by Psyche-b

Disclaimers: This story is about two women who are in love with each other. If this sort of thing bothers you, or it is illegal where you live or if you are underage, I suggest you do the following: Don't go any farther, or further as the case may be, come back when you are older I promise I won't delete them until you are old enough, or move. I don't have the time or patience for dealing with cyber police. You will not see any graphic depictions of love here. Well not to bad anyway. Just enough to give you the general idea of what is going on. All you need is an active imagination.

Any resemblance to any person living, dead, real, or fictional is purely by choice. I am not trying to infringe on anyone's rights or other things. There will be a general description of several we all know and love, but I mean no harm or disrespect. I will return them to the land of their ancestors when I am finished. This is a modern day or Uber story, set in my home state. Many of the places exist only in my mind. Comments can be sent to Here goes:

Chapter 1

The pale winter moon shone weakly in the window of the private clinic located in the rolling hills of what is referred to as the Quiet Corner in Connecticut. An area that enjoys the blistering heat and humidity of summer, and the frigid cold of winter. A place where the trees in fall can sometimes rival the colors of Maine and Vermont. It is an area as diverse as the people who inhabit it.

The private clinic and maternity hospital was built, owned and operated by the Spiros family. It was a small twenty-bed facility that boasted it's own operating room, maternity rooms and a fine neo-natal unit. The staff consisted of eight doctors, forty-two nurses and aides, along with a full staff of x-ray techs, custodians, cooks, and other assorted personnel needed to keep the facility up and running.

The rooms were large and airy, Pastels paint on the walls helped the patients relax in a normally sterile environment. In one such room, a small strawberry blond rested. Her sea green eyes closed in sleep. Her small hand clasped in the larger one of her companion.

The only sounds in the room were the steady beeps of the two monitors. The fetal monitor showed the baby's heartbeat to be twice that of the mother, but yet they were together, like a master drummer keeping time.

Shortly after midnight, a nurse, dressed in light blue scrubs entered the room, checked the machines and made notations in the chart at the foot of the bed. She nodded slightly to the tall woman who watched her movements silently, then left as quietly as she came in.

She ran a long fingered hand through her midnight black, shoulder length hair, as she arched her back and rubbed her neck. Both were stiff from being held one position for so long. She reached for the coffee cup sitting on the table next to her, and grimaced at the now cold, bitter brew. She couldn't figure out how the pains that were so regular and strong earlier could just stop. Although this allowed the younger woman the rest she definitely needed. When the door opened, she pulled her eyes off of her partner. The woman who entered was also dressed in the blue scrubs, her laughing grey eyes peeked out from the riot of blond curls that fell into her face. Dr. Stephanie Baldwin OB-GYN was printed on her plastic nametag. A stethoscope was casually draped around her neck.

She had known both women for many years. Had actually been the one who introduced them at a party. She had been there when they legalized their commitment to each other, and helped them pick out the donor for the child that was soon to be born. She helped them search for just the right candidate, one that matched the older woman's physical characteristics closely. She arranged for the donation to be made that allowed this couple to have the child they both so desperately wanted.

After she examined the chart, she turned her grey eyes to meet the brilliant blue of her friend. "We've come a long way, haven't we, Dani?"

"We sure have, Steph. Now you have to tell me the truth. Are Brie and the baby all right?"

"Yes they are."

"Then why did the labor stop?"

"This sort of thing happens more than you know, it doesn't mean anything is wrong. You know you look like hell. Why don't you go home and get some sleep. I'll be here to keep a close eye on Brie."

"Can't do that. I promised her I would be here"

"Well how about I have a cot brought in?" Danni shook her dark head, no, "Listen, you are not indestructible. You need to get some rest if you hope to be any help to Brie."

With a panicked voice Danni questioned. "What's wrong, you said she was fine?"

"She is, but once her labor starts up she will need you to coach her. Isn't that why you took those classes, twice? Or was that someone else?" Okay, you won't go home, don't want a cot brought in, if I didn't know any better, I would say you are afraid to sleep alone." A dark look and raised eyebrow answered her, which caused the doctor to softly laugh "You old fraud, don't give me that look. It's true isn't it?"

"So is that a crime now?"

"Hell no. Look, Danni, most people would give their eyeteeth for just a tiny bit of what you two have. Your love is a rare and beautiful emotion. It's so intense that it scares most mortal people." She tugged on Danni's arm. "Come on Brie won't mind if you sack out with her for awhile." And pushed her head down on the pillow. "Get some sleep, I'll check back in a couple of hours."

"What about the baby, Steph?"

"Look, Danni, if the baby starts to show even the tiniest amount of distress we will intervene. But I'd like to see if her labor starts up normally first without our interference. Sleep." She left the couple alone.

Danni looked down at the face that captured her heart and brushed a stray lock of hair away from her forehead. Her partner stirred at the gesture, and green eyes stared sleepily into hers.


"Shh, love. Are you all right? Any pains?"

"No, is anything wrong with..."

"No, no, no she's fine. Steph was just here and said everything was fine. She's not worried."

"Then why are you?"

"That's my job remember?" She kissed the head that nestled on her shoulder now that the strong arm surrounded her. Danni ran her free hand lovingly over the bulge that was their baby. She felt the child move under her hand, and she smiled in the semi-darkness, as she felt the breathing of her love steady as the motion soothed them both.

"I think she likes that." Brie murmured softly

"Uh huh."



"Have I told you lately how much I love you?"

"Not in the last hour but you were asleep, so I don't think that counts. But I love you too, Brie. Now get some sleep, you'll be needing all the rest you can get."

Both sets of breathing evened out as sleep overtook them both. A sleep so deep that neither moved when Steph came back two hours later. The sight of her friends made her laugh. The older woman's arm was protectively around the shoulders of her partner. Their hands clasped lovingly over their child. They wore matching smiles on their faces.

She stood at the desk writing when a hand on her arm startled her. She looked into the brown eyes of her partner, not only in their medical practice but in life also.

"You looked wiped."

"Yeah, well it's been a long day." She replied, as she rubbed her eyes to get rid of the gritty feeling of too little sleep. "Come on, I'll buy you a coffee." She pulled the other woman into the lounge behind the nurses' desk. She was abruptly stopped near the couch when her partner sat down and patted the cushions next to her as she said,

"No coffee, but you could use a little sleep, my dear."

"Can't, I may be needed. Wouldn't do to have the owners ignored."

"God, Steph, you have been here since Brie was brought in over twelve hours ago. I don't think either will mind if you catch a few minutes sack time. Here lay down and I'll let you use me for a pillow." She wagged her eyebrows, as Steph took her up on her offer. She felt the gentle hand try to arrange her disordered curls. Her eyes closed and she relaxed. She popped one eye as open she asked,

"Pony, have you ever heard the expression, old souls meeting again for the first time?"


"That's what those two are."

"Go to sleep. I can't handle those deep thoughts at four AM."

Heavy cloud cover at dawn gave promise to a snowy day, which had started to fall shortly after. Blue eyes took in the gentle snow as it drifted slowly down. The television played softly across the room. She felt the woman beside her stir and felt the baby move under their still joined hands. Green eyes looked up at her and she lovingly kissed the blonde head.


"Morning. What 's going on outside?"

"Snow. The television said we'll have a white Christmas after all." She felt a tremor go through the smaller woman and felt the hot tears that fell on her shoulder. "Hey what's wrong?

"I guess this means we won't be home for Christmas. It would have been our first in our new home. I really wanted this Christmas to be so special. Think Steph will let me go home?"

"Absolutely not" Came the answer from the door.

"Why not? Nothing seems to be happening here."

"You just let me be the judge of that alright?"

Brie lay there and let the doctor poke and prod her, as her thoughts went back home to their large living room, with the fireplace that covered a good portion of one wall. To the tree as it stood majestically in front of the picture window, the many packages scattered around its base and to the couch where they spent many nights in love, reveling in the feel of each other. Until a tap on her knee brought her back from her musings.

"Want to tell me where you were right now? You had the cutest smile. Oh and I don't think I've seen that shade of red in quite awhile."

"Well I was just... Um...That is..."

"Never mind, Brie, I can imagine where your mind was."

"So what's the verdict? Can I go home?"

"Sorry my friend, in all honesty I can't let you leave. You are ten days overdue now, and you are almost halfway dilated. If I let you go home and the labor starts up again, there is no way, absolutely no way you could make it back here in time. Do you want to take that chance?"

"Steph's right, love."

"I know but I am really sick of just lying here doing nothing."

"So don't lay there. Get up take a walk, take a bath, hell even have breakfast, if you want. Walking or a bath could just help jumpstart things."

"Great. When?"

"I'll have the nurse come in and disconnect you for awhile. But the monitors have to go back on later."

"Can I put on my own clothes. Or do I have to stay in these beauties."

"I'm crushed. That is the very latest in hospital fashion. Exposed butts are all the rage right now."

"Yeah well, I only expose my butt to one person."

Steph laughed, "I certainly hope so my friend, because I sure as hell wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of Danni's temper if that happened. See you later."

"Brie, I need to go check on business, I'll be back shortly to help you into the tub." Danni leaned over and kissed her gently.

"You'd better be, I need you here."

"Be right back." She walked to the desk to talk to her friend. "Steph, I need to ask a favor. I want to bring in a tree and the presents from home. Think that will be all right?''

"Danni. You own this place, you don't need to ask my permission."

"I may own it, but you run it, I didn't want to step on any toes."

"As long as one of those presents has my name on it, do whatever you like. Go use the phone in the lounge."

"There is and thank you."

She watched her friend walk into the room, and thought, you are such a romantic my friend. It's too bad very few people see that side of you. The world would definitely be in for a shock. She listened as the calls were made. She smiled and shook her head. She was joined by her partner as they both listened to the one sided conversation. Danni walked out of the lounge once her calls were complete to the smirking faces of her friends.

"What?" She asked as an eyebrow disappeared under her bangs.

"Ah, Dannieara, my friend, you are such a romantic."

Danni cleared her throat. "Watch it, Pony, or I'll tell everyone that Pony is just the initials of your four first names." She smirked back at them.

Pony threw up her hands "You win, Danni, You win. I'll never say your name again. Although I'll bet you don't mind it when Brie calls you that?" She had the good sense to blush, because the only time Brie used it was when she was in a playful mood, which coincidentally was quite often.

"Well I've got things to do. Guys this is all a secret, please? Pass the word along to the staff."

"Get out of here, she's waiting for you."

Danni ran down the hall to Brie's room. When they emerged, they walked with their arms around each other, the taller walked very slow in deference to the shorter legs of her partner. After a long hot bath, in which they both ended up soaked, they came out. Danni was forced to put on scrubs, as her own clothes were too wet to wear. Both were very relaxed and contented. Together they walked to the staff dinning room where a large breakfast waited for them. They both stuffed themselves on strawberry pancakes, fresh fruit and coffee until both thought they would burst. A quick look at the fatigue that showed on Brie's face, Danni helped her up and the two walked back to the room. A quick thumbs up from Steph told her all was ready. With their arms around each other they paused by the closed door. Danni noticed several pairs of eyes that watched them and gave them her best intimidating look, which got her nowhere. She pushed open the door.

Chapter 2

The room was in semi darkness from the closed drapes, which added to the effect of the lit Christmas tree standing next to the fake electric fireplace. Electric candles placed around the room added to the magic of the moment. Soft Christmas music played in the background. Once over the shock of seeing the hospital room turned into a magical place, she turned to give her tall partner a look of pure love and appreciation. She threw her arms around Danni, as tears spilled from her green eyes. She stood on tiptoes to reach the lips that were smiling down at her. The kiss left them both a little breathless when they finally parted. Danni was aware of the sounds behind her as the staff witnessed the special tender moment. She laughed into Brie's hair as her tears continued to wet her shoulder.

"You know, my love we have quite an audience." she chuckled. "Well if they don't know by now how much I love you," she sniffed and wiped her eyes her eyes on the handkerchief handed to her, "then they need to get a clue. I can recommend some excellent reading materials."

"I certainly hope those are happy tears?"

"Let's lose the audience and I will show you exactly how happy I am."

Turning to face the staff that watched them, Danni sent a questioned look at Steph, who nodded and winked at the two. With her arm placed around the small blond they walked into the room, and slowly closed the door behind them. They walked to the tree. Brie looked at the packages around the base and sent a questioning glance to Danni, who just smiled. Danni pulled Brie to the low couch where she sat and gently took the smaller woman onto her lap. Their lips softly touched, then touched again with an increased intensity until both were breathless. Their hands followed comfortable familiar paths. The background music just barely covering up twin sets of ragged breathing.

Watching the door close, most of the staff stood in awe of the intensity of the love they had witness.

One pair of eyes turned cold at the sight. Keeping her opinion to herself, since she had learned real fast not to comment on the sexual preference of the owners. She needed this job. Needed to stay until the plan was put into action. 'People like that should not be raising children' she thought She also thought of the man who had been bought, to provide the means for their degenerate behavior. No. She needed time, and she knew that indeed her time would come.

The staff returned to their appointed tasks. An hour later the door was still closed. Steph was approached by the nurse assigned to Brie, worried about her patient. Not really knowing how to handle the situation she blushed as she asked the doctor what she should do.

"I need to put the fetal monitor back on Mrs. Spiros, but they haven't yet opened the door. What should I do?"

"Let me take care of it. I won't get my head handed to me if I interrupt something." She said then added softly, "I hope," and walked to the closed door. She knocked softly, and entered when she didn't hear any noise from the other side. She decided to take a chance and peeked in. If they were busy she would wait. Although her knew the importance of being able to monitor the baby's heartbeat, it could wait a while longer if they were still otherwise occupied.

The sounds of twin sets of slow even breathing could be heard against the background of the softly playing music. She had seen the room as the work crew set everything up. She was impressed at the amount of thought her friend had put to make her partner happy. The room looked almost magical. She smiled at the sight of her friends. Danni was sprawled against the low arm, with Brie snuggled half on top of her lover, deeply asleep. One glazed blue eye opened as Steph approached.

"My friend you look like a woman who has been well loved." Steph smiled.

" just...Oh hell..."

"Relax, Danni, you two have to live up to your reputations of being walking, talking aphrodisiacs. Oh, and you can thank me at any time."

"Sure it will be my pleasure, but tell me what it is I am thanking you for."

"Brie's nurse needed to come in to put the monitors back on. I told her I would do it. To save you all from being embarrassed."

"I'll tell Brie, she would have been the embarrassed one."

"Can you honestly say that it wouldn't have bothered you to get walked in on at a most inopportune moment?"

"Well maybe not, but Brie would have been more embarrassed because she was....ummm..."

"Danni," Steph laughed. "You are the cutest shade of red right now."

"Sure, go ahead and laugh." Danni chuckled at the thought of how she actually did look.

"No further pains?" Steph asked, as she changed the subject to spare her friend any further discomfort.

"No. Steph, earlier it was pretty one sided, and I know that she will bring up our Christmas Eve tradition later on. Would it hurt the baby if we were to keep up tradition later?"

She smiled broadly. "If you were a man I would say yes, but as long as you are careful, no it wouldn't hurt. Might even get that child moving to get out, just to see the amount of love her mothers have for each other. She looks so peaceful there. I really hate to wake her up, but we have to get the monitors back on."

"I guess you're right." Danni stated as she ran her hands through the blond hair that was draped across her chest she spoke softly. "Brie? Brie, honey, Steph's here she need to get you logged in again." A green eye slowly opened, as she took a deep breath "Can she do it here, cause I don't want to move right now."

"Afraid not, Brie, we need you in bed for a little while."

"Great that means I'm stuck there for the rest of the day." She sounded like a child who had just been punished.

"Not exactly, The monitor does have a battery backup. You can unplug it and walk around later if you feel up to it."

"I can?"

"Do you really think I would dare lie to you, Brie? Danni would have my head if I did that. I really like my head attached to my shoulders. Thank you very much."

"No, Steph, you wouldn't lie to me. All right. Let's get hooked up."

"Hey here's something that might cheer you up, we are having a little party in the lounge later, if you feel up to it you can join us." Brie climbed awkwardly into bed after Steph had attached the special stethoscope to her rounded stomach. Immediately the sound of the baby's heartbeat could be heard. Steph listened for a minute, then smiled. "Still going strong. She's not showing any type of distress. I want to check you out just to make sure everything is okay."

"You know I could really learn to hate being poked and prodded every time I turned around."

"It really all depends on whose doing the poking." her tall partner commented. " So what's going on at this party?"

"You know the usual, food, singing. Maybe we can even talk you into joining us, Danni."

"I think I'll pass."

"Danni, I think that would be great. I love hearing you sing. Please?" She pleaded looking up in a way that Danni knew she could never say no to.

"I am being shamefully manipulated. You know that don't you?"

"No one will ever hear it from me." Steph laughed. She knew that Brie could wrap her partner around her little finger backwards without even trying. "Great the party starts at lunch and will run into supper so that both shifts will be able to enjoy the holiday."

"How does everything look?"

"You may not have had any labor pains, Brie, but you are almost fully dilated. When things do start up it will not take you long to deliver my friend. I'll talk to you later. I think I'm going to go catch a quick nap. I'll be in my office if you need me."

They had joined the party when it was in full swing. Danni helped Brie get comfortable in one of the rooms overstuffed chairs. The monitor making soft beeps in the background. They stayed for awhile, joining the staff as they celebrated. Danni sang along with the staff on many of their favorite carols. Then as a favor to Brie sang the song she knew the small blond was really fond of. Which brought tears to the woman's eyes. Danni noticed how tired her partner looked and helped her back to her room, with a promise to join them later. They both knew the party would continue when the next shift came on. A glance out the window showed the snow continued to fall lazily.

Many hours later they sat in front of the tree arms around each other. They watched the fake flames dance as the bulb beneath the artificial logs rotated. The only illumination in the room was the lights from the tree and candles. Danni waited for Brie to ask her usual question. She didn't wait long as the small blond looked up from her spot nestled on her shoulder.

"Danni, Do you remember the first time we made love?"

She smiled in the semi darkness "It was Christmas eve, five years ago, in my living room, in front of the fire place, as soft music played in the background."

"I guess I ask you that every year, don't I?"

"Yeah, but I kinda look forward to it. Especially to what happens after you ask the question."

"I guess we have to postpone that this year." She sounded disappointed.

"Who says. I checked with Steph earlier and she said as long as we're careful it wouldn't hurt and it just might coax this little one to come out. If only to see the love we share."

"Steph said that? Well I guess we should follow doctor's orders, don't you?"

"Definitely, love."

Their lips met in a flurry of little nips and kisses, the urgency of their love quickly took command. Danni held Brie as if she were a fragile piece of very old china and gently traced patterns that both had come to enjoy.

In the glow of the Christmas lights they reaffirmed their commitment to each other slowly. They lazed in the afterglow of passion both were barely awake. With a quick glance at the clock on the wall Danni noted the time. She didn't know why she did it. She urgently felt that she needed to know exactly what time of the night it was. She was suddenly aware of warm moisture on her leg and felt Brie jerk as they pain hit her. She then knew what was now so urgent about noting the time. Danni carefully picked up the smaller woman and carried her to the bed She gently lowered Brie and reached for the call button as she stood back up. A voice came from the wall speaker

"Get Stephanie Baldwin in here. Brie's water just broke and she's having contractions." Danni barked at the wall.

Within minutes Steph ran into the room, looking like she had just been awaken. Her blonde curls in more of a disarray then normal. Pony followed close behind. After Steph checked both monitors she said, "Looks like this is it, kiddies. Brie, we need to get you changed into one of our deluxe butt chilling numbers." She joked and get that little gem washed out so you can wear it again."

She handed Danni scrubs to change into as the nurse helped Brie get changed. As she timed the contractions she wasn't surprised at their closeness or intensity. She knew the baby would be here shortly.

"I need to get scrubbed, Brie, Pony will stay with you. I'll see you shortly in the delivery room."

"Where's Danni? I need her."

"Easy my friend, she'll be right back."

"Did I hear my name mentioned?" Danni asked as she rejoined them. Grasping the smaller hand she coached Brie through the labor.

"Well let's get you moved into delivery okay?"

"Wait what time is it?"

"Ten minutes to midnight love."

"I'll ask about that later." Pony stated not really understanding what sometimes went on between her friends.


"Right here love. I'm going to be right beside you every step of the way." Danni held her hand as they rolled the bed out the door and into the delivery room, she kept her promise not to leave Brie's side.

As the door shut Brie clutched the larger hand tighter and cried out, "I'm scared, Danni."

"Me too, love, but we're in this together."

hapter 3

All eyes turned professional as the large doors closed. No longer were they just friends. Now they were doctor and patient. Danni gently picked up her partner and laid her on the delivery table within seconds. As she was being positioned Danni held tight to Brie's had as it clenched with each pain, and coached her through the pains that were now nonstop. Grey eyes twinkled up at them from the lower end, and Danni knew their friend was smiling under her mask as she pulled on sterile gloves.

Her body acted on it's own, as she felt the muscles start to push to help bring their child into the world. She concentrated on the low voice in her ear. The voice that encouraged, supported and loved her. She felt the child move inside her, as she prepared to join them.

"She's crowning. Stop pushing, Brie." Steph commanded. There were a few quick movements and then she stated "Alright now push, Brie."

Brie held her breath, and with Danni's help sat up a little as she grunted and pushed.

"Keep your eyes open if you want to this your child born."

They both looked down into the mirror placed behind Steph and watched in awe as the small dark head emerged. They watched as Steph turned the child slightly and helped a shoulder out. The other followed quickly. Once the largest part of the child had been released the remaining little body came without hesitation. A howl arose from the tiny bundle in Steph's capable hands.

"It's a girl." Steph stated the fact they already knew.

The baby cried lustily as she was placed on Brie's stomach, each yowl louder than before as her lungs expanded with their first free breaths. They laughed at the sound.

"Danni, time to put you to work." Steph motioned her to approach the foot of the table. Danni extricated herself from behind Brie. She took the few steps to where Steph waited, and took the special scissors to cut the cord where Steph indicated. The child was now on her own. Then she was gone. They could still hear her cries as the nurse took her for her first bath.

"I want to hold her." Brie cried.

"You will as soon as she's cleaned up and has some clothes on. You know Brie you complained about our cold butt gowns. Imagine what she feels like, completely naked and wet. Besides you still have a little work to do my friend. She won't be far."


"One minute past midnight, love." She replied, "Merry Christmas."

"I gotta know. What do you two do, read each other's minds?" Pony questioned. "Because it sure looks that way from where I'm standing."

"Nah! We had a bet going. I glanced at the clock when she started screaming to see what time it was."

"So who won?"

"I did. I told Brie the baby was going to wait until Christmas to be born so she could be our first present."

"Two minutes, Danni. You won by two minutes." Brie argued.

"A win is a win no matter what the amount. I am truly looking forward to collecting my winnings." She bantered then kissed her love.

"Eeep!" was all Brie could mutter which caused laughter from the entire delivery room staff, but the laughter from her partner gently touched her soul.

"You know I'm glad Steph wouldn't let you go home earlier, we wouldn't have made it back in time."

"Here's your daughter, Brie." Pony handed the child to her mothers.

"She's alright, really alright?"

"Gives every indication. Seven pounds ten ounces. Twenty inches long, Black hair, light blue eyes, ten fingers and toes. Everything she is supposed to have is there."

She handed the child to Danni, who in turn laid her in Brie's arms. She kissed the top of her head, her hand gently resting on the child, who looked up at her mothers. Her unfocused eyes seemed to be able to reach in and touch their hearts.

"Danni, how are you doing?"

"That's supposed to be my question. I'm fine. How about you?"

"Happy, tired," came the answer.

"You'll be moved back to your room shortly so you can get some rest while your daughter's in the nursery. As soon as she's done we'll get her back to you. You do still plan on having her in your room?"

"Yes," they both answered.

"Why does she have to go to the nursery."

"We went over all this before, Brie, we just need to run a few tests. She'll be with you in about an hour. Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to this little princess. Get some rest my friend." Steph took the baby from Brie, who hesitated long enough to gently kiss the small head. The stretcher moved Brie who looks lovingly at the friend who is carrying a small part of her soul. Danni clasped the smaller hand as they wheeled Brie back to her room. Back in her room, her eyes close once she was made comfortable. Danni never left her side. Their hands still joined.

Danni knew she should be tired, but the excitement had left her charged. She was content to watch her partner sleep. She thought about their child and a grin tugged at the corners of her mouth. What a way to celebrate Christmas. Her thoughts were interrupted with the opening of the door, as Steph wheeled the small crib into the room. Their daughter slept peacefully. The ordeal of being born behind her. Danni leaned on the side of the crib and gazed at the child. One finger traced the delicate features. The small fingers grasped the larger digit in slumber.

"She's got quite a grip." She said proudly.

"You two really know how to bring in Christmas. She's one hell of a present."

"Second best present I've ever received, Steph. Who would have thought that a woman like me could find the kind of pure and unconditional love that Brie gives me? Plus now we have a child."

"What do you mean a woman like you"

"You know what I was Steph. What I've been and done, and what I think I am still capable of doing today. How I used people if I thought it would help me."

"No, Danni, I know you. We've been friends since childhood. You have never done anything to make me believe you are anything but a dear friend and protector of those weaker. Which, my friend, is just about everyone I know. So don't give me that crap about the type of woman you are. If you were as you painted yourself, do you think for one minute Brie could love you the way she does?"

"It's because of that love that I do anything right. I am so afraid that I don't deserve the happiness she brings me."

"You have every right to enjoy what you have. Don't be afraid to hold onto the happiness."

"I am going to make you a promise, Steph, I will do everything in my power to make sure they are both safe and happy. I will die before I let anyone hurt either of them. I can't make it without them. I don't want to."

"This is getting way too serious. Do you know what my fondest memory is, Danni?"

"No, but I gather you're going to tell me."

"Of course. It was that party we had at Falcone's restaurant to celebrate Pony and I passing our medical exams and getting our degrees."

"That was a special night for you both."

"You too, if memory serves me right."

Danni laughed. "It sure was, and for that you have my eternal gratitude."

"So, what have you decided to name her?" Danni looked away at her sleeping mate. "Come on, don't tell me you two haven't decided yet. You've had months to come up with one."

"All right I won't tell you," she grinned. "Actually we found the perfect name last month, after several very serious discussions. I wanted her named Briana after her mother, Brie wanted her named after me."


"We'll tell you together when Brie wakes up."

"Fine, if that's how you want to play it. Go on climb up there and get some sleep. Snuggle with your sweetie, they will both need you later."

"You too, I know you haven't left here since Brie was admitted. Go find Pony and get an empty room."

"Since you pay my salary, I think I'll do just that. Pony and I decided to take this weekend so the doctors with families could be home with them. We get New Years off. Want to party?"

"Do you think Brie will feel up to partying next week?" Danni asked.

"Well, if I know you, my friend, and I certainly do, you'll keep her right in bed and resting for the next week. She'll probably be going stir crazy from all your hovering, and will enjoy a party."

"What do you mean hovering? I have never nor do I now, hover." Danni stated indignantly.

"Sure, Danni," Steph laughed. "What ever you say. Just remember I was the one you brought Brie to everytime she had a little twinge or wasn't felling quite up to par. That is most definitely called hovering."

Steph continued to laugh as the door closed behind her. Danni lay down next to Brie, one hand on the smaller woman and one on the crib at her side. As the excitement wore off, her body cried out for sleep. Her mind however had different ideas. She thought back to that party.

The three of us were inseparable as we grew up. We shared similar tastes, interests and ambitions. We even attended the same college, as we all sought to become doctors and open a practice together. Our awakening sexuality as teenagers showed us that our preferences were not what 'society deemed proper' But we turned our backs on the rules society tried to force on us and clung tighter to our feelings for one another. We all knew from the very start that Steph and Pony were meant for each other.

I dated many women through those years but none actually touched my heart. My friends tried unsuccessfully for many years to introduce me to that one woman who was meant for me. Not only Pony and Steph, but also many of our friends from college or from Gay organizations we all belonged to. Friends that were scattered across the country. It's funny but whenever I planned to visit one of them they always had some woman I just had to meet. Had to love them for their persistence.

College was a totally different world. We all had the same classes. I began to notice subtle differences in the way the three of us reacted to the medical profession. Steph and Pony seemed to always have this fire in their eyes. A fire I felt I was sorely lacking. We had several discussions over my choice of professions.

We had many late night discussions until we were able to devise a new plan of action. The world of business management is what really fired my imagination. Our plan was to talk to my family about building a small maternity hospital/clinic. We three presented a very good case as my parents agreed to this project. The area we lived in was geographically between three hospitals, the closest being almost twenty miles away. When a woman is in need of pre-natal care or in labor a hospital that far away could be a hindrance. Our plan was completed with my family building the small maternity clinic and hospital that Steph and Pony would affiliate with.

The party at the restaurant they had rented was a boisterous affair. I was tied up with last minute problems with the clinic and arrived late. Most conversations stopped as I stood in the doorway looking for my friends. Within minutes I was held in two tight hugs as Pony and Steph joined me. I felt a drink pressed into my hand. I took a drink of the amber liquid, and almost choked on the strength. Being a wine drinker mostly, the scorching strength of whatever was in the glass left me gasping. My breath finally returned after a few moments of ribbing from Pony who was by far the most animated of my two friends. I decided to play it safe and took a glass of my favorite burgundy while I relaxed leaning against the bar. I listened to the babbling around me when I felt that I was being watched. I did a quick scan of the room, and caught sight of sea green eyes that stared back at me. We held each other's gaze for several long minutes. An elbow nudged me as I felt a grin touch my lips.

"Want to meet her?" Steph asked.

"Who?" I replied.

"The one you can't seem to be able to tear your eyes off of. I realized I lost you attention and when I made a comment about your mother dancing naked in the back room you never even responded."

"My mother? Where?"

"She's not even here. Come on, Danni, I think it's time that you met your match." She tugged me to where this tiny blonde stood. I knew my eyes never left the vivid green that looked back. Eyes that seemed to look right into my soul. I felt my heart beat quicken as I took the smaller hand into my larger one. "Danni Spiros, I would like to introduce Brie Manteras." From that second in time the world disappeared for both of us.

"Brie? Is that it or is it short for something?" I asked.

"Briana," She replied softly, "But I prefer Brie."

"Sounds like a cheese." I said with a smile and add softly "My favorite kind."

"Cheese maybe, but my parents could have named me Gouda, or Feta, which would be a lot worse."

I think my laughter surprised her. I was aware of Steph suddenly backing away, as if she felt like she was intruding on something very rare, beautiful and private. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her stop when Brie returned the question.

"Is Danni it or is it short for something?"

I knew Steph wondered if I would answer, as very few people actually knew my birth name. Those that did never used it, knowing how much I really disliked my given name and the fact that I was named after some ancient ancestor.

"Danniera," came my soft reply, which surprised even me.

This was a switch, I never used my full name and to tell someone I just met must have also set my friend's fertile mind in action. I know she went to find her partner.

I never left Brie's side through the remainder of the evening. Many times I know my deep laughter could be heard as the small blond talked. I could not believe how relaxed this woman at my side had made me. How much I really enjoyed the blonde's company. She insinuated herself into a place that, up until that time, very few had been allowed in. I decided right there and then that I needed to see this woman again.

We spent a very enjoyable and quiet evening alone in a crowded room. Until I remembered I had an early appointment the next morning and rose to leave, surprised Brie rose with me. Together we went to find our friends to take our leave. We were able to sneak up behind the two and we listened to their conversation.

Steph looked at the glazed look in her lover's eyes, stating "You are going to hate yourself in the morning, Dr. Conrad."

"Yeah but you'll make it all better, Dr. Baldwin. Won't 'cha?"

"Are you sure about that?"

"You are crazy about me. You won't be able to stand seeing me suffer alllll daylong. So, what's the canary eating grin for?"

"Pony, why don't you let me get you some coffee?"

"No coffee, Steph, but I would like an answer to my question."

"Which was?"

"The canary eating grin you are sporting. Ya got a feather tickling you or something?"

"No, I was just watching our mutual friend"

"Danni? Is she still here? I thought she had snuck out on us,"

"No she's been occupied since I introduced her to Brie."

"Worked out the way you planned?" I watched as Steph nodded. "Oh, I'm going to have some fun with this" I felt my eyebrow raised into my hairline.

"Pony, no!!" Steph ordered.

"Come on Steph, It's about time the tall one gave up the fight. You can't let an opportunity to Razz her go by."

"Yes I can. And so are you, Patricia. We are not going to interfere. There is no way we are going to jinx this, understand?"

"Jinx what?" They both jumped as my voice surprised them from behind.

"Nothing, Danni, absolutely nothing at all" Steph replied, putting her hand over Pony's mouth. They didn't know that we both had heard the entire conversation.

"Guys, we have to leave. We both have early appointments in the morning. I'm going to drive Brie home. It's been wild as usual. See you both Monday morning."

"Yeah well I guess we should see about settling up the damages for this little shindig," Steph admitted.

"Already taken care of my friends. I'll talk to you both tomorrow," I said.

"Thank you both for having me here tonight. I really enjoyed myself." Brie stated.

"It was our pleasure, Brie. Make sure Danni doesn't make you late for your appointment. She has a habit of..."

"Yes? What kind of habit do I have, Pony?" I asked, waiting for Pony to say something crazy.

"Only real good ones, Danni, only real good ones." She stammered at my dark look and waved sheepishly at us.

With a large hand protectively on Brie's back we walked away. I helped Brie with the coat she wore against the early October chill, and I realized that something very special had happened. The rest as they say was history. It wasn't long before my heart was resting in those small hands, just as Brie's was held in mine.

Coming back to the present, her partner was curled against her side. The baby making soft mewling noises as she started to squirm around. She closed her eyes as her thoughts drifted back to the first Christmas Eve they spent together. The first time they had made love.

I hadn't planned on letting myself lose control of the situation. Other than a few kisses over the last months I held back. I didn't want to hurt my inexperienced companion. I think she realized her mistake when had confided to me that she was still an innocent in the ways of love. We sat together on the large couch in front of the largest tree Brie said she had ever seen. We spent the hours after a late dinner just cuddling. I decided to surprise Brie with a large box that contained several books and a computer, because I had learned Brie loved to write and was still using an old typewriter to do her writing. When Brie reached up to kiss me, I was taken aback at the intensity of the simple act. It was an act that left us both wanting more. Yet I still held back, unwilling to hurt the woman I loved.

"Brie wait." I said. " This could be a really big step for us."

"I know, Danni. I really want this to happen, to happen tonight."

"Do you know what you are asking of me? What you are asking of us? This will call for a commitment on both of our parts. Are you truly ready for that type of commitment? Because I want this to mean something for both of us. I don't want this to just be for tonight. You know you have my heart. Don't you?"

"And you have mine. What more is there to say, Danni. I want you to make love to me. I would like you to be my first, last and forever lover."

"You don't know how much I want to be just that, Brie"

"Then quit fighting it and kiss me. Really kiss me." Throwing all caution and sensibilities to the wind, I did as I was told. I took things really slow, not wanting to scare or hurt my partner. I let Brie dictate the speed we went at as our hands blazed new trails on each other. Somehow we ended up on the thick rug in front of the tree. A fire blazed in the hearth, Christmas music softly played in the background. Outside the first snowflakes began to slowly drift down.

Lying in each other's arms, the glow of love still clinging to our bodies, I felt Brie as she took a shuddering breath.

"Hey? You all right?" I asked.

"Never better. I never thought it would be that way. Never thought my body would sing for your touch. I feel great." She rested her chin on my chest and gazed up into my eyes. It was true. She said that she felt satisfied, loved, and finally she felt that she at last had come home. So did I. My soul felt as if it were now complete.

Chapter 4

Her mind slowly shrugged off the last vestiges of sleep and she became aware of the world around her. When she opened one green eye she took in the tall form of her partner. Eyes closed, a small grin touched the face that claimed her heart. Brie wondered where her dreams had taken her to produce that kind of smile. She picked her head up from the shoulder she had nestled on, to peer over her partner to the small form laying in the crib next to them. She was surprised to find she had only a small amount of pain. Brie snuggled in the protective arms that held her, happy that they were finally able to sleep in their usual positions. They both missed the closeness of sleeping entwined. Brie felt a hand gently trace circles on her back, and lifted her head to look at Danni.

"Put that head back where it belongs." came the low voice in her ear, her chuckle soft in the dim light of early morning.

"How long have you been awake?"

"Not long. How do you feel?"

"A little sore but not too bad. I'm just glad we are able to do this again." She hugged her partner.

"Oh? Then I guess you don't want to continue with our deal?"

"No, no, no, You are not getting out of it that easily. I had my turn, now it's yours. We have a deal and I am not going to let you renege on it." They both laugh as the baby's cries fill the room.

"I guess that means I have work to do." Danni said extricating herself from Brie's arms. She quickly changed the baby's diaper, wrapped her in a clean blanket and handed her to Brie. "Your turn. What she needs now I can't give her."

Brie lowered the shoulder of her gown, took the baby, and guided her so that she could receive the greatest of all comforts. Her small eyes met those or her mothers. Unfocused yet, they still felt the pull of the tiny blue orbs, that reached into their souls. Danni smoothed the dark hair that covered her head.

"Want to tell me what you were dreaming about earlier that made you smile?"

"Smile? Me? I think you were mistaken, I wasn't smiling, it would spoil my image."

Nudging her with her free arm "You are so bad. You smile at me all the time. Come on tell me. I promise I won't tell anyone else."

Looking around to make sure they were alone "Well if you must know, I was dreaming about our first Christmas Eve together"

"Oh?" Then she thought back to that night "OH ! ! ! ! " she exclaimed, blushing.

"Look at you." Danni laughed "We've been together for five years, have a child and still you blush. But that's just one of the many things I love about you. Don't you ever go changing, Brie. Please?"

"I won't." She promised, then changed the subject "Hey did Steph and Pony ever go home?"

"Are you kidding? They'll leave when you do. If even then. They both volunteered to work this weekend so that the doctors with families could be home with them. Though I just think that Steph was not going to allow anyone else to deliver this child. They get to give into their wild child instincts for New Year."

"Will they be coming to the house?"

"Do you think you'll feel up to entertaining?"

"Why not, I'll probably be able to rest up during the day especially if you really meant it about taking a couple weeks off."

"Don't you start accusing me of hovering too." Danni joked.

"Not me. Even though you just about drove me crazy a few times; I would never accuse you of that. Who had the nerve to say that to you."

"Steph. When she brought the baby in."

"You didn't do anything to her did you?"

"Brie? How can you lay there and accuse me of that. Steph is our friend."

"I can because I know you, Danni. You seem to constantly need to protect that intimidation thing you can do so well."

"Was I that bad?"

"At times you were, but I knew it was because you were worried about me and the baby. So did you really mean it about taking some time off?"

"Of course I meant it. I firmly believe in the family leave policy. And as boss I can take as much time off as I like. Besides, I can do a lot of my work right at home. Especially the end of the year fiscal reports that are waiting for me. Before we leave I'll get all the papers I need from my office. She looks like she is done. Your breakfast will be here shortly. Let me take her while you get washed up."

She took the baby from Brie, and helped her stand. Danni held the sleeping child for a moment, before laying her gently back in the crib.

After Brie changed back into her own nightgown, they sat and unwrapped packages. The floor was soon filled with torn paper. Danni knew she had to bring up an unpleasant subject. The subject was Brie's family. She had already called her family to tell them the news. She knew her family had no problems with their relationship, but Brie's was another matter. So she bit the bullet and asked.

"Brie, what about your family?"

"No, Danni."

"Brie, listen..."

"They made their feelings known. They..."


Brie stood and walked to the window, where she stared out at the brilliant white vista before her. Danni joined her at the window and placed her arms around her partner in comfort. "I have no family. When they refused to accept my love for you, our love for each other, they cut me out of their lives. They don't deserve to know our child."

"That was five years ago, sweetheart. Maybe they've..."

"Changed their minds? They haven't."

"You don't know that."

"Yes I do."


"Does it really matter?" Danni nodded. "I called them just before Thanksgiving."


For a long minute, Danni didn't think Brie would answer. She saw the small shoulders shake. She turned Brie around. She felt the small arms grab her tightly as the tears flowed and her shoulders shook with emotion. They stood together as Danni let Brie cry.

"Hey, love, Come on, tell me what they said to get you so upset. Please, Brie, talk to me." Her hands traced soothing patterns on Brie's back as she waited for the smaller woman to calm down. When her tears finally stopped, they held each other tightly, until Brie could explain what happened.

"I'm sorry." She mumbled.

"What do you have to be sorry for? For wetting my shoulder? , For snapping at me? For loving me? For having our beautiful little princess? You have to be more specific here, you know."

"None of those things. I'm sorry for not telling you about the call. I think we really need to talk about this."

They returned to their places in front of the tree. Brie took a deep breath, and told Danni about the call to her family.

For awhile I had been keenly feeling the absence of my family. I missed them, even knowing how they felt about our relationship, I had to contact them. Taking a chance that they might have changed their minds, I called. Secretly glad it was my mother who answered the phone. Her cheery hello turned icy the second she learned I was the caller.

"What do you want?"

"I wanted to call to tell you I love you and miss you and that you are going to be a grandmother in a few weeks."

"So I've been told by just about everyone I know. Really, Briana, how could you do this to us? Don't you realize how embarrassing this is for us? Isn't it bad enough that whore you are with has turned you against everything decent? But that wasn't enough. No, now you are planning on raising a bastard child. If there is any justice in this world, that child will never live to see exactly what kind of pervert its mother is. Do you even know who the father is? Or was it one of those frozen things that you pay for. No, Briana, I don't know you, do not want to know this child. Do not call here again. You are no daughter of mine." she ended, slamming down the phone.

When she had finished, tears fell from both sets of eyes, the arms around her tightened in support. Then she felt the tension in the arms that held her. When she looked up she saw the look of anger replace the sorrow, as a muscle jumped in Danni's cheek. The slow controlled breathing told her just how angry Danni had become.

"How could she do that to you." She finally got out from clenched teeth. "How can she think that love is bad? That what we share is dirty? Or that our child is..."

"Only small minded bigots consider our love dirty. What we have is very special. It's the kind of love that only comes along once in a lifetime. It's very, very precious. I don't understand it. Your family accepts us, why can't mine?"

"Different circumstances. For generations upon generations my family has had one person who was 'different'. For what it's worth I'm the one in this generation. We have had hundreds of years to develop and refine our attitudes over this."

A soft knock at the door stopped their conversation. "We'll finish this later," she said as a curly blond head emerged from the partially opened door.

"Is it safe to come in?"

"Sure, come on in. Merry Christmas." Danni stated.

"Right back at ya." Steph responded as she deposited the packages that she carried near the tree. Pony went to the crib and picked the baby up.

"She nursing all right? Any problems?"

"Nope, everything is working. She nursed twice already. Hey some stuff was delivered for you guys." They joined their friends at the tree and for several minutes the only sound was the tearing of paper. Danni held the sleeping child as she opened packages one handed. Brie looks up from the box she is held.

"Hey guys we need to ask you something."

"Tomorrow." Pony answered quickly.

"What?" Brie questioned.

"Weren't you going to ask when you could go home?"

"Uh, yeah, that was one of them."

"See, Steph, I told you that mind reading stuff wasn't that hard."

Brie winked at Danni. "All right, what else were we going to ask, then."

"Ah hell! I don't know. But ya gotta give me credit, I did get one right."

"It was an easy guess, Pony. But we'll accept that. Hand Pony that package, will you, love." Danni joked.

"Ha. Ha."

"Seriously, Brie and I want to know if you will both be godmothers. I mean, we wouldn't be here now if it weren't for you two. It's only right that you are here for her."

"Well, there is only one foreseeable problem here." Steph said.


"Yeah, think about it, how do we introduce her? This is our goddaughter, what's-her-name. Could get some strange looks. I mean we have to have something on record besides baby girl Spiros."

"You didn't tell them, Danni?"

"We agreed to tell them together. Remember? You are the one who made me promise not to because you were afraid I'd sneak in your name. As if I would do that to you."

Brie slapped her arm "You would in a heartbeat, and you know it."

"I'm crushed, even after I promised you..."

"Hey, guys, will you just tell us her name before she's old enough to vote?" Steph pleaded.

"Sorry we tend to get carried away at times."

"We? Never mind this we stuff. Imnph...." Their friends looked at each other, shrugged and clamped a hand over each mouth cutting off further discussion. They all started to laugh.

"Please, Brie, tell us before we're too old to do any good." Brie stuck her tongue out at her partner, who arched her eyebrow.

"Well Danni and I talked about destiny, and how we believe it brought us together and has played a very big part in our lives. So we started tracing our families back for many generations. You guys should try that. It's very interesting and..."

"I think we asked the wrong one." Pony interrupted.

"Very funny, but anyway, in our findings we discovered that we each had an ancestor who shared the same name. So the choice was natural and we decided to name her Adriana."

"Finally! Here I thought we were going to have to end up naming her ourselves." Steph added relieved.

"And in honor of Christmas we chose Noel for her middle name."

"Adriana Noel Spiros. How's that for a handle. Her name is bigger than she is." Danni added.

"I like it. And, oh look I just happen to have the birth certificate here in my pocket. Now we can make her legal." Filling in the blanks, "I'll type this up after and send it out to the government." She folded it back up and put it in her pocket.

"Danni tells me you are going to go wild for New Years, how about coming to the house. This way we can keep you guys out of trouble."

"Sure if you think you'll feel up to it. We were planning on stopping by for awhile."

"Why don't you just plan on spending the night, so that you don't end up in the hospital." She laughed. Brie knew how the two loved to party and how much trouble they could get into if left to their own devices. She gave them her best sheepish look until they were all laughing.


by Psyche-b

Chapter 5

Disclaimers: How about we sing this together. Key of "G" - You can find them in Chapter 1. Very good.

They worked together to develop a schedule once Brie was able to go home. Danni helped Brie into the house, careful of the precious bundle in her arms, as workers carried boxes in behind them. They were greeted by the house staff and spent several minutes with them. Brie handed the baby to their housekeeper so that Danni could take her coat. She hung them both in the large hallway closet, then motioned Brie into the living room where Danni's family waited. The baby was gently placed in the crib by the couch and stripped of her outerwear, while the family hovered nearby. They visited until she made her demands to be fed known. After bidding a hasty good-bye Danni picked the baby up and helped Brie climb the stairs. She changed the baby, while Brie changed her own clothes to make it easier to feed their child. Danni handed the baby to Brie after she sat in the padded rocking chair they had both picked out.

Danni left. When she returned several minutes later carried a tray, which she placed on the table by the window. Danni sat on the bed and she watched the two. Brie sat rocking the now sleeping infant, a finger grasped tightly in the tiny hand.

"Why don't you let me put her down. I imagine you're hungry. Cy sent up something to hold you until dinner."

"Sounds good, but only if you join me."

Danni took the child, laid her in the cradle, and wiped a trickle of milk from the corner of her mouth. "That is the best offer I've had all day. I think there is enough for both of us. That tray was heavy enough."

They ate a leisurely lunch as they sat by the window overlooking what in the summer were the flowerbeds.

"So, what are your plans for this afternoon?"

"Well, after I get you settled, I wanted to work on the fiscal reports. Why?"

"Can I interest you in a little nap?"

"As tempting as that is, I really..."

"Danni, you've only managed to get a couple hours of sleep a night when I was in the hospital and God only knows how many before then. How about it? Join us? You know you really want to." she smiled.

"I really should..."

"Think of it; you, me, our waterbed, Adriana sleeping next to us."

"Brie, you take shameless advantage of me. You know that don't you?"

"Guilty, but only if it works. Besides you love every minute of it. Steph told me how you sat up every night while I slept."

"Steph has a big mouth. Whatever happened to Doctor patient confidentiality?"

"Seeing how I was the patient, love, she didn't break any rules. Plus Adriana will be getting us up during the night for awhile, so we need to sleep when we can, and..."

"All right, all right, you win. I surrender. Let me get rid of this tray first. Don't go anywhere I'll be right back." She stood, lightly kissed the top of Brie's head, placed the empty plates on the tray and walked down stairs. In the kitchen she placed the tray on the counter. At the housekeeper's smile she stated, "Cy, with everything that has been going on Brie and I are going to relax for awhile."

"Talked you into it did she. I knew she would." Danni rolled her eyes. "Go on, get out of my kitchen. I'll make sure you are not disturbed. You might want to unplug your phone though. I'll come get you only if it's something I can't handle"

"Thanks, Cy."

The phone rang as Danni started to walk out the door. "I'll get this one. Hello"

"Danni Spiros?"


"The one who owns that little clinic?"

"One and the same. Who's this?"

"Danni Spiros, the fag?"

She didn't listen any longer and slammed the phone down. "Idiot!" she stated. "Cy, first thing Monday morning would you call the phone company and have this number changed."

"Of course, Danni. Problems?"

"Just a crank, I hope. If not then we may have a problem brewing."

"What did they say?" Cy questioned.

"I didn't listen long enough to get their message. I hung up after they made a comment about me." Danni stated grim faced. "I'd rather Brie doesn't know about this."

"Of course. I will get the number changed first thing Monday. Now you get out of my kitchen and go snuggle with your sweetie.

She left the kitchen and took the stairs at a run to their room where Brie was waiting for her. She quickly changed her clothes and joined her. She gathered the smaller woman into her arms and held her close.

"Who called?" Brie asked.

"Just a silly call. In fact let me make sure we're not disturbed." She reached over with her free hand and disconnected the phone on the nightstand. With their arms around each other they drifted off. Before she surrendered to sleep, Danni felt a fear that they would be facing a hatred that they had been able to escape for a long time.


The christening was set for the first Sunday in February. For several days before they had seen snow each day until there was now several feet on the ground. Road crews were hard pressed to keep the roadways clear. That morning for the first time in a week the sun was shinning brightly and temperatures that were below freezing started to rise.

In the weeks following Adriana's birth, Danni had received several threatening phone calls and letters, which forced the addition of security officers. There were two on duty constantly at the house. Two more were in attendance whenever any of them left the house. Calls to the police turned up little information as the calls came from several pay phones. The letters were sent to the forensic lab. They had yet to learn anything more. Their only consolation was the installation of sophisticated surveillance equipment. The phones automatically traced all calls coming into the house. Video equipment tracked anyone the moment they set foot on the property.

The dawn found them as they lay together, and watched as the darkness gradually gave way to the sunshine. They listened to the soft sounds the baby made as she slept. They knew she could wake at any time demanding to be fed. Danni shifted and brushed a kiss on Brie's head. Her eyes met the green of her partners and they both smiled. Danni leaned down and captured Brie's lips in a tender kiss that quickly intensified; one that left them both breathless. Their hands traced familiar paths flaming their desires. There was an urgency in their movements. They knew they were taking the chance of being interrupted when Adriana would wake. Almost as if she read their minds she started to whimper which quickly turned into a full vocalization of her needs. Brie buried her head in Danni's shoulder.

"Oh God." she stated which caused Danni to chuckle.

"We are definitely going to have to work on her timing love." With an audible groan she extricated herself from Brie's arms and rose quickly. She took the baby in to be changed, talking softly to her "Okay, your lady, I think I need to explain a few things to you. You are going to have to learn what an appropriate time is and how to develop patience. What you have to remember is that there may be times when you need to show a little restraint." Brie laughed as she listened to Danni talk to the baby. The more she listened the harder she laughed until her sides ached.

"Do you even think she's paying attention much less understanding what you are telling her?"

"Of course she is. She's not a teenager yet. She'll...BRIE?"

"What's the matter?" Brie started to get out of bed, when she heard Danni's tone, thinking there was something wrong with the baby.

"She just stuck her tongue out at me." There was the hint of indignation in her voice. "What have you been teaching her?" She demanded as she walked back into the room.

"Me? Hey you have one of those too, you know."

"Yeah, but I put mine to better use than just flapping in the breeze don't I." She raised both eyebrows, which caused Brie to blush. She saucily stuck out the mentioned appendage. "See, that's exactly what she did."

"Well in that case. That's my girl!!! " She laughed.

"Just wait, Brie, pay backs can be a bitch." She moved closer until their noses touched and waited. When Brie once again stuck out her tongue, Danni captured it between her teeth, turning a moment of play into a sensual one until Brie was breathless. Backing away, she jumped off the bed. "I think I'll go shower now."

"Danni, don't you dare...DANNI..." she called out to her partners back. Danni stopped, looked over her shoulder and smiled, before resuming her trip to the bathroom. "AARRGGGHHH!!!" Brie cried when she could still hear Danni's laughter through the door. Looking down at the bundle at her breast she too had to smile.

Steph and Pony arrived shortly after Danni's mother and brother and they sat down for breakfast. They would all go to church together, then return for a small party afterward.

The service itself took less than a half-hour, with Adriana voicing her displeasure only when the water was poured on her head. They stood in the back of the church and waited for the car to be brought up. The security people stood nearby. Danni took the baby from Brie and placed her in the car seat, before she helped Brie into the car. She walked around to the other side. She heard the sound of a car starting and looked around. The sound of screeching tires reached her as the car shot towards her. Her eyes met those of the driver's and she smiled.

Brie turned and saw what was happening. She cried out a warning. "DANNI!"

Chapter 6

Brie watched as Danni placed the baby in her car seat, then slid in beside her. Steph, Pony and Danni's mother took the back seat, with her brother and his wife in the front with the driver. The driver had opened the doors then took his place when Danni motioned to him.

Through the open door Brie heard the sound of a car engine starting, and the sound of squealing tires. From her place on the limo's jump seat she saw through the rear window. Time slowed. She saw Danni look behind, then flex her knees. Her world blurred as the screeching sound of metal against metal filled her ears. The car rocked with the impact, as the open door was ripped from its frame. The scream tore from her throat. D A N N I!!! She was dimly aware of the security guards around the car, as another car gave chase.

She struggled hysterically to get out of the car as strong hands tried to hold her back. She fought the people around her, screaming her partner's name. Struggling against those who held her, until a calming hand touched her shoulder. She turned and her eyes met those of her partner as the guards helped her down from the roof when she landed after she jumped. Brie threw herself in Danni's arms, a move that almost knocked her off balance, not seeing her wince in pain at the movement. She was vaguely aware of the radios that crackled around her as the guards talked to each other. She held Danni in a death grip as she cried on her shoulder. Danni let her and murmured soothing words softly in her ear until she calmed.

"Brie, honey, shh, come on, love."

"I was so afraid... I saw the car coming, then it hit and I couldn't see you. Danni,...I thought...Oh God, Danni...I thought..."

"Shhshh love. Easy, I've got you. It barely touched me. What about you, Adriana and everyone else?"

"We're all right, just scared."

For several minutes they just held each other. Their family, friends and the guards surrounded them. Sirens could be heard in the distance.

"That didn't take them long. We got it all on tape Ms. S. That car aimed right for you. Nice jump, by the way." Higgins stated.

"Not good enough, my foot hit the windshield. I think I may have cracked it." Danni responded.

"You're hurt, Danni?" Brie asked.

"Just my foot, Brie."

"Who's doing this? Why? You don't look too good, want to sit down?"

"We know why, Brie. Someone doesn't like the fact that we love each other."

"Danni, sit down so that I can check your foot." Pony stated.

"I don't think that's necessary, just banged it good."

"Oh, and you got your medical degree when? Sit down." She ordered.

"Danni, please, just let Pony look at it."

She shrugged and sat on the seat with her feet hanging outside the door. Pony unzipped the boot that Danni wore and removed it. This caused a gasp in pain. The foot once removed from the tight leather quickly swelled; a large bruise had already covered the entire foot. Pony felt around for any damage. Danni came off the seat as Pony found several bones she knew were broken even without a x-ray.

"Hate to tell you this my friend, but I can feel several breaks, feels like most of the tarsal bones if not all. You have a date with a cast for awhile."

"Police and the ambulance are here. Look you go to the hospital, we'll take care of giving statements." Steph added.

"On one condition. You take Brie and the baby home. Mother you'll stay with her?"

"Of course. Go get taken care of." The older woman ordered; a smile so much like her daughters warming her words.

Danni lay on the gurney, as she waited for the cast to dry She took the opportunity to think and worry. Since the incident at the church, no less than a dozen people had told her how lucky she was to have only sustained a broken foot from the attempt. She spent several minutes thinking. 'Yes I was lucky. Lucky that so far all the attempts and threats had been directed at me. Lucky that I was able to walk, or in this case hobble away. Lucky that Brie and Adriana weren't the targets. With this injury,' she thought, 'how long will my luck last? What if they decide to go after Brie or Adriana? I know it will be only a mater of time before they, whoever they were, switch targets. I can't allow that to happen. Their safety is my first priority. I will do anything to keep them safe... up to and including...'

"Hey?" the voice from the door reached her.

"Hey yourself. What are you doing here? I thought I told you to go home?"

"I did. Besides you didn't say I couldn't come back here once I went home. I thought you might like some company for the ride home"

"That I would. Where's Adriana?"

"She's at home with Grandma and Aunt Pony. I fed her before we left, so she's set for awhile. When can I spring you?"

"Doctor left a few minutes ago to call you. I can leave anytime."

"Will you be able to walk on that thing?"

"Nah. Gotta use crutches for a few weeks. I guess we won't be going skiing this winter?" She joked.

"If either one of us could ski I just might miss it, but since we don't, I guess we'll just have to make do with sitting at home."

She sighed. "Damn, that is going to be so hard to do. Nothing but snuggling with you in front of the fireplace. Maybe I should have thought about breaking something before." She laughed.

"That's not really funny you know, but snuggling? Huh? Could get used to that." The pictures that filled her mind made her blush, which caused her, partner to laugh harder.

"Danni, can I tell you something?"

"Of course."

"I think that when that car hit, and I couldn't see you, I think that was the most frightened I have ever been in my whole life."

"Did you think I was a hood ornament?" She joked.

"That is not funny, Danni, in fact I think it is really sick." Brie scolded her partner.

"Sorry, love"

"Did the police say any more? Do they have any leads at all?"

"They didn't say too much earlier, but at least now they had something substantial to work with."

The doctor entered and stopped any further discussion. "Ms. Spiros all the papers are signed, you can leave. This is a prescription for pain medication if you need it. We'll need you back in two weeks for another x-ray, to see how things are progressing. Stay off of it. You can shower as long as you don't get the cast wet. Keep it elevated for a few days. Watch for any discoloration. It will swell, so we have to watch for any circulation problems. If you notice any changes come right back and we'll recast. Any questions?"

"No. I've had broken bones before. I know what to look for."

"I'll have security bring the car around. Steph's out in the waiting room."

"Lead on McDuff."


"I try, love."

Danni got dressed and was seated in the wheelchair that had been brought into the room. She waited for the nurse to take her out. They were unaware that they were watched as they left the hospital.


A man watched them leave then picked up the phone.

"They just left. Looks like they just clipped her. We'll just have to try harder. That damn woman moves faster than anyone I have ever seen. I really think we need to change targets and go after the other one. Her little 'wife' would be an easier target."

"No, you leave her alone. She is not to be touched. The child will need her mother, and without the bitch in the picture she will fall right into my hands."

"Okay, but this could get tricky, she's on the alert now."

"I don't want excuses. That child must be freed from that situation before she is damaged by it."

"Right, We'll find a way."

"You do that and soon."


Danni sat in the semi darkness, the room lit only by the glow of the fireplace. Her casted foot resting on the ottoman in front of her. She stared thoughtfully into the flames. So deep in thought she didn't hear Brie walk in. Totally unaware of her partner's presence until she felt gentle hands on her shoulders. Danni picked up the smaller hands and she gently kissed first one then the other. She pulled the arms across her chest as Brie leaned down and placed her chin on Danni's shoulder. Brie felt the tingles of the kisses in the pit of her stomach.

"Adriana alright?" Danni asked.

"Fine. She's cleaned, fed and peacefully back to sleep. Now it's your turn to be taken care of. How are you doing?"

"Foots a little sore but not too bad."

"You've been pretty quiet tonight."

"Just thinking, love."

"About today?" She nods "Want to talk about it?" She shakes her head no. "Danni, don't do this. Don't shut me out. Talk to me sweetheart, please?"

She walked around and gently sat on Danni's lap so that she could look directly into the eyes she loved. What she saw reflected back was sadness. Danni brought her arms around Brie and pulled her close.

"Brie, you know how much I love you and Adriana?"

"Of course, I..."

"And that the two of you are the most important people in my life?"


"And that I would do anything to keep you both safe. ANYTHING" She emphasized her voice roughening.

"Danni, you are starting to scare me. What is it?"

She pulls her close "Brie, have you ever regretted pairing with me? Regretted what it has cost you to be with me?"

"Never, Danni. Exactly what has it cost me"

"Your family?"

"Hell no! I gave them the chance to be a part of our lives. They turned their backs on me, on us and on our beautiful daughter. What about you, Danni, Do you have any regrets?"

"Not in this lifetime or in any other lifetime."

"Then for God's sake why are we even having this conversation?"

"Brie, if what I think is true, that attempt today, and all the threats we've received are meant to separate us in the worst possible way. I can't and won't take that chance with your lives. I..."

"Are you saying you want us to separate?'' She sat up straight. Anger in her voice. "To give up what we have, give up on our love, our hearts?"

"If it means keeping you and Adriana safe..."

"No, Danni! No!" She cried "I won't have you sacrificing us because of this."

"Brie, honey, listen..."

Brie jumped from the arms that held her and paced in front of Danni. "No, I will not listen. I love you and I will not allow you to give up what we have. We belong together. No matter what! When we committed to each other it was not only for the good times, but for everything life would throw at us. Unless..." She hesitated. "Unless you don't feel that way anymore. Is that it, Danni? Have you fallen out of love with me? I read somewhere that that sometimes happens after a child is born and...ACCCCKKK..." She is pulled off her feet by her very angry partner.

Danni forced Brie to look at her. Her voice tight as she tried to reign in her temper. Through clenched teeth she answered, "Don't you ever 'EVER' make a comment like that again. Don't you even think that, Briana Spiros. I could never fall out of love with you. I would die first. You are my heart and my soul. I could no more stop loving you than pull the moon from the sky. The intensity of our love scares me sometimes, yet I know that without it I would not survive. You are the reason my heart continues to beat."

"Feeling as you do why are we still having this conversation?"

"Brie, I..."

"No, Danni, I refuse to discuss this any more. In fact there is only one thing I want to do right now."

"What's that?"

"Make love to you."

"You do huh?"

"Yup, and I won't take no for an answer."

"That means you are going to try and force your attentions on me?"

"Would you say no?"

"That, my love, was the farthest thought from my mind."

"Good, you start upstairs, I'll take care of the fire."

Brie stood and offered Danni a hand up. Danni pulled Brie close and bent down and captured her lips for a long moment that left them both breathless. "Oh before I forget." She whispered, raised her hand and brought it swiftly down on Brie's backside. Brie yelped in surprise and pain. She rubbed the area against the sting of the slap, as she cried out.

"Damn it, what the hell was that for?"

"That was for that question you asked me earlier about falling out of love with you. Call it a little reminder to NEVER ask that again. Understood?"


"Good." Danni turned away as Brie reached for the tongs to bank the fire. She closed the glass doors, and they walked upstairs together. "Oh, Brie, one more thing." Danni stated.

"What's that?"

"Don't swear. It's not lady like." She joked.

"Ladylike? I'll show you ladylike when I get you upstairs." She shot back. Danni silently cursed her broken foot. It alone stopped her from scooping her partner up in her arms and carrying her upstairs, just like they had done many times before.

Once the door closed behind them and they stood by their bed Danni let the crutches fall to the floor and took Brie in her arms. Her hands traced slow patterns on Brie's body. She slowly removed the robe she wore. Their lips met. Brie reached for the buttons on Danni's blouse. Pushed it from her body and it joined the growing pile of clothes at their feet. Danni massaged the area she had slapped earlier, causing Brie to gasp. Bending slightly she picked the smaller woman up and gently placed her on the bed. Her hands continued to trace the contours of her body. When her fingers brushed against Brie's breast, she heard her gasp

"You all right?"

"Oh yeah. Just a little sensitive since I've been nursing Adriana. But it's a good kind of sensitive. Felt that in my toes. Don't stop."

"Not my intention. Think she'll mind sharing?"

"You are so bad."

"Ya got that right, love. You want to talk or make love?"

Brie answered by rolling on top of Danni and taking control. Removing Danni's hands from her body she stated. "I'm running this show. You can't touch unless I tell you that you can. Understand?" She slaps away the hands that reach for her. "I mean it."

"Okay, Brie. Everyone should have a taste of power once in awhile." She put her hands behind her head to resist the urge to control.


Theirs hearts pounded, their breathing ragged, with Brie still nestled on top of Danni they slowly descended from passion's pinnacle.

"Easy, love, I've got you."

Brie rested her chin on her arms that were crossed on Danni's chest "You certainly do."

"That was beautiful, you are beautiful." Danni stated, brushing the damp hair from Brie's face.

"Danni? Are you going to follow the doctors orders and stay home for a few days?"

"I can't. I have so much work on my desk. Especially this week with the annual reviews due."

"Why can't you do them at home?"

"I guess I could. Besides, both Steph and Pony said they would kick my butt if I showed up at the office." Danni conceded. "They said that they would drop everything I need off tomorrow."

"Damn it, Danni, You really like to get me going don't you?"

"Hey what did I tell you about swearing? Want a matching hand print on the other side?"

"Don't you dare, Danni."

She arched her eyebrows smiling "You aren't daring me now are you, Brie?"

"Can I rephrase that? Please??" She begged. Danni raised her hand as Brie closed her eyes, tensed she waited for the sting that didn't come. Instead she felt Danni's strong fingers hit all her ticklish spots as Brie squirmed on top of her. This quickly turned passionate as Danni flipped them over.

"My turn to be in power, love." She captured the lips that smiled up at her and she took them both higher than before.


Inside the security quarters the monitors picked up a figure as it entered the property and wires were tripped.

Disclaimers: So is everyone ready for a pop quiz on where to find these things?

Additional disclaimer: This chapter has the threat of violence toward one of the lead characters near the end. Please, if this sort of thing bothers you do not read this chapter all the way through. Claire

Chapter 7

The guards tracked the figure's progress across the lawn, as he stuck to the shadows. They knew that until he actually tried to do damage, the most the police could hold him for was simple trespassing, even with the threats and attempts that had come in. The monitor showed him as he entered the garage. They moved. The garage itself was huge. Four bays to hold their cars, plus the grounds equipment that was put away for the winter. The bay where the limo was usually parked was empty, while it was being repaired. Silently the guards converged on the garage and the intruder. The police had already been notified and were told to hurry, and that they were not to use lights or sirens. They didn't want to scare off this intruder.

The guards surprised the man just as he was placing a box in Danni's car. He blinked in the bright light and raised his hands above his head. He was just the decoy; he needed to stall the guards until the rest of the plan was completed. He counted the guards. Six, that left only one to watch the monitors. That would be taken care of.


After a long and pleasant exploration of each other, they fell asleep still entwined, happy and quite satisfied. Their sleep deepened to the level where dreams were formed. Danni's dream took her back to the day they moved into their new home.

Our first home was one my family owned. One I had lived in after graduating college. The five room ranch was fine for me, but when Brie entered my life, I wanted a change, needed a change. Together we planned and watched the house being built. Our dream home, the one where no one else had lived before. When completed, we would have a large airy home. One perfect for raising a family in. The downstairs layout consisted of a large kitchen and dining room, a solarium, on one side of the huge hallway. Living room, library and my office on the other. There was a large circular staircase that led to the five bedrooms upstairs. Their favorite room was the living room. The deep mahogany paneling contrasting with the thick gold pile carpeting. A fireplace took up almost half of one wall. The mantel held pictures of the two at various stages of our lives. A portrait of us hung on the wall above the mantel. The portrait showed me seated with Brie at my side. A small hand placed lovingly on my shoulder.

We had taken several days to move into the house. When the day came that we were finally done, we relaxed in front of the fireplace. In spite of the warmth of the late spring day, there was a small fire going, as we toasted our home together. We had started on the couch but quickly abandoned it for the thick carpeted floor. There was an urgency in our actions. Our clothing was fairly torn from our bodies; buttons flew in all directions in our haste to quench the fires of passion that were consuming us. We lay spent in each other's arms, and waited for our breathing and heartbeats to slow. We moved as one until we sat semi reclined with the couch at our backs, sipped the wine that we had put aside. "That was intense." Brie said softly.

"That it was. Are you all right?"

"Better than all right. So, is that what's called a quickie?"

I almost choked on the wine I had just taken a sip of and sprayed us both as I laughed and for several minutes was unable to talk. Tears streamed down my face from the choking and laughter. "Brie, do you know how very precious you are and how much I love you?"

"I think I do, but how about refreshing my memory?"

I stood and offered my hand to Brie to help her stand. "How about I show you upstairs. We have a very large, very comfortable water bed waiting for us."

"I'll get our clothes, you get the fire. Probably have to wait until morning to find all the buttons."

Danny chuckled as she scattered the logs in the fireplace and closed the doors.

"We taking the wine with us?"

"Sure, think you can carry it?"

"Yeah, what else are we taking with us?"

"Nothing. I would carry it, but my hands are gonna be full."

"Full of what?"


"Don't you dare. You'll end up hurting yourself."

With a raised eyebrow I stated. "One more thing you need to know about me, Brie, don't ever dare me." With that I scooped her up in my arms and headed for the stairs.

"Danni, put me down!" Brie cried out.

"Shortly, my love, shortly" I took the stairs two at a time, reaching our room in seconds. I pushed the door open with my shoulder, and kicked it closed afterwards. I bent slightly to allow Brie to place the ice bucket and glasses on the nightstand. They I gently lay her on the already turned down bed. I reached for the clothes and threw them over my shoulder. Before I joined Brie on the bed, I let my eyes slowly travel the length of Brie's body. Brie blushed at my intense scrutiny. A blush that started in her toes and followed the path of my eyes caused me to laugh. I picked up my glass of wine and dipped a finger in the deep purple liquid. I then proceeded to leave a trail of wine on Brie's body. I began a very slow seduction by following that trail of wine with my mouth.

Danni's dream caused her to shiver and she woke. She glanced at her sleeping partner, noticed the smile that touched her lips. And wondered where her dreams took her. Brie dreamt about the night they met.

Danni drove me home from the party and we parked outside my apartment talking for a long time. Neither of us wanted the night or the magic of the moment to end.

"You didn't eat much at the party can I interest you in an early breakfast?" I asked.

"I really should let you get some sleep. You don't want to show up at your interview with circles under your eyes. Do you mind if I ask what you do?" Danni stated.

"I'm a medical receptionist/secretary."


"My appointment is with the head of that new clinic that's opening up. Do you know of it?" Danni laughed that rich full laugh. "What's wrong? Don't you think it will be a good place to work?" I asked.

"Speaking from personal experience, I hope it is a good place to work." She stated.

"Are you going to be working there too?"

"In a manner of speaking I do. My family owns the place. Your interview tomorrow is with me. I really think we can cancel it. You're hired."

"Oh no you don't!" I said. "You can't do that."

"Why the hell not?"

"It isn't right. Look, Danni, we both have to admit that something special happened tonight, when we met."

"Yeah, but what's your point?"

"I want this job because I'm the most qualified for it, not because we are drawn to each other. I find you unbelievably beautiful and incredibly sexy."

"All right, you want to go through with the interview, let me buy you breakfast and I'll conduct the interview. It's better that way."

"Why don't I just make you breakfast."

"Nope, wouldn't be right. Could be construed as a bribe."

"What exactly is buying breakfast?"

"Sound business practice. Put the prospective employee in a relaxed atmosphere to see how they handle it then bring them in to show them the job."

"That works?"


"Is that what you would have done tomorrow?"

"Of course."


"No. To be completely honest, I was making it all up."


"Because I find you unbelievably beautiful and incredibly sexy. But there are a lot of things you need to know about me first, because I don't want you to walk into my life today only to lose you later on. You need to be aware that I'm..."

"Into girls?"

"How do you feel about that?"

"I've thought about 'that', as you call it, for some time. There is a lot I don't know and would like to find out about..."

"Being gay?"


"Brie, look,"

"No, Danni, you look. I went the whole dating route, dances, movies, dinner, but there was always something missing. I couldn't commit myself to any relationship. When they started getting serious I would back away. There was no magic."

"That doesn't necessarily mean..."

"I know, but it's something I think, no I have to find out about myself."

"What if you are?"

"Before tonight I was afraid to find out, but meeting you tonight took away that fear. Will you help me?"

"Brie, do you know what you're asking of me?" I nodded. "If we do become emotionally involved and you find that you don't...I don't think... I don't know if I could just let you walk away."

"How do you know I would walk away? Has that happened before?" It was Danni's turn to nod "Want to talk about it?" For a long moment Danni was silent. She turned away to look out the window. "Danni?"

"It happened, but I'm not ready to talk about it. I don't know if I'll ever be able to."

"All right, but remember if you are ever ready to talk about it, I'll listen."

"Thank you. Brie, one more thing...if, and that's a very big if, we do this we will take this extremely slow, because to tell you the truth I would really like to get to know you better. When I looked across that room tonight and you were looking back at me, I felt like someone had kick me right in the chest."

"You too?"

"You felt it?"

"Oh yeah, and I would really like to get acquainted with these feelings and you. Will you help me? Please?"

"Whatever it is that has brought us together, is more powerful than anything I have ever experienced before. Let's find out together." Danni leaned over the console, took my face in her hands and gently kissed my lips.

Danni felt Brie smile against her shoulder. She brushed a kiss on her head and closed her eyes. Just as she started to doze off the phone next to her rang. She picked it up before the end of the first ring and growled "Yeah?"

"Mrs. S, This is Higgins from security."

She became instantly alert "What's up?"

"We have an intruder in your garage. Think you'd better come down. There's something you need to see. Police are here."

"Be there shortly." She hung up the phone, looked at her sleeping partner and said, "Damn!" Slowly extricated herself from Brie's arms she got up and dressed. It took her awhile to make it to the garage. The police were handcuffing the man as she entered. One look and she felt like she had been sucker punched. When she was finally able to speak she said. "Well, well, good work, fellas. Tired of trying to run people down? Where's your car? Did you even care that your sister could have been killed today?

With his arms pulled tightly behind his back, he glared silently at Danni. He had to stall them. Needed to give the others time to finish what they had started. With no additional alarm raised, the guard on monitor duty must have been taken care of. He sneered at the tall woman. She narrowed her eyes and leveled a glance that shocked and scared him. This was one formidable woman. But she was only a woman. A freak. They could handle her, put her in her place.

"I asked you how can you possibly hate Brie for finding happiness? How can you destroy your sister's life? How can you take someone as pure and gentle as she is and show her just how ugly and vindictive people can be? Especially her family. I can't understand you."

"We aren't destroying her. You did that with your perverted ideas. And now she's had a bastard child that you forced her to have."

"I don't expect you to understand what our love is, or the depth of how much we do care for each other. Small minded bigots like you couldn't begin to understand."

"We understand all right. We know that you met her at a time in her life when she was vulnerable and latched right onto her."

"You're wrong. The choices Brie made were her own. But you'll never be able to accept that. We made the decision to have the baby together. In fact she was the one who first brought it up."

They were interrupted by the police officer behind the prisoner. "Ms. Spiros, we'll need you to come down to the station to file formal charges."

"Can I do it in the morning? It's been a very long day"

"Certainly. We have enough evidence against him to keep him for several days before we actually charge him. Attempted murder, we located his car, it's damaged. Fool was still driving it. Trespassing, breaking and entering, hit and run, assault with a deadly weapon, and if this box turns out to be what we think it is, we can add bomb making and transporting. The bomb squad will be here shortly. We've taken the liberty of moving it out of the garage and away from the house in the event it is a bomb." "You can hold me until Hell freezes over. It won't matter because we've got what we want."

"What exactly is that, hotshot?"

"We've got Briana. She's finally free. Oh and you can keep the little bastard."

"I would advise you again, Mr. Manteros, of your right to remain silent or we will be adding attempted kidnapping to the charges against you."

"Attempted? There's nothing attempted about it. We have Briana. I know what my rights are. My sister is free from this woman. But I do have one more thing to tell this bitch. While we have been here visiting, there have been others removing Briana from this hellhole. You'll never get her back." He laughed. "You lose, bitch."

Danni blanched at what he said. She turned to go back to their bedroom, hoping what he said was a lie and Brie was still asleep in their bed. Panic hit her. Unable to move fast enough because of the crutches, she tossed then down and ran. She ignored the pain of the broken bones as the ends ground together. The pain that made her stumble as she ran up the stairs. When she entered their room she was shocked at what she found. Drawers were pulled open, clothing grabbed from them. Their bed was empty, the blanket they laid under just a short time ago gone. Adriana cried for the mother that was missing. The emptiness of the bedroom hit her as a scream tore from her throat.

"B-R-I-A-N-A..." as she collapsed of the floor.

Chapter 8

Security heard her scream as they started up the stairs. They were shocked by the state of the bedroom and finding Danni on the floor. Higgins, the security head fired orders at the men behind him, as he checked to make sure his boss was not hurt. He found her breathing irregular, her skin cold and clammy, her heart beat erratic.

"Get the police up here immediately. Then go wake the housekeeper. We also need to get those doctor friends of theirs here. Cy should know how to reach them. We're going to need someone to take care of the baby. Make sure they bring the stuff for a new cast. She's destroyed this one. MOVE!" They scattered. He went to the hall closet and brought back a blanket that he draped over the prone figure. She was curled up in a tight ball. Her body was absolutely rigid.

The police arrived and started examining the room. They found a rag with a chemical smell and quickly put it into a plastic bag. With no sign of a struggle they could safely assume that the woman was surprised while she slept and quickly rendered unconscious with whatever was on the cloth. The absence of blood gave the officers hope that she was unharmed.

Cy arrived and quickly took charge of the outraged baby, removing her from the room. She sent a sympathetic glance to the woman on the floor. Danni's eyes were now opened and staring. She knelt by Danni and smoothed the hair from her face. At her touch Danni's eyes found hers. Her eyes held the look of total despair. Cy felt her heart breaking for the two women she would have been proud to call her daughters. She stood and left to care of Adriana.

Once in the kitchen she laid the baby down in the chair that one of the men had brought in for her. She quickly started a large pot of coffee. It was going to be a long night. She took the bottle they used to give Adriana water and heated a little milk for her. It may not be the best thing for her, but the little tike needed nourishment until the doctors arrived and Brie was returned.

Steph and Pony arrived within the hour. Each carried the supplies they needed. They could still hear Adriana's cries. Pony headed upstairs while Steph followed the sound to the kitchen. As Steph fixed the formula she questioned Cy.

"What the hell went on here?"

"From what the guard told me when he came to get me, Brie's brother made another attempt on Danni's life, but he was just a decoy. While everyone was busy with him, someone else got in and took Brie."

"Damn. They don't deserve this."

"Exactly right. Why can't people just leave them alone? "

"Wait a minute, Cy, did you say Brie's brother?"

"Yeah. It seems he was driving the car this morning too. From what I gather, they, and I'm assuming Brie's family is behind this whole thing."

"Could this get any worse? Here let's try to get her to drink this."

She handed the bottle to Cy, who tried to get the baby to take it. Adriana, being used to nursing was not happy with the foreign nipple being offered to her. Grudgingly she accepted it and she drank from the bottle, making a tiny face at the strange taste. Which produced a small smile from the two.

"I know, child, it doesn't taste like the good stuff that you get from your momma does it? Doctor Baldwin, they have to find her. I'm afraid for Danni's well being. The sun rose and set on that girl."

"I know, Cy. That's what makes this whole situation so atrocious."

Upstairs Pony examined Danni who still seemed to be unaware of her surroundings. Her eyes stared off into nothing. Pony took in the shattered remains of the cast and winced at the power it took to destroy it. She must have been in agony. After she removed the pieces she felt the breaks. None of the bones were in alignment. She would have to reset the foot before a new cast could be put on. She couldn't sedate Danni because of the shock; she had no choice but to hope her friend didn't kill her due to the pain that resetting the bones would cause. She wasn't an orthopedic doctor. She explained to the guards what she needed them to do.

"You have to hold her real still. This will hurt like hell and I can't sedate her. So get a good grip." They did as they were told. Two holding down her arms and two were holding her legs. They nodded when they were ready. Taking a deep breath Pony took Danni's foot and said. "Forgive me my friend," before moving the bones pack into position. The pain caused Danni to jump nearly dislodging the four men holding her. Yet she didn't cry out in pain. They all shuddered at the sound of the bones being set. When she was satisfied with the bone placement she positioned a gauze stocking on first, then wrapped cotton around her foot and leg, finally adding the fiberglass cast. When she finished she said, "We'll give this a few minutes to harden then I want to get her off this floor."

Pony had entered the bedroom after the police left, leaving the security guards the standard instructions of 'don't touch anything until they were able to dust for fingerprints.' She leaned over to talk to Danni, trying to explain what they were going to do. Danni's eyes tracked to Pony's, but wouldn't focus.

"We'll get you onto your bed in a minute..."

"No." Came the soft reply.

"Danni, I can't leave you on the floor."

"Brie's gone, I can't."

"I understand. We'll put you in another room."

She replied with only one word. "Couch." Pony knew where her friend wanted to be put. She knew the reason behind the request.

"All right, Danni. We'll put you where you can see the portrait." Pony turned to the guards. "Let's get her moved." She picked up the pillow and blanket as two guards gently lifted Danni from the floor and carried her from the room. The wide staircase made it easier for them to walk with her. They placed her gently on the couch and covered her. Danni's eyes went right to the portrait and didn't move. She was once again seemingly unaware of the world around her. Her entire consciousness centered on the portrait as if it were a lifeline. Pony rubbed a tired hand over her eyes as a thought hit her.

"With all the damn cameras around here how the hell did anyone get through with out being seen?"

"Most of us were in the garage, leaving only one man watching the monitors. They used the same stuff on him that they used on Mrs. Spiros. Other than a splitting headache he's fine."


It was the headache that finally woke Brie from her drug-induced sleep. She fought through the last vestiges of the drug's effects. In the pre-dawn darkness, she had no knowledge of where she was. She knew she wasn't in her waterbed. This was not her bedroom, this was not her home, but where was she?

Brie tried to sit up. The movement only intensified the throbbing headache. She could only guess what time it was. Or for that matter what day it was. She had no way of knowing exactly how long she had been unconscious. Her breasts reminded her that it was past time to nurse Adriana. She tried to remember what time she heard the baby cry. She remembered waking alone, vaguely she recalled Danni saying something and that she would be right back. She thought, 'How long ago was that?'

She closed her eyes and hoped the headache would go away. Unaware of when she fell back to sleep. She woke for the second time shortly after dawn. As the room started to lighten, she was able to make out where she was. The knowledge scared her. Pictures on the walls, knick-knacks still on the dressers, including her old cheerleader pom-poms. Everything was still where she had placed them when she left home those many years ago. 'My God! I'm in my old bedroom.' Everything was as she had left it. Almost six years had elapsed since she had last set foot in this room, yet it looked as it did the day she left to move into her own apartment. Her mother had kept everything just as she left it.

Her eyes fell on the nightstand next to the bed and she noticed a breast pump had been placed there. Her breast painfully reminded her that she hadn't nursed Adriana since earlier in the evening. She used the pump to relieve the pain, unsure of how long it would be until she was re-united with Danni and Adriana. She needed to keep producing milk for when the time came to go home. While the pump relieved the physical pain it did nothing to relieve the emotional pain in her heart. There was only one thing that would take care of that. She started having a mental conversation with Danni.

'Danni, I know you can't hear me, but I needed to tell you how much I love you. To tell you how much I miss you and how much I miss the feel of your arms around me. I don't know why, well actually I do know why, my family has done this. Yes, Danni, my family is behind this. I'm in my old room in my parent's house. I only wish there were someway to let you know where I am and that I'm all right. I miss you and Adriana so much. There is a pain in my heart that nothing can relieve, except to hear your sweet voice, to see your beautiful face and to have our love surround us like a warm blanket. Why can't people see our love for the beautiful emotion it is and leave us alone? Why do they hate us for finding that love?'


Danni lay without moving her eyes were glued to the portrait. That portrait was her only link to her precarious hold on her sanity. She was lost in the darkness of missing Brie.

Cy kept watch over her friend and boss as she held the sleeping baby in her arms. She tried to think of ways to bring her back to the present. She needed to bring her away from the thoughts of her missing partner. Their child needed at least one of her mothers. 'That's it.' Cy thought. , 'That's the way to reach her. Adriana could bring her back.' Cy brought the child to Danni and laid her in her mother's unresponsive arms. She forced her to hold the baby, and kept a hand on Danni's arm to insure that she didn't move. She talked softly to her.

"I know you are missing her, child, but this baby needs you. She needs you to be there for her. She's missing Brie as much as you are right now. Until Brie is returned, you are all she has. After what the two of you went through to have her, don't shut her out now." Cy felt some of the tension leave the younger woman's arms as she cradled their child, her tears flowed from the despair she was feeling.

"Adriana." She whispered as she brushed a soft kiss across the tiny dark head.

"That's right, Danni. Adriana, your daughter. Love her Danni. Hold her and love her. She's your link to Brie." Cy caressed Danni's head and watched as her eyes slowly closed as she relaxed. "That's right, Danni, rest now. It's been a long night and you need to sleep." Cy kept smoothing Danni's hair until she felt the sleep deepen. She remained at Danni's side, breathed a sigh of relief and continued to hold the baby in place. She need not have worried because even in sleep Danni would not let go of the baby.

As Danni slept her subconscious took over and she talked to her missing partner.

'Brie, I know you can't really hear me, sweetheart, but if I can convince myself that you can, I may just be able to keep from losing my mind. I can't make it without you by my side, Brie. I need you. I need our love to keep me whole. When I got back to our room last night to find you missing, my heart shattered. Only you can put it back together. Only our love can make me whole again. I need to see your beautiful face, to hear your sweet voice, to hold you in my arms and to be held by you. Brie, honey, I wish there was someway you could tell me where you are. If you could, there is no power on earth that would keep me from your side.'

For a long time their minds talked to each other. Neither realized that their love was so strong that it reached across the distance separating them to touch the other. They held on to the voices only their hearts and subconscious minds heard.

Brie's mind was pulled away from Danni's when she heard the door to her prison being unlocked.

Danni's mind cried out. , 'No baby, please, don't leave me.'

She woke as she called, "Brie." Sleep left her as she looked up into the Cy's sad eyes.

"Danni? Are you all right?"

"Cy, what am I going to do? I can't go on with out Brie."

"She will be found and returned to you both. You have to believe that, Danni."

"I heard her talking to me. In my dreamsI heard her."

"Then you hold tight to that, Danni." Cy told her. "Just as you are holding tight to your daughter. You have to believe that Brie will be found and returned to you. I do, so does Dr. Baldwin and Dr. Conrad. You can't give up that hope, Danni. Do you hear me? You can't give up that hope."

"I'll try not to, Cy." Danni stated.


Brie looked at the door when she heard the key in the lock. She sat on the edge of the bed, and she waited for whoever was on the other side. When the door finally did open she was face to face with her mother. She carried a tray and stood by the door until it was closed and re-locked. She placed the tray on the bed and ordered. "Eat."

Brie took the tray, only eating because she knew she would need all her strength if she hoped to get out of there. "Mother, why are you doing this?" She asked.

"How can you sit there and ask that, Briana. We did it to get you away from that disgusting whore and that bastard child she forced you to have."

"Danni is not a whore." Brie replied angrily. "We are domestic partners. The law recognizes our commitment to each other, why can't you? Adriana is not a bastard either. She has two parents who love her. Danni and I love her and each other as much as you love dad. Maybe even more so. She didn't force me to have our child. If anything we had Adriana because it was something she knew I wanted very much."

"If you would have had a normal relationship, a normal marriage you wouldn't..."

"Mother stop it. I want no part of what you consider normal. I'm Gay! Why can't you accept that fact? And you need to accept that I never fit into the mold you and dad tried to force me into. Danni hasn't tried to make me anything I wasn't. She loves me for the person I am. Why can't you understand that?"

"What about Peter?"

"Peter? God, mother, he took me to my senior prom eight years ago. We had one lousy date."

"He cares for you, and wants to help us find a cure for your problem."

"What problem? I'm not the one with the problem, you are. In fact it's a very ugly disease called Homophobia. It's a very nasty, very hateful sickness. You don't understand and you won't until you get rid of this sickness."

"The only thing I need to understand, Briana, is that your mind has been twisted by that perverted woman into believing that this is what you really want. That will all change. I guarantee it. Until you are cured of this delusion and we succeed in righting this wrong you will not leave this room."

"You have no right. Don't you know what your are doing is illegal?"

"As your parents we have every right to make sure you do the right thing."

"Then do the right thing and let me go back to my life with Danni and Adriana. A life you yourself stated that you wanted no part of."

"That was before we found about our rights as your parents." She continued. "Oh, we know about that so called paper that says you are a legal couple, but we are taking steps to override it because it is evident you are not in your right mind. We are prepared to have you declared mentally incompetent if necessary, so that we will be able to make any decisions for you."

"You have got to be kidding." Brie yelled.

"Briana, don't make this any harder on yourself. Give up this idea. There will be people, professionals coming in to talk to you to show you the error of your ways. They won't make it easy on you. Save yourself now before they start in on you."

"No, mother. No matter what they say or do, they will never be able to take away the love that I have for Danni. I will never turn my back on her, our love or our child. You will never be able to take that from me."

"Suit yourself, Briana, you always did have to do things the hard way."

She stood and picked up the now empty tray. She went to the door and banged on the panel, and waited for it to open. Brie tried to stand to make a run for the door, but a wave of dizziness hit her and she fell back onto the bed. Before she went under, she realized that the food she had just eaten had been drugged. She slipped into oblivion.

Chapter 9

Brie fell deep into the drugged darkness, back to where her dreams came alive once again. Back to the time when they were still exploring the depth of their relationship. Her dreams took her back to where life meant love, love meant Danni, and the day Danni had proposed. The day they decided to take their relationship to the next level, that of becoming Domestic Partners.

For almost a year we had kept our own places, which was actually a silly thing, as I had been slowly moving into Danni's house. I had really only kept my apartment because of the lease and when that expired, I moved in completely. We were both taking a really big chance on this, as we were still two very different people, with different temperaments. Who, for better or worse were now completely in each other's space continuously. Those first few months were an acclimation period for us both despite the fact that I had been living with her for months now. There was no longer an apartment I could go to on those rare occasions when we did argue.

Now we would deal with whatever life decided to throw our way, together.

We did have arguments, but it was at that time that we felt our love was the strongest, because we were able to argue and not have our relationship fall apart. The worst argument we ever had ended up being one of my most favorite memories.

It was the week before Christmas and we had been living together for almost two years when the fight started. I can't remember for the life of me what the argument was about now, but I do remember Cy listening to us bicker for almost an hour before we lapsed into silence. She called us both into the living room and made us sit together on the couch when we headed for opposite ends of the room. The look she gave us told us we had better do what she said and immediately as she would not endure any nonsense from either of us. I think Cy is the one who showed Danni about that intimidation look. They both do it so well.

For the next hour she proceeded to rip into both of us, making us feel like naughty little children. I half expected her to send us to our room for a time out. She ended her tirade with, "You two are acting like an old married couple." Before she stormed out of the room.

Danni got this real funny look in her eyes and smile that quirky little half smile that I love so much and said, "She's right you know. We are acting like an old married couple."

"If only we could be." I replied.

"Would you?" Danni asked.

"Would I what?" I asked right back.

"If it were legal and I asked you to marry me, Would you?"

"In less than a heart beat, Danni." I replied.

We had been devoting a good deal of our time into getting the law changed to allow same sex marriages. For well over a year we worked, spending countless hours with phone calls and letter writing. Lobbying to gather support on this issue. The day it actually came up for a vote in the state legislature, Danni and I were sitting in the gallery listening to the debate. Our hands were clasped tightly as the vote was taken. We needed to get a two-thirds majority in order to change the law. It was going to be a very close vote. In the end we lost by only one vote. One lousy vote kept us from the majority vote we needed. We were upset. All the hard work that was put into this, all the hours spent came down to one vote. As a consolation, they did pass the Domestic Partners Act instead. Not exactly what we had hoped for but it was better than nothing. At least we had made them sit up and take notice. Maybe the next time it would work.

"You would actually marry me?" Danni asked again.

"Yes, Danni," I replied. "If it were legal I would, but, love, it isn't legal. We lost the vote."

"I know, but we couldn't be any more committed to each other even if it were legal. So until it is, would you consider becoming my Domestic Partner?"

"Danni, in case you haven't noticed we are that already."

"Actually, love, no we're not. We are two people who live together. I would like to make the total commitment thing. Paper work, registering our intentions, the ceremony, everything. What do you think?"

"I think I love you so much it almost hurts. Yes, Danni, I will be your Domestic Partner." I threw my arms around her and kissed her. A kiss she returned with a deep passion. When the kiss ended she slid a hand slowly up my leg and asked. "What do you say to really acting like an old married couple?" As her eyebrow disappeared into her bangs.

I caught the meaning immediately and leaned in to kiss her, capturing her lips, throwing every fiber of my being into that kiss. She bent down and scooped me into her arms and carried me to our room.

Cy watched laughing from the kitchen. She called out to us. "I have some errands to run. I'll see you two later."

I waved to her over Danni's shoulder. Our lips never breaking contact. My partner, so strong yet so tender carried me as if I were a helpless baby, cradled protectively in her arms and laid me gently on our bed. Taking her time she slowly undressed me, gently slapping my hands away when I tried to do the same to her. She kissed each area as it was slowly exposed. My throat, my chest, my stomach, where she seemed to linger over my navel. Gently tickling my stomach as she pushed my jeans down. Leaving a trail of kisses and nibbles down my legs to my knees and ankles so that by the time she had removed my shoes I was like a quivering bowl of warm Jell-O. She kept my mind so concentrated on the feelings she was awakening I wasn't aware that she had removed her own clothes until I felt her lay beside me and felt her skin next to mine. She continued her slow seduction. Within minutes taking me right to the edge only to back off and let me come down only to bring me right back up again time and time again each time backing off until I was pleading for release. She flashed the little smile and took me over screaming her name."

Danni sat on the bench in front of the window still holding their child sleeping in her arms. She refused to put the child down, as she was able to feel her connection to Brie through Adriana. Her mind heard her name being called. She whispered. "Brie, baby, I hear you, love."

She listened in the quiet, her head tilted to one side trying to find Brie's voice again, begging it to return. She spent the morning listening but no further sounds came forth. 'Was it only my imagination?' she thought, 'Or wishful thinking, my mind playing tricks on me?' Did she actually hear Brie, or was it only that she wanted, no she needed so much to hear her voice? Were they actually able to reach across the miles that separated them?

Steph watched her friend for a long time before commenting on how Danni looked. "Danni, you look as if you are straining to hear something. What is it?"

I heard Brie talking to me, Steph."

"Danni, are you sure it wasn't just wishful thinking on your part?"

"I don't know. Her voice filled my mind as if she were right here beside me. Am I crazy, Steph?"

"Not necessarily, Danni, the love you two have for each other it could just be possible you could communicate across distances if the need arose."

"Is there anyway we can prove this is actually happening and not just my mind playing tricks on me?"

"We could try hypnosis. Put you into a natural, relaxed, receptive, state, without having to resort to drugs. You would wake immediately from the trance and be able to remember everything that happened. Maybe, just maybe, if this is true, she can tell you where she is."

"Will you do it, Steph?" Danni asked. "I know you have used hypnotism during complicated births."

"We can certainly try, Danni."

"Then let's do it."

"All right, but first you have to let me put the little princess down, get Cy and Pony in here to help me" Steph takes the baby and laid her in the cradle by the couch, before informing the others what they were going to attempt.

In less than ten minutes the room and Danni were ready. The room was in semi darkness. Pony stood behind Danni and massaged her neck and shoulders as Steph talked in a low monotone. The soft sounds and the massage relaxed her to the point where she could no longer keep her eyes opened. When her head dropped forward on her chest she was completely under and receptive. Pony kept up the massage to keep her relaxed. They weren't sure how long it would take for Brie to try to reach out, if indeed she were able to, or how long Danni would remain in the receptive state. Cy and Pony took turns keeping up the massage, giving them more time for this to actually work.

For almost an hour there was no response, no signs. Then Danni's eyes flew open and she shouted. "I hear you, Brie. Can you tell me where you are?" After listening for a minute, she continued. "I'll be right there."

She became agitated and fought against Pony's hands. Steph quickly brought her out of the trance and asked. "What did you hear, Danni?"

Danni only smiled......

Chapter 10

Danni awoke from the trance and looked around at the faces of her friends. They watched as her eyes went from that just woke confused state to twin ice chips as she allowed her anger to surface. Her smile became feral as she allowed her anger full reign. She stood quickly and grabbed her crutches, intent on going to Brie's side. Steph's hand on her chest stopped her progress. Danni looked at the hand on her chest and allowed her eyes to connect with the owner of that hand; her friend was only seen as a barrier between her and Brie. When she spoke, her voice was ice cold and threatening. "Get out of my way, Steph."

"Just where the hell do you think you're going?"

"I said get out of my way." She pushed her friend back a step.

"I can't let you do this, Danni." Steph said as she tried to stand her ground. "What did you hear?"

"I don't have time for this. Brie needs me. "

"Danni, I know you could probably hurt me very badly, but I am not going to allow you to leave this room. Let the police handle it."

"No!" She shouted and tried to push past her friend, who stood her ground defiantly.

Cy put herself between the two friends, knowing that Steph could never stop Danni by herself, but she hoped she could. She turned her full anger on her young boss. She knew Danni's temper and was one of the few people who weren't afraid of her. "Danni, you stop this immediately." Cy ordered. "You are in no condition to help Brie, and you know it. Now you tell us what you heard, and you tell us now."

Danni looked at Cy as if she were the devil. Her gaze narrowed, but Cy met that gaze and returned it fully.

Cy demanded once more. "Tell us what you heard so that we can get help there. I said NOW!"

Danni's shoulders slumped in defeat as she sat back down. "She's at her parent's house. They've locked her in her old room. Get someone there, please?" She begged. "Before they hurt her. Pony, go to her."

"I will, Danni. I promise I will personally bring Brie back to your arms. Call the police and have them meet me there." She stated as she ran out the door.


In the silent hours that followed, Danni alternated between frantic pacing, sullen silences and threats of serious bodily harm if anyone dare hurt Brie. As she reached the end of her patience, Cy called Steph aside to ask her.

"Can you give her something to knock her out for awhile before I do?"

"She can really be a handful at times, can't she." Steph laughed. "Make some coffee and I'll see what I can do."

Cy went into the kitchen and returned a short time late carrying a tray with the requested coffee. Steph place a few drops from a bottle she carried into one of the cups before Cy took the tray into the living room. Danni once again held Adriana in her arms as she managed to get the baby to drink the formula she didn't like. She handed Danni the drugged coffee and they both watched as the drug took effect. The effects were quick and soon Danni was sleeping. Her head dropped forward and was now gently resting next to Adriana's.

Cy attempted to remove the baby from Danni's arms but met resistance. Even drugged she would not let go of her only link to Brie. They let her continue to hold the child and between the two managed to get her turned so that she was now lying down. Cy covered the two with a blanket and Steph kept watch over her friend. She was still deeply asleep when Brie walked in hours later.


Pony escorted Brie to the hospital to get checked out before bringing her home. She had explained that she would have to continue using the pump for a couple days to insure that the drugs she was given had completely left her system. Brie called from the hospital to let them know she was all right. Steph gave her a very brief run down of what had happened after Pony had left and told her to "hurry home." She decided to let Brie wake Danni when she arrived home.

When Brie finally did walk through the door she was nearly bowled over by the reception she received. She went to Danni's side. Cy tried to take the baby, but Danni's iron grip would not release the child. Brie shook her head and watched her partner sleep for a moment before she put her hand on Danni's arm. She felt it relax immediately under her touch, and she picked up the baby. She held Adriana for a long minute, kissed the small dark heard and handed her to Cy asking. "Would you leave us alone for a few minutes?"

"Of course, child. I'll go fix you something to eat, then I'm chasing you all to bed." She carried the baby out of the room past Pony who stood in the doorway and watch the drama before her.

Pony closed the door and shook her head, as she stated. "That was by far the most intense scene I have ever witnessed. In her drugged state, without a word even being said, she knew it was Brie who touched her. She knew it was Brie who was picking up the baby."

Brie lay down next to Danni and pulled Danni's arm around her. She leaned over to kiss Danny and felt her sharp intake of breath. She spoke softly to her partner. "Come on, love, wake up." She watched as Danni's eyes fluttered open and she caught sight of the blue orbs that she could drown in.

Danni blinked away the tears that rapidly filled her eye, and blurred the sight of her partner. Afraid she was still dreaming she said cautiously. "Brie?"

"Yes, love, I'm here."

"Brie?" Danni asked again.

"I'm here in your arms. I'm home and safe. You're safe. We're together again."

With a loud sob, Danni clutched the smaller woman tightly. "God, Brie, I was so afraid I would never see you again. I was afraid of trying to go on with out you."

"Shh. I know, Danni. I know." "When Jonathan...the crying..." Her disjointed ramblings continued until Brie kissed her.

"We can talk about this later. Right now all I want to do is lay here in your arms and remind myself that it's over. Okay?"

"Okay, Brie, whatever you say."

They lay together, their arms held tight to the other. Their breathing evened out and they both fell into a peaceful sleep. When Steph looked in later, she smiled at the sight and silently backed from the room. She closed the door and said. "They are right where they need to be right now. Let's let them sleep for awhile. You know, Cy, I could sure use a cup of coffee right now. I'm bushed."

"Never mind the coffee, Doctor Baldwin, why don't you two go upstairs, grab a room and get some sleep yourselves. I'll keep an eye on them and handle everything here. I'll come get you when they wake up."

"You know, Cy, you are a wise, wise woman."

"Get out of here. I don't need to hear any of your BS even if it is true. You both look like you are ready to fall down and I'm giving you fair warning; if that happens I'm leaving you right where you fall. I won't even get you a blanket or pillow. Go on." The both leaned over and kissed the housekeeper's cheeks. She brushed them away. "Get out of here both of you." she grumbled. They laughed when they heard Cy state as they headed up stairs. "I going to ask for a bigger raise this year and I am definitely taking a vacation."

The four didn't make an appearance until early evening. Steph took the initiative to look in on Brie and Danni. She walked silently into the living room. Brie was awake and smiled when she saw Steph. She raised her head to talk softly so that she wouldn't wake Danni.

"I guess she had it a lot rougher than I did." She said.

From behind her came a low growl. "Put that head back where it belongs." She turned and placed a kiss softly on Danni's lips as she felt the arms around her tighten.


Over dinner that Cy served them in the living room Brie told them of her adventure.

I remembered you saying that you would be right back. I must have fallen back to sleep because the next time I woke I heard Adriana crying. I got out of bed to take care of her. As I walked into the nursery, I felt something placed over my face and breathing this sickly sweet smell. The next thing I remembered is waking up in my old room with a monster of a headache.

I tried both the door and the windows, but they were either locked or nailed shut. So I laid back down and talked to you to try to calm myself down, until I had a chance to get out of there. All I could think of was getting back to you and Adriana.

My room hadn't change at all in the years I had been gone. Everything was just as I left it. My mother came in and tried to tell me that I was wrong in holding onto our love and threatened me with "Help" unless I changed my mind. The food they gave me was drugged so that I wouldn't try to escape. While I was sleeping I dreamt that we talked and I told you where I was. I was surprised when the police actually showed up. I figured that my parents would lie about me being there so I started breaking the windows to let them know where I was. Once the police knew, they had no choice but to let me go. Pony took me to the hospital and then back here."

She finished her story adding, "By the way how did you know to send the police to my parent's house?"

"I heard you, Brie. When you talked to me. I heard you."

"I heard you too, but I thought it was only my imagination. It wasn't was it?"

"No, love, somehow, our love was able to bridge the miles between us."

"Well however it happened, I'm just glad it did and I'm home with you where I belong."

"Me too, love." Danni pulled Brie closer to her and kissed the top of her head. She then remembered something she wanted to ask Steph. "I have a question, though. Why is it that I feel like I was the one that was drugged? Steph, can you explain that to me? And why didn't you tell me Brie had called?"

"Well, Danni,... it's like this... we...Cy and were....Damn."

"Well you made that clear as mud. Want to try again in English this time?"

"Look, Danni." Pony explained. "From what I've been told, you were on the verge of getting yourself knocked into next week by Cy because you were acting...shall we say...a tad bit irrational. So before you decided to take matters into your own hands, you were sedated for your own good. I reset those bones once today, I did not want to have to do it again. By the way, you'll need to get that foot x-rayed again to make sure all the bones are lined up. I'm an O.B not an orthopedist. Can you believe that it took four men to hold you down while I reset your foot and even then you almost got away. As for not telling you, we didn't want to get your hopes up until Brie was actually here. You can get mad at us later."

"She won't; will you, Danni?" Brie gave her a sly wink.

"She's right, guys, I'm not mad. I do understand."

"Okay, now I have a question." Brie said looking pointedly at Danni. "What I don't understand is why did you have to have your foot reset?"

It was Danni's turn to be uncomfortable. " see...that is...Damn." She ran a hand through her hair.

"That sounded familiar." Pony joked. "Must be an epidemic of unfinished sentences going around. Okay, Danni, I'll pull your butt out of trouble now. You see, Brie, when Danni learned you were the actual target, your partner here decided to protect you. Of course using crutches was way to slow for her, so she threw them down and ran upstairs. Totally wrecking the cast and knocking all the bones totally out of alignment. I can't believe she was able to walk let alone run. The pain must have been excruciating."

"The pain was secondary to getting to Brie." Danni stated.

"Anyway, that's when they called us. Steph took care of the baby while I took care of the tall dark pussycat here."

"Pussy cat? Pony!" Danni said her as eyebrow disappeared into her hairline.

"Sure, in Brie's hands, you are."

"She's got your number, love. Continue, Pony."

"Right, so anyway, after I finished resetting and recasting her foot I suggested we move her to the bed. Mind you in all this time she uttered maybe four words and one of them was 'no.' She then says 'couch' and I knew she wanted to be where she could see the portrait, so we brought her down here. That was the extent of our conversation. And here I thought her social skills were improving. You have to work her harder she backslides much too easily."

"Pay no attention to her, love. I like you just the way you are."

"I'm glad, Brie." Danni said as she leaned in to kiss Brie.

"All right, let me finish this then I suggest you both hit the sack."

"You too." Danni tossed back at Pony. "Why don't you and Steph stay over? I know you're not on call until Tuesday. Right?" "Okay. Where was I? Oh yeah. We get her moved down here and for the next several hours she does not take her eyes off that portrait. She lay there not moving even to blink; she just stared at that portrait. Hell, half the time I didn't even think she was breathing. Cy used Adriana to get through to her. Then she comes around a bit and tells us she heard you talking to her. We decide to use hypnotism to see if she could reach you. It worked. You told her where you were. Yadda, yadda ,yadda, the rest is, as they say, history. One more thing, Danni. Keep your butt home for the next week you both need it."

While they laughed and relaxed together, Cy came in and decided to chase them all to bed. They walked upstairs slowly in deference to Danni's injury. They stood at their bedroom door to say goodnight. Before they entered their room they both hugged their friends.

"Thank you both for being here for us. We knew we made the right choice for Godmothers."

"Good God, Brie, put her to bed will you. I can't handle mush from her."

Danni made a motion to hit her but Brie's hand on her arm stopped her.

"Danni, be good."

Danni motioned to the open door with her head and waved their friends away. With the door closed behind them, Danni took Brie in her arms. "God, Brie, I was so afraid I would never be able to hold you again." She stated.

"I know, love. Come to bed. I feel like snuggling."

"I'll have to let you walk to the bed, I can't carry you tonight."

"I can wait." They changed quickly and slipped into bed. Danni reached over to turn the light off leaving the room lit only by the moonlight that came in the window. Next thing Danni knew, she was under attack by her honey-haired, green-eyed partner. "Welcome home, love." She said as once again their clothes went flying.


I want to thank every one for taking this little journey with me. This was the way I had originally envisioned this story but the main characters had other ideas at the time. They had this thing about my separating them and let me know in no uncertain terms at 3 AM how unhappy they actually were. So I caved in and reunited them quicker that I had planned. But I have now been able to rectify the situation. Thank you, Claire

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