Winter Furies

By Osito


Disclaimers: Unfortunately for yours truly the characters Xena and Gabrielle are not owned by me but by MCA/Renaissance Pictures and Studios USA. Although I do owe them for creating these incredible characters, no copyright infringement is intended. Only some harmless fun and fantasy.

Spoilers: There are none. This story takes place after the events of the Reingold Trilogy before our girls return from Germania.

Warnings: This story does revolve around best friends, who happen to be in love and who also happen to be two women. Yes there are very intense feelings and intense sex. If this is a problem for you either personally or legally, stop now and read Danielle Steele. If not I hope you enjoy my effort. This is my first story and I am very interested in hearing your feedback, good and bad. Let me have it. All responses can be sent to


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"Come on Gabrielle, dig!" Xena shouted over the pelting wind. "We’re almost there!" Xena was screaming, demanding Gabrielle’s attention, not to bully but to focus her.

To the unknowing ear one would think Xena was brutal, bellowing out orders but Gab knew better. Xena was always her lighthouse in the storm. Huddling in a tight ball, Gab hid under her heavy bear skin cape they had picked up in Germania. Oh how she wished she were that bear right now, covered from head to toe in warmth. But instead no matter how small and insignificant she tried to become or how tightly she held her wrap, the frigid tentacles of the wind worked like a drunken Viking, sliding his icy fingers under and between the folds of the cape, tearing it off to expose her prickly flesh.

She had never been good with the cold. Even at home with her parents in Poteidaia, during the winter months she only ventured outside when absolutely necessary. With her hatred at being penned in, this just inflamed her wanderlust into a bonfire. But right now even home sounded wonderful. Lifting her head a little, she peered out of her hiding place to see how Xena was doing with the ‘snow cave’, whatever that was. When Xena said "they were going to have to bury themselves in the snow to keep warm," she knew one of them was definitely loosing it. Which one that was she couldn’t tell. That seemed about as wise as having another drink to sober up. She knew one could loose their mind from too much heat, why not from too much cold? "Trust, Gabrielle, trust. It’s Xena; she always has the answer. Doesn’t she?"

Along with another bout of guilt that whipped across her face at not being able to help dig this cave thing, came another curtain of sleet and snow. "How can she stand it? It feels like thorns tearing into my skin." She watched in awe as Xena’s arms worked with a will of their own. Her own hands were numb and the tips were turning blue. All of her concentration was in having them hold on with all the might left in them to her cloak.

This wasn’t Xena’s first choice for a shelter either. As the storm was brewing she had searched in vain for a cave or even a clump of trees that she could use as a windbreak, but no luck. The land they were traveling through was low-lying, relatively flat and the trees were scattered too far apart to be of any use to them. This was the only option left.

She had gotten the idea one winter while snaring dinner. No matter how long these cold months seemed to last there was always a proficiency of rabbits going in and out of their snow burrows. She tried it once, actually a few tries were needed because the first few had collapsed on her head. Cold, damp and indignant was not a good combination for Xena’s mood. The officers in her army at the time knew well not to laugh or even to notice the drowned-rat-looking thing that would burst out of the crumbled experiment. But she finally did it and had successfully spent a night in one. She could only hope and pray to Odin, since they were in His backyard, that this would work because this storm looked like it would last much longer that just one night and they needed help right now.

"Almost there," Xena thought to herself. She was trying to control the anger and fear that clawed at her stomach each time she looked over at Gabrielle and use them for fuel instead. She was furious that they were in this situation in the first place. They had decided to travel a little through the northlands after they had finished their business with Odin and the whole Rhinegold fiasco. Gabrielle had never seen this countryside and she was so enthralled with everything new that Xena couldn’t resist indulging her. She never could. Besides, with their reunion and the return of her memory also came the return of her love and desire for Gabrielle.

Xena had studied Gab taking mental notes for future stories with every new experience and each new person she spoke to. She had tried the treat of frozen maple syrup candy, of course went over big with Gab’s sweet tooth. Heard endless stories of Norse Gods, Viking heroes of old and present, their exploits at sea and the strange lands they had traveled to. They even tried a sweating hut called a sauna, which was Xena’s personal favorite. But none of this was relevant now, for if they hadn’t delayed their return home they wouldn’t be caught up here so late in the season. All Xena wanted now was her forest and to hear the ocean crashing on the cliffs, not this Godless snow pelting her on the face.

Xena stuck her head through the tiny portico, lit a candle and placed it in the snow towards the back of the hollowed out space. One final inspection: the snow was nicely packed and dry; the ceiling looked secure; and except for food, water and of course her sword all their gear was going to have to stay outside. It would be a tight fit, just long enough for them both to lie down and about 3 feet above their heads to move around. That was better for conserving warmth in this cocoon and for stability, the cave’s stability that is. Not knowing how long this storm was going to last meant tight quarters for a while and she wasn’t quite sure how comfortable she was with that idea.

Xena had observed Gabrielle grow and change over the last few years. The difference was like night and day. But even more noticeable were the changes over these past six months. When she had left with Beowulf to seek out Grinhilda, she fully expected Gabrielle to stay put and wait. She understood her friend would be rightly pissed-off for leaving her behind again, but she would stay put none-the-less. But she didn’t. With a confidence and determination that only maturity and love can sustain she tracked her down. She had done so much: picking up Xena’s trail she had gone from village to village alone investigating; standing her ground against Xena she fought bravely for her right to be by her side; she battled like a fierce warrior against Grinhilda, and even politely fended off proposals from two very determined wanna-be courtiers for some reason. Having her choice between a very beautiful and lovesick Valkyrie and a Norse hero would normally do wonders for someone’s ego, but her intent was unshakeable. Gabrielle’s only need was to help Xena and keep her safe.

Argo’s anxious stomping brought her back to the present. "Sorry old girl," she said as she patted Argo’s leather blanket. It covered Argo’s neck and fully around her torso, between that and her winter coat she would do fine against this onslaught. "Probably better than we will," she thought to herself. "Gabrielle, help me take our supplies off Argo, it’s ready!" she bellowed against the wind. Only after seeing the mound of fur finally begin to move was she sure that she had been heard. Turning around to the cave she removed her sword and her own cape. Hers was of a lighter wolf pelt. It wasn’t quite as warm as the thick bear pelt but Xena wasn’t usually as susceptible to the cold as her bard was. And two bear pelts would have cost them everything they had. Laying her cape down on the bottom of their refuge, "There, home sweet home," she nervously smirked to herself.

With a thud Gabrielle tossed one of the saddlebags at Xena only to hit her square in the back with it. Her nervous laugh and apologetic shrug was met with a rather indignant look glaring back from ice blue eyes. Innocently she continued tossing their now frozen bedroll, food supplies and water bottle. The saddlebag was bulging with protruding scrolls that she had written along their northern pilgrimage. Xena deposited this satchel into the snow bank beside the portico taking what precautions she could to keep them as dry as possible, when a gust of wind grabbed the edges of three of them and blew them tumbling down the embankment.

"Tartaris!" Gabrielle grumbled through chattering teeth and chased her scrolls around in a windy game of tag. "Some God is having a good laugh at this I’m sure of it," she bitterly mumbled as she picked them up one by one with club-like numb hands.

A quick indiscernible yelp was all Xena heard, felt more like it, which caused all the hair on her body to stand up at once. Immediately turning around her eyes quickly scanned the terrain for her friend, nothing. Then through blowing curtains of white she saw it, a hole in the ground and Gabrielle’s arm desperately flailing about. Within a heartbeat she was on her feet and racing to her but understanding quickly brought her to a dead stop. Gabrielle had fallen through ice. The land was so barren and there was already so much snow, Xena couldn’t tell that they were right next to a lake. "Poseidon, have mercy!" her soul screamed.

Her instincts taking over she ran to Argo and grabbed a rope that still hung on her saddle. Tying one end around her waist and the other to the saddle horn, she walked Argo as close as she dared to the hole. She couldn’t distinguish where the land ended and the lake began. Giving him a command to stay put Xena walked out quickly but cautiously toward the flailing arm, listening for cracking ice. But within the next instant, caution was an extravagance she couldn’t afford. Gabrielle’s now saturated pelt was dragging her down quickly. The expression of total disbelief, pain and shock in Gabrielle’s eyes gouged Xena to the core. All at once under she went, and in Xena went. With a running start she dove in to catch up with her quickly sinking bard.

The pain surpassed all words and language. The agony of her legs being broken on the cross seemed like a favor compared to this. The cold was so profound that she couldn’t comprehend whether she was on fire or freezing. It felt as if her flesh was being torn away and the air was immediately forced out from her lungs. But more importantly, she couldn’t feel her! Trying to open her eyes under water only afforded her with blurred vision as the crystal spikes drove into her head. She gashed open her shoulder on the icy edge of the hole when she dove in, but the cold shrunk the vessels so quickly there was no blood to escape.

Coming back to the surface she gasped for air, only to use it to scream out "G a b r i e l l e…" Seizing one last breath she dove down again feeling and flailing around with her arms, legs, senses and desperation. All at once she bumped into something soft, grabbed it with her deadened fingers with a grip as if her own life depended on it. The saturated bearskin made her incredibly heavy but she had no time to unravel it and take it off. Kicking with all her fury and desperation she headed for the crystalline surface.

Breaking the surface and gasping for air, she gaped at the limp body in her arms. Gabrielle’s red hair was sickeningly stuck to her motionless, white face and covered her eyes completely. Her lips were deep purple but what petrified Xena was that she wasn’t trying to breathe at all.

Wrapping her arms under Gabrielle’s and locking her hands together around her chest she held on with all her might. Whistling a command to Argo, she immediately obeyed by walking away, towing the pair out of the water. Lying Gabrielle on her chest Xena used herself as a human sled as Argo pulled them out and across the surface to shore. The few seconds that this took was torture for her. She could feel Gabrielle’s weight on her down the full length of her body; she could feel her shape, even smell her hair that was now strewn across Xena’s face. There was no mistaking this was her bard but there was no sign of life in her at all.

Again she signaled to Argo, this time she stopped. Quickly she crawled out from under Gabrielle’s body and began to assess what to do. Inside her all of her worst fears and demons were slashing and ripping her composer to shreds. She had to will herself to think. All at once she was on her knees pumping Gabrielle’s chest, trying to expel the frigid water. Leaning down she pressed her lips to the frozen ones below and attempted to blow her own life into her. She would have done it in a heartbeat if she could have, just breathed it away. Her Life, her Meaning, her Cause was slipping away. Then, there was no more noise; not from the wind, the snow, even Argo’s panicky hooves carried no sound. Nothing at all except the void, the void left by the absence of her Loved One’s breath.

Continuing this effort for what seemed like a God’s day, finally there was a response. She began to spit up water, weakly coughing up what she could, but at least she was breathing for now. Xena’s tears beat against her eyes, needing to be released and to pour out their pain, fear and gratitude for this breath, but there was no time for that yet.

Ever practical, all she could think of was trying to get her warm. Single, exacting thoughts were the only things that made Xena’s body move at all. So focused was she that a hummingbird’s precision could not have pierced her veil of resolve. In one movement she unlatched Gab’s accursed cloak and pulled her winter tunic off over her head. In quick fluid movements she removed her boots, pants and effortlessly lifted and carried her to the den.

After maneuvering her through the portico and lying her on the wolf hides, she backed out. Only then did she notice the red streak on the wall of the entrance. She hadn’t felt it’s presence or noticed the wound on her shoulder open, not even the flow of blood that ran down her arm from the strain of carrying Gabrielle.

Tapping Argo on the rump let her know she was free to go. Xena knew she wouldn’t go far, she would find her own refuge and would always be within earshot. Swiftly she stripped off her own boots and wet clothes and tossed them inside. After climbing in, none too gently, she tore off a strip of fabric and tied a tourniquet to slow the bleeding. Then she took the pile of her wet clothes and plugged up the opening to the cave to seal it.

Now there was nothing but the obscured sound of the wind outside, the subtle light of the candle reflecting off the crystals in the snow and the labored, gurgling breathing from her All, her Everything. Yes she loved her, more than her own breath. She had always known it, often shown it with her actions, but never admitted it with her words. "How could I have held back the only thing that means anything in this world from the only person that means everything to me?" she berated herself.

Racked with pain, regret and fear she pulled her bard into her body and covered them up with the remaining blankets and pelts. Holding her chest to chest, her arms vigorously rubbed up and down Gabrielle’s back trying to create some friction warmth and bring the blood back to the surface. As she looked into her face she could see that her eyes had dark purple circles around them and her lips were still blue, but better. There was still no life, no animation in her arms or face at all. "It’s ok, it takes time, keep calm…." She tempted herself to believe. Inside she wanted, needed to scream out to the bowels of the earth to either come up to warm them or to swallow them whole. She couldn’t go on without her, and if she ever were to get the chance again Gabrielle would surely know it. She swore this to herself, Aphrodite, and any other God that felt like listening to this sobbing mess of a warrior.

Being a woman of action, the waiting that was to come would prove agonizing. Even though being a leader had taught her to be patient, allow the plan to unfold and let the enemy hang himself, this was all together a different battle. This enemy was unseen, impersonal; it couldn’t be intimidated, beaten down or sliced up. There was no strategy she could employ, no tricks to pull. This enemy would let go if It so chose and if Gabrielle’s body and will were strong enough. Unqualified helplessness was all she could feel.

Not knowing how long this wait would be, she decided to ration their resources. Before putting out the candle she built up a mound of snow to rest along side of her arm to cover the wound which was now throbbing. Taking one last look at her World lying there unconscious, she blew out the candle, laid back and pulled her Life to her as tightly as her arms would allow.

Alone in the blackness all of her being was focused anxiously awaiting Gabrielle’s next breath. Any delay leapt her heart into her throat. This up and down anxiety made her feel like she was at sea, the stress taking a dreadful toll on her body. Morpheus beckoned her and even though she fought it, eventually she surrendered to him and fell asleep. But only after propositioning any God, Spirit or Element that would listen to either strengthen her friend or to allow them to continue this slumber in each other’s arms until they would awaken in the Allesian Fields together.


Who knows how much time had elapsed, one candle-mark, one day; there was no way to tell. Xena awoke to the same blinding darkness. Her eyes tried to adjust and make out the contours around her. Her mind fancied that they were lying in Gaia’s womb awaiting something, birth or death, she couldn’t tell and didn’t really care. The dampness lying on her shoulder snatched her attention back to the present. Her caress of Gabrielle’s cheek told her immediately that she was fighting a fever. "It’s started," she whispered to herself. All she could do now was keep her warm, hydrated and hope the fever would break before Gabrielle would.

As her temperature escalated Gabrielle became more restless, irritable, tossing and turning, constantly trying to throw off their blanket. Xena was ever patient: covering her again, and again; humming her favorite melodies to calm her; stroking her damp hair; holding her, rocking her gently. She couldn’t get close enough to extinguish her own anxiety. Xena tried repeatedly to get her to drink some water laced with herbs to help fight the fever. Holding the lid of the canteen over her lips she allowed only slow trickles of cool water to sneak down her burning throat. All at once, maybe it was the darkness or the fever, but Gabrielle broke out sobbing, "Mother…mother…." Her arms grasping for someone who wasn’t there. Wanting to calm her, Xena sat up the little that she could and cradled her in tightly. She began to sing the tune she had heard Gabrielle sing so many times. Gab always sang it when she was feeling homesick. This settled her nerves and she slipped into her own dreamscape once again. Xena continued to rock her, only whispering "Shhhh my love, I have you, shhhh." Delicately she kissed her burning brow and was again lost in the void of time.

Later Xena attempted to get her to drink again, but as soon as the water touched the back of Gabrielle’s throat it triggered a frenzied panic. Instantly she spit it out coughing and gasping for air. She franticly tried to sit up and hit the ceiling with her head and was about to break out when Xena seized her flying fist. With her long arms encircling her torso, she pinned Gabrielle’s arms to her sides and held her thrashing body in an unfaltering grip. She was reliving the terror of drowning and there wasn’t anything Xena could do to stop that. All she could do was make sure she didn’t hurt herself further and not to damage their fragile refuge. After a few heart-wrenching minutes of sobbing and soft tremors this too passed into unconsciousness as she rested her head on Xena’s chest. Xena’s attempt to relax was futile, not knowing how long this would last or what else to expect, but Gabrielle’s strength was improving and that had to be good, "Right?" She attempted to convince herself it was true.

Slow movements awoke her this time. Gabrielle’s leg was extended out over both of Xena’s, her movements were more fluid and peaceful now. Xena noticed as she smoothed her hand over Gabrielle’s back that it was covered with a cool, slick layer of perspiration. "Thank the Gods," she said aloud, "it’s broken." For the first time is hours Xena took her first truly joyous, free breath and pulled her Love closer. Gabrielle responded by raising her head slightly as though to speak. Looking down through the shadows to hear her first words, Xena instead found her head caught and being pulled down by Gabrielle’s hand behind her neck. Before her next thought could compose itself she experienced the softest lips she had ever felt possess her own, followed by a honey sweet tongue deftly stealing it’s way in past her lips. Xena’s body reacted of it’s own consent. Without permission her tongue began circling, weaving, dancing, until finally she felt Gabrielle suck her tongue deep within her mouth, claiming it for her own. Xena’s reason and discipline was floundering in the waves caused by that kiss. She always thought that the eyes were the windows to the soul, but she suspected it was in the kiss where the souls dance. Now she knew it to be true. Like most things in Xena’s life, everything she used to believe in or hold dear was simply theory, until her. Gabrielle made it all real, gave everything flavor, breathed life into concepts. Nonetheless, Xena’s conscious couldn’t condone this.

"It’s the fever," she told herself, desperately trying to get a grip. "Who is she thinking about, some boy toy, Perdicus?" Trying to pull away from those lips was taking all of her conviction, but the barrage wasn’t over yet. Gabrielle was now slowly writhing against her leg and even through the perspiration that now covered both of their bodies, Xena could easily discern the difference between that and what was now being spread upon her thigh. In this tiny room, she could smell the sweet scent of her love’s passion. Her head was spinning out of control.

For so long she desired exactly this: Gabrielle naked against her, hungry, greedily reaching out for her…. but this wasn’t fair to either of them. She wasn’t in her right mind and Xena loved her too much to share her, even in thought.

But oh how sweet her Beloved felt. As Xena’s battle spiraled within, Gabrielle unaware pursued her own guidance. Xena lost her resolve and instead focused on the tongue that was licking at the perspiration that had now pooled in the hollow at the base of her throat, when Gabrielle’s leg hooked hers and pulled them slightly apart. At that same moment her hand effortlessly slithered down Xena’s torso and ended up at Xena’s center, in her center to be exact. As one lone finger swiftly and nimbly slipped its way into her slick folds.

Wracked between guilt and aching passion, her guilt won. "I love you too much to do this," she said, her voice cracking with pain and desire. "Wake up Honey, wake up Gabrielle…."

"Xena…oh Xena, love me…." She whispered, pleading from her dreamscape. With that appeal she tilted her face and seized Xena’s mouth again in a deep kiss.

Tears began to flow freely for the second time in one day, for the same person, and for totally opposing reasons. "Me, she’s thinking of me." Beginning to sob, her body was racked with tremors of every emotion.

The motions and sounds of Xena crying brought Gabrielle fully into the moment and awake. She was groggy and aware but completely disoriented. Even though she had only heard it maybe twice ever, she still knew what Xena’s sobbing sounded like. It was emblazoned on her heart the first time she had heard it when Solen died. "What is happening," her mind pleaded to know. All she could see were faint shadows. She felt restricted, trapped somewhat, and if she was right, naked.

"Xena, where are we? What’s going on?" She struggled to get her bearings but Xena’s hand clutching hers calmed her enough to repress her rising panic.

"Gabrielle, it’s alright. I’m here. Wait and I’ll get some light." Xena said calmly as she sat up to light the candle, but not before she made sure to wipe her tear-streaked face. Finding the flint she struck and caught the wick.

Gabrielle just laid there adjusting to the new light and the new vision that awaited her. What she saw was surreal and beautiful. The candlelight was reflecting upon a million crystals all around her. They were enclosed inside of a pure white crystalline cocoon. "Which God is responsible for this," she whispered. Then she aimed her attention and awe upon Xena. She beheld Xena’s naked back facing her, observed the muscles in it flex and stretch as she reached out to replace the candle in it’s make-shift holder. She was spellbound at the profile of Xena’s breasts swaying as she moved and how they seemed to reach out to her as Xena lay back on her side to begin to speak.

"How do you feel?" Xena tenderly asked.

‘Is this real? How did I get here? Where is here? Did I just kiss Xena or was that just another dream?’ She was besieged with questions and doubts; not knowing which way was up. In an attempt to manually untangle the cobwebs in her head, she ran her hands through her hair in growing frustration, but instead in that simple movement found her tie to reality. She caught the scent of her hand as it passed her face. It smelled of sweet sex, and it wasn’t hers. Inhaling deeper she noted the look on Xena’s face, she was blood red. This was real, she was real, and they were real. Only then did she actually hear Xena speaking to her.

"Ah…. um I’m ok, I guess." She timidly replied to the lingering question at hand.

"Thank the Gods. Do you remember anything?" Xena questioned attempting to direct the conversation elsewhere.

"I remember lots but none of it makes much sense." Gabrielle answered. Her eyes seemed to be pleading for practical answers, but that heavenly scent still dominated her attention. Her heart was beating strong and steady, in time with the growing throb deep within her.

Xena rested on one elbow to begin the tale, her breasts easily floating along with her movements. "Do you remember we were digging this snow cave? When I finished…"

Gabrielle silenced her abruptly by placing her scented fingers across Xena’s lips. Moving closer, just enough to feel Xena’s erect nipples tickle her stomach she interrupted, "Why don’t you tell me how you ended up all over my hand."

Xena could not answer, she couldn’t even breathe. Breaking the gaze that had seized her eyes, she looked down trying to find a way to escape the question. As she searched the heavens for something to say, Gabrielle took those sweetly perfumed fingers and began to slowly trace her own lips with them. Xena watched disbelieving, from behind her half-closed eyelids as Gabrielle began to slide her fingers into her mouth and greedily clean them with abandon.

This vision enticed a deep moan to escape both Xena’s soul and her throat as tiny throbbing tremors began to radiate out from her center to awaken every nerve. As if she was looking at an image in still pond, she was frozen in time, not wanting to even breathe and disturb the surface for surely this wasn’t really happening?

Xena struggled to reason, "Gabrielle, you’ve been through a terrible trauma. You need to rest and…" Her voice weakly trailed off and abandoned her along with her will as she gazed into the glowing green eyes in front of her. The truth and intent she saw in them left her silent and stunned.

In an unwavering voice Gabrielle simply said, "I love you Xena, totally and completely. I always have." She finally had the clarity of thought and the inner resolution to let all her demons and dreams out of their cages. Wherever her heart was leading, Gabrielle had no choice but to follow.

Looking away Xena tried to respond, "I love you too. You’re my best friend. You know I would do anything…"

Xena was cut off mid lie as Gabrielle slithered her body on top of hers. As she rested her weight upon her, she allowed her right leg to settle between Xena’s and pressed it up against her sex. With Xena’s gasp she knew that she now had her full attention and continued. "I am not talking about being your friend. That is a given. I love you as my soulmate. I want you as my lover. And I believe you want that too Xena."

As blue eyes seared into green emeralds, all defenses were torn away between them. All logic, all reason melted into humility. Their tiny cocoon could have been as expansive as the heavens as their love began to fuse together and be set free. The tears were already flowing freely down Xena’s cheeks. Her powers of speech having long deserted her, all she could say was, "I have always been yours, body and soul."

Leaning in together their first kiss was unimaginably tender; their lips like the finest silk. Xena lifted her trembling hands to caress Gabrielle’s back. Her long arms allowed her to run one hand through Gabrielle’s hair and to caress down her back and thigh with the other. Xena’s grazing fingertips were causing tremors within Gabrielle, making it difficult to breathe.

Their tiny room amplified every sound, every whimper and every moan. Gabrielle stopped kissing just long enough to look one more time into the eyes of her Lover. Their lips were close enough to feel the other’s ragged breathing. Xena’s heart was pounding out of her chest with pent up passion. She wanted to feast upon her Beloved, but she also wanted to savor every instant.

Gabrielle let her tongue snake out and began to trace Xena’s lips with it. Tenderly, teasingly, fanning the already engorged flames within them both. Hungrily Xena raised her head to capture her tongue. As they explored each other’s mouths Xena’s hand reached around and pulled Gabrielle’s leg up higher causing her to straddle Xena’s thigh. The deep moan that Gabrielle exuded never reached the air. Xena greedily took it, breathed it in and kept it all for herself.

Releasing Gabrielle’s lips, Xena began to explore her neck. With her lips she outlined Gabrielle’s jaw, and memorized her neck with her tongue. She savored the sweet taste of her skin, teased her neck with gentle bites, and outlined her sensitive ear, which sent electric waves through out Gabrielle’s body.

Their bodies were moving of their own volition. Their hips grinding and pressing to the rhythm of their own hungry need. As Xena feasted on her neck, Gabrielle raised her hand to Xena’s breast and began to drag her palm across the already hard nipple that she found. The friction caused Xena to whimper against Gabrielle’s neck. Gabrielle took hold of her nipple between two fingers and pinched it lightly at first, increasing the pressure each time. Xena was beside herself as Gabrielle began to pull and twist her nipple harder and harder. Before she could become desensitized, Gabrielle would change breasts and continue the onslaught. The cycle escalated. The harder Gabrielle pulled the harder Xena bit her neck, their hips rolling against each other with a desperate abandon.

The small room made it impossible to move to other positions. This infuriated Xena, for her need to taste Gabrielle’s essence was so overwhelming it almost brought her physical pain, but their room also amplified their other senses. Every sound was heard, every muscle that tensed was felt, their scents mingled together into the fragrance of love and passion.

Gabrielle snared Xena’s mouth again. As tongues danced and dueled, Xena reached below and slid her fingers within Gabrielle’s folds, instantly saturated with her wetness. She couldn’t contain her rapture at how wet her Love had become. Raising her hand to her mouth she devoured the nectar. Gabrielle watched with searing eyes as Xena relished her essence. Before Xena could finish though Gabrielle grabbed Xena’s hand and began to lick and suck her fingers clean, elated in her own flavor and the knowledge that it now covered Xena.

Watching Gabrielle drinking in her own juices, feeling her suck her fingers, pulling on her nipples and grinding into her center sent Xena over the edge. Again she reached down to her Love’s center. This time she easily slipped one finger inside of her. Gabrielle let out a moan from her core at the sensation. "Oh Xena, more. I need more of you…PLEASE."

She could see in Gabrielle’s eyes that her need was still growing. Gabrielle didn’t know what she needed exactly, but Xena understood well enough. Adjusting herself Xena inserted two fingers within and began to pump them in deeper and deeper with each thrust. The heel of her hand rubbed and pressed against her throbbing clit. Xena’s body moved to satisfy it’s own imploring need, continuing to ride Gabrielle’s leg she pressed harder and faster. But all of her attention was on her lover. Each thrust of her hand pushed Gabrielle closer to the pinnacle. Each stroke filled her up more. She could feel Gabrielle’s inner muscles beginning to clench and spasm. Gabrielle found herself riding Xena’s hand, impaling herself down upon her fingers. Her hunger and desperation was in complete command of her body now.

No words were said as they both approached their release. None were needed. They gazed into the other’s eyes with wonder, passion and the essence of love beaming out. Unable to physically contain all of their emotions, tears flowed freely from them both. As Gabrielle rode out her crest, wave upon wave rushed through her. Her muscles clenched and jealously held Xena’s fingers tight, insatiable. Watching her Beloved’s ecstasy with utter wonderment brought about Xena’s release. Violently her body released its passion, again and again. They held each other tightly until their convulsions eased.

Finally Gabrielle collapsed atop of Xena. Her exhaustion and exultation were overtaking her. Resting her head on Xena’s chest she took great pleasure in listening to Xena’s heart still beating hard to their tempo. Her eyes traveled along Xena’s body, watching the candle light play on her glistening skin. "My God, you are breathtaking. I love you so much Xena. I don’t know why I never told you before. Promise me wherever you go, you will take me with you. You are my Life, my Love."

Pulling up the blanket to cover them both, Xena looked tenderly into Gabrielle’s eyes to answer, "My thoughts don’t even travel anywhere without you in them. I will always be here with you for as long as you want me. I swear. You are my World, my Love."


Aphrodite had been watching and working on her girls for so long now, even she had begun to loose hope. But when she felt their exploding love finally being expressed and freed, there were many celebrations held upon Olympus that day. Her high spirit and joy was so contagious that the other Gods couldn’t help getting caught up in her enthusiasm. Demeter lifted her veil of winter and the storm ceased the next day. Apollo took his chariot out for a glorious ride across the warming sky. All life below was joyous and grateful that day.

The two emerged from their cocoon reborn, now living the truth that they had secretly carried around. They never regretted anything about their past or considered any time squandered. Continuing their journey home, they let their love flow and live in all they said and did. They spent each day with a sense of gratitude for the gift they were given; never to take it for granted. And each night they basked in the love and passion that coursed through their souls for each other. Each night they drifted off to sleep tangled I each other’s body.


The End

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