Sunday Interlude

Disclaimers: None, nada, zilch - just an interlude.

The door slams as the last teenager leaves for his Sunday part-time job.  Peace descends on the house finally.  It’s the one time in the whole week when there are no teenagers around.  Now’s the chance for me to indulge in some quiet relaxation with no one to disturb me.

I quietly go upstairs, my ears trying to hear what’s happening there.  I peek around the corner but there’s no one there.  Ah – I hear the sound of the shower running.  Quietly I enter the bathroom and spy my lover having her usual late morning shower.  With her eyes on me I quickly shed my clothes and hop into the shower with her.  We kiss, we touch, we fondle.  

Turning the water off we stumble into the bedroom and collapse onto the bed together.  We lie with our bodies as close together as we can – touching as many parts together at the same time.  Slow caresses, kisses, embracing we bring each other to a point of release, again and again.  Finally, lying in an embrace we savour the closeness and warmth.  Soon the teenagers will be home again, but for now we rejoice in our precious time alone.

There’s nothing like some quiet relaxation on a Sunday afternoon.
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