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Violence: No not really maybe a tiny bit

Subtext: Yes two women are in love so if that is not your thing move along

Sex: No little surprised with myself but it wouldn't fit in this story



Xena and Amazon Children's Field Trip

By: Perverted F.O.X.



I never thought I would see the day that I would settle down. It's very nerve wracking but I figured it was Gabrielle's chance to lead the way. She has deserved it we each have died and come back a few times had children die and yet we were blessed with Eve. Now we are in an Amazon Village that well needs a little reforming. I wonder how long we are going to be here Gabrielle hasn't said anything. The thing I find very amusing with my day though is that all the teenage Amazons will do whatever I ask of them hoping to become my new “sidekick” which, they don't understand Gabrielle is more than a “sidekick” she is my light my love and so much more than I could put to words. I bet my bard could put her feelings to words she is just so talented with her stories. Wait I am getting off track I can't believe me Xena Warrior Princess of Amphipolis is even writing a scroll. I always thought there would be scrolls written about me but, I never thought I would see the day I write one myself. I guess I am writing this for Eve's sake or to show the Amazons how my day in Tartarus with their children was.

It was a morning like any other since we have been in the Amazon Village I wake up hearing Eve fuss she wants to be feed. She has a clean loin cloth on because Gabrielle always changes her before she leaves to start her duties of being the Queen. I have become use to wake up in bed alone it surprises me though on the road Gabrielle was impossible to wake up but, now she wake up without even waking me. Once I get up get dressed and Eve is feed and dressed for the day as soon as I open the door there is always about five Amazon teens waiting to fill mine and Eve's every need. I don't have a problem with that I could actually get use to it. I know it bothers Gabrielle though but, hey it was her idea to settle down and if the Amazon teens feel the need to be here every day who am I to stop them.

“Good Morning Xena” five eager girls say in unison

“Good Morning ladies what are your plans for today?” With an arch of her eyebrow and a small smile knowing what their plans already are.

Akhaia a short blonde hair girl took Eve from Xena arms and planted herself on the patio to start playing with her.

Eve has taken very well to this girl I think I like the way she is with Eve . Gabrielle said if I am going to continue to let the girls do everything I might as well learn their names. So I have been picking up the names here and there.

“Xena we have done our chores and checked in with our mothers and the Queen so we are yours for the day. What do you need?” Akhaia tilted her head up but didn't take her eyes off of Eve.

“Well the hut is clean since you guys did it yesterday so how about we do a little sparring today?”

Three faces lit up with excitement Akhaia not being one of them. Akhaia likes doing anything a warrior doesn't like doing. Xena had also lost one of her followers when she ran off Xena figured that Galateia is Gabrielle's runner for the day. I really don't know if I like Gabrielle having one of the girls running to and from us all day. It's not like she carries messages back and forth she just tells us what each other is up to. I don't know if it's more for me or Gabrielle. For now I am letting it slide I don't need yet another argument with Gabrielle since we have arrived here.

“May I go first Xena?” Lykia asked she was very tall for only being 13 seasons old and she had long curly red hair and her muscles were very well defined. Why she insist on being here mostly every day doing house work Xena had no clue.

“How about the three of you against me so it's a little more fair?”

“Ok Xena!” The three girls move off of the patio of the hut and into the dirt area just out front.

Xena grabbed three staffs and threw one at each of them. Xena then grabbed one for herself she leaned over and gave Eve a kiss and left her with Akhaia on the patio. Xena look back at the three eager Amazon girls ready to spar. Each knowing that they all will tire out before Xena.

“Ayyiyiyiyiyiyiyi” Xena started her war cry and flipped off of the patio and landing with ease right in front of the Amazon girls.

It seems like no matter what Xena did they always look at her with awe. They had learned very fast not to stay staring at Xena for too long since she would swipe their feet out from under them. They ready their staffs just as Xena start with a side swipe she stopped mid-swing. They all gave her a confused look and follow Xena eye line to see what she was looking at.

Several feet away from them Gabrielle was holding hands of two Amazon girls that look about the same age, Galateia who is now holding a little girl that is about two seasons old, and another Amazon that is holding a child has another one behind her hiding and hold a hand of the third child. I am not having a good feeling about this right now and the smile on Gabrielle's face is not helping.

“Hello my love how is your morning?” she gave Xena a kiss on the cheek

“Well the hut is clean and Eve is great and I was just about to gives these Amazon's a run for their money.” Xena look over Gabrielle's shoulder at the waiting Amazons and children.

“Oh yes Xena I need you to watch these children today. It is our turn to watch them unfortunately I can't help because-“

“Are you insane!”

“Xena it's not like I will leave you here alone I am going to leave one other Amazon with you!”

“Gabrielle I am just getting use to being able to raise our own child I have no clue what to do with six more.”

“Xena I have to lead a practice hunt and I have to take your followers with along with their parents. Be glad though this isn't all the children of the village a few of them are sick and in the healers hut. Please Xena I need you to do this for me please.” With a smile and a sparkle in her eyes she knows she won this battle because Xena would do anything for her.

Letting out a deep breath and pinching the bridge of her nose. “Ok Gabrielle how long do I have them for?”

“Just till night fall.”

“Fine well I want Akhaia to be the Amazon to stay with me.”

“Sorry she can't Xena you know she stays away from stuff like this so she is one of the ones that needs it the most. I have already chosen Lykia to stay with you.”

Xena looked over at Lykia who is just for the first time hearing this news and looks scared to death of her new assignment. She has never been one to hold Eve and Xena didn't even remember ever seeing her hold a child.

“Gabrielle I think Lykia is the last one you want to stay with me. I don't think she has a clue what to do with a child let alone help me with seven of them.”

“Xena it's her or no one. Plus her mother said she wants a grandchild some day so she would appreciate this to give her daughter some experience.”

“Fine the day isn't getting any younger take the others and leave the children.”

“Thank you love I owe you.” Gabrielle gave Xena a wink and turned to the Amazons

“Ok ladies put the children on the patio next to Eve and tell Xena their names as you pass her.”

Galateia walks up first with a toddler maybe a little older than Eve. “This is Rheia.” She walks past Xena and seats the toddler next to Eve, then heads off for the village along with Akhaia, and the other two Amazon teens.

The Amazon that had managed to bring three girls with her is now standing in front of Xena.

“My name is Skylla this little darling in my arms is Phoibe she is 5 seasons old very shy.”

Skylla tries handing over the little girl to Xena she reaches out her arms and lowers the girl to the ground. I have a toddler and a baby today there is no way in Tartarus I am holding child that can clearly walk. Xena didn't dare say it out loud for Gabrielle to hear. She is known for holding Eve every second of the day when she has time. As for Xena she has a different way for parenting and believes Eve needs to learn to do things by herself even at a young age. Phoibe then gets the hint that Xena will not be holding her right now and heads for the patio. Skylla arches her eyebrow and gives Xena a smug look.

“This is Medeia very shy also, and her older sister Thaleia. They are five and seven. Go sit down on the patio girls I will be back later to take you to your mother.” The girls run off without a word.

The two little girls that were holding onto Gabrielle's hands let go and run after the other two girls.

“Those are Kleio and Keto they are twins they can help you they are nine. No sparring with them Xena you will want to keep your energy.” Gabrielle scrunches her nose smiles and turns to walk away.

“Yeah a warrior that can fight all your Amazons needs to save her energy to take care of a bunch of little girls ha you make me laugh bard.”

Gabrielle came charging back and leaped into Xena arms and wrapped her legs around her waist.

“Ok Xena lets make a bet.”

“Ok your on what is it?”

“I bet that by the time the Amazons get back to pick up their children and leave that you will be ready to pass out. If that happens you get to watch them again on the next hunt along with the other children that aren't sick. If you aren't ready to pass out you can have your way with me tonight and on the next hunt you can take the Amazons and I will stay with the children. What do you say?”

Lykia cleared her throat and they both looked over at her with their eyebrows arched wondering if the Amazon would speak up.

“Permission to speak freely?” She said just loud enough to be heard.

“Yes” Gabrielle knew the question was for her.

“Am I included if she loses?”

“Hey who said I was going to lose?” Xena was slightly offended by that.

“Xena I mean no offense but if you lose I don't want to be here next time.”

“Yes Lykia since you and Xena are the only two in the whole village that have a hard time with children in general you are included in this bet.” Xena poked Gabrielle in the side to get her attention.


“Um, are you going to let her have her way with you too then?”

“Oh, yeah um let's say for your side of the bet if you win then Xena will give you private lessons on all things warrior. You in, or out?”

“Hey don't I get a say on the whole lesson thing?” Gabrielle gave Xena the look

“Yeah I am in I know Xena wouldn't bet on anything she thought she would lose.”

“Guess it's set then my bard. Don't get too tired on the practice hunt because you my dear will be mine afterwards.”

“If, you say so Xena.” She kissed Xena on the lips and wiggled out of her arms.

Gabrielle walked away with pride as if she had already won the bet. Just you wait my little bard you're just asking for it.

“I love you Xena.” Gabrielle said as she was still walking away.

“I love you too.”

“Ok Lykia are you ready? We are going to take the kids on a field trip today and actually teach them something.”

“Where are we going to take them? Are you sure we shouldn't just stay here since it's our first time?”

“If we stay here and do nothing I will go insane plus we don't want to make it too easy do we?”

“Guess not, so where are we going?”

“Well my friend have you ever met any of the Greek Gods? Ever been to Tartarus and lived to tell the tale?”

Xena wrapped my arm around the young Amazons shoulder and headed towards the patio.

“No, can't say I have.”

“Well guess like you're going to learn some new things too. Hey can you go around to the side and grab that wagon I made last week I figured we could put a few of the children in that.”

Lykia walked over to the side of the house. Xena looked at the seven little girls looking back at her. Oh they are so cute. I would honestly give them anything they wanted if they asked. Xena didn't notice before because she was a little upset to be dumped with six more children.

Reheia was sitting next to Eve. She was a cute little girl with green eyes and with what little hair she had it was coming in as a nice sandy blonde. Phoibe was sitting on the step playing with the dirt with her feet her short curly black hair falling in front of her face cover one of her brown eyes. Medeia and Thaleia stopped their argument they were having when they noticed Xena was standing in front of the patio, both of their faces a little red still a little angry. They were spitting images of each other just one was older and taller. The girls both had long well groomed blonde hair with one braid on the right with bead entwined into it and big bright blue eyes.

Unfortunately Keto and Kleio only stopped their argument for a moment then started up again now starting to hit each other.

“No, stupid Xena learned to fight from Ares!”

“Not huh! She use to be an Amazon!”

“No, Stupid she is not an Amazon!”

“Yes huh!”

“Not huh!”

The girls now really trying to hurt each other pulling each other's long red hair messing up the ponytails they had in. Each had a set of green eyes full of fury and hatred for the other at the moment. Xena walked over to them and pulled them apart they tried wiggle away from her hands. She pulled them off the ground by the short Amazon leather tops they were wearing. Both girls now looked up at her with fear.

“Please don't spank us! Please!” Both girls said together

“You two going to knock it off then?”

“Yes ma'am” Xena put them down and they straightened out their tops and with the last evil glare at each other they sat down.

“And you are both right in a way. Keto I did learn some of my fighting skills from Ares the God of war himself but, in return Ares also created a very dark side of me. Kleio I am not an Amazon but, I have learned some fighting skills along these years from them too.”

“Xena I have the wagon ready who is all going in it?”

“Um, Lykia lets put Medeia, Phoibe and Thaleia in the wagon. Eve will go into one of the pouches I made on my back and Rheia will go in the extra pouch on your back ok?”

“Um, What about us?” Keto looked up at Xena hoping they didn't make her mad enough to leave them behind.

“Well you both are old enough to walk and handle the distance the wagon and the pouches are for the little ones so they don't wander off on our field trip.”

Both the girls faces lit up and they smiled at each other then back at Xena and Lykia. Xena threw a pouch at Lykia and helped her put it on. Then Xena walked over and pick the happy child up and put her in the pouch behind Lykia who was squirming a bit.

“Lykia you need to relax I know you're a little scared but children can smell fear. So relax or Rheia will get unhappy.”

“Can they really smell fear?” She was now more worried than before.

“Yes now calm down you will be fine and I am right here.” Xena reassured her before putting the pouch on her back for Eve.

“Kleio can you pick up Eve and put her in my pouch please?”

Kleio stood up and walked over to where Eve was sitting and picked her up with ease. Xena sat down so that Kleio could reach her back and slide Eve into the pouch. Once Kleio checked that Eve was in the pouch safely she tapped Xena on the back. Xena got up and walked over to Medeia and Thaleia and picked the two up under each arm.

“Lykia pick up Phoibe and come put her in the wagon.”

Before Lykia reach Phoibe the little girl started running towards Xena and the wagon.

“Xena I don't think that one likes me very much.”

Xena had just placed Thaleia in the back of the small wagon and her sister in front of her and swooped up Phoibe who was now holding onto her leg and placed her in front of Medeia in the wagon. There was enough room for each of them to sit Indian style and maybe fit one more child inside. Xena arched her eye brow and looked at Lykia.

“Amazon quick word of advice they will like you more if you use their names and try not to look so um, what's the word warrior. That tends to scare them. Lighten up your facial expressions and smile at them.”

“Kleio, Keto ready to go?”

“Yes.” They said together. Are they always going to say thing together even as they get older?

“Ok, Kleio grab my hand and Keto hold Lykia's hand and help her with Rheia while I pull the rest in the wagon.”

“Ok.” Keto responded and walked over to Lykia gave her a big smile and grab the older Amazon's sweaty hand.

“Well let's get this party started. Artemis! Aphrodite!”

Xena waited for the sparkling beams of light and the tiny floating hearts to appear in front of them. When nothing came she yelled again.


Keto and Kleio giggled thinking Xena was crazy the Gods just don't appear because you demand it.

“Ok, Artemis and Aphrodite can you please show your faces to you humble servants since now you already made me look like an ass in front of the children.”

With that the light beams and tiny floating heart she was expecting showed up when they faded away there stood Artemis and Aphrodite.

Artemis spoke first. “Yes Xena how may we be of service since you so rudely called for us?”

“Well thank you for asking Artemis I was wondering if I could get you to bless us on our field trip and since I am taking a bunch of Amazons I need all the blessing and help I get.”

“Xena you have my blessing and I will bless safe travels for you and the Amazons with you is that all?”

“Yes, from you at least. Thank you.”

With that Artemis left. Xena felt Eve's weight come of her back and turned her head and saw she was missing. She looked over at Aphrodite who was now holding her daughter.

“Damn it Aphrodite warn me when you're going to do that ok?”

“Calm your horses Xena and next time I promise to let you know before I pop Eve into my arms. So what did you want from the Goddess of love today?”

“Wanna be our tour guide? I bet it would earn you some new followers in the future.” Xena hinted towards the Amazons behind her.

“Well I didn't have anything else planned why not this could be fun! Where do you want to take them. I can tell it is not in walking distance so that is why you need my help right?”

“Yes, Aphrodite that would be great.”

“Wow, Xena what is all this sucking up for?”

“Don't push it right now Aphrodite.”

“Ok Warrior where did you want to go to?”

“Well I want to take these Amazons and introduce them to the Gods and their main temples. Think we could do that?”

Aphrodite finally looked at Xena she was still holding Eve.

“Sounds good to me whose temple first? How about mine?” She said with a huge smile on her face.

“No, I would like yours to be in the middle because the children will need a lunch break and a nap figured they could do that in your temple then when they were done you can explain your temple then move onto someone else's if that is ok with you.”

“Sounds like a plan to me Xena I wouldn't mind at all. So who first? I will do the travel part you do the order of where we are going.”


“Xena you really think we should take them to Tartarus and the Elysia fields?”

“Yes why not?”

“Xena I am scared I don't wanna go to Tartarus.” The little girl looked up as Xena and squeezed her hand as tears started in her eyes.

Xena leaned down on one knee and looked into Kleio's bright green eyes which oddly reminded her of Gabrielle's eyes.

“Kleio no need to worry sweetie we have Artemis's blessing on safe travel and I am here to protect you. Plus I have been to Tartarus and back a few times when I wasn't even dead so you will be fine ok?”

“Ok if you say so.” Kleio sniffed and tried to look a little tuff.

“I do say so.” Xena smiled at the little girl and stood up again.

She looked back at Aphrodite who was now wearing a nice pink short sleeve top and a short skirt. She also had a pouch like Xena's but it was pink and hung in the front instead of the back. Eve seemed to be very comfortable with the Goddess of love so she didn't ask for her back. She knew Aphrodite would keep her safe if it came down to it.

“Ok everyone let's get going first place Tartarus. Lykia dear come over here next to Xena and I please I need you to hold onto the wagon handle with us.”

Lykia looked at her still a little in awe over seeing Artemis and Aphrodite and now she was going to visit all the Gods and spend the day with children and Xena.

“Hello earth to Lykia? I need you to hold onto the handle with us so I can pop us all out of here together.”

Xena leaned over and grabbed Lykia's top and shook her a little. When she noticed the Amazon came out of her haze she guided her hand over to the wagon handle.

“Lykia make sure you hold Keto's hand so that she goes with us since she is connected to the wagon through you.” Xena said making sure he had the Amazon's attention.

Lykia shook her head and looked at Keto and squeezed her hand to make sure she had her.

“Oh, and Aphrodite I would prefer to skip the boat ride it will be a little hard with the wagon think you can get us next to Hades in his layer in the underworld?”

“No, problem chickie.”

With that they were out of the Amazon village and in the underworld.

“Why, hello everybody are you ready for your tour of the underworld with me?” Hades said to the girls.

Xena looked at Aphrodite a little confused.

“Oh, I sent out a little message telling everyone we are on a field trip.” Just as she, finished her sentence. Xena had a very angry face and she was giving Aphrodite the death glare.

“Xena calm down I didn't let Ares know I figured we could surprise my bro, but I had to let the other Gods know so they were ready to give tours.”

Xena lightened her look.

“Good morning Hades I think we are ready for the tour what do you think girls?”

Xena looked at the children they had in tow.

“I can't wait! I am so excited!” Keto let go of Lykia's hand and ran over to Hades.

“Nice to meet you Hades God of the Underworld.” she bowed slightly

Xena rolled her eyes at the sight. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

Hades bowed back at the girl. “Pleasure is all mine Keto.” Just as he was about to grab the little girls hand. Xena yanked Keto back the girl let out a little yelp.

“Is there a problem Xena?” Both Aphrodite and Hades asked.

“No, not at all can I have a moment with the girls really quick?”

Aphrodite and Hades looked at each other shrugged their shoulders and walked to the other side of the room they were in.

Xena crouched down so that she was even with the girls in the wagon and the twins.

“Now girls listen up because I am only going to say this once.” All the girls gave her their full attention.

“As you all can tell this is not my first time meeting any of the Gods. I want you to know yes they are good in some ways, but in others you shouldn't trust them. Some of them can be very tricky and get you into a lot of trouble later in life. With that said this is why I wanted to bring you here first. Your decision in life will end you up in Tatarus or the Elysia fields. Everyone understand?”

All the Amazon's nodded their heads even Lykia.

“Um, Xena how did Hades know my name?”

“He knows everyone's name he is the God of the underworld.”

Xena stood up and turned to look at Aphrodite, Eve and Hades. Once they noticed the conversation was over they rejoined the group.

“Are we ready now?” Hades asked not being bothered about what just happened.

Xena grabbed the wagon handle and Kleio's hand. She looked over at Lykia who had just grabbed Keto's hand again. Then she looked at Rheia who seemed to be taking an early nap. Then looking at the eager faces of the three in the wagon Xena was sure they were ready. She nodded towards Hades.

Hades lead the way through the underworld. Lykia and Keto walked behind him and Aphrodite walked by Xena's side.

“So how is our little bard?” Aphrodite asked.

“SSHHH” came from behind them it was Thaleia who seemed to be really interested in what Hades was saying, when she noticed who she shush though her face turn really red.

“I am sorry Aphrodite but, I can't hear Hades over you. Please forgive me.” Thaleia looked down at her hands.

Aphrodite walked over to her and put her hand under her chin and lifted her face so the girl would look at her.

“No, need to be sorry deary I should wait till Hades is done. So I am the one that is sorry because you are here to learn.” With that the little girl was smiling again and listening to Hades go on about Tartarus.

The girls cried while they walked through Tartarus seeing all the people that were suffering for the rest of eternity.

“Now girls no need to cry everyone that is here did something to deserve it. Behave become a great person and you can prevent from ending up here. Now to the Elysia Fields it's a much happier place.”

Xena got a huge smile on her face with that. Aphrodite noticed the smile but didn't say anything since she knew the reason for the smile.

“Is everybody ready we are going to cross over to the Elysia field and please stay close we don't want to lose anyone.” Hades directed everyone through the portal.

Aphrodite took the wagon from Xena and took Kleio's hand and walked through the portal after Lykia, Rheia and Keto. Xena stopped for a moment and took in a deep breath and looked at Hades who held his hand out for her.

“Xena you have yet to be able to walk through this portal alone I am afraid I will have to escort you.”

“I understand Hades.” Xena gave Hades her hand and they walked through together.

The acted went unnoticed to the Amazon's, but Aphrodite knew what it meant. The girls were looking around with their mouths opened wide. Then they noticed two boys heading their way.

Keto being the braver one of the twins got into a fighting stance. Hades walked over and lowered her hands and looked down at her.

“Remember Keto this is the Elysia field which means they are good and mean no harm to you.”

Keto nodded her head and stepped back. Xena stepped forward out of the shadow of the tree so that she was in the two boys views.



They ran over to her and the family shared a hug.

“Solan, Lyceus oh, how I have missed you both so dearly.”

Lyceus saw a tear roll down his older sister's face and wiped it away.

“Now Xena have you gotten soft on me?” Xena slightly pushed her brother only to bring him in for another hug.

“Did you bring Eve?” Solan asked looking around. When he spotted his little sister in a pouch in front of Aphrodite he ran over to her.

“Eve?” Lyceus asked

“Yes she is my daughter.”

“Well sis have any other surprises for me? I didn't know you had a son till Hades introduced me to him and now you have a daughter who is the father?”

Xena wrapped her arm around Lyceus's shoulder and walked him over towards Eve and everyone else.

“Eve's other mother is Gabrielle she does not have a father. Remember Gabrielle I told you about her in my thoughts at least.” Xena smiled remembering the day she told Lyceus that she was marrying a bard from Potidaea who was also the Queen of the Amazon nation. She bet he was getting a laugh at that.

“Yes, I remember one does not forget the woman who changed his sister so much to the point that she got her to give birth to their child got married and settle down.” Lyceus was exploding with laughter. Xena punched his arm.

Lyceus rubbed it and gave her a glare. “Hey that hurt.” He said with more of a pout now.

“Eh, you will be fine once I leave you won't remember and think that I will be back tomorrow.” Now Xena was the one that was laughing being able to tease her brother again made her feel great.

“Mother, how long are you staying for?”

Xena looked down at her beautiful son. Her laugher gone as soon as it came. She tried not to look sad but, he was her son after all he could see right through her.

“Solan not very long we are taking a field trip but, it's ok you have your uncle here. Is he taking good care of you?”

Solan nodded and continued to hold onto his sister's hand. Lyceus walked over and kissed his nieces cheek. Then looked back at his sister then at the Amazon's and got a huge smile.

“Are you sure you only have two kids? Because all of these girls look like you or Gabrielle in a way.”

Xena looked at the girls she hadn't noticed before, but then the thought of having seven children seemed nice too. She looked back at her brother rolled her eyes.

“Nah they aren't mine I stole them.”

They both started laughing. The girls didn't even notice the comment they were looking around in awe of Elysia.

“Well sorry to cut the reunion short but, I must get back to work you know Celesta keeps me busy.”

Xena hugged her family once more.

“I love you mother.”

“Love ya sis. Now don't come back too soon.”

“Love you both bye.” With that she grabbed the handle of the wagon and they were gone.


Xena, Aphrodite, Eve and all the Amazon in tow were tired and needed a break, when they finally made the choice to go to one of Aphrodite's temples for lunch and naps for the younger ones. They visited Hades, Apollo, Athena, Dionysus, Hermes and Poseidon.

Xena was surprised they had got through so many before the sun was high in the sky. Xena walked over to the wagon and lifted Medeia and Phoibe out. Thaleia helped herself out she was ready to stretch her legs.

“Ok everyone food is over there please don't make a mess.” Aphrodite indicated to a table that came out of nowhere that was short enough that the girls could sit on pillows on the floor and the plates ready with food on them.

“Thank you Aphrodite.” Xena smiled at the Goddess of love and reached out for Eve.

“No problem sweet pea. Oh don't worry about changing Eve or Rheia already took care of that.” Aphrodite winked at her and headed to the table and plopped down on a nice big pillow.

“Lykia come here so I can take Rheia out.” Lykia started to walk over to Xena when the toddler that was in the pouch now sat on Aphrodite's lap eating small things that she wouldn't chock on. Lykia shrugged her shoulders towards Xena and went to sit next to Phoibe she even wrapped her arm around the little girl's waist and pulled her close eating with her other hand.

“Guess it just you and me kid.” She looked at Eve and lied down on a huge fluffy pillow so that she could breast feed her daughter comfortably.

It didn't take very long for eight hungry Amazons to finish lunch. Aphrodite helped Lykia lay Medeia, Phoibe and Rheia down for a nap. Keto, Kleio and Thaleia played games that Aphrodite popped in for them. Lykia joined them when she was done helping Aphrodite.

Aphrodite lied down on the pillow in front of Xena and Eve.

“So how's the bard? Married life? And Family life going? Oh and the whole settling down part?”

Xena felt Eve fall asleep so she rolled her onto her back and pulled up her outfit and held onto the tiny hand.

“Aphrodite to be honest I am going stir crazy and I am trying not to let Gabrielle know. Yes I love her but, since we have settled into the Amazon village I am playing house wife while she is playing Queen. It is nice not having to cook or clean though because all the teens for now want to fill my every whim. Gabrielle hates it but, in return I spar with them from time to time and teach them something new. We keep having arguments though Aphrodite and I hate them and don't know what to do about them. Since we have been with the Amazon's again she is under a lot of stress with this group of them because they need to reset their ways. At least in the other Amazon Village they were fine and I wasn't looked up to as much but I could deal with that. I just don't know what to do about taking some of her work load off of her. Being her Consort I can only do certain things most of the stuff she has to do herself. Any advice?” Xena looked at Aphrodite with willingness to listen.

Aphrodite was shocked. Wow wait Xena Warrior Princess is asking for my advice! Ok Dite play this cool rather be on her good side instead of her bad side.

“Have you tried telling Gabrielle this?” Yeah good first question Dite. Reassuring herself more than anything else.

“No, I feel that if I do she will hate me. I feel as though it is my turn to follow her. She well enough deserves it after what we have been through you and I both know that.”

Aphrodite nodded in agreement. “Xena I can give you something that you can give Gabrielle and yourself that would make you both be honest and instead of yelling it doesn't really let you. It's a potion of sorts so your argument doesn't seem like one since you both will be relaxed and won't get frustrated or mad at each other. Interested?”

Xena thought for a moment. She really wanted help but, what cost and what was the catch?

Aphrodite hearing her thoughts. “No cost no catch babe swear. The potion fades off once you have worked through whatever needs fixing. I would suggest giving Eve to a babysitter though because you will only be able to deal with the task at hand when you take it. Also if you're worried about what if you don't get through it the next step is the potion will then fade after 24 hours whatever comes first. Please just trust me you know I would never hurt you or Gabrielle and I think I deserve some of that trust after all these years. I have never once done wrong by you both.”

Xena nodded in agreement. “Ok, Aphrodite I will take some of the potion with me if you don't mind, but remember one thing just one thing goes wrong and there goes the last bit of trust I have for you.”

Aphrodite threw up her hands. “Alright, you got it. I am very honored to be someone you trust Xena. I will send the potion over after the field trip is over.”


It was now the end of the day the girls were all in a good mood after their naps and relaxing. The last part of the field trip brought them to meet Hercules and Iolaus. After that they went to meet Artemis in her temple she also gave the twins and Lykia some pointers on how to work a bow and arrow. Then they went to see Zeus and Hera. After that last but not least it was time to see Ares God of War. Zeus had agreed to come along since there was precious cargo on this trip and there would have been Tartarus to pay if Ares caused them any harm. Ares was actually very civil to Xena's surprised but, Zeus was there she figured he was on his best behavior for him.

“Well I think I am off Xena I left the potion on your night stand. Make sure no one else but you and Gabrielle take it and it has to be at the same time.”

“Thanks Aphrodite you were a great help today and I know the children enjoyed it. Isn't that right everyone?”

All the girls ran over to give Aphrodite a hug.

“Thank you so much Aphrodite it was so much fun. Can't wait till it's Xena's turn to watch us again. Think maybe next time we can go to Athens?” Kleio asked the girl became very close to Aphrodite through the day.

“Sweet pea that would be up to Auntie Xena but, I would love to join all of you on another field trip some day.”

The little girls all smiled then gave Xena a big hug before scurrying off to the patio to wait for their parents to come and get them.

Lykia walked out the door and put Rheia on Keto's lap and came back into the hut.

“Thank you both today was wonderful. Not many can say they have seen the Gods themselves or even been to Tartarus and lived to tell the tale.” She giggled a little remembering the words Xena had said earlier.

“No problem kiddo just glad to see you still alive after our day with the munchkins. You were a big help.”

Lykia rub her arm and thought to herself for a moment.

Aphrodite knowing what she was thinking about spoke up. “Lykia don't be afraid to hug Xena she won't bite and if you promise on your life not to tell anyone else how big a softy Xena really is I bet she would be a little more open to ya.” She gave the girl wink.

Xena glared at Aphrodite for a second when she felt the young girl's arms wrapped around her.

“Thank you Xena.”

Xena wrapped her arms around the girl and gave her a squeeze before releasing.

“Well I guess my job here is done enjoy your night girlies. Oh and Xena Eve is asleep in her crib. Bye.” With that Aphrodite was gone.

“Ok, she is not that bad.” Lykia said.

Xena looked over and laughed.


“I can say once the Gods start messing around in your life than you can talk as for now be happy.” Xena wrapped her arm around the girls shoulder and they walked out the door.


In the Amazon village the twins were old enough to walk themselves home and they took Rheia to her mother. Skylla came back as she said and took Medeia and Thalia home. Lykia decided she was ready to go and she took Phoibe into her arms and walked off.

Gabrielle had just finished everything up and was heading to her hut and most of all her wife and daughter. She had bumped into Lykia on the way surprised to see her holding a now sleeping Phoibe.

“How did your day go Lykia?”

“It was wonderful Xena is really something.”

“That she is. Have a nice night ok. Oh, and I also took you off of look out duty tonight I figured you earned it.”

“Thank you my Queen”

“Please Lykia you spent all day with my wife and daughter and lived so please call me Gabrielle.”

“Ok, well night Gabrielle.”

“You too.”

Gabrielle wondered what happened all day. Lykia this morning wouldn't be caught dead holding a child. Now, one was sleeping on her and she was alone walking home with one. She seemed comfortable with it so Gabrielle didn't say anything.

Gabrielle jogged up the steps to the hut and the door flew open before she could touch the door. She stopped for a moment and swallowed hard realizing she had lost the bet from this morning. Xena seemed to be relaxed and looked great as if she was glowing in a way.

Xena looked at Gabrielle before she pulled her into her arms. She knew Gabrielle had just realized she lost the bet, because Xena felt as though she could run a marathon right now.

“Why hello sexy” Xena purred next to Gabrielle's ear.

“Hello to yourself. Why do I feel as though I won't be getting up on time tomorrow morning?” Her fingers making circular motions on Xena back.

“Oh, maybe because you ditched me with a bunch of kids today and I took them on a field trip to visit the Gods with Aphrodite and I am not tired at all.” Her voice was husky and having the right affect on Gabrielle.

Gabrielle pulled away for a second to look into Xena eyes which was a mistake on her part, because the look in Xena's eye made Gabrielle feel as though she was going to swallow her whole.

“You took them on a field trip where?” She now trying to look away and focus on the conversation.

Oh no no my bard no time for chatting you have a bet to pay up on. Xena thought and not really wanting to get into another argument over choices that had been made and were over.

“How about after you pay up on your bet and wake up the next morning take the day off and we can talk about it?” Please please please drop it for now Aphrodite a little help on this one please.

Seemed as though, Aphrodite answered her prays.

“Ok sounds good to me Warrior.”

With that Xena swooped Gabrielle into her arms and brought her into the hut not stopping till they hit the bed.

--To be continued


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