A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
By Littlespit

This story contains a depiction of a loving relationship between two adult women. If this isn’t to your liking, please move along. Thank you.

This story as with everything I do is for Bobocat.

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[ [ [ [ [

It was the middle of June and Darlene Beacon was in her front yard playing "bite the water" games with her dog, Sam. Darlene would chase the little mutt with the water from the hose then Sam would turn and take a bite at the stream then bark excitedly. It was game that they both enjoyed and one that cooled them both down on the hot summer afternoon. As they played their game, Darlene was so absorbed in playing with the pooch that she didn’t notice Teri, her neighbor across the street as she struggled to carry her six month old daughter, as well as the mountain of stuff that goes along with a baby, out to her classic VW Bug.

"Ok, pumpkin, let’s go see Doctor Jessie," Teri said to her daughter, Lucy. When she reached the passenger side of the car, Teri dropped the diaper bag and her purse on the ground and struggled to keep a hold of Lucy who had spied Sam across the street and was doing her bouncy "I want to go play" thing in her mother’s arms.

Struggling to maintain her hold on a wiggling, bouncing baby Teri said, "Honey, we have to go now, I’ll take you over later to play with Sam." She wasn’t sure how much of the logic her six month old understood, but she found herself explaining things to her anyway.

Lucy squealed her desire to play with the dog…and its tall owner.

"Later, Luc," Teri said again as she buckled the little girl into her baby seat. She picked up the diaper bag and her purse and put them on the floor board of the passenger seat then went around to sit in the driver’s seat. Teri inserted her key in the car’s ignition, turned it and….nothing. Sighing, Teri tried to turn the key again and yet again, the little car had no reaction. Teri exited her car, turned around and faced Darlene’s yard then let out a very loud, very frustrated yell. "Aaaaaa!"

Darlene heard the frustrated exclamation and turned to face Teri’s side of the street. "What’s wrong, Teri?"

"You said if I ever needed help on this old Bug to give you a holler!" Teri said exasperation coloring her tone. "It won’t start, no click, no nothing. I have to get Lucy to her pediatrician for a check up and.." Teri dropped her voice to a whisper, "S. h. o. t. s. I’m pushing it for time."

Darlene glanced up and down the street to make sure no traffic was coming then jogged over to Teri. Once she reached the smaller blonde woman she gave her a quick consoling hug, "C’mon little one, I’ll give you a ride wherever you need to go then later I’ll look at the car and see what it needs." As she spoke, Darlene made her way to the passenger side of the car and reached in with her long arm to unhook the baby seat. She pulled the baby seat out baby and all and brought Lucy’s face close to her own. "Hey little Lucy! How’s my favorite squirt today?"

Lucy let out a high pitched squeal and gave Darlene a huge smile. "Da!"

Teri laughed as she watched the tall brunette interact with her tiny daughter. She and Darlene had become good friends after Teri moved into the neighborhood four months previous. Lucy loved the tall beautiful woman and adored playing with her scrappy mutt.

Darlene had been the only neighbor to come over with an offer of help when she had moved into the house. The tall, strong, beautiful woman had pitched in without a qualm and, between the two of them; they had the house in order in no time at all. Teri had watched as Darlene took a tiny Lucy into the nursery and set her in the bouncy seat then proceeded to explain every move she made as she put the baby’s crib together. She explained the importance of double checking how tight the screws were turned; she would hold up each piece or part and tell the tiny girl what it was and what it did. She had, unknowingly, won Teri’s heart that day.

In the four months since that day the women had shared time together but for some reason had never shared their views on dating or their love lives. Teri didn’t know if Darlene dated and if she had, she didn’t know who she dated. She secretly hoped that Darlene shared her side of the fence because she harbored a deep affection and attraction for the tall, dark, blue-eyed woman.

As Darlene walked across the street she looked back to Teri, "I’ll strap Miss Lucy in the car if you’ll put Sam in the back yard for me."

"Um, sure, thanks Dar." answered Teri after a moment’s delay. She had lagged behind and had let herself check out Darlene’s back side as she strode across the street. ‘oh, I hope she didn’t notice where my eyes were!’ Teri thought.

Was she checking out my ass?’ Darlene wondered. ‘I could swear her eyes were glued to my gluts just then…interesting.’ Darlene allowed a wide smile to cover her face and brought the baby close so she could whisper, "I think your Mommy was checkin’ me out little one. Think I should do some investigating to see if she’s interested?"

"Ga!" Lucy chirped as if she understood perfectly.

"I think so too, baby girl," Darlene agreed quietly. As she buckled the baby seat into the back of her Navigator she continued, "I think your Mommy’s the prettiest woman around. She makes my palms sweat."

The baby made loud wet raspberry sounds.

"Oh yes she does, baby girl, don’t you try to tell me otherwise!" laughed Darlene.

"Are you two having a private conversation or can anyone join in?" asked Teri from behind Darlene.

"We were having a private chat, but we’re done now." Darlene leaned in and placed a kiss on the baby’s forehead, "aren’t we sweet pea?"

Standing up to her full height, Darlene closed the back door and then opened the front passenger door. With a wink and a bow she said, "Your carriage awaits, beautiful woman."

Teri smiled and wondered, ‘Is she flirting?’ "Thank you, gallant madam." She replied and went up on tip toes to place a quick kiss on her companion’s cheek.

Darlene walked to the driver’s side of the car and got in. She looked over to Teri then palmed the spot on her cheek and smiled. "If opening your car door will get me a kiss, remind me to open all your doors for you."

"Who said you had to open a door to get a kiss?" Teri asked with a grin.

Darlene’s brow disappeared into her bangs before she said, "I didn’t know you were so free with your kisses."

Teri’s eyes met Darlene’s, "I’m not. I am very, very selective in my choice of those who share my kisses."

Maintaining eye contact with Teri, Darlene husked, "That’s good to know."

"We need to get this one to her appointment." Teri reminded as she pointed to her baby girl.

With a smirk Darlene said, "Ah that’s right, the princess has a needle with her name on it."

"Don’t remind me!" exclaimed Teri.

"Is she very bad about it?" Darlene asked as she pulled the SUV out of the driveway.

"Oh, I can’t say she’s bad about it. I think I get more upset about it and she feels that from me so it just makes it all worse. Then she cries and I cry. It turns into a vicious circle."

"Are you afraid of getting shots?" Darlene asked.

"I’m terrified of it!"

"What if I hold her this time?" Darlene offered, "I can’t guarantee that she’ll be any better about it but it might make it easier on her Mommy."

Teri reached across the seats and squeezed Darlene’s arm, "You’d be willing to do that? I think that would be a good idea."

Darlene took the hand that Teri had placed on her arm and brought it to her lips kissing it lightly. "There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for you. For either of you."

Teri felt a light sheen of tears in her eyes, "The same goes for me, Dar. You’ve become very important, very special to me."

Darlene nodded, afraid to speak around the lump that had formed in her throat.

[ [ [ [ [

When the threesome reached the pediatrician’s office, Darlene hopped out and quickly made her way to the passenger side. She was quick enough to be able to open Teri’s door for her and help her out of the large vehicle. After assisting Teri, Darlene turned and opened the back door then released Lucy from her car seat and lifted her to lie in one arm. She then reached in to retrieve the Winnie the Pooh diaper bag and Teri’s purse. As she turned to Teri, she adopted the most pathetic facial expression then said, "May I carry the princess, please?"

Teri shook her head and smiled then reached out and took the bags from Darlene’s hands. "She has you wrapped around her tiny finger."

A smile brightened the face of the brunette, "Yep, and she’s not the only one."

Teri simply smiled and led the trio into the doctor’s office. As they entered the bright waiting room Teri made her way to the receptionist area and signed in on the sheet. "Hi Blaine," she greeted the receptionist, "How’s the family?"

"Teri! Hi!" smiled Blaine, "Oh they’re all great. The boys are growing like weeds and Bob just got a nice promotion at work."

"That’s wonderful news, congratulate him for me."

"I’ll do that." Blaine nodded before she craned her neck around the frosted glass window, "Where’s Lucy?" She asked just before she spied Lucy in the arms of a drop dead gorgeous woman. Blaine sat back in her chair and fanned herself with a file folder, "oh my!" she exclaimed.

"Breathtaking, isn’t she?" Teri smiled.

"She could make me play on your side of the fence!" laughed Blaine.

Teri leaned into the reception window, "Oh no you won’t. I’ve got my eye on that one…and I think she’s got her eye on me too…so you stay on your side missy!"

Blaine raised her hands in defense, "Yes, Ma’am. You are gonna have your hands full with that one, I think" she said with a conspiratorial wink.

Teri smiled, "I can only hope." At that moment Teri heard Lucy begin to cry. She looked over to see Darlene hold the infant close, cuddling her and cooing to her. She watched as Darlene checked every inch of the Baby’s body. She watched as long, dexterous fingers unsnapped the baby’s outfit and carefully pulled her diaper away to check.

After only a moment she saw a look of mild disgust come over Darlene’s face. She heard Darlene say, "Whew, Baby girl you’ve got a toxic waste dump in here!" Just as she began to go retrieve her child to give her a change she saw Darlene reach over and into the diaper bag to pick out a clean diaper, baby wipes, powder and changing pad.

"Hey, I’ll do that." Teri interrupted Darlene’s mission.

Darlene simply continued with what she was doing. She placed the changing pad on the seat beside her and carefully placed Lucy on it. "I’ve got it. We’re bonding here."

Teri smiled, "You two bonded the day you had her ‘help’ you put her crib together."

Darlene blushed, "You were supposed to be unpacking in your room."

Teri walked over and gathered Darlene’s long black hair into a makeshift ponytail, knowing it would be pulled by a curious Lucy. She bent down close to Darlene’s ear and said, "I kept hearing talking and couldn’t resist going to see who you were talking to. You won my heart that day, sitting on the floor showing my precious daughter the ins and outs of crib construction."

Darlene swallowed hard. She was being overwhelmed by two very diverse things. Her heart was besieged by what Teri had just said and her nose was plagued by the diaper she was in the midst of changing. "Do you think you could have picked a less romantic time to tell me this?" Darlene asked as she cleaned the tiny bottom.

"Nope, this was the right moment. You came to my rescue, carried me and my daughter to where we needed to be then you willingly subjected yourself to a dirty diaper. It doesn’t get much better than that."

Darlene held up the folded up dirty diaper, "Want to keep this for the scrap book?"

Teri smiled while she scrunched up her face, "Oh, gross, let’s not go that far!"

Darlene laughed, "Well, then can you find a place to throw this out?!"

Teri took the smelly bundle and threw it in the diaper genie in the corner of the waiting room while Darlene finished powdering and diapering the baby. After snapping up Lucy’s outfit, Darlene lifted the baby up to her face and took a deep whiff. "Mmmm, all nice and fresh, princess." She then placed a kiss on the baby’s tummy making Lucy giggle with delight.

Teri walked back over to Darlene and ran her fingers through her hair, "Thanks, Dar."

"Any time, Ter."

At that moment, Blaire let Teri know that the doctor was ready to see Lucy. When Darlene held Lucy out to Teri, Teri said, "You bring her, big guy." She saw an immediate smile brighten the beautiful woman’s face and watched as she unfolded her long body to follow along into the examining room.

After a thorough check up, the doctor pronounced that Lucy was a fine healthy baby. She said that she could feel some new teeth starting to come out and reminded Teri about what to do when the baby got fussy over it. Darlene asked the doctor if she had any objections to the baby receiving oriental medicine treatments including mild herbs to help her get through the teething and the doctor replied that she had no problem with it at all. She said she’d rather have her patients use a more natural approach to healing when it was possible. Darlene nodded then looked over at Teri and asked her if she would allow Lucy to be treated with an alternative method. Teri, knowing that Darlene was a doctor of Oriental medicine, said she would trust Darlene implicitly with Lucy’s care.

The doctor looked at her watch and regretfully reminded, "It’s time for little Miss Lucy to get her shot."

Darlene looked over at Teri and softly asked, "Do you want to wait outside while I help with this?" The doctor smiled at this suggestion, knowing how needle phobic the baby’s Mommy was. Each time it had been time for Lucy to get a shot, Teri was the one that needed comforting.

"I feel like I should stay." Teri answered.

"What will do more good for Lucy?" Darlene asked softly, "If you stay, can you keep from scaring her with your own fear?"

"Probably not. You’re right." Teri said before leaning over to place a kiss on Lucy’s head. "Be good for Dar, baby girl. I’ll be right outside."

While in the hall, Teri waited for Lucy to start crying. After only a few minutes, the door to the exam room opened and out walked Darlene with Lucy wrapped in her arms. Lucy had huge tears in her eyes but was staring intently into Darlene’s face as Darlene talked to her softly. Darlene was telling the baby what a good and brave girl she had been, telling her what a pretty baby she was, talking in soft sing song tones to keep the baby’s attention. Teri witnessed Darlene’s long fingers as they gently wiped the tears from Lucy’s eyes and felt tears spring into her own eyes as Darlene kissed each baby soft cheek. Teri fell into step beside the tall woman and wrapped one arm around her waist while sliding the other hand over her daughter’s tummy, rubbing in circles to add her soothing touch.

Once assured that Lucy’s tears were over, Darlene looked at Teri. "Ready to go? Do you need to stop for anything on the way home?"

"I’m ready and no, we can just head on back." Teri answered.

Once they were back in the car and on their way back to their neighborhood, Darlene looked over at Teri. "Can I take you out to dinner tonight?"

Teri’s heart sank, "Oh, Dar, I’d love that but I have to work tonight. One of the regular trainers is out sick and I can’t find anyone to fill in…so I’m it." She reached over and took Darlene’s hand, "How about if I cook you dinner tomorrow night?"

"It’s a date." Darlene smiled.

"Yes, it is." Teri smiled in return.



"How are you going to get to the club tonight?"

"Oh shit." Teri groaned.

Darlene laughed, "If you can reach the pedals, just take this. I won’t be going anywhere."

[ [ [ [ [

Later that evening, after Teri had borrowed Darlene’s vehicle and gone off to work, Darlene sat at her computer. She updated patient files and did some research for her upcoming appointments and did general book keeping tasks that always seemed to be necessary. As she worked her mind kept drifting to daydreams of her beautiful neighbor. She realized that she had become attracted to the young mother soon after she had moved in. She had fallen in love with little Lucy the moment she laid eyes on her. As she thought about the pair, Darlene’s face broke into a smile as bright as the sun.

About an hour after sitting down at her computer, Darlene heard her doorbell ring. When she answered it she found Lisa, one of the neighborhood teenagers and Lucy’s regular baby sitter, on the doorstep with a sobbing Lucy in her arms. Lisa was almost as tearful as little Lucy.

"Dr. Dar, I’m watching Lucy and my Mom just called. My grandpa had a heart attack and I have to get home so we can fly up there." Lisa took a steadying breath, "Teri said that if I needed anything or if an emergency happened that I should call you."

Darlene wrapped the crying teenager in her arms and gave her a reassuring hug. "Hey, sweetie, you’ve done the right thing. Here, give me Lucy and we’ll walk you over to your house."

Darlene took the crying Lucy into her arms and cooed to her. She tucked the baby into the crook of her neck and rubbed her back while rocking her. Within a few minutes Lucy’s tears stopped and she snuggled into Darlene’s neck with a sigh. Darlene wrapped her free arm around the teenager’s shoulder and walked her home.

After greeting Lisa’s mother and conveying her hopes for her father’s speedy recovery, Darlene assured the family that she would watch out for the house while they were away. She said she’d make sure that the mail and newspapers were taken in and that she would feed Puffball, their beloved cat. Lisa’s parents thanked Darlene profusely saying that it was a huge load off of their minds to know that Darlene would be taking care of things for them and they gave her a key to get into the house. After a final wish for health, Darlene turned and walked back to Teri’s house.

Once inside Teri’s house, Darlene spied a note that Teri had written for Lisa giving feeding instructions (Do not microwave the breast milk!) and emergency contact numbers. Darlene’s smile brightened when she saw the notation: "Emergency Contact: Dr. Darlene Beacon. And written at the very bottom of the page was: "If you can’t get Lucy settled, or if you have any questions just call or go to Dr. Dar’s house. She’ll know what to do…I trust her with everything."

Darlene turned her head and placed a kiss on Lucy’s head, "Hey Lucy girl, your Mommy says she trusts me with everything." At that point Lucy started to whimper then broke into a full-blown cry again. Darlene tried cooing to her, singing to her, and rocking her. Nothing seemed to soothe the little girl. She checked her diaper, which was dry and clean. She finally bought a clue and re-read the list of instructions only to see that it was way past time for Lucy’s feeding. "No wonder you’re cranky, love bug, you’re tummy’s empty."

Darlene heated a bottle and fed it to the hungry baby then decided to go watch some Television until Lucy dropped off to sleep. She made herself comfortable on the sofa, put the sleepy baby on her chest and settled in to watch Witchblade. After only a few minutes Lucy began to be restless and whimper. Darlene tried to calm the little girl, she tried to do some gentle pediatric Tui Na massage techniques which usually calmed a baby down quickly, all to no avail. As she looked down at little Lucy the baby opened her mouth and spewed. She didn’t just have a bit of spit up, no, she lost everything she’d eaten for dinner and then some. The baby puke went all over the front of Darlene and all over the front of Lucy’s sleeper, and all into Darlene’s long dark hair. Darlene fought against the urge to jump up from the couch and made herself calmly rise. She looked down at her soiled clothes and at Lucy’s ruined jammies and decided on a plan of action.

[ [ [ [ [

When Teri arrived home she noticed a note on her entryway table:


Lisa had an emergency so I took over with Lucy. The princess’s dinner didn’t sit well and I have been baptized in princess puke! I’ve taken Lucy to my place so that we can shower and change. You can either come on over or we’ll come back when we’re done.

I missed you tonight…



Teri was out the door and across the street as soon as she finished reading the note. Once at Darlene’s door she paused for a moment then walked on in. Darlene’s house had the same layout as her own rented house so she knew exactly where Darlene’s bedroom and bathroom were. She hadn’t truly considered what she was doing; she simply saw that her baby had been sick so instinct overrode propriety. Teri walked through Darlene’s bedroom and into her bathroom whereupon she stopped dead in her tracks. There in the shower stood a goddess holding and singing to her child. The impact of the sight actually made her knees go weak and she plopped herself down on the toilet seat to gain her balance. After only a brief rest Tina allowed her eyes to truly study the form before her and she felt the attraction and desire that had been brewing for the past four months fire to life.

Darlene was so intent on playing with the wet baby in her arms that she missed Teri’s stunned entrance. Lucy’s sudden up chucking seemed to be a one-time thing and the baby was now happily snuggled under the shower with her favorite giant. As the tall woman rocked the little girl she asked, "How am I supposed to wash my hair with you in my arms, hmmm?"

"Maybe I can help with that" came a soft voice from behind Darlene as she felt two small hands slide to surround both her and the baby. She felt a hard body against her back, a soft kiss on her shoulder and she completely forgot how to breathe.

"God, Teri," Darlene groaned. "Do you know how often I’ve fantasized just this?"

"Probably as many times as I have." Teri replied as she licked the back of Darlene’s neck.

Darlene groaned, "Teri, we haven’t even been out on a date."

Teri licked another path, "Do you require a date? I’ve known for months that I want you. I’ve known for months that I was in love with you. We’re already best friends…"

Darlene looked over her shoulder and into green passion filled eyes. "Stay right there…I’ll be back in a moment." With that she stepped out the front of the shower carrying a squeaky clean baby with her. She walked, dripping wet through the bathroom and back into the bedroom where she dried off, diapered and dressed Lucy. The baby’s eyes were all ready closed by the time Darlene gently put her in the spare room surrounded by pillows. After making sure the baby was safe, Darlene returned to the shower.

As she stepped back into the shower stall, Darlene looked to Teri, "No, I do not require a date. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with you…and that little rug rat in there. I’ve loved you as my best friend almost from the moment you drove up in that god awful moving van and I’m tired of watching you from afar." With that she took the compact blonde into her arms and kissed her with all the pent up passion she had in her.

Once their lips parted, Teri slowly opened her eyes and smiled. She took Darlene’s hands and placed them on either side of the shower. "I’m going to wash your hair, then I’m going to run my soapy hands over every inch of your body, then I’m going to take you into that bed over there and love you until you pass out."

Darlene groaned long and low.

Teri squeezed a puddle of sage fragrance shampoo into her hands and worked lather into Darlene’s hair. She used her nails to massage and stimulate Darlene’s scalp and neck. She worked the lather all through the long dark locks and then slowly began to move her soapy hands over the tall woman’s shoulders. Teri watched her own hands as they slid down over Darlene’s breasts. She circled each nipple then gently pinched each peak until it stood tall and erect. Darlene moaned and fought the impulse to move her hands from the side of the shower. Every touch of Teri’s hands was driving the tall woman insane with passion.

Teri reached up and pulled the showerhead from its cradle and rinsed the soap from Darlene’s hair and chest then promptly moved forward to capture one of the turgid nipples in her mouth. She suckled, licked and bit first one nipple and then the other until Darlene was in a state of complete arousal. Darlene’s breathing was labored and it took every ounce of strength she had to maintain her hold on the shower walls.

Teri reached for the bar of soap in the holder and lathered her hands up once again. After working up a large mound of lather, she placed her hand low on Darlene’s abdomen and worked her hand in circles. She dipped a finger into her lover’s naval then ran her soapy hand down her lower belly and into thick dark curls. With one hand she spread Darlene’s lower lips so that her soapy hand could slide between and lather up all the sensitive parts.

"God, Teri…" Darlene moaned as she rocked her hips against the soapy hand.

"Mmmm, have to make sure you’re all clean, love." Teri husked.

Darlene growled as Teri took the hand held showerhead, set it to pulse and proceeded to rinse the suds from her belly. She whimpered when Teri spread the lips of her sex and aimed the pulsing water directly at her clitoris. "Don’t you dare come yet, Dr. Beacon. I want your first come to happen in my mouth."

"Shit!" Darlene expelled a breath, attempting to stave off the orgasm that had been about to burst forth.

Teri turned off the water and stepped from the shower. She plucked a thick terry towel from the towel rack and motioned for the tall woman to exit the shower. As she dried Darlene’s body she stopped at strategic areas to stimulate and taunt her erogenous zones. Once Darlene was dry, Teri led her into the bedroom and into the bed.

Crawling up to straddle Darlene’s body, Teri let her breasts drag over the tall woman’s abdomen, breasts, and finally she settled with her breast resting against Darlene’s lips. Darlene immediately opened her mount and devoured the flesh before her. She moaned and then gasped in surprise, as she felt then tasted the warm sweet burst of milk that flowed into her mouth. She suckled with renewed passion as she heard Teri moan above her. Her hands slid up the backs of Teri’s thighs and stopped to cup her perfect ass.

Feeling herself begin to lose control, Teri backed up then moved down so that she could kiss the lips that had been so lovingly wrapped around her nipple. Lips met, tongues dueled and passions burned hotter as the two women lost themselves in a kiss that reached beyond time. Finally, Teri broke away from the kiss and looked deeply into Darlene’s eyes. "I love you."

"I love you, Teri." Blue eyes promised forever.

With a sexy half grin, Teri moved down the long body. She tasted every inch, sucked every mole, kissed every freckle along the way until she reached the apex of Darlene’s long legs. "Open your legs for me love," she requested. Darlene immediately spread her legs and bent her knees to give her lover full access. Darlene’s head slammed back against her pillow as she felt Teri’s mouth close over her sex. Her hand automatically went to the back of the blonde’s head and held it in place where she needed it. Teri ran her tongue, first the tip then the flat of it over and around Darlene’s distended clit. She listened for and felt what excited the woman the most. Once she realized what areas were most sensitive she began to focus on those areas in earnest. She licked and stroked and sucked until Darlene was writhing and moaning her name. When Teri felt that Darlene was about to peak, she thrust two fingers into her warm slick center and began a rhythm that sent Darlene over the edge. Teri lapped up the juice that flowed from her lover, savoring every drop. Teri moaned deep in her throat at the musky sweet taste on her tongue.

"Ohhh, baby," sighed Darlene, "Come up here."

Teri moved up to lie over Darlene’s body. She savored the sensations of Darlene’s aftershocks. Darlene wrapped her arms tightly around Teri "You’ve completely wiped me out, woman." she rasped. "Give me a bit of time to recover, and then I’m going to love you until you can’t stand."

That "bit of time" Darlene asked for ended up being hours as both women drifted off to sleep in one another’s arms. They didn’t rouse until the wee hours of the morning when they were awakened by the cries of a very hungry Lucy. Darlene, always one to awaken quickly, slipped out from beneath Teri and went in to get Lucy. After a much needed diaper change, she carried the baby in to the master bedroom. Teri was propped up on the pillows, rubbing her eyes and trying to get herself awake when her two favorite females came back into the room. The sleepy woman smiled a sleepy smile as Darlene handed the baby to her then slipped in behind them to cradle them in her arms.

As Teri put Lucy to her breast she commented drowsily, "She hasn’t woken me up in the middle of the night in a long time."

"Well, she lost her supper so it’s understandable that’s she’s hungry sooner than is usual. Maybe with this feeding she’ll sleep later in the morning." Darlene suggested as she leaned down to kiss Teri’s neck. She ran her hand over Lucy’s head and laid her fingers against her cheek, feeling her suckling motion. "This is so beautiful, baby. Watching you feed her, knowing what the milk you give her tastes like. It’s incredible."

Teri turned her face and joined her lips with Darlene’s. Darlene tightened the hold she had around Teri and Lucy and put her heart and soul into the passionate kiss. She stroked Teri’s lips with her tongue and kissed her over and over again. Each kiss grew deeper and more intense until both women were gasping for air. They broke apart in reaction to the popping sound that Lucy made as she pulled away from Teri’s breast. Darlene smiled down at the little girl and said, "You’re a little piggy, princess. You won’t even stop suckling when you’ve finished your milk!"

Teri’s eyes sparkled as she looked into crystal blue eyes. "I seem to remember another certain someone who wouldn’t give up my breast without a struggle."

Darlene chuckled, and as Teri put Lucy over her shoulder and patted the little back to encourage a burp. "So we’re both little piggys." Darlene commented. After cupping the breast in question she continued, "Who could blame us?"

Lucy let fly a huge burp that made both women laugh. She then made it clear that she was not done with her early morning meal and tucked in heartily when Teri placed her at her second breast. Darlene supported Teri from behind and wrapped her arms around them to hold Lucy against Teri’s breast. Teri was able to completely relax as she fed her daughter and was soon lulled to sleep by the warmth behind her and the special connection to her daughter in front of her.

Once Lucy had finished nursing, Darlene maneuvered Teri so that she was flat on the bed then she took Lucy and burped her once again. As she held and rocked the baby, Darlene’s eyes became heavy and she slipped down to lie beside Teri. Teri automatically turned on her side and snuggled up to Darlene with her head in the crook of her arm. Darlene stayed awake long enough to prop a pillow beside her and wrap one arm around Teri and the other arm held Lucy against her chest. The budding family slept peacefully into the night.

[ [ [ [ [

Darlene was awakened by a mouth at her breast. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep with Lucy cradled on her chest and her eyes flew open and looked down. Instead of a strawberry blonde baby suckling at her chest she found a strawberry blonde woman suckling her.

"Mmm I was worried that Lucy was going to feel gypped."

Teri smiled, "No, I already fed her again and she’s back in the other room."

"I missed it?" Darlene scowled, "I can’t believe I slept through that."

"You’ll have plenty of opportunities, love." Teri comforted.

Darlene sighed then a gleam entered her eyes as she looked at the beautiful woman beside her. "I have some unfinished business to attend to this morning." With that she rolled Teri onto her back and began a thorough exploration of every nook and cranny on her body. She explored with her hand and then with her mouth as she stimulated every nerve in Teri’s body. She gently kissed and suckled Teri’s breasts and then slowly moved down her body until she rested between strong thighs.

Darlene parted blonde furred lips to study the beauty they concealed. As her eyes devoured the pedals and bud of Teri’s sex she felt her mouth water in anticipation. When her heart could wait no longer, she lowered her mouth to the wonders between Teri’s thighs. She feasted upon the nectar flowing freely from Teri’s body. Hearing Teri’s moans and cries incited her to slip her fingers into Teri’s center.

As her fingers picked up the rhythm of Teri’s hips, Darlene’s lips closed over the sensitive tip of Teri’s clitoris and she alternately sucked and stroked with her tongue until she felt Teri’s inner walls grip her fingers and heard Teri cry out her name. As one peak was reached and ebbed, Darlene’s fingers and tongue would work together to coax forth another and another until, finally, Teri begged her to stop.

"Hold me," Teri croaked out. "Please come up here and hold me." Darlene moved quickly and wrapped the smaller woman in a tight embrace. She Kissed her lips before reaching to the side table to offer her lover water.

After she downed almost the entire bottle of water, Teri buried herself in Darlene’s arms. "I’ll never walk again. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Each expression of gratitude was accompanied by a soft kiss.

"Loving you is my pleasure." Darlene assured her.

[ [ [ [ [

After another round or three of passion, the women dragged themselves out of bed and spent the day playing with Lucy and Sam. At one point they walked together over to Lisa’s house to check on the mail and to feed the cat.

Every task they accomplished was interspersed with kisses and caresses. The two women could neither get enough of one another nor profess their love enough. When Teri sat beside Darlene as she repaired the VW’s faulty starter she couldn’t keep her hands off the curve of Darlene’s ass. Every time Darlene leaned over to reach a tool or to knelt and leaned into the rear-mounted engine she felt Teri’s small hands on her.

Finally, when she had finished working on the small bubble shaped car, Darlene smiled and asked, "So, do we still have a date tonight? I hope so ‘cause I think I might get lucky!"

"Baby, you’ve got a date tonight and every night for the rest of your life." Teri assured her.

From her bouncy chair Lucy squealed an enthusiastic "Da!" as she gave her whole tiny-hearted seal of approval.

The End

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