~ Gabby Gets Some ~
by Nalysia

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Spoilers: Yes there are some for "Back in the Bottle" and "Kindred Spirits."

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It's a crowded market place and at one of the booths we see Gabrielle.
"7 dinar!" The vender says in a raised voice.

"It's not worth 4." The petite blond replies with some aggression.

"6 dinar, no less!"

"I will give you 5 dinar for it!" The two continue to dispute the worth.

"6" The vender says with a sharper edge.

"Fine I can get the same things at another stand for 5." Gabrielle is about to turn around when the vender troughs his hands in the air.

"OK, OK, 5 dinars." His voice is a little aggravated now, but it is also lighter. Gabrielle pays the man.

"Thank you." The bard says with a big grin as she gathers her newly acquired items. She is still looking down as she turns.

"Oh, excuse me" She says after bumping into a well-muscled body.

"Lin Qi?" The pretty face and green eyes show surprise.

"Hello Gabrielle" The handsome soldier replied with a smile the gets even bigger when the blond engulfed him in a hug.

"Gods, this is a surprise, what are you doing here?"

"Just traveling. I saw you when I was walking down the road. I was just on my way out of town to someplace new. I have been traveling sense we last saw each other in Chin."

"Trying not to take up too much space." The bard smiled remembering the last time they spoke.


"I never thought we would meet again. Especially not like this. I am so glad to see you."

"I am glad to see you too. So where is Xena?" He looks around. "I have been hearing many stories about you 2 and Xena's child, Eve? Something about her bringing the death of your Gods."

"Yes, its true. A lot has happened sense we left Chin. I will fill you in, but we should go find Xena. I was just on my way back up with her. She will be so surprised to see you." She finishes as they head down the road.

"Xena, I don't understand your Gods. How can they want to harm someone so young, and blame her for Zeus death?" Lin asked as he let Eve grip his finger.

"They are a hard group to understand. Most people don't even try." Xena said watching Lin squatting down in front of Eve who was sitting on a blanket at her mother's feet.

"Lin, where are you headed?" Gabrielle asked looking up from the fire where she was cooking super.

"I am not really sure. I thought I would go west from here." Lin answered turning so he could concentrate on the Bard.

"That's where we are headed." Looking up to meet Xena's eyes, getting the answering nod she hoped for. "Maybe you could travel with a us for a while." She asked shyly as she brought her gaze back to the man in front of her.

"I would really like that Gabrielle." Lin answered with a very happy smile on his face that Gabrielle could not help but return.

Later that night Xena is sitting away from the two with her back turned well she feeds Eve. Lin and Gabrielle are back at the fire.

"I was wondering if you started to write again." Lin asked gazing at the petite blond over the camp fire and watching how the fire light brought out the red in the woman' hair.

She gazed into the fire, feeling his eyes on her.
"Y-Yeah I have. I guess what you said made a difference. It made me think that I could still write again." Finishing she looked up to meet his eyes.

It took him a few moments to respond. Not only had her words effected him, but her beauty. The way the firelight flickered over her features, and made her eyes sparkle.

"I am glad I could help. You have a good heart Gabrielle, one that was meant to be shared." He said smiling at her.

The blond smiled back unable to ignore the feeling her had that equaled his.

Back over at the log Xena was on, the Warrior smiled having heard the exchange. She whispered to her daughter.

"Well Eve I think Aunty Gabby has a admirer."

As the group made their way down the road Xena rode in front atop Argo well Lin and Gabrielle walked their horses behind.

"Do you and Xena ever talk about settling down now that Eve is here?" Lin asked without looking at the bard.

Gabrielle turned to look at him for a moment then answered.
"We almost did with the Amazons after I gave Eve my right of cast, but it's just not time. Xena is still not ready yet."

Looking up to look at Gabrielle's face. With a serious look on his face.
"What about you? I see you with Eve, would make a great mother."

Looking ahead of her to where Xena and Eve rode Argo. "I already am a mother." Looking back at Lin. "Eve is like a daughter to me. As for settling down sometimes I think about it. Think that it might be better for Eve, but…"

Lin cut her off and finished for her. Remembering what she had said once before.
"Your place is with Xena, she is your home and where she goes you go."

"Yeah" Gabrielle said softly with a slit smile.

"I am happy for you. Not very many people have what you do." The soldier said seriously.

"Yes they do, they just have not found it yet. Everyone has another half to their soul. Xena and I were just lucky enough to find each other. You will find it someday too, you just have to look for it."

"Gabrielle would you like to go for a walk with me? There is a path the goes down by the falls that is very beautiful."

The bard smiled up at him. "That's sounds great." Then turned to look at Xena and Eve. "Will you two be OK?"

"We will be fine Gabrielle. Go have fun." Xena replied sounding like she was annoyed with being asked, but smiled at her friend before they turn and walked off into the night.

As they walked away from the campsite Lin spoke up. "You are going to like this path Gabrielle. It ends at the waterfall and with the full moon tonight it is very beautiful. Almost as beautiful as you." He smiled and the bard blushed, but reached out for his hand. They walked the rest of the way to the waterfall in silence, still holding hands.

As they stepped out of the forest and up to the edge of the rocks that over looked the falls Gabrielle's breath caught. "By the God's this is beautiful."

Lin was not looking at the falls but at the woman beside him. The moon was shinning on her face; making her eyes sparkle and making her hair look even blonder. It also highlighted toned muscles under soft skin and highlighted the rise and fall of full breast with each breath.

"Gabrielle, you take my breath way." The soldier said in a soft tone. When the bard turned to him he brought his hand up to run through her short hair and across her cheek.
"I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you are." His hand stopped to cup her cheek.
"I-I love you." He said even softer.

The bard was speechless; she didn't know what to say. When she did open her mouth to say something Lin moved his hand so his thumb covered her lips.

"Shhh, you don't have to say anything. I know that your place is and will always be with Xena. All I want is one night Gabrielle. Just one night with you to show you how much I love you, it's all I need."

With that said he leaned in so his lips were so close that Gabrielle could feel them brush hers as he spoke in almost a whisper. "Just one night." Lin said again then pressed his lips to the Bards in a soft loving kiss. After long moments the soldier ran his tongue Gabrielle's bottom lip. She opened her mouth willingly and their tongues began a slow dance. Soon the kiss depend and the bodies pressed together with Gabrielle rapping her arms around Lin's neck, and his rapping around her waist to pull each other closer, and deeper into the kiss. Soon Lin brought one hand around to cup a firm breast through tight woven leather. They both moaned when he gave a slight squeeze. Their lips finally parted as Lin started to kiss his way down the bard's chin, stopping at the base of her neck and sucking lightly. Gabrielle ran her hands up his back into his hair.

"I have wanted you from the first time I saw you Gabrielle." The soldier said against her neck. "That's when I knew I loved you. I have been dreaming of this night ever since."

At that Gabrielle's eyes flew open, and she pushed herself away, and out of Lin's embrace. "I-I am sorry, I-I can't do this. It's not right." She tried to explain before turning and running into the dark forest.

Lin just stood there frozen not knowing what happened, what made the woman he loved run off like that. It's not right? What the hell did that mean? Not knowing what to do he just slumped to the ground.

Xena had heard Gabrielle running through the forest, and left Eve on the blanket and jumped up to meet her friend. Then she noticed that the Bard had slowed down to a walk as she entered the perimeter of the campsite.

"Gabrielle what is it? What's wrong?" then she noticed the red mark at the base of her friends neck and her features changed from concern to anger.

"He didn't try to…" she was cut off before she could finish.

"No, no, he would never."

The warrior's features then turned to confusion. "Then what is it?"

"It's nothing." The bard replied. Xena just gave her a look that said 'Yeah right.'

"OK, OK, he tried to seduce me." The warrior tried hard not to laugh but failed which got her a glare from her friend.

"Oh come on Gabrielle that was funny. You come running through the forest like the Hounds of Hades were nipping at your butt because a man you have been flirting with for five days gave you a hickey?" The warrior explained with an amused grin on her face as she sat down on a log near the fire.

Gabrielle tried to look angry but failed when she blushed and sitting down on the log next to Xena. The warrior put an arm around her friend and pulled her closer.
"Gabrielle what is the problem? It's not like you have never been seduced before, or had a man want you. I thought that was where you two were headed anyway."

The bard let out a breath.
"Yeah, that's where I thought we were headed too. I want to, I mean I REALLY want to."

Growing even more confused, Xena's brow knitted.
"So then what's the problem?"

"I just can't do it like this. All he did was ask for one night. He knows that we can't be together because my place is with you yet he still loves me and only asked for one night with me." The bard explained.

The warrior looked a little hurt and dropped her arm from her friend's shoulder.
"Gabrielle I don't want to stand between you and your happiness. I told you before that as long as you are happy I would be happy"

" Oh, Xena your not." The bard assured turning to face her friend, holding one of the warrior's bigger hands in both her smaller ones. "I told him back in Chin that you are my home because you are, you and Eve. That's the truth and it's because that's the way I want it. Traveling with you is what makes me happy."

Xena looked at her for a long moment before answering.
"It makes me happy too." She smiled at her friend and got a smile back.

"You still have not said why you did not take him up on his offer."

"I-I don't know. It's- I just think he deserves more then that and I don't think I can just spend a night with him then send him on his way tomorrow."

"Gabrielle, he said he loved you and all he is asking for is one night. He is not asking you to marry him, spend the rest of your lives together and bare his children." Xena continued in a softer voice. "When there is love one night can mean the world. You know that as well as I do."

At the Gabrielle looked at her friend knowing she was thinking of Perdicus and Marcus.
"I guess I sound pretty dumb." Then her head dropped again.

Xena brought her arm up around Gabrielle's shoulder again.
"Not at all." She made her friend look up at her again.
"You are not the type to just jump into a bedroll with anyone and that's a good thing. It's good that you doubted, and questioned it. It should mean something; I had to learn that the hard way. So the real question is, do you want this? Do you want to spend this night with Lin?"

The bard thought for only a moment.
"Yes, I do want to be with him." Then she grinned "It's more like I need to be with him." Drawing out the need a bit and made her friend laugh.

"Well then go, God's know I wouldn't turn it down."

"Yeah, I think you need to find some soon too. I mean if you are feeling things with Ares EWWWW! Ach!!!" she squeaked when Xena pinched her neck.

Gabrielle got up first then turned around and hugged Xena tightly.
"Thank you."

Hugging her friend back.
"Hey, that's what friends are for right."

Pulling back, but not letting go of her friend.
"I thought I was past all this mushy stuff."

"No you have grown but you still have a heart" Xena gave her another hug. "I hope you never lose it. Besides you're the one that always wanted to have all those girl talks" That got her a smack on the arm as her friend backed away.

"Well then I guess I will see you in the morning, G'night"

"G'night, have fun." The warrior added with a wink.

"I just hope he is still out there." The bard said as she turned to head back into the forest then turn when Xena called her.

"You might want this." The warrior tossed her a rolled up bedroll with a knowing smirk on her face.

The Bard blushed deeply.
"Yeah, thanks." Then she was gone into the forest. Leaving behind a smirking Warrior Princess.

As Xena lay down by her daughter she spoke to her.
"Don't even think about doing that till you are at least 30 Eve."

As Gabrielle stepped out of the dark forest to see Lin still sitting where she had left him. She just watched him for a moment, then cleared her throat to let him know she was there.

He turned around sharply, jumping to his feet just looking at her speechless.

"I am sorry I ran off like that." Gabrielle spoke first after a length of silence.

"It doesn't matter, you came back." Lin said with a smile as he stepped forward.

Gabrielle's smile equaled his and she to stepped forward to meet him half way, throwing her arms around his neck as their lips met in a fierce kiss. Their tongues battled and moans where muffled by the others lips. Soon hands started to wonder over firm backs and the kiss turned from passion to lust. Gabrielle ran her hands around to the front and to Lin's shoulder pushing his tunic off and letting it fall to the ground.

Lin hands soon found the straps of the Bards leather top, uniting it he helped her to pull it off, exposing full, firm breasts, which he soon took a hold of. Needing the flesh and rolling the nipples in-between his fingers. Gabrielle could only moan at the pleasure she was feeling. Again the Soldier took her in his arms bending her back as he leaned forward to take one hard pink nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the rock hard flesh. Rewarded with a gasp as the Bard thrust her chest forward offering more of herself to the warm mouth. Lin was happy to except the offer, closing his mouth around the nipple sucking softly. Not wanting to ignore the other breast Lin left a trail of kisses as his sucks and nibbles were transferred from breast to breast.

When he had finished his feast of soft firm globes Lin began to lower Gabrielle to the ground.
"W-wait." She got out breathlessly. "Bedroll." She explained pointing to the object left behind a few feet away, which Lin quickly retrieved and laid out for them. He then lowered Gabrielle onto it and moved down her body; slowly he removed her skirt leaving soft kisses as he went. Then he removed her boots running his hands over firm calves. He took a moment to just look at her laying before him in all her naked glory smiling at him with a sexy little smile. When she raised her hand to beckon him back up her body he did so willingly. Again they locked lips in a passionate kiss, Lin was soon surprised to find himself on is back but the joy of seeing the beautiful bard straddling his waist cleared his mind of all but one though, just how bad he wanted this woman.

Gabrielle used her new found position to pin Lin's hands over his head and leaned down to kiss him and got a hold of his tongue and sucked on it softly smiling as well as she could when he groaned and closed his eyes. She brought her hands down between them, and started to undo Lin's pants, then moved her whole body down as she pushed them over his hips, leaving a few little kisses as she went down even further to remove his pants completely along with his boots. When her task was done, she looked up to meet Lin's eyes and smiles as she ran her hands up his legs, parting them so she could fit her body in-between them. The Bard stopped halfway up his body and never took her eyes away from his as she placed a soft kiss on the head of the stiff member in front of her. Then she let her tongue dart out to lick where her lips had just been, and smiled even wider when Lin groaned loudly and thrust his hips toward her. At that the small bard grabbed hold of the cock with one hand and ! took its head into her mouth. She continued to torture him a while longer by just sucking on the head and swirling her tongue around it before she started to take a little more in each downward motion of her head. Soon Gabrielle was sucking harder, and moving faster making slurping sounds, which only made Lin groan louder. When she felt that he was getting ready to come she started to move her hand in the opposite way for her head had, when she pulled back her hand went down, when her head went down her hand came up to meet it. This combination was driving the Soldier over the edge, and soon he started to blow his load in the Bards waiting mouth. When he was finished Gabrielle whipped away some cum off her chin and moved up to straddle Lin's waist.

"You, are very good at that." He complimented running his hands up her thighs and make to her butt and started pushing her further up his body. "No its my turn." He spoke again when the Bard was straddling his face. He ran his tongue out over her wet folds first and swirled around her clit.
After a few soft licks he let his tongue run between the wet folds, and a very pleased whimper from the woman above him along with bucking hips. He kept torturing Gabrielle my running his tongue around her entrance and clit. Lin finally plunged his tongue into Gabrielle who moaned so loud that Lin thought Xena he heard. Gabrielle started ridding his face, meeting each thrust of his tongue with a thrust of her hips. She was soon at the edge, and when Lin's lips locked around her enlarged clit and sucked with all his might she came with a scream Lin was positive Xena heard all the way back at the camp.

Gabrielle moved down Lin's body to lay on top of him and recover. He started running his hands up and down her back, and soon the bard was nibbling his neck. After a few moments of this Lin flipped over so he was on top of her, kissing her and running his hand down her body to the apex of her thighs. His fingers found it wet and inviting so he slowly started to push himself in making the bard whimper in pleasure, once he was half in he thrust his hips and buried himself inside her. This time Gabrielle moaned and clutched Lin's upper arms. He slowly continued to thrust into the woman he loved and she began to thrust her own hips to his rhythm. Each time he buried himself inside her Gabrielle would let out a whimper, and Lin fought to keep it slow, wanting to draw it out, never wanting the feeling to end. Then he felt the bard getting closer so he brought a hand down between them. On an inward thrust he inserted his index finger, a few more the thrusts and Gabrielle went over th! e edge with an even louder moan then her last climax, scrapping her nails over Lin's strong back. The feeling of Gabrielle's inner muscles contracting around him Lin too went over the edge. He then collapsed on top of her, breathing hard. The bard ran her hand over his back and kissed his forehead.

"I am glad I came back." She whispered.

Lin raised off her a bit so he could look into her eyes. "So am I, and thank you for coming back. I love you Gabrielle, and I want to keep showing you how much." He said in a low voice as he took her lips in a passionate kiss. Then he showed her again…and again…and again just how much he loved her.

Xena was eating breakfast when she was the couple walking back down the path hand in hand. She turned back to her food when they stopped to kiss once more before entering camp not wanting to invade their private moment.

She didn't look up again tell she heard her friend's voice. "Good morning Xena." Echoed by Lin's "Morning Xena."

"Morning." The warrior smiled back at the two then picked up Eve to hold in her lap.
"There is plenty of breakfast, Eve and I went fishing this morning."

"Sounds great, I am starving." Gabrielle answered as she and Lin sat down on the log across from Xena.

"I'll bet." Xena remarked making both the bard and her lover blush.

As Xena finished getting Argo saddled up Gabrielle and Lin said their good byes out on the road.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay?" Gabrielle asked again.

Lin smiled at her and brought her hand to his lips kissing it softly. "You know I do but this is for the best. We both know that. Thank you again for last night."

The two kissed one last time and Lin turned to go off in his direction. Xena was soon beside her friend holding Eve, and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Are you OK?"

Gabrielle was silent for a moment and smiled when Lin turned to wake to them one last time.
"Yeah I am OK." She answered turning to smile at her friend and take Eve into her arms.

"Good because Eve missed her story last night. Not only that you kept her awake with all that noise you were making." Xena teased her friend.

Gabrielle blushed but smiled anyway. "Just be glad she can't ask why I was making them."


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