by Lor

This poem was written for, and is a part of 'The Heart of a Queen' the third story in LJ's Queen Series

I don't always express how I feel,
but on this day, the first day of our life as one,
I say to you;

Love comes and goes,
but only once do you find your soulmate,
where two souls become as one.

Dreams, thoughts, and desires,
flow freely between two.
Although our styles may differ somewhat,
in reality they are exactly the same

One may want to shout from the hilltops,
the other stands back in silence,
but our love is the same.

As soulmates I would never betray you, my heart,
Because being as one,
I would only have dishonored myself.
For you are part of me.

Even in times of despair,
when there is no light,
when things are not as they seem,
search deep inside, Gabrielle, to find our love.

Our hearts and souls are intertwined,
our love and passion,
is undeniable,
we were destined to be one.

Destined to share,
all the laughter and joy,
the sadness and grief,
the worries and jobs.

Our love is etched in my heart,
and our future is etched in the stars.
Never be afraid to reach for them
I will always be there to catch you when you fall.

I have waited so long to say these words to you.
Since I first met you, I have somehow changed.
I am a better person because of you.
You are all the goodness in me.

Sometimes without a word, or even a look
we know the others' thoughts.
Soulmates are one,
for ever and ever.

I will love and cherish you
til the end of eternity.

LGuzzino 05/00

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