Impulse: Book Four


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"

The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

"This is Book Four in my series called Impulse.

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*** Please be warned: There are a few painful hurt/comfort and violent scenes for Tori and Brett in this book. You might need a hanky or two and/or a moment to breath. So please be forewarned.***


Copyright: All characters in this story are from my own imagination. Any resemblance to characters living or deceased is purely coincidental. If anyone is interested, certain places and locations in this story are fictional so don't go out and try to find them. I would hate for you to be searching for them and being disappointed because they didn't exist. Copyright © 2002 by Mezzo All Rights Reserved

Sexual Content: This story involves intimate loving relationships between two women as well as other kinds of loving relationships. At times, these relationships can be rather explicit in nature so if you are under 18 or this kind of fiction is illegal where you live please find another story for your reading pleasure.

Violence: There is a little bit of violence scattered throughout the series. Although it deals with various issues whether domestic battering, sexual in nature, etc, I have tried to use them sparingly.

Language: I don't really swear a whole lot in my own life so my characters tend not to also. Although a slip here and there is very possible as well as use of words that may come out in describing many intimate situations so please be warned and I won't blush if you don't.

Hurt/Comforter: Oh yeah, there is definitely that. Life situations that pull at the heartstrings but please be patient all will definitely be well. The opening scene in Book One is a big one dealing with a loss of a parent and book four has a few scenes that may disturb some, so pleased be forewarned.

Special Thanks: : I would especially like to thank my soulmate, K.J. for without your love. I would truly never know what it is like to spread my wings. Your love constantly sets me in awe. I would also like to thank my new found friends and family at the various sites and their webmasters, who have supported me these past months and who have welcomed me with open arms onto their sites. Also to the many readers who have taken the time to write me and those who have joined Mezzo's Melodramas. I would also like to thank my dear Wendy, R.M., J.M. and C.C., your support through out these months has been truly amazing, Thank you for being in my life and accepting and loving my quirky self just as I am.

Comments/Feedback: This is the forth book in my series Impulse and any comments and positive feedback are welcome. I hope my work entertains and my characters give you as much pleasure as they have given me. I am truly thankful that they allow me to peak into their lives on a regular basis. I myself never know what is going to come next until it truly happens. This is going to be a series of parts and I hope to submit my installments on a regular basis. Thanks again and I hope you continue to join me through the melodrama.

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Victoria was sitting at her desk fumbling with her pen. She had been on the telephone for the last hour trying to resolve a problem in their Paris office.

In perfect French, she tried to convince her vice president in Paris to back away from a deal he had been working on. "Jean Pierre, as I said, we can not come down that low on this. If they want to go somewhere else, let them. I don't care how long you've been working on them. You shouldn't promise things you can't deliver." Tori was getting irritated and would soon need an aspirin.

"I don't care what Chartrand can do. You mark my words. Six months down the line they'll be knocking at our door begging us to take them back. There's no way Chartrand can deliver at that price and still give them proper customer service. I know how they cut corners. And believe me. We'll still be around long after everything has caught up with them." Tori took a sip of her coffee and looked up as her assistant Jordan dropped a FedEx package on her desk. She covered the receiver and whispered. "Thank you."

"No problem boss. That's what you pay me for." Jordan smiled and went to fill Tori's cup again.

Tori picked up the package while Jean Pierre ranted and raved. He is such a whiner. "Yes that's true." Tori had no clue what he was saying but her response was obviously appropriate.

Tori read the label. It was from Wilkes Detective Agency. That was fast. Good work Sam! Tori openned the tab and pulled out a manila folder. It was labeled: Jenna Carlisle- Confidential. Tori had asked her private detective to do a thorough investigation on Brett's ex-girlfriend. After four years, the math professor had decided to show up and Tori was very wary of the woman's intentions. Four years ago, Jenna Carlisle had lost all control and beat Brett unconscious. Brett had been in a coma for a few weeks and had to undergo extensive mental and physical therapy after the incident. Tori was not told of the incident at the time. Brett had refused to press charges only asking that Jenna get the proper care needed to help her overcome her problems. Tori was fuming when Brett told her what had happened between her and Jenna and the executive swore she would rip the woman apart if Jenna made the mistake of coming back into their lives. When Jenna finally showed up a few days ago at one of Brett's book signings, Tori held back her rage only because Brett had asked her to. Tori wasn't sure if she would be able to again if Jenna refused to stay out of their lives. Tori was almost hoping that Jenna would give her an excuse to "beat the crap out of her".

Tori had just about enough of Jean Pierre's sniveling and had given him more than enough time to wallow.

"So you are saying we can't do business with them." Jean Pierre knew not to push Victoria. He had done so in the past and regretted it.

"Oui, Jean Pierre. I promise you. They're either bluffing or they'll come back to us. Eventually." Tori was anxious to read the file in front of her and wanted to put Jean Pierre's issue to bed already.

"How bout if…"Jean Pierre, though a smart man, could be very arrogant at times.

"I said no!! Enough!!! I warned you about this a month ago and you still pursued it. Now you have to face the consequence. Nes pas?" Tori had had enough.

"Oui! Nes pas. I understand. I am sorry. Ou vois, Victoria." Jean Pierre sighed and knew he had disappointed Victoria Hull once again.

"It's okay Jean Pierre. But let us not keep repeating these same mistakes. Ou vois.." Tori hung up the telephone and pulled the file closer.

Pressing the intercom to her secretary's desk, she spoke. "Barbara….Hold all my calls for the next hour."

"Yes, Miss Hull. Is there anything else that you need?" Barbara had worked for Tori for the last four years along with Tori's assistant Jordan.

"No Barbara. I'm just going over a file and I'm going to need a moment to look through it." Tori was thankful for her staff. They made life so much easier for her.

"Yes Miss Hull. If anything comes up I'll have Jordan take care of it."

"Thank you Barbara. I appreciate it."

Tori sat back in her chair and flipped open the front cover of Jenna's file.

"Okay Miss Jenna Carlisle….. Now just what are you up to?"


An hour later, Tori was sitting behind her desk looking out the window of her office. She had a picture clutched to her chest and tears were running down her face. Sam's report was very thorough. Jenna had come from a wealthy family. They had used their influence to cover up Jenna's run-ins with the law. She had quite a colorful rap sheet and would never have been hired by a university if they knew some of the things that Jenna had done. She was arrested for possession of narcotics, disturbing the peace, assaulting an officer, destruction of property, soliciting of prostitution and domestic violence. Most of which had occurred before the age of eighteen.

The one that captured Tori's attention was the charge of domestic violence. The words rang through Tori's head like a hammer pounding away at her brain. She had read through Jenna's folder and was almost at the end when she came across photographs. At first she had not recognize the subject until she read the attached report. It was the police report of the night that Jenna had beaten Brett. Tori felt like she was being sucked into a vortex. Her heart pounded as she felt all the energy seep out of her.

"Why?" Tori felt a wave of devastation crash over her as she let out a gut wrenching scream. The tears flowed and her body shook.

When Brett had told her what had happened, her recounting hurt both of them at the same time. She hadn't gone into that much detail. But it was enough. It had been so painful for her. Tori remembered the night they had made love and woke to find Brett in her arms. Their lovemaking had uncovered some unresolved feelings that Brett still harbored. This revelation had caused a very painful yet very necessary moment to pass between them. Brett had accused Tori of not being there to protect her and the older woman had felt much guilt for not being the shield her childhood friend needed to fend off the inflicting pain. But words could never fully describe what the author had endured. It was not as telling as having it captured in living color. Tori could barely look at the photos, but forced herself to so she could fully understand what her precious love had gone through.

"My baby. My dear sweet Brett." Tori could taste the bile that surged from her upset stomach and ran to the bathroom.

Her stomach wrenched the contents of her breakfast and barely made the bowl as it came rushing forth. Tori rolled up some tissue and wiped her mouth, collapsing on the cold tile floor in anguish. The tears came again as Tori cried and cried as the images continued to flood her mind of Brett lying on the floor unconscious, of her in the examining room, and pictures of her in her hospital bed. She could hear Brett scream and feel every bone-crushing blow. She thought about the woman she held in her arms at night. How she lovingly explored every inch of Brett's body. How she worshipped and caressed it, wanting nothing more than to be lost in the love that radiated from the pure perfection that lay beneath her. Tori not only loved the body, but the soul, and the spirit that lay within. She couldn't imagine a world without Brett. And her whole being was drawn to her like a seed that breaks threw the flakes of earth to feel the sun's rays. The bruises were now healed and no physical signs were left. Thankfully. But what must have Brett suffered in order to heal and pick up the pieces of her tattered life?

Anger now swelled at the thought of Jenna Carlisle. Tori wanted to destroy her. For every ounce of pain that she had caused Brett, she wanted to bury her in an ocean of agony. What had given her the right to do that to Brett? To anyone for that matter?

Tori got up from her position on the floor and looked into the mirror. A wave of guilt now poured forth as she stared at her reflection in the mirror.

"And you…. what did you do?" The tears came again and Tori slammed her hands hard against the granite sink.

"She needed you and where were you? While you were off making a nuisance of yourself around the world, she was fighting for her life." Tori spit into the sink as she bit into her lip.

The first thought Tori had was to run away and never turn back. The old feelings of not being worthy of Brett returned and Victoria bowed her head in shame. "Fight Tori, fight." Screamed the voice in her head. Tori lifted her face again to look into the mirror. I won't walk away this time. Tori had made a promise to Brett and she intended on keeping it. She knew if she walked away now, both her and Brett would be devastated. What they shared was real and no one in the world would take that away. Not their past. Not their present. And most definitely no one in their future. They would be together if it was the last thing Tori ever did.

Tori went to the closet and took out a washcloth. Running it under the cold water, she wiped her face and neck. She dried off, ran a brush through her thick locks, and straightened out her clothes. She put on a fresh coat of make up and tried to conceal the blotchiness of her skin from crying. But it was impossible.

She went back to her desk and finished up the report. The report confirmed Jenna's medical status. It talked about her childhood and her illness. How the trauma of her childhood had left her with the inability to decipher right and wrong, having an unrealistic view of reality, and an inability to cope with stress and pressure. She had worked through all of these issues in the past four years. Her therapists were now convinced she had the tools to be a productive member of society. She had made great strides and all her doctors agreed that Jenna was ready to return.

To all accounts, that is how it seemed and much to Tori's regret, she had to accept that Brett was right in getting Jenna the help she needed. In Tori's mind, Jenna should have been locked away and never allowed to see the light of day.

"Brett…" Tori pictured her lover's face and all the tension left her body.

"How can you be so forgiving?" Tori thought about their childhood. The countless days that they had spent together on the beach, alone in their rooms, imaginary places that they would go and discover. Those days seemed so far away and yet were so vivid in her mind. Brett's little hands when they were infants, picking her up when she had first learned to walk, sharing an ice cream cone and laughing uncontrollably at something inconsequential. They had so many of these little moments and even now after only a short time, they had shared some of the best moments Tori could remember having in years. It is how Brett had always been. She had a way of making things more intense. More real. More satisfying. She possessed an inexplicable way of making you want to live life as if every moment was a precious commodity. Her heart was as pure as a first winter storm. And yet her passion burned as hot as the center of the sun. She lived fully, loved fully and forgave fully. That was the person that Tori loved. That's why after all these years and after everything she had experienced, Tori continued to love Brett like no other.

"Well if Brett, who has every reason to hate Jenna, can forgive her… can I." Tori turned to the last page of the file and read Jenna's current information. She sat there shaking her head for a moment and quickly closed the report.

"Damn! So much for forgiveness." Tori quickly grabbed her purse and coat. Threw the file into her briefcase and headed out the door.

"Barbara… Gibeau. Have him bring the car around. Cancel all my appointments this afternoon. Tell Jordan that I'm leaving for the day. I'll be back tomorrow. If anyone needs to get hold of me, I can be reached on my cell. Thanks." Barbara turned to see the back of Tori's head flash by. She jotted down everything that Tori rattled off and called Gibeau first before notifying Jordan.

TO BE CONTINUED. Installment Two

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