This is a story of two people finding each other.  They belong to me, I guess, but since they have no names I can't even call on them again if I wanted to.

This is my first attempt at writing.  I have spoken English all my life and never realized how hard a language it is to write.  I wish I would've paid more attention in school.<g>

I want to thank a certain Bard and her Beta.  Without your help I wouldn't have been able to create my own "Reunion" of souls.  Thank you so much.

BTW if anyone reads this and wants to tell me what they thought, I can be reached at


Welcome Home



I knew the chances of meeting her were pretty good. I mean, we were staying at the same hotel.  Our paths would have to cross eventually. I didn't expect her to come to me.  I answered a knock on my door and there she stood. God, I've missed her. You see, we were becoming the best of friends but then I did something so stupid it scared her off. I fell in love.

"Hi, are you ok?" I heard her ask from somewhere faraway.

With a jolt, I came back from my trip to the outer limits. "Umm, yeah, guess I zoned out there. Sorry."  I stammered. I could do nothing but stare at the floor. Suddenly I felt her arms around me in a comforting hug.

She whispered, "It's good to see you."

It felt so good to be held. I've been alone for so long. Reality finally took hold... I had to stop. This is not fair to her. Pushing her away, I was able to get out, "I've missed you." An awkward silence followed. What could I say? I knew I had to say something. I felt like an idiot staring at the floor. I could feel her eyes on me, searching.  I lifted my eyes to look at her, opened my mouth and her voice came out. What?? Was I so far gone that I had started to sound like her? No, wait a minute. She was asking me something. I wish I knew what it was. Maybe if I stand here long enough she'll....

"Do you want to go and have a drink?"

I heard her that time. Thank God for blank stares, they work every time. "Yes?" I squeaked, hoping this was the correct response. She smiled, turned and started down the hall. "Are you coming?" she called. I closed the door behind me and, with a goofy grin, joined her. Maybe being the village idiot is the way to go.

Over drinks, we caught up with each other's lives. Well, I caught up with hers. All I could say was how sorry I was. She didn't seem to hear me. It didn't matter, I was happy to just sit here, look at her and listen.

It was getting late as we rose to leave. I didn't want this to end. Have I mentioned how much I've missed her?  We walked back to my room. Before I knew it, we were outside my door. I wish the floor would open up and swallow me. Man, I've done it again. I missed what she said. I have to pay more attention. "I'm sorry, didn't catch that. You know, traveling again." I grinned. She laughed. I'd never heard anything more beautiful.

"Are you going to ask me in?" she repeated.

I opened the door and followed her in. I don't seem to be able to go first with her. Village idiots can't do that you know. Now what? Must everything be so awkward?  I never realized there was carpet on the floor. What do I find so fascinating about the floor? I feel small hands on my shoulders pushing me to sit on the bed, still looking down. This time it's my shoes that hold my attention. Oh, my God! She is straddling my lap. I finally look up into her beautiful green eyes.

"What are you doing?" I whisper.

She holds my face in her hands and my eyes with hers as she breathes, "This." Right before our lips join I hear her say, "Welcome home."

It's so good to stop traveling and finally be home.


The End.

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