"In Sleep"

by The Lavender Bard

Author's note: When Xena and Gabrielle are apart, their dreams take on a life of their own. Are they really dreams though? You decide.


You touched me.

You touched me as I slept. In sleep, I felt your breath on my face... against my neck.

In sleep, I feel your hands, so hot, wander over me, your touch so sweet and yet so demanding as your fingers map my skin, imprinting it to your mind.

In sleep, I hear you moan, exhaling precious gasps into my ear, and I draw the sounds into me.

In sleep, I feel the weight of your beautiful body cover mine and I cannot breathe... Not from your weight, but from your very presence.

In sleep, my tongue escapes to lick my lips, anticipating and wanting yours there.

In sleep, my hands grip the sheets beneath me as I hold onto them to steady me from the trembles that shake me from head to toe.

In sleep, I want to cry out to you but I cannot, because I cannot breathe, and my moans keep catching in my throat. I want to whisper your name but I am breathless.

In sleep, the curve of your hip parts my legs and nestles there, and I wrap my legs around you. The wetness in my eyes slips away and a tear leaves a trail down the side of my face and lands on my pillow.

In sleep, my arms hold you against me as I feel the rhythm of the rolling of your body all over mine, and just when I think I cannot possibly become more wet, I do just that. I feel it pour from me and it drenches your hip and thigh, and you moan hard against my face.

In sleep, something far away tells me to take a breath, and I try, it sounding like a long rasping intake because I've been holding it for so long.

In sleep, your hand cups my breast, your fingers grasping my nipple, and you squeeze its wrinkled hardness, and I cry out with want while I try to hold on and not release myself to you just yet.

In sleep, my own hips move and roll up to meet your every thrust and slide against me. I am so open, so open to you, and my body is on fire.

In sleep, you release my nipple with a last pinch and I groan with pleasure as your hand seeks to join and replace the curve of your hip, and I know I know where your hand wants to go, and I need your fingers there, on me.. and in me... oh please yes... my ragged breath against your face is loud because I am breathing so hard in my want and need of you.

In sleep, your fingers find me, caressing me there. I am so hard under your fingers... so hard and yet so soft. You dance circles around me, painting me like I am your canvas, because I am. You tug and grasp me there, and I want to scream.

In sleep, you cover my mouth with yours and we kiss each other greedily because we cannot get enough, and as you nibble and lick and kiss my mouth, your fingers enter me, and for a second I am frozen in time in my ecstasy, but I cannot stop kissing you I cannot stop, oh gods please!

In sleep, I grasp your fingers from within, and I caress them with my walls as I respond to your every movement inside me. I pull at your hand as my hips, all of me, conform to you. My whole being is on the verge of that sweet white hot explosion that is but a moment away.

In sleep, you take me, deeply, so deeply, and I want to swallow your hand. I meet every thrust with an upward thrust of my own and then my body begins to lose its rhythm and I start to shake and twitch and buck against your insistence.

In sleep, I cannot hold back another second, and amidst the spasms, you coax my climax from me, and I come for you... I come hard, hard and fast, and I cannot stop, I cannot breathe, I cannot stop, and finally I am able to scream your name, exhaling it in ragged staccato gasps, white light exploding behind my eyes.

In sleep, you hold me tight as you finish taking from me what is yours. I tremble underneath you and your body reassures me. You withdraw your hand, slowly, so slowly, and cause me to writhe and quiver yet again. I can barely open my eyes but I do, just a sliver, in time to see you put your fingers to your lips to taste me upon them. Then you kiss me, and I can taste me, and I can taste you, and I want to cry.

In sleep, I am spent, at least for a while, and I revel in you and all the wonderment that is you.

In sleep, I ache...


February 2008


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