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Part 5




It was nearing supper time when they got home, so they agreed to meet in Josie's kitchen in an hour to whip up some comfort food. To say their weekend had been trying was the understatement of the millennium.

Josie needed some down time to pamper her frazzled nerves. After throwing the dirty clothes into the washing machine and brewing a pot of aromatic coffee, she curled up in her favorite chair on the porch, with her little buddies, Skooby and Doo. She covered herself with a soft chenille afghan and enjoyed some peace and solitude.

Sandy stretched out on her recliner, staring out the window, watching the sun go down. The sky turned red and orange as if the forest below were aflame. It felt good to be able to relax and just enjoy the beauty of nature. She felt as though her very soul had been caught in a vice for the last few days and was now being slowly released. 'The worst is over. She still loves me. I am the luckiest woman in the world.' Sandy continued to admire the sunset and ponder her many blessings as exhaustion slowly dragged her into a dreamless sleep.

Josie had the pasta finished and was working on the Alfredo sauce when she noticed the time. '7:15 p.m. Sandra should have been down here half an hour ago. I wonder what's up.' Josie continued to stir her sauce as she reached for the intercom and buzzed the apartment. 'No answer? Maybe she's in the shower. I'll give her another ten minutes, til the sauce is done.'

Ten minutes passed and the little blond had dinner all ready but no companion. Again she buzzed the apartment, but got no response. 'I'll bet she fell asleep. My poor sweet love. She's had a hell of a rotten couple of days. But, I know just what she needs.' Josie made a large plate for them to share and headed upstairs. As usual, the door was unlocked so Josie let herself in. She spied her companion asleep in her favorite chair, then, setting their dinner on the small dinette table, sat down herself to catch her breath. 'God, I hate stairs. They always make me feel so old.' Once she'd composed herself, she set out their plates and poured Barq's for them both.

Josie knelt next to Sandra and gently stroked her thigh. "Hey, Sandy, wake up sleepyhead. It's time for supper. I've got one of your favorites. Come on, now. Open those baby blues for me."

Sandra felt something pulling her toward consciousness. When her bleary eyes opened she was disoriented. "Hey....., boss. Um.....what time is it?"

Josie thought her companion absolutely adorable as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and struggled to sit up straight in her chair. "It's 7:30 p.m. Time to eat. Dinner's waiting for us. So, get up before it gets cold." Josie stood, then helped her weary friend to her feet.

"Awe shoot, Josie. I'm sorry. I must have crashed. Guess I was more tired than I thought. Did you bring that platter up those stairs?" Sandra looked at her friend in consternation.

"Well, it wasn't the tooth fairy. Now, don't lecture me. I'm fine, other than the fact that I am starving! Now, let's eat, sleeping beauty." The spunky little blond grabbed her friend's ear and gently tugged her over to the dinette.

"Ow, ow, ow, let go, you little bully." Both women laughed until their sides hurt.

The friends enjoyed a leisurely meal, as they talked over the events of their weekend. Josie wanted to ask her companion about Frank and their marriage but decided they'd had enough emotional turmoil for one day. She tried to keep the conversation light and the flirting controllable.

"Oh, my goodness, that was decadent. I'm really sorry that I pooped out on you." Sandy yawned.

"You need some time to recup from the emotional roller coaster you've been riding the last couple of days, and with little to no sleep. Tonight you're gonna get a good night's undisturbed rest. So, I want you to get in your jammies right now while I put the rest of this pasta in a container for you to take to school tomorrow. And no arguing." Josie bent forward and laid a sweet kiss upon her companion's lips. She picked up their dirty dishes and proceeded to clean up.

When Sandra emerged from the bathroom, she was wearing just an oversized Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Josie's eyes took in the long tan legs, the lean muscles of her thighs and gentle swell of her braless breasts. She looked incredibly sexy.

"Wow, you look luscious." Josie tried to control the lust that was building quickly in her loins. "I already opened the futon for you and put new linens on the mattress. All I need is your beauhunkiss to crawl up in there."

Sandra slipped beneath the covers. "What is a beauhunkiss?"

"That is my new pet word for your fine arse. You are a beautiful hunk of woman my love. Did you know that?" Josie crawled on to the covers. Resting on her elbow, she stroked Sandra's long dark hair affectionately. The younger woman's heart pounded in her chest as she couldn't quite catch her breath.

"You get a good night's sleep because I have plans for you tomorrow night....., all night." Josie cupped a soft cheek in her hand. "I love you Sandy and I intend to show you just how beautiful you are to me." Josie reached over to kiss her friends forehead. "But for now, off to dreamland."

Sandra averted her eyes. "I don't like to dream, Josie."

"Why not? Tell me, sweetheart."

"Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I'm back behind the wheel of that car and I can hear Antoine screaming." Tears prevented her from forming words around the lump in her throat.

"Hey, hey, none of that, now." Josie slipped under the covers and pulled the distraught woman's head to rest against her breasts. "I'm here. Everything's gonna be alright, now. That's all in the past. It can't hurt you anymore."

Sandra gasped for breath as she released her grief. "He's dead.....Oh, God..... Josie....., my baby's dead.....because of me..... I miss him so much." Tears turned into heart wrenching sobs, as the dark haired woman turned her face into her friend's chest and held onto her tightly, seeking comfort from her pain and guilt.

"I pray every day that he can forgive me for not protecting him. I'm his mother. Damn me! I was suppose to protect him. Instead I put him in danger and now he's gone. I'll never hold him again or see him grow up and fall in love, have a family of his own. I stole all that from him, Josie. I'm a monster. Oh, God, it hurts."

Josie's own tears fell onto the dark head on her chest. 'How can I help you survive this? What are the words that will take away your pain? I don't know of any. All I can do is hold you and love you. Please don't let this horror take you away from me, my love.'

"I'm here, Sandra. I'll always be here. I love you. I don't know how to make your pain go away. But we have so much to be grateful for. Let's concentrate on that. You are going to be an RN soon and can use that degree to help other children. You'll be making a nice living and can help out your Mom a bit. You have your Mom, who loves you 'like the stars in the skies'. Right?"

Sandra nodded, smiling at the remembered oath, as she sniffled.

"And I think she actually likes me a bit, even though I am the evil spider woman who has lured you into my lair." Josie nuzzled her love's hair.

The dark haired woman giggled and reached for the box of tissues on the night stand. She wiped away her tears and blew her nose as delicately as possible.

"But, our greatest blessing is we have each other. I love you, heart and soul, Sandy." Josie took the face she loved into her warm hands and gently kissed sweet lips. "Right now, you need to sleep. You're way over tired. I'll stay right here and hold you until you drift off. Deal?"

Sandra nodded and closed her weary eyes.

"I'll set your alarm for 4:30 a.m. so you'll have plenty of time to get your school work together before leaving in the morning. It's only 9:00 p.m. now, so you should get a good night's rest." Josie scooted them both down into a more comfortable position. Sandra snuggled her head upon the older woman's breast with an arm wrapped around her slim waist.

"Love you forever and always, deal?" The sleepy woman slurred before drifting off into peaceful slumber.

Josie gently rubbed Sandra's back. "Deal."

When she was certain her love was deeply asleep, she extricated herself and quietly went home.


Josie was relieved when she heard the familiar accent of Sandra's mother over the phone. "Andy? Sorry to call so late, but I need to talk to you about Sandy."

"Oh, mon Dieu! She hasn't harmed herself, has she?" The older woman's heart filled with dread.

"No, no. She's just having a really hard time dealing with her guilt over Antoine's death. I think with school and our relationship, well, I'm worried about her. She's an emotional wreck. I thought you might be able to help me help her. Andy, she's in so much pain." Josie couldn't stop the tears from streaming down her face. Seeing her love in such torment was nearly unbearable for her.

"Thank you for calling me, Josie. She drank over his death for years and then, when she got sober, wouldn't allow his name mentioned outside of this house. She wants to bare her soul to you, to be totally open and honest in order to deserve your love. She needs the support of AA to handle the stress. I made certain she attended while she was here. The night before she told you about my grandson, she went to a midnight meeting and spent most of the night with a member of the group to build up the courage to tell you what she hadn't told anyone outside of myself and our Priest. Not for ten long years."

"God, Andy, I didn't know. How do I find where the meetings are held?"

"Just look it up in the yellow pages and call the Central Office number. They'll have a list of all the meetings in your area. She'll need you to go with her. You can go to any Open meeting. That means the family and friends of the Alcoholic are welcome to attend. It will give both of you the support you need. And, if I can be of any help at all, I am always here for you both, ma cheri. She doesn't believe it, but my daughter deserves to be happy. She is a good person who made a terrible mistake. She shouldn't be made to pay penance the rest of her life. Please, tell her I love her. And Josie, thank you for loving her too. Bon soir."

"Good night, Andy, and thank you."

"De rien. You must get some sleep, ma petite."

"I will. Bye." Josie set down the phone and heaved a sigh of relief. 'I can do this.' She immediately looked up the number of the AA Central Office in her area and wrote it down. She'd get the information she needed while Sandra was at school, then wait till the time was right to pass it on.


Sandra worked hard to concentrate on her patients at clinicals, but her mind kept wandering to the adorable little blond waiting for her at home. She couldn't help but fantasize about her soft skin and plump breasts, the feel of her lips and the taste of her silky tongue. 'Whew, I have to get her out of my mind or my instructor's gonna lecture me again about my lack of concentration on my patient's needs."

Her school day finally over, Sandra drove home as fast as her little VW bug could carry her. She ran up the stairs to her apartment, dropped her books on the dinette table and hurriedly bathed and dressed in tight fitting jeans, her favorite lace bra and white form fitting t-shirt. She accessorized with an antique garnet ring and matching delicate dangle ear rings. She curled her long black lashes and applied some lip gloss and headed toward her destiny.


Josie set scented candles around the house, making sure to place some long stemmed, dripless, candles, strategically, in the bedroom and on the dining room table, for actual light. Just the faintest scent of apple/cinnamon spice permeated the rooms.

Having bathed and dressed in white cotton gauze slacks and a matching top with small pearl stud ear rings, she finished off the look she wanted with a touch of eye shadow and lip gloss, then topped it off with a spritz of Vanilla Fields bath water.

Josie got the Sushi she had bought for the occasion out of the fridge. She always considered sushi an aphrodisiac. There was fresh salmon and yellow tail sashimi, assorted sushi and two rolls, one California roll and one dynamite roll. She decorated the platter with wasabi mustard and ginger root, then placed the soy sauce on the table. Filling a large glass pitcher with ice water and lemon, she was ready for her guest. Shortly after pressing the intercom buzzer, a vision of loveliness appeared at the kitchen door.

"Wow, boss, this is great. Everything looks so romantic..... Wow..... Sushi, my favorite. Thanks, Josie." Sandra smiled and blushed slightly, her left hand rubbing against her denim covered hip. "God, I'm so nervous."

"Hey, it's alright to be scared." Josie took her friend's beautiful face in her warm hands. "I'm scared too. We'll take things as they come. Now, let's just sit down and enjoy our sushi and you can tell me about your day in the trenches just like we always do. Ok?" Josie pulled the chair out for her companion.

Sandra took a bite of her sushi and looked into sea green eyes.

"Do you have much work to get done for school?" Josie tried to keep things as normal as possible.

"Just the usual. I have to come up with three nursing diagnoses with five interventions for each. Then I have to research about twelve drugs this patient is on and their possible side effects and interactions. That's the part I really enjoy doing. Medicine just fascinates me. Maybe you can look at my patient's history later and help me get it all done, so we can spend more time on us." Sandra reached over and gently stroked Josie's forearm and hand.

"Sure, I'd love to...." Josie looked down at Sandra's hand and took a shuddering breath trying to control her rising ardor. "Ummm..... Have you ever tried Uni?" Josie reached over and picked up a piece of the fatty sea urchin and passed it to her friend who took a sniff.

"Yuck! That smells like the bottom of Bayou St. John. You don't actually eat that, do you?" Sandra pushed the offending offer away.

"I know it smells awful, but it is a mouth fornication. Just try a taste." The determined little blonde put a small dab of the uni on her index finger to feed to her friend. "Come on....., for me?" Josie gave her best puppy dog look.

"Geesh, what I won't do for you. Just cut out the hound dog eyes, ok?" Sandra held her nose and sucked Josie's entire finger into her mouth. The reticent woman's eyes opened wide and a grin crossed her lips and she moaned her appreciation. "God, that's good. How can something that smells that bad, taste so delicious? More, please."

The women spent their meal feeding each other by hand, licking the remnants off each other's fingers, causing their desire to steadily rise until Sandra pulled the smaller woman onto her lap, kissing her deeply. "Let me make love to you. Please, Josie." Sandra panted with lust.

"Ohhhh, Sandy. Yes, please..... I'm all yours..... Love me." Sandra licked down a supple neck, them sucked gently at the pulse point, savoring the flavors in her skin. Josie shivered and moaned her appreciation, encouraging the inexperienced woman to continue. Sandra covered a pliant breast with her left hand, feeling the nipple become erect against her palm. Looking up into green eyes filled with desire, she tugged at the shirt and, with Josie's help, pulled it over her head and onto the floor. She sat back to admire her lover's breasts still trapped in their lace bra. She ran her trembling fingers over the soft lace fabric and looked deeply into her lover's eyes begging for their release. Josie reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, which went the way of her blouse.

"Oh, Josie. You are so beautiful." Sandra stared in awe of the beauty before her. The deep tan, nearly pink, aureole contracted around an erect nipple. Tentatively the student touched them with trembling fingers. Amazed at the delicateness of the creamy skin. She tenderly followed pale blue veins running through the pliant globes, then stopped to touch a small mole just outside of the aureole on her left breast. She leaned down to kiss it then kissed the very tip of the nipple, causing the little blond to gasp as she fought the desire to crush her gentle lover's face to her breast. Sandra tasted the hardened flesh, licking and kissing her nipple, lapping and tasting the soft roundness of the now heaving flesh to her hearts content, driving her lover crazy with need. When the student tried to take an entire breast into her mouth to suckle, Josie new she could take no more. She had to have the beauty now. Her sex throbbed with her arousal. She gently pushed Sandra away. "My bed....., please....., now." Crawling off the taller woman's lap, she took her hand and guided her into the bedroom.

The lovers stood next to the king sized bed, Josie gazing up into Sandra's slightly glazed eyes. "Please, don't be afraid, love." Josie reached up to gently stroke long bare arms offering solace. "Just remember that I love you." Her gentle strokes moved over the taller woman's ample chest, lightly brushing her painfully erect nipples. "Take off your shirt and bra for me. Can you do that?" The shirt and bra disappeared in a flash. "You are so very beautiful Sandra..... I want to touch you." Josie looked up into blue eyes, nearly black with desire.

"Please....., touch me." Sandra panted.

Careful to move slowly so they both could relish this moment, Josie ran her hands over Sandra's neck and shoulders, traced her collar bone and sternum, then over the swell of her breasts, and around their fullness. "Beautiful" she breathed. She ran the backs of her fingers over the taut dark nipples, causing the taller woman to shudder with arousal, then ventured down to the waist of her jeans and helped free her of those last vestiges of clothing. She quickly slipped out of her own slacks and panties.

They both stood again allowing their eyes to devour each other's bodies. Josie was the first to move. She slowly approached the taller woman and took her into a warm embrace, the feel of skin upon skin was more thrilling than anything she'd yet to experience. "I love you, Sandra."

Josie's lips retraced the path her fingers had so recently laid. She gently licked the swell of each breast, then raised her hands to cup their weight and run her palms over the bare nipples sending a jolt of electricity straight through them both. A groan of desire sounded in Sandra's throat as she began to sway precariously on her feet. Josie let her hands roam to a broad back and down to cup firm round buttocks to steady her lover while she took a succulent nipple into her warm mouth, flicking it with her tongue, then suckling as if for sustenance. Sandra ran her fingers through the short blond curls, encouraging her lover to remain at her breast until her knees became to weak to hold her.

"I need to lay down before I fall down." Sandra gently pushed her lover away and crawled onto the bed. She lay on her back, right arm behind her head, posing enticingly for her lover, who stood there admiring the view with fire in her eyes.

"You are a tease.....and I love it." Josie proceeded to crawl onto Sandra's long soft body. Placing her weight upon her forearms at either side of her lover's head she spread soft kisses over her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, her nose and lips. Sandra instinctively spread her legs so the little woman could slip comfortably between them, allowing their mounds to touch and further stimulate their respective clits.

Josie moved her forearms to either side of Sandra's torso, allowing her to pump her hips rubbing their mounds together, increasing their pleasure, while she suckled soft breasts.

"Oh..... God....., Josie....., Ung.....ahhh." Sandra, no longer able to form coherent thought, moved her long, elegant hands down her lover's back to her round buttocks in a desperate attempt to increase their contact.

Josie's fevered passion was soon to reach a pinnacle so she forced herself to slow down. She wanted this to be the most incredible sex Sandra ever had experienced.

She slid down the body she had been worshiping, leaving wet kisses and licks along ribs and belly. Sandra watched in aroused fascination as her lover traveled down her body to her sex. The very thought of what Josie intended to do to her nearly sent her over the edge. She lifted her knees and tilted her pelvis upward to meet her kiss.

Josie paused to admire her lover's sex in the flickering candle light. It was pink and swollen, her labia darkened with engorgement, wet and ready for her. The musky scent of her arousal making her mouth water with hunger. She slid her arms around her lover's hips as she kissed and licked the strong thighs besides her head. Sandra slipped an extra pillow under her head to get a better look at what Josie was doing. She missed the feel of her lover's body laying upon her's, but the pleasure she was receiving was worth the loss. Josie ran her fingers through Sandra's black curls, luxuriating in the feeling, then used those same fingers to open silky petals to access her throbbing clit. Looking up into the eyes she loved, she smiled and lowered her mouth to her prize.

Sandra gasped with intense pleasure. "Ohhhh..... Josie." The little blond smiled at Sandy's reaction to her ministrations. She brought her left hand around to the mouth of her dripping vagina and slowly slid a finger into her moist depths. Bucking her hips, Sandra panted, "More....., PLEASE!"

Josie entered her with two fingers as she suckled upon her clitoris causing her lover to buck furiously yelling out her orgasm and bursting into tears of release.

Sandra held onto the bed linens with all her might as wave after wave of nearly painful pleasure shook her to her very soul.

The smaller woman held on tight to Sandra's hips with her right arm, desperately trying not to lose contact with her clit. She wanted this woman to experience the thrill of orgasm for as long as possible. Her own release rushing forward caused her to pump into the linens to avoid biting her lover's tender flesh.

When the aftershocks subsided, Josie lay her head against soft dark curls to catch her breath. She was unaware of the tears that streamed down her cheeks, only of the mellow warmth following her own climax. Giving this woman pleasure caused an arousal in Josie she'd never known before.

Slowly she became aware that her lover was crying and slid up a long trembling body to hold her close. Josie rolled onto her back, bringing her lover along with her, a dark head resting against her breast. "I've gotcha..... I've gotcha. It's ok. I'm here, love..... Shshsh, I'm here.....for always." Josie stroked her lover's head and shoulder, continuing to whisper reassurances to her. "I didn't hurt you, did I?" Josie was becoming concerned by her lover's, seemingly inconsolable, tears.

Sandra shook her dark head and tried to form words to express what she was feeling. "I've never felt anything so incredible. I felt like my soul was soaring and then exploded into a million pieces..... I love you, boss. I know I don't deserve to be this happy, but please don't ever let this feeling end. I couldn't bare it." Sandra began to cry anew and buried her face in her lover's breast.

"You do deserve to be happy, Sandy. I need you to believe that. I'll love you forever and always..... I promise..... Deal?" Josie kissed her dark head.

Sandra sniffled. "Deal."

Josie continued to comfort her lover until they both slipped off to sleep.


Sandra was awakened by the snoring in her ear and the screaming of her bladder. She smiled down at the golden head that was now nestled on her left shoulder, a warm arm wrapped around her waist and left leg curled over her own. 'Now, how do I get out of this bed without waking you up, my love.' Sandra gazed longingly at her lover and then again at the bathroom door where relief lay. Her bladder won out and she carefully slid off to the necessary.

"Mmmmmm, Sandy? Where ya goin?" Josie asked, her voice husky with sleep.

"Just to the loo, love. I'll be right back. Save my place." Sandra leaned down and kissed her moist lips, then ran to relieve herself.

After washing her face and hands, and freshening up, she returned to her lover's side.

"You awake?" Sandra leaned on her elbow, overlooking her lover. She tenderly stroked her an exposed arm, then, hooking her little finger under the sheet, exposed the object of her desire.

"I am now." Josie purred. The look of want in the dark haired woman's eyes started a tingling in her clit. "Touch me, sweetheart. Don't be afraid."

Sandra looked deeply into her lover's eyes and smiled tenderly. Then she boldly admired the petite body before her. She traced every curve and angle with her long elegant fingers, driving her lover to distraction.

Sandra slid down toward the foot of the bed so she could get a closer look at her lover's sex. She ran her fingers through golden curls and inhaled the musky spice of her. "You smell so good. Could you spread your legs for me, boss." Sandra looked up into her lover's eyes just briefly to make certain she hadn't over stepped her bounds. Josie smiled and spread her legs wide enough for her friend to have free access to her charms. Sandra quickly crawled between her lover's legs, running her hands up and down soft thighs, committing the sensations to memory.

Josie could no longer contain her arousal and moaned her pleasure as her lover pet her sex ever so gently. She began to involuntarily pump her hips as her ardor soared, her hands moved to her own breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples.

Sandra looked up, begging permission to proceed in her ministrations.

"Please, Sandy, I can't take much more." Josie panted.

The inexperienced woman bent her head as Josie lifted her knees and tilted her pelvis to meet her lover's mouth. Sandra tentatively licked her sex, savoring the spicy taste of her.

"Oh....., yeah!" Josie's eyes rolled back as her eyelids fluttered.

Hearing her lover's verbal response to her actions spurred her on as she delved deeper into slick folds, causing slim hips to buck. Sandra licked and tasted and poked her long tongue into her lover's depths. She just couldn't get enough of her. She marveled that the more she licked, the more juice there was to savor.

She became aware of the little mewling noises coming from Josie and the trembling of the thighs that framed her head. Remembering what had given her so much pleasure earlier that evening, she took the quivering clit into her mouth, and sucked it rhythmically until rewarded with her lover's very vocal climax and juices running down her chin. She smiled, filled with self satisfaction.

Josie heard her screams of ecstacy as if they belonged to someone else as she soared, body and soul, and burst into a thousand particles of light. Sandra rested her chin upon her lover's mons as she observed her ride the waves of orgasm.

"My God, Sandy, You're a quick study." Josie was finally able to say. "I've never come like that before." The small woman's right arm fell over her eyes as she continued to enjoy the tingling sensations throughout her body.

"I aim to please, boss." Sandra smiled.

"And, please you have, my love." Josie smiled back. The very satisfied little woman opened her arms to her lover. They cuddled and cooed words of endless love and devotion to each other until it was time for Sandra to prepare for class.


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