Chapter 36

The lithe, lone figure in the dark covered bed moved underneath the covers in a sensuous slither. The first light of day filtered through cracks in the curtains, illuminating the piles of clothes on the floor, the large bed, along with the polished furniture scattered about the room. All of this was ignored, as Bobbi slumbered on. She continued to move about restlessly as the images and impressions played across her subconscious. The old ones of blood, guilt and sadness still lingered, but new ones began to form: the slide of slick skin, the arch of their bodies, the feel of blonde strands sifting through her fingers, the taste of hot, searing kisses that traveled from lips to torso and back again, the thick, musky smell of arousal, sweet, breathless moans, and the feel of silky, damp flesh under fingertips and lips.

These things and more burned across her brain, leaving the doctor's prone form sweaty and needy. Ample breasts rose and fell with each heaving breath, causing turgid tips to strain against the cotton of her blood red t-shirt. Unconsciously, Bobbi kicked at the comforter, pushing it off her body so that damp skin could be kissed by the yielding air. Her body arched, making the t-shirt ride up, revealing a flat stomach that glistened with dew.

The brunette groaned and balled the sheets into her tight fists as imaginary lips branded her with each swirl of tongue on her flesh. A name slipped from her lips, whispered brokenly, hoarsely, "Chelle." Petite untutored hands slipped between wet, powerful thighs and her hips lifted, seeking and begging for more.

Finally, naked flesh met from breast to thigh, moving in an age old rhythm---slow and deep at first, riding out pleasure as it simmered and licked at them. That was until the fire became too much. Moans were replaced by desperate whimpers and hips met in a heated grind, moving faster, harder, and deeper. A name passed the raven-haired doctor's lips once more laced with need and arousal. "Chelle!" Bodies rubbed blindly, inching closer to their white hot goal. Fire flared from Bobbi's hips, radiating outward, overtaking her in hard jerks and a plaintive cry.

The brunette awakened, still shuddering as the pleasure spilled its way through her-- thick and sweet. A shaky hand found its way down between thighs, cupping the dampness encased in brief black panties as if trying to contain it all. She flexed her legs and feet in an attempt to stop the quivering. Pale blue eyes that had darkened to cobalt opened wide as she rode out the waves, biting her lip to keep from crying out.

With the last convulsion, tiredness set in, making it difficult to move or speak. Somehow, Bobbi managed, and in between shallow breaths, she muttered, "Jeez! What was that?!" She ran a shaky hand through her bangs, feeling moist strands curl and cling to her fingers. The fine sheen of sweat covering her body heeded to goose flesh. Bobbi reached for the comforter, pulling it over her as she released her other hand from its warm home. She huddled in the covers, bringing them around her as she angled herself against the headboard, ignoring the nagging light from the curtains and the open bedroom door.

Bobbi continued to stare up at the popcorn ceiling as her thoughts settled along with the warmth pooling in her insides. Surprise set in. It's never seemed so real before, and it definitely didn't end like that! Chelle, what are you doing to me, woman? In the days since the slumber party, the distance between the two women had closed a little bit more. Mere touches had transformed into caresses and embraces where they sat pillowed or wrapped around one another, feeling each other, reveling in each other, and learning each other. Hands ran through hair and sometimes over any inch of exposed skin as if it were the most natural thing in the world. At least, it seemed that way.

Bobbi had gone to bed each night with her body sensitized, wanting, but still waiting. Her hibernating libido had sprung to life slowly, then roared as it awakened the rest of the way, spilling its way into her dreams. Still, there was patience. The same patience that was abandoned in the dream world of the past few nights, leaving her free to touch, to kiss, and to wallow in what she assumed was forbidden for the moment. It's never been this intense waking or sleeping. I can't begin to imagine what the real thing would be like. Her insides jolted at the thought of it as her body continued to hum pleasantly.

I don't hide my reactions from her anymore. I don't think I could anyway. She must notice it—-the goosebumps and shudders. She's gotten so bold with the way she touches me and wraps around me. It's like she's waiting for something from me. Should I tell her how I feel? I can solidify all this with one sentence, but I have to know that she's sure. Until then, I hope these dreams are enough to get me through. Though, this stoic thing may not work for me for much longer. Bobbi groaned and pulled the covers up over her head as she slid back down in the bed. Azure eyes began to droop drowsily. It's worth going back to sleep if my dreams are gonna be like that.


Down the hall and across the living room, Michelle was deep in the vestiges of her own dream. The comforter had long since disappeared leaving her clad in the green pajamas as her body thrashed about.

Placing his paws on the edge of the bed, Taz peered up at his mistress and whimpered at the display.

Visons that had filled her with pleasure: ebony tresses trailing over her skin making nerve endings crackle, and large hands scorching her back, her thighs, everywhere. Those images evolved into something more. "No!" Michelle called out in a hushed whisper as the scene unfolded before her. No longer wrapped in each other, they ended up in a familiar living room, sitting on a familiar couch where many laughs and moments were shared, but somehow, someway, he was there walking toward them in menacing fashion.

The light that usually filled the living room was blotted out by his dark presence. Max. He was here. "No, I beat you!" Max didn't reply. He walked closer with steps that were sure and purposeful. His eyes were coal black and lifeless but his features were drawn with a murderous snarl that seemed to encase his whole body in a deadly tension. The blonde turned at the feel of warmth caressing her elbow. She glanced up into the doctor's features to see anger and protectiveness shining through as clear as day. Michelle watched in horror as Bobbi stood up. She reached up for the brunette's hand only to catch air as the two adversaries neared each other. "No! I can't let him take you!" Her pleas were ignored, but she continued to scream as tears streamed down her face.

In that instant everything slowed, and she saw it appear out of nowhere-—the gun in Max's hand. His snarl turned triumphant as he raised the gun and pointed it toward the doctor's chest. Without even blinking, he pulled the trigger. The bullet traveled in slow motion, twirling through the air as it moved steadily toward its target. "Noooo! Bobbi!" Michelle tried to run toward her friend but her feet were unable to move. She was doomed to watch as the bullet drilled its way into her chest, causing blood to splatter as it burrowed deeper and deeper.

The blonde watched on helplessly as it exited her back in a red gush. Bobbi's tall form crumpled until she was face down in a pool of her own blood.

Green, unseeing eyes snapped open and Michelle sobbed. "No!" before returning to the confines of her dream.

Taz had seen enough. He ran toward the door and nudged it the rest of the way open with his nose. In purposeful, quick strides, he headed for the doctor's bedroom. Seeing the door open, he stopped and let out a serious of high pitched barks sure to get the brunette's attention.

Startled, Bobbi jumped up with a surprise squeal, getting herself further tangled in the covers. She fought with them for a minute before she was free. Pulling her t-shirt down over her exposed stomach, she peered at the Husky. "Taz? What's wrong?"

He turned anxiously and stared across the living room.

Nothing else needed to be said. Panicked, Bobbi broke into a run. Oh, God. I hope Toby's okay, or what if Chelle. . . Thousands of scenarios ran through her mind, except for the one she saw as she stopped in front of the door to see Michelle thrashing and crying out in anguish.

On bare feet, Bobbi padded into the room softly. As a precaution, she glanced over at the crib to see Toby sleeping fitfully. Her gaze was inexplicably drawn back to the bed. The brunette took several stops forward until the blonde came into clear view. Tears lined her face, breaking Bobbi's heart. She remembered the results that went along with the other times that she had awakened the blonde from dreams but dismissed them. She needs me.

Bobbi sat down softly on the edge. Without preamble or hesitation, she reached out a hand, brushing damp bangs away from the blonde's forehead. Michelle's skin was cold and clammy to the touch, causing an extra pang of worry. Small hands were fisted and flailing somewhat, batting at the air as legs moved up and down in nervous gestures. Despite all that, Bobbi scooted closer, leaning over her friend. What's causing you pain, Chelle? With deft fingertips, the doctor wiped away the petite woman's tears all the while murmuring what she hoped was comforting nonsense.

It didn't work.

Michelle continued to whimper. Bobbi switched to more definite words. Leaning in closer to the blonde's ear, Bobbi whispered, "Shh, I'm here now. It's just you and me." She kissed the small, shell like ear and smiled softly when Michelle tilted her head toward a familiar voice. Not wanting to wake the other woman but knowing she needed too, Bobbi spoke louder but still softly, "Chelle, sweetie please wake up. I won't let anything hurt you. I promise." I'd die before I let that happen. The doctor grabbed a waving fist and rubbed the outside of it until her palm opened in supplication. "Come on. I know you here me. Open those pretty green eyes for me."

In the cruel darkness, Michelle could sense the light. Through her dream haze, she focused on it, letting its brightness do away with the images that assaulted her minutes earlier. She dismissed them as old fears, refusing to see the images as prophetic. She was no prophet. If she were, the past few years would have never happened.

Bobbi's voice settled over her like a warm blanket, reminding her of life and of the joys that awaited her in the mere distance of the blink of an eye. She did as she was told. Emerald orbs opened to peer into a welcome face. Relief flooded Michelle, making her heart accelerate. It was just a dream. Only a dream. Without thought, she wrapped her arms around the brunette, pulling herself up until her face was buried in the doctor's neck. Michelle took a deep breath, taking in the spicy scent, memorizing it for the thousandth time. Unable to help herself, she began to sob, "Don't leave me. Please don't leave me." This is where I belong. All you did was remind me of that, Max. I'll never leave this. I hope she feels the same way.

Upon hearing the plea, Bobbi's heart jumped into her throat. She pulled the younger woman into her and crawled up on the bed to make herself more comfortable. The front of her t-shirt was fast becoming soaked, but Bobbi didn't give a damn. Blue eyes closed as familiar warmth stole over her. "I won't, Chelle. I could never do that." Maybe not even if you asked me to.

Feelings of joy added to Michelle's cornucopia of emotions. Some part of me knew that she was going to say that. The realization made her sob more. "Thank you. Thank you."

Worry continued to crease Bobbi's brow. She wiggled, trying to get more of her body on the bed than off. The blonde cringed at the movement. She's leaving already? I don't think I've ever needed her more than right now. "No, stay." Michelle longed to wallow in the connection between them, the heat, and for the first time, she ached to have some one lay beside her.

The doctor stiffened at the request. She had never held another woman, but she was compelled to hold this one. You're the only one I ever wanted to do this with, Chelle. She took a moment to squash any ideas her libido maintained, then whispered, "Anything, you know that." With Michelle's arms still around her, Bobbi reached down awkwardly, grabbing the comforter and pulling it over them. Michelle whimpered as their bodies separated. "Shh, I got you. I'm not going anywhere." At first, they lay facing each other, until the doctor turned on her back, pulling Michelle virtually on top. "Better now?" She felt the blonde nod against her chest then burrow in deeper. Torso's met and thighs touched while legs rubbed. Still, it did not seem forced or awkward. They belonged.

It seemed so right like everything else concerning the brunette. I have to tell her so. "I've never done this with anybody."

The words rumble from the doctor's chest. "I haven't either."

"It feels so. . ." the petite woman added.

"Perfect," Bobbi finished for her. The doctor wanted to purr as the heat from the body on top of her soaked into all the cold places. Large hands traced up and down the younger woman's back offering comfort and fulfilling her own need to touch. You've snuck inside me somehow, Chelle.

"Yeah, perfect." Michelle blinked trying to get her bleary eyes to work. She peered around the dimness at the stillness of the room. "It's so quiet. How did I wake you?"

"You didn't. Taz did. I guess he sensed something was wrong. I came in and you were crying in your sleep."

They both paused and sat up part ways to look for the Husky. He sat by the bed, waiting with what seemed to be a worried look in his eye. Their shared glanced seemed to be enough. He jumped up on the bed and made himself comfortable at the foot of it.

With thankful eyes, Michelle glanced from the dog back to the brunette. "Oh. I didn't know. It's just that. . ."

"Do you wanna tell me about it?"

I want to tell you so much. The feel and sound of the brunette's heartbeat under her ear soothed her but at the same time gave her strength. "I don't know where to begin."

"Where ever you want to is fine." Bobbi rumbled.

Michelle swallowed. "Max was there. His eyes were so dead. I've never seen him like that before. I was so sure that after the last dream I'd figured him out somehow, and now he's back." Michelle paused. "You were there, and h-he hurt you." She shuddered.

Bobbi bent her head and kissed the top of the blonde's head. "It's okay."

Caught in the web of the dream, Michelle heard nothing. Emotions swirled inside—the familiar ones of fear and terror. "N-no, there was blood. I saw your blood. I tried to help, but I couldn't move!"

Seeing that the blonde was stuck in her own world, and noticing the quivers in her body, Bobbi took action. She grasped slim shoulders and shook the other woman. "I'm here, Chelle. Listen to me!"

Coming to her senses, she whispered, "Bobbi?"

"I'm right here." Taking a small hand away from her chest, she brought it to her face. "Right here. See?" She allowed fingertips to trace and caress her features, ignoring the heat it induced. She doesn't need that right now.

Sitting up on her elbows, Michelle gazed into the face she was touching. "You are here. You've always been here haven't you?"

Bobbi smiled and kissed fingers as they traced her upturned lips. "It sure seems that way. Maybe I've been waiting for you."

Maybe you have. Maybe we've been waiting for each other. Beginning to feel lighthearted, Michelle chuckled. "Could be. You sure found me. Didn't you?" Michelle leaned in suddenly, brushing the doctor's cheek with a soft kiss. I want to give you more than that, but I don't know how.

Shocked, Bobbi peered into green eyes that held a mischievous glint. She brought her hand to her cheek, relishing the softness there. "What's that for?" Not that I'm complaining. Kiss me anytime.

"For saving me."

Bobbi smirked. "Well, technically Kev did that, but I can understand if you don't want. . .oof!" She exclaimed at the mock slap against her chest.

"You know what I mean."

The doctor reached up to brush blonde bangs away. Still smiling but slightly sober, she murmured, "Yeah, I know what you mean." As an afterthought, the brunette added, "How you doing? You had me pretty scared there." For a minute you looked like that scared woman I used to know. That worries me more than I care to admit.

"Yeah, I'm okay now. It just all took me by surprise. I think I can even understand why both of you were in my dream now. It's that last little part of me that he still has control of trying to get out, trying to take back everything I've gained. At least, I think that's what it was."

"Mmm, makes sense. You're a very smart woman to figure something like that out." Bobbi peered at the window. "It's still early yet. What do you want to do?"

Michelle tucked her head back in the brunette's shoulder and neck. I just want to lay here forever. "Um, can we skip Billy this morning? I'd rather do this." The heart beat under her ear pick up. It mirrored her own, but she still found herself yawning.

No place I'd rather be, Chelle. "Yeah, me too," Bobbi whispered. She pulled the other woman closer. "We have a couple of hours. Let's try to get some sleep." God, I hope I don't have another dream—-not like the one before. Maybe holding her like this will calm everything down.

Michelle yawned again. "Okay." She let the strong thump of the doctor's heart lull her eyes closed. Soon, Bobbi let the sound of the blonde's deep, even breathing escort her to the Land of Nod.

Raising his head to get a better look, Taz watched them protectively as they slept.


Bobbi jerked awake from a dreamless sleep a couple hours later as a single beam of sunlight shined annoyingly into her eyes. Disoriented at first, she began to recognize her surroundings and the weight against her. They were a tangle of limbs, with the comforter only covering their legs. She glanced down at the cap of blonde hair and smiled as she pulled the woman impossibly closer. Another first, Chelle with you, with anybody. I never knew that waking up with someone in my arms would be like this or maybe it's just you. Contentment and warmth rolled through her in pleasant ripples, making her feel whole. Her arms closed around the blonde completely as a wave of protectiveness washed over her. She lifted up an arm to glance at the Timex. It was time to get up. Instead of moving, Bobbi lay there, soaking up the floral scent of Michelle's hair along with the soft, sweet scent of her body. Ever present nowadays, her libido came to life with a fiery curl in her belly. It was then that the doctor became aware of thighs pressed against her own and the full weight of the blonde's breasts against her torso. Bobbi sucked in a breath. Her heart began to pound. I can control this. I can. She let out the breath that had been sucked in. It was enough to stir the woman on top of her. Sleepy green eyes blinked open. Then focused, as a smile took over her face. She's still here. She stayed with me the whole time. "Hi."

Bobbi groaned inwardly as a larger blast of heat pooled into her stomach, threatening to spill over. "Uh, hey." She swallowed. "You sleep okay?"

Michelle's smile got bigger. "Like a baby."

She's so adorable like this. Bobbi couldn't help but to smile back. "Me too."

The blonde laid one hand over the other and rested her chin there near the slope of the doctor's breasts. The confidence that had been bubbling for days yielded bold words. "This is nice, being here like this. . . with you." She has to know how right this is-—how right I think this feels. Michelle peered into pale blue, watching them darken to cobalt. Before she knew it a large hand pushed its way through her hair. Green eyes closed at the tingling sensation.

Words spilled from Bobbi's lips just as freely as the touches, "Yes. It's very, very nice, being here with you. . . like this."

Michelle's eyes shot open to see sincerity in the doctor's gaze. Nervousness crept up on her. "W-we should do this again then?" Electric jolts traveled up and down her back as the doctor's nails scratched her scalp lightly.

Oh God, yes. "Anytime you want."

The blonde gasped as roving fingers played with the sensitive hairs at her nape. "Uh. . ." Her face flushed in excitement and surprise.

Bobbi took it all in with hooded eyes.

They nearly jumped apart at Toby's cry. A few seconds later, eyes met again. "I, um," Michelle continued. Toby's cry turned into a wail. Bobbi smiled cryptically into green eyes. I haven't seen you speechless in a very long time, my friend, and I have never seen you so flustered. Glad I could do it the right way. The doctor leaned in and brushed the blonde's forehead with soft lips. "Go take care of him. I have to go get ready for work anyway. We can talk later if you like."

Michelle swallowed. "Yes, I would like that very much." Sometimes, she makes it so easy.

They lay there for a minute staring at each other. Bobbi chuckled. "Um, Chelle. I can't get up unless you. . ." She pointed her eyes downward.

"Oh!" Michelle's face reddened more in embarrassment. She moved away hurriedly, missing the press of bodies and the warmth. "Um, sorry."

The doctor snickered again. "No problem." She eased out of the bed then raised her hands above her head in a full body stretch along with sound effects.

Michelle watched in utter fascination, almost blocking out the other sounds around her.

Taz took in the back and forth display with interest. His head canted from side to side, watching each woman.

Nearing the door, the brunette, armed with a grin, peered over her shoulder, "Chelle? The baby."

"Oh yeah, yeah, I got him."

Bad, B. Very bad. "Okay, I'll see you later. Don't forget that we're having company today, but we will talk." Without another word, Bobbi sauntered out the open bedroom door.

Moving slowly, Michelle was once again transfixed but this time by the sight of the brunette's barely covered backside. Heat blasted through her body, leaving everything tingling. "Oh, my." Still staring at the empty doorway, she finally turned to her son. She scooped him up and cradled him against her shoulder. "Sorry, little man. I got, uh, distracted." This gets deeper everyday.

Taz sat down at his mistress' feet. He peered up at her. "Wuff!"

Michelle glanced down with narrowed eyes. "Smart ass."

Janine leaned against the door jab of her open office door. It had taken her just under two weeks to dust, clean, and make the office her own. So this was her father's office. He sure as hell wasn't big on family—no pictures or anything. I know the feeling Bobbi. I know it well. This is the start of me making my own way, and Bobbi has helped me more than I bet she could possible imagine. That's a first for me. No one has ever helped me unless they were getting something in return.

Swallowing down sudden emotion, critical brown eyes scanned the room, going over the highly polished desk that now held her own name plate, a paper weight that was supposed to be a moon rock, stress balls, a lacquered plaque that said 'Nurses Do Everything Better,' as well as other knick knacks. The huge black leather chair had been cleaned a buffed and now stood majestically behind the desk, beckoning for the owner to retreat there. The floor was lined in thick, beige shag carpeting, complimenting the blacks and browns that seemed to take over the room. The still sturdy bookshelves had been added to. The petite brunette did not dare throw any information away. Instead, she placed nursing, updated drug books, and some of her own reading material for when things were incredibly slow.

I'm planning on being here for a long time. I want to take my time getting to know you, Bobbi. Feeling the green scrub pants drooping, she adjusted the draw string, before smoothing the matching shirt back down to cover it. A grin formed on her face as she remembered the way shocking blue eyes had felt on her body. God, it almost burned.

Janine nearly jumped out of her skin when a different kind of fire took hold.

"Nice job. I've never seen that office look like that." Bobbi peered over the smaller woman's shoulder while studying the surroundings. "Maybe this one should be yours." She placed a hand on the other woman's shoulder, squeezing in acknowledgement, but feeling the nurse jump and stiffen. "Hey, didn't mean to scare you. Sorry 'bout that."

The smell of the doctor and the feel of her caused a slow heat to start at the nurse's toes working its way up until it succeeded in being a hot, red flush covering her face and neck. Internally, she trembled, hoping the reaction didn't manifest itself outside as well. The more I feel this the more I know that this is right. She is what I need. "S'okay." Needing to get away and collect herself, Janine husked out, "Um, I'm gonna go check the book for appointments." With her head still hanging in an attempt to hide, Janine shuffled away, but not before she mumbled, "Left something for you on your desk."

Bobbi watched her walk away. "Maybe I should really lock my office door from now on." She seemed to have gotten the hint I dropped the other day, but I don't know. I don't want to end up being rude. That's not who I am now. The doctor let out a deep sigh as she took over the spot that the nurse had been a minute before. She gave the office a second scan. Ah, Dad, I guess this is my way of saying that there is no room for your ghost anymore. I love you, but I'm long tired of trying to figure out why. It was weighing me down just as much as the guilt was. I think, but I'll tell you one thing. I'd do it over again. I'd take care of you all over again just to see that look in your eye and hear you say that you were proud and you loved me. Because, Dad it was the only time you ever did.

Bobbi smoothed a hand over the light weight, red sweater as she turned around, heading across the hall to her office. I've got better things to hold on to now. A smile took over her face where somberness had been before. Much, much better things. Who would have thought it? I'm still wondering how she got inside. Was it those eyes, her strength, courage or her vulnerability? Or was it a combination of it all that showed me who I wanted to be and what I needed?

Absentmindedly, she pulled on her lab coat over faded Levis and sweater and removed the long, full ponytail from the collar before meandering around the large desk. Taking a seat, her thoughts continued to center around Michelle. Memories of the vivid dream and the blonde's soft body pillowed against her assailed the doctor, making her insides quake pleasantly. "Incredible." Max was a sick fuck to not realize what he had in her. All he had to do was open his eyes and look at her to learn to love himself and his wife. Chelle, you have gifted me with so much, and I guess now I want the ultimate gift—- you. It feels so right like this is where we're supposed to go together. I'm almost sure of it. To have you sleep next to me was the most natural thing in the world. There was no awkwardness at all. I want her in every way possible. I need her and Toby even more. It seems so easy to admit now, and I refuse to take it back.

Bobbi reached for the picture of her family. With a sad smile covering her face, she stared down at her mother and brother. Deft fingertips traced Stevie's outline. I wish, Stevie that you got to feel what I do right now that you experienced what I have. Maybe that would have made all the difference to feel something stronger than even yourself. It puts it all into perspective. Maybe that's what you needed. I'm so sorry no one could do that for you. I know what it means to have everything again right here at my fingertips. She glanced down at her open palm, seeing the criss cross of lines and the shadow of blunt fingernails. "And I'm gonna reach as far as I can for it," the doctor whispered.

With quiet command, Bobbi sat in her chair anxious to start the day to get to the beginning of the night. Suddenly, she didn't care what Shelia did or said this afternoon. It all seemed moot in the wake of what she was feeling.


Michelle split her attention between the bouncing baby and the television, which she chose instead of the computer, needing a break from intense words to deal with the intensity in her own life. She wiggled on the blanket covered rug in a last ditch attempt to get comfortable on her stomach. Green eyes shined with pride as her attention was suddenly drawn to Toby who cooed loudly as he bounced up and down on his diapered butt. The infant's blue-green eyes were riveted on something not far away from him. Michelle rolled her eyes in amusement as she spotted the infamous plastic keys. She reached for the keys only to have Toby lunge for them when she attempted to dangle them in front of him. The blonde chuckled, "Whoa, tiger."

Toby acknowledged his mother with a soft grunt and coo before he began chomping on the toy, collecting even more drool on the plain white bib and t-shirt.

Michelle glanced at Taz, who watched them like a hawk despite his continued chewing on the large rawhide bone. Smiling at both the men in her life, the blonde turned her gaze back to the TV where Jo had just insulted Blair for the ten thousandth time. The petite woman's bare feet waved in the air as she laughed lightly at the antics before her. Many missed mornings of "Golden Girls" made her seek out, with the help of the doctor, another source of laughter, "The Facts of Life." Jo was her favorite, at least for the time being.

Her mind wandered during the next commercial break to the inevitable—-to the dark haired doctor. How can she make me feel so safe and on fire at the same time? I don't even understand how that's possible, but it's there. I could almost feel Max breathing on my neck this morning, but as soon as she touched me there was no place for him anymore just like there's no place for that dream. I will not let him back in my head.

Familiar voices from the TV returned, but Michelle's mind was elsewhere. There's so much that I want to tell her, and after this morning, I wanted to shout it out. Is it time? I know something is there between us, and I know she feels it. I finally know, but the big question is how do I go about this? Her heart beat wildly against her chest just thinking about it. Michelle sat up, crossing her black sweat pants clad legs in front of her. She smoothed a hand over her chest, going from the tip of her breastbone to of her out of control heart. What are you telling me? Annie says I should listen to you, but what are you telling me? I want this. The fast pumping organ picked up more momentum. "I need this, and I should tell her so in any way I can." Her heart stopped dead then started up again, hammering against her chest wall. "This is what you're telling me to do?" Michelle whispered, ignoring Taz's blue eyes that stared at her with interest. "But what if I get. . ." Her heart jumped to her throat. "That doesn't matter does it? I have to tell her somehow." I want to wait until we can be alone and still. Maybe after her friends leave. Michelle did a mental double take. Her eyes widened. Oh my God! Her friends! What if they don't like me? I don't know how to act. . . The blonde tugged on the edges of her Bugs Bunny t-shirt. "Get a hold of yourself, Michelle. You're not that person anymore!"

Taz whimpered at the raise in his mistress' voice. Seeing his distress, Michelle called him over with a wave of her hand. He looked at her worriedly until the smile on her face appeared. "It's okay, boy. Just getting some thing straight in my head. I made a big decision just now, and it could change a lot of things."

He ducked his head as she scratched behind his ears. The gesture allowed blue to meet green. "Wuff?"

Michelle gave him a small grin. "Yeah, it has everything to do with her."

As if he understood every word, Taz stuck out his tongue as his mouth opened slightly in a doggie smile. It was a look that shouted, 'it's about time.' At least it would on a human. His curled tail wagged with excited enthusiasm.

The blonde chuckled, "Yeah, I feel the same way with a little nervousness thrown in. It took me a while to see it, boy, but she feels this. I have no doubt about it anymore. I saw it this morning, at the slumber party, and everyday this week. I don't think she can deny it anymore than I can. I hope she knows where to go from here because I don't have any experience to draw from. My marriage is far from the type of reference that I want to use."

Taz growled menacingly before settling down beside her.

"Yeah, I know what you mean by that too." Michelle looked up to see the credits rolling and "The Facts of Life" theme song playing. "Well, good thing another episode is coming on." She turned her gaze to encompass the room that as sorely missing the brunette's presence. "But nothing is the same with her here." The theme song started again.


Anxious to see the blonde again, Bobbi slipped out of her office at lunch time without saying a word to the nurse. Now, she stood over them, with Taz standing by her side, gazing at the two most important people in her life, while they slept. Her heart constricted in a myriad of emotions. Taz nudged her leg, but she already knew what to do. Shedding her lab coat and throwing it over on the couch, she laid down, molding her body to Michelle's from the back. The blonde's slumbering form wiggled closer then she whimpered before settling again at the feel of long arms around her. Do you know it's me, Chelle? I wonder. Bobbi craned her neck to look behind her as Taz cuddled into her side. She smiled and extended her arm to rub the sleeping infant's back.

Bobbi laid there, soaking in the warmth, the belonging, and the happiness that teemed through her system in monster sized waves. I have waited so long to have this, and here it is right in front of me. I was so afraid to hope before, to feel. Now, I can't help myself.

Suddenly, Michelle turned in her embrace, putting them face to face. Bobbi stared into the blonde's relaxed features, seeing the innocence, the pain, and the strength all etched there in the minute lines around her eyes and mouth. In the curve of her friend's lip, she saw something else. There it was the same happiness that was bursting forth inside her. Unable to fight the urge, the doctor traced grinning lips with her fingertips. As gentle as the touch was, the heat behind it caused green eyes to flutter slowly until they finally opened. Their gazes met and the air hummed. Through feeling alone, Michelle acclimated herself to the environment. Noticing the body meshed against her own, she melted into it. A slow flush started up her neck and did not stop until it reached the top of her ears. I could get used to waking up like this. I really could.

Bobbi studied the blonde as discreetly as possible. If she was shocked or afraid of the closeness, it did not show. There was only comfortable silence between them. This is amazing—-truly amazing. Realizing her hand still lingered on Michelle's chin, the brunette attempted to move it only to have it captured by a smaller appendage.

Michelle watched as blue eyes darkened. She could not look away. Wrapping her hand around the larger one, she brought the open palm to her mouth and brushed it with her lips. Her own body flooded with heat at the doctor's resulting shiver. Her heart began a rhythm that was hard and heavy. I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm listening.

Bobbi knew she couldn't keep the surprise and pleasure out of her face nor her voice. "Um, what was that . . .for?"

Michelle's smile was beautiful as it spread slowly across her face. "Just. . ."

"Because?" Bobbi interrupted hoarsely.


"Uh, I didn't mean to wake you. I just. . ."

"It's okay. We were waiting for you and fell asleep. It's, um nice to wake up like this two times in a row."

Bobbi blinked in wonder and continued to glance at their linked hands, "You mean that you don't mind that I'm laying here with you?"

Honesty burned in the blonde's eyes, "No, you're the only that this is okay with." Wanting and needing to feel the softness again, Michelle brought their hands back up to her face. She spread her hand wide on the outside of the doctor's palm, trapping it against her cheek. She sighed, and eyes closed as she reveled in the touch.

"Oh, ok. . .ay." Bobbi let out a shaky breath then lost it completely as her appendage tingled mercilessly at the feel of heated silk under it. God! How much more of this can I take? Breathing turned ragged, and Bobbi did nothing to hide it as green eyes opened to gaze at her.

Oh yes, she feels this, but not now—-when we have more time together. I need to stop this and get a hold of myself. Michelle cleared her throat and took a deep breath. With care, she removed the doctor's hand from her face but refused to let go of it. "Is it. . .is it my turn to do lunch?"

Bobbi blinked several times before the words finally penetrated her muddled brain. I wonder if she has any idea what she's doing to me? If she does, she's gotten a lot bolder than I thought. "Uhm, yeah your turn."

Michelle pulled herself up into a kneeling position then released the doctor's hand with reluctance. "Uh, just to let you know, I took a pork roast out this morning after you left. I hope that's okay for dinner."

Pulling herself together, Bobbi smiled. "That sounds great. We can have some of those fresh veggies along with mashed potatoes to go with it."

"Good, I'll be right back."

The doctor watched her go. She shook her head in disbelief before lying down again. Her hand found its way to Toby's back where it began to rub once more. "Your mother has become an unbelievable woman, Peanut. It makes me want her even more." Bobbi looked over her shoulder at the not so slight nudge she got from behind. "Yes, you heard me right. I didn't stutter."


"I know. I know. It's about time."

They ate in comfortable silence until Toby announced his hunger with a sobbing whimper. They moved from the floor to the couch where Bobbi watched the feeding through contented eyes. Toby tried his best to pry the spoon from his mother's hand, but he only ended up getting carrots on the high chair, on his clothes and in his hair. She chuckled at the sight. "Hey, you sure you're gonna be okay with company? Shelia will probably fawn all over Toby, and I know you might be uncomfortable with that."

Michelle shrugged. "I have to admit that it didn't really hit me till today, but I had a little talk with myself about a lot of things. I'm as ready for it as I'll ever be. This is just another step, right?"

Bobbi smiled and scooted closer. "Yeah it is. Shelia's a little outspoken, but I'm sure you'll like her." And I hope that I'm not ready to kill her before the night is over. She paused, feeling the need to get serious. "Janine, the new nurse, finished with my dad's office this morning." Before she knew it, a small hand reached out to grasp her knee, giving it a comforting squeeze.

Their eyes met and shined with understanding and empathy. "But you're okay with that aren't you?" Michelle asked even though she already knew the answer.

Bobbi chuckled quietly. "You were there. I let loose a lot of demons that day we cleaned out the rooms. I'm sure he loved me in his own way. He just wasn't able to show it until it was almost too late. I've come to terms with that, and I'm not gonna make the same mistakes he did. There's life all around me now with you guys here, and I refuse to ignore it. You're my family now. Medicine means a lot to me, but you guys mean more." I love this—-how we go from heat to comfort and friendship. There are so many layers about us.

Eyes smiled with affection and acknowledgement. "We feel the same way. I hope you know that." And so much more.

Bobbi nodded, "I know. Um, so how are you with the dream?"

Michelle pursed her lips and shook her head. "I refuse to let it get to me. Some part of me is scared of all that I've accomplished, but I won't let that stop me. I think that I've come too far. He's not in my head anymore, Bobbi. I know he's still looking for me, but he's not up here anymore." She pointed at her forehead. "None of them are. I'm everything my mother said I couldn't be, and I never knew it would feel so good, even though I still have a little ways to go. For a long time, even with Max, even when I first came here, I felt locked in my room just like at home where I could get to nothing and nothing could get to me. I don't know that door just opened one day. Maybe it was after I came back from that little trip in my mind, but I felt so different. There's no going back from here."

The brunette beamed at her friend. "God, Chelle, I am so proud of you. I don't think there're words to express. . ." Bobbi schooched over some more and engulfed the blonde in a one arm hug. She leaned her head to the side, rubbing her cheek against fragrant strands.

Pillowing her head against a shoulder, Michelle muttered, "You saying that means so much to me. You mean so much to me."

Bobbi let the warmth course through her. "Same here, Chelle."

For long minutes, their sandwiches were forgotten, but the time wasn't. The doctor glanced at her watch. "Damn, I've got to go." She noticed the blonde's half eaten sandwich. "You gonna finish that? I could take it to the kitchen now."

"No, it's okay. I want to finish my chips, but I'll follow you into the kitchen." I'm not ready for you to go yet.

As she sat at the kitchen table, Michelle held Toby and cleaned him with a moist paper towel while he played with the keys that she had picked up last minute, but her eyes were somewhere else. Taz sat at her feet, lying down but still observing and aware of everything around him.

The blonde searched for topics to fill the silence even if it was comfortable there was a need to hear the doctor's velvet like voice. "Um, this never bothered me, since we usually eat in the living room, but are we going to have dinner in the kitchen?"

Bobbi turned around in the process of drying her hands. "Oh, I didn't think about that." Thinking, her head canted to the side. "Well, the table is pretty easy to dismantle. It could just be taken apart and put in the living room behind the couch. There's butt loads of room back there."

"Okay, sounds like a plan. Why is it that you don't have a dining room anyway? It's a big house."

Bobbi snickered derisively. "No one ever went in there. After dad got involved with his medicine, we all just piled up in the living room on the floor to eat-—all three of us. Ma just ended up knocking the walls out to make the living room bigger. I don't think he even noticed not for a long time anyway.

"Oh, I'm glad you at least had someone growing up."

"Yeah, me too. I'm sorry you didn't."

"Yeah, me too," Michelle added quietly. "But I have you now." And I'm never letting go.

Bobbi padded over and kneeled in front of them. She ignored Toby's gift of the sloppy wet keys and kissed his nose instead. Feeling green eyes burn her, she turned to the blonde and smiled slowly. "Yes, you do, and I have you." Blue gazed into green, and she felt like she could peer even deeper than before, seeing the underlying sadness as well as joy and confidence bursting inside eyes that were almost dead inside months ago. You're so beautiful inside, Chelle.

Bobbi reared up slightly and brushed her lips against the blonde's forehead. Kneeling down again, she saw green eyes flutter open—-a deeper shade than before. She reached out to brush a cheek with fingertips. "There's so much. . ." Bobbi sighed and closed her eyes. "We'll talk later I promise, after Shelia leaves." The hope that flared in emerald orbs made a curl of pleasure sluice through her belly, but that was only because she saw something more, acceptance. She clamped her hands against her own thighs to keep them from reaching out. Is that for me, Chelle? That look?

Michelle nodded as giddiness exploded inside her. "We need to don't we?" I knew it!

Blue eyes sparkled with things still left unsaid. "Yeah, we do." Their gazes held, conveying anticipation, a little fear, eagerness, overwhelming affection, and the heat that seemed to swirl around them as of late. Yanking herself from the spell, Bobbi mumbled huskily, "Later, Chelle."

More than a little speechless, Michelle only swallowed and nodded as she watched the doctor stand and leave. Alone in the kitchen, she continued to stare at the spot near the sink where Bobbi stood. Waves of intense feeling surrounded her all centering on the raven-haired doctor. They all settled in her gut, leaving a glowing heat that made her want to cry and laugh at the same time. "Whoa." A hard red flush covered her face and her eyes glinted with determination. I can do this. She looked down at the sound of Taz's whimper. He let out a soft bark upon seeing the look on his mistress' face. "Yeah, I'll say it again. Whoa." It came out a breathless whisper.


Janine stood in the same spot she had been in at the beginning of lunch, gazing out the waiting room door at the greening grass, the concrete sidewalk, and her old blue Honda. She saw none of it. The brunette barely moved at the sounds of the doctor returning. She wiped at the tears that seemed to finally stop flowing, further destroying her make up. Why did I call home anyway? I knew it wasn't going to be any different. Some part of me thought that if she knew that I changed and was starting a new life, she would be proud, but I heard her as clear as day even though her friend who answered the phone tried to cover it up. "My daughter is dead." Why does it still hurt after all this time? What did I do to her besides be born?

Janine let out a bark of distasteful laughter. "She never wanted me in the first place. I competeing with a ghost." I've known for years, but it still hurts like hell. I'm trying to make my own way, but I don't know how. She spun around to look at the doctor's closed office door. "I can talk to can't I Bobbi? She'll understand She's the only person who ever tried to." She made her way down the hallway.

Bobbi stared at the empty hook on the back of her door, and she knew that she'd forgotten her lab coat. I can't go back to get it. I'll never wanna leave. Bobbi jumped at the soft knock on her office door. Her heart bobbled into her throat in silent anticipation. "Um, come in." Disappointment coursed through her, but it was quickly replaced by concern upon seeing the nurse's state of distress. "Jan? Are you okay?"

The petite brunette muttered, "I'm tired of it hurting."

Bobbi was around her desk in a flash, escorting the nurse into the vacant seat. Once Janine was seated, the doctor kneeled down and reached for the box of tissues that were on the desk. Pulling a few out, she handed them to the nurse. "Here. Blow." She waited. Her heart went out to the other woman. She remembered pain just like it was yesterday. "You wanna talk about it? We have some time."

I knew she'd understand me. I knew I made the right choice in her. Janine didn't need to be asked twice. The words tumbled from her lips as if they couldn't wait to get out. She told the doctor everything about her mother and her sister. The nurse began crying some more as understanding lit blue eyes from within.

Bobbi took a deep breath. I have to be so careful here. I wanna be her friend, but I just don't want her to take this the wrong way. The doctor found herself in the same position she had been in with Michelle, but there would be no kissing and no intense looks. She simply reached out and squeezed the nurse's hand as she handed her more tissues. "You were wrong about not having anybody, Jan. You've got a friend right here. It's gonna take some time but you'll get through this."

Grateful brown met hesitant blue. "I believe you. No one ever cared enough to listen before. I always had to hide what I was feelin' to accomadate them. I think I became too closed off. I didn't want to be hurt again, so I just took what I wanted." It didn't help the loneliness. Nothing helped it.

Bobbi nodded in understanding. "Yeah, but the bad thing about that is you become queen bitch of the universe."

Janine snorted through her tears. "I think that was one of the names they used to call me. I wanted to get away from all that, but I guess you can't outrun your past, huh?" The nurse sniffled.

Bobbi pursed her lips together in a tight line. "I'm not gonna lie to you. You're better off facing it no matter what it is or how much it hurts. Trust me, I know." Chelle could teach her a thing or two.

The nurse shook her head vehemently. "I can't. . .all the people I hurt; all the whispers and snide comments behind my back. I tried to own up to it and be who they wanted me to be. . . It just hurts too much. I can't. I don't wannna to be stuck in the past I wanna move forward."

The doctor peered at the nurse through sad, empathetic eyes and raised her hands in supplication. "I know. Believe me. I know, but you should listen to yourself sometimes. It may help you realize that this is not just gonna go away. Not having anybody in your corner is a tough way to live, but you're not alone. You know where to find me. Like I said, I've become a good listener, and I'm getting better with this friendship thing everyday." The doctor's hand found its way to the nurse's back.

Janine closed her eyes and reveled in the tingles caused by the doctor's touch. There's a connection here. I feel it. She understands me. . .just a little more time. "T-thank you. I think I might have to take you up on that. I hope I don't wear out my welcome." she sobbed.

"No chance of that. That doesn't happen with friends." I did not just say that! I hope she doesn't take it the wrong way. "Why don't you take the rest of the day off? You could go home and clear your head." Good save, B. NOT!

Janine shook her head. "No, I need to work. It's the only thing that'll help. If I go home, I'll just wallow in it." I need to be near her. Atleast I'll feel something other than this mess.

"Okay, that's understandable. Go get yourself cleaned up and let's finish out the rest of the day. Okay?" Bobbi removed her hand and stood up.

Janine murmured, "Okay."

For the first hour or so, they worked in companionable silence until Bobbi felt eyes boring into her back. She turned to see Janine's gaze trained on her, intense in her study. The nurse tried to look away, but Bobbi caught it anyway. Damn, what did I just do? She gave her head a mental shake. I can't worry about this right now. Chelle is the most important thing.

Chapter 37

Bobbi let the tension of the day drain away once she entered the house. They had been at it for what seemed like hours-- cooking, chopping, and moving things. Now, the kitchen was filled with delectable smells and the table in the living room was lined with cutlery, plates, and chilled wine. She removed the oven mits for the twentieth time and reached for the refrigerator door. Peeking inside, she procured two Dr. Pepper's before turning back to the blonde who leaned against the counter. "I think we deserve a nice stiff drink. Don't you?" She pushed a can of soda across the counter top.

Michelle chuckled as she popped the top. "Yeah, I guess you could say we worked up a sweat." She glanced at the Husky who lay lazily near the bassinet that harboured the sleeping infant. "While they watched."

The doctor let out a bark of laughter. "Useless men aren't they?"

"Yeah, that's exactly how'd I describe them."

Taz lifted his head, instinctively knowing that he was being talked about. "Wuff!"

"Smart ass!" They spat out simultaneously. They both dissolved into chuckles.

"He's way too intelligent." Bobbi commented.

"Could be."

The brunette took a swig of her soda and glanced at her friend over the top of the rim. Ah, Chelle if you had wanted to be my receptionist. We could be together all day. I miss you when you're not there, and all I do is rush to get back to you. "You know, I enjoy doing things with you, even if it's just cooking or watching TV, being with you makes it more than a fun experience." She watched the blush steal over the blonde's face and held back a satisfied smile.

"Really? I just never knew it could be like that." You've shown me so much.

"Now you do."

They smiled at each other. Bobbi took a quick look at her watch. I love this banter between us, and I hate leaving it. "Um, there's just enough time for me to go take a quick shower and throw on some clothes. You'd better get dressed too." Bobbi paused at the embarrassed look that covered the blonde's face. "Chelle, what's wrong?"

I don't want to mess this up for her. "I, um, don't have anything nice—only jeans."

Bobbi let out a relieved breath. "You scared me. Don't worry about it because that's what I'm wearing. If you need a nice sweater, I have a green one in the back of my closet that's way too small. The cleaner's shrunk it, but it's still very okay to wear. It's not thick at all. I'll get it for you." It'll match your eyes and coloring perfectly. Good thing I kept it.

Freshly showered and with hair blown dry, Michelle pulled on her clothes. She buttoned her jeans and looked into the bathroom mirror. Her hair had grown longer in the back, on the sides, and a little in the front. It probably would have looked shaggy on anyone else, but she liked the effect on her, looking older and more experienced. She pulled the green sweater off the hanger, leaving the piece of plastic swinging on the door knob. Meshing it to her chest, warmth coursed through her. It smells like her.

Michelle brought it up to her face and slipped it over her head, loving the way the soft material clung to her torso. The collar of it was thick, folding over her neck and leaving an expanse of shoulder exposed. It stopped just short of her waist, leaving some of her midriff bare. She rubbed a hand across it, noticing the increased flatness thanks to Billy. Deciding that she liked it, Michelle brushed her hair and put on make up.

Leaving the bathroom, she pushed opened the door to her bedroom to find it empty. Without worry, she sauntered out to the living room to find Bobbi changing and dressing the infant, while Taz lay nearby. Feeling the change in the air, Bobbi glanced up---only to see a beautiful creature staring back. Her hands stilled as she pulled on the last of Toby's clothing, his socks. She swallowed and took in the sight before her. I'm sooo glad I kept that sweater. Pale eyes hungrily took in the expanse of smooth, exposed skin. Her mouth watered. How the hell am I supposed to get through this dinner with her looking like that? Patience. Yah, right. "You, ah, look, um. . .wow." She smiled as she watched the flush cover the petite woman's face. "Keep that sweater."

"Uh, thank you." Am I doing this to her? That's still so hard to believe.

Able to move now, she scooped up the squirming child intending to hand him to his mother. As she got closer, the more breathless she became. "Um, did you do something different with your hair?"

Michelle shook her head as she drank in the vision of the woman before her. Faded jeans hung low on her hips. They hugged her legs, making them seem longer. The complimenting thin, red sweater gave her a glimpse of Bobbi's flat stomach with each step the doctor took. She swallowed, hard and took the grinning and cooing infant from her friend's grasps. "Uh, no it just came out like that. It's a little longer now."

The doctor's scent engulfed her. It was spicy and exotic. She wanted to step closer just to get near the heat and the scent that seemed to teem off the brunette's body. Her body craved it. Michelle closed her eyes in an effort to contain herself. The heat suffused her anyway. Oh, God. A pleasurable pain shot through her stomach, making her gasp. Everything tingled from lips, to fingertips to breasts that suddenly felt heavy and swollen-- all the way down to her thighs. She opened her eyes to see the doctor a hair's breath away.

Bobbi saw it as clear as day—-heaving, gasping breaths, dark flush, and the tremble of her body. It triggered her own reactions that were similar. Caught in the spell, she stepped forward, despite Toby's presence. Breasts brushed dangerously close. This is right. This is so right. Of its own volition her hand raised, and a palm caressed a satin like cheek. Michelle leaned into the touch.

Bobbi extended her thumb. The need to caress moist lips was overwhelming. The blonde's mouth pursed against her finger, causing a jolt of arousal to travel down the doctor's spine to the backs of her thighs. More. Bobbi continued to brush Michelle's bottom lip, until they parted sensuously. Still working with a mind of its own, her thumb inched inside into soft, wet heat.

Michelle whimpered as her insides turned to liquid. It was what she wanted but the intensity was never expected. This is. . .what I need.

Bobbi trembled at the sound.

They both yelped and jumped a mile into the air at the ringing of the door bell. Toby let out a wail of surprise, and his keys tumbled out of his hands. Moving jerkily, Bobbi bent to pick them up. In the process of giving them back, smoldering eyes met, and in that brief second they acknowledged what almost happened. Still out of breath, the doctor husked, "Later, I promise."

Unable to speak, Michelle simply nodded.

Bobbi wrenched open the door and tried to plaster a smile on her face. Down by her side, Taz growled. "It's okay, boy. They're friends." He whimpered in understanding.

Shelia grabbed her lover's hand and stepped back. "Whoa, big dog."

Bobbi smiled through the heat in her body. "It's okay. He's just protective."

Shelia raised an eyebrow. "Okay, if you're sure." The redhead turned to the woman beside her. "Bobbi, I would like you to meet, Reggie."

Bobbi peered at the stunning black woman. She was short in stature but compact. Tiny braids fell over her shoulder and down her back in a dark brown wave. Her skin was the color of creamed coffee. The doctor swallowed as she looked into the softest, deepest brown eyes she had ever seen. They twinkled back at her in amusement.

Shelia chuckled. "Uh huh, that's what I did when I first saw her." She made a shooing gesture with her hand. "But back off." She took the sting out of the words with a smile. The executive took in her ex lover. "Good thing you're going casual. I figured it would be since we're just hanging out at your house." She noticed the flush covering chiseled features. "Uhm, did we interrupt something with your friend?"

Bobbi scowled.

Reggie threw a hip, bumping her lover. "Behave, you."

Bobbi smiled at the other woman. "You can come in."

With a bark of laughter, Shelia followed anyway.

Michelle stood stock still, trying to decipher the mumbles coming from the door. She gave up as the three women entered the living room. Trying to clamp down on her still tingling body, she took a deep breath and walked forward.

Bobbi glanced at her friend but her eyes skittered away too raw from the minutes before. Scared to touch her because she knew it would only start up again, the doctor only moved closer. I'll never get through tonight. "Um, " she faltered, trying to figure out what name to use. Michelle did it for her.

The blonde extended a hand. "I'm Jo."

Shelia was the first to take it. Finding her tongue, Bobbi completed the introductions. "This is Shelia, and this is her friend Reggie."

Reggie's eyebrows rose at the word "friend." She glanced at her lover , who didn't seem to notice. "Nice to meet you, Jo." Shelia replied with a sincere smile.

Michelle studied the woman before her. She sensed no malice and saw the intelligence behind eyes that seemed to laugh. "You too." She took Reggie's hand and almost got sucked in by the warmth shining in the woman's face. "Nice to meet you, also."

Reggie nodded and glanced at the squirming baby in the blonde's arms.

Michelle looked down at her son to see him smiling at Reggie. She couldn't help but chuckle. "This little guy is Toby, and that one who was growling at you was Taz." The Husky wuffed at the sound of his name but stayed by the couch.

Reggie let out an excited gasp. "Oh, what a beautiful little boy! May I?" Michelle nodded. The woman reached out to touch the infant. She brushed his cheek. Totally charmed, Toby, clad in blue pants, matching shirt and white bib, chuckled and tried to share his keys with her. Reggie laughed, took them, jingled them and gave them back. Shelia watched her lover fondly before rolling her eyes and reaching for the child herself.

Standing beside Michelle, Bobbi observed the sight with amusement. Feeling more like herself, she placed a comforting hand at the small of the blonde's back. "He's got another one wrapped around his finger already."

Michelle tried to ignore the jolts of lightening shooting up her back, by chuckling. She turned toward Bobbi. Their gazes caught and held, and the heat uncurled once more. God! Michelle tore her eyes away to find two more sets peering at her with curiosity. She tried the beat down the flush forming. "Um, I—"

Bobbi beat her to the punch. I've got to do something here. I need to step away from this for a minute. "I've got wine on the table. Why don't we all sit down on the couch, and I'll get us a little something to drink. Then, we can play catch up."

Grateful for the reprieve, Michelle sat at the end near the Husky. The couch dipped as the other two women took a seat. The blonde watched as they moved closer together. Green eyes widened in surprise when their hands linked. Realization dawned like a blazing sun.

Shelia noticed her reaction. She leaned toward Michelle. "I'm sorry. Does this bother you. I thought Bobbi would have said something. . ."

Eyes widened even more. Bobbi knows? She should have felt uncomfortable being confronted with the very thing she thought she was, but shock and curiosity got the best of her. "No, no it's okay. How did you two meet?"

Shelia smiled, liking the gentleness of the smaller woman. "Me and Bobbi met at the hospital while I was there on business. We weren't together long. I don't think she was ready for a relationship back then." Not knowing that the information she was divulging was incredibly new to the woman who sat before her, Shelia went on, ignoring her lover's increasingly strong grip on her hand. "But when we had dinner a couple months ago, I could see she wasn't the same person. If you're responsible for that, bless you." She took the blonde's hand again, squeezing it.

Everything inside Michelle stopped then started again with a giant roar that left her light headed. Disbelief and unmitigated joy burst inside her. She knew that an us was possible the whole time! That means that it's okay to feel this. It's okay. It's all okay. A second later, anger followed, making her hands clench and her face redden. Why didn't she tell me? I don't understand!

Shelia finally paying closer attention, felt her lover's hand tighten around hers. She glanced back at Reggie, and they looked at the little blonde with growing trepidation.

Michelle could feel the eyes on her. She tried to swallow down the emotion but didn't succeed. Through gritted teeth, she murmured, "I meant you and Reggie."

The redhead's mouth formed a perfect 'O'. "Oh, I'm so sorry."

Michelle shook her head. "I-it's okay. You didn't know, but then again, neither did I!" I have to get out of here. I need to get myself together. One emotion after the next bombarded her from joy and happiness to apprehension and anger. It left her shaken, exposed. "I'm sorry. I—" She stood up shakily, almost kicking a surprised Taz. He moved away quickly, giving her room. On trembling legs, Michelle turned and walked toward the hall near the kitchen. She met Bobbi half way. Blue eyes shined in confusion then fear at the haunted look in her friend's eyes. Without a word, Toby was shoved into her arms, making the glasses and the can of Dr. Pepper in her hand fall to the floor, shattering and losing their contents against the hard wood.

Bobbi reached out to touch the blonde, only to grasp air as she watched her walk briskly toward her own room. Oh shit! What the hell happened here! I was only gone for a couple of minutes! She stomped over to the couch, looking at the redhead accusingly. "What did you tell her!"

Shelia shook her head in embarrassment and incomprehension. "I thought she knew. I'm so sorry."

"No! I told you. We were just friends!" Knowing that she needed to face Michelle with a cool head and soft heart, her anger deflated with a long sigh. "Look, I didn't mean to yell. It's not your fault. I have to go talk to her and see if I can fix this. . . fix us," she added absently. Her features were drawn in apprehension. She stepped around the couch and shoved Toby at Reggie. The infant cooed in excitement, and Reggie accepted him gladly. Bobbi turned to go but felt the Husky behind her. "No, stay." He stopped dead in his tracks and whimpered. "It'll be okay, boy. I promise."

Shelia turned toward her lover. "I really put my foot in it this time."

Reggie shook her head as she clicked her tongue at the giggling boy. "I don't know. I think there's way more than friendship between them."

"So, it might have been a good thing then?" Shelia perked up.

"Don't know, love. We'll just have to wait and see."


Michelle paced the floor in front of her bed with vehemence. She wanted to cry. She wanted to laugh, and she wanted to throw something all at the same time. The blonde shook here head in an attempt to clear her muddled brain. There must be a reason why she didn't tell me something like this. Maybe. . . A soft knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. She turned toward the door, knowing who was behind it and wanting her to feel the heat of her gaze through the thick wood.

The knock came again. "Chelle, please. Let me explain." Bobbi let her hands fall away from the door. She looked down at her shaking appendages. I'm not going to lose what we have over this. With determination, she held her head high. "Chelle, I'll talk through the door if I have to, but please hear me out."

Michelle's heart lurched against her chest. She tried to blot out the roaring noise, but the sound filtered in anyway. She wanted to know. She wanted to hear every word that came from the brunette's mouth. The need propelled her toward the door. I have to know.

She pulled the it open, and Bobbi almost fell in. She regained her balance just in time and sauntered in with a pleading expression covering her face. Gaining her wits, Bobbi closed the door behind them. They stood barely a foot apart. Their eyes met and Bobbi could see the confusion glinting in green. She took a step forward, "Chelle, I—"


Bobbi didn't need clarification. "I-I was scared of what I was feeling." She spread her hands wide in a surrendering gesture before shoving them deep into her jeans pockets and hanging her head. "It's never been like that before, but I didn't want it to stop. Then, I got to thinking that it would scare you. You kept touching me, and you let me touch you. . . that along with the way you looked at me was so incredible. But, I was still so unsure of how you felt because you never—"

"I feel it," Michelle whispered and took a step forward as relief flooded her system. She would never lie to me. Truth, always truth.

" had anyone treat you like you deserved to be. I didn't know what you would think. So, I wanted to be completely sure. . . huh?" Did she just say. . . "Did you just say--" Bobbi looked up to see that the blonde was closer. Her heart crashed into her stomach as she dared to hope. Green eyes sparkled with heat and need.

"Yes." Michelle swallowed and looked on, telling a story with her eyes, but not knowing what to do next, she stood there and asked, needing to hear the words, "You feel this too?" Her voice was hesitant, breathy.

Without so much as a pause, Bobbi answered, "Oh, yes. I-I was hoping to save this for tonight, but I guess this is a good time as any."

Michelle let out a husky chuckle, "I was going to tell you at lunch, but I was kinda thinking the same thing." They fell silent with the looks passing between them burning and searing the air. Michelle felt the incredible heat from the blue gaze. She let her body be consumed by it, leaving her feeling beautiful, wanted, and cherished. Still, there was something more curling in her stomach, making her insides into molten liquid that seemed to seep everywhere. Her breath caught and returned ragged. I want this. I need this. . so much. "Um, wh-what do we do now?" Her voice was hoarse and thick.

Bobbi watched from under hooded lashes. She could feel it—the fire returning, but this time, it was safe to let it burn. "Let me show. . .you," the doctor muttered.

Michelle whimpered, "Show me what?"

Bobbi took a step forward. "What this is. How I feel."

"Yes, please," the blonde returned, needing something to quench a thirst that had started what seemed like months ago. She stood rooted to the spot as Bobbi closed the distance between them.

They stood together with barely an inch between them. Breasts almost touched, straining against each other. Bobbi reached out with both hands, tracing the blonde's face with all ten fingertips. She smiled as Michelle trembled. "Shhh, it's okay."

Michelle covered a larger hand with her own. Bringing the open palm to her lips, she caressed it with the softest of kisses in an attempt to let the doctor know that she felt safe.

Bobbi closed her eyes and let the warmth teem through her, causing a small shiver. When she opened them, it was to see Michelle's face shining with wonder. "Now, do you know what you do to me?"

Michelle nodded and tried to step closer. A hand went to the small of her back, bracing her against the body in front of her. Long fingers found their way to bare skin. The blonde moaned at the scorching lines of heat that teased her. She pillowed her head against Bobbi's ample chest, and let the waves of pleasure overtake her. I knew I couldn't run from this. How can I run from the best thing in my life?

"Chelle, please." Bobbi's voice was husky and pleading.

Michelle shuddered from the sound of it alone. She was compelled to raise her head and look up. The doctor's full lips glistened as did her eyes with need and anticipation. She's going to kiss me, was Michelle's last coherent thought. The blonde licked her own lips and observed from under hooded eyes as Bobbi descended. She expected the hard passion described in fan fiction that left the heroine pulsating and speechless. What she got was better.

Full lips brushed hers hesitantly, tenderly, making her want it all. The sweetness and softness of the doctor's mouth left her aching and so much more. Michelle wound her arms around Bobbi's neck, plunging her hands into the thick, black hair at the brunette's nape in hopes of deepening the contact. Bobbi growled and clinched her hands in the blonde's sweater, daring to pull them closer as she coached Michelle's untutored lips.

Michelle cried out as the heat of larger thighs encased her own. She wiggled in deeper, wanting their bodies meshed together.

The doctor groaned in frustration. Her hands balled into tightly clenched fist. She wanted to taste her, but was afraid to take what she wanted, needed. Her tongue remained a reluctant prisoner in her own mouth.

Eyes that had darkened to a deep blue, shot open in surprise at the feel of a hesitant but teasing tongue laving her bottom lip. Totally unprepared for the onslaught, Bobbi tore her lips away and moved back until she was against the door. She pressed her palms against the cool wood as her chest rose and fell in rapid succession. "Where. . .did. . . you . .learn that?" She asked brokenly.

A keening sound escaped the blonde's lips at the loss of contact. Smoldering green eyes opened wide with confusion and frustration. Her chest heaved and the need to taste the brunette again was paramount. She closed the distance between them, ignoring the question. She hadn't heard it anyway. Standing on tip toes, Michelle covered the doctor's mouth with her own. She shuddered hard at the sound of brunette's low groan. Oh, yesss!

Bobbi gave in without another word, allowing the blonde's curious tongue to explore. Her insides turned to mush when the wet organ brushed against her own. Those same insides turned to water at the sound of the petite woman's groan of enjoyment.

Their lips met over and over again in unhurried fashion, always tender, always deep. The need to breathe finally tore them apart. Green eyes were riveted on the brunette's swollen lips until their eyes met shyly.

Still breathing unevenly, Bobbi grinned down at the petite woman. She was thoroughly aroused and loving every minute of it. The grin turned into a happy chuckle. "Whooo! That was definitely worth the wait."

The shyness was replaced by amusement and arousal inspired boldness. "You think so, huh?"

Bobbi nodded quickly. "Most definitely. You're a natural."

Green eyes darkened but, Michelle didn't look away. "So you knew that I'd never really done this before?"

The doctor nodded and blue eyes shined warmly. "I sort of figured, but he didn't deserve to kiss you anyway," she added quietly.

"Thank you." Her gaze turned shy again. "Um, can we do this again?"

Bobbi's smile returned. She nodded enthusiastically, "Anytime you want."

Michelle found her eyes following swollen lips as they moved. "Now?" she squeaked.

Bobbi raised a hand and trailed fingertips over the blonde's puffy, lipstick smeared mouth. A gasping breath greeted her hand. "You like this don't you?" Her voice lowered an octave.

"Yess." She paused as her breathing turned ragged again. A thought entered her head. "Um, wh-what do we do about this?"

Refusing to move her hand or tear her eyes away, Bobbi replied, "You mean about us?" The blond head nodded. "We have a lot to talk about. . ." She trailed off as her own head descended unable to resist the temptation.

They both squealed loudly at the knock on the door. "What?!" They screamed simultaneously.

Shelia backed away from the door as if it were hot. "Um, we just wanted to make sure everything was okay in there."

Bobbi cringed and whispered to the woman still in her arms, "I forgot about them."

Disappointed but still able to laugh at the situation, Michelle added, "I did too. I guess we'll have to talk later." Fair brows rose, "Can we—"

"Oh yeah, definitely that too." Bobbi glanced at the blonde's lips and groaned. Getting a hold of herself, she flipped the edge of her sleeve over and wiped at her mouth. "How's it look."

Michelle raised fingertips intending to touch the throbbing skin, but her hand was stopped midway. "You're all swollen, but the lipstick's gone."

"I'll never want to stop kissing you if you touch me again." She squeezed the younger woman's hand in reassurance.

"Oh, um okay. How do I look?" Michelle held still as the doctor cleaned her lips of left over lipstick.

"Um, hello?" Shelia called back hesitantly.

"In a minute," Bobbi answered. She peered at the blonde. "Perfect."

The redhead backed away from the door and headed back toward the living room.

Bobbi grabbed Michelle's hand, twining their fingers. "Ready?"

Michelle nodded, "Yeah, I think so."

They left the room. Michelle pulled the door closed behind her, but another doorway opened. Hand in hand, they walked through it.


Reggie cooed down at Toby. He gummed the keys and hummed in response. She glanced at her anxious lover and rubbed her thigh, hoping it would aid in calming her down. The both jumped up as the other women entered the room. Reggie stood up, pulling Shelia with her. Her dark browse rose slightly in amusement as she took in the women's linked hands and swollen lips. She leaned into Shelia, bumping her with a shoulder as she whispered, "You're off the hook, love." Reggie kissed the redhead's ear as she let out a sigh of relief.
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