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Day Three. Sunday

Part 1.



Dani flopped onto her back. Her mouth was dry and her head was pounding. The fact that she hadn't rolled right off the bed and onto the floor told her she wasn't at home. And she hadn't hit the wall, which meant she wasn't in the caravan.

No. She was in a double bed. A big double bed.

She struggled to remember the night's events. She remembered Nigel, and winced. Dani reached out nervously, quickly ascertaining that she was alone in the huge bed.

Finally, she managed to open her eyes. She peered up at the dimly lit ceiling above her, concentrating hard on the light shade she saw in the centre. She swore it moved across the ceiling, and closed her eyes tightly, as the room seemed to tilt.

"Water," she groaned, pathetically.

Still with her eyes closed, she eased herself to a sitting position, and waited long moments for the room and the bed to stop spinning.

There were lace curtains covering the window, and the silvery light of a full moon shone through, illuminating the room. The window was slightly open, and the curtains billowed gently.

Her eyes tracked slowly to the door, and she slid her legs off the bed and onto the plush dark blue carpet. She saw her jeans neatly folded on a chair, and tried, unsuccessfully, to remember taking them off. She slipped them on, not knowing who she would find beyond the door.

Shaking her head, which Dani immediately regretted, she made her tentative way towards the door.

Dani pushed it open, and instantly recognised the lounge of Chris' bungalow. She remembered the bar, and that there was a fridge behind the bar. She badly needed a drink of something, and grasped onto furniture as she made her way across the room. The light from the fridge made her wince, and she waited a moment while her eyes grew accustomed to it. But then she made out a carton of orange juice through bleary eyes. She fumbled with the seal, and then looked around for a glass. Finding a large pint sized one, she poured herself a generous amount of juice.

It was bliss as the cold liquid slid down her throat, and she was almost breathless when she drained the glass. She poured some more, and then returned the carton to the fridge, before pushing it closed.

She saw the large sofa, and crept towards it, wondering if that's where Chris would be. The tall woman wasn't there. She started a slow and wobbly walk around the bungalow, finding another bedroom, a kitchen and the bathroom, for which she was grateful. But there was no sign of Chris and she was beginning to wonder if the brunette had left her here and gone back to the mainland.

She saw the open patio doors, the curtains here billowing softly as well. Pushing them aside she stepped out into the slightly cooler night. The stone slabs were cold beneath her feet, but she didn't notice. Her attention was rooted on the sleek form of the tall, slender woman soundly asleep on one of the padded sun beds.

Dani sat on the neighbouring bed, and placed the large glass quietly on the ground. She tilted her head slightly to take in the vision before her.

Chris' lips were slightly parted. Long dark eyelashes fanned out across the silky skin of her cheeks. One arm had fallen to the side, her fingers brushing the ground, the other was resting on her stomach.

Dani reached out for the hand nearest to her, closing her own around it and feeling it wrap unconsciously around hers.

She heard Chris sigh deeply and looked up to see pale blue eyes flutter open.

"Hi," the blonde whispered.

Chris stared at her for a moment, her eyes almost transparent in the silvery moonlight. Her brow furrowed, and then realisation dawned. "Hi," she responded. She looked down at their linked hands, and then back up at Dani, a dark eyebrow raised in amusement.

"I woke up," she said, reaching down for her glass of juice with her free hand.

"So I see," Chris scrubbed at her face, pushing dark hair out if her eyes. "How do you feel?"

Dani sighed after taking a mouthful of juice. "Pretty awful."

Chris gestured towards the glass. "You mind?" she asked.

"'Course not," said the blonde, handing her the half-filled glass.

Chris eased herself to a sitting position, and sat facing Dani. She looked at her watch; it was a little before five in the morning. "You should go back to bed, try to sleep. 'E' can knock the stuffing out of you."

"I can't believe he did that," Dani said, shaking her head. "I can't believe I was so stupid either."

Chris bit her bottom lip, wondering whether to say what was on her mind. "Dani," she began, looking down at their still-joined hands, and rubbing her thumb across the knuckles of the blonde's. "Why were you so upset?"

Dani's face creased into a frown. "Upset?"

She closed her eyes. "Okay," she began again. "Why didn't you wait for me at the pub?"

"You were with someone else."

"And that upset you?"

Dani was quiet, lost in the intense blue eyes of the woman sitting opposite her. "Yeah, it did," she whispered.

"What do you expect from me, Dani?" Chris asked.

"Nothing," Dani said quickly.

Chris smiled, ducking her head when Dani looked at the ground between them, trying to see into the blonde's face. "Hey," she said quietly. "Look at me." She waited until green eyes found her own again. "I don't want anything to happen here that you're going to regret. I don't want you to expect more from me than I can give you."

"I don't know what you mean."

"What I mean is, on Monday you'll be going home." She waited a beat. "And I'll be staying here."

Dani laughed a nervous laugh. "I knew that," she said defensively.

"Well, that's good." She lifted her free hand, cupping Dani's face. "I don't want to hurt you, Dani. And your reaction to Nancy tonight tells me I might just do that."

The blonde opened and closed her mouth a couple of times without making any sound.

"Come on," said Chris, smiling. She stood, pulling the shorter woman up with her. "We can talk about this more in the morning. Let's get you back to bed."

She led the unresisting woman through the moon lit bungalow to the bedroom, watching as Dani pulled off her jeans and slid beneath the sheets. The blonde hadn't said a word since leaving the patio.

Chris turned to leave. "I'll be in the spare room if you need me." She had reached the door when she heard Dani.

"Please," was all the small woman said.

Chris turned back.

"Please stay here," Dani pulled the sheet back, inviting the brunette into the bed.

"Okay," said Chris softly, and slipped out of her jeans and the huge white shirt she was wearing, leaving her in her underwear and the white tanktop she wore beneath the shirt.

"Thanks," said Dani, who grabbed one long arm and snuggled up against it, falling asleep almost immediately.

Chris chuckled to herself, before closing her eyes, and joining her lovely companion in slumber.


It was the phone ringing that woke Chris sometime later, and she was up and out of bed, and heading for the lounge before she was fully awake.

"Hey, boss," said the voice.

"Oh, Christ," said Chris squinting at her watch.

"It's alright, I opened up." The young man on the other end chuckled. "Are we going to see you today?"

Chris slumped on the sofa, combing long fingers through tangled ebony hair. "Is everyone in?"

"Yep, we're managing." There was a pause. "Just wanted to make sure everything was okay."

"Thanks, Paul. I'll try to look in later."

"Sure, boss. See ya later." His voice was replaced by the dialling tone.

Chris tossed the handset onto the sofa, and leaned back. It was just before mid-day, and was hot again, but on the horizon she saw a few clouds gathering, and the wind was picking up, causing the curtains to billow forcefully into the room.

She sighed to herself. She knew she should be waking Dani, taking her back to the mainland and getting back to her responsibilities.

She stood and walked quietly back to the bedroom. Dani was sleeping soundly, and she reached over to pull the sheet up over the small woman. She stood for a moment, looking down at the silent form.

When she'd first arrived in Bournemouth this had been a regular occurrence. A woman she'd known barely a day or so, asleep in her bed. However, this summer she'd finally come to realise how unfulfilling that was. She had a reputation, she knew. And many were disappointed when she'd say goodbye at the end of an evening, slipping into the night, leaving bodies tingling in expectation in her wake.

She laughed to herself, remembering one or two furious females that had confronted her the following day in the pub. She was a flirt, and she knew it. She made no promises, and gave no excuses.

But as she watched Dani sleep, she knew she couldn't do that to this sweet girl. The memory of how the blonde's body felt beneath her hands caused her to draw in a shaky breath, and she quickly walked out of the bedroom and into the lounge. She knew she wanted Dani, more than she'd wanted anyone or anything for a long while. And Dani was no child, she must know the result of a liaison with her. Her private argument raged on. Would it hurt to give this girl one afternoon of pleasure? The blonde surely knew that that was all they would have. She could take her places she'd never been. Show her how love is really made. And then send her home.

"Dammit!" she cursed, slamming her hand against the doorframe.

It was warm still, even though the storm clouds were gathering on the horizon, and Chris guessed they were in for quite a storm. But she knew it would freshen the air, and closed her eyes, enjoying the gathering breeze that wafted through the open patio doors.

Dani awoke to the sound of rain on the window, and eased herself to a sitting position. It felt slightly cooler, and she shivered. She was relieved to find that she felt a lot better than when she'd woken earlier, but disappointed to find herself alone in the large bed.

This time she didn't put on her jeans as she went in search of the brunette, pushing the door of the bedroom open. Again she found the lounge empty, but this time she found Chris' large white shirt discarded on the sofa.

She picked it up, and paused momentarily before slipping her arms into the sleeves and pulling it around herself. It came down to her knees, her hands not emerging from the long sleeves.

The patio doors were open, and she looked through the billowing curtains to the large garden beyond.

Chris was standing in the middle of the sloping lawn, the fine summer rain plastering her hair to her head and face. She was wearing a large white t-shirt and a pair of yellow shorts.

Her arms were stretched out to her sides, her head thrown back.

Dani found the sight absolutely entrancing, and watched as Chris turned in a slow circle, letting the warm rain hit her face.

Dani stepped out onto the patio, feeling the wet stone beneath her feet. The rain was persistent, but almost gentle, and she immediately felt it as it ran down the back of her neck, quickly plastering the shirt and below it the tank top to her skin.

She watched blue eyes fasten on her, and the glistening face of the brunette crease into a grin.

"I've always loved the rain," Chris said, as she took a slow walk towards the blonde. "Especially a summer storm."

Dani stepped off the patio, a different sensation of wet grass causing her toes to squirm.

Chris had stopped, and waited until the shorter woman was within arm's length of her. She reached out a hand, taking Dani's and pulling her close. She felt her guest's arms circle her waist, and bent her head to nibble at Dani's lips.

The rain fell harder, and both women jumped as a flash of lightning lit the storm-darkened sky.

"Is this safe?" Dani breathed into the warm mouth claiming her own.

"Probably not," said Chris, leaning back and smiling down at her. "Do you want to stop?"

The blonde's answer was to take handfuls of wet, dark hair, and pull the smiling face down to her own. She felt hands, slick with rain, ease beneath the shirt she wore. Felt the damp material pulled away from her overheated flesh, and replaced with the cool hands.

Those hands rested on her hips for a moment, then traced a path up towards her breasts, cupping them beneath the cloth.

Dani gasped into Chris' mouth, the sensation of her nipples straining against the now-heavy material. Then the hands were gone, and the shirt was being pulled from her shoulders and thrown towards the house. She was eased to the ground by insistent hands.

She felt the wet grass against her shoulders, and a long body settling half on top of her, half on the ground.

And through the manoeuvre, Chris had not once relinquished Dani's lips. She looked up into Chris' flushed face as the woman leaned back slightly to better see the body beneath her hands. Dark hair hung in thick tendrils, water running down from her face to land on the blonde's.

Chris slowly pushed the hem of the tank top up, smoothing her hand across the quivering flesh of Dani's abdomen as she did. And she ducked her head as the firm breasts were revealed, taking an already taut nipple into her mouth.

Dani arched her back, her mind overwhelmed by the hot mouth and gently nipping teeth. She surged against the firm thigh that was planted between her legs.

Thunder rolled across the sky, and the rain fell harder still. The centre of the storm was upon them.

Chris was pushing up on her tank top, and Dani raised her arms so that the small item of clothing could be removed. And then the blonde was winding her fingers in ebony hair as Chris latched on to her breasts once more.

"Oh, God," Dani breathed, as Chris pressed her thigh harder against the blonde's centre. And then she was frantically pulling at the hem of the blue-eyed woman's t-shirt, needing to feel the long body against her own. The shirt hit the ground with a sodden splash.

Dani's hands fluttered across the firm back, feeling the rain as it pelted the backs of her hands. She raked short nails across the damp skin, hearing Chris growl deep in her throat at the touch. One large hand reached down, and eased beneath her underwear, lifting her buttocks slightly from the wet ground.

The mouth left her breasts and she opened her eyes to find blue ones studying her intently. The thigh was still pressed against her, and Chris' hand now rested on her hip. She felt wet hair being smoothed away from her face, and then those same fingers traced her lips.

"Beautiful," whispered Chris, hypnotised by the full lips, which parted as she flexed her leg slightly.

Dani ground against Chris. "Please," was all the blonde could manage.

Chris ducked her head, forcing Dani's back down against the grass, claiming the soft, swollen lips. Her right hand moved from Dani's hip, long fingers delving beneath the sodden underwear, finding the heat of the blonde's need.

Dani bucked beneath her at the first intimate touch of Chris' hand. She no longer heard the thunder or saw the lightening. She knew nothing except the expert fingers, stroking and coaxing. Drawing her pleasure slowly from within. She felt Chris' mouth on her neck, sucking at the rainwater that gathered in the hollow of her throat. Her hands grasped at the wet grass, pulling it and its roots from the ground.

And then she was screaming into the rain, her voice lost in the rolling thunder. She felt strong arms gather her up, and the world spun and found herself resting on top of a warm body, her head resting on Chris' breast. She lay quietly for a moment, the heart beneath her ear beating as quickly as her own. Dani lifted her head, looking into half lidded blue eyes.

The rain was easing, and Chris looked beyond Dani to the clearing clouds. "We should go in," Chris said, her hand gently caressing the blonde's back.

Dani tilted her head up and kissed the brunette's chin. "Thank you," she whispered.

Chris smiled. "Come on," she said, and nudged Dani off her, before getting to her feet, and reaching down and pulling the shorter woman up. She put an arm around the blonde's shoulder, and felt both of Dani's arms snake around her waist. Resting her cheek on damp blonde hair, she guided them both into the bungalow, stooping to pick up discarded clothing as she went.

The thunderstorm left cooler air in its wake, and both women shivered as they entered the bungalow.

"Just a mo," said Chris as she disentangled herself from Dani, and walked quickly across the room before disappearing around a corner.

Dani stood there, hugging herself against the chill, feeling the cold water running down her body. She looked down at the floor, realising she was creating a damp patch on the carpet, and stepped back towards the patio doors.

"Where are you going?" asked Chris as she returned with two large towels. One was draped around her own shoulders, the other she wrapped around the shivering blonde. "There," she said, rubbing Dani's arms and back, pulling the smaller woman close to her body.

"We're getting the carpet wet," said Dani, closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation of the soft towel, and the strong hands on her.

"So?" asked Chris. She took the blonde's hand, and led her towards the bathroom, and a nice warm shower.


Blonde hair tangled with dark, as the two women lay together on the bed. The dark-haired woman lay on her back, her tee-shirt pushed up, both her breasts bared.

The blonde sighed contentedly, snuggling closer to the warm flesh that she used as a pillow.

The brunette smiled, feeling the pressure of a hand on her breast and a warm body snuggled up at her side. Her eyes drifted open, and squinted slightly against the bright sunshine of the afternoon. She looked down, taking in the vision of the hand resting on her body. The numerous rings on the fingers. The red talon-like nails. Then she looked across at the face of the woman, the blackened eyes, the smudged make-up. And the trail of drool that snaked from her breast down to her ribs.

"Melanie!!!" she screamed, causing the blonde to dig those talons into her flesh.

Melanie reared up, pushing against the body of her friend in her terror. She slipped off the bed, leaving the brunette to examine her own body, seeing the outline of the blonde's face left etched on her right breast.

"Oh, my god," said Steph, lurching out of bed, and heading for the bathroom. "I can't believe you did that." She reappeared in the doorway, baring her chest at her confused friend. "Look," she said thrusting herself at Melanie. "You drew blood." And then she was gone, the door slamming in her wake.

Melanie remained on the floor, her brain trying desperately to catch up with the rest of her body.

Day 3: Part 2

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