Impulse: Book Two


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"
The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

"This is Book Two in my series called Impulse.

If you haven't read Book One: AFTER ALL IS SAID, you might want to start there."


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Sated and saturated, the two lay in quiet surrender wanting nothing more than to languish in contented peace.

Tori ran her finger along the fine hairs on Brett's arm, every now and then kissing the top of Brett's blonde crown. Tori didn't want to break the spell but knew she had to. "So are you going to tell me about this party at your parents this afternoon?" She had been invited but had completely forgotten about it.

Brett looked up at her lover and sighed, "I'm supposed to be at Mom and Dad's at three o'clock. Actually it was supposed to be a brunch at one. But as you can see, I'm not going to make it." She sat up to look at the clock. It was 12:45. "For the life of me, I can't seem to drag myself away from you." Turning back to face Tori, Brett captured Tori's lips again. "Mmm...I know it's short notice, but do you think you would like to come with me?" Brett tensed up. She really didn't want to have this moment end, but her grandparents had come to visit and she really had to see them.

Tori was at war with herself also. The thought of not being with Brett was so painful her chest tightened. Lifting Brett's face to meet hers, she lightly rubbed her nose and lips against Brett's. "You know there is nothing I would like better than to spend the day with you and your family. Unfortunately, Ian is coming over tonight to strategize. We're negotiating a big contract tomorrow and it's essential that we be on the same page." Tori wrapped her arms tighter around Brett, not wanting to break their connection just yet. "This weekend has been the most wonderful experience I have ever had. Although it's breaking my heart to let you go, this weekend is only the beginning. I plan on spending lots and lots of time with you." With that, the two childhood friends lost themselves in a heartfelt embrace knowing after all was said, it truly was just the beginning for them.

Brett tucked her head under Tori's chin and let out a sigh of contentment and frustration. "I know baby but the thought of being without you, even for a minute, is just so painful. I know that you and I have always shared a bond. Somehow, it just feels stronger. It's like my heart and soul depends on you...... craves you. I can't imagine a moment without you. Do you know what I mean?"

Tori thought about what Brett was saying. That's exactly how I feel. "I know honey, I feel it too. But what can I do? It's already almost one and you're folks are going to be really upset if you don't make an appearance."

"I know they will, especially since Grandma and Grandpa Montgomery are here from Florida." Brett's grandparents retired in Florida, after getting tired of the cold weather in the Northeast. Brett was always very close to them and she had grown up with them when she was young.

"Grammy and Grampy M are here. Wow I haven't seen them in years. I always loved them. Especially Grammy. What a character." Tori laughed remembering Brett's grandmother.

"They would really love to see you. Oh honey, isn't there anything you can do? I don't want this weekend to end just yet." Brett's eyes were filling with tears and she knew she was being a little clingy but she really didn't want to be away from Tori.

The look on Brett's face broke Tori's heart and there was nothing she wouldn't do to put a smile back on Brett's face. "Let me give Ian a call. Maybe I can go over to your parent's for a few hours and then meet Ian at our house in the Hamptons instead of him coming here. That way Pamela will be happy as well. She hates when he works on the weekends. Marcus adores being with his Daddy and the baby is a bit sickly. So him leaving them on a day that is meant for family, doesn't really sit well with her. Let me see what I can do." Tori picked up the telephone beside the bed and made the call.

"Hey Ian...Whoa, what was that?" Tori heard a screeching yell in the background from Marcus, along with a wail from the baby and a frustrated roar from Pamela. Ian sounded frazzled and Tori knew it was definitely a bad time.

"Oh Tori...listen this really isn't a good time. I just told Pam about our meeting tonight and it hit the fan. I've really got to go...I'll see you tonight." He was just about to hang up when he heard his sister.

"Wait... Ian wait...Look. I have to go to the Montgomery's house this afternoon and I was thinking I would just meet you at the house tonight. That way you will not have to upset the family anymore and I can spend time with the Montgomerys. I'll just bring my briefcase and a change of clothes for tomorrow and we can leave together for the office in the morning. How does that sound?" Tori hoped that this would help relieve some of the tension.

"Oh sis, I owe you one. I can't tell you how much that helps me out. I thought I was going to have to sleep in the guestroom tonight. All right it's 1:00 right now you'll probably get to the Montgomery's around 3:00. How ‘bout we get together around nine or nine-thirty. That way I can help put the kids to sleep and I can have an hour alone with Pam. We don't need that much time to go over the contracts, do we?" The relief in Ian's voice was evident.

"No. All the preliminary stuff is worked out. It's just a matter of presenting a united front. Do you know if Dad is sitting in tomorrow?"

"Yeah he is. But he wants to stay in the background. He's leaving everything up to us. You know he mentioned he was going over to Uncle Gordon's. You'll see him there. We'd go too, but the baby's really been at it." Ian was a great dad but sometimes the pull between his family and business was a little hard to balance. Overall he did a great job. But there were times when one or the other suffered. "Nine thirty's not too late is it? We can meet earlier if it is?"

"No that's fine, I'm a bit of a night owl and a early riser kinda gal. Don't ask me to explain that. It's just the way it is. Listen I've got to go. I'll see you later." Tori hung up and immediately tried to concentrate on making another call. While she had been talking to her brother, Brett had decided to save time and start to change. She watched Brett look through her drawers and pull out a sweater and panties that she could wear. Allowing the towel to fall haplessly to the floor, Brett began to get dressed. Tori watched absolutely mesmerized as Brett slowly put on piece by piece. Tori licked her lips watching Brett finish and make her way back to Tori by the bed. Tori took Brett's hand and brushing her lips against her knuckles while she waited for Gibeau to pickup. Feeling totally lost in the scent of Brett, she didn't realize the party on the phone had pickup.

"Hello ...Hello can I help you?...Hello is anyone there?" Gibeau could hear someone breathing.

"Ah...Oh ...Um...Hey Gi, It's Tori. I hate to bother you buddy, but Brett and I have to go to the Hamptons. Yes. The heliport. No, staying there...I'd like to get there by 3:00. It's 1:30 now...Excellent, 30 minutes out front. Thanks Gibeau, I appreciate this...I know that's what I pay you for but it is Sunday...Well, thank you anyway...See ya in a bit." Tori hung up again and looked at Brett. Totally embarrassed for being caught watching her.

Brett had a look of absolute love on her face. She never thought she would ever have Tori back in her life again. But here Tori was watching her get dressed and putting her needs first again. It made Brett feel like all her dreams were handed to her in this one beautiful woman.

"Everything's set." Tori smiled and nodded affirmatively.

"Well let me call my folks and tell them we're on our way...." Brett was about to reach over and grab the telephone when a long slender hand stopped her. "You know Brett.....that sweater looks great on you." It was a wool cable knit cream-colored turtleneck sweater and Brett wore it over her jeans. With a light smattering of make up and her blond locks brushed back behind one of her ears, Brett was a perfect image of a wholesome cover girl. "You look absolutely beautiful. It will be very hard to keep my hands and eyes off you. Especially when I know you're wearing my panties. I can't tell you what the thought of that is doing to me." She took Brett in her arms and ran her hands down Brett's well-formed buttocks.

"Mmm...well I can't tell you what the feeling of wearing your panties is doing to me. I guess you'll have to wait until I give them back to you later on." Brett saw Tori swallow and watched as a look of unbridled lust graced her face. Knowing this would set off another round of wanton discovery, Brett thought it best if she ran for the door at that moment.

Tori's libido was throbbing out of control and her heart was racing a mile a minute. Oh boy Tori. She sure has your number. You had better make sure you take your vitamins cause you are definitely going to need them. Tori watched Brett run off. Oh you can run but you can't hide baby. Tori grabbed a pair of 501s and a Black turtleneck sweater similar to the one Brett had on and slipped on a pair of loafers. Looking through her closet, she grabbed her gray pea coat and a garment bag with a suit and shoes for tomorrow's meeting. Everything else she would need she had at the house and office. Looking in the mirror, she ran a brush through her hair and freshened up her make up. O yes. Happiness sure looks good on you. She grabbed her things and met Brett at the elevator. It was now 1:45.

TO BE CONTINUED. Installment Nine

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Impulse: Book Two