Loving the Conqueror

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This story contains a relationship between Xena, Gabrielle and another female. If you can't handle that then please read another story. I'm afraid that in this world the legendary Hercules wasn't born. Enough said...enjoy the story.


The Conqueror gazed out her balcony window, observing her kingdom of Corinth. The sun was setting on the horizon, giving off all the hues of red, orange and yellow. Creating an original masterpiece for all to see. She wrapped the Asian silk robe around her tall frame. The material hugged her natural curves, accenting them.

I brought this town from ruin to glory, from the many battles and spoils of wars past. I alone own this city and a third of the vast world. That bastard, Caesar, owns one part. Artemis's gorgeous daughter Sierra, owns the other. It seems that we're all at a stalemate, but rumor has it that Caesar is planning something for the Queen of the Amazons. A gentle breeze blew her long black tresses into her sapphire eyes. She brushed the hair back and sighed. Never the less, it's been done before...I lost third of my men to Caesars'. The Amazons' attacked Caesar, which sent him retreating with his tail between his legs. The only thing is...they didn't try and make a move on me, which I would've done in an instant.

"My Liege," a soft voice interrupted.

"Yes, Gabrielle?

A short blond lowered her head and spoke up, "I had another vision..."

The Conqueror raised a brow and turned to her, "Well, spit it out Oracle."

The Oracle glanced up, as her emerald eyes made contact with icy blues. "I saw Caesars' banner hanging in my Lieges' Corinth," she revealed, sighing heavily at the omen she foretold.

"WHAT?" the Conqueror scoffed, "I think you need to lay off the Amazon wine."

"My Liege, I'm not drunk-"

The Conqueror cleared her throat and raised a brow.

"Alright," Gabrielle sighed, "I admit that I had a whole bottle last night and yes, I have a slight hangover..." she pleaded, "but the vision is real."

The Conqueror stared into her eyes for a moment, reading them for any falsehoods and found none. "Gabrielle, if this is true...what must I do to prevent this?"

Gabrielle's eyes lit up at the plan she was about to reveal to her Liege.


Queen Sierra had short black hair, charismatic brown eyes and a tanned well-defined physique. She sat upon her wooden throne, silently observing the winter festivities. Her Sisters were celebrating the bountiful hunt they had gathered for the upcoming winter. Her mind was on more pressing matters of the Nation, most important...Caesar to be exact.

The rhythmic pounding of the drums and the joyous songs grew louder and more emotional with every beat.

"Sierra, are you alright?" Ephiny whispered, noticing her friend deep in thought.

"Fine," the Queen replied, turning to her Regent and flashed a smile. "Any news on-"


Sierra silently nodded.


A brown haired warrior with gray eyes approached and kneeled down before the Queen. She was out of breath as she spoke up, "Greetings, My Queen...Ephiny."

"Good evening, Valasca..." the Queen greeted back.

Ephiny probed, "What did you find out?"

"Caesar is moving three legions towards the western tribe," Valasca replied and continued, "His plans are to take over the gold mines...my Queen."

"We can't have that now can we?" the Queen muttered aloud and glanced down at Valasca, "You did well, Valasca...you're dismissed for the night."

"Thank you, my Queen..." she thanked and disappeared into the crowd.

The Queen turned to her Regent. "Send a messenger to the western providence, alerting them about our uninvited guests. Oh, and prepare 2 legions of my Elite guard..."


"Yes, I'm going to greet our intruders personally."

Ephiny nodded, "Yes, my Queen..."


The Conqueror pressed her seal into the hot wax, sealing the official document. "This had better work, Oracle..."

"My Liege," she lowered her head, "I have spoken the truth...and it will work."


"Enter," the Conqueror called out, as she rose to her feet. "Right on time, Callisto."

"My Liege," Callisto dropped to one knee, "You need of my services?"

"Yes, I need you to take this..." holds out the scroll and continued, "Personally hand this to the Queen of the Amazons, then bring back her reply."

"What is it my Lord?" Callisto inquired, taking the scroll.

The Conqueror informed, "It's a proposal of an alliance between our realms."

"Is that wise-"

A brow raised as an icy stare bore through her second in command.

Callisto lowered her head and nodded, "Forgive me, my Liege."

"Good," the Conqueror gestured with a wave of her hand, "Dismissed."

Callisto turned and exited the room.

"Come on, Gabrielle..." the Conqueror advised and moved towards the door, "Time for dinner."

"Yes, my Liege..." Gabrielle replied, following her in tow.

The Conqueror spun around, grabbed the blond by the waist and guiding her towards the wall. She pinned the woman's hands above her head and pressed herself against the young creature. Her hand roughly caressed a firm breast, while her knee lunged between her Oracle's legs, spreading them. "I think I'll have dessert first," the Conqueror growled, taking a nip from her neck.

Gabrielle leaned her head back and fell into the ravishing from her Conqueror. She closed her eyes and whispered back, "My body is yours, my Liege."

The Conqueror's fingers passed the wet folds of her Oracle and slowly moved towards her goal. "Your body and soul are mine," she decreed, plunging two fingers into the warm center of the blond.

A soft moan left the Oracle's lips, as the unexpected thrust of the Conqueror's fingers entered her. "Forever my Liege..." she gasped between breathes.


The battle for the mines had been fought from dawn till late afternoon. The valley that once held dozens of species of flowers was now covered in blood and gore. Warriors on both sides had fallen to each other's blades, sending them to the ever after. Somehow, caesar's forces led by Pompey had gathered enough strength for one last charge. He found a weak flank in the defenses and charged his heavy cavalry through it.

Pompey raised his sword and cried out, "FOR CAESAR AND ROME!!!"

The cavalry charged forward, shouting out Caesar's name.

The Queen kicked off the body that was impaled on her sword. Her black armor glistened in the Sun's fleeting rays from the thick layer of blood and gore. An intricate design of a full moon with a howling wolf's head was upon her Chest Armor. "SEND THE SIGNAL!!!!" she decreed, decapitating another soldier with a quick swipe from her sword.

An Archer sent a flaming arrow high into the sky.

Two Elite legions appeared to the rear of the Pompey's forces, boxing them in the valley. The sound of a horn trumpeted and the legions attacked the startled Romans. The Elite guard cut the Roman soldiers down to half. By the end of the day, Caesar's legions were wiped out and their lifeblood soaked into the soft and fertile earth. The banner of Caesar lay on the ground covered in flesh and blood.

The Queen scanned the battle, taking in the sight of bodies as far as one can see. Roman and Amazon were mixed, leaving a surreal scene in ones mind. Survivors were searching through the bodies looking for their fallen Sisters. A gentle wind blew over her as she held her gore-encrusted sword in one hand and the severed head of Pompey in the other. Scenes of the bloody battle replayed in her minds eye.

Eponin spoke up, "My Queen, our guards captured a warrior named Callisto."

"The Conqueror's Second..." she commented, turning towards her Captain of the Elite guard. "Bring her to me."

Eponin waved for her guards to bring the prisoner forward.

An unarmed Callisto stood before the Queen and glanced down at the freshly severed head. "Well, the mighty Pompey has fallen..." she remarked and added, "And I so wanted the pleasure of his blood on my sword."

"Show our Queen respect!" Eponin growled and kicked Callisto's legs out from under her.

Callisto fell to her to knees before the Queen.

"Forgive me for taking your PLEASURE, Callisto..." the Queen handed the head to her Captain, "Wrap it up with Caesar's banner and send it back to him."

"Yes, my Queen..." Eponin nodded then, called another guard over and whispered her orders. The guard took the head and set of to do as she was told.

"So, tell me what brings the Conqueror's second to me?" the Queen inquired, wiping her sword off on Pompey's cape and sheathed her blade.

"I was sent here to give you a message," Callisto replied.

The guard on her right held out a scroll, "My Queen, she had this on her."

The Queen took the scroll, recognizing the seal of the Chakram with an X in the center as the Conqueror's. She broke the seal then, unrolled the fine parchment and began to read it.

Queen Sierra,

For the past ten winters we have been fighting each other at the cost of many honorable lives. Our brothers and sisters unfortunately made the ultimate sacrifice for our foolish mistakes. However, we cannot go back in time and change this. I have a proposal to eliminate this stalemate and create a stronger destiny for us both.

What I'm suggesting is a meeting, to discuss an alliance between our two realms and the fall of Caesar. I know you may have thoughts that this maybe a trap and I would completely understand the notion. Considering that I am the Destroyer of Nations. To show my good faith, I'm leaving the location and when this shall take place to your discretion.

I'm looking forward to our meeting,

The Conqueror

"It seems that the Conqueror wants an alliance with us," the Queen said, as she rolled the scroll up and placed it under her armor. "Give our guest whatever she wants, then meet us back at my hut."

"Yes, my Queen..." the guard spoke up and turned to the guest, "This way."

Eponin whispered, "It could be a trap, my Queen."

"I know," the Queen sighed and kneeled down next to the body of her enemy. She removed Pompey's ring and stated, "But if there's anyway we can defeat Caesar and bring peace to the lands..." she rose to her feet and continued, "Eponin, we must try...no matter what the consequences."


The Queen rolled the scroll up and placed her seal upon it. She took a much need sip from her wine and flashed her Captain a reassuring grin.

The guards escorted Callisto into the hut.

The Queen greeted, "Well, I hope that my Sisters have treated you well."

"I'll be sure to inform the Conqueror," Callisto retorted, sneering.

"Good," the Queen held out the scroll and a small leather pouch for her to take, "Take these to the Conqueror."

Callisto silently took them both.

The Queen leaned back in her chair and decreed, "Escort her to the border, then give her weapons back to her."

"Yes, my Queen..." the guards replied in unison.

"Safe journey, Callisto."

"The Conqueror thanks you for your kindness," Callisto responded then, turned and followed the guards out.

The Queen poured herself another cup and assured, "Don't worry Eponin..."


A swift kick to her sparring partner's chest sent the man flying back. The Conqueror executed a back flip to distance her self from him and taunted, "Darphus, you're getting soft."

Darphus leapt to his feet and swung his sword towards her head. She easily deflected the blow with her sword and returned it with a quick swipe from her own. Her razor sharp sword sliced into his gut, spilling his blood and intestines onto the ground. He groaned as he tried desperately to no avail, to put his intestines back into his body.

"You dishonor me Darphus," the Conqueror stated, "You lied and stole from Corinth...for that you shall be made an example." She turned to Marcus and ordered, "Crucify him and display his guts for all to see...let him die a slow death."

"Yes, my Liege..." Marcus responded and hurried to do the task. He pointed to two guards and called to them, "You two, come with me."

>From the balcony, Gabrielle witnessed the horrible scene with disgust. She stared at the wailing man, praying that the gods would take him soon. As always, they seem to ignore her prayers and she lowered her head in defeat. Knowing that the Conqueror will be up here shortly to release some of her pent up energy. My Liege at times could be the sweetest person I've ever known with a heart of gold. Then instantly transforms into the Destroyer the next. THAT'S what scares me...Gods, I'm falling for her... She took in a deep breath and lets it slowly out, as she heard the door slam shut behind her.



The Conqueror's muffled voice called out, "ENTER!"

Gabrielle's moans were growing louder and her legs were twitching uncontrollably.

Callisto entered the room and noticed that her Liege was busy eating her little Oracle out. She observed the naked pair and abruptly cleared her throat, smirking.

The Conqueror continued her onslaught of Gabrielle's cunt and plunged three fingers into her tight center, causing the Oracle to orgasm and scream out, "OH GODS MISTRESS!!!" Her body trembled, as a geyser of her juices released into the Conqueror's awaiting mouth. She quickly lapped all the nectar up, until not a drop was left. The Conqueror moved up to the spent Oracle and passionately kissed her.

"I hope you brought me good news Callisto," the Conqueror remarked, as she climbed out of bed and approached her second

"Of course my Liege," Callisto replied, handing her the scroll and the leather pouch. "I arrived just as the battle between Pompey and the Amazons ended."

"And?" the Conqueror took the items and moved to her desk.

"The Amazons won of course..." she stated and continued, "Her Elite guard came in from the rear and slaughtered them all. The Queen held Pompey's severed head as I approached."

The Conqueror opened the pouch and dumped the contents into her hand. A Roman noble ring fell out. She held the ring up, as the afternoon rays shimmered off the intricate silver carvings. A mischievous smirk formed upon her face, as she noticed the large letter P upon it. "Awww...one down and the other shall soon follow," she whispered and inquired, "Did they treat you well?"

Callisto nodded, "Yes, my Liege."

"Good," the Conqueror broke the seal and began to read it.


I've just received your letter and was surprised to hear that the Destroyer would like to ally with Artemis' Daughter. I too believe that this war has taken far too many lives, as it moves into a stalemate. Your proposition has intrigued me and I would like for us to meet in person. I'll send word on where we shall meet.

Queen Sierra

P.S. Take this gift as a memento of my victory against Caesar.

Callisto inquired, "Good news, my Liege?"



The Conqueror was enjoying a fine meal with all her Generals. As she casually listened to their drunkin' banter of battles past, a feeling of being watched overcame her. She finished her wine off and excused herself from the table. The Conqueror stealthy moved down the hall in search of the voyeur, after finding no one but her guards. "No one's to disturb me," she ordered her personal guards then, entered into her bedroom to investigate further.

The candle lit room was filled with shadows, as the Conqueror stepped into the room. She perceived a new scroll upon her desk and inquired, "What I would like to know is how you got passed my guards?"

"Just like you..." the Queen spoke up and stepped into the light, "I have many skills."

The Conqueror turned to her new Guest, who was clad head to toe in black and carried a sword upon their back. "Forgive me," she bowed her head, "I wasn't expecting a Queen in my personal chambers."

The Queen removed her mask and remarked, "And I'm a Hestian vestal virgin."

The Conqueror chuckled at the thought and flirted back, "No, I guess not...but we could always use our imaginations."

"My...my is the Conqueror actually flirting with her enemy?" the Queen rhetorically asked, grinning ear to ear.

The Conqueror slowly walked around the gorgeous woman. She's bit shorter than myself...perfect. Her eyes roamed over Queen's body, taking in all the curves and imagining her hands upon them. "I don't consider you my enemy."

"Then what do you consider me as?"

"An ally," the Conqueror replied, inhaling the soft scent of lilac with a touch of musk. Gods...I don't remember ever being this aroused by the familiar pair. "My equal," she whispered into the Queen's ear and seductively conveyed, "And quite possibly my next lover."

The Queen was unfazed by the Conqueror's comment and remarked, "Well, before we release our carnal desires on one another. We must first discuss the terms of our Allegiance."

"Business before pleasure," the Conqueror stated, "I like that in a woman. So, where do you want to discuss OUR partnership?"

"Come with me-"

"It would be my honor too," the Conqueror mischievously smirked.

"I walked into that one didn't I?"



A tall red head was swaying to the rhythm of the music that filled the air. She slowly began to undress for the crowd of men, which consisted of the Conqueror's Soldiers, laborers, traders and a few farmers. She flung her top into the crowd of men, as they cheered her on.

"Greetings, Sierra!" Meg called out and gave the Queen a friendly hug. "It's been awhile."

"Yes, it has my friend..." the Queen introduced her cloaked partner, "This is my friend-"

"Call me Xe," the Conqueror finished, removing her hood and stood face to face with her double.

"It's nice to meet you Xe," Meg responded and whispered, "Any friend of Sierra's is a friend of mine. I guess that makes four..."

The Conqueror retorted, "Excuse me?"

"Oh, sorry..." Meg apologized, "So far, I've met four women who all look like the Conqueror."

"Oh, really?"

The Queen spoke up, "Meg, we'd like a private table."

"Sure thing Sierra," Meg gestured for them to follow, "This way." She led them to secluded table in a shadowy corner. "Will this do?"

"Perfect..." the Conqueror thanked and added, "Oh, can you bring us some Porte." She made herself comfortable in the corner chair and waited for her companion to do the same.

"Sure," Meg flashed them grin.

The Queen sat down on the Conqueror's right.

"So, my Lady..." the Conqueror inquired, "Do you come here often?"

"Not this particular one," the Queen shook her head, "I usually go to Meg's other Cabaret."

"I heard that it's twice the size of this one."

"Yes," the Queen nodded and revealed, "There's an Inn attached to it...so one can relive any tensions they might have."

"Interesting, I'll have to check it out."

"Here you go," Meg came back with their drinks and sat them on the table.

"Thanks," the Conqueror handed her two gold coins, "Keep the drinks coming."

"Will do, Xe..." she took the coins and left the pair.

"If we're going to be ally's I guess we drop the formalities," the Queen suggested, taking a sip.

"Where do you want to start, Sierra?"


After having at least a keg between the two, a foundation was made for the union of their two realms. With the weight of running a realm temporally lifted. They settled back to enjoy the live entertainment and each other's company.

"So, tell me Sierra..." Xena finished last of her Porte and inquired, "Do you have a Consort?"

"No..." Sierra shook her head then, hiccupped. "Excuse me...Nope, I haven't found that special person." The Porte had finally caught up to her, as she felt all her inhibitions leaving her. Finally, she pushed her half-full mug away from her. "Last rumors I heard..." thinking back and continued on, "Was that you and a cute blond were getting it on."

"Gabrielle," Xena informed, taking Sierra's mug and chugging it. "She satisfies me," she replied in a slurred voice, as the effects of the alcohol finally caught up with her as well.

"Well, as long as you're happy..." Sierra expressed and stood up, "I need some air-"

"Happy?" Xena chuckled at the thought and rose to her unsteady feet, "I'll cum with...we can continue our discussion and stuff." She took a step forward and stumbled into her drinkin' partner. "Sorry..."

Sierra wrapped an arm around Xena's waist and guided her out of the Cabaret. "It's time to take you home Xe," she advised, leading her towards the barn.

"I'm fine...really."

Sierra managed to open the door with her foot and steered them into the barn. "Now, I want you stay here..." she suggested, leaning her against a stall door. "Let me get the horses and we'll be on our way." Suddenly, she grabbed from behind and pulled back into a hard body. "What are you doin?"

Xena's hand was busy caressing a breast, while the other held her tight around the waist. She kissed Sierra's exposed neck and began licking a trail towards an earlobe. "You want this as much as I do," she revealed in a husky voice filled with desire, "I bet you're as turned on as I am..." pausing to seductively suck on an earlobe, "Oh, that sweet nectar is slowly traveling down your inner thigh."

"We've got to stop this-"

"I can smell your soft musky scent," Xena purred, "And I bet it tastes like ambrosia too." She instantly spun her captive around and pulling her body into hers. Her moist lips found the Queen's, as her tongue forcibly entered in search of its partner.

The Queen fell into the passionate kiss, as her body gave into the carnal urges that it's been denied for way too long. She wrapped her arms around the Conqueror's body and pulled her body closer.

The Conqueror broke the kiss, picked up the startled Queen and tossed her over her shoulder. She quickly climbed the ladder that led to the hayloft above. Sat her down, removed her cloak and spread it over the hay. She then removed her leather armor, tossing it aside and started to work on her clothes.

The Queen's shirt and boots were already in pile. Now, she was in the process of removing her pants and they too fell to the discarded pile.

The Conqueror pulled her in for another searing kiss. Their lips never broke contact, as she lowered her onto the soft cloak. She slowly climbed on top of her, positioning herself between the Queen's thighs.


Gabrielle instantly woke up from an intimate scene that played in her minds eye. It was a vivid vision of her Liege passionately making love to the Queen of the Amazons. She sat up, wiped the sweat from her brow and released a breath she unknowingly held in. She climbed out of bed, poured herself a cup of water and moved over to the balcony. "Why are my visions taunting me so?" she questioned the stars above, "I know the alliance between the two realms is a wise one...I've seen the fall of Caesar from it." Then why am I feeling so used? "Well, maybe it's because my Liege hasn't been with anyone else in over two winters..." she replied aloud, sighing at the realization. "Oh, gods...I'm jealous!"


A probing tongue entered her center, as the Queen quickly stifled back a moan. Her breathes were short shallow ones and her legs quivered towards another peak.

The Conqueror enjoyed the taste of sweet ambrosia upon her lips and plunged her tongue further into the goddess' vagina. Tartarus...where's a phallus when ya need one. Not wanting any part of HER Queen to feel neglected, she moved her assault north. Her tongue slowly circled it once, teasing her, before she applied suction to the engorged nub.

Sierra's body shook from achieving yet another orgasm, which made four so far. The floodgates lowered, releasing more of her delicious nectar. A guttural moan escape from her lips, as her body released small tremors.

Xena blissfully lapped up her luscious reward, until nothing was left. After kissing her inner thighs, she kissed a trail over Sierra's tight abs then, a quick peck to each nipple. Finally reaching her destination, a set of luscious lips that she softly kissed. Her tongue entered into a willing mouth once again as the kiss grew passionate. The kiss ended and the Conqueror laid her body upon her precious Queen, wrapping the cloak tightly around them.

The lovers lay spent, intertwined in the protective arms of other. They closed their eyes and waited for Morpheus to release them into his realm.


The early morning rays heated the lovers' naked skin, waking them from their peaceful slumber.

Sierra slowly opened her eyes to the bright sun and a pounding headache. "Hera's tits..."

"Good morning, Sunshine."

"Huh? Yeah...right," Sierra muttered, recognizing the seductive voice and feeling a warm body laying on top of hers. "Conqueror?" Her eyes finally adjusted enough to make out a very naked Conqueror, grinning from ear to ear. Common sense slapped her upside the head and she hesitantly inquired, "Did we?"

"But of course," the Conqueror purred with delight, kissing her softly on the lips. "I hope I didn't wear you out too much."

"You didn't..."

"Good," the Conqueror climbed off her soft pillow, "Time to get up," she suggested then, helped the Queen to her feet. "We have a busy day ahead of us."

"How can you be so perky?" Sierra probed then, picked up her pants and climbed into them. She was in the process of putting her bra on and grumbled, "You drank as much as I did."

Xena was now working on her boots, when she pulled her lover into another embrace. "I know, but lets not forget that YOU worked it COMPLETELY off ME..." she enlightened, pulling her in for a searing kiss.

After both were completely dressed and stealing kisses in between. They finally led their horses out of the barn and each mounted their perspective steeds.

The Conqueror advised, "An official ceremony for the unification of our two realms is needed."

"Very well," the Queen agreed, "When?"

"In two days."


The Conqueror leaned over and passionately kissed her Queen goodbye. "Until then my Queen."

"Safe journey, my Liege."


"HAIL, TO THE CONQUEROR!!" everyone toasted.

The Conqueror tipped her glass towards her men then, finished off her wine. A young maiden instantly refilled her glass. "I want all the borders opened to the Amazons and I want trade routes to begin immediately."

"But my Liege..."

The Conqueror turned her icy glare towards her treasurer, "What is it Tiberius?"

The middle-aged man rebutted, "How can we trust these wild women-"

"Tiberius, who runs this realm?"

"My Liege, you do."

"Who determines what's best for it?"

"My Liege, you do."

"And who decides if you shall live or DIE?"

He swallows hard, "My Liege, you do."

"Until further notice, your salary is forfeit."

"But-" Tiberius caught himself and apologized, "My Liege, forgive me."

"You're lucky I'm in a good mood," the Conqueror remarked, "Does anyone else want to question my decisions?"

Everyone halted they're conversations and silence was their reply.

"Good," the Conqueror informed, "We have two days to get everything ready for the ceremony."

Everyone replied in unison, "Yes, my Liege."

The Conqueror was once again enjoying a fine dinner with her staff. To her left was Gabrielle who silently picked at her food. Realizing that her Oracle had been introverted ever since she'd returned. "What is it Oracle?" she inquired, "Does the food not satisfy you?"

"No, my Liege..."

"Then what is it girl?" she probed, taking another sip.

Gabrielle kept her eyes on her plate and whispered, "My Liege, it's a personal issue."

"Very well, we'll talk about it after dinner."

"Yes, my Liege."


"YOU DID WHAT?" Ephiny gasped, as she climbed into the large spring and sat across from her Queen.

Sierra leaned her head back, as the warm water relaxed her sore muscles. "I said...we had sex," she repeated, sighing. "Okay...here's the lowdown. We went to Meg's place, where we discussed the terms of our alliance. Everything was perfect. We had a foundation and everything. All we had to do is write it up," she took in a breath and continued with her story, "We talked a bit...watched the dancers...talked some more...watched the dancers and between all that we were drinking like fishes. Everything kinda went fuzzy after that."

"Well, what do you remember?"

"I was helping Xena back to barn," Sierra thought about it for a moment, "I remember being carried...then a lot of kissing..." she shrugged, "And that's it...until I woke up to a naked Conqueror laying on top of me."

"The Conqueror?" Ephiny repeated with an awed look upon her face. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Sierra nodded, "There were a few clues...you know."

"Like what?"

"Well, I had her musky scent upon me."

Ephiny shrugged, "It doesn't mean-"

"Care to explain where these hickey's came from?" Sierra inquired, gesturing towards the suspicious marks that were strategically placed upon her body. "Ephiny, this one even looks like an X," she said, pointing to the one on her left breast.

Ephiny leaned over to examine it, realizing that it was the letter X. "Gods...how did she do that?"

Sierra rolled her eyes and sighed, "I don't know...but I'll ask her when I see her again."

"Do you trust her?"

"My gut is telling me too..." Sierra replied and added, "If she wanted me to hurt me she would have done it last night."

"Not necessarily..." Ephiny shook her head, "We are talking about the Destroyer here."

"Yeah, I know..."


Gabrielle was standing on her Liege's balcony, observing the gorgeous sunset. "Why must everything be so complicated?" she sighed, "Why can't I keep my big, mouth shut...she doesn't want to know how I feel-"

"Oh, please tell me Oracle..."

Gabrielle spun around and was face to face with the Conqueror. She hesitated for a moment. It's now or never... "My Liege..." she swallowed hard and revealed, "I'm falling for you. I mean..." she paused a moment to gather her courage and nervously grinned, "I love you, my Liege." GODS...I finally told her...Please feel the same way.

The Conqueror pulled her Oracle into a tight embrace and gently kissed her. She lovely placed a kiss on Gabrielle's forehead and expressed, "My...my I didn't expect this." She glanced into her Oracle's eyes and inquired, "Gabrielle, do you know what love is?"

Gabrielle searched in her Liege's eyes for the love that she knew was there. "Yes, my Liege...I feel it when I'm with you. Sometimes, I can even see it in your eyes."

"You think so?" the Conqueror asked, lowering her defenses a bit to reveal the love within them.

Gabrielle caressed her Liege's cheek, "Deep down...it's there, I can feel it." She slowly pulled her in for a passionate kiss. After the loving kiss ended she whispered, "Can you feel it?"

"Oh, I feel something..."


The Conqueror nodded, as her loving eyes turn cold and dark. "I feel that you need to be put back in your place."

"Huh?" Gabrielle voiced, as she stared into the eyes of the Destroyer. Please...not now. She shook her head in disbelief as her heart broke in two. "My Liege..." she pleaded, "Please, I didn't mean-"

"Be still!" the Conqueror yelled, backhanding her. The force of it spun the startled blond around. She ripped the clothes off her Oracle, then roughly pinned her against the balcony wall. "Is this what you want?" she growled, bending the girl over the stone ledge. With one hand, she held the girl's wrists behind her back.

Before Gabrielle could even blink an eye, she was naked and leaning over the edge. She silently prayed, as she glanced down at the courtyard below. He legs were kicked apart, spreading her and exposing her moist center. She could feel the gentle breeze caressing her naked skin. Gods...I beg of you...please help me.

The Conqueror dropped her pants. Revealing a leather phallus, which was already strapped to her. She rubbed it over the girl's moist nether lips, lubricating it. She then, brutally plunged it deeply into her tight center. "You want love," she taunted, "I'll show you what it means."

Gabrielle stifled a cry by biting into her lip, as the phallus was shoved deeper into her. With each thrust it seemed to enter her deeper than the next. Tears streamed down her face as she felt the eyes from soldiers upon her, silently witnessing her punishment. Anyone...please help me...

"Love is a weakness," the Conqueror growled with clinched teeth. Soon, a rhythm to her thrusts brought her a step closer to her own release. She maliciously squeezed Gabrielle's breast and continued her assault upon her Oracle. Within moments an orgasm overwhelmed her, releasing a deep guttural moan and she collapsed on top of the blond.

Gabrielle choked in a sob, as the warm body above her ceased it's trembling. The phallus was then removed and it fell to the ground in clank. Suddenly, she was gently picked up and carried over to the large bed. Her Liege carefully placed her upon the bed and covered her with a blanket. She turned onto her side, away from her Liege and laid in fetal position.

The Conqueror stood there for a moment, looking down at her Oracle. She listened to the girl's soft sobs as a strange feeling of regret entered her soul. Without warning and control, tears formed in her impassive eyes. What have I done? "I'm so sorry," she sincerely apologized, "I didn't mean to hurt you."

Gabrielle was momentarily stunned at what her Liege had said. She's never apologized...EVER.. Maybe it's just wishful thinking... Her sobs changed to sniffles, as she wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

"Gabrielle, please forgive me..." she begged then, dropped her knees and silently cried. "I didn't mean to..." she repeated, as tears were now flowing freely down the Destroyer's face.

Gabrielle was utterly speechless, as she laid there listening to the remorseful Conqueror. She's begging and sobbing like a babe...maybe someone did listen to me. Her heart broke a thousand times over at the sound of her love crying before her. She turned around and placed a reassuring hand upon her Liege's. "I know..." she whispered and gently squeezed it.

"Please forgive me..."

"I do Xena."

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