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Mitycene Expedition

Immediately upon leaving my mother, sister and the Amazon village behind I felt the weight of the past day lift from my shoulders. What should have been a joyous time had been pocked by the unfortunate arrival of my father, but as promised after seeing the Amazon escort as well as the female members of my family off toward Potidaea we packed our belongings, mounted Argo and trotted off to locations unknown. Well unknown to me anyway. My new wife had been steadfast in keeping the location of our honeymoon a secret, and no matter how many times I asked her where we were headed I always got the same response; "it’s a surprise, Gabrielle, but trust me, you’ll love it." After about the hundredth rendition of this response I quit asking, figuring she must really want me to be surprised. So after a full day of riding, stopping only to collect some dinars from one of Xena’s private stashes, which she knew I didn’t like to use because of its origin, but I made an exception this time, we made camp just outside the seaport town of Stagira. Only once we had eaten and were settling in for the night did Xena speak of our secret destination.

"Tomorrow we board a ship, Gabrielle. I know you don’t like to be at sea, but there is no other way to get where I want us to go." She looked intently at me, trying to gauge my reaction to her news.

"A boat?" I gulped, audibly. Even though I pretty much knew we were going to have to set sail, hearing her say it made my stomach tighten. She knew I hated water travel and that I got terrible sea-sickness. So for her to decided to take us somewhere off the mainland meant that it was a special location indeed.

"It shouldn’t be too bad, the weather is clear and it’s only a half a day’s voyage. I can mix some herbs to settle your stomach if you want." She smiled in sympathy as I shook my head no. The herbs settled my stomach yes, but they also put me out and I didn’t want to be sleepy when we arrived back on land.

"And where is it exactly that we are going?" I knew I probably wouldn’t get an answer, but I had to try again. "I think I deserve to know, especially since I have to get on a boat, for an entire HALF day." I whined and I could tell by the playful look on her face that I wasn’t fooling her for a minute.

"To an island." She tossed at me and I rolled my eyes.

"I know that. What island? Have you ever been there? Where are we staying? Does it have any shopping? Those are the things I wanna know about." I said breathlessly.

"Well, you are just gonna have to wait till tomorrow to find out because I’m not telling." My wife teased and I stuck my tongue out at her in response. When that didn’t work I tried my poutiest expression and she laughed softly.

"Please tell me."

"Oh no, that’s not gonna work, Bard. No information. Tonight you are just going to have to be satisfied with what you already know for tomorrow all will be revealed." She said grandly. I groaned in defeat and tossed the pillow I had been leaning against in her direction.

"Thanks." She said as she snatched it out of the air and put it under her head before she pulled the sleeping firs up around her shoulders. "Now, are you gonna come to bed with me or do I have to keep these firs warm all on my own?" She asked while flashing me a small smile coupled with the brow lift that I found so alluring. Laughing I removed my boots and climbed into bed not bothering to remove my clothes as I knew that before long they would litter our campsite.

_ җ җ җ Җ җ җ җ Җ

Morning dawned sunny and warm as Xena and I made our way into Stagira. My warrior quickly found a stable in which to board Argo and by the time the sun was rising above the horizon we had boarded a ship and set sail for Xena’s ‘mysterious’ island. And as the mainland shrunk from our vision we enjoyed a light breakfast of fresh bread and cheese.

"So what do you want to know about Lesbos?" My wife asked some time later as we relaxed on deck, her arms draped over my shoulders from behind as I leaned on the strong rail.

"Oh, so you are finally gonna tell me about it?" I asked as I playfully elbowed her in the ribs.

"Anything you want to know."

"Well, I know that is where Sappho spends most of her time." I always liked reading her scrolls in the Amazon library.

"Yeah, but she lives on the other side of the island from where we are going. We are headed to the port village of Mitycene." My lover’s low voice drawled into my ear.

"Where are we staying?" I was dying to know.

"It’s a place called the Dew Drop Inn." I chuckled a bit, "yeah I thought you would enjoy that little bit of literary humor."

"What’s it like?" I closed my eyes so I could envision what she was about to tell me.

"Well it’s not really a conventional inn. It’s set up more like a little village, actually. There are individual huts instead of one main building with lots of rooms. As a result each guest, or guests in our case, is completely secluded." I hummed deep in my throat when she paused.

"Hmmm, that sounds nice. Private." I felt her nod.

"Yeah, it is, on both accounts." I sighed when I felt her lean into me a little more, her hips pressed firmly into my backside.

"The inside of the huts are nice, too. They each have a big, soft bed and a private bath that is fed by a tank of constantly warm water located outside of the hut. There is also a table, chairs and a small desk should you find the time or the desire to write." I shivered as I felt a soft nip on my earlobe. ‘Ok, don’t think there will be much time for writing on this trip.’ I thought dreamily.

"And since we eventually might want to actually leave the room there is a marketplace where I’m sure you can find something to spend your dinars on." She finished.

"Sounds wonderful, Xena." And it did, especially the big bed part, lots of room to move around.

"It is, just think a place where nobody knows us and we are free to spend some uninterrupted time together."

"I’m sure there is somebody on that island that knows you, after all you are the Warrior Princess." I turned in her embrace so that I could look her in the eye, she didn’t drop her gaze.

"I used to come here a long time ago; whenever I needed a break from all the destruction in my life. I would stay for a week or so, mostly secluded in my room and just think until I was a little more comfortable in my own skin, but I haven’t been here in years." She finished and I felt one more question bubble up to the surface.

"Did you come alone?" The small tug of jealousy pulled the question out of my mouth before I could stop it. My wife must have seen the expression on my face as she was quick to reassure me.

"I never brought anyone here. And I never shared my bed with anyone on that island, I promise." Instantly I felt the tension in my abdomen abate. I didn’t realize how much I cared about what Xena did when she was on that island in the past, but I discovered in that moment that it was important to me to start off our joining somewhere new, somewhere that was bereft of any of my wife’s past relationships.

"Until now." I said quietly, letting the smile return to my features.

"Yeah, until now." We shared a comfortable moment of silence as we both were content to just look at each other.

The call of land-ho brought us out of our trace and we both turned to see the port of Mitycene in the distance. I took a deep breath and smiled broadly as I realized how good it was to escape from out troubles for a while. Xena must have been entertaining similar thoughts as when I turned to look at her, her blue eyes were shining with contentment.


Җ җ җ җ Җ җ җ җ Җ

With a saddle bag tossed comfortably over one shoulder I followed my wife through the crowded streets of Mitycene. As we walked I tried to covertly gaze at the other people in the area in order to gauge the sentiment about women in relationships with each other. I wasn’t gaining much insight and was beginning to feel frustrated with my powers of observation when Xena took my hand. This simple action erased any doubts I had about the reception we would receive while here. I looked down at our interlaced fingers then up into the smiling face of an amused Warrior Princess.

"How did you know I was wondering…?" She didn’t let me finish.

"I’ve made it my job to know what it is that you are thinking. And besides you didn’t think I would take you to a place where we might be scorned on our honeymoon did you?" I shook my head. "We are almost as free here as we are with the Amazons."

"Really?" I raised a brow at her knowing she would be remembering our little trip the woods the night of our joining.

"I said almost." She smiled.

"Good." I replied as I went up on tip toes and gently kissed her, just barely allowing my tongue to sweep across her bottom lip.

"The inn is this way." She said in a voice that was slightly lower than it had been a moment ago.

"Lead on, Princess." I winked and my wife turned up the busy street began walking toward a moderately sized building. A small bell rung as we opened the door and a dark-haired, middle-aged man came out of the back to greet us.

"Xena," he stepped forward and grasped her forearm in a friendly gesture, "it’s good to see you."

"Nicos, good to see you as well. Did you get my message?" She asked and I quirked an eyebrow. ‘So, she had been planning this, had she?’

"Yes, yesterday. Your customary hut awaits." He handed my partner a small key.

"Before we go, I’d like you to meet Gabrielle, my wife." Nicos smiled broadly at me.

"Your wife! Goddess, Xena, we’d heard that you had met and were traveling with a Bard, but news of your marriage hadn’t reached us yet." I fought the urge to blush as the inn keeper gently clasped my hand and placed a chaste kiss on the back.

"We were married three days ago, Nicos, and although word travels fast in Greece, it doesn’t travel that fast." Xena grinned.

"No, no I suppose not. Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you Gabrielle." He chuckled as he released my arm.

"Nicos has owned this inn for as long as I have been coming here." My companion added.

"It’s nice to meet you as well." I returned and smiled politely.

"If you need anything during your stay do not hesitate to seek me out." We nodded as Xena took the offered key. Now if you will excuse me, ladies, I have some work that needs to be finished." We both assented and he disappeared back into the back rooms of the building.

As we exited the lobby my partner led me along a well worn path past a dozen or so individual huts. I looked at them curiously, trying to imagine how the water in the tanks flowed into the tubs inside. When we were well past the furthest hut the path made a left into the forest. In companionable silence we walked until suddenly I realized that the sounds of the Aegean hitting the shore were suddenly much closer. Just as I was about to ask my lover about it the path curved and the forest ended.

"It’s beautiful." I gasped at the sight before me. A small hut was sitting about fifty feet in front of us on a small point of land. Surrounding it on three sides was rocky shore then blue sea as far as I could see.

"You like it?" My companion asked.

"Like it? I love it! And I haven’t even seen the inside yet." I dropped my bag and threw my arms around my startled wife. "Thank you for bringing me here." I said before kissing her soundly on the lips.

"Let’s go in then." She said softly as she swept me off my feet to carry me inside.

"Xena, I can walk!" I gasped, exasperated.

"I know I want to carry you across the threshold." For a stoic warrior, my wife sure knew how to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when she did let loose the romantic inside of her. I laughed gaily as Xena walked toward our hut without allowing me to escape her embrace. When we reached the door she hesitated, realizing that she couldn’t unlock the door while using both of her hands to hold me and our belongings. Being the observant bard that I am I quickly assessed the situation and stuck my hands down the front of her breast plate.

"Gabrielle, can’t you wait at least until we get inside?" She teased as I wiggled my fingers a bit against the soft swells of her breasts while withdrawing the key from her ‘secret hiding place.’

"Hey, you’re the one who kept the key down there." I said innocently as I reached to unlock the door. Turning the knob I pushed the heavy wood open and we stepped inside our home for the next week.

"Our honeymoon suite." She said grandly as she allowed me to slide down her tall frame and regain my footing.

"Quick, close the door and lock it before anyone realizes we are here." I teased as I grabbed her saddlebag and threw it along with my own on the grandiose bed.

"We can’t lock it quite yet." Xena remarked as she moved to the table where a scroll and quill lay, waiting for our attention.

"What’s that?" I questioned as she unrolled the stiff parchment and read its contents.

"Tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast menus. You mark which choice you would like, leave it in the box outside the door and one of the inn’s employees picks it up and delivers your meal at the appropriate time." She explained.

"Oh, that’s great! Don’t even have to leave to eat; now that’s service!" I tilted the scroll in my wife’s hands so that I could read the menu as well.

"So, what’s your pleasure, Love?" The warrior asked and instead of continuing my perusal of the menu my eyes raked over her body hungrily.

"Do you really have to ask?" She looked up from the parchment and her breath caught when she realized that instead of the menu my eyes were on her.

"Well, ahh, no, but your dinner choice is what I meant." She stammered uncharacteristically.

"You actually want me to think about food? Especially now, considering why we are here and with that HUGE tub just sitting there practically begging for us to hurry up and get wet?" I said as I began tugging at the clips of her breast plate, she didn’t resist.

"How about I make the food choices while you go start filling the bath." She turned so that I could release the other fasteners and the armor fell free.

"Ok," I sighed dramatically, "but you best hurry. I wouldn’t want to have to start without you." Turning away from her I walked to the large wooden tub and turned the spigot to begin the flow of water. Satisfied with the temperature I began untying the lacings of my shirt with practiced ease. Pulling free the last strings the leather top fluttered to the floor. Next I began on my skirt, loosening the belt as I heard the door close and latch behind me. Before my wife could erase the distance between us I dropped the remainder of my clothing and submerged in the warm water. Happy with the water level I turned it off and rested my arms on the wooden ledge, resting my chin on my forearms my eyes anxious to watch my wife disrobe.

"See something you like?" She asked in a sexy drawl.

"You know I do." I responded as I made a hurry up motion with my hands, indicating that she should get on with it. Moving more slowly than I would like my warrior started by removing her boots, arm guards and bracers. Straightening up she then reached behind herself to loosen the ties of the leather battle dress she wore and with a thud it slid to the floor. Finding the hem of her shift, she quickly yanked it up over her head and tossed it to join the rest of her clothing. Clad only in a thin pair of breeches she sidled up to the edge of the bath and lifted one dark eyebrow.

"You want to do the honors?" She asked as she gently threaded her fingers through my hair. Lifting my chin from its resting place I gripped her hips and pulled her against the warm wood edge, the scent of her skin causing my heart to hammer loudly in my ears.

"You smell good." I hummed as my lips gently brushed against the skin of her belly. Slowly I placed wet kisses along her abdomen, making sure to pay special attention to the spot just below her navel. Softly I ran my tongue over the small dip, knowing that it was very sensitive. I continued to worship her abdomen as I ran my fingertips down from her hips, stopping my downward progress when I reached the spot where upper thigh met breeches. Easily I changed directions, slipping just the tips of my index fingers under the rough material so I could follow the hem around to her backside. Removing my lips from her skin I leaned back so I could watch her expression as the firm flesh of her ass brushed lightly across my knuckles. She didn’t disappoint, her eyes met mine and I noticed that the usual china blue had been replaced by a darker shade that told me that she was enjoying this very much.

"I love your ass, Xena." I purred as I slipped my hand fully under her breeches and grasped her, my fingers splayed out and kneading the muscular flesh. In response she let her head drop back and her eyes drift closed. With one firm squeeze I turned my hands and grasped the last remaining barrier between us and pulled them down her legs so that they pooled on the floor beneath her. Automatically she lifted one foot so she could kick out of the restrictive cloth. As she resettled herself I scooted up onto my knees so that I was eye level with her full breasts. Thank the Gods for the built-in bench in this tub. Licking my lips I leaned toward her and captured one turgid nipple with my teeth, biting lightly before taking it into my mouth and sucking hard.

"Gods, Gabrielle!" My lover hissed as goose bumps pebbled her skin and she swayed slightly.

"Hang on, Xena." I released her breast briefly so that I could position her hands on the edge of the bath. It would do no good for her to fall over, not when I was just getting to the good parts. Satisfied that she was once again sturdy I recaptured her breast with my mouth as I covered the neglected one with my warm hand. She moaned loudly as simultaneously I squeezed her between my thumb and forefinger and raked my teeth over her sensitive nipples. I feasted on her flesh, alternating between each mound, for as long as she would let me. The slow thrusting of her hips against my belly reminding me that there were other matters to attend to.

"Lift your foot onto the step, Baby." I cooed and she complied with a grateful moan. The height of the tub rim would prevent me from taking her the way I wanted to, so I settled for a brief taste. Lightly I traced her swollen sex, reveling in the abundant wetness I found there. Knowing it would ratchet her arousal up another notch I pulled back so she could watch as I painstakingly licked her wetness from my fingers. She groaned at the sight and I saw her hands flex against the wooden rim, her knuckles white from the effort of holding on. I knew she wanted to touch me, but at the same time denying herself made this little session all the more exciting for her. Smiling at her efforts I decided to speed up this little seduction and replaced my hand between her legs. She groaned appreciatively. Quickly I found her erect bundle of nerves and began stroking the slippery flesh to each side, setting up a steady rhythm that I knew would make her climb toward orgasm rapidly.

"Tell me what you want." I whispered as my free hand snaked its way around her waist and my mouth latched on to the creamy swell of one breast, sucking hard enough to leave a mark.

"Ahhh…inside…please, Gabrielle…please." She pleaded and I complied, quickly sinking two fingers into her warm depths.

"Like that?"

"Yeah….yeah, just like that." She moaned and I continued to thrust deeply inside of her. I could tell by the increased tempo of her thrusting against my hand that she was close to release. Knowing that the sooner I brought her over the sooner I could feel her slick body rubbing against mine in the warm water, I picked up my pace, adding an occasional flick of my thumb against her swollen clit. She responded immediately, a long moan that may have contained my name echoed through the cabin and her thighs began to quiver, tightening and then releasing around my hand and wrist.

"That’s it, Baby, ride my hand, show me how much you love what I do to you." I groaned harshly against her flushed skin.

"Gods, Gab….almost….there…ahhh, yessss….keep talking…" She panted breathlessly.

"Come for me, Xena. Let yourself go." I lifted my mouth from her chest so that she could hear me better over her labored breathing. My wife loved it when I talked to her during our lovemaking sessions. She told me once, when we first became intimate, that before we expressed our feelings she used to masturbate while thinking about me telling my stories, that it was the sound of my voice that brought her over.

"I love the feel of my fingers inside you, fucking you. You make me so hot, Xena." She groaned and I felt her orgasm begin, her inner walls clamping down hard on my thrusting fingers.

"Ahhh….yesssss….GAB-RI-ELLLLLLEEE!" She screamed as her knees finally gave out and her weight came to rest against my shoulders. I smiled as I felt the flutter of aftershocks wash through her body.

"Have I told you how much I love you?" I felt and heard her say after a few minutes of allowing her breathing to return to some semblance of normal. She still hadn’t lifted her body off of mine and I tried to shift us so that she could slide into the tub.

"Mmmm, you just love me for my oratory skills." I joked as I helped her to settle herself onto the wooden seat.

"I do love that talented tongue of yours." She purred into my ear as I rested my back against her chest. If I hadn’t already been flush from the heat of the water combined with a moderate hum of arousal I would have blushed.

"Xena," I admonished gently, as I lightly scraped my nails over her thigh, "you are so bad."

"Ah, but I do believe that the words ‘I love fucking you’ came out of your mouth not more than a quarter of a candle mark ago." She teased and I felt a small tug of modesty from my belly so I turned and buried my face against her neck.

"Now that is the way to start our honeymoon, huh?" She whispered and I nodded.

"Oh yeah." Came my muffled reply.

We lay quietly together for a time until my wife grew tired of the inactivity. Turning slightly, she grabbed the herbal smelling soap from the tub ledge and began rubbing the slick soap over my chest. It wasn’t long before her gentle cleansing motions became more of an intimate caress that rekindled the fire of arousal I had stoked during our earlier encounter. Rapidly I lost myself in her touch and before I was able to register what was happening I found myself dried with a soft towel and being lowered onto the soft bed with Xena on all fours above me intent on repaying the favor I had paid her at the edge of the tub. Once ignited, our passion lasted past the dinner hour and well into the night. Once sated, we collapsed into a heap of arms and legs and quickly fell into a passion induced sleep.

_ җ җ җ Җ җ җ җ Җ

The next day found us loathe to leave the confines of our bed, as we only ventured as far as the front door to collect our meals. Once the food was consumed, often a lengthy process as it involved a lot of interpersonal feeding and kissing, we would abandon the trays and once again immerse ourselves in each other’s company either sharing our favorite stories or indulging in short naps followed by periods of gentle caresses. By the third day we were ready to venture out into town. I had convinced my lover to let me parade her around Mitycene to the various shops and eateries that she had told me about. Xena, to her credit, never once complained as I dragged her by the hand, from vendor to vendor. She was even indulgent enough to try on a few articles of clothing that I thought would look good on her.

It was well past midday when I decided that I was shopped out and a bit hungry. So I allowed my wife to lead me and our new possessions to a small café along the city’s main street. Little did I know that her patience merely masked her own hidden agenda, one that I was to become privy to during our meal in the crowded dining area.

"So, now that you have exhausted the market place and increased the number of saddle bags Argo has to carry two fold will you indulge me and go to a vendor that I want to see? It’s about two streets over." She asked as we finished off a particularly satisfying meal of lamb stew and fresh rolls.

"This isn’t some sort of weapons vendor, is it, because you are already a walking armory?" I teased, knowing full well that even if it was I would go with her.

"No," she shook her head, "it’s more of a novelty shop." I raised an eyebrow in question.

"Never heard of a novelty shop, what do they sell?" I asked as I mopped up the last bits of stew with my bread.

"Well, it’s kind of a toy store." She admitted and I was confused.

"A toy store? What could you possibly want from a toy store, we don’t know any children?" I questioned and noticed that she suddenly found her napkin highly interesting.

"It’s not a child’s toy store." She explained in a lowered voice.

"What other kinds of toys are…" then it came to me. Damn that Potidaean naiveté. "Oh!" Instantly I felt a flush begin to creep up over my chest and neck. Covertly I looked around us to see if anyone had overheard our conversation. No one was paying us any mind so I assumed not.

"Xena, are you saying that you want me to go into an establishment of ill repute with you?" I teased in a low voice. I was surprised when I saw my lover blush, Xena rarely blushed.

"Well, I thought that maybe…I know we’ve talked about trying…I mean we don’t have to go if…" she stammered and I was quick to reassure her.

"Xena, Love, its ok, I was just teasing you." I assured her as I placed one hand over hers and squeezed gently. She gave me a sheepish smile.

"You know I would go anywhere with you, even if it does challenge my modesty a bit." She smiled full out now.

"It’s quite a nice place, comparatively speaking. I wouldn’t take you there if I thought it was of ‘ill repute’." I nodded and we paused our conversation for a moment as the barmaid approached and collected payment for our meal.

"So I take it you’ve been here before." I asked as we exited the café and began a slow walk up the street.

"Yeah, once or twice. Whenever I came to Lesbos I stopped in. All of my past accessories came from Isis’ shop." My wife shrugged and I momentarily had to remind myself that she’d had intimate relationships before me, and that was ok because she was committed to me now.

"Accessories?" I had never used a sex toy before and had only spoken about them with Xena a few times, more questioning her about them then anything else.

"Yeah, you’ll see. This may be a bit shocking for you, Gabrielle, so remember we don’t have to buy anything, we can just look." She reassured me and I nodded.

"Yeah, I know." I nodded. I knew that there were all types of items that could be used during the act of sex, but growing up in a conservative village and only having had one other intimate partner aside from my wife I tended to be a bit shy about our private moments. Taking a few deep breaths I tried to prepare myself for what I was about to see.

"And this is a safe place for us to just browse. The shop is owned by a woman and it is clean and the island’s population is pretty open-minded so we don’t have to worry about anyone making comments about us being in there together. Trust me, I’ve been in a few of these types of places and they are not nearly as classy as this one." She added as we approached the small structure that held Madam Isis’ Boutique.

My wife took my hand in hers as we entered the moderately sized shop. A middle aged woman was behind a small counter and she nodded to us as we walked past her. I expected her to ask us if we were looking for anything in particular, as most vendors did, and I was relieved when she allowed us to pass in silence. Xena lead us to a row of shelves on the back wall and positioned herself behind me so that she could speak to me and not be overheard in the practically empty room.

"Remember when we talked about possibly trying out a phallus?" She spoke in a low voice. I nodded slowly remembering the conversation we had while staying at in the Amazon village about a half a year prior. We had been lovers for about three moons and Xena had finally worked up the nerve to ask me about my wedding night with Perdicus. She knew we had been intimate, but that it wasn’t very enjoyable for me. She had asked me if I had read any of the Amazon scrolls about sex toys and I admitted that I had. My warrior then proceeded to ask me if I ever thought about using one. I had belayed my feeling a bit of fear surrounding the phallus as when Perdicus had penetrated me it hurt quite profusely. She then assured me that if we ever decided to try one out that it wouldn’t hurt and that if I didn’t like it we would never have to try it again. From that night on we had discussed it a few times and I had decided that I would like Xena to use a phallus with me during sex at least once. To at least try it out so to speak.

"Well take a look around; there are many different types and sizes to choose from." I scanned the shelves and fought back a deep wave of embarrassment as I took in the vast array of objects before me. There were so many, each one a different size or material.

"What is the difference, aside from the size?" I questioned in a low whisper.

"Well, what they are carved from for one. Some are wooden, sanded really smooth, some are stone or bone and some are covered with a soft leather to make it feel more realistic. Another difference is the base, some are meant to be fitted into a harness and worn and some are meant just as a hand tool of sorts."

"Oh." Was all I managed to get out.

"See any particular one that you like?" She asked and I scanned the shelf once more. I fought down my sense of impropriety and allowed myself to think of this in terms of an adventure. Wasn’t my life with Xena always an adventure, why should this be any different? I slowly scanned the shelves, my eyes settling on a cream colored piece that was about the length of my hand and as thick as two to three fingers.

"That one is nice." I motioned without actually pointing.

"The one carved from ivory?" My wife asked and I nodded.

"Yeah. Is it a good one?" I questioned, not really knowing what kind she had in mind.

"Mmmm, yeah it’s not too long and you see how it is a bit thicker at the end with a little nub on the flattened end?" I nodded. "The flared base is so it fits into a harness and the small nub is to increase the pleasure for the one wearing it." She explained as she reached out and picked up the object in question. She handed it to me and I was surprised at how smooth and light it was.

"You like that one?" She asked.

"Yeah, I do." I nodded, feeling a bit more relaxed and slightly aroused as I realized that my wife was totally at ease with the situation.

"Now we need to pick out a harness." She explained as she led me to a different set of shelves where leather harnesses of various shades hung on pegs. Instantly I noticed one that was about the same shade as my lover’s skin. Without hesitation I reached out for it.

"I like this one; it matches your skin tone." I said as she looked over the leather, inspecting it for cuts or weak spots.

"Ok, it is well made, and adjustable, that’s good, means we can both fit into it." She smiled and asked me if there was anything else I thought I might want. We browsed the store for a bit longer and I saw many things that I had never seen before. Xena explained what each one was used for and I decided that for now I would just concentrate on the one object we were getting. After browsing we made our way to the counter where Xena made our purchases. The woman behind the counter packed our items in a plain brown leather bag and bid us a good day. Taking the bag in hand, we left the boutique.

As Xena and I walked down the street I quickly stuffed our purchase into my shoulder bag. I realized with some dismay that my comfort from a few moments ago had been replaced with a bit of embarrassment. The thought that someone on the street could have seen us walking out of the store and known what we bought made cringe. I thought for a moment and realized that my reserved upbringing still had a bit of a hold on me and that irritated me. Most of my father’s narrow-minded views about life had been buried in Potidaea when I left to travel with, at that point, a stranger. Those that remained were slowly chipped away until the day that I realized that I was in love with my traveling companion. It had been hard, at first, to let go of the idea that women were supposed to fall in love and marry a man, but when the realization hit me that I not only loved the woman before me, but desired her as a lover, all my previous inclinations hit the trail I was walking on; the only proof that they ever existed being an invisible puff of dust.

I fully embraced my new emotional freedom, examining and relishing in my feelings for my friend and when we finally became lovers a little over a year later the only guilt I felt was over the fact that I wished I knew more about how to please my lover. One night with Perdicus did not an expert make.

As time went by though, even my feelings of inadequacy abated as I gained confidence in my sexual abilities. Xena had helped, a lot. She was so uninhibited and didn’t think twice about telling me what she wanted when we were making love. As a result I learned quickly and now all that was left of my discomfort were the twinges of modesty I felt surrounding overtly sexual public displays of affection and using what my wife called ‘dirty words’ when we were intimate and the mood was right.

The purchase of a phallus and harness themselves was the easy part. It was getting past all of the embarrassment of potentially being caught with it that caused me a moment’s pause. I figured that it was comparable to your mother knowing you have sex and having her walk in while you were in the act. It’s not something I am ashamed of, but I don’t want to put on a live show either. So as we walked back toward our honeymoon retreat I spoke very little and as per usual my attentive wife knew something was bothering me.

"Where are we going?" I asked as I was pulled from my reverie by an abrupt change in direction.

"We are gonna sit on that log there for a minute. That ok?" My dark-haired warrior asked as she led me off the main path. I nodded and sat down.

"What is wrong, Gabrielle?" She asked after straddling the log so that she could face me.

"How did you…nothing, I’m fine." I stammered a bit and knew I was caught.

"I know you too well, Love. I know that something is bothering you. Is it the phallus? Cause if it is, you know I would never force you to…"

"NO! No," I interrupted, not wanting her to get the wrong impression, "it’s not what you think, honest. We talked about using one before and I want to, I promise. And I know you would never force me into anything. I would go willing anyplace you lead." She lifted an eyebrow and I decided that I need to amend. "Well almost anywhere."

"What were you thinking about, then?" She inquired gently as she took my hand in hers and began to slowly stroke the back with her thumb.

"Just about my own insecurities I guess. You know, trying to be less inhibited." I shrugged.

"What prompted this wave of insecurity?"

"Just the thought of someone seeing us coming out of that boutique and automatically knowing what it was that we purchased." I felt a blush start and I looked down at my hands in attempts to hide it.

"Gabrielle, look at me," I did as she asked; "I know that you have some reservations still, and that is ok. I want to help you in any way that I can in removing those. I don’t want you to be embarrassed, but you have to let me know when something is bothering you." She held my eyes and I nodded.

"I know. It’s just hard sometimes, it sneaks up on me." I smiled slightly and she did as well.

"Promise me, that from now on when you feel this way you will talk to me."

"I promise." I swore and was rewarded with a huge smile.

"I love you, Gabrielle."

"I love you, too." I returned the sentiment and tugged gently on the hand that was still holding mine, forcing my wife to lean in closer. I took advantage of the opportunity and gave her a quick kiss, just flicking my tongue across her bottom lip.

"Take me back to the cabin, Xena. I do believe that we have a few new toys to try out." I drawled in a low voice, my face no more than an inch away from hers.

"Gods, woman! You are gonna kill me with that tone." She groaned and then pulled me up off our impromptu bench and practically dragged me back toward the cabin.

_ җ җ җ Җ җ җ җ Җ

Less than a quarter of a candle mark later my amorous wife had me pinned up against the inside of our cabin door and was doing wonderful things to the inside of my mouth with her tongue.

"You drive me crazy." She hummed in my ear before dropping her lips to suckle and nip at my neck.

I groaned in response and found my hands working their way to the back of her battle dress in attempt to loosen the ties, hoping to have her naked in short order. My wife had other plans, however, and I felt her none to gentle attempts at freeing the strings that held my own halter in place. In an instant I felt the strings come free and Xena backed up just enough to allow the impeding garment to fall to our feet.

"Gods, Xena." I groaned when I felt her strong hands find my breasts. With practiced skill she pinched and gently twisted the already turgid flesh causing bolts of arousal to pool in my sex.

Giving up on her clothing for the time being, my fingers moved through her hair and urged her head up till our mouths met in a searing kiss, tongues battling for dominance. The need for air finally broke us apart long moments later.

"This, off!" I demanded as I pulled at the leather dress that was blocking my access to my lover’s body. In the span of three heartbeats the dress was discarded, leaving her clad only in her cream colored breeches.

"Your turn." She hissed before reaching out and tugging at my belt; once loosened my skirt dropped away. We both moaned in appreciation when our hot flesh met a moment later. I was ready to spend the next few minutes lavishing attention on Xena’s perfect chest when my warrior surprised me by spinning me around and whispering into my ear.

"Grab hold." I did as told, bracing myself on my forearms against the door. I barely had time to register the erotic feeling of my lover’s breasts sliding up my back when I felt her fingers find their way up under my breeches and rub hard against my swollen clit.

"Fuck!" I growled as she stroked me, the abundant wetness I was producing allowing her to move freely.

"Yes." She panted into my ear and I nearly cursed again when I felt her hips begin to grind against my ass. My own hips were now in motion, riding her hand as she deftly pushed me toward orgasm.

"I love your ass, Baby. So firm…" She continued to thrust against me and despite my own distracted state I could feel her wetness through the material of our underwear as she sought out her own release against me.

"Gods, I’m close, already." She breathed heavily. I voiced my agreement.

"Me…too…" I dropped my head between my arms as I felt the tell-tale signs of my orgasm begin. I knew my lover could feel my body tightening in preparation for release so I just allowed her to pace herself against me, knowing that she would come along with me.

"Xena…ahhhh….I’m…Gods, I’m coming…" I moaned loud and long as I rode out the pleasure her fingers were providing. I felt my wife thrust once more against me and she too fell over the edge.

"GAB-RI…GODS!" She was louder than I was. I felt a few more sporadic thrusts before she fell against me. We both remained standing, supporting each other for a few moments while our breathing slowed.

"Mmmm, I needed that." She growled as she placed a wet kiss on my neck. "Just thinking about us using that phallus has me all hot and bothered." She sighed.

"I hadn’t noticed." I teased and we both chuckled. Her throaty laugh causing a warm tingle to erupt in my abdomen.

"Come’ ere." She prompted as she pulled me back and led us toward the soft bed, stopping only long enough to retrieve my shoulder bag, before discarding it on the night table, within easy reach.

"Lay down on your back, Gab." She instructed. I did as told and smiled when she reclined on her side on the bed next to me, one hand propping her head the other coming to rest on my stomach. "We’re gonna take this slow, ok?" She asked and I nodded while I reached up and twirled a piece of her hair around my finger.

"Ok, I trust you." I smiled when I felt her fingers lightly circle my navel.

"I know." She whispered as she lowered her face toward mine. I closed my eyes slowly, expecting a kiss. When it didn’t happen I opened my eyes and jumped slightly as her face was a hairs breadth away from mine, her crystal eyes looking deeply into me.

"Hi." She breathed.

"Hi." I felt my breathing hitch slightly. She quirked an eyebrow at my obvious reaction to her nearness before tracing her tongue over my lower lip. I opened my mouth to respond to her and she covered it completely. She kissed me softly at first, her tongue barely coming into contact with my own, just teasing. I gave a soft moan of disappointment and she pressed harder, sealing our lips together and exploring my mouth with knowing thrusts. For a time we were merely content to kiss, the earlier round of passion taking the edge off our need. Eventually, however, we wanted more. With a purpose I grabbed my wife’s hand off my abdomen and gave it a hard pull causing her body to fall on top of mine. I arched my back at the contact.

"Cheater." She stated as her mouth left mine and began it’s descent over my throat and collarbones.

"It worked." I replied breathlessly as I placed my hands on her shoulders and began to knead deeply. She continued her downward trek until I could feel her warm breath on my hardened nipple, it made me shiver.

"Please…" I pleaded.

"Please, what?" I heard her deep reply.

"Please, Xena. Your mouth, on me, I need you." I knew it wasn’t the most eloquent of requests, but she got the point and I sighed in satisfaction when I felt her take me into her mouth and suck firmly. Knowing what I liked she alternated between breasts, sucking and nipping until I could stand it no longer and began urging her to move lower. Her lips never left my breasts, but her hands came to rest on the waistband of my breeches. When I felt her weight shift off to the side I lifted my hips an allowed her to remove my last vestige of clothing. So caught up in what she was doing to my sensitive nipples I didn’t notice when her hands didn’t return immediately. When they did, however, she had the leather harness in her hands.

"Lift your legs, Baby." She instructed as she sat up. Momentarily confused I didn’t move. "I want you to wear this first, to get a feel for how it works."

"Ok," I breathed, as just the feeling of her warm fingers on my skin made little bolts of pleasure to shoot through me. I allowed her to put the harness on me, adjusting it so that it was slung low over my hips. Next came the phallus, she gently inserted into the harness before tightening the straps that pressed the nub end of our toy into my reawakening clit.

"Yikes," I gasped. "That’s nice." She just nodded her head as I squirmed a bit, trying to settle into the best possible position. Satisfied with her handiwork my wife quickly removed her own breeches and repositioned herself so that she was kneeling between my outstretched legs.

"Now I want you to just relax and enjoy." I nodded and she began her assault.

"Xena." I moaned softly when her warm mouth enveloped a sensitive nipple and sucked gently. She lavished attention on my neck and breasts for what seemed like ages. Starting with gentle kisses and swipes of her tongue, but with each pass the caresses became firmer until I was moaning with each sharp nip of her teeth on my turgid flesh. Satisfied that I had had enough she dropped her kisses lower, her breath now teasing the skin around my navel.

"Gabrielle, open your eyes." She coaxed and I complied unaware as to when I had closed them.

"Watch me, Baby." She purred and it took every ounce of will power I possessed to keep my eyes open when she ran her wet tongue along the full length of my borrowed erection. I nearly choked on my rising arousal when in the next instant she enveloped the entire length in her mouth.

"Oh Gods, Xena!" I moaned loudly, "that is so hot!" I was panting now as my eyes were riveted to my wife who was giving me quite an enthusiastic blow-job. My hands tangled themselves into her hair as she began humming on the down stroke, the vibration being transferred to my clit as the nub of the phallus repeatedly pressed against me. For a fleeting instant I entertained the wish that I had been born a male so that I could actually feel my lover’s tongue on me, but as soon as it came the thought was replaced by the remembered feeling of her mouth on my sex. That thought, coupled with the gentle vibrations and the vision of her dark head bobbing in my lap rapidly brought me toward orgasm.

"I’m…close…" I choked out between irregular breaths. I fully expected my warrior to let me come and I was immediately disappointed when she pulled away.

"NO!" I cried as I attempted to urge her back down.

"Easy," she purred, "I’m not leaving, just changing positions." She added as she sat up and moved to straddle my hips.

"Bend your knees a bit for me, Gab." I complied and allowed her to place her hands on my thighs and position me as she liked.

"Ready?" She asked as I propped myself up against a few pillows.

"Yeah." I smiled and placed my hands on her bare hips. Slowly she rose up and positioned herself above me. I groaned along with her as she lowered her body until she had taken in the entire length of the phallus easily, her sex was now resting against mine.

"How…how does that feel?" I asked, aroused and curious at the same time.

"Hmmm, good. It makes me feel full." She hummed as her eyes slipped closed and she began to lift and descend slowly. Gently she rocked her hips, allowing me to feel the pleasure of wearing the harness without giving me enough friction to take me over.

"How bout you? How does it feel to you?" She asked in a passion lowered voice, I shivered as it washed over me.

"Nice, the pressure…so good." I breathed. "Harder, please." I requested as I moved my hands from her hips to her gently bobbing breasts. Hoping to urge her on, I pinched her tight flesh and rolled her nipples in between my fingers. The added stimulation worked, as I noticed a slight flush begin to cover her neck and chest as she began to increase the pace. Feeling the added friction against my sex emboldened me.

"That’s it, ride me, Baby." I hissed as I watched the phallus appear and disappear between her legs.

"Ahhh…yeah…" She grunted and leaned forward a bit more, changing the angle of penetration and putting more direct pressure on her clit.

"Come for me, Xena." I urged and she opened her eyes and locked them on mine.

"Yes, Love…I’m gonna…AHHHH YEEESSS!" She moaned loudly as she came. She pressed herself hard against me and the sudden increase in contact sent me over moments later. I released a sharp scream that evolved into my wife’s name as I came.

"Am I too heavy?" My dark-haired warrior asked some time later, after our breathing had evened out. She had collapsed against me, her head resting on the pillow above my shoulder.

"No, you’re good." I sighed and tightened my hold on her to prevent any movement. I loved the feeling of her warm body pressed against mine. It was rare that she allowed me to hold her this way for she feared that she would crush me. So, when the opportunity arose I never passed it up. We remained locked in our embrace for long moments and I began to drift off. Xena must have felt my body begin to relax as she gently lifted herself off of me.

"Hey, where you going?" I protested sleepily.

"Shhh, nowhere. I’m just making us more comfortable." She whispered against me and I felt her warm hands remove the harness from around my waist before she readjusted our position so that my back was to her chest. It didn’t take long for her comforting embrace to lull me to sleep.

_ җ җ җ Җ җ җ җ Җ

I don’t know how much later it was when I awoke, but the sun had set and the coolness of the sheets beside me let me know that my wife was awake.

"Hmmmm." I hummed loudly as I raised my arms for a full body stretch. I heard a few familiar pops as my back resettled itself and I sighed. ‘I’m getting old.’ I thought wistfully.

"What is that little smile for?" I heard Xena’s rich voice ask from across the room.

"Oh nothing, I’m just happy to be here, relaxing, with you, finally." I said sweetly, without opening my eyes.

"Well, are you content enough to join me for dinner, my Queen?" She asked with a slight chuckle.

"Depends," I said haughtily as I tried to sniff out clues as to what was for dinner.

"On what?" She asked in an amused tone.

"On this evening’s dress code. Do I have to get dressed?" I heard her laugh full out now.

"Why don’t you open your eyes and see for yourself." I did as she bid and realized, as I scanned the room, that my lover had been up for awhile. There was now a large fire in the stone fireplace and several candles provided enough illumination for me to see across the room to where she was sitting, her only clothing our leather harness, slung low over her hips. I whistled a short cat-call and she smiled.

"I must say I heartily approve of this evening’s casual attire." I purred as I strolled over to the table and perused the meal that was laid out before me.

"Hmmm, I wonder which one I’d like to sample first." I placed a finger to my lips in thought as my eyes took in both the food and her firm body.

"Why don’t you have some of the food first," she purred in my ear as she pressed her warm flesh against my back. "You’ll need your strength." I shivered when I felt her nip my ear and then pull away completely to cross the room and drop into a padded chair. Interested in what she was planning I began to eat and noticed that she didn’t intend to join me.

"Aren’t you going to have any?" I inquired between bites, she merely shook her head.

"I already ate, besides, I want to watch you." I gulped when I saw her change positions, throwing one leg casually over an arm of the chair leaving her harness enclosed sex exposed to my view.

"Oh." I squeaked, knowing that a blush had begun to creep across my cheeks at the erotic images her position caused to flash through my brain.

"Eat, Gabrielle." She instructed. ‘Easier said, than done.’ I thought to myself as I fumbled with a piece of apple as I brought it to my lips. The food was all but forgotten as I watched large hands begin to caress her own breasts, her nipples tightening at the attention. Realizing that she had my complete attention she slowly dropped on hand down until it rested where the phallus inserted into the harness. I felt a familiar warmth begin in my abdomen and my breathed hitched.

"Did you know that even while you were wearing the harness I could have gone inside you if I had desired?" I shook my head mutely. "Oh yeah, it’s easy. You see where the one strap splits into two?" Her fingers trailed along the tan leather stopping at the indicated spot. I continued to eat reflexively, not tasting a single bite as my attention was focused on her hand.

"Well," she continued, "if you slide your fingers along just under where the straps split you’ll find…" She trailed off as I watched two of her fingers slip easily into herself. "Oooh, that’s good." She moaned as she tilted her head back to rest against the chair back.

I abandoned the remainder of my meal and my own hands began a journey toward my now aching breasts. I watched as my lover continued to plunder her own depths slowly. I smiled when I saw her eyes slowly travel down to watch my movements. I focused my fingers on my itchy nipples. Xena’s blue eyes sparkled with need as we continued to torment each other, each desiring to be touching the flesh the other fondled.

"Stop." I froze at her unexpected command. I had one hand poised to slide over my now slippery sex. "That’s mine." She hissed as she removed her own digits from beneath the leather. With elegant grace she rose from the chair and crossed to where I was sitting, dropping to her knees before me. More roughly than I had anticipated she spread my knees in order to make room before she descended and placed one long, heated lick across my center.

"Sweet Artemis!" I exclaimed, my hands abandoning my breasts in order to grasp the legs of my chair. The feel of her warm tongue on me so unexpectedly had nearly brought me to completion. I grit my teeth in order to regain some control.

"Xenaxenaxena…" I chanted her name like a mantra as she continued to work her tongue against me, alternating between long strokes to my engorged labia and short stabs against my inflamed clit. Awash in the feeling of her loving me I didn’t notice as she inserted the phallus she had been hiding into the harness. Her fingers replaced her mouth a moment later as she straightened up and captured my lips with hers. I tasted myself on her lips and increased the pressure I was using on the chair. When she pulled away I looked down to where her hands were touching me and started briefly when I saw the now moistened phallus protruding from her sex. She didn’t allow me much time to ponder her next move before she gently guided the ivory rod into my depths, stopping her forward motion when her hips contacted mine.

"Gods!" I gasped and dropped my head against her shoulder.

"You ok?" She hadn’t moved, allowing me to adjust to the feeling.

"Yeah, I’m alright." I breathed.

"Hold on to me." She moved her hands to my lower back and prompted me to wrap my legs around her waist before she stood, lifting me out of the chair. We resettled on the bed a moment later. She laid us down so that she was resting above me, her weight mostly held on her elbows.

"Any discomfort?" She asked softly.

"Oh, no." I hadn’t felt anything, but pleasure when she had penetrated me, nothing like my night with Perdicus.

"Ready for more?" She asked with a raised eyebrow and a small smirk. I nodded and she started to slowly thrust against me. Her lips found the sensitive hollow of my throat as she set up a constant rhythm. The feel of her body sliding against my own was like Elysium and I prompted her to pick up her pace.

"Harder." I requested as my hands squeezed her firm ass, pulling her against me.

"Like this?" Her hoarse voice whispered.

"Yes…yes…yesssss." I groaned with each thrust.

"That’s it, feel me, Baby. How does it feel, my cock inside you?" She asked, her natural wantonness emerging.

"Good…so good…ahhh…hard…oooh…so deep." I tried to focus on her question as she once again picked up the pace, her lower body now pounding into mine with each thrust. The feralness of our coupling causing me to moan almost constantly.

"So hard for you…only you, Baby…yessss…I love feel of you, fucking you." She continued to push me with her passionate words. Her hips were thrusting into me with force now, withdrawing until on the tip of the phallus remained inside and then pistoning back in quickly.

"Love…it…too." I tried to say more, but the open adoration in my lover’s azure eyes choked off any words that tried to escape.

"I love being able to look at you like this, you are so beautiful, Baby." She said softly. No one could make me feel as sexy as my wife did during our lovemaking.

"Almost," thrust, "there," thrust, "Gods," thrust, "I love you," thrust, "Xena!" I moaned. I was close to coming and suddenly had the desire for us to fall over together. Remembering her little show in the chair I slid my hand down between her legs from behind. Quickly I found the spot where the leather split and I buried two fingers into her hot center, she was soaked.

"GAB-RI-ELLE!" She choked out as her movements became erratic for a moment and her inner muscles fluttered slightly at the sudden invasion.

"Come with me." I implored.

"Yeah," She grunted as I set up a rhythm similar to the one she was using on me, allowing her own thrusting to provide needed leverage. I choked back a scream as I felt my climax begin as a warm tingle and spread rapidly through my body as a white hot flash of heat. I felt my inner walls clamp down on the hardness of the phallus moving inside of me, my wife’s continued thrusting propelled me off the final edge and prolonging my release.

"I’m…coming...argh…ahhh!" I groaned and arched my hips against her.

"Yes…Gab...I’m there…" She echoed in my ear as her sex clamped down hard on my fingers. I felt two or three more erratic thrusts and my warrior was once again collapsing on top of me.

_ җ җ җ Җ җ җ җ Җ

"That was fun." I said some time later when my breathing once again allowed for coherent speech.

"Ummhmm. It’s nice not having anyone banging down our door with some problem they want us to fix. Nice to have time to ourselves, to just relax." She hummed as she braced her weight on her elbows and knees and gently eased out of me and flopped on her back on the bed.

"Too bad we ever have to leave, I like being here, having you all to myself." I mumbled as I attempted to make myself comfortable against my lover’s long body.

"Hang on." She sat up in order to remove our now christened accessory, placing it on the bedside table before reclining once again.

"You know, we seem to be the Greece’s only problem solvers lately and that if we stayed here too long someone would find us." I nodded against her neck.

"I know, but it’s nice to dream." I yawned and snuggled into the warm blanket that Xena settled over us.

"It is, but unfortunately we need to start thinking about where we want to go when we do leave what with winter coming. You know what that means, bad traveling weather. Any suggestions?" I fought off sleep and thought for a moment.

"Maybe we can go see Cyrene or we could always go stay with the Amazons."

"We could do that…either one is a good option." She too was fighting Morpheus.

"I mean, when you think about it, where would you be less restless?"

"Probably with the Amazons, there is always something going on with that group." She shrugged.

"It would be nice to have a normal life for once, especially during winter. Think about it a soft bed, no worries about finding suitable campsites and food." I was warming to the idea the more I thought about it.

"That would be nice." My wife yawned.

"We wouldn’t have to be so on guard about showing affection." Yeah the Amazons would be good indeed. I was having visions of snuggling in front of a warm winter bonfire.

"Yep." Ok, she was monosyllabic now, she was fading fast.

"All those women to keep me company when you are out gallivanting with Pony." I teased.

"Yeah…WHAT?!" Her eyes snapped open and met mine, she was awake now.

"Kidding." I smiled and she poked me in the ribs in response as her own lips cracked into a grin.

"You had better be, woman." She growled playfully.

"Oh yeah, you know me, a wild woman. No one can tame me." I was on a roll, barely holding back the threatening giggles.

"Yeah right, just remember my Queen you are bonded to me, and I tend to be the jealous type." She smiled, but I could tell by her eyes that although we were joking she hated even thinking about me being with someone else.

"You know I would never even think about it." I reassured her. "I only want you, my Warrior." I sat up slightly and kissed her playfully on the nose.

"Me too, my Bard." She sighed.

"To the Amazons then, I guess." I settled back into my favorite position.

"I think it would be a good idea, especially since Ephany mentioned that they might need some help on an upcoming hunting slash scouting trip." Now it was my turn to raise an eyebrow as my Regent never spoke of this to me before we left.

"You wouldn’t mind being so confined?" I asked her.

"No, not if I could get away every now and then." She shrugged.

"I think that can be arranged, we could always slip away for awhile." I added in what I hoped was an inviting tone.

"Can I trust you there all alone for a few days? What with all those ‘women’ around. You know, with your wild-woman nature and all." Now it was her turn to tease.

"Of course you can, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to stake your claim before you left." I smiled and nipped at her neck.

"Oh that is something I definitely intend on doing." She promised before we settled down for the evening. Now that our destination when we left Lesbos was settled we were free to fully enjoy our last two days of solitude before heading back to the close confines of the Amazon village. Little did we know that our visions of a conflict free winter were not to be. Problems were on the horizon, and they were in the shape of an unassuming stranger.


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