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In the UK the age of sexual consent is 16.

The legal drinking age is 18.

You leave school when you are 16.

GCSE's are General Certificate of Secondary Education. They are the final exams in school.

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Young At Heart

Chapter 1

Frantically doing her sister's hair, Jenny Rhys looked at the sixteen-year-old sitting in front of her. Tegan was absolutely stunning. Everyone in the village knew that…except for Tegan. Her strawberry blonde hair fell down her back, and her emerald green eyes sparkled, but it wasn't with excitement, it was with sadness. She was going on a date with the soccer captain, and although she was dressed smartly, she wasn't dressed seductively. Her dress wasn't sending the message that she was easy. It sent the message that she was intelligent, most definitely female, and not too hung up on her appearance. "Tegan, why even bother going out with Scott?" Jenny finally asked her. "I mean, he is definitely gorgeous, popular, and athletic; but we both know that doesn't matter to you"

Tegan looked at herself in the mirror then looked up to meet the hazel eyes of her older sister. Jenny was pretty; she had inherited her father's hair, which was brown, and she had a slightly upturned nose, which was also inherited by her younger sister. Everyone said it was cute. "To make them happy," was all she needed to say.

Tegan had known for a while that she was gay and Jenny was the only other person alive that knew that. Jenny had been accepting and understanding about it. They both knew, however, it would not be the same with their parents. Their father, Thomas was the Mayor of the town and if word ever got out that his daughter was gay, he would kick her out of the family. Tegan didn't care too greatly about her father, he was abusive to her mother, Jenny and her. She did, however, care about her mother, Brenda, and Jenny. She did not want to lose them.

So she sat down getting ready to go out with the most popular boy in school, and she wasn't even excited. "Tegan, your date is here," her father's voice bellowed up the stairs.

"Come on," Jenny said. "You're almost done." So the two of them finished up.

* * * * *

Downstairs, Thomas Rhys was sitting in the living room grilling her date without subtlety or mercy. Scott Tyler looked extremely nervous as Thomas questioned him. Scott was agreeing with him, with a look of desperation as Tegan finally came into the room. She was wearing a conservative blue dress with a plain chain around her neck that stood out against her skin. She had on slightly heeled black shoes that set off the outfit well.

"You look lovely," Scott said. He was wearing his brother's suit, which was slightly too big for him. His dirty blond hair looked like it had been washed about fifty times and left to dry it self. His blue eyes were, according to nearly every girl in River's End Comp, the most gorgeous blue eyes they had ever seen. Tegan didn't agree, but they were nice. He had a lean body, and even through the baggy suit, Tegan could see he had some muscle under there. He was almost a head taller than Tegan. 'That's unusual,' she thought to herself, sarcastically. It had always bugged her that nearly everyone she knew was taller than her—even her younger cousin Mary. She was fourteen years old, and she was already Scott's height.

"Thanks," Tegan said. "You look nice, too."

Scott just grinned and held his arm out to her.

"Have a good time," her mother said, feeling slightly uneasy about all of this. Tegan looked so pretty and grown up; she wondered just how grown up her youngest daughter was.

"She'd better come back here in one piece," Thomas said as they watched them walk down to the car. "I will not have my daughters sleeping around."

Thomas was strict on sex in the house. His youngest sister had been forced to marry at the age of sixteen because she was pregnant, and he wasn't going to allow that to happen to his daughters.

* * * * *

Tegan and Scott reached the cinema just before the film was due to start. As they walked in, she noticed that there were several couples in parked cars who obviously weren't planning on getting out any time soon. It was embarrassing seeing that with Scott. She hardly knew him, and they weren't friends, but he had asked her out, and she wanted to please her parents. Plus, she was tired of being left out of everything. She never fit in. She was always different. She had always been top of her class, and a lot of kids hated her for that—the rest ignored her. Being the most beautiful girl in the school without even trying also made the rest of the girls jealous. She had a few friends she'd hang around with in school, and sometimes out of it, but mostly she was a loner.

Her parents always embarrassed her when they were in public. Her mother was quiet, but her father was loud, and told everyone else what to do, especially her mother. Her mother was terrified of him and agreed with everything he said, even when he was wrong. Her family had such a narrow-minded view about everything. They were still stuck in the fifties. They had missed things like the sexual revolution and the equal rights revolution. Her father secretly didn't think women needed an education or employment, he still thought a woman's place was in the home with the children.

But Tegan still had her dreams. She wanted to do something with her life. She wanted someone to love and admire, she knew that wouldn't be possible around her father but she still wanted it. She wanted to have children, but she also wanted a good job. Everyone thought she would follow her father into politics, but it wasn't what she wanted. She wanted to get her GCSE's, go to Technical College and get her A levels and then go to university. Then get a good job. Something she enjoyed.

These were her dreams and no-one, not even her father, could take them away from her.

"Do you want a drink?" Scott asked her.

"Huh..." Her mind had been a million miles away. She wasn't even watching the movie "I'm sorry..... I was just thinking.... I'm sorry my father gave you a hard time tonight" She felt awkward as she said it.

"That's ok" He said "I'm used to it" he was obviously lying. It would be all around the town by tomorrow. But she was used to that. To everyone else she was different. She was used to being different and ridiculed. She was always the odd one out, always had been. She suspected that was why Scott had asked her out. He had just split up with his long-time girlfriend Sarah. He needed a distraction. Someone who would go out on a date but who wouldn't expected anything after he dropped her off at home.

She was the perfect distraction. She was five foot six, had strawberry blonde hair and a great figure. She was the perfect date. Nearly all the boys in the school fancied her but wouldn't ask her out because she was weird. So everyone thought anyway.

"Do you want a drink?" He asked again. She didn't and she wasn't sure how to tell him. She wished now she hadn't come. She should have stayed home and watched t.v with her mother "I'll be right back" He assured her and then he left.

'God is this useless or what?' was her thought as she watched him leave. He was good-looking and popular with everyone and knew he could get a date at the click of his fingers. He had been with Sarah for four years, since year 9 and it was the sort of relationship everyone expected to last forever, and everyone expected them to be back together by next weekend, Tegan included.

Tegan glanced around her and she spotted a couple sitting a few rows behind her, side by side. The guy had his arm around the girl and she was pressed close against him. Tegan felt a moment of envy. They were obviously in love, taking in a romantic movie. Impatiently, she pushed the thought aside. There was no time for romance in her life at the moment - just getting from day to day was hard enough without any added complications. The girl was certainly good looking though, with her black hair and bright eyes.

After what seemed like ages Scott came back with a mischievous grin on his face "Here we go." He handed her the cup of Pepsi and she wondered what he was up to. As soon as she tasted her drink she knew.

"What's in this?" She asked, she wasn't really into alcohol mainly because she was too young for a start but she didn't really like it much. She had a glass of wine or champagne on special occasions but that was it.

"Just a little slosh" He grinned. It was at that point Tegan realized what a jerk he actually was and the way he leered at her was giving her the creeps.

"It's not worth trying to get me drunk, Scott" She said, matter-of-factly. Regretting this date, more and more as it went on.

"Come on, Tegan, don't be a square. You won't get drunk. It'll help you relax."

She looked at him and noticed that his eyes were already starting to glaze over. She figured he had been drinking while he went to get her a drink. "How many have you had?"

"Just a couple of sips." He said.

"And you're expecting to drive me home." She stated.

"Come on Tegan."  He said. "It's not like I'm drunk."

"Great." She said, shaking her head.

"Isn't it."  He smiled happily, totally oblivious to her tone. She looked at him with disgust before turning her attention to the film.

* * * * *

They sat through the rest of the movie in silence. Tegan was glad when it was over.

"You ready?" Scott asked

'Am I ever,' She thought to herself, just wanting to go home. "Yeah," was all she said out loud.

As they approached Scott's car, Tegan felt apprehensive. She wasn't sure how Scott wanted to do this. Hopefully he would just drive her straight home, but maybe he would try and take her to Murphy's point, the local 'necking' spot. How would she handle him, if he tried anything on?

As they got into the car, Scott looked her over once again. There was something about her that fascinated him and he didn't want to take her home. He wanted to do what every other boy in River's End wanted to do, get into her knickers.

"Do you want to go for a drive? It's only ten." He asked.

'NO' Her mind screamed "I should go home" She said, cautiously, as he started the car, but he headed in the direction of Murphy's point, instead of her house. She tried to keep calm but she was starting to panic.

'Tegan' She told herself 'You get out of the car this minute young lady. Jump out if you have to'

It didn't work. She froze in her seat.

It wasn't long before they pulled into Murphy's point.

"You're a special girl, Tegan." Scott said, as he turned to face her, and there was little sincerity in his voice.

Before Tegan knew what was happening he was kissing her and undoing the buttons at the top of her dress.

"Scott don't." she said, meaning every word of it.

He didn't listen, instead he leaned down and kissed her breast , and suddenly her bra was undone and the top of her dress was completely open. His mouth was on her breast, and then her lips and then he was working her nipples with his fingers.

"Scott, stop it" She said, trying to push him off her, but he turned around and slapped her hard across the face.

"Shut up you bitch." Scott snarled. "You made me want you so bad. Now I'm going to take you."

She struggled some more and he slapped her again. Then there was only darkness.

Chapter 2

Meanwhile in a country house about 45 miles away, a family was sitting around the t.v watching reruns of the Thomas Show.

"Is Jamie home yet?" The little boy asked, looking expectantly at the other three family members in the room.

"I don't know, Robin. Why don't you go and knock on her door and find out." His father told him, smiling at the look that appeared on his son's face,'he loves his sister so much,' John Phillips thought as his youngest and only son jumped of his chair and darted up the stairs.

"What's that kid gonna do when Jamie finally decides that apartment isn't big enough for her?" The young lady in the room asked.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, Sophie" He mother, Anne said "Robin will grow out of this."

"Jamie and Robin will always be close, just like you and Jamie. If I remember correctly you and Jamie were like this when you were that age." John said

"I guess." Sophie said, realizing she sounded jealous. "And I know I sound jealous of their relationship, but I'm not."

It had been obvious from early days that Robin and their eldest daughter were going to be close. John and Anne were grateful to Jamie for including Sophie. They knew that sometimes when there were three children in a family, one of them got left out. Jamie had refused to left that happen.

So far it hadn't.

* * * * *

Jamie Phillips was sitting in her living room watching the t.v, as she started to remove her shoes. She was glad of having the privacy of this apartment. Although it was technically just the third floor of her parents house it had it's own separate entrance, bathroom, bedroom and living room. There was an inside door that led to the rest of the house that gave her the feeling of being at home with the family. She had just finished removing her shoes when there was a knock on the inside door.

Jamie looked at her watched and smiled."Come on in squirt." She called, then the door opened and Robin bound across the room.

"How'd you know it was me?" Robin asked, as he hugged his sister and sat on her lap.

"I just knew." Jamie said.

"Will you read me a story?" Robin asked, using his best puppy dog eyes under his sandy brown hair. A look he knew Jamie couldn't say no to. He may have only been six years old, but, he had his twenty year old sister wrapped around his little finger.

"Oh come on then." Jamie said, trying to sound exasperated.

"Yeah." Robin said, his family trademark blue eyes sparkling with delight he jumped off Jamie's lap, grabbed her by the hand and pulled her towards the door.

"Did you say goodnight to Mom and Dad?" Jamie asked, as they walked down the stairs towards Robin's room.

"No." He smiled, letting go of Jamie's hand he ran down the stairs, said goodnight to his parents and Sophie, then bolted back upstairs.

"Ready." Robin said, jumping into bed and pulling Jamie down with him, so she was lying by his side.

"What story do you want to hear tonight?" Jamie asked, as she settled Robin down.

"I want to hear another family story." Robin said. Jamie had started telling him stories, that had been passed down through the generations of their family, a couple of weeks ago and he enjoyed listening to them.

"Ok," Jamie said, "I've got just the story."

"Jamie?" Robin asked.

"Yeah?" Jamie answered.

"Were they like you and Becky used to be?" Robin asked.

"Yes they were." Jamie said, even at six years old Robin knew about Jamie's sexual preferences. He knew that it was ok to love someone of the same sex as it was for him to love a woman.

"I think you'd make a good warrior." Robin smiled.

"Well this warrior has yet to find the love of her life," Jamie said. She had thought that Becky was the one, but it wasn't love they felt for each other, she knew that now.

"You'll find her Jamie," Robin said, patting her on the hand. "I know you will. Now tell me a story."

"Ok," Jamie said, settling down next to Robin.

* * * * *

About half an hour later Robin was asleep and Jamie went downstairs to see her family. They were now watching the shopping show. "Hi, I finished early tonight." She said, walking over to the sofa, she joined Sophie.

"How did it go tonight?" John asked. He was glad that Jamie had agreed to run the gay bar section in his Triclub.  It was because of her, he had turned it into a gay bar anyway.

"It was good. Someone is still swiping money from the till though. I wish I knew who it was. I've sat for the last two nights watching the till constantly and I checked the receipts this morning and I was still ten pound short."  She said, totally annoyed. Someone had been ripping the club off for ten pound a night every night of the week. They had been trying to catch whoever it was, but had so far been unable to do so. They had even called in the police, but they couldn't find anything either.

"So what are you going to do about it?" John asked, whoever was stealing money was going to have a lot of money to pay back. This had been going on for over two months, the months of August, September and October. Two weeks of August, all thirty days of September and twenty days of October. The club had been open every night of the week, so in that time six hundred and forty pounds had been stolen from the till. It had to be stopped.

"I've already done it," Jamie said. "Tonight I told all the staff they were not allowed to accept or give ten pound notes. They all wondered why and I said it was because you were worried about fake notes."

"So what does that do?" Anne asked, she enjoyed listening to her daughter talk shop. It made her happy that Jamie had somewhere she fit in. There were a lot of gay people went to the Triclub, which was three clubs in one. One section was a bar, one was a teenage club, no alcohol and the third was the gay bar, which was just as popular as the other two.

"Well that's easy," Jamie smiled, thinking about how she had rigged this to work. "I put those fake notes in the till, you know the ones where as soon as cool air hits them, they release a red dye that covers whatever it touches and stays there for weeks"

Her father smiled, impressed at his eldest daughters cunning ways. "Very good." He admitted

"Thanks," Jamie said. "Anyway I'm going to hit the sack. I'll see you in the morning." She kissed everyone and then headed up stairs to her apartment.

When she got there, she noticed herself in the mirror. She looked like the perfect female, she had long black hair with the most amazing blue eyes, both of which were inherited from her father. She was the only one who had inherited the black hair, Sophie and Robin inherited most of their looks from their mother. She stood at six feet tall and had a pretty athletic build. She wasn't vain or anything, but she loved the way she looked. She was always being complimented, which most of the time embarrassed her, but she tried not to let it bother her. After she finished studying herself in the mirror she got into a pair of boxers and a T-shirt and climbed into bed.

It wasn't long before she was deep in the arms of Morpheus.

Chapter 3

Tegan had no idea how she got home, or how she managed to open the front door. As she looked around she was grateful everyone had gone to bed. She didn't want to answer any questions tonight. She went upstairs, cleaned herself as best as she could without having a bath. She soaked her dress in water and then hung it up, trying not to cry.

She slipped into a nightgown, shaking from head to toe, and hurried into bed, feeling sick, and then lay there in the dark, thinking of everything that happened.

Then it actually hit her, Scott had raped her and what if she was pregnant? The thought was unbearable and she hugged her pillow and cried. It wasn't long before Jenny came into the room.

"Tegan honey, what's wrong?" She asked, as she reached out to turn her sobbing sister over. When she did, she gasped. Tegan had a black eye and a split lip. " My God, Tegan, who did this to you?" She asked already knowing the answer.

'I'll kill the son of a bitch.' She thought herself. "Tegan what happened?" Then she listened in horror as Tegan told her everything. The terrible date, the drive to Murphy's point and then the rape.

"Tegan, you have to tell Mom and Dad about this" She said, knowing her father would most probably do nothing because it would put a dent in the family name.

Tegan just sat there, feeling dirty and ashamed, shaking her head. Jenny wasn't going to let him get away with this, so she went to get her mother.

"Mom," she said, shaking her gently.

"What's wrong?" Brenda asked, opening sleepy green eyes.

"Mom, Tegan's been raped." She told her.

"What?" Her mother said, loud enough to disturb the man sleeping next to her. They both listened as Jenny told them the story Tegan had just told her. Brenda went into comfort her, Thomas Rhys followed.

"What the hell did you do?" He shouted, watching his daughter cower before him. He liked it when they were like this, he felt powerful.

"N..n....nothing," Tegan said. "I told him to stop but he wouldn't."

"You're nothing but a common whore." He spat in disgust. "Tomorrow, you will leave this house, you can go to Seaview, they will look after you."

"Father," Jenny said, "you can't do that"

"Why the hell not?" He shouted. "She has disgraced the whole family with her whorish ways."

"Thomas please," Brenda begged, rocking Tegan gently. "Look at her, don't do this. Please?"

Thomas looked around the room, then back at his wife and daughter, "You will leave tomorrow Tegan." He said with a note of finality in his voice.

Tegan, Jenny and Brenda just sat on the bed and cried. Brenda left them after a sharp bellow from Thomas. So Tegan and Jenny fell asleep holding each other.

* * * * *

The following morning was pretty solemn around the house. Tegan was sad, her mother was upset, Jenny felt guilty for telling her parents and Thomas was still furious.

"Why are you doing this Dad?" Jenny asked, while they were all sat around the table. It wasn't fair to punish Tegan when she wasn't to blame.

"Because what if she's pregnant?" He said "Did he use protection?" He turned back to face his daughter.

"I don't know. I was unconscious at the time." She shouted at her father, she couldn't understand what she had done to be punished like this. She hadn't hurt anyone, hadn't betrayed anyone.

"Well until you know whether you are pregnant or not, you will stay in Seaview. You will not see or speak to me, your mother or Jenny. Is that understood?" For a minute she thought his words would kill her. "What you've done is an insult to us. You've broken our trust. You've disgraced us, and yourself. Don't ever forget that. If you are not pregnant you can come home, if you are, you will stay in Seaview, have the baby, put it up for adoption and then you can come home."

"Just how much do I have to be punished for this?" She was sobbing and heartbroken, but he was relentless.

"That's between you and God. I'm not punishing you. He is,"

"You are my father. You're sending me away. You won't even let me see my sister and my mother." She knew her mother was too weak to disobey him, she was unable to make her own decisions. They were all closing the door on her. She was totally alone.

"Your mother is free to do whatever she pleases." He said, unconvincingly.

"Not unless she has your permission," Tegan said defiantly, making him angrier.

He turned and walked out of the door and came back shortly. Tegan hadn't even had the strength to go back to her room yet. Her mother had already retreated to her own room in tears.

"Well you've done a good job of upsetting your mother," he said in a voice full of accusation, refusing to see any part he had played in it all. "You will go to Seaview with this five hundred pounds and find yourself somewhere to stay. You will not mention who your family is at all. You will stay away for at least two months, if you are not pregnant. Pack your bags the taxi will be here at noon." His cold voice told her he was serious, and she felt her blood run cold. For all her problems with him, this was her home, her family, and she was being banished from them. She would have no-one to help her through this.

Tegan lowered her head and walked back to her room, she avoided Jenny's eyes as she got her bag. She only packed a few things, some shirts, pants and a few dresses. If she was pregnant these wouldn't fit her for long anyway.

"I'm so sorry, Tegan." Jenny said, looking panicked. She hadn't wanted this, she only wanted help for her little sister. Now Tegan looked like someone had died as she turned to face her sister.

"I know," Tegan said, but it was all too much. She couldn't bear the thought of saying good-bye and she burst into tears and clung to Jenny.

* * * * *

After Tegan had cried herself out and Jenny had left her alone for a while, she took her diary off the bedside table and started to write in it.

Yesterday was the worst day of my life. Everything started out well enough. I was nervous about going out with Scott last night, but I still agreed to it to please my parents. My father wants me to settle down and have kids one day and for him to find out I am gay would definitely by a back wards step. So going out with boys is enough to stop them from suspecting  that I'm not interested in them.

The date was a disaster from the beginning. My father roasted Scott the minute he got here and that made me feel a total idiot. As soon as we got to the cinema I wanted to come home. Scott was drinking God knows what and I was a total idiot. He asked me if I wanted to go home and I said yes. He took me to Murphy's Point instead. I wanted to get out of the car, but I just froze. I didn't know what else to do. When we reached Murphy's Point he started touching me. I begged  and pleaded with him to stop, but he refused. In the end he knocked me out. Being knocked out was a blessing in disguise. I never knew what was happening. I never knew I was being raped. I wouldn't have known apart from the tell tale stain on my dress from where I had bled. I was a virgin until last night and I had wanted my first to be special. I wanted it to be with somone I loved. I wanted it to be with a woman.

When I got home I told Jenny about what happened. She told my parents. Now I am being punished even more. My father is sending me away. I haven't done anything wrong, but I am being punished by my father. He wants me to go to Seaview. I don't know what he expects me to do there. I haven't got any money and I don't know anyone in Seaview. I'm a sixteen year old girl, how does he expect me to live in a city on my own.

This is all happening so fast. I want to think this is all a bad dream and that I'll wake up pretty soon but I know it isn't.

At noon that day, her father put her bag in the car as she said good-bye. She hugged her mother tightly hoping to wake up and find it was all a dream. But she knew it wasn't.

"I love you Mom." She said, in a strangled voice as her mother hugged her.

"I'll come to see you, I promise."

Tegan could only nod, unable to speak through her tears.

She could only look back at her family as they drove away.

"Leaving home, aye Sweetie?" The taxi driver said, as he noticed the grief-stricken face in the back seat.

"No I just have to leave for a while." Tegan said sadly, wanting to die where she sat. But no, she wasn't that lucky.

The rest of the journey was in silence.

Chapter 4

When Jamie opened her eyes the next morning bright sunlight streamed into the room through the space between the blue curtains. When she was fully awake, she remembered that she was going to town with Sophie for some new clothes. It was the October half term and Sophie was going back to school in a few days and she wanted Jamie's opinion.

Jamie dressed quickly and went into the bathroom to wash up. Then she went to call Sophie, who was already sitting up in bed wiping her brown eyes. Her long sandy brown hair making it look like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards.

"Good morning," Jamie greeted her cheerfully.

"Says who?' Sophie replied groggily, leaning back against her pillows. "I barely got any sleep. That lot next door kept the party going pretty late. Didn't you hear them?"

"It didn't bother me." Jamie shrugged as she turned to leave the room.

"Oh well." Sophie said, jumping out of bed.

After she got dressed, she headed downstairs. The place was deserted except for Jamie. There was a note on the table from their mother.

Hey Guys, (it said),

Your father is playing golf, Robin is down at Sam's waiting for you to pick him up for school shopping and I've gone to the supermarket. Have fun shopping.


Throwing together a quick breakfast, they ate in about five minutes and were soon ready to hit the shops.

They drove to Sam's to pick up Robin, who was ready to go shopping with his sisters.

They arrived at the town center ten minutes later. They made a beeline for their favourite clothing store JJ's.

The place had changed since Jamie's last shopping spree. The pastel colours of summer had been replaced by the earthier shade of forest green, golds and deep reds on the racks. A 'Back-to-school' sign was in the window.

Jamie, Sophie and Robin walked down the aisles slowly, delighting in all the new selections.

Jamie was just looking, she didn't want to buy anything for herself.  She didn't buy clothes without a reason. She had no reason for shopping today. Sophie, however, was more impulsive and within minutes her arms were heaps with items.

As they went to the checkout, Jamie spotted a familiar figure come into the store. Emma Stewart, their old next door neighbour and Sophie's class mate, spotted them and immediately rushed over.

"Sophie! Jamie! How are you? I haven't seen you guys in ages!" Emma gushed, her blonde ponytail bouncing happily behind her.

'Yeah nearly one whole week', Jamie thought to herself then her and Sophie shared a knowing look. Emma was known for sticking her nose in where it wasn't wanted and therefore wasn't one of their favourite people.

"Isn't this a coincidence." She went on, a grin the size of a Cheshire cat, creeping across her face "I'm seeing everyone from school. First I see Shane and now Sophie."

"No kidding?" Sophie said, trying not to sound interested.

"I was strolling by the video shop and I saw Shane in there. We talked for a while. Then he had to go, he had a date," she told them. Seeing the colour drain from Sophie's face Emma began to reassess the situation. "You and Shane did break up didn't you?"

"Yes." Sophie said, coldly. "Come on Jamie, I want to go and pay for these," as she walked away. Sophie and Shane had been a couple for a year and when Shane broke up with her at the beginning of the break, she was heartbroken. She had really liked Shane and had often admitted that she thought she was in love with him. Obviously he didn't feel the same way.

Once they had paid for the stuff, they all decided to go to the shoe shop across the road.

A couple of hours later every shop had been visited and they were all starting to get hungry. So they went to Debbie's Cafe.

They ordered food which was devoured quickly. Then they left for home. All satisfied with the stuff they had bought that day.

* * * * *

As the taxi pulled into the town of Seaview, Tegan looked around. It truly was a splendid place, she could already see that.

"Where to Missy?" The taxi driver asked, figuring the girl had a game plan.

"To a fairly cheap hotel please." Tegan said, she figured that would be the best place to start.  Once she settled in, she would have to get a job because five hundred pounds wouldn't last her long.

"Miss, please don't think I'm rude by asking, but how long are you planning on staying in Seaview?" The driver asked, he figured she was pregnant and that was why she had been sent from home, it obviously wasn't her decision. 'I thought they stopped doing that years ago,' He thought to himself.

"I don't know," Tegan told him. "It could be two months, it could be a year."

"Well listen, I know some people in Seaview. My nephew owns a nightclub in town, maybe he'll know of a cheap apartment or something." The driver said. "Do you want to look him up?"

"Yeah sure," Tegan said, knowing she probably shouldn't, but he seemed like a nice old man. She couldn't not trust him.

"Come on then. " The driver said, turning the car off the main street.

It didn't take long before they came to the Triclub. Although with just the one building it wouldn't have been very big, but with the three of them together it was bigger than most of your nightclubs. The triangle neon sign was switched off and it seemed pretty deserted. Never the less the driver stopped the taxi outside the club and got out. Tegan did the same. Then he walked into the Public House.

Inside, the room was much bigger than it looked on the outside. There was a stage at the front, then there was a dance floor and then all the seats. The bar was towards the back, which was where they were headed. The only people in there were the cleaning staff and two people behind the bar.

"Hey Uncle Kevin." One of the men behind the bar said, as the driver stopped in front of him.

"Afternoon John," Kevin said.

"What are you doing in town?" John asked, as he looked over to see Tegan, who stood nervously behind his old friend. He also noticed the black eye and split lip she was sporting. But he didn't say anything about it. 'Wonder who she is?' he thought before turning his attention back to his Uncle.

Tegan felt the man's eyes on her and she shifted nervously. There was nothing there to worry her and the man certainly wasn't looking at her as if he was eyeing up a little sex toy, but just being the subject of his gaze was enough to send every part of her being hiding for cover.

"I've just brought this young lady from River's End. She is staying in Seaview for a while and we were hoping you could tell her of somewhere cheap, she could let or rent," Kevin told him, as John poured him a glass of coke.

"Would you like a drink, Miss?" John asked.

"No thanks," Tegan said.

"Ok," John said, "I have a small apartment upstairs you could rent if you don't mind noise."

John could tell that the girl was young, too young to be out on her own. She looked about Sophie's age. Being new in town was always hard. Especially when you had the worry of finding a place and a job that earns you enough money to keep you.

"I only have five hundred pounds to last me a year, Sir." Tegan said "How much is the apartment going to cost?"

"Will you be putting yourself through school here?" John asked.

"I hadn't really thought about that. I don't know how long I'd be able to go." Tegan admitted, giving them the answer to the question they had silently been asking.

"Well ok," John said. "I assume you don't have a job?"

"No Sir," Tegan said. "I haven't had a chance to look yet."

"Well the apartment upstairs doesn't bring money into the club and it is only collecting dust, so how about forty pound a month. You won't get an apartment for ten pound a week in the city, " John said.

"Do you think I could look at it first?" Tegan asked, knowing not to take anything at face value, even if it was cheap.

"I wouldn't expect anything less," John said. "Uncle Kevin, will you be okay here a minute?" John asked, as he wiped his hands on the towel over his shoulder.

"Yep I'll be fine," Kevin said.

"Come with me," John said, then walked towards a door just left of the bar. Tegan followed, hoping that the apartment was as good as the price. Ten pound a week for an apartment was cheap by any standard.

John unlocked the door then walked up the stairs. At the top of the stairs was a landing. Down one end was another lot of stairs and a door the same as the one she was stood next to now. John typed in the entrance code and the he motioned towards the now open door "There are two people who need to know the code to this door if you decide to change it. That's me and my daughter Jamie, she's the assistant manager. She needs to know if case of an emergency"

Tegan looked around the apartment and was surprised. It was spotless and fully furnished. 'I'm not supposed to be this lucky', She thought as she looked around again. She would have expected to pay about forty pound a week for this sort of place.

"So do you want it?" John asked, he could tell the answer from the look on the girls face, but asked just to be sure.

"Are you sure ten pound a week is all you want for it?" Tegan asked, unable to believe her luck.

"Yeah, like I said this isn't making us any money so the cheaper it is, is fine with me. I would let you have it for free but the ten pounds a week will cover your bills." John said.

"I don't know how to thank you", Tegan said

"Just keep the place nice and clean," John said. "Like I said it's been collecting dust"

"Thank you very much," Tegan said. "I will keep it clean I promise."

"Good, now let's go down and get your stuff off Uncle Kevin and then I'll show you around." John said, moving towards the door."Here are your keys."

"Thanks," Tegan said, taking the keys and following John down the stairs. She had not expected this. She thought she would have had to wait about a week before she found some thing suitable. But she was glad it didn't take so long.

Downstairs Kevin was just finishing his coke when they returned."Did you like it?" He asked, when Tegan came to a stop by him. He was surprised when she hugged him and a quiet, 'Thank you', escaped her throat. "You're welcome," he smiled as he returned the hug. Then he turned back towards John. "Do you want to get her bags?"

"Sure", John said, then he stopped as he realized something. Feeling pretty stupid he turned to face the young woman he had just offered his apartment to. "You know I just gave you an apartment and I don't even know your name."

"Tegan." Tegan said, shyly.

"Well Tegan, I'm John." John smiled, then turned and followed Kevin out of the club.

"So who is she Uncle Kevin?" John asked, as he took the bag out of the car.

"She's the daughter of the Mayor of River's End." Kevin said.

"She's that Tegan?" John asked. Thomas Rhys was well know in this part of the country. There were reports about a year ago of him having an affair with another woman. There were also reports of him abusing Tegan. Nobody knew if that was true or not. "No wonder he sent her away"

"It doesn't make it right," Kevin told him. His own daughter, Sarah, had gone through pregnancy at an early age. She had only been sixteen and the family had stuck by her. She now had a healthy two year old son. It made him sick when other people just turned away from their children just because of what the neighbours might say. "You know if I thought I could get away with it and it wouldn't cause Tegan, any problems I'd tell the papers"

"You never know in a few months maybe Tegan will tell the papers herself." John said, as he looked back towards the club. "She seems a pretty strong kid"

"Well she's handling this," Kevin said. "Anyway, I have to get going. I'm still working"

"How much was the fare?" John asked.

"Her father already took care of tha," Kevin said ."Tell the kids that me and Aunt Emma will try and drop by next weekend."

"Ok", John said. "It was good to see you again."

"Same here," Kevin said. "Tell Tegan I'll stop by next weekend as well"

"Ok," John said, as Kevin got into the car and drove away.

Just as John was going back into the club he heard a car pull up behind him. Turning around, he saw the dark green Rover 620 pull up. Knowing who it was he waited for Jamie to join him.

"Hey Dad." She said, as she met him by the door "You going somewhere?" she indicated the bag in his hand.

"No, I'm letting out the apartment upstairs" John told her "This is her stuff."

"Oh," Jamie said "She isn't planning on staying long then is she?" The bag was only small so it certainly indicated a short stay.

"Well I think she'll be staying a while," John assured her.

"Won't it get lonely for on her own during the night?" Jamie asked. Although the nightclub was situated in a main part of town, it was pretty deserted after closing hours.

"I doubt it. There's a phone in the apartment and a computer. There's ICQ on the computer so she can meet people via the Internet." John told her even though he had to admit, it might not be a good idea for a young girl to be here on her own.

The two of them walked into the club and Jamie saw the young girl sitting at the bar. Her blonde hair coming to well past her shoulders, her back was to them so she couldn't make out much more than that.

Tegan heard John returning and turned around to face him. She had the surprise of her life when she saw the person next to him. From where she was sitting, the person was incredibly good-looking and her blues eyes stood out almost as much as the black hair on her head.

John noticed the look that past between his daughter and the young lady and smiled, he knew they were both wondering who the other one was. So as he reached the bar, he decided to put her out of her misery. "Tegan this is my daughter and assistant manager, Jamie," He said "Jamie, this is Tegan, she is going to be staying upstairs"

The minute Tegan turned around, Jamie felt an unfamiliar sense of recognition in her stomach. She was absolutely gorgeous, even with the black eye. She was the girl Jamie had always seen in her dreams. "Nice to meet you," Jamie said, holding out her hand.

Tegan took her hand and marveled at how smooth it was. The female before her was a goddess. She was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. 'Oh boy' was all that Tegan's mind could fathom at that point. She was totally speechless.

Jamie couldn't believe someone this young could be left to fend for herself. Because she was certain she was still a child. A child with the body a woman, and green eyes that seemed to pierce to her very soul as she watched her.

They stood without moving as their eyes met, and neither of them spoke as they looked at each other, unable to tear their eyes away. Jamie had never seen anyone as beautiful, or as innocent, in her simple dress as she stood before her, and Jamie longed to reach out and touch her again.

"I'm Tegan." She finally managed to speak, mentally slapping herself when she realised that Jamie already knew that. She wanted to smile at the goddess before her, but she felt paralysed by the effect of her eyes. They were a blue she couldn't ever remember seeing before, the colour of a summer sky.

Jamie's eyes closed at the sound of her voice, it was warm and smooth, and as silky as the hair on her head. Jamie was surprised by the feelings she was having. There was none of the obvious sex about Tegan that there had been about Becky, instead she was all delicate sensuality, like a flower growing on a mountain.

"Beautiful," Jamie said.

"Excuse me?" Tegan asked, blushing.

"Huh?" Jamie said, then realised she had spoken out loud."Oh your name, it's Welsh for beautiful."

"Oh yeah," Tegan said, shyly. She was surprised by the recognition she felt as she looked at Jamie. Although she knew she'd never seen her before. She had never seen anyone like her before. She wanted to say something to her, but it was hard. She was feeling overwhelmed by the longing she was feeling. And then she wondered if she was crazy. 'You've only just met her,' she told herself, but as usual she didn't listen.

"So my Dad tells me you're from River's End". Jamie said, that much was obvious. She wasn't a city girl. Then again neither was she.

"So what are you doing out here on your own?" Jamie asked, she regretted it immediately, as she saw the sadness fill those beautiful eyes.

"It was just family problems." Tegan said.

"I'm sorry." Jamie said, feeling like a horse for upsetting the young girl. She felt a strong urge to protect this girl, and make sure nothing hurt her again.

"It's not your fault." Tegan said, smiling happily for the first time in two days. The woman that stood before her was causing her stomach to do flips and she wondered if maybe she had found the person on whom her ideals were based.

John, who had left as soon as he noticed something happening between his daughter and the young girl returned with a stack of bottles of orange and tomato juice. "Jamie", he said, as he started to place them on the shelves, "I've shown Tegan her apartment do you think you could show her around the club".

"Sure Dad," Jamie said. "Come on then."

Chapter 5

Jamie led Tegan out of the bar into the next section of the club. This room was completely different to the bar. There was an arcade in one corner of the room, two pool tables in another corner. There was a bar against the back wall and a stage at the front as well as a dance floor.

"This is the Teenagers Club," Jamie explained a she looked around "The bar doesn't serve alcohol only soft drinks. We have a bouncer on the door so nobody can bring alcohol from the bar into here."

"Is this place open everyday of the week?" Tegan asked

"Yeah, but during the week it closes at ten 'o' clock". Jamie explained, "It gives the city kids somewhere to go rather than wandering the streets. I know me and my sister were glad of it. The kids are under supervision at all times. Nothing goes on in here we don't know about. Well we try not to let anything go on, but there's certain places you can't watch"

Jamie led Tegan back out of the room into the bar, then into the other club. The Gay Bar. This room was more like the first one. It had a stage which had a catwalk sticking out of it, dance floor and a bar at the back.

"Although this whole club is called The Triclub and it is three clubs in one, they each have different names. The bar is called the Leisure Club, the teenager club is The City Of Chaos, but most people just call it The City and this is Fantasy Island. It's a gay bar." Jamie explained, "We have a lot of people come here, gays bring their straight friends, especially for the shows. Tonight we are holding a slave auction to raise money for the AIDS Campaign. We're doing it in three stages, The Drag Queen section, The Drag King section and the Straight Up section. It should be a lot of fun."

Tegan couldn't believe it. She had always wanted to go to a gay bar and now she was living above one. She also had a feeling that Jamie was gay, but she didn't want to offend her by asking "Do you ever come in here?" She asked, wondering if that would produce the answer she was looking for.

"Honey, I'm always here" Jamie admitted "For pleasure more than business."

'I think I just got my answer', Tegan thought happily. "So are you taking part in the show tonight?" She looked at Jamie as she started to answer.

"Sweetheart she is the show." Came the reply from behind the bar, where one of the bar staff was restocking the shelves. "Ain't that right J."

"No it isn't Ollie and you know it," Jamie said, blushing slightly. She always knew she was popular with the girls, but she wasn't one to brag about it and she was embarrassed when others did it for her.

"How old do you have to be to get in here?" Tegan asked, hoping it wouldn't be eighteen like it was in most places.

"How old do you have to be gay?" Ollie asked from under the bar.

"Well at the moment it's eighteen, isn't it?" Tegan asked

"Well actually being gay has no age limit, being a male and having sex however is eighteen" Jamie said "But no the age is sixteen in here as long as you're not drinking"

"Yeah that's another thing I don't understand, you can have sex from the age of sixteen but you can't read about it or buy a playgirl until you are eighteen. It should be the other way around" Ollie said, he was now up from under the bar and Tegan could see he was quite good looking. His dark brown hair was in curtains and he had brown eyes. He was slightly shorter than Jamie but taller than Tegan. "Anyway how old are you?"

"Sixteen." Tegan said

"Sixteen and you are planning on staying here on your own?" Jamie asked, totally shocked.

"Yeah," Tegan said. "I realise it's going to get lonely when you close but I'll be safe."

Ollie looked at the young lady before him and wondered what a girl that young was doing out on her own."You've got that right." He said to her,"this place has more locks than Alcatraz. I'm Ollie Stone by the way."

"Tegan Rhys." Tegan said, without really thinking about it.

"Mayor Rhys' daughter?" Ollie asked, surprised.

'Oh oh', Tegan thought. "No not that Tegan Rhys" she lied.

Jamie knew she was lying but didn't want to call her up on it in front of Ollie so she suggested they continue the tour.

"Sure," she said. "It's nice to meet you Ollie," then she followed Jamie towards the door to the right of the bar.

"After opening hours this is the only door leading to the apartments that is open. All the other are closed and locked", Jamie explained "We would rather have all the doors locked and just have a key code for them all but.." she pointed to the door opposite the them "the toilets are in here. The key code to this door is pretty simple it is twenty one, zero eight, seventy eight"

Tegan thought about that for a minute, then took a pen and a piece of paper out of her pocket and wrote it down. "Is that just any number, or is it anything special?" she asked, as she looked at it again.

"Well..um.. actually it's my date of birth," Jamie admitted, shyly. 'What is it about this girl' she thought to herself, 'I feel as shy as a girl on her first date.'

"The twenty first of August nineteen seventy eight." Tegan said. "Well happy birthday for then."

"Thanks," Jamie smiled, then turned and started walking up the stairs. As they reached the top of the stairs Tegan could see that room down the corridor from her apartment was an office "This is my office." Jamie told her, as she wandered in. Tegan followed."I usually start work about two 'o' clock. So if you ever want to pop down and chat or anything feel free"

"Thanks," Tegan said, "I will"

"Well that's it really. The only place you haven't seen is the club kitchen. That isn't very fascinating really."

"Well I think I'd better start to get settled in,." Tegan said. "Thanks for the tour."

"That's ok," Jamie said, she didn't want this girl to go. She wanted to get to know her a bit more ."I'll get your bag and bring it up."

"Ok thanks," Tegan said, then she turned and walked up to her new apartment. She felt a sadness creep into her heart as she walked towards the door. A sadness that made her want to run back to the woman in the office,  take her in her arms and tell her that she was falling in love with her. 'How can you be falling in love with her?' she asked herself, 'you've only just met her'. She knew she could deny it as much as she wanted to, but she would just be fooling herself if she did. There was something about Jamie that sent warm shivers up her spine and made her tingle all over.

Jamie watched as Tegan walked down the corridor. God, she was incredible, that figure...those eyes, she closed her eyes as she thought of them. There was a quality about her that drove Jamie wild. A sensuality mixed with a reserve that made you want to tear her clothes off, just to see what the rest of her looked like. Jamie suspected that it looked damn good.

"Come on Jamie," She said to herself, sternly. "Get going." She walked out of the office and down the stairs, to the bar.

Chapter 6

John was still restocking the shelves when Jamie came back into the bar. Most of the shelves were full now so there wasn't much to do.

"Did you show her around?" John asked, as Jamie came to a stop in front of him.

"Yeah and I told her which doors are locked after opening hours," Jamie told him.

"She's good looking too, isn't she?" John stated.

"Yes she is," Jamie admitted. "It's a shame she isn't part of the family, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah I reckon you two would make a cute couple." John chuckled, he had always found it funny to talk to Jamie about their taste in women. It was surprising how similar their tastes actually were.

"Why do you think a sixteen year old girl would be away from her family in this day and age?" Jamie asked.

"Well Uncle Kevin brought her here and we think she is in the family way," John told her.

"Really?" Jamie was surprised ."She doesn't seem like the type to do that." Tegan seemed like the type that would like to do well in school, and who wouldn't risk that by getting pregnant.

"Well looks can be deceiving," John reminded her.

"Yeah I know", Jamie said, she had suffered with that a lot during her time in school. She had always been a tom boy and she never ever dressed like a girl. But during school she had been seen as the girl that slept with anyone and anything. The truth being she never slept with anyone until she was sixteen. But people never believed that. "Anyway I'm going to take her bag up for her"

"Ok," John said. "Well I've finished up here, so I'll be heading home."

"Ok. I'll be late tonight, because of the show", Jamie said. "So tell Robin not to wait up for me tonight."

"Will do," John said, then Jamie picked up Tegan's bag and walked out of the bar. John stood shaking his head."Girl, you always pick the hard ones." Then he grabbed his coat and keys and walked out to his car.

* * * * *

Back upstairs, Tegan was having a proper look around the apartment. The living room was well decorated in white and blue. The walls were white, the carpet and curtains were blue and the sofa and chairs were blue with white leaves on it. There was a t.v in a white entertainment center. There were two bookshelves on the one wall and they were pine wood, It was wonderful. Next she went into the bedroom. It was decorated the same way as the living room but it was in red and white. The dressing table and bookshelves were also pine in here. The bathroom was yellow and blue and the study was navy and white. "Quite an assortment," She said to herself, then she heard a knock at the door.

She smiled when she realized it must be Jamie. So she quickly went to the door, then slowed down, not wanting to seem eager. After a couple of seconds she opened the door ."Come in". She smiled at Jamie. 'God she's gorgeous.' she thought again.

"I brought your bag up." Jamie said, as she walked into the apartment.

"Thanks," Tegan said, taking the bag off her. As she did their hands touched briefly sending sparks through the two of them. They looked at each other for a minute wondering if the other was feeling it too. "Um I'd better put this in the bedroom." Tegan broke eye contact and took the bag from Jamie. Then she walked towards the bedroom.

Jamie looked around the apartment they had designed and decorated as a family. It had never been let out before, the family had agreed that if any other family members come to stay for a few days Jamie would give up her apartment and stay there. Sometimes it was easier that way because when she finished work really late it was better to come and sleep up here than having to drive home when she was too tired to do anything else. Nobody except the work staff and the family knew there was an apartment up here. Most people thought it was just offices. It was easier that way.

Tegan came back out of the bedroom and noticed Jamie looking around the living room ."It's nice here." She said, as she sat down on the sofa. "Who decorated it?"

"The whole family," Jamie said. "We were all given a room to chose the color for and to decorate. Dad had this room, Mom had the study, I had the bedroom and Sophie had the bathroom. The kitchen was decorated last year. Robin had that one. We all decided to use the colors of our favorite soccer teams"

"Don't tell me the red and white are Manchester United colors." Tegan said, she was a big soccer fan, but nearly everyone in River's End had supported United. They all said it was a rich man's club, so a rich man supported them.

"Yeah right," Jamie chuckled. "Not everyone supports United, you know."

"Really?" Tegan said "Whose colors are they?"

"Liverpool," Jamie said. "Me and Robin have always supported Liverpool."

"That's make a change," Tegan said. "Do you know what it's like being a Liverpool fan in a town of United fans?"

"Can't say I do," Jamie admitted."Everyone I was friends with supported Liverpool"

"So who does the rest of the family support?" Tegan asked, finding it more comfortable talking to Jamie now.

"Dad supports Chelsea of all clubs, Mom supports Tottenham and Sophie supports Wimbledon. Quite an assortment really"

Tegan smiled hearing her own words coming back to her "Yeah it is" That was one thing Tegan missed back home was her freedom of choice. Her father believed that what he did, the rest of his family had to do. She had to support Manchester United because it was expected of her. She had to go and see United play whenever her father thought it was necessary. He knew she secretly supported Liverpool and made sure they went to all of the Liverpool Vs United matches home and away and they always sat with the United fans.

"So while I'm here, I just wondered if you know how to use ICQ?" Jamie asked, deciding she should at least explain it to her she didn't.

"What's ICQ?" Tegan asked, shyly.

"It's a computer program" Jamie explained. "It's an Internet meeting program."

"No, I don't know how to use it." Tegan admitted.

"Well come here and I'll show you," Jamie said.  So she walked over to the computer switched it on and immediately went on-line. "ICQ is simple to use, it's just like talking to people through your computer. Look," she searched the ICQ data base for her ICQ number and e-mail address, then she added it to the contact list. "This here is your number, you have to put your own info in this box here." She brought up the information fields. "Do you want to use you real name?"

"I'd like to use Tegan, but I'd rather not use my surname," Tegan admitted.

"Ok," Jamie said. "How about your mother's maiden name?"

"Yeah," Tegan said. "It's Llewellyn."

So Jamie typed that in. "What about a nick name?"

"Don't have one," Tegan said.

"Ok." Jamie said, then typed in T. in the nick name. "Now you do. Do you want people to know your age?" Tegan shook her head. Then Jamie added the town, country and the time. Then pressed the update button. "Right it's set up. My name is on the contact list and apparently someone is at my computer. Watch what I do now." So Jamie clicked on her name and then send message. Then she typed in, 'Hi, I'm T. whose this?' Then she pressed send and waited until Uh-oh came through the speakers. "That means who have a message. So you click on the flashing letter and the message comes up." Jamie did this and smiled, 'Hi, I'm Robin,' was the message.

'Robin what are you doing in my apartment?'


'Yeah and what are you doing in my apartment?'

'Me and Sophie were bored so we thought we'd come up and chat. Where are you?'

'I'm at the office. There's someone moved into the apartment above the club and I'm just showing her how to use ICQ'

'What's her name?'


'Hi, Tegan'

"Can I have a go?" Tegan asked.

"Sure," Jamie said, moving out of the way so Tegan could sit down. Then she typed in 'hi.'

'hi' .

"Right, I've got to go to work. If they ask tell them I'll see them tomorrow and can you remind Robin not to wait up for me?" Jamie asked, as she got ready to leave.

"Sure," Tegan said. "Thanks for showing me this"

"You're welcome," Jamie said. "I'll see you later."

"Ok." Tegan smiled and went back to the computer screen, where she continued to chat with Robin and Sophie.

* * * * *

The rest of the day was pretty much a blur for Jamie. She tried to concentrate on her job but she couldn't. All she could think of was Tegan. There was just something about the girl that drove Jamie to distraction. It was something she had never experienced before, not even with Becky. She had liked Becky, but her former lover had never been on her mind twenty four hours a day. Especially not the first day they had met. It was something, she decided, she liked.

When she looked at her watch later she was surprised to see that there was only half an hour before opening time. She went over to the closet in her office and took out the suit she would be wearing for the Auction tonight. She ironed it and then hung it back up. She was about to leave when there was a knock on the door. She was pleasantly surprised when Tegan stood in the doorway."Hi," she said.

"Hi." Tegan said, shyly. 'What are you doing girl?' she asked herself. "I'm sorry for disturbing you but, I'm... um... well see this is my first night in town and well I was wondering if I could accompany you downstairs later". Tegan found herself fumbling for words that wouldn't embarrass her. "See you are the only one I know and the auction sounds like fun. I think it will do me good to get out and like I said I don't know anyone else in town so..."

"Whoa there T." Jamie said, holding up her hands to halt the nervous speech coming from the girl. "I'd love it if you would accompany me tonight."

"Really?" Tegan asked, her heart feeling lighter than it had a few minutes. She had spent most of the afternoon trying to figure out how to ask Jamie if she could keep her company tonight, because she really didn't want to be alone. She also just wanted to spend time with the assistant manager.

"Yes, but can you be ready in about an hour?" Jamie asked."That's what time the auction starts."

"Yeah I think I can do that," Tegan said.

"Good. Now I have to go downstairs and get ready to open up. I'll come up for you in about an hour then," Jamie said.

"Ok," Tegan smiled. "I'll be ready."

Then she turned and left.

Chapter 7

The club was pretty full by the time Jamie went up to get Tegan. She was running about 15 minutes behind after having some problems in the Leisure Club and she hadn't had a chance to look around Fantasy Island to see if Tegan had already gone downstairs.

She knocked on the door, just as it was opened. "Hi, sorry I'm late." She said to Tegan, who looked relieved at seeing her.

"I thought you'd forgotten about me," Tegan admitted.

"No, just had a couple of problems in the Leisure Club," Jamie said, as she took in the sight before her. Her eyes took her in like wine, and Tegan look up at her with a small smile. She was wearing black slacks and a green sweater and looked like a model. "You look wonderful." Jamie said, without really thinking about what she was saying.

Tegan blushed at the compliment. She wasn't used to people telling her how nice she looked. Everyone was always telling her how she could improve her looks, how she could never be as pretty as her sister. It was nice to hear someone telling her she looked wonderful. "Thank you".Was all she could say about the compliment. "You look lovely tonight as well."

"Thanks". Jamie could feel herself blushing and she was glad that her tanned skin was enough to cover it. "Come on let's get downstairs before the auction starts." Not that it could start without her anyway, she was the MC.

"Come on then." Tegan said, and she walked beside Jamie, down into Fantasy Island.

Tegan looked around the now full club and was amazed at the difference a few people made to a club. There were a lot of Drag Kings and Queens about and some very good looking women but none of them were half as good looking as Jamie. 'You're just biased.' Tegan told herself with a smile.

"Where would you like to sit?" Jamie asked "You can sit at the bar with Ollie or I can introduce you to a couple of my friends, who are sitting near the catwalk."

"I think I'd like to meet some of your friends." Tegan said.

"Ok," Jamie said. "Come on then." Jamie took Tegan by the arm and led her down to a group sitting down by the stage.

"Hey J." One of the men said, as they reached the table, and he stood up and gave her a hug.

"Hey Darren, when did you get back?" Jamie asked, as she hugged her best friend.

"About two hours ago. I thought I'd surprise you." Darren said.

"So how was Scott?" Jamie asked, feeling Tegan tense under her hand."Hey you ok?" she asked, quietly.

Tegan just nodded. 'I'm not going to let you ruin my life, Scott.' She thought to herself.

"So Jamie, are you gonna introduce your new friend?" A girl at the table asked.

"As a matter of fact Catherine I was," Jamie said, ignoring the remark about her friend. 'She's just jealous,' Jamie thought."Everyone this is Tegan. She just moved in upstairs. Tegan this is my good friend Darren. This is Paul, Rhiannon and Sarah. This is Catherine"

They all greeted Tegan warmly except for Catherine, who took an instant dislike to her. "Tegan is new in town, so I was wondering if you could keep her company while I go to work?"

Darren smiled. "You know friends of yours are always welcome honey"

"Well that's obvious, you wouldn't be here otherwise" Jamie smiled, then turned to Tegan "You'll be ok here with these lot. Don't let them bully you. And don't believe anything they say about me"

Tegan smiled at that, maybe this would help her understand more about the woman she was falling for. "Ok," she said, as she sat down and Jamie left her to go and get ready. The auction was also running late so Tegan and everyone listened to the music until Darren asked her if she'd like to dance. Blushing slightly, Tegan was taken completely of guard. Darren, with his blond hair and blue eyes, was definitely one of the cutest guys she had ever seen. He could probably go out with almost anyone he wanted. Even though he was gay, Tegan was extremely flattered he'd asked her to dance.

So she agreed.

Shy and self-conscious, Tegan followed him and started moving to the music. When the song ended and another one started, Darren kept right on dancing. Tegan followed.

Next came a slow song, and Darren pulled her close. With his arms wrapped securely around her waist and her cheek resting on his shoulder. "This is what I needed," Darren said. "Just keep on dancing. I just needed to warn you about Catherine."

"What about her?" Tegan said, into his shoulder.

"She is a former girlfriend of Jamie's, she's still a bit nuts about her and she doesn't like it when Jamie shows interest in anyone else." Darren said. "I know there's nothing going on with you two, but that doesn't matter to Catherine. If she starts anything, just ignore her and don't be baited"

"Ok," Tegan said. "Thanks for the warning."

"That's ok." Darren said, as the song ended and Jamie came onto the stage. "Come on, the auction is about to start". So they went back to their seats and watched as Queen after Queen came down the catwalk, they stood patiently while people bid for their services.

Next came the Straight Up section. All of the slaves were going for good money. The most expensive so far was five hundred pounds. Everyone expected it to go through the roof when Jamie came up for auction. She was extremely popular.

They were right, Jamie was auctioned off, to a very pretty woman in her mid twenties, for one thousand pounds. Most people had only came with a couple of hundred pounds, so only the big buys went for big money.

"So what do you think of J. getting a babe like that?" Catherine asked the table, watching Tegan for a reaction.

"I think it's for a good cause," Darren said. "Who got her doesn't matter"

"Well I just wondered what services she wants from Jamie," Catherine said, hoping to make Tegan jealous. If she did Tegan never showed it.

On the inside Tegan was feeling sick with jealousy. She couldn't stand the thought of Jamie sleeping with someone else. She wanted to be the one who slept with her. 'Where in God's name did that come from?' she asked herself, surprised by where her thoughts were taking her.

Although Tegan was thinking about what it would be like to sleep with Jamie, she didn't think she was ready for that, even if Jamie did want her like that. Which Tegan was sure she didn't. The thought of actually being with someone reminded her of Scott and she didn't think she would ever be ready to be that close to anyone again, and she hated Scott for that. He had taken away part of her that night. Part of her she had wanted to give to someone she loved and who loved her. 'That isn't going to happen now,' she thought sadly.

* * * * *

It wasn't long before Jamie came back to the table.

"Well when do you start work?" Darren asked, as she sat down next to Tegan.

"Two weeks after school starts back actually," Jamie told him. "She's a school teacher and she wants me to go into the school and talk to the kids about prejudicial matters. She wants to educate them all that different isn't necessarily bad"

"She paid one thousand pound just to have you go to the school to chat with the kids," Catherine said, unbelieving. There had to be more to it than that.

"Well no, that isn't all she wants," Jamie said, looking directly at Catherine. "But what else she wants is between me and her."

Catherine gave her a fairly startled look. She had seriously expected Jamie to lie about what the woman expected from her. 'Maybe they are just friends after all,' she thought as she looked at Tegan. "Hey Jamie, how about a dance before the next set does up for auction."

"I don't know Catherine. I'm not really in a dancing mood." Jamie lied, she was never in a dancing mood when Catherine asked.

"Oh come on J." Catherine said "You still owe me one"

"Go on J." Darren said "She'll never let you forget that if you don't"

Jamie knew he was right. Catherine had been going on and on about this dance for almost three months now. Jamie couldn't take much more. "Ok." She reluctantly agreed. 'It's not because I want to', she thought.

The song was just finished when they reached the dance floor.'Just my luck.' Jamie thought when they started playing a slow song.

Catherine smiled inwardly, she had been angry and upset three months ago when Jamie had split up with her. The only thing she wanted was Jamie back in her life and her bed. As the song started Catherine took Jamie into her arms and looked up into her eyes. "I've missed you J." She said

Jamie sighed.'Should have seen this coming,' she chastised herself. Catherine hadn't forgiven her for breaking up with her. It's not like there was anything serious going on between them anyway. It had just been a couple of times they slept together, they weren't going steady. She had told Catherine then she wasn't ready for a serious relationship. "Really," was all she could say to the admission. She couldn't say she was sorry because she wasn't.

"I want you, Jamie", Catherine said. "More than ever before"

"I don't feel the same way about you Catherine. You know that," Jamie said.

"I don't believe you," Catherine said. "I think you're scared."

"Scared of what?" Jamie asked. 'God she's got a nerve', she thought.

"Of letting someone get close. You hold everyone at arms length, how do you ever plan to fall in love that way." Catherine said "Let me change that. I know you want me, Jamie. Don't deny it"

"God, you are full of yourself aren't you." Jamie shook her head, then she turned to leave.

Seeing that her plan had taken a slight back step, Catherine grabbed hold of Jamie's arm. "Don't go."

Jamie looked down at the hand on her arm, then she looked into the eyes of her former lover "Let go of me," she growled with a deadly calm, that let Catherine know she was serious.

Catherine quickly let go of Jamie and then watched as she walked away.

Tegan had been watching this with the same jealously she had felt earlier. It was obvious to anyone, even those who didn't know, that Catherine and Jamie had been lovers and that left her feeling worse 'God, Tegan, it's not like you have any hold over her, you've only known her a couple of hours,' she told herself angrily. She was totally relieved when Jamie came and sat back down.

She could tell by the look on Jamie's face she wasn't comfortable with all the attention she was getting off Catherine and from the way she spoke to her earlier, Tegan got the feeling it wasn't just the attention she didn't like. That made her feel a little bit better.

Jamie was furious as she sat down. She was furious with herself and with Catherine. Why couldn't Catherine just get over it and why couldn't she have seen how serious it was getting? She had broken it off because it was getting too serious. The last serious relationship she had had was with Becky. She hadn't been ready for a serious one since, especially not with someone she didn't want to make her life with. 'You can be so stupid sometimes,' she thought.

Darren was also watching as the scene between Jamie and Catherine played out. He felt bad for Jamie because he knew what Catherine was like and he had been glad when Jamie had broken up with her. He could see the look of anger and disgust on the face of his best friend when she sat down and he tried to calm the situation. "Well at least you don't owe her a dance anymore, J." he said.

"Thank God," Jamie said, then started laughing. She didn't know what started her laughing, whether it was Darren's comment or the look on Catherine's face when she told her to let go of her. It was satisfying.

Tegan listened to the laugh that came from the woman now, sitting next to her. It was rich and warm, and it sent tingles down her spine.

When Jamie settled down she looked at her watch and decided it was time to get the auction back underway. The final section was the Drag King section. There were ten to be auctioned off so they were expecting it to last long. It didn't. After about forty five minutes it was over and Jamie was wishing everyone a good night.

As Jamie was walking towards them, Tegan noticed she looked exhausted and it was only eleven thirty.

"Well everyone. I'm gonna head upstairs and start counting the money. I'll most probably see you all before you head home" Jamie said.

"Jamie?" Tegan asked ."Can I help?"

"It's up to you," Jamie said, while inside she was screaming, 'absolutely'!

"It's the least I can do," Tegan said, as she stood up. "It was nice meeting you all."

"It was nice meeting you too." They all agreed, then Tegan and Jamie left.

"So you think there's anything going on with them two?" Rhiannon asked, when they were out of hearing distance.

"I don't know", Darren admitted. "There probably isn't. Jamie would have said something. But I do think there is something there."

"I agree totally," Sarah said. "Did you see the way Tegan was watching Jamie."

"Yeah that's what I mean," Darren said. "I have never seen Jamie look at anyone the way she was looking at Tegan. Not even Becky".

"Well I hope something does happen," Rhiannon said. "Jamie deserves to be happy for a change. I could have killed Becky for what she did to her"

"You and me both." Darren said, as he went back to listening to the music.

Continued in Part II

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