Impulse: Book Two


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"
The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

"This is Book Two in my series called Impulse.

If you haven't read Book One: AFTER ALL IS SAID, you might want to start there."


Copyright 2002 by Mezzo All Rights Reserved

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Tori woke from the most restful sleep she had had in years. Looking down, she held in her arms the most precious person in the world to her. Brett nestled tightly against her with the most angelic look on her face. Tori laughed to herself remembering the night they shared. "Well maybe not so angelic. But certainly blissful. I do so love you Brett." She snuggled even closer lost in the warmth that was shared between them. She was interrupted from her quiet indulgence by a soft knock on the door. Looking over at the clock on her nightstand, a smile came to her face. Slowly, she slid her body out from under Brett trying not to wake her. Truth told, Brett was a very heavy sleeper and wouldn't wake up for awhile. At least that's what Tori had remembered. To Tori's surprise, a little whimper came from her sleeping angel.

"Shh...It's okay honey...I'm just going to the bathroom...It's still very early." Tori bent down and laid a sweet kiss on Brett's check. She lingered there for a moment to enjoy the sweet aroma that was all Brett.

Without any further protest, Brett slid further over to Tori's side of the bed trying to capture any body heat that Tori had left behind.

Tori's smile not only covered her face but filled her eyes as well. Seeing Brett in her bed made her feel like she had finally done something right. All the lonely nights spent trying to forget her need for Brett had all been chased away. The only cure for what ailed her was truly going to the source of all she desired and loved. Time sometimes had a way of painting things better in the imagination than they were in reality. In this case, time had actually dulled the true perfection of what she shared with Brett. What they shared now was even better than anything Tori had remembered. Last night she vowed that never again would a moment pass that was not shared with her life, her love, and her soul; Brett.

Walking over to her closet, she grabbed a long crme satin negligee. Tying it tightly around her sleek body, she went to the bathroom. After brushing her teeth and splashing some cold water on her face, she smiled at her reflection. "So this is what happiness looks like. It looks good on you Tori girl... It definitely looks good on you." Gone were the dark circles and faint worry lines around her eyes. "You know if I could bottle this, I could make a fortune. But I'm not about to share my Brett with anyone." Smiling like a love struck teenager, she went to open the door of her bedroom. Standing at the door was a very patient and jovial Maggie.

Tori brought her finger to her mouth to motion Maggie to be quiet. Closing the door to the bedroom, she quietly led Maggie down the hall a ways so Brett wouldn't hear them.

When they finally stopped, Maggie quickly turned around and captured Victoria in a bone-crushing embrace.

"Well Tori I truly don't think I've ever been prouder of you than this moment. I've watched you running around absolutely clueless for so long that I was beginning to think it was a permanent condition." Maggie stepped back and gave Tori a very satisfied smile.

"Well gee... Mags... thanks for that ...I think." Tori was a little embarrassed. Yet, she was so happy that she didn't care if the whole world knew it.

" You're very contented this morning, aren't you? I have always known that you and my sweet pea Brett had a special bond. Your mother would be very proud. She always adored Brett. She thought Brett was such a special little girl and would make someone very happy someday. A heart of an angel and the face of a cherub. One day she'll capture someone's heart and they'll feel very special indeed.' Dominique would always say. I wonder if she knew that person would be you, Tori. I know wherever she is, she's watching and smiling down on you."

Tears filled Victoria's eyes as she thought about what Maggie had said. "You know Maggie? I would not be a bit surprised if she had a hand in this. I truly have never known such joy. It's the most incredible feeling in the world."

Maggie gave Tori another hug. "I know dear. I know. Well you little romantic, Monsieur Chartraneau is waiting for you, as well as a few deliveries downstairs. I don't know how you were able to arrange all of this. But I guess that's why you're the future CEO of Hull Enterprises. Huh?" With a wink, they made their way to the kitchen.


Brett awoke to a barrage of scents that beckoned her out of her peaceful sleep. Still not fully conscious she felt a soft coolness rub across her cheek. The scent was definitely familiar. "Hmm... roses. Definitely roses." A smile was slowly forming as green eyes fluttered open. The face that lay before her was one she could spend a lifetime waking up to. They had had an emotion-filled night but after all was said and done; they came out of it even stronger.

Tori had a peach and white variegated long stem rose in her hand. She was running the delicate flower across equally delicate and fragrant skin. Lowering her head, she captured soft inviting lips. They lost themselves in a moment that could possess them forever. The kiss finally came to an end when the fire ignited was about to burn out of control. Not wanting to be distracted from her course, Tori reluctantly broke away.

"Good morning my love...Did you sleep well?" Tori inquired. Kissing the rose bud, she offered the blossom to Brett.

"Mmm...yeah." Brett replied stretching out like a cat. "I don't think I've slept this happily or soundly in years." Brett accepted the bud and brought it to her nose. Enjoying the fragrance and amazed at the beauty of this perfectly shaped flower. "Oh Tori, this is wonderful. I have never seen a more perfect rose. I'm positive I've never seen this variety before." Her heart warmed with the token of affection that Tori offered her.

"Well there's more where that came from, sweetie." Tori made a show of the room and watched as Brett's eyes widened in amazement. In front of her were dozens and dozens of roses. Every shade and variety lay before her. Tears threatened again. Brett sat up, turned and threw herself on top of Tori. She showered Tori with an endless bombardment of kisses.

"Oh baby... Thank you ... Thank you. Thank you Honey... No one has ever done anything like this for me before." Brett kissed Tori again. This time exploring her mouth with a slow wanton need.

Knowing that this was soon going to reach a point of no return, Tori reached deep inside to gain some control.

"Love, I really want to lose myself in you. But I've got another surprise and I'm afraid it won't keep." Tori sat up bringing Brett with her. Propping up the large pillows against the headboard, she motioned Brett to take her place amongst the billowy comfort she created. Leaving Brett on the bed, she went to the balcony outside the bedroom and rolled in a sumptuous feast that was straight out of a culinary magazine.

Tori made a show of playing the perfect maitre d'. With a linen cloth thrown over her left forearm and an inviting smile, she proceeded.

"Mademoiselle.....this morning I have arranged for you, a meal that is suitable for the perfection that you are." She gave Brett a wink and watched as Brett eyes sparkled with excitement.

"First of all, I had the roses flown in for you from the Dutch Netherlands. So fresh are they, that the dew of the morning still lay on their petals. Secondly, I had wild berries and tree ripened oranges delivered to our door from the California State."

" Of course, none of this would be complete without the renowned Chef Louis Chartraneau. He has graciously prepared for you, a mouth-watering feast. Croissants so light and flaky you would swear they melted upon contact with your palate. Crepes so thin, yet exploding with flavor. Believe me when I say, you have never tasted the likes of it." Tori pointed to a covered dish. She lifted the cover to reveal the crepes she described. "Inside the crepes is a mouth watering wild berry compote that is a perfect balance between tart and sweet." Replacing the cover, she went to the other side of the cart and presented another dish.

"From a farm in Canada, I have flown in the most amazingly cured Canadian bacon, fresh laid eggs, and the creamiest freshly churned butter you have ever tasted. With these ingredients, Chef Louis has created an Eggs Benedict that would turn even you into a traitor." Tori bent down and tapped Brett on the nose, then stole a quick kiss eliciting a happy squeak from her companion. Tori smiled and gave Brett a quick wink.

Continuing on she returned to her presentation. "In this pitcher, you'll find fresh squeezed orange juice with just the right amount of pulp. Once you have sipped of the juice from these gold rimmed flute glasses from Austria, my dear, you will swear that the juice of a hundred oranges somehow managed to be contained in just one glass."

Reaching under the table, Tori pulled out a breakfast tray. Going towards the bed, she unfolded a linen napkin and deftly laid it on Brett's lap. Unfolding the breakfast tray, Tori placed it in front of Brett. When she was finished, she stopped to steal another kiss. Tori's heart spilled over with joy. The happiness she saw reflected on Brett's face and eyes was worth every bit of the effort. Tori pledged to make a lifetime of such efforts to fill her and Brett's days. "Oh what a life it is going to be." Tori thought as she arranged a plate for her and Brett to share and filled a flute glass with juice. She turned on the CD player and turned on Haydn's "Water Music." Taking her place beside Brett, they spent the next few hours savoring every morsel. Finding new and inventive ways to enjoy Hollandaise sauce, wild berry compote and freshly squeezed orange juice. They were sure it would take days to extract the scent of oranges from their skin maybe even weeks. But what a lovely glow they would have in the mean time.

TO BE CONTINUED. Installment Seven

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Impulse: Book Two