Impulse: Book One


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"
The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

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The meal was finished and everyone got up to go into the living room. Many had not seen each other in years and were looking forward to catching up with one another.

Tori and Brett tried many times to get to each other. Every time steps were made to close the gap, someone would intercept them and pull them aside to find out how life had been treating them.

Brett had heard from Lauren that Tori had changed. She told Brett many times she was concerned for Tori and wished that she would find someone to make her happy. This comment never fell on deaf ears. However, looking at Tori now, she did not see what her sister was talking about. If it was at all possible, Tori looked even more beautiful to her.

After Brett had tried for what seemed like an eternity to talk to Tori, she finally decided she needed to get some air. She stepped out on to the veranda off the living room and took in a cleansing breath. To her surprise, she felt arms close around her waist and a low seductive voice filled her ears, "Hello little one. It's so good to see you." Brett felt chills go up her spine. Brett turned around in the embrace and met with the eyes she had always loved. "Tori. Oh god! It is so good to see you also." She returned the embrace lavished in the feel of warmth she had not felt in years.

The two melted into each other and stood like that for a long, quiet moment.

Tori was the first to break the silence. "Life seems to be agreeing with you little one. You look amazing. It actually took me a moment to recognize it was you when I first walked in."

Brett felt the blush seep across her face and felt the warmth that was making itself known in her belly.

With a wink and a smile she answered, "Uh, thanks Tori. I see you can still charm your way around….. you old heartbreaker. Of course you know you always looked beautiful to me." Take that Tori. Brett thought as she stepped back to see if her words were having any effect. They did.

She's flirting with me. I cannot believe she's flirting with me. Trying to get back her composure, Tori quickly averted the attention away from herself. "If you say so. So Brett….. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I'm a really huge fan of yours. I've been following your writing career and I'm totally hooked on your series. What you're able to do with words is nothing short of amazing."

Brett was not really expecting this admission. It's not every day that the person you base one of your main characters on up and admits they've read your work.


In her series, a young blond haired, green-eyed reporter named, Nicole Haledon finds herself in many dangerous situations. Determined to make a difference by getting the inside scoop and expose the criminal element that plagues the city, she without regard for herself, willingly places herself in danger to draw out the enemy.

Marina Masterson plays the Unexpected Knight: A tall, beautiful blue eyed brunette, who just happens to be the daughter of one of the CIA's top undercover agents. Her father is a very powerful and successful business executive and is never suspected of working for the government. This allows him the opportunity to take on many international cases, taking down many an unsuspecting international criminal. When all is said and done, they find themselves in jail never knowing what hit them.

Ever since Marina was a little girl, her father taught her everything he had learned. From running an international business, to being an undercover CIA agent: giving her the skills of an expert assassin and the fine subtleties of a beautiful heiress. Hoping upon hope that one day she might want to take over the family business.

Marina just happened to be around during one of Nicole's first stories. On this particular story, Nicole was witness to a brutal murder and was well on her way to becoming a victim when Marina came to her rescue.

Since then Marina kept close tabs on Nicole and waited patiently until she was needed again. With Nicole's penchant for trouble, she never had to wait very long. As time goes on, Nicole and Marina are pushed together with every case.

Helpless to stop, they find they are both in danger of losing their lives and hearts to one another.


Brett's mind was reeling. Is it possible that Tori knows how I feel for her? I mean….how could Tori not see herself in the stor? Tori IS Marina in so many ways and I'm so much like Nicole. The physical description alone was a dead give away.

Tori watched as a plethora of emotions ran across Brett's face. Not wanting to embarrass Brett anymore, she continued. " I've always had a weakness for creative people. You've absolutely captured me with your writing." Okay what was that! Now I'm babbling. Tori thought.

This would be a good time to say something, thought Brett to herself. Okay breath. That's right. Engage the brain. Okay. Now speak. "Well, if you keep that up Miss Hull, there won't be enough room on this veranda for you and my huge head."

Tori laughed and took Brett in her arms again. God how I've missed you Brett. Using all of her will power, she released Brett enough so she could see the writer's face. "So tell me where are you living now? Are you still in Michigan?"

"No. I live here in the city with Alexi, Adrian, and Lauren."

"Really? You're not living with Jenna anymore?", Tori uttered trying not to be too obvious.

"No. I haven't been with her for about four years now. Things didn't work out… I could tell you the whole sorted story someday. It's really too long to go over in such a short amount of time. Maybe you and I could get together the next time you come back to the states. You're still in London right?"

"I was. But I'm going to be living here now."

Brett's head snapped up in attention, "Really? When did this happen?"

"Actually today. I mean, I've been planning to come back for a couple of months. But I literally just arrived today. My suit cases are still in the trunk of the limo."

With a power that didn't match her size, Brett flung herself headlong into Tori's arms. "Oh Tori. That is so wonderful. I can't tell you how much you've been missed. Not just by me. But all of us. This news is really going to make everyone's Thanksgiving."

Feeling a joy that she had not felt in years, Tori held Brett to her with equal enthusiasm. "Well, thank you. You don't know how much that means to me Brett. I feel like I've been away for so long. Everyone has changed and yet it feels like home. You don't now how much I've missed this." She felt Brett shiver. Thinking it was due to the November evening. "Oh my goodness. Where are my manners. Here it is freezing out here and I'm talking your ears off. Come on before you catch a cold and your father whips my butt." Taking Brett's hand, they made their way back inside.

The truth was neither of them really felt the cold. The warmth of their connection had actually surrounded them and for the first time in years, everything seemed right in the world.

All eyes turned to them as they walked in. Knowing looks graced everyone's face. No one could deny the fact that Tori and Brett made a stunning couple with light and dark complementing each other in subtle but beautiful contrast. Gordon and Richard nodded to one another practically giving each other an imaginary high five. It was wonderful when a plan came together. There just might be a union between the Hulls and the Montgomerys yet. Yes, Gordon thought. There is much to be thankful for. And this year…… everyone's home.

TO BE CONTINUED. Installment Twelve

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