In the Heat of the Night

by Nalysia

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Warning: There is some pretty graphic girl-girl action. If that bothers you this story isn't for you. If you do read ahead I strongly suggest that you have a bucket of ice, or a snow bank handy.J

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The firm backside swayed seductively from side to side, muscles flexing with each step that the lithe blonde took. Sky blue eyes were glued to that spot, unable to look away. Then with no warning the blonde stopped her devilish walk. She bent over at the waist with only a slight bend of her knees to retie her boots. A wicked grin crossed her face when she heard a moan coming from behind her. The blonde head turned to look back at the woman astride the golden war-horse.

"Are you OK back there?" She asked with a neutral look that did not match her eyes that danced with mischief.

It took Xena a moment to comprehend that she had been asked a question. "Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine. Just peachy." This time she caught the grin on Gabrielle's face as she turned and straightened up, resuming her walk.

Oh, she is a little minx isn't she? Her boots were fine and that grin. She wants to play. Now a wicked grin found it's way to Xena's full lips. Let the games begin.

Two candle marks later Xena found herself still being tortured by Gabrielle, who decided to start a rock collection giving her an excuse to be bent over in front of the Warrior Princess. Not being able to take it any longer Xena selected a nice quiet location for them to set up camp for the night, as well as to put her own game plan into motion. The first step was to call Gabrielle over to help her remove the sleeping Eve from her back. She then made a show of stretching her sore back muscles. Lifting her arms above her head she rose up on her toes putting full breast level with the green eyes of the warrior-bard. Placing strong hands on rounded hips Xena arched her back. Causing full breasts to strain against their leather confinements. Letting out soft moans of pleasure to top it off. Ahhh you liked that didn't you? Two can play at this game you know. She thought to herself when Gabrielle reacted to her show.

The blonde found herself licking suddenly dry lips and clutching Eve a little tighter so as not to drop her after the knee weakening show put on by her lover. Once she regained some composure the Warrior-Bard noticed the glint in the blue eyes and the small smirk on full lips. Ooohhh, the Warrior has joined the game. She said to herself with a look that now matched Xena's.

"Is your back sore?"

"Mmm, a little, Eve is getting to be a big girl." Xena explained, running a finger over the sleeping baby's cheek never braking eye contact with her lover.

Moving in closer Gabrielle began rubbing Xena's back in large slow circles. That action got another moan out of the Warrior as she leaned back into Gabrielle's sensual touch.

With a sleeping baby still propped up on her hip and her other hand rubbing the Warrior's back Gabrielle went up on her tiptoes so her mouth was a hairs breath away from her lover's ear.

"Well then, I guess I will have to give you a…massage later then won't I?" The blonde asked in a low, breathless tone that sent a shiver down the Warrior's spine.

Xena turned to her love. "I would be eternally grateful." She said, taking a smaller hand in her own. "You always did have magical fingers." She drawled out before kissing the aforementioned digits one by one. Xena moved in, wrapping one arm around her love, the other around the now wide-awake and gargling infant on Gabrielle's hip. Her lips found the sensitive spot behind the Warrior-Bard's ear. Gabrielle moaned and tilted her head to the side allowing Xena better accesses. Just as warm lips begin to make their way down Gabrielle's jaw line Eve reached out and grabbed a handful of now easily accessible blonde locks and gave a healthy tug.

"OWW!" The Warrior-Bard yelped yanking her head to the other side out of the baby's reach. As a result she head-butted Xena who had just started to straighten up.

"Ouch." Gabrielle cried again, this time echoed by Xena who clutched her injured nose.

"What was that all about?" The Warrior asked with a nasal voice still holding her nose.

Gabrielle rubbed her head while answering. "Your daughter decided she wanted to use my hair as a pull string." Stressing the your part of her answer.

"My kid?" Xena asked still rubbing her nose looking down at the laughing baby who was enjoying every minute of this.

"Yes, when she is bad she is yours because she is acting like you." Gabrielle explained while grabbing one of the smaller packs from Argo. Throwing it over her free shoulder she started to make her way to the camp area. Grabbing the rest of their gear Xena trotted to catch up to her lover and child.

"Are you saying you have never been bad?" She asked.

Gabrielle gave her a sideways glance. "You've never complained." She reasoned in a sultry tone.

That caused Xena to drop the packs she was carrying and pull her lover in close. "Are you implying that I am bad?" She asked with a sultry tone all her own.

"Mmm, yes but your type of bad can be very good." Gabrielle responded, stressing the very and drawing out the good.

"Just very good?" The Warrior growled. "Well it seems that it's been too long. I will just have to refresh your memory." She said moving in closer to her lover's lips with each word. Just as their lips met Xena's hand shot out and stopped her daughter's fingers from digging into Gabrielle's hair again allowing the two lovers to fully enjoy the kiss.

They both moaned as the kiss deepened and Xena ran her tongue over Gabrielle's bottom lip. Without hesitation the blonde opened her mouth in invitation. Tongues were soon battling for control and it was long moments before they pulled apart, due to the small hands that were pulling at Xena's armor.

Gabrielle licked her lips then opened her eyes. "Mmm, I think I missed the target but my memory still needs some jump starting."

"That can be arranged." Xena purred in a low tone.

As she was about to do just that Eve had enough of being ignored and let her mothers' know it by crying out." Getting groans of frustration in return.

Taking the baby from her lover's arms Xena looked at the pouting face of the child. "Looks like someone needs a little attention."

"I need a hell of a lot more then a little." Gabrielle, unable to stay mad at the little angel, mumbled in frustration as she softly stroked Eve's head. The baby soaked up all this attention.

"I know love, and we will find time soon." The Warrior tried to reassure her.

"We better, two moons is a hell of a long time without being with you that way," With a teasing grin she added "and kisses like that last one only add to the fire."

"Hm, you can say that again!" Looking down at their baby girl she brought a small fist to her lips for a kiss. "You know Gabrielle, I think this little one has had a long day. We should put her to bed a little early tonight." Xena said, the seductive grin crossing her lips.

Gabrielle grinned back. "That is the best idea I have heard in moons." She agreed then went making supper.


A candle mark later Gabrielle completed the dish washing well Xena sat down to feed Eve. Supper had passed with many teasing touches and intriguing innuendoes. Thinking about it made the blonde smile. It was like the old times when they had first become lovers. Even up their crucifixions so much love and passion had surrounded them. After Eli had brought them back to life they had very little time to themselves. Grinning Gabrielle remembered those times when they did get to be alone and her lover's libido had risen a few notches do to her pregnancy. Xena naturally had a rather healthy sex drive, a fact well known from her warlord days, but The Warrior Princess with a hormone-enhanced libido of a pregnant woman was…well interesting to say the least and exhausting.

All the reminiscing was getting the Blonde hot and bothered. Licking her lips and groaning to herself Gabrielle's mind yelled out. I want sex and I want it NOW! Two moons is way too long to go without but tonight's the night, there is nothing to stop us. Tonight we will do some luvin! Gabrielle promised herself.

Xena had been watching Gabrielle as she cleaned up the camp and arranged bed. She also spotted the far away look in those beautiful green eyes and the grin that crossed the soft features of the blonde's face. When the grin became more mischievous and green eyes darkened the brunette had a pretty good idea of what kinds of thoughts were running around in Gabrielle's head. Smirking Xena decided to tease her lover a bit.

"What are you thinking about over there Bard?" She asked using an old but favorite pet name for her lover.

Running a hand over their blankets once more Gabrielle made her way over to kneel in front of her lover and child.

"You" She said simple as she leaned down to kiss Eve's cheek, who was almost asleep. As Gabrielle kissed the small cheek the corner of her mouth ever so softly brushed Xena's areola. Encouraged by the soft gasp her lover made Gabrielle moved her lips to fully kiss the same spot; soon the surrounding area was covered with gentle kisses. Warm lips were now blazing a trail over the already heated flesh. Reaching the top of the full globe Gabrielle crossed over Xena's breastbone, stopping to lightly snack on the defined collarbone. Moving up an inch or so the blonde sucked hard on her lover's jugular.

When Xena felt teeth biting into her neck she called out to her lover.

"Gabrielle" It was more of a moan then a word and it sent a shiver down the blonde's spine. I love how she moans out my name. Gabrielle thought to herself.

Slowly pulling away from her lover's neck Gabrielle locked eyes with the Warrior Princess. Xena's hand came up and she ran the back of her fingers across the blonde's cheek then cupped it softly, running her thumb over Gabrielle's smooth bottom lip. The Warrior tilted her head to the side and leaned in as Gabrielle did the same. They were as close as they could get without disturbing the sleeping child between them. When their lips met the kiss was gentle and loving. In the moment the kiss started they both knew the night would be one of rediscovery, not heated passion. Although, there would be plenty of that thrown into the mix as well.

When it was time to come up for air neither wanted the kiss to end so their lips met a few more times before Gabrielle reluctantly pulled away and rose to her feet. Without a word she gently lifted Eve out of Xena's arms and carried the sleeping babe to her nest.

After making sure Eve was still sound asleep and comfortable Gabrielle moved back to her spot and knelt between the warrior's thighs. Blues eyes locked with green and Xena begin to run her long fingers through soft golden locks. Gabrielle leaned into the touch and let out a sigh. Her own smaller hands moved up the Warrior's toned thighs tell they were covered by the leather battle dress. She paused at the top at the top of the thighs to knead the soft yet firm flesh before moving down once again. She continuing this a few more times tell the hand through her hair cupped the back of her head, pulling them together. Their lips met again in a loving, more passionate kiss. Muffled groans could be heard as warm battling tongues slipped from one mouth to the other. When strong arms wrapped around Gabrielle she pulled herself against the Warrior's body. Both let out moans that even their entwined lips could not cover as full breasts pressed firmly against each other.

Xena and Gabrielle both froze, with the Warrior's tongue still between the blonde's lips, when they heard the baby fuss in her sleep. Green eyes met blue, rolled down and met again as a dark brow arched. Gabrielle grinned, as well as she could, considering the situation, and moved back slowly pulling her lips off the warm muscle.

Once she retrieved her tongue Xena grinned back at her lover. "I guess you will have to keep your voice down."

"Me?" Gabrielle asked in a whisper with a shocked look on her face.

"Yes you, the one that got us in trouble with my mother for scarring the customers away." Xena replied.

Gabrielle giggled silently remembering that conversation with Cyrene and the look on Xena's face when her mother told her. 'Xena, watch what you do to the poor girl. You're going to cause her to rupture a lung.'

"Well you're the one that woke up the entire Amazon Village." The Warrior-Bard shot back, keeping her voice at a whisper.

Now it was Xena's turn to stifle a laugh when she remembered the following morning. As the two lovers made their way to breakfast, with the Warriors stride a little out of whack, every woman in the village fell to her knees in front of Queen Gabrielle with a new found respect. The Queen had to be some kind of lover to make the Great Warrior Princess cry out her name the way Xena had the night before.

"OK, OK we will have to keep our voices down." Xena said, when she regained her composure.

"Not a problem." Gabrielle assured in a whisper as her hands rested lightly on Xena's shoulders before softly pushing down the straps of the Warrior's battle dress.

"We will just find better things to do with our mouths." Gabrielle added, emphasizing the statement by attaching her lips to the warm neck once again. Her small hands mover to push the rest of Xena's leathers down to gather at the Warrior's waist.

Gabrielle watched as her own hands moved softly over the Warrior's tanned flesh. Nimble fingers trailed down from strong shoulders, around full breasts, over the slight swell of her lover's stomach. As Gabrielle's hands found their way under milk filled breast Xena around the petite blonde and undid the laces holding the woven leather top together. Once it was untied she gripped the neckline, the tips of long fingers brushing smooth breasts, then pulled the top away from Gabrielle's body. Finally the Warrior's eyes and hands were able to feast upon the beautiful breasts of her younger lover.

For long minutes all the couple did as look deeply into each other's eyes as their hands caressed areas unexplored for far to long. It was almost like follow the leader, Xena would cup a soft globe and rub her palm over taut nipples then the action would be repeated to her own body. Gabrielle would then roll a dark nipple between her thumb and forefinger and Xena would mirror the action. Soon the Warrior needed more and strong hands moved around to cup Gabrielle's firm backside. Lifting her higher, pulling her closer against Xena's body. Once the objects of desire were within reach the taller woman begin to lick and kiss every inch of Gabrielle's breast. When she finally reached the nipple Xena slowly licked the puckered area circling it a few times before she pressed the flat of her tongue against the pebble hard nub. Ever so slowly running the length of her tongue over it.

Gabrielle had to grip Xena's shoulders so hard to keep her moans at a whisper that she was sure there would be bruises. The Blonde threw her head back and gasped when her nipple was sucked into a warm mouth. Arching her back Gabrielle pressed more of her breast into Xena's inviting mouth.

With her right hand tending to Gabrielle's other breast Xena moved her left up the inside of a firm, muscled thigh, under a rust colored skirt, finally sneaking between soft gold curls and Gabrielle's britches.

"Mmm, you're so wet." The Warrior moaned running her thumb over slick outer lips.

Gabrielle was now biting her lip to keep from vocalizing the pleasure her body was receiving. Small hands gripped raven locks, keeping the dark head pressed against her chest, as her hips begin to move against the thumb caressing her.

Xena varied her thumbs movement from hard and fast to soft and slow as she believe her lover was getting to close to the edge. Finally Gabrielle couldn't take it anymore and bent over so her lips were against Xena's ear.

"Now, Xena." She growled.

The Warrior grinned and whispered into the Blonde's ear. "What? So soon?" Getting another growl and a nip to her ear in return.

"Ok, stand up baby." When Gabrielle complied Xena first removed her lover's boots, then ran her hands up short, muscular calves, thighs and over hips. Once the belt was out of the way Xena grabbed hold of both the top of the wrap around skirt and Gabrielle's britches. In one swift move she pulled them down and Gabrielle stepped out of them.

Xena took time to admire the firm compact body before her. She slowly ran her hands up the sides of toned thighs, over the soft firm backside, up between full breasts and up to strong shoulders. Continuing back down the body from shoulders to forearms, brushing together over toned abs before resting on rounded, womanly hips. Giving the small belly button before her a gentle kiss Xena quickly removed her boots and rose to her feet. As soon as she was standing up Gabrielle's hands were on the Warrior's hips, pushing her battle dress and britches off her body.

Green eyes watched the garments fall to the ground. Then slowly traveled up long, lean legs, past the dark triangle of curls and nipples the stood at attention. At last those green eyes locked with blue eyes darkened with desire. Their eyes told the tale of the passion the need to feel each other, the need to love. With out a word Xena wrapped her arms around Gabrielle, lifting her, allowing strong legs to lock securely around her own waist.

As Xena carried her precious cargo to their bedroll lips met in a heated kiss and tongues danced. Reaching their destination Xena slowly knelt. Holding her lover close with one strong arm around the smaller woman's waist and the other arm braised as she gently lowered them to the blankets. Positioning herself on her knees, straddling firm thighs so as not to put too much weight on her smaller lover, Xena was face to face with Gabrielle. With forearms braced on either side of the golden head Xena's fingers twirled soft locks as they looked deeply into each other's eyes. They were seeing their own emotions mirrored in each other's eyes

"I need you so much Xena, it's been so long. Physically and emotionally, I need to feel that we are one, I need to make love to you."

"I know love, I need you too. I swear that you will never go this long again without. I love you and I will never stop trying to show you how much you mean to me."

Gabrielle was unable to speak; it was as if Xena had read her mind. Then she grinned knowing that Xena was feeling the same way. "I love you Xena. I also promise to show you how much although I don't think there is enough time in 300 life times to show you just how much."

The promises were then sealed with a long loving kiss that eventually turned more heated. The kiss also lead to exploring hands and lips as Xena moved down to feast on Gabrielle's lovely breasts once again. Wanting to give as mush as she was receiving the Blonde wrapped her legs around the Warrior's hips. Slowly she began to grind their mounds against one another. At the first contact the breast in her mouth muffled Xena's moan but Gabrielle had to bite down on her fist to keep from crying out and waking Eve.

As the sucking of Gabrielle's breasts intensified so did the grinding of her hips. Xena knew they were both close to the edge so she reluctantly pulled her mouth away from soft globes with a slurping sound. Moving back up the small, compact body 'til her lips brushed against a pink ear.

"I need to taste you Gabrielle." she whispered.

With those few words Gabrielle lost it. The muscles used to suspend her from the strong body above her gave out and she slumped to the blankets, taking Xena down with her. Small shivers ran through her body as it experienced a minor orgasm. When Xena felt Gabrielle's head nodding against her neck she grinned with the knowledge that the Warrior-Bard's need to feel her touch was as strong as hers was to taste.

"I love you." Xena whispered after kissing soft lips once more before starting her trip down Gabrielle's body. She stopped to tease only a few favorite spots that couldn't be resisted. Like the toned abs and the cute little belly button she found almost as desirable as the breast she had been feasting upon. Feeling small hands pressing her shoulders down Xena took the hint and moved down to the damp triangle of curls. Inhaling deeply as she ran her nose through those curls, her soft moan was matched by Gabrielle's. Xena gently pushed her lover's knees to spread Gabrielle's legs farther apart. Taking advantage of the new flesh exposed Xena kissed a small trail down the inside of a smooth thigh tell she reached the tender flesh where leg met hip. She looked up at the younger woman as she blew hot breath over the already heated clit and vulva. Xena watched as Gabrielle's eyes closed tighter and her hands clutched the blankets harder as more shivers ran through the small body.

Gabrielle arched her body and gasped when she felt Xena's tongue lightly run along her swollen nether lips. Then it circled the area around her enlarged clit. When Gabrielle thrust her hips, demanding more contact, the Warrior just pulled back then used her forearms to hold down the thrusting hips. The blonde felt the warm tongue tease her folds a while longer before it moved to part them. The talented muscle slowly made it's way past Gabrielle's narrow opening, getting closer and closer to the bundle of nerves that was demanding attention and release. The Warrior's tongue was a hairs breath away from sending her lover into on earth shattering orgasm when a shrill cry filled the air.

Both women froze, then Xena slowly turned her head to look over at the now wide-awake and crying baby. Watching Eve fuss and kick around a moment the dark head fell to the flat heaving stomach of her lover. Gabrielle finally fell limply to the blankets as she and Xena both sucked in air, trying to get their breathing and heart rates back to normal.

Moving up so she was face to face with her lover Xena kissed the damp brow. "I am sorry love." She whispered then rose off the slumped body to check on their daughter.

As the Warrior lifted the still crying Eve Gabrielle yelled out in frustration, adding kicking legs and pounding fists. Once she was calmed down a little she turned her head to look at her lover. " I think it's time for Eve to meet her Grandma, and have her first sleep over."

Xena just shook her head and sat down next to her lover, crying baby still in her arms. Gabrielle sat up as well and leaned her Blonde head against the Warrior's darker one. Her body shivered once more and she took a deep breath, her body still trying to over come the shock of being brought to peak performance, then deflating as it began to fall over the edge.



"We need to get her back to bed, like now!"

"You know it's going to take a while to get her back to sleep. We always have to rock her and sing to her. I would say it will be at lest another half candle mark or more before Eve will fall sleep." Xena said, deciding it was safe to tease her lover.

Gabrielle's answer was to run her hand up between her lover's bare thighs the cup Xena's sex. Running a finger through the wet folds she leaned into her lovers ear. "Well I think you better use some of your many skills Warrior Princess because I believe now is better, don't you?" She replied, applying pressure to Xena's swollen clit while asking the question.

Xena could hardly think, let alone speak as a result of her lover's talented ministrations. OK, not a good time to tease her. Oh Gods were does she learn these things?

"Ahh, y-yeah n-now is g-g-good." Was the only thing the Warrior could finally get out.

Gabrielle just grinned at the effect she was having on her lover. Flicking the throbbing slit once more she got up and took Eve from her mother's arms.

"I will just put her to bed now 'Kay?"

"Uh-huh." Was all Xena said as she fell back onto their bed to wait her lovers return.

Oh boy, I am really in for it now. She thought to herself with a grin.

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