All I Want

I want to kiss you all over...
I want to start with a little one
right on the tip of your nose,
then upon your perfectly beautiful
lips, mine will press.

I want to kiss you all over
and look into your gorgeous hazel eyes
and see love and excitement
smiling back at me.

I want to feel my fingers in your hair
and feel the warmth of your lips on mine.
I want to lovingly place kisses in the
crook of your neck and capture your
smell forever.

I want to wrap my arms around you

and know that you're mine.
I want your arms to keep me warm
and your breath upon my ears

and neck to give me chills.

I want to say "I love you" and

not be afraid that I'm hurting you.

I want to laugh with you,

love you, hold you, kiss you,

and make love to you,

for all the years of my life.

© 2001 Madison

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