Impulse: Book Two


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"
The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

"This is Book Two in my series called Impulse.

If you haven't read Book One: AFTER ALL IS SAID, you might want to start there."


Copyright 2002 by Mezzo All Rights Reserved

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Tori pulled Brett closer to her as they watched street after street roll by. Sometimes the city could be such a quiet place. There was no one on the streets and the only sounds that could be heard was the occasional subway and the steam rising from the grates on the sidewalk. You could almost imagine being the only ones living in this huge city that supposedly never slept.

Lost in the sensation of being together, they were at their destination before they knew it. Tori paid the driver again ignoring the look the man was giving her. She opened the door and got out. Then held her hand out for Brett to take, making sure that her childhood friend got out easily.

"Well, here we are. Watch your step, honey. There's a bit of a dip there." Tori pointed to the area, carefully guiding Brett across making sure she was unharmed.

Brett took Victoria's hand and smiled. She remembered how Tori had always been as protective of her as a child. She felt the safety of her youth wrap around her like a warm blanket. Looking up, Brett noticed they were standing in front of a very tall opulent building that seemed to go on for days. As impressed as she was with the large structure she had absolutely no idea where they were. Looking around, there wasn't a restaurant in sight.

Willing to see where Tori was leading them Brett just held on to Tori's hand as the taller woman led them to the entrance of the building. As they approached the entrance, a very pleasant door attendant welcomed them. "Miss Hull....good morning." He tipped his hat and motioned them to enter holding the heavy glass doors to the building open for them.

"Good Morning, Tony." Tori motioned for Brett to enter first. "Tony this is Miss Montgomery."

"It's a pleasure to me you Miss Montgomery." Tony smiled warmly at the very pretty woman that was with one of their new building residents.

"It's a pleasure to me you, also." Brett replied warmly.

"Tony are you just beginning or ending your shift?" Victoria inquired.

"I'm just beginning actually. I just relieved Paul. He said it was a quiet night."

Tony knew Miss Hull was one of the new residents in the building and was well on her way to being one of his favorites. Either most of the residents kept to themselves or they were obnoxiously snooty. Miss Hull was surprisingly genuine considering her wealth and stature.

"That's good to hear." Tori turned and placed a hand on the small of Brett's back leading them forward as they chatted with the pleasant doorman. "Well it's good to see you this morning. You have a good day now."

"You too Miss Hull." He responded tipping his hat again at Victoria and then to Brett. "You as well, Miss Montgomery."

"Thank you Tony. You too." Brett was very impressed with how pleasant the gentleman seemed. You couldn't help but be brightened up by the man's demeanor.

They made their way down the long marble lobby that sparkled from the chandeliers that hung from the high ceiling. Tori stopped and had a similar conversation with Bill at the security desk while making their way to a set of elevators that was marked penthouse.

Inserting her security key, the doors opened to a waiting elevator.

"Here you go honey." Tori motioned Brett forward and when they were both in, she pressed the button that was marked P1.

Brett and Victoria were quiet during the ride. Each was lost in their own thoughts, Brett had figured out that they were at Victoria's home and Tori was trying to keep her emotions in check as they made their way up floor by floor. The quiet whirl of the elevator was deafening as both came to the realization of what was happening between them. Brett reached over and took Tori's hand in hers. Their pounding pulse beat in unison through their connection. The elevator came to a slow cushioned stop and the doors slid open to a breath-taking floor to ceiling view of the city. Oh my. THIS is Tori's home?" Brett thought in wonderment. Her eyes took in the home before her as she took in every detail of the luxurious penthouse before her.

The penthouse took up the whole length of the top two floors of the building. The south side of the penthouse had high open ceilings with partial walls dividing most of the rooms on the south side of the penthouse. Directly in front of where they were standing was the living room. Inviting soft tan leather couches with tastefully soft pillows and tables were strategically placed around a beautiful granite fireplace. The fireplace stood invitingly centered between floor to ceiling French doors that opened to the heart of the city. A perfect setting for romantic evenings spent on the plush Persian rug in front of it. To the right of the room was a large area where a rich well-polished mahogany Steinway piano stood. There was enough room for a whole band and an area for dancing if one were entertaining. To the left of the room was a well-stocked wet bar and a wall length entertainment center. The unit housed every state of the art component, including a 70-inch hi definition television. Various plants and shrubbery also accented the room. Brett made an audible gasp, obviously stunned by the dwelling that lay before her.

Long arms circled around her waist and a low seductive voice trembled in her ear. "Welcome to my home, sweetheart." Kissing Brett along her neck, Tori was discovering that this was becoming one of her favorite spots on Brett's body. If I get so turned on by just her neck, what am I going to do when I am up close and personal with the rest of her. I am going to need to be resuscitated before we even get started. But boy is it going to be worth it. Snapping out of her thoughts, Tori asked. "So what do you think?"

Brett swallowed, "Tori, this place is indescribable. How on earth did you find it?"

"I just went through a realtor. This place just went on the market. Louis Clayton, the famous architect, designed it for Martin Vanderburgh and his family. They moved to the West Coast when Vanderburgh Technologies was relocated."

"Oh Tori it's...beyond words."

"It not too much is it? I mean... you like it, right?" Tori was concerned that Brett was just being polite and might not like it. Maybe it wasn't too late to find another place she thought. May be she just needs to see the rest of it.

"Do you want to see the rest of it? do you want to eat first?" Tori inquired nervously scratching her head in confusion. Why did this seem so much easier in my head Tori pondered.

Brett realized that she must have been making Tori nervous again. Her tall friend was starting to look a little tense. This really means a lot to her, Brett. Tell her how you're feeling instead of acting like an awe struck idiot. Brett chastised herself.

Taking Victoria's hand in hers, "Honey, I'm just so overwhelmed by this place. It's so beautiful and so romantic. I've just seen the living room and it's already the most amazing room I've ever seen." She nodded her head for emphasis. "I can't imagine what the rest of the place is going to look like. The thoughts alone of what I might like to do in front that fireplace are a little more than I can handle." A blush raced across both Brett and Tori's faces. "I absolutely love your home, honey." Reaching up, she pulled Tori down for a very intense kiss. After a long drink of each other, the two reluctantly returned to their conversation. "Mmm...and yes. I would very much like to see the rest of it." Brett took Tori's hand and headed in the direction of the hallway to the left.

To the left of the living room was a hallway. The first entrance to the right was the grand dining room. Large windows ran across the length of the room. Custom-made mahogany cabinetry ran along the wall and continued into the kitchen. This room allowed for a buffet or a sit down dinner if desired. A beautiful hand crafted mahogany table with sturdy high back chairs allowed for seating a large number of guests.

A partial wall separated the dining area from the kitchen. Matching cabinetry with the dining room covered the walls in the kitchen. Black marbleized granite covered the counter as well as the island in the center of the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances were strategically placed to accommodate the most demanding of cooks. There was even a well-stocked climate controlled wine closet. Hanging over the oversized island is a large array of cookware and a monstrous venting hood that would make world-renowned chefs drool. The island held a Jen air oversized stovetop and grill. Built into the island were two double deep sinks and ample room to make many a culinary feast.

Off of the kitchen is a smaller room, which could be used for more intimate dining in the morning or the evening. In addition, gorgeous ornate windows grace the room. This room faces the east so the sunrise can be enjoyed in the early morning.

Off the kitchen was a door that led back into the hallway giving you access to another wide hallway to the right. This leads to two sets of French doors. Behind them is the gym area where an indoor pool, Jacuzzi, hot tub, and sauna were located. Across the room to the far-left hand corner sits a spiral staircase. The staircase ascends upward to the second level of the gym which holds nautilus equipment, a treadmill, and an elliptical machine. A bicycle can also be found there. A work out mat lies on the far right hand side of the room facing east. This allows Victoria to watch the sun come up in the morning while she meditates. This room overlooks the park.

A door off the second floor gym leads to the upstairs balcony. From there you can look down into the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Going down the balcony are doors to the right that lead to various rooms on the top floor. The first door on the right is the master bath outfitted in alabaster marble and granite. The bathroom contains matching sinks, a toilet and a bidet, a large glass shower with sauna, a large Jacuzzi tub with a granite ledge surrounding it. On the ledge are every kind of candle imaginable, along with a variety of oils and fragrances.

A hall off the bathroom leads to two huge matching walk-in closets.

As you continue down the hall, you enter the bedroom. The rich high polished wood floors of the bedroom are covered with expensive Turkish wool rugs placed in various places around the room. To the right is a wall length shaker dresser unit with a built in vanity. A long bench sits in front of the vanity, allowing two people to use it. Two sets of large French doors run along the front of the penthouse to the north. In the summer either sets of doors can open to accommodate room for sitting on the balcony. Between the two sets of doors is a Mahogany mission style sleigh bed. The bed is made up with flannel sheets and finished off with a damask goose down mattress and bedspread. King size duvets and pillows rest on top of the bed. Two mission style nightstands with brass lamps are placed at each side of the bed. Silk sheens flow down softly from the ceiling, past the back of the headboard. Romantic silk treatments adorn the overhead of the bed and the two arched windows above the French doors. This gives the bed a feeling of being in the clouds. A large chest lies at the foot of the bed holding extra blankets and pillows. A mission style table and chairs sit to the left of the French doors and bed. Two comfortable loveseats sit perpendicular to the gas fireplace that is against the left wall. A beautiful picture of two lovers hangs over the mantle. Another entertainment unit stretches against the south wall of the bedroom.

Going out of the bedroom into the hall are two sets of spiral staircases flanking each side of the penthouse. These bring you back down to the lower level. As you walk down the hall, you come upon the doors to the penthouse elevator on your right. Press P2 allows access to the second level of the penthouse. Continuing down the hall there are four more guestrooms on the left accompanied with their own full baths. To the right are the servants' quarters, where Maggie, Gaston, and Gibeau live when they are with Tori twice a week. Or on weekends when they are needed. They have their own separate entrance that leads to the emergency stairs and the penthouse elevator. This allows them privacy when they are off duty. Going down the spiral staircase back on the first level, is a section that holds the large family entertainment room on the right south side. The room is complete with a ping-pong, pool, and air hockey table, a large screen T.V with a VCR, DVD, Playstation and Nintendo sets, a fully stocked bar and refrigerator, and a few vintage arcade games as well. In the corner of the room is a jukebox, which is updated regularly. +++++++++

Across from the family entertainment room is Victoria's office on the left of the hall. As you enter the room, the first thing you see is rich mahogany wood panels and a beautiful mahogany executive's desk. Tori could look to her right and see the sunset from her desk. There are burgundy leather chairs facing it. Behind it a mahogany wall unit with file cabinets and bookshelves with glass doors. Against the eastern wall to the right is a burgundy leather couch with a coffee table in front of it. It had two side tables and brass lamps on each of them. On Tori's desk are her computer and telephone. A fax/printer/copier sit in an area behind the desk.

Leaving Tori's office and turning left, you found the library on the left side of the hall. The library has built in mahogany bookshelves around the whole room. A fireplace is built into the opposite wall as you went in. To the far right hand corner a door leads to the emergency exit in case the elevator is not working. In front of the fireplace are three large camel colored leather chairs and sofas. Two mahogany tables sit on each side of the larger couch in front of the fireplace. A large leather ottoman is placed in front of the leather couches so you could put up your feet and read in front of the fire. Behind the couch a long Mahogany conference table waits for researching projects or holding meetings.

Leaving the library and proceeding down the hall, you find yourself back in the living room.

Victoria has a fine collection of valuable paintings and sculptures throughout the penthouse. The pieces were hand chosen by her and her sister Jessica throughout the years. Jessica runs the arts and antiquities division of Hull enterprises in San Francisco.

Jessica Hull in a word was adorable. She has chestnut brown hair with blue green eyes like their father. Her personality is infectious. She's a bit of a free spirit. When she comes into a room, one could not help but be drawn to her energy. She has a way of making people feel comfortable immediately. They feel like they know her and could trust her. This skill allowed her to persuade people to agree with almost anything Jessica would propose. She was always off on some adventure searching for the meaning of life and the perfect work of art. She has an incredible eye for beauty and is a very gifted artist/sculpture herself. Many pieces in the Hull homes are creations of the very gifted Jessica Hull. Victoria adored her sister. Even though Tori was a few years older than her, they had a very close loving relationship. Tori was a kind of mother figure to Jessica since their mother had passed away when they were very young. In the past few years, Jessica has made a name for herself and is well on her way to becoming a well respected figure in the art world. One thing that was always impressive about the Hull children, was how well balanced they all were. Due largely in part because of the importance their father placed on family.

During the tour, Brett and Tori discussed various pieces that were picked out for the penthouse. Every room melded into the other perfectly and yet each room created an atmosphere of its own. By the time the tour had ended, Tori was feeling more reassured that Brett truly approved of her home. A silent wish in Tori's heart hoped that Brett could eventually see herself residing at the penthouse. But that was a long way away. They had a few steps yet to walk before they had that discussion.

"Well that's it. I'm sure you must be famished and dead on your feet by now?" Tori asked.

"You know it's been such an amazing 24 hours. You would think that I would be tired. But I'm really not. I'm on such an adrenaline high, that I'm afraid if I go to sleep all of this will have been a dream."

Tori reached over and drew Brett to her. "Well," kissing Brett on the forehead. "If you're dreaming, then I'm dreaming... and I prefer this world so much more than the one I'm used to." Bowing her head, she searched for Brett's lips to reaffirm that in fact this was reality. The passion immediately began to rise to almost uncontrollable heights.

Pulling back, Tori spoke. " you have any idea what you ignite in me." Tori licked her lips to taste every drop of the kiss that they shared. "We have got to make our way to the kitchen soon or we'll never make it at all." Tori answered a bit breathlessly.

"Sure honey. But before we do...." Brett was still reeling from the kiss she received and wanted more. "I'm sorry. But I have got to have another one of those." Without warning, she pulled Tori's head towards her and set off another earth shaking kiss.

When the planets aligned again, Tori rushed out. Grabbing Brett's hand, they made for the stairs. "That's it woman! You had your chance at sustenance. Right now, you are gonna march your sexy self up those stairs with me." Stopping abruptly, she turned to Brett with an evil grin on her face. "Just so you know, I refuse to be held accountable for my actions. I plead complete insanity when it comes to you." Tori was about to continue towards the stairs but changed her mind. "Better" Tori bent over and lifted Brett over her right shoulder this time turning in the direction of the elevator.

Brett was screaming. " Tori, honey please let me down. I promise I'll be good. I don't want you to hurt yourself. Besides, I do believe you promised me an incredible omelet. I just want to have all my strength so I can explore you thoroughly, baby. So I can run my hands across your soft supple...ouch!" Tori slapped a very tempting derriere.

"If you do not cut that out... we won't even make it to the bedroom, Miss Montgomery." Tori warned.

Just as Tori was about to step onto the elevator a voice called out. "Victoria Amanda Hull.... What on God's green earth do you think you are doing with that poor girl?" Tori stopped in her tracks while a very embarrassed Brett Montgomery looked up.

TO BE CONTINUED. Installment Three

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Impulse: Book Two