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Day Four. Monday

Part 2.



Chris broke off the kiss, gasping for air. She cursed the fact that she needed to breathe, so caught up in the intensity of their reunion was she.


She looked down at the small blonde beneath her. Dani was also drawing in huge lungfuls of air.


“Why did you stop?” panted the blonde.


“My brain was about to come out of my ears,” Chris explained, and settled herself back down onto the soft body.


“So?” Dani pulled her down again, smiling lips finding the ever-willing ones of the brunette.


Chris managed to wind her arms around the compact body and pulled her closer, if that was at all possible. She stopped quickly, however, when she heard a gasp of pain from Dani.


“What?” she asked, taking her weight on her arms and peering down at Dani’s face, which was twisted into a grimace.


Dani eased herself to a sitting position, her hands going to the small of her back. Chris was still straddling her legs and looked on in confusion.


Green eyes looked up at her through blonde hair. “I got a little tense today. My back’s in knots.”


Chris’ face screwed up in sympathy. “My fault. I’m sorry.”


Dani shook her head. “Not really. I get this a lot. Sitting in front of a computer screen all day does it too.”


Chris pulled her into an embrace, gently kneading Dani’s lower back. “Maybe I can help.”


The blonde leaned closer to the taller woman. “Don’t tell me, you just happen to be a trained masseuse.”


There was silence from Chris for a moment before she said, “Of course.” She eased herself to her feet. “Give me a few moments.” She smiled brightly, leaving Dani to flop back onto the sofa.


Chris dashed into the small bathroom, hoping that no-one had stolen the small kit she’d put there many months before. It was a Christmas gift, something from one of her staff. She picked up the pack from the shelf and read the words on the box. ‘The Complete Relaxation Kit’.


She chuckled and opened the box, peering inside. It contained a couple of small scented candles, some bath oil, and another bottle. She picked it up, and read the label. It was massage oil. She smiled to herself, and took the package to the bedroom.


Dani was dozing by the time Chris returned. The day was fast catching up with her. She awoke to a gentle hand tracing the shape of her lips, and then a warm mouth replacing the teasing fingers.  “I’m half asleep,” the blonde mumbled.


Chris took her hands and pulled the sleepy woman to her feet. “Come with me. I have something you might like.”


When they reached the bedroom, the scent from the two small burning candles immediately filled Dani’s senses. “You’ve been busy,” she said, as Chris turned her to face her.


“I want you to relax,” the brunette said, as she dipped her head and nipped at very willing lips. “I want to make you feel good.”


At that moment Dani felt very good, and just about anything Chris did would be fine by her. She felt large, warm hands slip under her top and ease it up towards her shoulders. She lifted her arms and felt the material brush her face as the small teeshirt was pulled over her head. Then she was being pulled against Chris again and felt the coarse cloth of Chris’ shirt against her breasts. She felt no embarrassment at her nakedness. She liked the way Chris almost worshipped her naked form. The way the woman’s hands glided across her back and sides made her skin tingle and her hair stand on end.


Then those same hands were lowering the zip on the short denim skirt she wore, and it was falling and pooling around her ankles. White briefs followed, and she stood naked in her lover’s arms.


Dani peered up through fair lashes. “This is nice,” she said, leaning heavily against the taller woman.


Chris couldn’t control her own hands as they smoothed across Dani’s back and then lowered to cup the blonde’s backside. “I want you on your stomach,” she said, her breath moving Dani’s hair.


Dani disengaged herself from Chris’ embrace and turned towards the bed. A huge coral-pink towel had been spread across the bed, and she lowered herself onto it. She rested her head on her arms, turning her head sideways to watch the sputtering candle on the bedside cabinet.


Chris had drawn the curtains, which were thick and kept out what was left of the failing light. She stared down at the relaxed blonde, marvelling at the way the candlelight seemed to make her bronzed skin glow. She tore her eyes from the planes of the girl’s back to see two amused green eyes twinkling at her.


“Aren’t you a little overdressed?” Dani asked, before resting her cheek on her forearm once more.


Chris stared down at her clothed body. “Oh, yeah.” It took her half the time she had taken to strip Dani to remove her own clothes. Then she was straddling the shorter woman’s legs and pouring a small drop of the massage oil into her palm.


Dani uttered a strange sound as Chris’ warm palm first began to knead the oil into her shoulders.


“That good?” asked Chris, as she poured more oil, directly onto Dani’s back this time.


“That’s… wonderful,” said Dani, as she squirmed a little beneath the brunette, her backside lifting a little, causing a jolt of pleasure to hit Chris hard.


Chris really had no idea what she was doing as she now used both hands to spread the oil across the blonde’s back. She shifted backwards a little and turned her attention to the twin globes, which now glistened with a coating of oil.


After about five minutes, Dani lifted herself up on her elbows and peered over her shoulder. She saw a look of concentration on Chris’ face, which brought forth a bubble of laughter from Dani. “Um, Chris,” she said, and waited until blue eyes rose to meet hers. “That’s really nice, but it’s my shoulders that are tense.”


Chris blinked a couple of times and reached again for the bottle of oil. She shuffled forwards again, feeling the slickness of Dani’s hips against the inside of her thighs.


She poured more oil onto the already-slick surface, then spread it across Dani’s back, watching with concentrated fascination the muscles beneath her hands spasm.


Dani was experiencing an overload of feelings. From the slick hands on her back to the oil that seeped into places that made her stomach clench to the feeling of Chris’ most intimate area brushing her backside.


She suddenly had the need for more and managed to turn in the space between Chris’ spread thighs. She looked up at the dark-haired woman and cocked her head slightly to the side. “My back’s done,” she said simply.


Chris remembered to breathe. Then she reached across for the bottle of oil again. Her hands were shaking slightly as she poured the oil onto Dani’s stomach, just above her belly button. She watched as it ran lazily into the blonde’s navel and pooled there. The brunette dipped her finger and drew the oil in a wide arc down to Dani’s hip.


It was at that moment that the bottle squirted out of her hand. It spun once in the air, before landing between Dani’s breasts and depositing its contents across her upper chest and in the hollow of her throat. Chris made a grab for the bottle, but only succeeded in spilling more across the blonde, her breasts now shining in the candlelight.


“Ooops,” whispered Chris as she placed the now-empty bottle back on the cabinet.


Dani glanced down at her own body, then up at Chris. “What are you going to do about it?” she asked, before dipping her own hands in the oil that covered her body. She enjoyed the look in Chris’ eyes as she smeared the oil across her own breasts. Then she reached forward and coated the tall woman’s.


Chris returned the favour, her hands sinking into softness. This was no longer about massage. Tight muscles had been forgotten in the erotic feeling of the oil and warm hands.


Now both bodies glistened in the flickering candlelight, and Chris lowered her body onto the smaller one beneath her. She moved slowly, nestling into the spot between Dani’s thighs. Their breasts slid against each other, and Chris quickly claimed the blonde’s mouth.


Dani pulled Chris against her, placing two oil-slicked hands on the brunette’s backside. Then she moved up to map the strong back and wide shoulders.


Chris had managed to get a hand between them, and cupped a shiny breast, rubbing her thumb across a tumescent nipple.


The two bodies slid against each other, in some kind of erotic horizontal dance. Dani wrapped her legs around Chris, digging her heels into the back of firm thighs. She could feel the oil between them warming, and she devoured the warm mouth of the woman above her.


Then Chris eased herself to the side slightly, only her upper body moving at all as her hips were imprisoned by shorter legs. She felt the muscles beneath her hand twitch as she slid fingers down across a flat navel and through dampened hair. Her hand stayed there a moment, and she leaned back, watching the green eyes glaze slightly.


Those same eyes fluttered closed as her fingers completed their journey, and she slowly eased her head down to rest on heaving, slippery breasts. She listened to her lover’s heartbeat as she drew her passion from her, slowly bringing Dani to a shattering and screaming climax.


Then she lay there, her hand resting on Dani’s twitching flesh until the woman had regained her breath.


Dani pulled Chris’ head up by the thick dark hair, which stuck to her chest and stomach. She kissed her deeply, wanted to convey in that kiss the gratitude she felt. She knew that the woman had awoken the passion in her. A passion she had despaired ever of discovering.


She pushed Chris onto her back and gently spread her legs.


“You’re going to have to be patient,” she said, as she kissed her way down the long body. Resting her chin just below Chris’ belly button, she looked back up at her lover. “This is new to me.”


Chris watched as the blonde gave her one last sultry smile, then lowered her head to the exact spot that Chris wanted her.


The brunette closed her eyes tightly, her hands clenching frantically. For a novice, Dani certainly seemed to instinctively know all the right spots. Chris’ hips bucked as the blonde found yet another spot. Oil-covered hands joined the fray, and Chris reached above her head for the pine headboard, needing something to stop her bucking right off the bed.


And then the lights were exploding behind her eyelids and she was gasping for air. Her back arched, lifting her lover with her.


Dani held on, getting a grip of strong thighs and riding out Chris’ climax.


The blonde finally lifted her head and felt inordinately pleased with herself.


Chris was lying in a sated heap. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as she drew in air; her arms lay limply above her head.


Dani crawled up her body, and settled herself on top of her lover. “Chris?”


“Mm?” croaked the tall woman, as long arms settled around the blonde.


“Are you okay?”


“I’m great.” Blue eyes prised themselves open, and she smiled up at Dani. Then she shifted slightly, wanting the blonde on the bed beside her.


She ran her hand lazily across smooth flesh, spreading the oil that had accumulated in certain places more evenly across her lover. Dani returned the compliment.


They both heard the cell phone ringing.


“Leave it,” said Chris.


Dani sat up. “I should answer - it could be my parents.”


Chris remained where she was, and kneaded Dani’s shoulders.


Dani looked down at her. “I’ll just be a moment.”


Chris turned onto her side and watched her lover walk out of the room to the lounge, where the bag containing her cell phone was. She flopped onto her back and waited for Dani’s return. Her body was still alive with memories of the blonde’s touch. She lifted a hand to her own breast, feeling the arousal there still evident.


Dani walked back into the room, the cell phone still held in one oily hand.


“Who was it?” Chris asked.


“Melanie,” was all Dani said.


Chris sat up, trying to figure out the strange look on the blonde’s face. “So, what’s up?”


“They’re in Scotland,” Dani said, trying to comprehend it herself. “They forgot to get off the train.” She looked at the phone for a long moment. “Oh well,” she said, before tossing the phone into the corner of the room and launching herself into her lover’s arms.

The End


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