Detective Amanda Ellis

Taking In Strays.

by: Pat Winterburn. aka: tap, the wizard.

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Disclaimers: Mine all mine. Please note this story involves child abuse. It angers me to know that in this day and age, children are still being abused. I was not graphic about it. Dr. Sandra Wilson will only share a few facts with Amanda. It made her ill to think about it.

There is no sexual content in this chapter. Sorry, but we have a child in the story.


Detective Amanda Ellis quietly sneaks into the house, from her time outside enjoying the sun on the beach.

Her friend, lover and house mate Dr. Sandra Wilson would still be sleeping after working the late shift at the hospital. At least she hoped.

A medium sized bundle of energy was weaving it's way between her feet as the detective attempted to open the package of dog food and feed some to her new found friend.

For the past few days, she had noticed the dog down by the beach area, searching for food and trying to make friends with some of the beach residents there. Today the poor creature was being chased by an angry man. Seems the dog had pulled open his cooler and stolen what food the starving animal could get it's teeth around.

Amanda quickly intervened.

"Problems buddy?" she asked.

The winded man stopped short when he seen Amanda pull out her police badge.

"This flea infested mutt stole some hot dogs from my cooler!" He protested.

Amanda was in no mood to listen to this guy bitch. She'd had a rotten day at work and had come down here to the beach to clear her head before she went home to Sandra.

"Ok, pal, go on back to your beach blanket, I'll take care of the dog. She motioned for him to get lost and out of her sight.

Turning around she saw the dog "wolfing" down it's meal. "Great, now I have to make a trip to the dog pound, what else can go wrong today?"

The dog sensing her troubles came over to her and began to rub against her jeans.

"You're a trusting creature aren't you ....girl?"

The dog sat down and looked up at the detective. Her tongue stuck out and if dog's could smile,she was giving the detective a big happy one.

"Ok, let's first take you to a vet's office and get you checked out." Amanda, was kicking herself for getting involved in this, but it was making her feel a bit better, knowing she was doing something that felt good.

The vet checked over the dog and took a blood sample. In a few moments the tests came back that the dog was healthy, but malnourished and a little dehydrated.

She waited while the groomer gave the dog a bath and brushed her fur.

In her head Amanda thought that indeed she was loosing her mind. I've just spent $300.00 on a dog that is going to the pound. On her way home, she stopped at the pet food store, bought a leash, a collar and a big bag of dog food, with a new dog dish. When she handed over her credit card to the clerk at the counter, she looked at her and said: "My wife is going to kill me." The clerk just laughed and totaled up the purchases.

Dr. Sandra Wilson awoke from her well deserved sleep. She had been stuck at the hospital for 24 hours. The surgery she had preformed on that small child was still making her ill. "How could anyone, beat a child like that and leave them to die?" The ceiling didn't return her answer. What made things worse, it had been Amanda, who had found the child.

Detective Amanda Ellis was having lunch when a woman sat down and needed to talk with her.

"Hey Deb!" The detective smiled at the hooker sitting across from her. "How's tricks?"

"Listen Ellis, I know nothing." Said the purple haired young woman. "But you had better come with me, there's this little kid and he's hurt, real bad."

The two women left and the detective followed the younger woman into an alley.

There partially covered, was the body of a small male child. Amanda quickly felt for a pulse. It was faint, but there. She radioed for an ambulance. Upon looking up at the hooker, she thanked her. "Deb, do you know who's child this is?"

"No, I don't and I know everyone's kids." Came the reply.

"Ok, listen you'd better get lost. The police and ambulance will be here soon. I'll take care of this mess."

Deb gently placed her hand on the detective's shoulder. "Keep me informed about the kid and I'll try and find out who he belongs to, Ok?"

"Thanks Deb, I will." With that, the hooker left, leaving the detective with the little boy. She removed her blazer and covered him over. "Bastard's!" "When I find out who did this, I'm going to beat them so bad."

Her train of thought stopped as the police car and ambulance pulled up beside her.

She hopped into the ambulance with the paramedics. "Hey detective, no riders."

Amanda looked death's glare at the young paramedic. "Shut up and drive this bucket of bolts before I do something I will regret. Now, MOVE IT!!"

The ambulance pulled up at the doors and Amanda was greeted by Dr. Sandra Wilson.

"Seems we keep doing this Amanda." The doctor could see the anger and tension in her lovers face and said nothing more.

The boys body was wheeled into a trauma room. Sandy quickly put on her latex gloves and examined the boys broken body.

Amanda stood guard over this small child and would not be moved out of the way. She felt he needed a protector and damnit, that someone was going to be her.

Upon finishing up her examination of him, Dr. Wilson ordered x-rays and to get him up to surgery. In a familiar gesture of a few months ago, she removed her glove, touched her lovers face and promised to do all she could.

Sandra tossed the covers off and headed to the bathroom for a shower. I need to clear my head, before I talk with Amanda. She smelled the coffee, knew her lover was home and smiled.

Amanda sat at the counter bar. They had re-arranged the kitchen and built it two months ago. The two of them could sit here in the mornings, enjoying their coffee and breakfast while looking at the ocean. It soon became their favourite place to sit and think. A furry mass of dog lay at Amanda's feet and slept. At the same time the two females heard Sandy coming down the stairs. The dog's tail wagged. Amanda smiled and then fear took over her face. "She's gonna kill me, girl."

While Sandy was in the shower, she tried to come up with different ways to tell Amanda how bad the little boy had been beaten. She didn't even want to think about it herself. With time and healing, he would grow normally. Although even with therapy, chances were he would always limp a bit on his left leg. She did the best she could. It had taken her 5 hours to repair the breaks and damage. She lost him once on the table, but managed to bring him back. Should she tell that to Amanda or leave it out of the conversation. Sigh. "The police report will need that information. Damnit."

Sandra enters the kitchen. "Got my coffee and breakfast ready yet girlfriend?"

She stops, looks down at a golden coloured dog. Cocks one eyebrow and says to Amanda.

"Who's your friend?"

Amanda smiles her most charming smile. "She followed me home from school, mom. Can I keep her?"

"Don't be a smart ass." Sandra pours herself a coffee.

Amanda realizes she is dealing with a woman who has heard all of her lines and bullshit and nods in defeat.

"She's a stray. I've seen her down at the beach for the past few days and today she was being chased by some dope, cause she stole his hot dogs. "I've been to the vet's with her and she's been checked and groomed. I promised to feed her, walk her and pick up the doggie blessings."

Sandra butters her muffin. "Have you named her yet?"

"Um , no." Amanda sees an opening. "What would you suggest?"


Amanda sits there for a second. "Is that a request or a name?"

"A name you big dope." Sandra takes a bite from the muffin and looks at her friend. "Well, I guess if she likes you, then we'd better keep her. Anyone else might think she's rabid."

"Hey, you like me, don't you?" Amanda asked pretending to be hurt.

"No, I don't like you, you're a pain." Replied the doctor. "Instead I love you and when it comes to loving you, I am rabid."

Amanda laughed while Sandra finished eating her muffin.

The detective wasn't the brightest when it came to relationships, but she knew human behaviour. Something was bothering Sandy and Amanda figured it out quickly.

"How's the little guy doing? How bad was he?"

"It was bad Amanda. I don't even want to talk about it. You can read the medical report for your police report."

"Will he be alright?" Amanda asked as she reached out to take Sandy's hand.

"Yes, you found him in time. In another hour he would have bled too much internally to save him." The doctor pushed her plate away. Her muffin was rebelling.

"Amanda, do you remember the day Mitch got shot and you didn't want me to try and save her shooter?"

"Yes, hon, how could I forget." Amanda spoke very softly.

Dr. Sandra Wilson looked into her lovers eyes and with all of her heart she asked her, "If you ever find the person responsible for that little boys beating, shoot them Amanda.

With that she left the counter, headed for the bathroom, as her coffee and muffin came back up.

Amanda and Whiskey sat at the counter. The dog could feel the detective's sorrow as her new friend just stared out the patio door, watching the waves hit the shore.


Detective Mitchell Blake had only been back to work for 2 weeks. It was desk duty and it was driving her crazy. This is what I get for not keeping up on our paper work. Ellis is off getting into trouble and I'm left to report it to this damned computer. Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by the phone.


"Hey Mitch, it's Amanda."

"Well if it isn't the devil her self. I was just cursing your name." Mitchell said laughing at her partner. "What can I do for you?"

"I need you to look up a missing person's report. See if there has been any children reported missing in the area. He's about 3 years old, dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. I'm not sure about the height or weight. What can I say, he was little and weighed nothing in my arms." Amanda had been to the hospital and spent some time with the child. He was awake and the only two people he would allow to touch him were Sandra and Amanda. His name was Kevin and he was 3 fingers old. That much he knew. When asked about his mother or father, he just sat quietly and said nothing. Both women spent as much time as possible with him, hoping to find out more about him, but he wouldn't talk about his home. He just sat and coloured or played with a stuffed puppy that Amanda had bought him. His little body was healing quickly, it was his mind and heart that still needed repair.

In a few weeks the children's aid people came in determined to place him in a foster home. Amanda pulled rank and informed them, that this child was under police protection and no one was taking him anywhere. Now she just had to hurry up and get the court order to prove it.

Judge Samuel Davidson sat listening to Amanda's and Sandra's story about the little boy. There was something about these two women, he knew he could trust to give this child a home. Even a temporary one. As they walked out the door with the court order in hand, he knew they would be back. He called to his assistant. "Better start adoption procedures. I think those two will be back."

He sat back in his chair and smiled. Today was a good day in his life.

Amanda and Sandy had both agreed that when the time came, they would bring Kevin home with them. They had introduced him to Mitchell and he had liked her. Mitchell read him stories about a boy wizard by the name of Harry Potter. He liked to listen to her voice. It was kind like doctor Sandy and Amanda's. Between the three women, they had agreed to look after Kevin when he was released from the hospital. They set to work and made Amanda's office into a bedroom for him. With paint and wallpaper, a new bed and dresser, the once drab office had turned into a dreamland for a little boy who needed a home.

It was a Friday night, a few weeks since Deb, the hooker had found Amanda having lunch at the nearby restaurant. She had called the detective to meet her at the same place.

"You're buying me some food Ellis. It's been a slow week." The hooker ordered a burger with fries.

Amanda and Mitchell each ordered a coffee.

The three women sat there until Deb had finished her food.

"The kid." She asked. "How is he?"

"He will be ok, thanks to you finding him." Replied Amanda.

Deb just nodded her head and took a drink of her coke.

"I think I found the kids mother." She went on to explain. "New girl in town, junkie of course. She has been seen around town a few times with a kid and now he's not with her. Could be her."

"You got a name and an address?" Mitchell asked her.

"I'm not sure, it sounded like Louanne or Leanne. Something like that. She lives over in the apartments on 10th street. Can't miss her, tall, stringy blonde hair and usually has a black eye. The boyfriend is a real nasty one."

The two detectives paid for the coffees and food, thanked Deb and left to find the mother. Amanda was not in a good mood and Mitchell tagged along, just in case.

The superintendent of the building wasted no time in allowing the two detectives into the building and escorted them to apartment 2C. The woman in question went by the name of Leanne Smith. She had been nothing but trouble since moving in a few months ago. Constant complaints from the neighbours about the noise from fights and always late with the rent. Ya, he had seen her with a kid. A little boy about 3 that matched Amanda's description. No, he hadn't seen the kid around for awhile. They knocked on the apartment door, no answer. "Open it." Demanded Amanda. The super did and much to his horror found Leanne Smith lying on the floor dead. The needle still in her arm.

Mitchell called in the report while Amanda searched around the apartment. She found a few articles of clothes that could belong to a 3 year old and a picture of a much younger Leanne Smith holding a baby. The bottom of the picture read, Kevin 3 months.

The day came for Kevin to come home with Amanda and Sandy.

"Do you think Whiskey and him will be ok together?" Amanda wondered if they shouldn't have introduced the two at the hospital, but Sandra wanted it to be a surprise for the little boy.

"I'm sure they'll be fine. Don't worry." Sandra leaned on Amanda's shoulder as they headed up the elevator.

"You realize in a few minutes, we're about to become guardians to Kevin." Amanda squeezed Sandra's hand and smiled.

"You realize that if this works out we'll be adopting Kevin and becoming a real family." Sandra pointed out.

"Wow, you're right." Amanda smiled and hugged her lover. Mitchell and I finished putting up the gate on the new fence this morning. Should we be painting it white?"

Amanda stopped Sandy before they entered into Kevin's room.

"Um, I've been trying to find the right time for this and um, there never seems to be a right time. So, this will have to do, I think."

Sandy looked a Amanda. "What on earth are you babbling about?"

Amanda got down on one knee and held Sandy's hand. "We've got the dog, a soon to be white picket fence and a little boy who needs 2 parents. Well, what I'm trying to say is, maybe it's time we had a joining ceremony and I made an honest woman out of you."

Sandy bent down and kissed Amanda. "Yes, you big dumb cop. It is time. But let's go get Kevin and take him home. We'll talk about this later over Chinese food and wine."

Amanda picked up Kevin in her arms, refusing to put him in the wheelchair. His legs still in casts made it impossible for him to walk yet, but the right arm was healed nicely. The scrapes and cuts were memories and although part of his kidney had been damaged enough, that Sandy had to remove the portion of it during his surgery, he would be fine in the future. Sandra carried his suitcase down to the car and the three of them drove home.

As they walked through the door, they were greeted by a mass of gold fur and floppy ears.

At first Kevin was shy of the dog and didn't want Amanda to put him down. But Whiskey was determined to make friends with this little human and sat patiently while Sandra petted her and encouraged Kevin to pet Whiskey's head. Soon the two were sitting on the floor together sharing cookies and drinking milk. The house would never be the same again and Amanda couldn't have been happier.

The only thing that still angered her, was she still didn't know who had hurt Kevin that night. Word was still out on the street and when she found the person.....her thoughts turned dark.

Kevin still couldn't say many words, but Sandy had arranged for a speech therapist to come into their home and work with Kevin. He was still very frightened around most adults and Sandy felt he would feel more comfortable surrounded by this safe environment.

Mitchell came into the house through the back door.

"Hey everyone, your fence is white and finished." Mitchell sported a white smudge of paint on her forehead and her painting shirt had seen better days.

"Oh cookies. Hi Kevin care to share a cookie with your Aunt Mitchell?"

Kevin smiled and held up a cookie for Mitchell to have. Soon everyone was sitting on the floor with Kevin and Whiskey, sharing milk and cookies and talking about Harry Potter.

Detective Amanda Ellis leaned her back against the chair behind her. Today she felt a different form of contentment. She had a family. Was it that long ago that women bounced in and out of her bed without a thought? She shook her head at the memories. Kevin inched his bum over to Amanda and held up his arms to be picked up. She gently cradled him and soon he fell asleep.

Sandy handed the quilt from the couch to her lover and watched as Amanda wrapped him up.

Mitchell got up and headed for the shower. "Don't forget to feed the help, ok? I want real food, not just cookies."

"Do you want to put him to bed upstairs?" Sandy figured she knew the answer to that one, but asked anyway.

"No, he won't know where he is when he wakes up and might be scared. He's ok here with Whiskey and me. Amanda took a second and brushed a wayward strand of hair from the boys eyes. "He needs a hair cut soon."

Dr. Sandra Wilson looked at her detective and saw how much love radiated from Amanda's eyes. Something had changed in this room today. Four stray hearts had found something very precious.

Home, she thought to herself. Welcome home.

The End for now.

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