít no woman thatís an amazon, 8 foot tall, huge muscles, long black hair and her eyes are the scariest Iíve ever seen in my whole life!" He shivered and rubbed his arms as he squinted his eyes at her. "Their cold, feels like she looks right through to your soul, real pale blue almost white!" Brandyís curiosity was piqued. She would keep an eye out for her mysterious neighbor from now on.

"Hell even her demon cat tried to bite me! Ifin I was you Iíd just stay on my side of the road, or yaíll be hauling tail back!"

Thinking to herself. A nice big bull mastiff would be good right now, he could have pork for lunch!í "Iíll keep that in mind thanks. Well I gotta go see ya later pig" mumbling to herself on the way to her truck. "Preferably under my truck!"

Rowan heard every word spoken as she weeded her garden in the front yard, chuckling under her breath at pigs description of her. "Simple idiot should go harass some sheep and leave the poor woman alone."

That night one of the notorious storms hit the mountain top. The winds were clocked at 80mph. Rain came down in sheets making everything invisible. Brandy was almost literally hanging by her fingernails from the ceiling after a loud clap of thunder hit right over her house. Water was dripping on her forehead from a leak in the ceiling. Half asleep she looked up to have a drop land in her eye.

"Oh great, my own Chinese torture treatment!" Grabbing pots, pans, buckets, bowls and anything that would hold water she had them scattered all over the house, the dripping noise was driving her nuts. Back in her loft she sat in her only chair and watched water drip in the bucket sitting on her bed, dozing off she was startled awake by a huge crashing sound coming from the front of her house. She ran to the sliding glass door but couldnít see any thing because of leaves and branches. "Wonderful just what I need!"

Rowan heard the crack followed by the crash. She watched the old oak tree across the road fall towards her neighbors house. She was out the door and across the road before the tree could settle, the only damage she could see was the upper deck had been torn down which was no loss. As lights came on inside the house, Rowan took off back to her own yard. Brandy decided it would not be a good idea to open her front door. Instead she looked out the window to see her deck amongst the branches. "Nice mess I get to clean up. Guess I better go buy a chainsaw since I donít even have an ax or hatchet. Oh joy Iíll probably end up cutting off my feet!"

Sleeping on the small lumpy loveseat in front of the stone fire place just about killed her. Brandy was not in a good mood after having her sleep interrupted numerous times and to make matters worse she could hear Pig yelling for her outside. Donning her robe she went out the back door to run smack into the pervert who took the opportunity to get ahold of her breasts.

"I see that old tree finally come down last night. Got some kinda mess to clean up too. Oh let me show ya somethin out front."

Brandy followed him to the front of her house, standing beside him she tried to see where he was pointing.

"Ya see that black wire there? Thatís your telephone wire, ya better call and have it fixed." She still couldnít see the wire. "What wire?"

"Step closer, itís at the peak." As she stepped in front of him his hand went to her lower back and on itís way to grabbing her ass. "Oooowww shit!" He grabbed his head rubbing the back of it. "Damn a walnut hit me!" He tried his groping again obviously a slow learner. "Anyway that wire there...owwww...sonofa.....oowwww.....where the hell are these....oowwww!" He turned around as another walnut struck him in the forehead. "Oowww shit itís the amazon!" Brandy looked up on her neighbors house to see a dark blur drop from the edge of the roof. Pigís eyes got wide when he heard the latch on the gate slid up.

"Ooohhh shit ooohhhh shit!!!!!!" Brandy heard a deep growl then a Bengal striped pit bull chased Pig all the way home. Chuckling she heard him still screaming, then a loud piercing whistle hit the air, within a minute the dog came trotting up the road and right back in to her yard.

"Thank you for getting rid of Pig!" she yelled. Her answer was laughter coming over the wall of wood.

When Brandy got home she gasped, the tree was gone and in itís place was a stack of fire wood all ready split and along side of it was the remains of her deck cut and stacked. She knew it had to be her mysterious neighbor who had done all the work. Ideas ran through her head as to a way of thanking her. "How do you thank a person you have never seen?" she asked herself. She also wondered why she preferred extreme privacy, thinking maybe she was disfigured and thatís why she hid from everyone.

Later Brandy placed a tray and a thank you note with it on top of the wood wall where she knew it would be seen. Feeling lazy she laid on the lumpy love seat and watched the X-Files. A knock on her door surprised her. When she opened it she found her tray sitting there with a note on top. Opening it she saw the fancy bold script thanking her for supper. ëThank you it was delicious.í signed R

Struggling with a bundle of shingles going up the ladder on to her roof Brandy panted, her left arm felt like it had stretched an extra foot and was killing her along with her shoulder. Halfway up the shingles slid off her shoulder throwing her off balance, she felt her body falling backwards. There was nothing to grab onto. In seconds she knew she would be hurting badly. She landed in warm softness, keeping her eyes closed she mumbled. "Being dead ainít that bad!" Chuckling made her eyes open. The bluest eyes she had ever seen in her life looked down at her stealing her breath. Electricity shot between them as the world closed off except for each other. Brandy on instinct wrapped her arms around Rowans neck pulling herself closer to the warm muscular body holding her it felt so right to be there. The sound of a car broke the moment. "You can put me down now I think."

Rowan hesitated because it felt right to hold this beautiful woman in her arms, the smell of lavender sent her mind reeling, she never wanted to let go. She watched as a pink blush ran itís path from neck to hairline as she held Brandy, gently placing her on the ground she grabbed her shoulders to keep her from falling.

"Thank you for breaking my fall, I donít want to even think of how that would have felt!"

A deep rich voice reached her ears. "Your welcome, I should be going."

Before Brandy could utter a word her tall neighbor was gone, her body still tingled where they had pressed together, never in her life had she felt anything like that. Rowan made it inside her gate before the tremors over took her, looking across the road she saw a blonde head disappear through the front door.

Brandy dropped on to her bed. "Her eyes, my gods I could look into those for the rest of my life!" Remembering the feel of soft black hair against her fingers, the dampness of her neck. she could imagine tasting the bronzed skin, feeling itís softness against her lips. "I need a life!" she said to herself. "Now Iím having fantasies about my tall dark gorgeous neighbor!"

After another night of nightmares Rowan was out stacking wood when she saw Brandyís truck leave. She kept an eye out on and off all day for her arrival home. By the next morning she hadnít come home yet. For the first time in years she felt restless. She stood and looked at the torn shingles on the house across from her.

To be continued

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