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Part 10



"Pour quoi? Mais non, I don't believe that you would refuse to marry my Sandra in your Church. I have been a very active member of this Parish for nearly thirty-five years. I have sat on every committee, participated in every fund raiser and acted as your Eucharistic Minister. And, for what!?! So that you can treat my daughter as an outcast!?!" Andre' Broussard rose from the plush leather chair she'd been seated in and shot daggers through her ice blue eyes.

"Andre', it has nothing to do with me. The Catholic Church does not recognize homosexual marriages. I do not write the laws." The Priest felt the sweat trickle down his back.

"And what about you, Pierre? Would you recognize Sandra's marriage to the woman she has committed herself to, heart, body and soul . I love Josie like a daughter. She's given my child her life back. She is a gift from God. If you refuse to marry them, you will break Sandra's heart. She loves you like an Uncle. Mon Dieu, Pierre, you even changed her diaper on more than one occasion." Andre' stopped to collect herself before continuing.

"Forgive me. I meant no disrespect. Father, we have been friends since we played together on the bayou. You were there for every important event in my life and Sandra's. You married my beloved Antoine and I, baptized our children, and our grandchild, then you presided over his burial. You married my Tony to his little Mary." Andre' walked to the large double windows and looked out upon the neutral ground, thinking. "If you cannot marry Sandra and Josie in your Church, would you at least consider performing the ceremony in their home. They simply want to be married in the presence of God and their loved ones. Is that too much to ask?"

"Andy, you are putting me in a very precarious position. I could even lose my Parish, if word got out that I performed a homosexual marriage ceremony. You don't know what you are asking." The Priest shook his head as he avoided his friend's eyes.

"I know exactly what I am asking. I am asking that my daughter's marriage be blessed by her Priest..... . Look, why don't you meet Josie. Come out to the country and spend a day, just a day, with them together. You'll see what I see. They belong together, Fr. Pierre. Please do not deny them the Sacrament of Marriage. Sandra has been through hell and back. She deserves better than to hide her love for such a good woman." Andre' looked hopefully into her old friend's kind eyes. "You think about it, Ok?"

"Ok." Fr. Pierre walked around his heavy mahogany desk and, taking her arm, escort her out. "You are a hard woman to say 'no' to Andre' Broussard."

"So I've heard." Andy batted her long dark lashes and flashed a toothy grin. "Be expecting an invitation to the country soon, Pierre."

"I look forward to it." Fr. Pierre watched his friend's shapely form as she descended the stairs from his Church. 'That's one formidable woman.'


"How is Saturday, June 3rd?" Sandra asked Josie as she sat curled up on the Sofa, looking through her calendar.

"Sounds fine to me. I don't believe I have any pressing engagements on that date. In fact, I just finished this term paper for young Mr. Jason, which leaves me free to indulge my baser desires as I wish." Josie smiled at her lover as she collected her work for Jason to retrieve. "Let me give him a call to let him know it's done. I was so worried the poor kid wouldn't have a term paper to hand in. Good thing Spring Break came when it did."

Josie made her call then joined Sandra on the Sofa with a pen and pad to plan their wedding. "Ok, let's start with the names and addresses of everyone we want to attend."

"Ok. Then, here's my list. I got Tony and Mary's address from mom. Do you want to pick out invitations or design them ourselves and have a calligrapher do them?" Sandra asked.

"Well, actually, my mom is an artist and does beautiful calligraphy. If we have a short guest list, she might consent to doing the art work. I'd kinda like her to be involved." Josie looked sheepishly at her partner.

"Boss, do you really think she'd do it. She just doesn't seem to be too interested in your life. I mean....., shit, you know what I mean." Sandra rubbed Josie's knee, offering comfort from her own words.

"I know it seems that way, but I do think she really does love me. I want to give her this chance to prove herself..... Sandy, this is the most important day of my life. I want my mom to share in it, if she will." The little blonde looked so sad, it made Sandy's heart break.

"Sure. We'll call her and invite her up...."

"Not gonna happen. We'll have to go to her. Why don't we invite her out to lunch and talk to her about it. It will mean driving into the city for the day, but it'll be worth it. I hope." Josie smirked and rolled her eyes.

"Well, with the end of the term coming up and graduation, I should be finishing clinicals soon. I think I can devote a Saturday to the cause. When do you want to do it?"

"How does this Saturday sound? That will give me three more days to rest up and get strong enough to enjoy myself."

"What about your dad? Aren't your going to invite him." Sandra asked.

Josie sat there looking at her pad as if studying the guest list.

"Josie, boss? What's wrong? Don't you want your dad to come celebrate with us." Sandra felt like she was walking on egg shells with the way this conversation had been going.

Josie sighed and looked up into gentle blue eyes. "Sandy, my dad left mom and I when I was twenty-three years old and never looked back. He waited till I was old enough to fend for myself and just split. Mom made his life a misery. I suspect he had a woman on the side, and I can't say that I blame him. I haven't heard from him since."

"I'm so sorry, boss. I had no idea. I seem to have foot in mouth disease tonight." Sandra scooted over to wrap her arm around Josie's shoulder and kissed her forehead. "Why don't we put this aside for an hour and crawl into the hot tub. I'm feeling the need for a little TLC. What do you say?" Sandra bowed her head to look into moist green eyes and smiled gently. "Come on." The tall brunette helped her lover to stand and gave her arm for support as they walked out onto the porch. She then helped her to get undressed and into the warm soothing bubbles.

"You wait right there and I'll go fetch us some towels and our robes. Don't go anywhere, now." Sandy chuckled and ran back inside to fetch the aforementioned items.

The women luxuriated in the hot tub, Josie's small frame nestled against Sandra's much larger one, until Sandra could feel, more than hear, Josie snore, causing her tiny body to vibrate against Sandra's chest. "Somebody needs to go doe doe." Sandra whispered into her friend's ear. "Let's go doe doe, cher. Come on, now. Wake up."

Josie's eyes fluttered open and she groaned in protest.

"Come on. Up we go." Sandy helped Josie to her feet, then crawled out over the side of the hot tub and slipped on her robe. She wrapped a towel around her friend's shoulders as she gently lifted her out of the water and into her strong arms.

Josie nestled her head on Sandra's strong shoulder. "You don't have to carry me, honey. I can walk, you know." Josie half heartedly complained.

"Don't spoil my fun." Sandra demanded as she carried her still too thin lover to their bed.

Josie curled up under the blanket, breathing in the fresh scent of the soft clean linens, then paused and looked up at her lover who was drying her long dark hair. "Ummmm, Sandy?" Josie asked hesitantly.

"Yeah?" Sandra looked down at her as she continued to dry her hair.

"I appear to be missing something here." Josie grinned as she raised up the blanket. "I'm naked."

Sandra passed an admiring glance over the exposed flesh. "And your point would be?"

"You know I don't like to sleep in the nude. Would you pull a T-shirt out of that drawer for me?"

Sandra leaned down to fetch the requested item. "I never get to have any fun. Geesh!" She handed the T-shirt to her lover and leaned down to kiss her on the nose, then crawled in under the sheets to cuddle.

"I have to go to clinicals in Hattiesburg tomorrow till about three o'clock. Will you be ok here by yourself or should I call Beth to come sit with you?" Sandra asked, gently rubbing Josie's back as she lay with her golden head on Sandra's broad shoulder.

"I don't need Beth to SIT with me. I'm NOT an invalid. I can DO for MYSELF!" Josie was tired and frustrated at not being able to get around like she wanted. She hated being so dependent right now and even though she knew it was only temporary and that she really was getting stronger every day, she resented having to depend so much on others. "I'm sorry, Sandy, I didn't mean that to come out so gruff. I really appreciate your taking such good care of me. And, I'm grateful that your mom stayed a few days to help out. She's a great lady. To answer your question, I'll be fine. I'm just gonna call my mom and I want you to call your brother and his wife to make sure they can come on the third. They can bunk here in the guest room. I know money's a bit tight for them right now." Josie let out a big yawn.

Sandra kissed Josie's head and stroked her cheek with her long fingers. "I love you, you know. I want to make sure you're safe when I'm not here. Just for the next couple of days. Please, boss. I'm sure Beth wouldn't mind coming to spend some time with you. You gals are a hoot when you get together." Sandra chuckled, hoping to relieve some of the stress that she was feeling in her lover's jaw. "Will you call her in the morning?"

Josie took a deep breath, weighing the pro's and con's of arguing with her concerned friend. She considered the tremendous emotional stress she'd been under for the past few weeks and decided making her lover happy was more important that getting her way and acquiesced. "I promise. I'll call Beth first thing in the morning." Josie tilted her head up to smile into gentle blue eyes.

"Thanks. I'll bring your cell phone with me in case you need anything." Sandra kissed Josie's lips tenderly. "Let's get some sleep. 0530 comes awfully early these days."


Josie was good as her word and spent the next two days with Beth, working on wedding plans. She called her mother and made a luncheon date for Saturday. She explained the reason for the get together, not wanting to cause any discomfort between her lover and her mom.

Friday rolled around and Josie enjoyed spending her day alone, just relaxing with her pups and planning a romantic evening with her overprotective lover. She had to admit the rest and good food over the last week had done wonders for her. She felt stronger and had a little burst of energy. After setting the table and placing candles strategically around the bedroom and bath, Josie called in an order for stuffed artichokes, hearts of palm salad and cheese cake. She knew the owner of the one local Italian restaurant from when they all lived in New Orleans. She hated taking advantage of friends but this was a special occasion. Plus, she figured his son could use the twenty bucks she offered to pay him to deliver their supper for 1800. This was to be their private engagement party. She had every intention of making it memorable for them both.

Having taken an extra B12 shot, Josie crawled into bed for an afternoon nap, the combination of which she hoped would restore her energy so she could enjoy her plans

with the bride to be.


Josie was awakened by a pair of soft lips nibbling her cheek. Her eyes fluttered open and peered into sparkling blue. "Hey..... What time is it?" Josie rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"It's just about 1600. What's all the fancy table setting and candles for. We expecting company for dinner?"

Josie reached up and stroked her lover's soft cheek. "Nope. It's a private engagement party. Just the happy couple participates."

Sandra closed her eyes enjoying the sensuous touch. "Mmmm. Sounds lovely. Did you cook?" The dark haired beauty's expression turned into one of concern.

"Hell, No. I had it catered. Only the best for my future bride." Josie grinned and her nose curled up in the cutest expression. Sandra's heart filled with love for this adorable little woman who'd consented to be her wife.

"But first, how about a nice hot bath and a massage. This is your night, my love. I intend to give you a Bacchanalian feast, minus the booze of course. You get the tub running and I'll light the candles." Josie sat up at the side of the bed and kissed her lover's sweet lips chastely.


"Oooooh, God that feels so good." Josie softly exclaimed as she luxuriated in the warm bubbles, her head resting back against Sandra's shoulder.

"Mmmmmm, yeah. This was a great idea, boss. Want me to wash your hair?" Sandra whispered in her ear.

"I'd like that. Yes. Please." Josie scooted up to allow Sandra to move into a better position for her task.

Josie groaned and moaned in pleasure at Sandra's ministrations, causing a distinct ache in her lovers center. "When did you say the food is being delivered?"

"Huh? Oh, about 1800. Why?" Josie was a little foggy from the relaxing, yet arousing, effects of her scalp massage.

"I just wanted to know if I have enough time to ravage you." Sandra whispered in her lover's ear, sending a tingle down to her clit.

"Down girl. There's not enough time for that, I'm afraid. We can continue this later. Now, turn around so I can wash your hair."

"Nope. I'll take care of that little chore myself." Sandra responded as she took the shampoo bottle from Josie's hand.

"Why can't I wash your hair?" Josie was confused and just a tad hurt.

"Because when I do it, it's washing my hair. When you do it, it's foreplay. And, as you said, we don't have time." Sandra smirked as she quickly washed her luxurious dark locks.


Sandra helped Josie out of the tub and they both dried off and slipped into some clothes. Sandra pulled on her sweat pants and a T-shirt while Josie slipped into her favorite of Sandra's T-shirts that said "Cajun's like it Hot!"

"Do you mind if I wear this one? I know it's one of your favorites." Josie asked as she modeled the T-shirt for Sandy.

Sandra perused her partner, grinning lasciviously. "It looks much cuter on you than it ever did me." Then taking the object of her desire in her arms she kissed tempting lips. Sandra ran her cheek against her partner's face and enjoyed the tickle of peach fuzz. Josie reached up and ran her fingers through damp hair, pulling Sandra's head down and licking her sweet lips begging entrance to the warm cavern. Tongues battled for dominance as their ardor rose. Sandra gripped Josie's buttocks in her large strong hands and pulled the smaller woman's mound to her own and ground them together, causing both women to moan with desire.

Sandra reluctantly drew away from her lover, panting with need. "If the delivery boy is going to be here soon, we have to stop this now or he is going to get an eye full. We can eat dinner and continue this later."

Josie nodded, turned and walked into the bathroom to splash cold water on her face and catch her breath. 'That's not exactly what I feel like eating at the moment.' She thought, sighing in frustration. Just then the doorbell rang and Sandra went to collect their goodies, as Josie put on her robe and went to meet her in the kitchen.


The two women indulged themselves in a decadent meal, enjoying feeding each other the tender leaves. Josie felt a familiar pull in her belly as she watched gleaming white teeth scrape the seasoning from the leaves as she pulled them from her tempting mouth.

"I never knew feeding you artichokes could be so erotic." Josie shivered in anticipation as Sandra let go of the leaf and sucked on her finger, eyes dripping with passion restrained.

"Let's leave the dishes. I can't wait any longer." Josie jumped up and took Sandra by the hand and led her into their bedroom.

The tiny woman threw her much larger lover onto their bed and fell next to her. She covered sweet lips with her own, demanding entry, as she gently cupped the fabric covered left breast with her right hand. A small leg encouraged Sandra to spread her long supple thighs and quickly pressed against her sex, causing a deep growl to emanate from her lover's throat. Sandra struggled with Josie's T-shirt until she could slip it off over her head, then reached down and removed her own, while Josie helped her slide off her pants. They resumed their positions, both pumping against strong thighs as their hands roamed freely, squeezing pliant flesh. Sandra flipped them over and lifted herself onto her forearms to watch her lover's face as she continued to grind into her sex. She found her own arousal enhanced by observing the passion and need dancing across the canvas of sea green eyes.

Josie reached down and gently, but firmly, halted her Sandra's hips. "What's wrong, boss. Did I hurt you?" A look of deep concern entered dilated blue eyes.

"No, sweetheart. You didn't hurt me. I want to change our positions. That's all."

Sandra reluctantly rolled off of her lover and watched as Josie took a pillow and lay it length wise under her head, neck and shoulders, then instructed Sandra to kneel with one knee on either side of her head and hold onto the headboard for balance.

Sandra was a bit shocked at this knew development in their love making and was reticent to participate at first. "Josie, I am twice your size. I could hurt you."

"No, baby, you won't hurt me. Come on, I'll teach you. Please, Sandy I want to taste you and this position requires very little effort on my part. Your always telling me to conserve my energy." Josie gave her apprehensive lover a lascivious grin, wiggling her eyebrows, then took trembling hands and led them to the headboard and guided her thighs to either side of her head. The view was incredible. She watched her lover's breasts sway above her and couldn't resist reaching up to stroke them and gently tweak the nipples into hardness. Sandra stared down at her partner wondering what to do next and how she would do it without suffocating her.

Josie moved her arms back to her sides and stroked her lover's arse as she inhaled her musk, sending electrical jolts through her belly. She ran her hands over Sandra's curly dark mound and felt her lover shiver with desire. Gently, fingers probed and separated the lips of her labia as she took in the silkiness of the tissues and the wetness of arousal.

"Oh God! Josie, that feels so good." Sandra moved her bottom searching for more contact.

"I know, baby. Now lower yourself to me a little so I can taste you."

The request alone almost sent the dark haired beauty over the edge. She did as she was bid and gasped as she felt a velvet tongue run the length of her sex. She held onto the headboard as she felt the same velvety tongue lap at her clit, first gently, then with more command. She lapped up and down and side to side, stopping now and then to suck the engorged organ into her warm mouth. Sandra was panting and fondling her own breasts as her hips pumped of their own accord. Josie knew by the increase in her juices, that her time was close at hand. She gently placed two fingers at the opening of Sandra's vagina, slowly stretching the tissues and hearing the desired effect from her lover. Sandra yelped at the increased stimulation and sucked the fingers deep into her vagina as the muscles began involuntary contractions. Josie, feeling the beginnings of her lover's orgasm, powerfully suckled her clit in rhythm with the pumping of her fingers, sending Sandra soaring into a mind shattering orgasm.

"Oh God....., don't stop, don't stop. Oh God....., Josie....., I'm gonna come...... OH....., JOSIE!!!!!" Sandra bucked her hips and used her vaginal muscles to suck on the fingers pumping her to ecstacy.

Josie slid out from under her lover and turned in time to catch Sandra as she crumpled in a heap. The smaller woman held her lover on her lap, peppering her face with kisses and whispering words of comfort as Sandra tried to catch her breath, tears of release flowing freely.

"Shhh, I've gotcha, I've gotcha." Josie repeated as she gently rocked back and forth, soothingly.

"My God, Josie. I've never felt anything so incredible before. I felt like my soul was shattering into tiny particles of light. Total release and yet..... total bonding..... Thank you." Sandra said as she caught her breath.

"The pleasure was mine, my love. Now, why don't you let me tuck you in." Josie scooted down on the bed and covered them both with the blanket.

Sandra looked through heavily lidded eyes at her lover. "What about you? Don't you want me to give you pleasure too."

"Sandra, your being my partner in life is the greatest pleasure I've ever known. More than I ever dared dream of. You are a gift to me..... I love you so much. But, right now we both need to rest. What I want most in the whole wide world is to hold you, your head resting against my breast til we fall asleep. Deal?" Josie said as she stroked her lover's wet cheek as tears continued to crawl across her beautiful face.

Sandra took a deep breath and let her eyes close completely and nodded. "Deal."


Josie awoke before daylight to a warm, invigorating stroking of her thigh and the light tickle of kisses on her naked shoulder.

"Morning, my love." Sandra whispered into a tempting ear. "You were amazing last night. I want to make love to you this morning." Sandra's right hand slid around to cup a firm breast as she suckled a tasty neck


"What a way to wake up. Oooooh....., Sandy. I...umm...gotta go to the bathroom." Josie wiggled out of her partner's arms and headed for the loo. "Hold that thought." She quickly emptied her bladder and washed her Southerly areas, hands, face and briskly brushed her teeth, then dashed back to her waiting siren, diving onto the bed and into her loving arms.

Josie lay atop the object of her desires and gently kissed soft lips, then forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks and chin, finally returning to the warmth of her parted lips. She entered to taste, retreating to look into sparkling blue eyes, then returning to explore every centimeter until her lover began gently sucking her tasty muscle, sending the fire of desire throughout her being.

Sandra lifted the smaller woman to grasp a tender breasts in her warm mouth, causing the older woman to tremble. Josie rested upon her forearms, grinding her mound into Sandra's as the younger woman suckled her like a babe for nourishment. "I want to taste you, boss. Is that Ok?" Sandra didn't wait for a response as she slid further down lifting her till she could look at her partner's sex, taking in every nuance of shape and texture. She breathed deeply of her spicy scent and moaned with need.

Josie was beyond words and allowed herself to be moved into position to accept her lover's probing fingers and tongue. She tried to concentrate on not suffocating the woman below her, but her mind had shattered with the first tentative touch of her lover's soft tongue.

"You taste so good, boss. Kinda like kosher dills." Sandra was trying to find a comparison to the spicey, salty, musky flavor of her lover's essence.

Josie's eyes popped open at that statement and she absolutely few off of her lover into hysterical laughter. Sandra lost her grip, in shock at her lover's abrupt departure. She sat up and stared incredulously at the older woman who was rolling back and forth on the bed, holding her sides as tears of laughter flowed down her face.

"What's so damned funny!?!"

Josie pointed at the stern look and buried her face into the sheets as she shook with renewed hysteria. Finally able to control herself, Josie sensed that her partner didn't share her sense of humor about sex and dill pickles and scooted up behind a beautiful, nude form sitting stiffly on the edge of the bed looking out of the window. Josie wrapped one arm around her lover's waist and laid delicate little kisses up her strong back until she nibbled on a graceful shoulder.

"Hey...., Sandy....., what's wrong?" Josie asked softly, kneeling behind her silent friend.

"I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, sweetheart. It's just that comparison struck me right on my funny bone. And....." Josie saw the drying trail of tears on her lover's cheek and her heart broke. She raised herself on her knees and wrapped loving arms around her insecure lover's shoulders, pulling a dark head into soft breasts. "I'm so sorry, Sandy. I'm such an insensitive ass sometimes. Please forgive me." Josie kissed her dark head and held her tight.

Sandra knew she was being childish about this, but she couldn't seem to help it. It was her first time trying to pleasure her lover that way and it meant a lot to her to do it right and her lover laughed at her. She felt like an awkward child whose friends ridiculed her. She tried so hard to keep the tears that were stinging her nose and eyes from falling, but they came of their own accord.

Josie felt like the world's biggest heel when she saw the fresh tears fall from her beloved's blue eyes. "Awe, Sweetheart, please don't cry. I'm sorry. I was loving your making love to me. It was wonderful. I wasn't making fun of you..... Sandy, no one has ever made me feel the way that you do. I'll never need, never want, another woman's touch. I desire only you." Josie gently kissed her partner's shoulder up to her neck and suckled as she lowered her arms to cup full breasts, enjoying the feel of the nipples hardening against her palms. She heard her lover moan as she leaned back further against Josie's breasts. Josie licked a tasty earlobe as she whispered enticingly. "Please....., make love to me, Sandy. I need you, baby."

Sandra removed the small hands from her breasts and raised them to her lips, kissing the palms. Then she turned in her lover's arms and kissed her deeply, passionately, urgently, her left hand covering Josie's right breast, tweaking the nipple gently between her index finger and thumb, sending a flood of warmth to both women's bellies. Sandra forced her lover's legs apart with her knee and pressed against Josie's already swollen sex, eliciting a moan of desire from her partner. Josie reached down and gripped firm buttocks as she raised her thigh. "Oh yeah, Josie." Sandra had to lift herself from her lover's stimulating body before she lost control. She still wanted to taste her arousal as she pleasured her partner.

She slid down her lover's body licking and kissing the glistening sweat from her skin. Josie tilted her pelvis as Sandra lifted soft thighs over her shoulders, allowing the younger woman better access to her goal. The dark haired beauty breathed deeply of her lover's scent. She wrapped her arms around Josie's hips and, using her left hand to spread the outer lips of the labia, gazed at the flower of her desire as she rubbed her cheek against a silky thigh.

Tentatively, at first, Sandra used her right hand to pull back the hood of Josie's clitoris to examine the swollen bud that could give such pleasure. She licked the entrance to Josie's vagina and again thought, 'kosher dills', and grinned.

Josie was trying to be patient with her inexperienced lover's curiosity, but her explorations were fanning the fire in her belly. She craved more and made her needs known. "Sandy..... Please..... I need you." Josie pumped her hips toward her tormentor.

Sandra smiled and gently licked her lover's clitoris, causing Josie to groan her pleasure. The novice found her own arousal rose exponentially with every groan of pleasure she could elicit from her lover.

Josie felt long, strong fingers enter her vagina, deliciously stretching her, adding to the tremendous pressure building in her sex, causing her hips to pump of their own volition.

Sandra was totally absorbed in her task as she licked and sucked her lover's clit and gently pumped her fingers into her. She felt like an extension of Josie. Aware, by the increase in her lover's lubrication and the clutching of her vaginal muscles around her fingers, that she was close to her climax, Sandra sucked aggressively on her engorged clit as she added a third finger into her vagina, further stretching her.

"OH, JESUS, YES..... AH....., AAH....., AAAAAAAH!!!" Josie yelled out in ecstacy.

Sandra continued to stimulate Josie's clit with her mouth until her lover reached down and pushed her head away. "No more, please. I can't..... No more, baby..... Come up here."

Sandra slid up Josie's body and fell into her waiting arms. "My God, Sandy, that was incredible....." Josie panted. "I love you so much."

"I love you too, Josie." Sandra responded as she wiped her lover's arousal from her face.

Josie pulled her lover up, kissing her deeply, passionately, as she raised her knee between Sandra's legs. Her very aroused partner groaned into her lover's mouth as she slid her sex on a muscular thigh. Josie placed one hand between their bodies to kneed a sensitive breast, freeing her lover's climax. Sandra's head shot up as her back arched into her orgasm, her arms shaking with the strain.

"That's it, baby, come for me. You're so beautiful, Sandra." The exhausted brunette fell onto her lover, completely spent and sated.

Josie reached over and set their alarm clock, giving them enough time to get ready for the luncheon with her mother, then pulled the covers over their sweating bodies and held her lover til she fell into a peaceful, restorative sleep.


The lovers had just enough time to bathe, dress, grab a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee before jumping in Josie's Accord and heading for the Big Easy.

"So, you have any pointers on how to act with your mother?" Sandra asked, never letting her eyes leave the road.

"Good gravy. she's a one of a kind. Best thing is just be yourself, sweetheart. She doesn't bite. She's really quite charming and artistic. She just doesn't put herself out for anyone but Rosemary Bossetta. Don't be afraid of her. She is guilty of crimes of omission not passion. Empathy is not her strong suit. She just omitted me and her husband from her life. I know she loves me in her way. It's just not enough." Josie looked into sad blue eyes.

"I'm so sorry, boss. I can't imagine a mother not loving their child with their whole heart and soul. I wish I could make it up to you somehow."

Josie reached over and lay her small hand on Sandra's strong thigh. "You make me so happy every moment of every day. You make me feel special, like I'm the center of the universe."

"You are special. And, you are the center of this woman's universe." Sandra smiled and covered Josie's hand with her own. The two women road the rest of the way in companionable silence.


The women arrived at Ruth's Chris Steak House with ten minutes to spare and were led to their table. It was tucked away in a little private nook of the restaurant. Josie had reserved it so the three women could speak privately. Josie and Sandra ordered café' au lait for all three and waited for the third member of their party to arrive.

Rosemary Bossetta arrived, dressed in an expensive wheat colored linen suit with matching purse and pumps. She was impeccably coiffed, with just a hint of make up. Even her jewelry all matched, from her ear rings, necklace, bracelet and ring. This woman put a great deal of time and effort in perfecting her elegant appearance. Sandra was suitably impressed.

The younger women stood out of respect as the older woman perused them, her eyes lingering over the impressive, tall, dark beauty her daughter professed to love.

Rosemary gave her daughter her cheek to kiss in greeting as she put her hand out to shake the proffered hand of the stranger.

"Mother, this is Sandra Abbott. Sandra, Rosemary Bossetta, my mother."

"Pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Bossetta. Josie's told me so much about you."

"Well, since we've all been introduced, let's sit down and enjoy our coffee. I ordered one for you too, Mom." Josie sat down and took her lover's hand into her lap for comfort.

"Tell me, dear, how are you feeling? Are you all recovered?" Rosemary smiled as she sipped her coffee.

"Yes mam. I'm getting stronger every day. Thank you."

"So, you wanted to talk to me about your upcoming nuptials?"

"Yes, we'd like you to participate. That's if you have the time?" Josie tried not to let bitterness tinge her voice.

"Well, then, have you set a date?" The older woman placed her napkin in her lap.

"We'd like to be married the first Saturday in June. We're not sure where yet. Sandra's mother is working on the Priest at St. Anthony of Padua on Canal Street. That's been her Parish for many years and she's close to Fr. Pierre. Anyway, she wants us to be married in the Catholic Church, if at all possible. So, we'll have to let you know."

"I brought my daily planner as you asked. Let me see what I have planned for that weekend, if anything." She turned to the appropriate section of a leather cache.

Sandra sat in stunned silence as her future mother-in-law checked her calendar to see if she would be too busy to attend her daughter's wedding. Anger began to replace disbelief. Only her deep desire to not upset Josie kept her from giving this selfish woman a broad piece of her mind.

"Let's see Thursday is the Saenger theater, Friday is my hair dresser, Sunday is my Art Guild Luncheon. Well, we're in luck, my Saturday is free. Looks like I'll be all yours, dear." Rosemary smiled charmingly at her daughter and took out her favorite pen. "You said you could use my services. What would you like me to do for you?"

"Well, we thought, since you do such beautiful calligraphy, you might want to make out our wedding invitations. There will only be a half dozen or so. We really only want those closest to us in attendance." Josie responded in one breath. She felt like a small child again, afraid of her mother's rejection.

"I can do that. I'll need the invitation list, the address and name of the Church, date and time of the service and the reception. Oh, I'll need the paper and envelopes. I suggest a heavy weight paper. It looks much more refined. You can dictate the invitations to me now and get the materials to me this week. Calligraphy takes time and I have many previous engagements. I don't like to be rushed." Rosemary Bossetta was all business as she took down the simple verbage of the invitations.

"Now, as mother of the bride, are you expecting me to pay for this soiree. I mean, after all, I did pay for the last wedding. There's usually only one to a customer..... Usually."

Rosemary Bossetta busied herself, putting the information she'd just gathered away.

"No, thank you, mother, for offering. But, Sandra and I will pay for it all. It really will be a small simple.....um.....soiree." Josie retorted with her sweetest smile.

"Your doing the invitations for us is more that we'd hoped for. I'll call you with the where and time of day as soon as we hear from Andy." Josie stated.

"Andy? Who's Andy?" Rosemary gave her daughter and Sandra a curious look.

"Oh, Andre' Broussard, that's Sandy's mother."

"Oh, yes, the one with the Priest. Well, let me know ASAP. Now, let's order. I have plans for the evening and would like to get home in time for a little rest." The older woman smiled, but it never reached her eyes.

The women ordered their meal and Josie excused herself to run to the little girls room, leaving her lover to fend for herself. Sandra wanted to go with her but knew it would be rude to leave Rosemary alone at the table.

"So, Sandra, tell me about yourself. How did you meet my daughter? What do your people do? Have you been married before? Do you have any children? All my daughter has told me about you is that you'll be graduating from Nursing School at the end of May so I must admit I was expecting a much younger woman." Rosemary munched her salad as she waited for the dark haired beauty to answer her inquiries.

"Well, let's see, I answered an ad Josie placed at the Nursing School for an apartment. We hit it off right away. My mom is a nurse at Mercy Hospital. She's widowed for many years now. I'm divorced. I have no children." Sandra felt a wave of grief pass over her and tried not to let this woman see her pain. She knew the older woman would be incapable of having any real feeling of empathy for her. Why open herself up to that.

"So what happened?"

"I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean?" Sandra was confused.

"I mean, why the divorce? What happened to your marriage? I wouldn't normally pry like this, but you are marrying my only child and heir. I have to look out for her interest. I'm sure you can understand that." Rosemary sat up straight and proud. Sandra was a little in awe of her presence, but she was still angry that this woman didn't even take the time to come visit her only child in the hospital when she was terribly ill and needed her love and comfort. She looked down at her plate, trying to think of what to say to placate her without confiding a damned thing about her life. She didn't deserve her trust and she wasn't getting anymore from Sandra than the absolute necessities.

"My husband and I married too young. We grew apart. It happens." Sandra breathed a sigh of relief when her lover returned to the table. Sensing Sandra's discomfort, Josie gave her mother a suspicious look.

"So, what have you two been discussing while I was gone? Mother?" Josie gave the older woman a look that told her she wanted the truth and she wanted it now.

"We were just getting acquainted, Josie. I asked Sandra to tell me a little bit about herself." All three women were relieved when the main course was brought to the table. The rest of the meal was eaten over small talk about the older woman's social calendar and how many of her friends had just let themselves go, while she worked hard at keeping fit with proper diet and exercise. "You should be following my regimen, Josie. That's part of your problem, dear. I can't tell you how important proper diet and exercise is, especially at my age." Rosemary was inordinately proud of her appearance. She knew most women were jealous of her and most men wanted her on their arm,

"Mother, I am a nurse. I'm well aware of my body's needs. I agree that your regimen is excellent. How many seventy year old women have a body like yours? You should tell folks your age. They just won't believe it." Josie couldn't help grinning at her little jibe. She knew her mother would rather wear white shoes after labor day than have anyone know her real age.

"Let's just keep that little tid bit of information to ourselves, shall we." Rosemary gave her daughter a knowing grin and a wink.

Josie smiled back warmly.

Sandra just sat taking it all in. The relationship between these two was just confusing.

"Did you read the information I sent you on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?" Josie asked of her mother.

"I tried to, dear, but it was so involved and those doctors obviously haven't a clue what they are dealing with. I spoke with my cousin, Sal, who's a doctor here in town, and he said that they're not even sure if it exists. He says it might be a mental disorder, like depression. Sounds like something the bleeding heart liberals made up so more people can sit on their backsides, drink their booze and still get a check from the government."

Sandra couldn't hold her tongue any more. "Let me clarify this. Are you saying that since Josie has CFS, that means she sits home, drinks booze and collects a check from the government? She has diabetes too. I wonder what benefits she is getting for that one. I'll tell you. There's no benefits to gain from either, not even a government check. She struggles to get through every day. Her health is so tenuous that she almost died less than two weeks ago from strep throat, a common virus a normal healthy body would have been able to fight with a weeks worth of antibiotics. Oh, that's right, you wouldn't know about that because you were too busy socializing to visit your only child in the hospital, even after Beth called to ask you to come. You are one piece of work, lady. God! Forgive me, Josie. I can't help it. Rosemary, you don't deserve a daughter as wonderful as Josie and she certainly deserves a better mother than you. Oh and, just for your edification, your daughter inherited her diabetes from your side of the family. I am aware, even if you aren't, that your mother had type 1 diabetes." Sandra reached into her wallet and threw some bills on the table. "I've lost my appetite. Josie, we're going home. Say goodbye to you mother. I'll meet you outside." Sandra turned on her heel and stormed out of the restaurant.

Josie was stunned by her lover's outburst. 'I didn't know you had it in you.' Josie thought to herself and smiled. Her chest just about bursting with pride. "I love that woman..... And I love you too, mom. You're no Betty Crocker. But, you're all I've got." Josie grinned at her mother who was staring out into space.

"She's right." Rosemary Bossetta stated as her moss green eyes filled with tears.

"What?" Josie thought she'd heard wrong.

"I'm not one for insights. But, I know for a fact I shouldn't have had you. I'm not mother material. I'm a self-centered, vain woman..... I guess it's my age, which you so kindly reminded me of. I've been reflecting a bit on my life. You were always an after thought. Your father was less than that. I never was "in love" with him, dear. I don't know that I've ever felt that for anyone, not really. I do know that I've always loved you. It's important that you believe me." Rosemary turned sad eyes toward her child.

"I don't know that your fiancé will ever accept me the way I am. But, I am too old to change, Josie. I should have come to see you in the hospital. Sandra is right about that and I don't blame her a bit for being angry." The older woman sighed, then continued. "It's not in me to be giving of myself, of my affections. I am sorry, Josie. I did the best I knew how. You are very fortunate you had my mother to teach you about love and nurturing. I always resented her, you know. I resented her relationship with my father and then her relationship with you. I was jealous, I suppose. People were always drawn to her, especially my father. He worshiped her. And how I adored him."

"I wish you had told me all this years ago, mother. It might have helped me understand you..... us." Josie's eyes glistened with tears. "I know in my heart that you love me. I always have. I love you too, mom..... Still want to make out our wedding invitations?"

Rosemary Bossetta smiled warmly at her child. "I'd be honored, if you think Sandra will accept me. I'm not her favorite person at the moment."

"Let me speak with her. She'll come around. She's just protective of me. That's how people in love are. And, because of that love, she will learn to accept and maybe even grow to love you. So, I'll send you the materials and you get started, Ok?"

"Ok..... Thank you, Josie. You're a fine daughter and a much better woman than I ever was. It's a shame you never had children. You'd have been a good mother."

The two women stood and embraced. It was a very rare occurrence when Josie's mother held her tightly to her breast and the younger woman relished the moment. When they pulled apart, Josie took her hanky from her purse and wiped the tears from her mother's face. "Can't have you spoiling your make up..... Sandra's waiting for me. I'll talk to you soon, mother..... Thanks for trying. It means a lot to me."

Rosemary Bossetta stood proudly and nodded her head slightly. "You are welcome, Josie. Tell Sandra thank you for taking such good care of my daughter." The older woman took her child's hand in hers as they walked out of the restaurant together.


Sandra was so angry, she didn't know what to do with herself once she stormed out of the restaurant. "Damn that woman!" Sandra bellowed as she stomped through the parking lot to the Accord, dived in and slammed the door. She sat there, taking deep breaths and replaying the scene with Rosemary Bossetta over and over in her head. 'Shit, I think I messed up again. I shouldn't have spoken to Josie's mother like that. She must be furious with me. She wouldn't call off the wedding, would she? Awe, shit!'

Sandra berated herself for losing her temper. Deciding she needed some good advice, she reached into the glove compartment and pulled out the cell phone, dialing her mother's number.

Andre' Broussard was sitting on the sofa with her feet up on the coffee table, enjoying her Saturday afternoon, reading about the recent apparitions of the Blessed Mother in the United States. She hoped to save enough money to join a group of Parishioners on a bus trip to Georgia where rose petals fell from the sky as the Virgin Mary appeared to the masses. Sandra would be finished school soon so she shouldn't need more funds for tuition and books. She planned on giving Sandra a check at graduation to help buy uniforms and shoes for work. But, after that, her money was her own. As soon as she saved enough for her trip, she was stopping all these double shifts. 'Mon Dieu, but my feet are tired.'


"Momma..... I think I messed up again." Sandra blurted.

"Qu est-ce qui ne va pas, Sandy?" Andre' was instantly alert.

"I just told off Josie's mother. I didn't mean to." Sandra groaned into the phone.

"Oh Mon Dieu! Sandra Camille Broussard, I am shocked at you. You were not raised to be disrespectful to your elders. What has gotten into you!?!" Andy jumped to her feet, reprimanding her daughter for such inexcusable behavior.

"I'm sorry mom, I just..... She was so horrible to Josie. She's a cold, selfish, self-centered bitch!" Sandra's anger took over again.

"Mais, non. That might all be true, cheri, but she is still Josie's mother and your elder. You must learn to control that temper, ma fille..... Did you do much damage?" Andy sat back down and decided to see what help she could be.

"Yeah, I think so. I told her she didn't deserve a daughter like Josie, that Josie deserves a better mother than her and why. Then, I stormed out of there. They are still in the restaurant. I hope she's not giving Josie a hard time. All we wanted was to include her in the wedding preparations. Now, I don't even know if there will be a wedding. Josie must be furious with me for mouthing off like that..... Awe, shit!"

"Sandra, ferme' la bouche! You know I don't approve of your cursing."

"Yes ma'm. I'm sorry. I just can't do anything right." Sandra whined as her blue eyes brimmed with unshed tears.

"That's not true. What you did was at the very least stupid and impulsive. You need to apologize to Josie and her mother. This woman is going to be a part of your lives together, whether you like it or not. You don't just marry the woman, but the in-laws too. Now, my advice is to go back in there and beg their forgiveness. It does not matter that you were right and her mother was wrong. All that matters is to keep the peace in the family. Then, after the wedding, you will hardly ever see her. I doubt if this will give her a sudden long term interest in her daughter's life. If it helps any, I feel the way she treats her own flesh and blood is criminal and I hope Josie will let me give her some of the nurturing her own mother hasn't."

"It helps, mom. Thanks. I guess it's time to face the music. I'll call you later and tell you how it went..... I love you."

"I love you too, ma fille. And, I'm very proud of you."

Sandra disconnected the phone, took a deep breath and opened her door, just in time to see Josie and her mother step out of the restaurant holding hands and saying obviously warm goodbyes to each other. 'What did I miss?' Sandra thought to herself. 'Life just keeps getting weirder and weirder.' She crawled back into her seat and waited for her partner to join her.

Josie slid into the passenger seat aware of the anxiety radiating from her fiancé. She reached over and took one of the hands that Sandy had been wringing together into her own and kissed it . "Everything's ok, sweetheart. Please, relax. Mother and I had a great talk. Actually, the first one that I can recall having with her. She's not mad at you. In fact, she agreed with you." Josie looked into moist blue eyes.

"She agreed with me!?!" Sandra was pleasantly astonished.

"Yes. She did. Why don't we pass by and see your mom. I'll tell you all about it on the way." Josie smiled and kissed her partner's hand once more before relinquishing it so Sandra could drive.

"I think I should call first and tell her I didn't ruin our lives with my big mouth, after all. I already know she's home. I called her after the scene I made in there. God, I'm so sorry I lost it like that, boss."

"Don't be. I liked it." Again Josie took her partner's hand. "You're my Knight in Shining Armor......and, I love you."

"Always? Even when I put my foot in my mouth?" Sandra asked, gently.

"Always. Even if you have Nike firmly imprinted on your tonsils." Josie smiled.

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