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There`s sex and violence ahead.


By Midgit

Part 1

Xena looked up to the heavens and tried to see Gabrielle`s bear. The bard was asleep, her head resting on Xena`s right thigh. The two weary travellers had arrived in the clearing a couple of hours before. Xena had unsaddled Argo and Gabrielle sarted to unpack their gear. `No, leave it,` the big warrior said. "C`mere." Together they sat, their backs against a fallen tree.

They talked for a while, drank some wine they had purchased in a small village a day or so before. It didn`t take long for the younger woman`s eyes to start closing. Xena felt the bard relax against her and moved her gently down so her head could rest on her thigh. The warrior played absent mindedly with the fine hair at the girls temple, brushing it back from her face. She bent over to her and whispered, "It`s a big dipper."

Xena gently lifted Gabrielle`s head, laying the bard carefully on the ground next to the log. She then went in search of wood for a fire. She knew she should have done this earlier, but the closeness of Gabrielle was too precious. A few minutes later she had a good blaze going and was spreading the two blankets on the ground next to the fire.

She went back to the bard and gently lifted her in her arms. Gabrielle instinctively snuggled into the warmth that was her warrior as she was carried to the blankets. As she lowered Gabrielle to the blanket her head fell back, revealling an incredibly kissable throat. Xena held her breath, expecting the bard to awaken. Instead, as she settled on the blanket she turned onto her side, pulling an arm under her head.

Xena crouched next to her beloved bard and pulled the hair away from her face. "Do I deserve you?"

As she watched the firelight dance across her beloved`s face she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. She closed her eyes,taking in a deep breath, the tingling sensation descending down her spine. When the blue eyes opened again a mischiefous sparkle accompanied a wry smile.

"I wonder."

The warrior knelt beside her bard and pulled her gently onto her back. She unlaced the boots, pulling each one off carefully. A glance at Gabrielle told her she still slept.

She began to reach across to the bard`s top, but stopped. Standing a few feet away she removed her armour, arm bands, greaves and boots. Now, dressed only in her leathers, she returned to the sleeping girl. Slightly shaking hands reached for the laces of Gabrielles shirt. The laces undid easily, as they always did, the warrior mused.

Xena spread the shirt wide across the bards arms taking a moment to savour the sight of this beautiful woman.

Her woman.

The moon was, by now, high in the sky, and the moon goddess was kind to her chosen one, bathing her with a silver glow. Xena resisted the temptation to grasp the perfect breasts, instead she put a hand on each of Gabrielle`s shoulders, pulling her to a sitting position. Gabrielle`s head fell forward onto her shoulder and Xena turned her head, nuzzling into the soft golden hair. With Gabrielle`s head resting against her shoulder Xena pulled the shirt down her arms, throwing it to land on top of her armour next to the fire. Putting her hand behind Gabrielle`s head she slowly lowered her back to the ground.

Suddenly the bards arm shot out and a small hand grabbed Xena`s wrist. Xena`s head shot up expecting to see the green eyes of her lover staring at her quizically.

But no, the bard still slept. With infinate slowness the warrior prised open the small hand encircling her wrist and lay the arm across the bard`s stomach. She then reached for the leather belt of the Amazon skirt. That soon lay open, revealing the exquisite thighs of the bard. Xena lifted Gabrielle`s bottom and pulled the skirt from beneath her.

Xena stood and viewed her handywork. `Last, but not least.` She said to herself, looking at the undergarment which was the final barrier between her and her bard. She reached for her breast dagger.

For a moment she hefted the small blade in her hand, running her thumb along the shining blade, remembering how she came by it. With a small smile she again knelt beside the girl. Pulling the cloth away from the bard`s hip she carefully cut through the material, repeating the process on the other side.

Gently rolling Gabrielle onto her side she removed the garment, throwing it on the steadily growing pile of clothes.

Xena walked around the bard, surveying her latest victory. Gabrielle lay before her, naked, vulnerable, beautiful and hers. She knelt again and, licking her lips slightly, kissed the bard gently. The kiss was returned, and deepened. Xena felt the familiar wetness begin between her thighs. Her right hand cupped the bards left breast, her thumb rubbing across the already swollen bud. "My bard," she breathed into the girls open mouth. Xena`s head snapped up, looking into the face of her love. A smile tugged at the warriors lips as she bent her head and ran a series of kisses down Gabrielle`s throat and on to the breast that wasn`t being kneaded by a large hand. She took the swollen nipple between her teeth and felt the bard arch into her. Xena heard the girl`s breathing becoming heavier and she suddenly felt a small hand entwine itself in her hair. "You awake?" Xena waited, no answer.

The warrior could wait no longer. She slowly trailed her tongue down the bards taught stomach until she met the golden patch of curls at the juncture of her thighs. With her hands she spread the lips of Gabrielles sex, finding a wet warmth, as always. After one last look at her love`s face she lowered her mouth to her goal, taking the hardened nub gently between her teeth. Pushing Gabrielle`s legs futher apart she manouvered herself so she could push harder into her bard`s centre. Bringing her right hand beneath Gabrielle`s left leg she inserted a finger into her bard, then another, then a third. Gabrielle was, by this time moaning, but still asleep. But even in sleep she was matching the rythm that Xena was setting.

Xena felt the muscles round her fingers start to tighten. With a rush Gabrielle came, arching her back and tightening her thigh`s against Xena`s shoulders. Slowly the small body relaxed, the breathing became steady. Xena looked up and crawled up her love`s body, trailing kisses as she went. She fixed her mouth on her bard`s. Then, taking a small naked shoulder in her hand she began to wake the still trembling girl.

"Gabrielle?" no response, just a sigh of pure pleasure. "Gabrielle, come on wake up, I have something to show you."

Slowly the green eyes opened. "Xena?" Gabrielle put a hand to her head. "Xena?" The little bard looked around her and back to her lover. "What happened?"

"I just won a bet."

"What bet?" Gabrielle knew something had happened, she wasn`t quite sure what, but she was sure she had enjoyed it.

"You remember, I said you could sleep through anything." Xena was smiling now, laying down on the blanket next to Gabrielle. "Well, you just did."

"You just made love to me, didn`t you?" Gabrielle was sitting up now, looking down at her own glistening thighs reflecting the moonlight.

"Yes I did, it was wonderful." Xena put both her arms behind her head and smiled up at the puzzled bard. Then she reached out her arm. "Come on, lets get some sleep now."

"I dunno if I should, what else could I miss?" Gabrielle fitted herself neatly into the side of the big warrior, resting her head on the powerful shoulder. Her arm snaked round Xena`s waist, her leg across her thighs. Xena pulled the other blankets across them and reached over to throw a couple of logs onto the fire.

"Don`t worry, you won`t miss anything again, I promise."

With that she kissed the top of Gabrielle`s head, pulled her closer and drifted into a warm comfortable sleep.

Part 2

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