By Marcia (a.k.a. Amphodia)

Disclaimer: The characters from the TV show "Xena Warrior Princess" belong to Studio USA/Renaissance Pictures/Universal. No infringement on their rights is intended.

Subtext: In this short story, subtext definitely becomes main text. If that's offensive to you, then by all means, stop reading now. This story depicts a consensual sexual relationship between two women.

Violence: No

Language: No

Acknowledgement: Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend, who endures my endless Xena Warrior Princess DVD marathons without complaints (mostly).

Summary: Xena and Gabrielle accept a mission to set up security for the ladies of a newly developed women's only village. Gabrielle struggles with managing her jealous feelings as women constantly toss attention and flirtatious glances at Xena, while Xena attempts to keep herself and Gabrielle focused on the mission.


Xena and Gabrielle are standing in front of a tavern in the newly bustling village, as individual and small groups of women stroll past them. Gabrielle's hands are positioned on her hips and she is staring at Xena in a very aggravated manner.

"Come on Gabrielle, I was not checking them out," Xena says gazing into her companion's angry green eyes.

"By the Gods Xena, these women are all beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I've never seen anything like it- Each and every one of them, drop dead gorgeous."

"You my dear appear to be the one 'checking out' these women," Xena drawls with a menacing smirk before continuing. "These women escaped their villages to come here and enjoy the company of other women without the unrequited advances of men or interference from their fathers attempting to marry them off to undesired suitors. We're here to set up security. That's the mission. Remember?"

Gabrielle gets lost in Xena's piercing blue eyes. She trusts her lover, but she can't seem to suppress the jealous feelings that keep creeping into her thoughts.

Three gorgeous young women walk by whispering, giggling, and batting their lashes at Xena, which jolts Gabrielle's attention away from her lover's eyes.

The ladies saunter towards Xena and one of them stops inches from her breastplate.

"Xena, how can we ever thank you for helping us?" purrs the very pretty, petite, caramel complexioned brunette. "You are simply amazing," she says with a flirtatious tone to her voice.

Xena gives the young woman a slight smile and nod. The young woman grabs Xena's hands and gently squeezes, before releasing them and shyly turning to continue walking with her friends.

Xena shakes her head as she watches the ladies walk away. Then she is suddenly smacked on the arm by a very irritated Gabrielle.

"You see Xena. This is exactly what I am talking about. You totally love the attention. Women throw themselves at you all the time, but this is ridiculous. You are surrounded by a village of beautiful women who would give anything for a roll in the stables with you and you are absolutely enjoying it."

Gabrielle huffs as she turns and stomps off.

"Gabrielle, wait! What did I do wrong?"

Gabrielle stops in her tracks, turns around, and yells, "For the Greater Good Xena! Just be sure you remember that."

Xena stands clueless in the center of the village as more women pass, wave, and whisper. "For Zeus sake, what have I gotten myself into this time?" she asks herself while walking behind Gabrielle.

Xena continues to follow Gabrielle the short distance to the guest house where they are staying.

Gabrielle opens the door to their room and slams it towards Xena as she attempts to enter behind her visibly upset companion.

Xena walks into the room and sees the love of her life sitting on the bed, crying into her hands. She approaches the large bed and sits down next to her lover, placing an arm around her back and drawing her close.

"OK Gabrielle, what's this really about?"

Gabrielle's crying slows, but she does not respond and continues looking downward, leaning into the embrace.

"I love you more than life itself. I hate it when you are mad at me. What have I done to make you so angry?"

There is still no answer from Gabrielle, only silence fills the room.

"I 'm not attracted to any of those women. I only want you. Oh Gods believe me Gabrielle, I only want you."

Gabrielle slowly raises her head and wipes away her tears. She turns to look at her beautiful, dark, sensual warrior.

"These eyes…the ones that you say warm your heart and cause your body to shiver and succumb just by looking into them…they are only for you my love, always," Xena expresses sincerely and lovingly.

"Show me." Gabrielle says as she seductively lies back on the bed, her sexy mid-drift exposed and her short skirt revealing her shapely thighs and well-toned legs.

Xena licks her lips in anticipation and repositions herself on her hands and knees, as she seductively crawls towards her lover in waiting.

"As you wish," declares Xena in a low carnal growl. "Gabrielle you are so sexy, so beautiful, so mine. I don't need or want any other woman but you."

Xena claims Gabrielle's lips and kisses them with a deep and fiery passion. The kiss continues until their breathing becomes labored, leaving them both in dire need of catching their breaths.

After a very brief moment, Xena nibbles her lover's neck and plants a trail of kisses along Gabrielle's shoulders. Her companion moans and arches her back.

"Please Xena, take me…I want you so badly it hurts."

Xena slowly removes her lover's top, revealing absolutely stunning breasts and hardened nipples. Xena can sense her sex moistening at the sight of Gabrielle's bare breasts. She licks circles around the nipple of one breast while massaging the other with her hand. She then slides her lover's skirt and under wraps from her hips, before shedding her breastplate, leathers, and under wraps.

She places Gabrielle in front of her and gasps as Gabrielle presses her rear firmly against her very moist center.

"Gabrielle, you are incredible," Xena declares as she pulls Gabrielle into an even tighter cuddle.

"You make me feel so good," Gabrielle moans with a look of shear ecstasy on her face.

Xena kisses a path down Gabrielle's back and then gently flips her onto her back. The aroma of Gabrielle's sex is so titillating to Xena's senses. She can't bear another moment without claiming her excited lover. She inserts two fingers and rhythmically glides them in and out of her companion's slippery, wet sex.

"Ah, Gabrielle, nothing in the known world compares to this," Xena whispers. She then cups her mouth around Gabrielle's center. Gabrielle tosses her head back and presses deeply into the bed. Xena massages her soul mate's engorged clit with her tongue, as Gabrielle writhes in pleasure. Xena continues with a combination of tongue and fingers, thoroughly enjoying giving pleasure to her companion. Gabrielle's moans grow louder and she utters incoherent strings of phrases, while grabbing and pulling Xena's silky black tresses.

"Xena…Xena…Oh Xena... I love you so much!" Gabrielle's center ruptures and Xena savors every last drop. She glides alongside Gabrielle until her head reaches the top of the bed, next to her extremely satisfied lover. Xena places feather light kisses onto Gabrielle's lips and cheeks as her body continues to convulse.

Xena readjusts and invites her soul mate to rest her head on her chest.

"I love you Gabrielle. "

"I love you Xena."

Gabrielle wraps an arm tightly across Xena.

"I'm so sorry about my earlier behavior. I know you love me and I trust you. I really do. I don't know what came over me. We are here to help these women live happily and safely and I let my jealousy interfere with that mission. "

"Everything's fine now my love," says Xena as she runs her fingers through her companion's messy golden red locks.

Gabrielle rolls over on top of Xena and kisses her. Xena's body goes limp, as she feels her already excited and moist center throb and ache in anticipation of Gabrielle's touch.

"You can continue training the guards later or tomorrow, but right now warrior, you are all mine," says Gabrielle as she begins to explore her lover's exquisite body.

"I am yours every morning, afternoon, and night. I simply would not have it any other way," Xena moans in a raspy tone.


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