The Sea-ment God

by Phalon

We spotted him in a flea market. Standing frozen, his rock-hard muscles strained as he held his trident forever poised over his followers: a nation of cute bunnies and garden gnomes, the smiles cemented on their faces in grotesque expressions of feigned happiness. His own expression was intense - mouth a grim, hard line; deep furrows permanently etched into his forehead, never easing.

Why so worried, we wondered? Concern for the bunnies and gnomes? Or is it frustration? Frustration built up over centuries; thousands of years of being held fixed in this position, forever unable to move; unable to feel; unable to live - never to feel the depth of the spring tides rise again.  Powerless.

Shamelessly we laughed at his predicament; the irony of it. Here stands a long forgotten god the once supreme ruler of the great seas. Poseidon: the great immortal now immortalized in cheap concrete, reduced to reign over his realm of kitzy yard-art. A god second only to Zeus in power. A god who once passed judgment relentlessly on us mere mortals on whim, now watches over his motionless sea of bunnies and gnomes.

"Let's go, Gabrielle." We turned and walked away...together...forever...breathing, feeling, and living.

The End

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